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English, Human interest, 1 seasons, 122 episodes, 3 days 7 hours 48 minutes
Broadcaster, Jemma Forte, and political commentator, Marina Purkiss, scroll through Twitter so you don’t have to. (
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Ep 117: Starmer Drama and Tory Trauma

The Trawl schedule has gone off piste due to haywire Christmas diaries (normal practice will resume next week). And so it is that this week, Jemma and Marina find themselves trawling, just as news is breaking that Cleverly has announced a tranche of policy, supposedly designed to cut immigration figures. Their heads are spinning as they try to absorb the latest ill thought out Tory batshittery which means foreign carers won't be able to bring dependants with them (nice). Oh, and if you fall in love with anyone foreign, unless they earn 37K, they can't come and live with you. Okaaaaa There do follow some reasons to be cheerful - more Tory MPs are reportedly considering leaving the sinking ship before they can be booted out. One of the names mooted is Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, but she's busy wreaking havoc before she offskies. Childcare is the latest sector under the Trawl spotlight and Marina and Jemma's conclusions are that.....things aren't not looking good. Free hours can
06/12/202352 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep 116: Tax cut lies, Susan Hall lows & Elon Musk meltdowns

The episode opens with a trip to the Plymouth Christmas lights switch-on, where Torty MP, Johnny Mercer is met with a different type of Christmas cheer.  Then it's report time... Because last week the OBR published its economic and fiscal outlook for 2024, and it's a grimmer read than one of Nadine's dirty novels - though in the OBR report, a significantly higher number of people are getting screwed.  Jemma and Marina discuss the numerous newspaper headlines celebrating Hunt's tax cuts, which is problematic, given we're now facing the biggest tax burden since WWII. But hey, why let the truth get in the way of a client journalist's headline? Then settle in for a gripping, action-packed, true crime story, featuring Tory Mayoral candidate Susan Mason. Less Die Hard, more Lie Hard. Underrated clips of the week include Elon Musk wiping another few billion off the X share price during a public soiling of himself, and a little treat from Cilla Black - God Rest Her Soul. Pudding is served
03/12/202340 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep 115 Greek marbles, Rwandan sovereignty & British denial

When all about you are losing their marbles... Greece is trying to claim theirs back. And it's computer says no from Rishi Sunak who has decided to start a diplomatic war with Greece because he doesn't want to give them back their marbles - which is exactly the response you'd expect from our populist PM, and incidentally, also a spoilt toddler.  Then it's onto our new Home Secretary, James Cleverly, who, despite the House of Commons being laden with cameras and microphones, decided to direct profanities at the entire constituency of Stockton, and then despite recorded evidence of exactly this, tell us he didn't.  More records are smashed for Sunak - just in the wrong direction to what he promised with this week's revelation of unprecedented migration figures. And Richard Tice takes to X to chat about climate change in a clip that gives Cillit Bang's, Barry Scott a run for his money.  Underrated tweet is a naughty little jab at GB News from Aid Thompsin and for pudding, comedian Jame
01/12/202344 minutes 9 seconds
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Ep 114: Rwanda, Vallance's Diary & Exploding Heads

Heigh ho, heigh ho, it's off to the Covid Enquiry we go to hear what Vallance and Whitty had to endure during the pandemic. Spoiler alert - incompetence, idiocy and disrespect mainly. We also find out they were burdened with a PM who didn't understand the science and thought if people died it was 'OK' if they'd had a 'good innings.' Lovely. But first, Jemma and Marina are thrilled that The Exploding Heads' catchphrase 'Love to the family Colin' is catching on. Hear an extraordinary caller who was so aerated about immigrants he was positively yelling at Tom Swarbrick on LBC. Then Jemma also encountered yet another 'Colin' on Jeremy Vine. 'Love to the to the family' was the only worthy response. Funny how it's always 'foreigners' these 'types' get so worked up about.  Which brings us to Rwanda- ie the most unworkable, costly, morally dubious idea ever to have been deemed unlawful multiple times. The latest ruling by the Supreme Court is in and when Sunak binned Braverman
25/11/202338 minutes 2 seconds
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Ep 113: Jungle Ratings, Populism and Class War

The I'm a Celeb ratings have plunged since last year. Two million fewer people are watched the launch compared to last year, despite what the GBeebies gang are saying. Then again, they did get hold of the wrong data. In reality, it looks like, booking a 'fash for cash' isn't the ratings hit ITV hoped it would be. The Trawl ladies discuss whether or not there's a difference between someone's values and someone's opinions or, whether it's OK, necessary even, to conflate the two in order to get the measure of someone.   Meanwhile, over in Argentina, far-right, self-proclaimed madman, Javier Milei, has been voted into power. Chainsaw wielding, anti abortion, gun-loving Milei wants to legalise the sale of human organs, abolish the central bank and privatise everything. What could possibly go wrong? With inflation rampantly high and 40% of Argentinians living in poverty, Marina and Jemma discuss the links between desperate times and populism. It isn't the first time a leader with unkempt hai
23/11/202346 minutes 42 seconds
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Ep 112: Dodgy Dave is back...

It's reshuffle time... First, Steve Barclay goes from deeply sh*te Health Secretary, to deeply compromised Environment Secretary, and Victoria Atkins becomes Health Secretary in charge of managing the nation's obesity crisis while married to the CEO of British Sugar...let the lobbying begin! The ladies run through who stays and who goes, which includes deputy chairman, Lee Anderson who stays on despite suggesting that the party of law & order should simply ignore law & order.  Common sense is in abundance, with our new Common Sense Tzar who thought the suffragette movement included Emmeline Pankhurst winning the vote for women while lying naked with her bum out.  And then they reach the crescendo of the reshuffle - the appointment of a literal f*ckpig, back to the scene of his crimes with a peerage to boot. Who doesn't just LOVE British democracy? The ladies discuss the best reaction to our new Foreign Secretary, Lord Cameron of Greensil who seemingly saw fit to rejoin our cabinet
18/11/202344 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 111: I predict a riot...and a sacking.

Get on your knees... It's Tory MP remembrance Sunday photo-op time! And boy, did they all get the memo - because nothing says heartfelt moment of solemnity like a staged pic for the socials. Jemma and Marina discuss the events of Saturday when a brainless crew of Suella's biggest fans descended onto the streets of London to defend...the realm.  Did The Mail take any responsibility for their whipping up of hate? Did they f*ck. Instead, their post-event coverage centered on a "jostled" Michael Gove who just happened to find himself amid a Palestine protest group.  The ladies discuss the fun day out had by the far-right 'patriots' - because nothing says respecting our war dead like a punch-up at the Cenotaph. Then...ding-dong the witch is dead. Braverman gets the boot and becomes the proud author of one of the bitchiest resignation letters of all time with more than a few self-owns.  The ladies then have some jungle chat - both incredulous that a figure as damaging as divisive as Far
16/11/202336 minutes 47 seconds
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The Trawl Meets: Jenny Jones

This month, The Trawl Meets Green Peer, all round Wonder Woman and good egg, Jenny Jones.  Regular Trawl listeners will have often heard Jemma and Marina singing Looooord of the Week before reading some suitably bonkers tweet from a Lord, so who better to chat all things House of Lords with someone who is a bona fide 'Good Lord' (Baroness). Jemma and Marina are fascinated to find out what really goes on in the hallowed corridors of Parliament. Which party are the friendliest? (The answer to this may surprise you...) What does Jenny make of Lord Frost's climate denial? And can Jenny persuade Daniel Hannan to unblock Marina. Find out what happened when Jenny was arrested and how she felt when she pretty much single- handedly prevented an horrific piece of water-polluting Tory legislation.  An inspiring chat which lifts the lid on the goings on in The House of Lords and is surprisingly affirming.  Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Patre
13/11/202358 minutes 45 seconds
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Ep 110: A storm in an M&S teacup & Sunak belly-rubs Musk

It's back to school and detention for you! Jemma and Marina open on the latest batshittery from Britain's strictest headteacher who chose the most bizarre hill of all to die on: the latest Marks & Spencer Christmas advert.  And thank goodness she did, because your reactions were a joy, which coincidentally is what headteacher Kathrin Birbilsingh appears to be in short supply of.  Then it's onto the main event: the man who is currently f*cking up Twitter sat down with the man who is currently f*cking up the UK. Sunak interviewed Musk - or rather, Sunak belly-rubbed Musk, in an attempt to secure himself a new job at Musk Towers once the British people boot him out of office. It was a joy to behold. Things get very profound and thought-provoking with some words from philosopher, Noam Chomsky, before the ladies turn to the Brexit latest. Spoiler: it's grim.  And if you thought Gordon Ramsey was lacking in self-awareness, then brace yourself for Osborne and Balls as they regale you wit
12/11/202342 minutes 20 seconds
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Ep 109: Tents: The al-fresco living lifestyle choice

Hear ye! Hear ye! Brace yourselves because it's that time of year again...  When an unelected man puts a crown of jewels worth more than Kent on his head and reads out a list of Government bills that will do absolutely nothing to tackle the cost of living crisis. Makes one proud to be British. Jemma and Marina discuss one of the most verbose but substance-free monarch's speeches for decades, before discussing Marina's new al-fresco living lifestyle choice.  In post-truth Brexit Britain, it now appears living homeless in a tent is a lifestyle choice, but living with your folks rent-free while you cream £25k off the taxpayer is just impressively shrewd and totally within the parliamentary rules. Obvs.  And while the state of events is dire, your responses to it are not - and the ladies delight in reading out some epic tweets in response to the latest installment of the Cruella horror show. Then it's onto protests - which are now called hate marches thanks to our Home Secretary's des
10/11/202349 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep 108: Flag Waving Idiots and Plagiarism

Apparently, Sunak is thinking of making Clare Coutinho Chancellor, so he can thwart Rachel Reeves' ambitions of becoming the first female Chancellor.   Meanwhile, Rachel Reeves has written a book about economics which claims that women aren't credited enough for their ideas. So it's a terrible shame she's been caught out with not crediting people's ideas. The FT have discovered twenty examples of pretty blatant plagiarism in her book. Ouch.  She's getting some flak but perhaps not as much flak as Steve Coogan is getting for a remark he made on a podcast. He accused Royal fans of being 'flag waving Idiots'. Over at GB News they're very angry.  Someone who was a big fan of Coogan's work as Alan Partridge was Matthew Perry who sadly died this week. Jemma and Marina pay tribute and recall what Friends meant to them. There's an Under Rated Clip of The Week and, as ever, The Trawl would not be The Trawl without pudding. This time it's from Larry and Paul.  Thank you for sharing and do tweet
04/11/202335 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 107: Johnson joins GBeebies and the Covid Enquiry

