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The Unconventional Christian Podcast

English, Religion, 1 season, 21 episodes, 22 hours, 18 minutes
A faith based show focused on special guests and their journey on how faith has played a part in it. Topics include mental health and wellness, breaking generational curses, and financial literacy. Tune in every Monday for new episodes.
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Episode 21: Earn Your Leisure with The EYL Podcast

Earn Your Leisure hosts, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings sit down with Ladun on the return episode of The Unconventional Christian.Listen as the guys breakdown their journey and what it takes to "Earn Your Leisure." #EYL #EarnYourLeisure #FaithFollow Ladun: @IamLadunFollow EYL:
2/22/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 20: God At All Times with Gia Peppers

This week the amazing Gia Peppers joins Ladun for Episode 20: God At All Times. Gia is an award winning on air talent, entertainment journalist, content creator, and podcaster. Gia is most known for her work on NBC's primetime morning show staple Today Show. Gia drops industry gems and the role of prayer while single and looking for a partner. You don't want to miss this!!!All things Gia: @giapeppers - CampsiteFollow Ladun: @IamLadunPlease Like, Subscribe, and Share!!!!
10/27/202149 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 19: Your Doc in A Box with Dr. Cassandra Hutchins

@IamLadun sits down with Dr. Cassandra Hutchins aka Your Doc In A Box. See Dr. Cass's bio below for more info!!! Please like, subscribe, and follow the podcast. You don't want to miss this week's episode!!!!Dr. Hutchins understands that seeking out a mental health practitioner can be a challenging venture, and she assures you that she will make the process as easy as possible. She believes in providing confidential psychological services while paying close attention to details to ensure that your services meet your personal needs. Dr. Cassandra Hutchins is a Licensed Psychologist (NJ #6032). Dr. Hutchins received her B.A. in Psychology from Rutgers University and her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology from Capella University. She has experience in private practice and community mental health settings working with individuals experiencing numerous issues, including traumatic brain injury, depression, anxiety, trauma, and those involved with child protective services. Throughout her training, Dr. Hutchins has gained experience working with adults, adolescents and young children providing intervention using cognitive behavioral, psychodynamic and play therapy techniques. Dr. Hutchins has an extensive background in clinical, forensic assessment, and she has experience in numerous clinical and clinical-forensic settings, including psychiatric and forensic-psychiatric centers and prisons. Her training has focused on working with adults who have suffered from traumatic brain injury using such techniques as cognitive rehabilitation, biofeedback and neurofeedback. Additionally, Dr. Hutchins is certified in Eye Movement Reprocessing and Desensitization (EMDR), which is helpful for the processing of traumatic experiences. Furthermore, Dr. Hutchins is listed as a provider for the National Basketball Player’s Association (NBPA). She is also a Certified Divorce Mediator and is looking to utilize a portion of her practice to provide divorce mediation, divorce counseling, and parent-child supervised visits. Dr. Hutchins’ background with DCPP formally known as DYFS, provides her with an enhanced insight of family needs during delicate and possibly difficult times. Her philosophy is to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we’ll work to achieve the goal togetherTo become a patient check: visit for the therapy cards.
10/13/202150 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 18: Gave It Up for God with Sally Kamara

This Weeks Episode is with the amazing Sally Kamara. Sally Kamara is an accountant by trade, an entrepreneur by purpose, and a glory carrier by Kingdom. She is the CEO & Founder of Rooted Radiant Beauty, LLC, a natural, homemade body care beauty brand, a YouTube Blogger (SignedSallyK), a freelance photographer, financial wellness enthusiast, and a mentor to young women(sheTHRIVES mentor program). Sally strives to bridge the gap between culture and Christ. As such, she has created a safe space for millennial women of God who seek to cultivate their relationship with Christ and fellowship with like-minded women, and to normalize being modern proverbs 31 women, this space is called Rooted Meetups. Sally is a woman of faith above all things and prides herself on being Rooted in Christ and radiant in His image.Follow Sally:Instagram- @SignedSallyK and @RootedRadiant (beauty brand)Youtube- SignedSallyKWebsite- www.RootedRadiant.comFollow Ladun: @IamLadunPlease LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and Share!!
10/5/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 17: God's Favorite Franchiser with Hakika DuBose