Jemma and Marina are only too aware of how bleak the news is currently. Marina didn't sleep prior to discussing the situation in the Middle East on LBC so they begin the episode with a very powerful clip on the topic. They are also aware, however, that The Trawl provides levity during such unsettling times and so it is that the rest of the episode is purposefully diverting. There is a look at Nadine Dorries' lack of digital/tech know-how, which may or may not surprise you coming from the woman who thought tennis was played on pitches. Still, Marina and Jemma think she might be pleased about GB News' new signing. They've signed her crush, the man who she'll defend to the hilt no matter what, Johnson. And X (Twitter) has delivered. Lots of people have suggested titles for shows he could present - Would I Lie To You is just one example. Talking of lying, this episode features an incredibly powerful call from a nurse to Sajid Javid on LBC. A moment of talking truth to power that you shoul
02/11/202341 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep 106: One Year of Sunak

Jemma and Marina pay tribute to the late, great, Sir Bobby Charlton, and the celebration of a life well-lived is in stark contrast to what is happening in the Middle East.  Then, it's been a year since Sunak came to power. At first the Trawl ladies are struggling to find the best words to describe how he ended up in the top job but they decide eventually that Johnson started a relay race of corruption, a tag team of terrible, if you like.  He promised integrity, professionalism and accountability but this episode demonstrates he's failed on all counts. Meanwhile, at the BBC, MP's are telling them how to cover migration and anything to do with small boats. Not worrying at all......Ditto the Department of Education keeping notes on teachers who post anything negative about policy on their social media accounts. Totally normal.  Thank goodness for some light hearted under rated tweets of the week and a fabulous pudding.  Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte
28/10/202336 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep 105: Babet and By-Election Bull

Spirits are high in The Trawl camp post the Tory trouncing's in the Tamworth and Mid Bed by-elections. Jemma and Marina are the first to admit that The Trawl podcast isn't exactly hot off the press, on this, or your go to for the news 'as it's happening', due to being a team of........them, plus Max, their editor. But the time lapse also does mean they have all the best reactions and fallout. But first they have to mention the extreme weather that parts of the UK has been experiencing. Imagine your home has been flooded, your possessions are ruined and then, to add insult to injury, Therese Coffey turns up. The clip of her being quizzed by MP's will leave you in no doubt, she's making it up as she goes along.  Then to Tamworth and Mid Beds we go, and indeed to television studios across the land to hear various Tories pretending their massive defeat was actually fine and not an indicator of anything really. As for Andrew Cooper's defeat, it couldn't have happened to a lovelier guy who
26/10/202341 minutes 44 seconds
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Ep 104: Pincher pinching, now Peter Bone...

The ladies open with Sunak getting a panto-themed roasting, which seems apt, given that sat just behind him on the front bench were Tweedledum and Tweedledee having a right-good giggle at the most inappropriate of times. Then it's onto the least surprising news ever: Tory MP Peter Bone enters the Tories ever-expanding sexual deviant hall of fame. It appears sexual deviancy is one of the few areas where Tories really do deliver growth. Pincher, then Bone...the nominative determinism is strong, which is why Jemma and Marina descended into a fit of giggles as they trawl through some of the golden responses to this latest Tory scandal. Then it's time for a cuppa in a cafe... with man of the people, Rishi Sunak. Brace yourself for the highlights, or perhaps lowlights, of his encounter with 'ordinary working people' when he tries, and fails, to be normal.  And what would you expect from the party of law and order? Why of course, it's for prisons to be so full that convicted criminals go f
22/10/202334 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 103: Hard to Handle News and Tory Confrontation

Jemma has had a set two with a Tory MP but before they get into that, Marina and Jemma talk about what's been another harrowing week in the Middle East. It's such a sensitive topic and some broadcasters and politicians are acquitting themselves better than others. What's inarguable is that the world has never needed good leadership more.  On a far more optimistic note, in Poland the 'youthquake' have ensured the end of the far right populist government. Donald Tusk has won the election thanks to proportional representation. Marina and Jemma are struck by how many young voted and wonder what can be done over here to create the same sort of engagement.  Sadly, over in Australia, democracy has had a bleaker result as the recent referendum saw Australians voting against allowing the indigenous population a say.  There's an underrated TikTok of the week and pudding is served by Larry and Paul Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Patreon http
20/10/202341 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep 102: Q&A

This episode is not a regular Trawl. Instead Jemma and Marina tackle some of the questions you’ve been asking the Trawl ladies over on Patreon. Find out how they’d rate the last five Prime Ministers from bad to worse and whether they’d prefer a night on the tiles with Suella Braverman or dinner with Rees Mogg. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
15/10/202328 minutes
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Ep 101: Israel & Labour Conference

Events in Israel and Palestine made for a very difficult week of Trawling. Jemma and Marina open on the tragedy unfolding in the Middle East and discuss why sometimes it's best to defer to those who know better... It's a difficult topic to segue from, as demonstrated in this episode in a clip from Sky News. There's a time and a place to announce Holly Willoughby is leaving This Morning - against a backdrop of a mourning Jerusalem ain't it. Marina shares her experience from attending the Labour conference - prepare to be surprised with whom she ended up having dinner one evening.  The ladies discuss their best bits from conference and what stood out - for the Mirror's Kevin Maguire, it was when Keir Starmer "jacked off" during his speech. No wonder Sir Keir was so relaxed throughout... And while the Labour conference was receiving praise, even as far as the GB News corridors, the Tories were busy soiling themselves in desperation to detract from it, with Sunak once again getting fac
13/10/202340 minutes 20 seconds
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The Trawl Meets: Gary Lineker

In their new series, The Trawl Meets, Jemma and Marina meet someone they find interesting and admire and 'trawl' topics they're passionate about.  This month, their guest is Gary Lineker and Jemma and Marina see it as the perfect opportunity to ask him about 'that' tweet and Gary more than delivers. Find out how it felt to be at the centre of that huge social media storm, the one that ended up being discussed in Parliament. The ladies also want to know if Gary ever heard the GB News version of MOTD that went out when he was off air? He hadn't, but he has now and Marina and Jemma very much enjoy his reaction to the clip. The ladies also quiz him on who his dream dinner guests would be, who he'd have for PM, what his tweeting 'rules' are and whether or not he'd kiss a Tory. In other words, this is the chance to ask Gary the questions he wouldn't normally be asked. And they do..... they really do. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcas
08/10/202359 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep 99: Tory conference goes post-truth

Jemma and Marina open the doors on the Tory conference and dive straight in, wearing full PPE, to the conference that had it all: lies, conspiracy theories and even a Prime Minister reported to the police for potential contempt of court. 'Inadvertent' contempt of court, obvs... It was all happening in Manchester, except ironically, the HS2 to Manchester.  Then the ladies mull over the party's sharp shift to the right, pausing to discuss a few of the most car-crash moments from Sunak to Susan - yes, Susan Hall, the Tory candidate for London Mayor who suggested that the Jewish community is frightened of Sadiq Khan, despite her playful response to a rainbow swastika posted on Twitter by a certain ex-GB News presenter. Could it be time to make lying in politics illegal? Jemma and Marina discuss this and the willingness of the Conservatives to trade in fear (of non-existent threats) to win votes. Then it's onto the real threat - Suella Braverman, whose victims now include guide dogs and
07/10/202350 minutes 52 seconds
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Ep 98: Stuffing the North, Levelling Down

Marina's back from holiday and the Trawl ladies barely know where to begin. They start with a quick GB News debrief - a roll call of presenters who've been suspended or sacked, and then it's straight into political nitty gritty.  Apparently we're a nation of drivers and Labour (who haven't been in power for 13 years) have waged a war on motorists? Jemma and Marina hadn't noticed this war and are also partial to using public transport - when it's running - so it's a mystifying statement, as is Sunak's claim that inflation is tax.  At least the Tories have got 'spades in the ground' everywhere. It's their new planned soundbite and they're really getting their money's worth. They're all saying it only no one, including Marina and Jemma, knows what it means. Plus, if there are spades in the ground, it's a huge shame they're not digging to finish HS2. Instead, Sunak's scrapping it, despite his mandate to 'level up.' It's a slap in the face for so many Northern cities who had hoped to have b
06/10/202339 minutes 27 seconds
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Ep 97: Seven Bins Sunak and Portacabin Fever

It's been a particularly ludicrous week in Tory Britain. And that's saying something. Jemma and Marina plough through what feels like some sort of political fever dream. Starmer has announced he wants to renegotiate the Brexit deal, only we're pretty sure no one's told the EU and, unless we re-join the single market, is there any point just tinkering round the edges? Watch out everyone, Truss is on manoeuvres again. It's been a year since she absolutely devasted the British economy so she's returned to tell us all that she was right and what other things she'd love to do to damage it further.  Meanwhile, Education Secretary, Gillian Keegan, has been extolling the virtues of children being educated in portacabins. Kids love it apparently, so that's alright then. Then, to round off a truly inept week, Sunak held a press conference to tell the British public that lots of things that were never going to happen are not going to happen. So in case you've been lying awake worrying about havin
24/09/202351 minutes 55 seconds
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Ep 96: Russell Brand : Discussed

This Trawl focuses entirely on the recent allegations against Russell Brand. Jemma and Marina deliberately don't go into any of the detail outlined in The Times piece or C4 Dispatches as obviously the subject matter could be fairly triggering for some listeners. Instead, they take a look at the varying reactions to the allegations and discuss why they might be so polarised. It seems that everybody had something to say on the matter and some of the discourse has been exhausting, frankly. For Jemma it stirs up memories of what it was like being a young woman back in the noughties during the era of Loaded, Nuts magazine and High Street Honey's and so on, and Marina reflects on why she had to 'tap out' of one particular chat about it all. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Patreon Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/09/202345 minutes 16 seconds
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EP 95: Fry Speaking Sense and GB News Meltdowns

This episode of the Trawl features a fine mixture of people soiling themselves on telly and also being magnificent, starting with Foreign Secretary, James Cleverly doing the former while being quizzed on Tory maths by Good Morning Britain's, Kate Garraway. Then you're in for a treat - with some pure Trawl gold courtesy of GB News presenter (if you can call him that), Martin Daubney, who demonstrates why this telly lark isn't as easy as it seems.  Then it's onto the magnificence of Stephen Fry delivering Brexit truth bombs on the BBC, much to Laura Kuenssberg's dismay.  Next it's EU flags at the ready as Jemma and Marina mull over the blizzard of snowflakes who were furious at the BBC's coverage of Last Night of the Proms, and discuss how democracy, for some, appears to have been a one-time event that happened in 2016.  A quick summary of Labour highs and lows, Sir Alan's tax avoidance and some Chinese Spy underrated tweets before a delightful gammon-flavoured pudding. Thank you fo
17/09/202340 minutes 39 seconds
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Ep 94: Vorders' revenge and Proms flags outrage

This Trawl is a trawl in it's simplest form - a meander through clips and tweets that have caught Marina and Jemma's attention. First up, Johnny Mercer has posted a picture of his child which led to a lot of Twitter (or X) questions surrounding privacy, permission and safety. The mere mention of the Mercer's leads nicely into a chat about the fierce Carol Vorderman magazine cover in The Times last week. The Mercers aren't exactly fans so Jemma and Marina hope they got a copy. Ditto Greg Hands who seems far more bothered about what Carol's tweeting than the consequences of his email introduction from Mark Higton to the VIP PPE lane, which resulted in Luxe Lifestyle being awarded a £25 million PPE contract. Twenty million pounds worth of what they produced wasn't usable but apparently anyone asking questions...shouldn't. Or, at least,that's what Sunak thinks because he has declared the whole subject shut.  Ah well, perhaps if we go to The Proms and waggle a flag we'll feel better. But w
14/09/202347 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep 93: Crumbling Schools and Keegan's kickbacks

It's back to school week, or at least it is if you don't go to one of the 104 schools which have been deemed unsafe due to crumbling concrete. If you were in a position of power and had been warned for years that school buildings weren't safe, what would you do?  Jemma and Marina are hot and bothered, in the week when Britain went all Club Tropicana weather wise - only the drinks aren't free, nothing is and the price of a Tory government is getting more exorbitant by the minute.  They discuss Gillian Keegan's disastrous week and wonder why more people aren't calling out the £34 MILLION refurb she deemed necessary for her offices. Yes, that's right. THIRTY FOUR MILLION. An old Trawl catchphrase is used once again - regular listeners will know which one.  Meanwhile, Lee Anderson has been striding round a shopping centre being rude to people and Colin from Portsmouth has been on the blower again. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Patreon
10/09/202339 minutes 51 seconds
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The Trawl Meets: Dale Vince

The Trawl Meets is a brand new series. Each month, Jemma and Marina will meet someone they admire and find interesting. Their first guest is Dale Vince. Jemma and Marina first became aware of Dale when he appeared on Question Time and spoke persuasively on wealth taxes and climate issues, leaving his Tory opponent looking utterly flummoxed. When Dale’s not sticking up for what’s right by doing the media rounds, he’s certainly not twiddling his thumbs. He’s a United Nations climate change champion who has the letters OBE after his name He’s the founder of Ecotricity and also happens to be the chairman of Forest Green Rovers football club. The Sunday Times once described him as ‘Labour’s Green knight’ due to his sizeable donation to the party. Marina and Jemma really enjoy talking to Dale about climate issues and, of course, there’s a Trawl. They play Dale lots of clips and also chat about his experience of social media, who he follows and who we can rely on for the best and worst takes.
08/09/202345 minutes 17 seconds
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Ep 92: Go Nads - Good to see she's not bitter...

Marina opens with an idea... one inspired by the Tory Government last week. Though the ladies can't see it flying outside of Westminster - just like most of the shenanigans they get up to, which would never be acceptable in the real world.  Then it's good news! Well sort of good news, well, maybe not quite... after Ofgem lowered the energy price cap. Though as always with this Govt and its client journalists, there's always more than meets the eye, so don't go spending your projected energy bill savings any time soon.  Then finally - the lingering member for mid-Bedfordshire lingers no longer! And what an exit... The ladies discuss that resignation letter and its next-level delusion - not to mention the book plug: a national first! You can trust Nadine to provide some laughs, even on her way out as she celebrates her 'new' role.  Then it's onto a real mixed bag of underrated tweets of the week - and prepare to get one old-school jingle stuck in your head.  The episode closes with a
03/09/202340 minutes
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Ep 91: Trump Lies Bigly & Braverman’s Crime Week

Jemma and Marina open on the latest from kiss-gate featuring Spanish player, Jenni Hermoso and Spanish FA president, Luis Rubiales, and the plot twist that no one was expecting. Then they cross over the Atlantic to discuss that mug shot...though is it the most famous in the world? Marina thinks it has contenders. The ladies discuss the hilarious fall-out from Trump's fourth arrest including the figures supplied to the Georgia courts for Trump's weight and height...fair to say, that someone is telling porkies - again.  Then it's back to the UK again for Crime Week, in a stark realisation that our newspapers have ceased reporting the news, and now serve only as Govt propaganda pamphlets. Enjoy clips of Braverman being exposed for the bullshitter that she is, and a beautiful tweet to sums her up by none other than the artist, Simply Red.  Pudding is then served... and it's a Dorries-flavoured number to whet the appetite ahead of our next pod where the ladies delve into her departure...
01/09/202338 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep 90: Stuff A-Levels, try "inadvertent" corruption instead...

It's an odd opener in this episode - as it's not every day you hear news broadcasters laughing at people dying on air. But it is a clip from GB News, so perhaps not so surprising after all... Then it's onto the education minister, Gillian Keegan showing that she doesn't actually care all that much about education, when she implied that there's no need to care so much about A-Levels because in 10 years' time they won't matter. Cheers for that, Gill.  Then the ladies discuss the awful news that Angela Rayner is...relatable. This followed an interview where she talked openly about raving till the early hours, drinking 'venom' cocktails and enjoying fast food. Heaven forbid. And as for Sunak... Now there's a PM who goes from bad to worse and Marina is losing her shit with him. When he's not rolling out the red carpet for Saudi Princes alleged to have murdered dissenting journalists, he's getting "confused" about how best to raid the public purse to enrich his wife further. Integrity and
27/08/202337 minutes 53 seconds
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Ep 89: The episode that "left nothing out there"

Jemma and Marina open with a tribute to Parky, plus a few of his best bits, including one clip that showed he may have shared some Trawl values. Then it's onto some of the reaction to the Lionesses reaching the World Cup Final - brace yourself for the clip of Andrew, who called into LBC to offer some opinions that made Jemma think that perhaps Andrew has never had a girlfriend - or indeed friends.  Perhaps we should be grateful to Andrew for being direct and honest about his thoughts on Women's football, compared with say Prince William or our PM, who were otherwise engaged on this momentous occasion - though clearly not momentous enough for the president of the FA to clear a space in his diary... A quick Trawl through more World Cup fallout, before a major key change as the girls discuss the horrifying story of Lucy Letby and debates that have arisen as a result around the NHS, race and whether a law to force criminals to attend their sentencing is quite as sensible as first seemed
25/08/202343 minutes 12 seconds
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Ep 88: Lionesses, NHS Week and Corruption

Jemma and Marina are so blown away by Russ Jones' 'Week In Tory' thread on Threads, they set some of it to music to open this episode. After, there's time to wish the lionesses luck, before diving in to the latest Tory calamity. You see the same government who bought you 'Stop The Boats' week, decided to bring you a sequel. This time it's 'NHS Week' and they're celebrating our National Health Service by scrapping targets for cancer patients. There are terrible takes as ever, clips for your delectation and a wonderful pudding by The Marsh Family, dedicated to missing in action politician, Nadine Dorries  Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
20/08/202333 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep 87: Barge Disaster and Brexit Backlash

It's August so the news is slow and the papers and the debate shows are scraping barrels for topics. And yet, Marina and Jemma are confident they've still found enough content for two Trawls this week. This one begins with a few bad 'politician turned journo' takes, including one from Boris Johnson who insists on labelling Britain as 'Brexit Britain' which doesn't feel like a moniker to boast about frankly. Especially given that this week, even The Telegraph have reported that according to polls, a second referendum would be popular. It appears 'Bregret' is more than just a hashtag. And then it's onto Small Boats Week which has been a disaster from beginning to end. Some migrants were moved onto the Bibby Stockholm barge, only to be moved back off again when it was reported that Legionella had been found onboard. But Sunak still has faith in Braverman.....apparently.  It's a pretty dismal tale of utter incompetence. One conservative councillor compared the govt handling of the entire
18/08/202337 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep 86: Jenrick evades, Anderson annoys and Edwina Currie can do one...

Jemma and Marina open with a segment on businesses being bells... First Just Eat have a moment, then a PR company gets itself in a pickle after trying to get a bakery to work for free in return for celeb exposure. Last time they checked, exposure doesn't pay the bills. Then the ladies shine a light on radio hosts not taking any shit - and with Tory MPs doing the media rounds, there’s a lot of it to take. Starting with Justice Minister, Robert Jenrick and the case of the missing name, followed by Tory MP Tom Hunt suggesting that the BBC manipulate their callers, which begs the question: why are there so many hunts in the Tory party? Then it's all aboard the Bibby Stockholm - a barge that the Daily Mail would have you believe may as well be. 30p Lee had a few choice words to say about the barge and the migrants who might complain about them - words, which in normal times, would have been reserved for miserable little bigots, but now get platformed by the Govt's Deputy Chairman and inde
13/08/202333 minutes 23 seconds
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Ep 85: Sunak's house turns black, Tory ads turn green

Jemma and Marina are back from Wilderness Festival where, if Jemma's voice is anything to go by they might have slightly overdone it. Still, fully recovered, they're ready to Trawl and start by regaling the Twitter (X but who's ever going to call it that?) tale of Georgie Grier. Georgie took to her socials with a teary face when only one person turned up to her show at the Edinburgh Fringe. Cut to an outpouring of kindness and support until.....The Sun got involved.  Feel-good part of the pod over, Marina and Jemma discuss the Greenpeace protest against Sunak doshing out licences to oil and gas companies and reneging on any promises he may have made to go green in order to try to combat climate change. Was it ok to target his home in the face of his negligent U turn? And, from Greenpeace to Greenwashing. There's a new thing happening. Suddenly, Tories are changing their posters and pamphlets from blue to green and omitting the word conservative. It's almost like they're embarrassed b
11/08/202336 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep 84: Vitriol for Vorderman, Woke Watch & Sunak Strife

Jemma and Marina have noticed that Carol Vorderman is getting under the skin of all the right people. In fact, the more Carol holds the government to account, the more the right-wing press sharpen their pencils. The more Carol spits facts, the more vitriol she’s exposed to on social media. In this trawl Marina and Jemma ponder why and read out some tweets which wholly champion her efforts. It’s called balance – quite the shocker in this pod. Then, to The Daily Mail we go, because they’ve published their ‘Woke List’ – yes, that’s honestly a thing, and it’s quite the hall of fame of people who are largely decent and great. Jemma and Marina wonder what the opposite sort of list would look like and are pretty sure it would include Sunak. Sunak has been scampering around the country in jets and choppers determinedly wrecking things and when challenged, is completely belligerent about his travel habits. There are some joyous underrated tweets as per and pudding. Enjoy! Thank you for sharing
05/08/202342 minutes 9 seconds
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Ep 83: A license to drill & 30p Lee overspills...