God's Favorite Franchiser, Hakika DuBose Wise, the founder and CEO of the Kika Stretch Studio franchise, is stretching on faith!!! In 2011, Hakika used her $500 tax return to start a wellness-based business and spread the gospel of fitness using her skill developed through years of dance training: stretching.Hakika joins Ladun on this week's episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast (17 episodes y'all!!!). The talk is about stretching (of course), faith, obedience, masculine/feminine energy, and growing your business. Follow @IamLadun and @kika_stretch_studios_franchise RIGHT NOW!!! LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE!!!!
9/22/202155 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 16: Breaking Soul Ties with Franceli Chapman

Franceli Chapman-Valera Afro-Latina Actress and Ordained Minister and Ladun breakdown soul ties, relationships, knowing your roots, and ministry. You don't want to miss this episode.Follow Franceli: @CelihangoutFollow Ladun: @IamladunPlease Like, Subscribe and Share!!!!!
9/8/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 15: Allow Yourself To Be Found with Marvin Jones

Marvin “ KRONDON “ Jones III joins Ladun Thompson on this week's episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast. Marvin is a father, actor and musician. Marvin most recently was part of the cast of the First Black Superhero family on television, Black Lightning. You might also recognize Marvin as KRONDON of the legendary West Coast group STRONG ARM STEADY. Ladun and Marvin talk gratitude, obedience, and allowing oneself to be found by God. You don't want to miss this weeks episode. Thanks for watching!!!! Follow Marvin "KRONDON" Jones III: @krondon Follow Ladun Thompson: @iamladun Please Like and Subscribe to the Podcast on Youtube, Apple, Spotify and wherever else you find us. PEACE.
8/5/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 14: Taking Your Mask Off is a Journey with Manwell Reyes

The multi-talented Manwell Reyes joins Ladun on this weeks episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast. Manwell may be most known for his music career, but he has a passion for fashion, film, and podcasting as well. Manwell is married to comedian Anjelah Johnson-Reyes who is a frequent collaborator on the Nights at the Round Table podcast.Follow Manwell: Ladun:*Like, Subscribe, and Share!!!!*
7/21/20211 hour, 11 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 13: Gifts, Sacrifices, and Spirtitual Attacks with Avery Wilson

The talented Avery Wilson joins Ladun on this weeks episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast. Avery speaks with intention about his experiences in the music industry. Ladun and Avery have a penetrating conversation about gifts, sacrifices and spiritual attacks. This was another great conversation. You don't want to miss this weeks episode! *Like and Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube* Follow Avery: @averywilson Follow Ladun Thompson: @iamladun Please rate and subscribe to the podcast on Apple: Avery Wilson is an American singer, songwriter and dancer. Avery's following has grown incredibly since 2012 as a contestant on season 3 of The Voice. Follow @averywilson across all socials to find out more!!!!!
6/30/20211 hour, 1 minute, 55 seconds
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Episode 12: Self Care, Grief, and Relationships with Dr. Cheryl Hardy

Dr. Cheryl Hardy drops by this episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast to discuss self care, grief, and relationships. Dr. Hardy holds multiple degrees and certificates including a PhD in counseling. She has been in the help profession for over 30 years.Dr. Hardy is now semi-retired, but still runs a grief group and a private practice.Find out more about Dr. Hardy:*Like and Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube*Follow Ladun Thompson: @iamladunPlease rate and subscribe to the podcast on Apple:
6/23/202158 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 11: Identity, Healing and Community with Lawrence Adjah

Lawrence E. Adjah is a Community Builder and Host serving at the nexus of Business, Faith, and Community Wellness. Lawrence builds communities and hosts conversations that unite, heal and transform lives.Lawrence and Ladun talk growing up Nigerian American, Identity, and tips for relationship wellness. You don't want to miss this episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast!For more on Lawrence check out:*Like and Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube*Follow Lawrence: @adjah_lFollow Ladun Thompson: @iamladunPlease rate and subscribe to the podcast on Apple: serves as the Founder and Chairman of the Family Dinner Foundation whose mission is to connect the world as a family at and beyond the dinner table. Beginning with its first initiative, Our Family Dinner in 2008, which reached nearly 50K young professionals around the world, its work has expanded to empowering an ecosystem of initiatives dedicated to connecting brothers and sisters as a family beyond the dinner table.
6/14/202145 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 10: It's Something Sexy About Celebration with Reverend Hodari Williams