The ladies open with a brief, but apt, reaction to the continuous wall-to-wall coverage of Farage and his bank account woes, and touch upon the high-calibre nature of some recent GB News bookings.  Then it's a trip down memory lane to Cop 26 - when the UK hosted and championed a global summit committed to achieving net zero. Fast-forward to three Prime Ministers and one Uxbridge and S.Ruislip by-election later, and things have changed somewhat... The ladies discuss the decision by Rishi Sunak to give the go-ahead to hundreds of new oil and gas licenses in the North Sea. This is apparently all to do with energy security and nothing to do with Sunak's family business ties... But worry not about the rapid heating up of our only planet, because as Dave Frost says: we can adapt. Climate change herd immunity, anyone?  Then it's onto the latest golden nuggets from Tory MP, 30p Lee, who shows us what happens when the right tries to be funny, and also what happens when Lee fails to sense-ch
02/08/202338 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep 82: Popcorn out for Sunak, Barbie & Wootton

The episode opens with Marina reminding Jemma how she once hoped that Sunak taking over might have resulted in the adults being back in the room. Update: they're not.  Because this week Sunak put out a tweet that proved he's just as base as 30p Lee...just wears a more expensive suit.  Then, let the Barbie chat commence - and what a weekend it was for cinema with two huge summer releases. Joyful. Though not, it turns out, if you're in possession of a very fragile male ego. Jemma and Marina chat through some of the reactions to the movie - including a very frustrated Piers Morgan. Bless. And, we need to talk about Dan... Dan Wootton of GB News, because let's face it - not many people are. The ladies discuss the relative media blackout compared with the scandal surrounding Philip Schofield and Huw Edwards. Plus, you'll enjoy a little mass-hypocrisy-exposing montage from GB News, before moving on to Charlotte Owen - or rather - Lady Charlotte Owen, our new Baroness Owen of Alderley Edge
29/07/202340 minutes 18 seconds
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Ep 81: Rhodes Burns and Frosty Climate Denial

Jemma and Marina open with tributes to the BBC's George Alagiah and singer Sinéad O'Connor who we both sadly lost this week - RIP.  Then it's onto a story that has rightly been dominating the news this week (apart from the frog-faced old man who can’t bank with Coutts) - and that's climate change. They chat through the hot (and not so hot) takes of what's happening in Rhodes and Palermo, with expert insight from Professor Richard Betts and...Julie, who had a wonderful holiday in Crete and doesn't understand what all the fuss is about.  The ladies discuss the insane potential row back on green policies from Labour and The Conservatives and discuss the very real possibility that the general election could see marginal seats being fought as de facto referenda on green policies - joy. Because what should one do when the world is burning? Well, you ditch your green plans and net zero targets because fewer than 500 people in Uxbridge and S.Ruislip resulted in a shock by-election Tory hold…
27/07/202339 minutes 32 seconds
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Ep 80: Rip-off boats, rip-off degrees & stolen kidneys...

Jemma and Marina open with a toast to the 10th anniversary of the Same Sex Marriage Act - the way Cameron and Sunak have been tweeting about it would make you think the Conservatives are to praise for it - spoiler: they're not.  Then it's on to the trade deal of the century - the £12 trillion trade boost to the UK via the CPTPP! What joy...the ladies ponder what the Conservatives will spend it all on..except it's not £12 trillion, and it's already been spent. Winning.  Next they discuss the Govt of fiscal responsibility's latest purchase which delivers incredible value for money for the tax payer - quite literally: incredible.  Then it's onto the thread that had Jemma and Marina in stitches (ironically), because whatever you do, don't take medical advice from Boris Johnson's ex, Petronella Wyatt... Finished off with a pudding from @Exploding_Heads, and poor Colin from Portsmouth is furious with the by-election results. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmafor
24/07/202338 minutes 9 seconds
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EP 79: Bye bye elections and Wootton earth is going on?

Jemma and Marina discuss the devastating Conservative by-election results - or as GB News optimisically put it:  Rishi Sunak AVOIDS horror triple by-election wipe out. Ok hun...  Johnny Mercer continues his run of revealing himself to be a massive bell by aluding to the 25 year-old Keir Mather who took the Selby seat as an "inbetweener" - apparently he's too young for people to relate to him, to know what it's like with a job and kids. Not like our super relatable man-of-the-people, married to a billionaire's daughter PM, Rishi Sunak... And then it's on to the stench surrunding GB News. Then a pudding that perfectly encapsulated why whether you like it or not, even if you think you don’t do politics, actually…you do.  Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
22/07/202340 minutes 21 seconds
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Ep 78: BBC Huw-dunnit, Osborne Confetti and Mural Immorality

Marina and Jemma are trying to make sense of the BBC presenter scandal, the timing of it, the execution of it, the point of it. They wonder if it might be distracting from more important news, like global warming, the mortgage crisis or Johnson refusing to give up his phone. But, it's trending so they trawl and then there's also the Osborne wedding to discuss. It was all happening for the happy couple, what with THAT email dropping and then THAT orange confetti being thrown. What on earth is going on?Jemma and Marina have been burning the midnight oil so it's all a bit bewildering, although on the issue of the mural that Jenrick had painted over in the refugee processing centre, they're completely clear. Vile.&nbsp;Light relief is provided by Lee Anderson's GB News Show. Which isn't supposed to be funny. But is.&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast<p style='color:grey; font-size:0.75em;'
13/07/202344 minutes 24 seconds
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Ep 77: Mercer madness, Tory travesty and our NHS.

It’s been an interesting week for the Mercers. Tory MP, Johnny Mercer, said repeatedly that if veterans were using food banks it was about ‘choices’. Lovely.&nbsp;Meanwhile, Johnny’s wife, Felicity, wrote a pretty vicious&nbsp;piece in The Telegraph about Carol Vorderman. Jemma and Marina discuss the inevitable Twitter storm that followed.&nbsp;Sunak has been busy. He’s had questions to answer although the one Marina and Jemma would like to ask him is ‘why do you hate young people so much?’&nbsp;The NHS is 75 years old. Pudding is a tribute to it.&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
09/07/202342 minutes 19 seconds
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Ep 76: Farage's Bonkers Banking and Tory Tumbleweed

Marina's back from her holidays. Back to a broken freezer and a load of rotten food, which feels like a great metaphor for the state of the Tory party. To cheer her up, Jemma gives her a few welcome home treats.&nbsp;There's the audience reaction to the Rwanda plan, the very definition of tumbleweed, a particularly poignant question for Helen Whatley to answer, and some excerpts from Lee Anderson's show on GB News.&nbsp;Plus why was Nigel Farage locked out of his bank account and will he leave Britain because of it? Marina&nbsp;and Jemma have got everything crossed before a chat about Threads v Twitter and a glorious pudding from a new account.&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/07/202333 minutes 21 seconds
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Ep 75: Submarine Spats, Twitter Scraps and Class War

It's all kicking off in this episode of The Trawl. Twitter polls are not getting the results pollsters want with hilarious consequences. An MP is using his platform to lay into people in a manner that feels neither fitting nor appropriate. And Johnson's column in The Mail is stoking hatred. Marina and Jemma discuss the submarine tragedy and why it's led to Johnson accusing anyone who was fearful of it, as a leftie. There's a spat, a tantrum and all out class war.&nbsp;Michael Spicer delivers the knock-out punch with an excellent pudding that hits the mark.&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
01/07/202333 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep 74: Clacton Spills, IKEA Chills and Glastonbury Tingles

We’re off to the seaside! But don’t get too excited - it’s for the ‘Leavers only’ edition of Question Time which will leave you bathed in bewilderment as opposed to sunshine.And then to IKEA we go where Robot Rishi is telling everyone it’ll all be ok. Coooolll.In fact, apparently, we all need to just ‘hold our nerve’ because that’ll pay the bills.Marina and Jemma discuss festivals and the highlights from Glastonbury 2023. Only GB News don’t approve and somehow manage to compare it to the migrant situation. Astounding really.Pudding is a beauty. What’s known as a spine - tingler. Enjoy!Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
29/06/202338 minutes 9 seconds
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Ep 73: Mortgage Meltdown, Lettuce Lols and Pride

Warning remote workers! According to The Daily Mail, give it a few years and you'll have claws for hands, a hunchback, and be eating out of a dog bowl, because desks at home are very different to desks at work. Or, something like that.&nbsp;Then, Jemma and Marina take a minute to feel not sorry at all for Liz Truss who is not amused by her premiership being compared to the life span of a lettuce. She simply doesn't think it's funny. Which is interesting, because many of us disagree, though have also had a sense of humour failure when it comes to her short yet disastrous time spent as PM. Only our sense of humour failure is directed toward her tanking of the economy and contribution to the high inflation we're all experiencing.&nbsp;Which brings us to the subject of mortgages. As 100,000 people come to the end of their fixed rates every month, could this end up being the subject that defines the next election?Lastly, Marina and Jemma wish everyone a H
24/06/202334 minutes 20 seconds
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Ep 72: Johnson’s defeat, jingles & mingles and a Dorries megamix...

In this bumper episode, Jemma and Marina open with a tribute to Labour firebrand MP and actress, Glenda Jackson...and a stunned Jemma couldn't quite believe who her son is.&nbsp;Then it's jingle and mingle time, as the ladies discuss THAT christmas party footage. Prawn ring, anyone?&nbsp;There's a quick Hancock pit-stop given his odd rambings on Tik Tok before moving onto the vote. Yes, the vote with a 354 to 7 landlside which perhaps indicates that Johnson isn't quite as popuar as his industrial-sized ego would have him believe.&nbsp;Spare a thought though for Dorries - who could maybe benefit from an intervention - and enjoy a megamix of her best/worst bits. The ladies congratulate Johnson on his brand new job: writing guff for the daily mail before crowning their repeat offender, Loooord of the Weeeeeek. Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast<p style='color:grey; font-size:0.75em;
22/06/202350 minutes 26 seconds
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Ep 71: Johnson tears & Remainer Blob cheers...

Tory Civil wars were brewing...yet where was Rishi Sunak? Well, watching Man City win the treble apparently.Jemma and Marina try to make sense of the outrage and indigantion of the Johnson stooges, as their main man gets forced out of himself.&nbsp;It seems the blob has a lot to answer for. Apparently, the blob even blocked Brexit...which is curious, given we've all been told that Johnson got that done.&nbsp;Next, it's onto Grant Shapps, AKA Sebastian Fox AKA any other number of false names, as Shapps was wheeled out on Sunday to do the Sunday morning media rounds. Though perhaps the early morning start had him confused, given he appeared to forget which way he voted in the Brexit referendum.The ladies touch upon Sunday's Laura Kuenssberg show where Laura had outdone herself not once, but twice. First by inviting Nigel Farage on to talk his usual unhinged bollocks, but secondly by calling anyone that would prefer her show to state fac
17/06/202336 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep 70: Dishonourable Honours, Odious Odey and Dorries.

Jemma and Marina are glad to be at their mics after what has been an explosive week in British politics. Crispin Odey has been investigated by the FT and is facing multiple allegations of sexual assault - he's the man who shorted the pound after Brexit and laughed about it. He isn't laughing now.Boris Johnson's honours list is causing problems left, right and centre due to the fact he included three sitting MPs on it. Marina and Jemma tour through the list which reads like an episode of Friends 'The one who.....'&nbsp;Meanwhile, it's fair to say Nadine Dorries hasn't taken the news that she's' not going to be getting a peerage very well. She's touring the studios bemoaning her fate and blaming the fact she's working class and from Liverpool. Nothing to do with Johnson messing up, Honest guv.&nbsp;It doesn't look like many of her fellow Scousers are feeling much sympathy for her though.&nbsp;There's an incredible pudding from Politics Joe which really
14/06/202350 minutes 21 seconds
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Ep 69: Prince Harry truth bombs & wandering WhatsApps…

The royals have a new fan…and it’s Marina. Well, specifically one royal: Prince Harry. After all, how could one not be after his magnificent mike drops regarding the press and Government during the ongoing Mirror Group hacking trial.Jemma and Marina discuss the latest developments from the Covid Inquiry, digressing somewhat to shed light on Government defender and hubris-stuffed bellend, Lord Bethell – AKA The Hustler.Then it’s onto our repeat offender Lord of the Week, before stopping in Dover (not via an RAF chopper mind – that would be ridiculous). Enter Sunak, and the ladies discuss what Sunak has really achieved while serving in cabinet – spoiler: it ain’t stopping the boats.The episode is rounded off with some unexpected Brexit side effects and a pudding that pokes fun at the UK’s descent into further authoritarianism as the Govt tries to overturn a vote in the House of Lords – who needs the right to protest anyway?Thank you for shar
10/06/202334 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep 68: Sunak's Boats and Boots, Tice and Holly

Sunak's flown to Dover (cos why catch a train when a chopper will do?) He's standing behind a podium again to tell us how he's going to stop the boats. Only his boots are distracting. Yes, boots. Not boats. And besides, it's a very windy day so there are fewer crossings but apparently, that's got nothing to do with the weather and everything to do with Tory policy. Sure.Regardless, Richard Tice is still taking to the streets to be mean to refugees from Iraq. Jemma and Marina dissect his attempt to exploit a young man who is surviving on £8 a week while waiting to be processed by our broken Home Office. And then there's Jemma's Brexit debate with the very same Tice to discuss too...Then there's 'that'&nbsp;statement from Holly Willoughby too and your tweets are wonderful as is the superb pudding which will hopefully leave you happily sated.Enjoy!Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast<
09/06/202330 minutes 8 seconds
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Ep 67: Eamonn Dishes and Starmer's Brexit Stance

It's a telly-tastic Trawl because Twitter has been agog, not only at all the This Morning drama, but also the serialisation of Eamonn Holmes' revenge on GB News. Nadine Dorries has been putting her two pence worth in as well. And as for Kim Woodburn, sometimes less is more?Then Marina and Jemma have to address the 'B' word because Starmer is being all final and absolute about 'Making Brexit Work' even though it doesn't, can't and won't.&nbsp;There's a legend of the week in this episode. It's Jenny Jones the Green Peer who is singled out for being incredible in Parliament.&nbsp;Sadly, the same cannot be said for Mike Graham who makes a bit of a clanger in the most extraordinary clip.There are tweets galore, clips and a pudding from The Exploding Heads. Enjoy!Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' targ
04/06/202336 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep 66: Johnson's Whatsapp's, Dodgy Donors and...Peter Andre

GB News have hired a new presenter. It's political heavyweight, Peter Andre. No one saw that coming but Marina and Jemma are enjoying people's reactions on Twitter. More predictable is the chaos surrounding Johnson and the Covid Inquiry. Johnson says he's handed over everything, but hasn't, and Sunak seems reluctant to co operate. It's almost like they don't want us to know how they handled things and, at time of record, it looks like the government are going to be suing themselves.... You can't make this stuff up.Then, Jemma and Marina take a look at some of the scandal that Carol Vorderman has been unearthing about PPE contracts and discuss who Labour have taken a large donation from and who the Tories have landed £5 million from.&nbsp;Pudding is from Matilda Thorpe.Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' targ
02/06/202336 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep 65: Johnson procreates, Britain stagnates...

This episode opens up with the news of yet more impending fruit from the loins of Boris Johnson - the PM credited with withdrawing from the EU, but seemingly incapable of withdrawing elsewhere. Jemma and Marina ponder how this news has gone down with his father, Stanley Johnson given his somewhat controversial views on population control.Then it's on to talking shit...literally. Because while the world and their dog can see what's happened to our once beautiful waterways, our Secretary of State appears in denial, and not just about our water - like Manuel from Fawlty Towers: she knows nothing.Jemma and Marina touch upon the latest Brexit benefits, which include more corporate socialism (it's the only type the Tories like) where taxpayers are footing the bill for basically begging for foreign investment because that's how unattractive we've become. What's not to like?Then the ladies wrap up with a clip of Richard Madeley desperately seeking his Aha mo
28/05/202334 minutes 19 seconds
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Ep 64: Schofield Leaving, Suella Speeding, Rishi Reeling

Jemma and Marina begin by paying tribute to the legend, Tina Turner, who sadly died this week.&nbsp;Then they have to touch on the drama that's been playing out, on, and around, the This Morning sofa. From Holly Willoughby's statement, to the first show post resignation, Twitter has been alight with opinion about what might, or might not, be going on in the world of daytime telly.&nbsp;And Braverman's in the headlines for all the wrong reasons - again. This time, a speeding offence has come to light and it looks like it might be her 'Al Capone' moment. Or will it? Marina and Jemma think Sunak might be stuck between a rock and a hard place.....&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more informati
26/05/202336 minutes 41 seconds
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Ep 63: The Nat C's, Farage Admits and Phil and Holly.

The National Conservatives are in town and it's a pretty sinister guest list. David Starkey has been making bizarre and worrying statements, an author downplays WW2 and a headmistress does some shouting. But the Home Secretary is there too, and Gove and Lee Anderson and Mogg..... Marina and Jemma try to make sense of it before moving on to what's been trending on twitter for days - Phil and Holly. So, not exactly from the sublime to the ridiculous.... but.....two other words.Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
21/05/202329 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep 62: Gerrymandering, PR and Topsy Turvy Views

The world's gone mad. Lord Cruddas is 'threatening' us with the obliteration of the Tory party if&nbsp;Labour bring in Proportional Representation. Jemma and Marina love the sound of that, yet Starmer won't commit (even though he said he would in 2019). Nick Ferrari is making sewage sense and Jacob Rees Mogg finally tells the truth. He admitted, publicly, that introducing voter ID was gerrymandering, which is pretty jaw dropping and taught Jemma a new word.&nbsp;Plus, because Marina and Jemma trawl through Twitter, they feel obliged to include their own Twitter bell-end moment.Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
19/05/202336 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep 61: Trump Gets Thumped and Punch & Judy PMQs...

Turns out that yes, the UK is a basket case, but you can rest assured that in our times of trouble and strife, across the pond, the US tends to always find a way of saying: hold my beer. Because this week, former US President, Donald Trump was found liable for sexual abuse and defamation. But sadly the stench made its way over here with sitting MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, a devout Christian no less, appearing on GB News to leap to Trump's defence.Jemma and Marina ponder the absurdity of it all, the glaring absence of Ofcom, the worrying normalisation of male violence against women and then unironically segue to the Punch and Judy politics of the UK - as displayed in this week's PMQs.Verbal punches were thrown, knock-outs were landed - and yet Jemma and Marina can't help feeling that literally no one emerges as the winner. Least of all our exhausted and exiting GPs, who it appears the Govt is seeking to placate by installing...a new phone system for a better hold experi
13/05/202326 minutes 10 seconds
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Ep 60: Local election carnage and more Coronation chaos...

What a time to be alive...better still, what a time to be British! Jemma and Marina enjoy a momentary gloat at the public pummeling that was the May Local Elections. How could they not, when Tory MP Jonathan Gullis had his bluff and bluster drowned out by the sound of Labour victory cheers? All the while, Tory MPs, ministers and shills desperately scrambled around looking for positive spin, when alas, there was none.&nbsp;And from one celebration to another - the King's Coronation! In this episode, Jemma and Marina provide audio footage of what was being said during that heated exchange between Charles and his Queen (not Consort) in the golden, gilded carriage.&nbsp;And sadly that wasn't the only blight on the event, because for many the day will be remembered as a dark one for British democracy. Jemma and Marina discuss the fallout of Priti Patel's handiwork, the new Public Order bill, before finishing on a lighter note - their favourite, but unexpected hymn f
11/05/202334 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep 59: You're poor - now lump it, HIGNFY and Lordy Lords

Turns out, those sunlit uplands are quite bleak and a bit shady. In this episode we learn that a top Bank of England official has been saying that people need to accept we're now poorer. So, all that post Brexit paradise we were promised…it's been cancelled, or at least, it's been cordoned off for the majority of us…Marina tells us what it was like appearing on Have I Got News For You which leads nicely into the detail on how Richard Sharp has finally resigned as Chairman of the BBC.&nbsp;Then, more men in Chairs but this time it's Deputy Chairman, Lee Anderson whom Marina and Jemma are interested in. His questioning of the Met Police Commissioner, Mark Rowley, was quite something which didn't escape Twitter's attention. Laurence Fox also got a schooling or two this week and Jemma and Marina recount what happened when they were let into the House of Lords, courtesy of GOOD Lord of the week, the wonderful Jenny Jones of the Green Party.&nbsp;Thank you for
06/05/202337 minutes 5 seconds
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Ep 58: Dodgy Sunak, Nurses, and Coronation Chaos

Isn't it interesting how Sunak's wife and extended family, benefit so often from various government enterprises and grants. Marina and Jemma ponder the latest revelations from Byline and The Times and conclude that, just perhaps, the PM isn't in office 'just' to serve the people. *Scratch chins/give knowing looks*. Then, to the strikes. Which ones you cry? Fair question, it's hard to keep track. But in this ep it's the nurses and The Trawl has produced some clips which are well worth a listen. Pat Cullen, who represents the Royal College of Nursing, is convinced the Health Sec is telling porkies for instance.&nbsp;But the latter half of this Trawl is dominated (as is the British press and media and social media) by the Coronation and the chaos surrounding it. The Mail are desperate for us all to pledge allegiance to the King. Jemma and Marina laugh their way through some pretty astonishing clips and aren't totally convinced that standing on a roundabout for hours on end,
04/05/202333 minutes 28 seconds
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Ep 57: Blue Ticks, Diane Abbott, Govt Alert and the Brexit Inquiry

Space Karen (AKA Elon Musk) has been busy wrecking Twitter by confusing everyone and helping no one, by removing, then reinstating ticks all over the shop. Are you who really say you are if you haven't paid him for FREE SPEECH. It used to be cool to have one, but now anyone can get one, it's cooler not to. Confused? You should be.&nbsp;Then, Marina and Jemma discuss the words of Diane Abbott which led to her being swiftly suspended by Keir Starmer.&nbsp;Plus, did you get a government alert? Jemma didn't and Marina missed hers but more importantly, what was it for? According to Russell Kane on Instagram Britain has invented the equivalent of a 'leaves on the line' alert.And then to the debate which was triggered by a petition demanding an inquiry into Brexit and it's impact. Funnily enough, the government don't seem keen!Enjoy! Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast<p style
29/04/202329 minutes 25 seconds
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Ep 56: Marina meets Mogg, Raab goes, and the new Nat C's