On this weeks episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast, we are honored to have Reverend Hodari Williams a native of Lakewood, New Jersey and Pastor of the New Life Church in Atlanta Georgia.Rev. Hodari has an extensive background in theology, having obtained multiple degrees and currently a PhD candidate. He is also extremely well traveled having spent several years in leadership programs on the continent of Africa.Rev. Williams joins us speaking on the anointing, relationships, and just what makes him an Unconventional Christian.++You don't want to miss this episode!!++Learn more about Rev. Hodari Williams here: Ladun Thompson: @iamladun*Like and Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube: and Subscribe to the podcast on Apple:
6/7/20211 hour, 8 minutes, 55 seconds
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Episode 9: Black Men Don't Do Yoga with Ty Daye

Ty Daye is a Certified Life Coach, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Trainer, Meditation & Reiki Practitioner, and joins us this week on The Unconventional Christian Podcast. Ty is the self-proclaimed 'first black male yoga instructor' from in the City of Newark, New Jersey. In this episode, Ty dispels the myth that "black men don't do yoga," and elaborates on his mission to change that myth.   Ladun and Ty chop it up on how Ty "traded his trauma for a bookbag, a yoga mat and his testimony." Ty talks about serving these practices through his community and in the Newark Public School system. His vision is to uplift the future leaders of tomorrow through holistic practices by starting enrichment programs in every school, especially men of color by breaking generational curses, getting rid of toxic masculinity, and embodying the true definition of a KIng through education, healing and movement.++You don't want to miss this episode!++Follow Ty Daye: @Iamtydaye*Like and Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube: Follow Ladun Thompson: @iamladunRate and Subscribe to the podcast on Apple:
6/1/202154 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 8: Balancing Obedience, Mental Health, and Motherhood with LordFunk

LaNyce, more widely known as Funk or LordFunk brings the heat on this week's episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast! Lordfunk is the definition of a mompreneur. Funk has been a serial entrepreneur, having been a hair stylist by trade, a yoga instructor, and trauma informed beauty and wellness advocate.On this week's fire episode she talks about being mother to her multiple children, growing up in Baltimore, managing her wellness, and her early connection to faith.LaNyce was candid as she spoke deeply about her trials and her triumphs as a black woman defining a relationship with the creator. She even breaks down her favorite scripture and gives us a reading to remember! You don't want to miss this week's episode of the Unconventional Christian Podcast.*Like and Subscribe to the podcast on Youtube*Follow LaNyce on Instagram: @lordfunk_Follow Ladun Thompson: @iamladunRate and Subscribe to the podcast on Apple:, yoga was a part-time pastime for LaNyce, but that quickly grew into a passionate worship experience, yielding deep internal work, and a wide open heart for healing others.LaNyce saw the need to create space exclusively for more Black people on the yoga mat. This insight is what drove TrapYoga to blossom in the hearts and souls of hundreds of Baltimorians, practically overnight. Through Trap Yoga's evolution, she also discovered the lack of authenticity in regards to social media around the healing space. Being moved to change some things, LordFunk sparked the #My9Things movement. To learn more about the #My9Things movement check out @my9things on Instagram.
5/24/202156 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 7: Getting God with The Budgetnista, Tiffany Aliche

Tiffany Aliche, founder of “The Budgetnista”, is an award-winning teacher of financial education, and America's favorite personal financial educator. Tiffany joins us this week on The Unconventional Christian Podcast to talk about listening to the calling, manifesting vision, and family financial values.You don't want to miss this week's episode!!! *Like and Subscribe to the podcast on YouTube*Follow Tiffany: or @thebudgetnistaFollow Ladun Thompson: @iamladunRate and Subscribe to the podcast on Apple: is the author of Get Good with Money (a New York Times Bestseller), The One Week Budget, and the Live Richer Challenge series. She has also authored a children's book, Happy Birthday Mali More.She is the first (solo) Black woman to grace the cover of Money Magazine and a NAACP Image Award Nominee for Outstanding Social Media Personality.The Budgetnista and her financial advice have been featured on Good Morning America, the TODAY show, PBS, TIME, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, ESSENCE Magazine, FORBES, Fox Business, MSNBC, CNN/HLN. She is also the featured financial expert for the popular daytime talk show, The Real.
5/17/202152 minutes, 6 seconds
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Episode 6: "I Don't Write Anything" with Enitan Bereola