This week the pod opens with a tribute to Dame Edna Everage who sadly passed last week - who, as well as her infectious personality and talent, also had the measure of Boris Johnson long before many of us did.Then it's onto Marina Vs Mogg - as Jemma and Marina discuss&nbsp;that&nbsp;head-to-head meeting which, at the time of record, had clocked over 7 million views on Twitter.&nbsp;Then ding dong, Raab has gone - with reactions ranging from profound, to hilarious, to just plain idiotic. Jemma and Marina contemplate how on earth Oliver Downden will fill those teeny-tiny Deputy&nbsp;PM shoes. Given his latest interview with Sophie Ridge on Sky: not well.Then it's a quick stop on the new plan to save Britain (wonder why it needs saving after 13 years of Tory rule) which is...more British Conservatism- brought to you by wrong-about-everything, Jacob Rees-Mogg and Lord David Frost. Enjoy!Thank you for sharing and do tweet us
26/04/202336 minutes 33 seconds
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Ep 55: Quiche Overload, Maths and Corruption

How many headlines about quiche is too many headlines about quiche? Maybe someone should ask Sunak because, according to him, maths is the be all and end all. Sunak has broken pre election purdah (the May elections are imminent) to rehash his idea that all students should be forced to learn maths till they're eighteen. Which is a bit rich seeing as he's under investigation for failing to declare his wife's shares in a childcare company which could benefit from recent free childcare plans. Shifty....Jemma and Marina chew the fat but not the quiche.&nbsp;Enjoy! Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/04/202322 minutes 37 seconds
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Ep 54: Government gas-lighting, the demise of Tupperware and yet more Brexit benefits

This episode opens with the heart-warming tale of Carly in Harlow and her allotment, but any warm and fuzzy feelings will be short-lived as Jemma and Marina follow this with a discussion on&nbsp;that&nbsp;Liz Truss speech and some of the best reactions to it.Then it's a quick stop off at the Reform Party Spring rally - because you wouldn't want to stay there any longer - before discussing a Daily Mail article that appeared to imply that women doing well were to blame for the downfall of Tupperware.Then, and how could they not, Jemma and Marina chat through some of the latest glittering Brexit benefits and touch upon a very exciting head-to-head that is coming up next week (get your popcorn ready), before finishing on a Brexity-flavored pudding from The Exploding Heads.&nbsp;Enjoy!Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast.
21/04/202328 minutes 38 seconds
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Ep 53: Brexit benefits, racist karaoke and barge holiday capers with 30p Lee.

This episode opens with aptly named, Bell and Spurling, the one-hit wonder duo who performed what can only be referred to as racist karaoke, to a somewhat less than diverse crowd, on GB News, with their new song, 'Nigel says'.&nbsp;Jemma and Marina then try to digest the news that, according to polling, Liz Truss is set to win her seat in South West Norfolk, before discussing Patrick Minford: Truss' trusted economist, who can be trusted, but only for being wrong about everything.Then it's on to 30p Lee Anderson who this week sent out a tweet that was like starting a fight, in an empty room, with himself, before heading off on his thrilling barge holiday and documenting it bit by bit on his Twitter feed - lucky us.Up for discussion next is the latest Brexit benefit: rejecting schoolchildren from the EU - how lovely, before a quick chat on the junior doctor's strikes and the right-wing blame game. Jemma and Marina are having none of it...Bef
15/04/202336 minutes 8 seconds
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Ep 52: Labour Attack Ads, Corruption and Woke Soup

Jemma and Marina begin this one by reflecting on some Tory Easter tweets in a section they call Easter hypocrisy. Then it's onto This Morning's, Alison Hammond, who's had a mare. Unwittingly she endorsed some terrible behaviour and the theatre world weren't happy. She apologised whole heartedly, but does that do the trick these days?Then it's onto 'those' Labour tweets, the ones which accused Sunak of, amongst other things, not thinking child sex offenders should be in prison. Should Labour be doing better?There's a healthy smattering of old fashioned CORRUPTION CORRUPTION CORRUPTION in this one thanks to Scott Benton and then the girls talk woke soup. Yes, soup. Apparently, it can be woke.&nbsp;Pudding is served by the iconic Kathy Burke.Enjoy!Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target
13/04/202330 minutes 3 seconds
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Ep 51: Wake Up and Smell the Coffey - sewage, wet wipes and a Royal portrait.

This episode begins with a spectacular clip from Question Time. An audience member gets stuck into the Conservatives and no one's disagreeing with her utter evisceration of them. Then again, when our island is surrounded by sewage, perhaps it's not surprising. Yes, unfortunately, the topic of sewage is back on The Trawl menu. The situation is so dire people are checking apps and being told to swim with their mouth shut. So good thing Therese Coffey is in charge. She's sprung into action to announce her intention to ban wet wipes, which was also announced in....2018. Banning wet wipes which contain plastic would be great, but are they going to do it? And how does that help prevent raw sewage being poured into the waterways?&nbsp;Still, we Brits might not be able to swim anywhere safely but hey, at least we can all gaze at a portrait of King Charles.&nbsp;The government has set aside £8 million to ensure every school and police station in the land can gaze upon the Royal vi
09/04/202338 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep 50: Brexit benefits unleashed - Dover queues, a new trading bloc & Suella de Vil

This episode opens with the sad news that Ruper Mordoch's recent engagement has fallen through. Which means he's back on the market ladies...Sadly, it was downhill from there as Jemma and Marina discussed the latest media rounds from our Home Secretary, Suella de Vil where she appeared as heartless as she is mendacious - quite the accomplishment.Then it's on to dissecting the new TCTPP trade deal - the one that The Sun claims to be a "new £13trillion deal - we kid you not.&nbsp;Before ending on a Lord of the Week who also wins the award for biggest British exceptionalist bellend, and a pudding by Tory MP satirist, Rosie Holt. Enjoy! Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
07/04/202337 minutes 17 seconds
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Ep 49: £1k fines for the homeless, £10k fees for Tory MPs

Marina and Jemma open with a mic-drop clip about Jacob Rees-Mogg.Then dip into the scandal that saw our ex-chancellor change his going rate from $10k per month to £12k per day - and we wonder why his mini-budget screwed the economy...Then it's on to the Govt's new crack-down on crime which includes the genius idea to fine beggars £1,000 for causing "public distress" while cringing violently at Sunak's attempt to sound...normal.&nbsp;&nbsp;Meanwhile, over the pond, A-lister Gwyneth Paltrow finds herself in court facing what might be the most sycophantic line of questioning the world has ever seen.Polished off, with a delightful Rishi Sunak-flavoured pud from Munya Chawawa.&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See
02/04/202335 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 48: Led By Donkeys scandal and a Sunak cringefest

On the week when the new leader of the SNP was announced, Jemma and Marina pay tribute to the late, great Paul O Grady ( as did Dominic Raab, who rather insultingly got his name wrong in Parliament)The big news in this episode is the latest sting by Led By Donkeys. MPS FOR HIRE! Hancock, Brady, Williamson and Kwarteng all feature in negotiations which are both grubby, embarrassing, unprofessional an..... entirely legal...Spare a thought for England captain, Harry Kane. He had to take a call from Rishi Sunak - it's pretty horrendous to listen to and sounds a lot better once Michael Spicer has changed it up. The results are this episode's pudding.Find us on Twitter @jemmaforte @MarinaPurkiss @TheTrawlPodcast and Jemma is on insta @jemmaforte Hosted on Acast. See for mor
31/03/202332 minutes 51 seconds
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Ep 47: Did Johnson mean to lie when he lied and is Brexit done yet?

Jemma and Marina wonder what it was about ancient multi millionaire Rupert Murdoch that persuaded his fifth bride to tie the knot.And then there's the Johnson enquiry to discuss. Johnson's integrity was being scrutinised and questioned on the same day he snuck into Parliament to vote against Brexit getting done.&nbsp;Meanwhile, for some unknown reason, Sunak thought this would be a good day to publish his tax return and Steve Baker has been dropped from the ERG WhatsApp group.&nbsp;Pudding is a clip from Yes Prime Minister which proves that in the world of politics, some things never change.....Find us on Twitter @jemmaforte @MarinaPurkiss @TheTrawlPodcast and Jemma is on insta @jemmaforte Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
26/03/202336 minutes 29 seconds
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Ep 46: Nurses Shafted and Suella's Right Wing Jolly to Rwanda

This episode kicks off with a clip from a podcast which couldn't be more different from The Trawl. Apparently, according to the hosts, women need to be validated by their husbands. You can imagine what Marina and Jemma make of that notion.And then we're off to Rwanda, only we might have to sneak in as left wing representatives aren't invited. Suella is off, inspecting facilities which could see her 'dream' a reality. But while she's having a whale of a time, everyone else is wondering what's so funny about sending refugees away against their will to a far flung land they haven't chosen.&nbsp;'That' picture set Twitter alight with condemnation.&nbsp;As for nurses, they've been offered a paltry 5%, wait for it, from existing NHS budgets.&nbsp;Jemma and Marina discuss street parties and more and end with pudding from The Exploding Heads. Chris from Plymouth has called in once again and it couldn't be more apt for this ep.Enjoy! </p
24/03/202330 minutes 15 seconds
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Ep 45: Bin Juice Views and a Very Hunty Budget

It's not often that Marina and Jemma are truly shocked anymore, but gold medal to Kelvin Mckenzie for managing to articulate views so abhorrent they even jar on GB News.&nbsp;Given they're happy to platform hate speech, it seems strange that Jeremy Hunt has agreed to talk about the budget on the very same channel. Though perhaps the fact he's going to be interviewed by two Tory MPs was the clincher. Rules? What rules? Morals? What morals?Jemma and Marina look at the budget, what's been announced (leaked at time of record) and try to tally the headlines with the actual policies.&nbsp;A childcare win. Or is it? Pension wins? Or are they?&nbsp;There are clips and tweets as ever and pudding is lovely and sweet because you'll need a palate cleanser after this one.&nbsp;Enjoy!Find us on Twitter @jemmaforte @MarinaPurkiss @TheTrawlPodcast and Jemma is on insta @jemmaforte<p style='color:grey; font-size:0.75em;'
18/03/202332 minutes 17 seconds
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Ep 44: Oscars, Gary-gate and Tories watching football

This week, Jemma and Marina, cordially invite you to The Troscars&nbsp;(that's the Trawl Oscars). Hugh Grant wins one for 'most whatevs performance on a red carpet' and there are many more virtual, meaningless awards to be bestowed throughout the ep.&nbsp;The 'Stop The Boats' saga rumbles on, with the policy only ever seeming more cruel the more you scrutinise it. 'Gary-gate' reached extraordinary proportions, culminating in the entire BBC Sports department not working in a heart-warming show of solidarity. Unfortunately, GB News were there to step into the breach with their version of the show. It was, as you might expect, terrible but pure gold for The Trawl.&nbsp;Tories pretended to love football and seemed unable to fathom that the ratings had anything to do with rubberneckingWhat a time to be alive.If you enjoy, please tell your friends and spread the word.Tweet us at @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte Or find Jemma on Instagram @jemma
16/03/202336 minutes 47 seconds
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Ep 43: Refugees: Gary 1 - Tories 0

After a quick ode to anyone with bosoms of any type whatsoever (International Women's Day), Jemma and Marina dive into the government's latest immigration 'plan' to stop the boats. It's controversial, sinister, cruel, probably illegal and no doubt unworkable so there's a lot to unpack.Phil calls into LBC to tell Shelagh Fogarty people should stay in their own country even if they die as a result, the policy is holier than a slice of Emmental and Suella Braverman says 'billions' of people want to come here. Marina and Jemma try to stay calm while wading through the Twitter carnage.&nbsp;Johnson wanting to give his dad a knighthood has to get a mention as does hero of the hour, Gary Lineker.&nbsp;If you enjoy, please tell your friends and spread the word.Tweet us at @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte Or find Jemma on Instagram @jemmaforte Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' r
11/03/202332 minutes 40 seconds
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Ep 42: Lockdown Scandal, Sue Gray Beef and Coach Trips to GB News

Marina and Jemma start with a clip that hugely inspires them both. Across the pond, Jon Stewart, shows how to hold someone to account in an interview.Then, Isabel Oakeshott and Cathy Newman have a tete- a -tete (or tete-a- tit) in an exchange with a very different vibe before our hosts dive into the increasingly appalling and enlightening Lockdown Files.Meanwhile, over at GB News, a lawyer is furious with someone for doing exactly as he asked them to do and then, the woman who was once on everyone's lips, is back. Sue Gray is making headlines once again. Jemma and Marina explore what her new appointment could be about.&nbsp;Thank you for sharing and do tweet us @MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforte @TheTrawlPodcast Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
10/03/202345 minutes 31 seconds
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Ep 41: A shot of Oakshotte and a dash of Hancock.

At the time of recording, Jemma and Marina had just learnt about the 'lockdown files' and their explosive contents. Before they get to that,&nbsp;they pay tribute to Betty Boothroyd who has gone to the big Parliament in the sky.&nbsp;Then, it feels only fair to warn you, this trawl is Isabel Oakeshott heavy, but then she's been doing the media rounds and trending on twitter so perhaps it's not surprising. And&nbsp;her journalistic integrity is being scrutinised almost as much as the thousands of confidential WhatsApp's&nbsp;she sold to The Telegraph.&nbsp;In other news, Brexit is one of the topics on Ridge on Sunday, and Jacqui Smith actually tells Oakeshott to shut up. Deserved? Or overstepping the mark?&nbsp;Meanwhile, James O Brien isn't impressed by Laura Kuessenberg. When an MP states that Johnson is a liar, her response is 'that's quite a charge.' Marina and Jemma discuss other opportunities when this phrase might apply.&nbsp;It's an
05/03/202333 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep 40: Turnip Dystopia and the Windsor Framework

Therese (lots of accents) Coffey has out Marie Antoinette’d Marie Antoinette herself. Instead of cake, our Secretary of State for Food, Environment and Rural Affairs, hath proclaimed we can eat…..turnips. Egg and turnip sandwich anyone? In PMQ’s Coffey is stuck for words, but Jemma and Marina aren’t. They’ve got tonnes to say, as per…..Meanwhile, Sunak is celebrating! He’s absolutely buzzing because he might have pulled off fixing the botch job he once voted for. Perfectly normal country. Trouble is he’s so pleased, he’s reminded everyone that having access to the single market aswell as the UK is optimal. Yeah, cheers for that.&nbsp;We would love you to share and spread The Trawl word and do tweet us&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss @jemmaforteEnjoy! Hosted on Acast. See for more informatio
03/03/202333 minutes 26 seconds
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Ep 39: Sensitivity warnings for tomatoes, Dahl and the Northern Ireland Protocol

This trawl begins with headlines about two different people's living arrangements - One is The Andrew Formerly Known As Prince, the other is Johnson, who's definitely on maneuvers.&nbsp;There's an amazing clip of a caller on Talk Radio. Hannah is utterly sick of migrants coming here and living in hotels so wants to emigrate. Marina and Jemma are fascinated by this logic plus her list of potential locations are interesting too. Hannah is also convinced that everything would get worse if Labour got in.The Northern Ireland Protocol is back in the news. (Cue one lone party popper). The politics are all very 'deja vu' and the Tory party is like a nest of vipers.Then there's some tomato chat. Jemma and Marina ponder the veg shortages and wonder, is it really just weather that's the issue, or is the 'B' word striking again?&nbsp;Russel Kane's got something to say about Roald Dahl's sensitivity readers, and pudding is by Larry and Paul.
26/02/202335 minutes 14 seconds
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Ep 038: Daily Mail Fails, BBC Bias & Sexists on the BBQ...

In this episode, Marina and Jemma step into their TARDIS and head back to the 1050s' given that's where some right-wing newspapers have regressed to with their coverage of the tragic cases of Nicola Bulley and Emma Pattison.They explore a shocking revelation of the partiality of what should be an impartial BBC Question Time and share the witty tale of Mike Graham - the shock jock who showed us all, that if you behave like a sexist pig, then you best be prepared to get barbecued.Please share if you enjoy The Trawl and tweet us @jemmaforte and @MarinaPurkiss Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
23/02/202333 minutes 13 seconds
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Ep 037: Britain’s Kicking Off, Corbyn’s out, Sturgeon’s off

In this episode Marina and Jemma discuss Starmer’s decision not to allow Corbyn to stand as a Labour MP and Sturgeon’s sudden resignation.&nbsp;Then, from Brexit wars to culture wars….Marina thinks 30p Lee Anderson’s appointment as Party Chair, could be proper “get the popcorn in” fodder as he’s already stated that Sunak’s not a vote winner. And, it’s official, Sunak’s strategy to deliberately fuel division is exposed.But this approach has consequences. Jemma and Marina talk about the tragic and senseless killing of Brianna Ghey, the sixteen-year-old transgender girl who was stabbed to death by two fifteen-year-olds, in broad daylight, in a park in Warrington last week and the shocking riots in Knowsley.It's all kicking off in The Trawl in this one.But there is pudding. There’s always pudding.&nbsp;Please share if you enjoy The Trawl and tweet us @jemmaforte and @MarinaPurkiss<p style='color:grey; font-s
18/02/202333 minutes 53 seconds
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ep 036: Three years on - A Brexit special

In this Brexit special, Jemma and Marina unpack where the country finds itself three years on from leaving the EU. There's a look down memory lane with an interesting take on David Cameron, the man who started it all, and even a Brexit benefit or two...The episode takes us to present day, where arch-Brexiters are partaking in the ultimate blame game as to why Brexit isn't working and Jemma shares how she feels when she hears Labour tell us time and time again, how they'll "make Brexit work"... Seen a great tweet? Tweet us @TheTrawlPodcast&nbsp;Follow @MarinaPurkiss and @jemmaforte on Twitter and @jemmaforte on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/02/202340 minutes 36 seconds
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Ep 035: Dorries does Johnson, teachers and 30p Lee

This week Jemma and Marina discuss Dorries’ new career as a broadcaster. Paxman and Maitlis probably aren’t losing any sleep…….The Trawl pledges solidarity to teachers and looks at what Twitter makes of Truss’ ‘defence’ and Lee Anderson’s promotion.&nbsp;As ever they’re spoilt for choice with Twitter gold and clips galore. Pudding is served by James O Brien&nbsp;Seen a great tweet? Tweet us @TheTrawlPodcast&nbsp;Follow @MarinaPurkiss and @jemmaforteon Twitter and @jemmaforte on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
11/02/202334 minutes 27 seconds
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Ep 034: You Couldn't Write It - Only they have. When Headlines take a Turn for the Strange....

This trawl is one of the weirdest. Jemma and Marina are wondering why so many of our national newspapers have taken a turn for the deeply weird. From reporters wearing masks in bathtubs, ridiculous headlines about Kate Middleton's latest venture to war mongering in the Express, it's all gone a bit bananas.&nbsp;&nbsp;And that's before you discover that Nadine Dorries has been given her own TV show.&nbsp;&nbsp;Join Jemma and Marina to try and make sense of all of this with the help of some brilliant tweets.&nbsp;&nbsp;Buckle up, it's a surreal one.&nbsp;&nbsp;Seen a great tweet? Tweet us @TheTrawlPodcast&nbsp;Follow @MarinaPurkiss and @jemmaforteon Twitter and @jemmaforte on Instagram Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
05/02/202337 minutes 58 seconds
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Ep 033: Ding Dong Zahawi's gone, Sam Smith's bits and Brits and Poundshop Farage

Jemma and Marina discuss the latest Sam Smith video which is causing a lot of pearl clutching in certain circles. But is it any more outrageous than thousands of other videos that have gone before? This leads into the bizarre fact that not one woman has been nominated for Best Artist at this year's Brits. Oops.&nbsp;Then - Zahawi's been sacked as Chairman of the Conservative party. Yes! But he's still an MP. Oh.&nbsp;Any small win is cancelled out by the heinous behaviour displayed by Jonathan Gullis in Parliament. Marina and Jemma reveal what his reaction was to hearing that 200 migrant children have gone missing whilst under the supposed care of The Home Office.&nbsp;To lighten the mood again, there's an Under Rated Tweet of The Week, a Lord of the Week and a Pudding - always a pudding.&nbsp;Seen a great tweet? Tweet us @TheTrawlPodcastFollow @MarinaPurkiss and @jemmaforteon Twitter and @jemmaforte on Instagram<p
01/02/202330 minutes 48 seconds
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Ep 032: Ding Dang the Smell of Corruption is Ripe

In this trawl through Twitter, Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte delve into the batshittery of our Govt fining universities if they train too many GPs (during a healthcare crisis, no less), wade through the endless Govt corruption, corruption, corruption and finish with a pudding that highlights just how pathetic the need for an investigation into clear-as-day wrong-doing actually is...And, to switch things up, our Lord of the Week on this very rare occasion, is a Good Lord!Seen a great tweet? Tweet us @TheTrawlPodcast.Follow @MarinaPurkiss and @JemmaForte on Twitter Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
27/01/202334 minutes 14 seconds
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031: Drinking Hunt's Coffee Beside The Brexit Bonfire of EU Laws

In this trawl through Twitter, Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte dive deep into the so-called bonfire of EU regulations, Rishi Sunak evades questions when being grilled in Scotland, and there's some laughs at Hunt's latest promo video. Our Lord of the Week makes some odd comments about Eastenders and this edition's pudding comes from Ian Hislop. Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheTrawlPodcast.Follow&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss,&nbsp;@JemmaForte&nbsp;and our producer&nbsp;@seaninsound. Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener no
22/01/202337 minutes 41 seconds
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030: MPs Behaving Badly

In this week's trawl through political happenings in the Twittersphere, Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte rummage in a tombola of Tories, to discover what they've been up to. They find a former chancellor wrestling with HMRC, 30p Lee's latest saga, Suella Braverman reacting to a holocaust survivor and a confession about the RMT strikes.Plus there's a saucy little extract from Prince Harry's book and a youngster speaks up in our underrated tweet of the week.Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheTrawlPodcast.Follow&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss,&nbsp;@JemmaForte&nbsp;and our producer&nbsp;@seaninsound.<
20/01/202332 minutes 36 seconds
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029: Unlawful Lords Laws, Pegg’s rage, and Sunak’s Private Strife