Enitan O. Bereola II is an American author, columnist, speaker and entrepreneur. On this episode of The Unconventional Christian Podcast, Enitan joins Ladun to speak on being inspired, being obedient, and recognizing one's true purpose. Enitan Bereola started writing at the age of 25. He is a three-time best-selling author, celebrity ghostwriter, columnist at Soul Train and contributor to Essence Magazine for relationship advice columns. Bereola is also the CEO at The Bereolaesque Group, a creative branding and publishing company based in Greater Los Angeles Area. Listen as Enitan, a dedicated father and husband, gives empowering words on love and partnership. You don't want to miss this week's episode!!!Follow Enitan Bereola: @bereolaesqueFollow Ladun Thompson: @iamladunRate and Subscribe on AppleLike and Subscribe on Youtube
5/10/20211 hour, 52 minutes, 53 seconds
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Episode 5: "They Would Stop Everything to Pray" with Wayno

Wayno Clark joins Ladun Thompson on this episode of The Unconventional Christian Podcast to talk about running with Roc-A-Fella Records and how faith enhanced is journey in the music industry. Wayno drops knowledge on his humble beginnings in Harlem, to working retail and starting his very own clothing line. Wayno is a father, husband, and music executive who wants his legacy to be that "he was a good person." He describes himself as a "servant of the people" and he embodies the essence of Harlem in everything he does.
5/3/20211 hour, 30 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 4: "I'm Not Meant To Be Normal...." with Sara Lovestyle

Sara Hood aka “Sara Lovestyle” is a Lifestyle Influencer and Social Media Expert that inspires power at the intersection of health, beauty and consciousness by way of her “Lovestyle Movement!” She joins Ladun Thompson on this episode of The Unconventional Christian Podcast to talk about life as a wife and special needs mommy, running the Lovestyle Movement, and finding your true purpose through obedience. Listen to how she overcame being in the hospital for nearly a year and how faith has guided her in all areas of family, purpose, and health. Sara also discussed her Ethiopian background and being born in a refugee camp in Sudan. Her early struggle has been motivation behind her willingness to be obedient to God even when it’s hard. Sara’s Vulnerability and transparency throughout her journey has been an inspiration to so many people of different walks of life.
4/26/202158 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 3: Michelle Williams Checks In to the Uncoventional Christian Podcast.

Michelle Williams, Grammy award winner and now Author, of the soon to be released (May 25, 2021) Checking In: How Getting Real about Depression Saved My Life---and Can Save Yours, joins us on this episode of The Unconventional Christian Podcast. Michelle speaks on handling fear, obedience to God, and how depression unlocked another level of faith within. You don't want to miss this conversation! 
4/19/202154 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 2: "Coffee is a peacemaker" Ray and Roslyn Singleton with Ladun Thompson

Ray @Willie_Qool recorded a video serenading Roslyn @Iamrosroyal to his rendition of Daniel Caesar’s “Get You,” with photos as a testament of her strength heading into surgery. The video has been viewed and shared millions of times, with a highlight appearance on “The Ellen Show.”Ray and Ros continue to advocate and fight cancer through various outlets.  Find more information by going to their Instagram pages  (links available above).
4/12/20211 hour, 6 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 1: "On a scale of one to ten, mine was a thirteen.." with Ron Faison

Ron Faison shares his journey of faith while traveling through his time in the music industry, working directly with DJ Kid Capri.   Ron is also a cancer survivor and diabetes advocate.   He currently serves the community as an Entrepreneur, Musician and Content Creating Philanthropist, representing  #TeamFaison and The Hue Crew.
4/2/202152 minutes, 43 seconds