This episode ends, like all editions of The Trawl, with a bit of fun. In 029 it's the return of amazing satirist Rosie Holt, who is best known for her Tory MP alter ego, which tweeters often mistake for a real Tory MP such is the bonfire Britain we live in. This slice of pudding features a "handy" tip for how to navigate the cost-of-living crisis… and that sort of sums up the tone of this edition of Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte's trawl through Twitter, in which multi-millionaire Sunak won't admit to having private health care (reportedly he does), whilst celebs like Simon Pegg and Carol Vorderman are speaking up about the 'permacrisis' we're living through. Also in this episode Richard Madeley does another Richard Madeley, an update on the NHS negotiations with the govt... and all the while, quietly in the background, the Lords are leaping to attend votes to ensure some things remain unlawful
17/01/202339 minutes 43 seconds
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028: Harry's Frostbitten Sceptre, Lucrative Second Jobs, and Nadine Dorries

In this week's episode of the podcast that trawls social media so you don't have to, you'll meet Politico Bob who is a member of the electorate who picked up 40k+ new followers this week after Nadine Dorries MP sent him a rather spicy reply. There's also the climate emergency being eclipsed by Prince Harry and some rather shocking revelations about how much MPs earn from their second jobs (and often it seems as if being an MP is in fact their side hustle...). Plus a vintage slice of Boris Johnson being shouted at and a double helping of Jeremy Vine and Tony Blackburn flavoured pudding to finish.Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheTrawlPodcast.Follow&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss,&nbsp;@JemmaForte&nbs
11/01/202334 minutes 37 seconds
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027: Harrowing - An NHS Special

“What are we meant to do with 180 people in a department built for 50?” - a rhetorical question from an NHS staff member.Whilst the UK’s Health Secretary tweets about the couch to 5k app and PM Rishi Sunak discusses the need for more maths, the NHS is in crisis. How is anyone going to run when they have to wait for years for a hip replacement?Is it democide? According to Wikipedia "Democide is the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, politicide, and mass murder…" and Collins Dictionary's definition is "the killing of members of a country's civilian population as a result of its government's policy, including by direct action, indifference, and neglect."Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte discuss all of this plus Lord of the Week, Mick Lynch, and more in this special edition of The Trawl.Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheT
06/01/202335 minutes
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026: Sunak, Tate and Make Twitter Greta Again

Political commentators Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte took one week off for festive merriment and now catch up on a coupla weeks of tweets about toxic misogynist Andrew Tate vs environmentalist Greta Thunberg, alongside a serving of UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak speaking to the homeless, Trump's troubled festive message, the strange case of US politician George Santos, and there's also Jemma's "interesting" way of pronouncing spud-u-like.Given the subject matter of what Andrew Tate has said and the allegations about him, please consider this a trigger warning.Here's the video for this episode's pudding (a little funny treat we pop on the end of each episode) if you want to see it with visuals.Further Reading: <a href="" rel="no
04/01/202330 minutes 58 seconds
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025: A Festive Trawl With Season's Tweetings

A little Christmas edition of The Trawl, which is less a trawl of the internet and more a trawl of the trawl.Marina &amp; Jemma are in a reflective mood, recounting how much has happened in such a short space of time since the podcast began. There’s been scandals galore, more prime ministers than you can shake a stick at. There's also been tales of portable loos, falling cabinets, and accidentally mooning the monarchy.As well as revealing our festive party guestlist, there are clips from our archive of shows, there are new bits from sneezy BBC presenter Shaun Lay, funny political TikTokker Aid Thompsin, some of Liz Truss's greatest hits, a nose laugh from Sophy Ridge, Steve Bray blasting a tune for Hugh Grant, a dose of Dorries, and we revisit the brilliance of Joe Lycett.Oh, and who is the Lorrrrrrrd of the Year?! Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_b
21/12/202237 minutes 58 seconds
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024: Treason, Bootlicking, And A New Coal Mine

In case you’re wondering how things are going in Britain after 12 years of Tory hell, here’s a snapshot: Nurses and ambulance drivers are on strike so the government have block booked taxis to take people to hospital, which isn’t ideal for obvious reasons but also means far fewer taxis will be available at a time when rail strikes mean you also can’t get a train. The country is basically grinding to a halt... Oh, and in a bid to feel truly Victorian, we’re opening a coal mine.However, in this episode we focus on the battle of who cares most about Harry &amp; Meghan's Netflix doc, a weird comment from James Cleverly, Starmer's remarks on Gareth Southgate, and there's a bit of cringe from Matt Hancock. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
14/12/202226 minutes 52 seconds
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023: Mone Money Mo' Problems

There’s just never a dull week is there? Although trawling through Twitter is a little different these days. Since man child Elon Musk took the reins (Or Space Karen as he’s now known), our Twitter feeds throw up so many more right-whingers.In this edition of The Trawl, Marina &amp; Jemma stumble across clips of Kanye, hot takes on Nadhim Zahawi's odd logic about NHS nurses needing to stand up to Putin, James O'Brien on Hancock's "diaries", and Carol Vorderman has entered the chat about Baroness Michelle Mone.Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheTrawlPodcast.Follow&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss,&nbsp;@JemmaForte&nbsp;and our producer&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener nor
08/12/202236 minutes 8 seconds
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022 - Part 2: Starmer, Tory Inbetweeners, and Trawling Through Your Qs

Part 2 of this week’s pod is a little different. Seeing as we are now 22 episodes in, we thought it was high time we answered a few of your questions about everything from UK Labour’s stance of Brexit to botox.Thank you for all your brilliant Qs. Let us know if you enjoyed this format and we might do it again in future.Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheTrawlPodcast.Follow&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss,&nbsp;@JemmaForte&nbsp;and our producer&nbsp;@seaninsound.Leaving Twitter? We'll become ungovernable before we leave Twitter but you can also find our pod on&nbsp;<a href="
01/12/202232 minutes 16 seconds
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022 - Part 1: Scottish Independence, Katherine Ryan and Manifesting Maniacs

In this week’s trawl of Twitter, political broadcasters Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte explore the latest supreme court ruling on Scottish independence,&nbsp;reports of dodgy PPE deals&nbsp;allegedly earning one lord many millions, Katherine Ryan’s allegations about a famous man, and a sprinkling of Lords atop a second serving of Michael Spicer for this week’s puddy-pud-pud.We’re currently aiming to post new episodes on a Wednesday evening (tech gremlins and life allowing). Part two will be along on Thursday evening.Seen a great tweet? Twit us&nbsp;@TheTrawlPodcast.Follow&nbsp;@MarinaPurkiss,&n
01/12/202229 minutes 43 seconds
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021 - Part 1: Brexit betrayal, GBeebies polls and Hunty budgets

This is our first trawl of Twitter since the Jeremy Hunt Autumn budget, so we take a look at that underwhelming despair fest. But, don’t worry, twitter has provided plenty of funnies this week tooPlus in part 2 (coming on Friday) our political pair will discuss the World Cup and how Space Karen aka Elon Musk is still on the rampage.Another phenomenon that Marina and Jemma have noticed lately, is the ramping up of much more honest chat about Brexit as people finally start to face reality… no, really!Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast.Follow @MarinaPurkiss, @JemmaForte and our producer @seaninsound.Leaving Twitter? We'll become ungovernable before we leave Twitter but you can also fin
23/11/202234 minutes 56 seconds
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020: Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part 2

We’re not going to put a “positive gloss” on things, Brexit isn’t going well.In the second part of this week’s episode, political commentator’s Jemma Forte and Marina Purkiss continue their trawl through Twitter, wading through Brexit BS and pondering what Matt Hancock really meant when he was wanging on about “pivoting” his answers to questions from journalists.There’s also fact checks from Femi and Peter Stefanovic plus a powerful slice of pudding from Joe Lycett.Leaving Twitter? We'll become ungovernable before we leave Twitter but you can also find our pod on Facebook, Instagram or get our emails on Substack.Not leaving? Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast. This is a public epis
18/11/202223 minutes 2 seconds
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020: Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part 1

This week’s trawl sees our political pair yank at the short and curlies of Brexit but not before pondering disgraced PM Truss’ attendance at the remembrance service.They also explore a few bits of good news from the US and Brazil, as well as share some great things the Germans are doing to try to avert the climate catastrophe.There was so much to discuss this week that part two will be along on Friday.Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit Hosted on Acast. See for more information.</p
16/11/202225 minutes 33 seconds
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019: I'm A Twitterer... Get Musk Outta Here!

This week’s edition of The Trawl spans from Matt Hancock’s appearance on I’m A Celeb, to people on Twitter having a LOT fun making fake verified accounts at Elon Musk’s expense,. There’s doctors explaining just how bad things are within the NHS, a few thoughts on Gary Neville working for Qatari state TV during the World Cup, and Marina & Jemma tell us what they really think about Sir Keir Starmer.Plus there’s a little look at the latest fiasco in the Tory party, with bullying accusations surrounding the disgraced partygate-er Gavin Williamson, and of course there’s also an under-rated tweet of the week (or three).However, one thing is missing this week. See if you can spot what it is.RELATED LINKSYou’ll find the full NHS special which Jemma Forte recorded for BylineTV here.<a target="_blank" href="h
12/11/202242 minutes 37 seconds
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018: Braver-mon? Bra-verr-man? Fascist or Fast-whisk?!

What is wrong with seeking a better life? Marina and Jemma take a look at the so-called “migrant crisis” overseen by disgraced - and recently fired and rehired - Home Secretary Suella Braverman. Our political pair also come up with some slogans to help the raw sewage situation, ponder reports of the former PM’s phone being hacked by Russian intelligence, and discuss a hereditary peer who’s taken a swipe at the Royal Society of the Protection of Birds.Meanwhile, there’s GBeebies presenters concerned that attending COP27 won’t achieve anything, but can they explain what the point of attending PMQs is?! Oh and don’t worry, the reaction to Matt Hancock gets a mention.Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast.🎧 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | <a target="_blank" href="
03/11/202249 minutes 38 seconds
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017: Suella, Sunak, Schools, and The Sunburnt Bladder

How do we even begin?Jemma “I liked my own tweet” Forte and Marina “there are a lot of Hunts” Purkiss are running out of descriptors for how much trouble Britain is in with these self-serving lunatics at the helm.We have a new PM – our 5th since 2016. Meanwhile, the appetite for a general election increases daily and yet all we’re being served is a s—t sandwiches and cringe worthy dramas, whilst the rest of the world watches on and reports about the UK’s breakdown to their bewildered audiences. On our trawl of Twitter this week, our political pair ponder what they’d say if they met our disgraced former PM and whether Nadine Dorries should become a full-time TV host, alongside what sounds like more corruption or incompetence in the Home Office and the crisis in schools.Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with
27/10/202253 minutes 40 seconds
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016: Dial H for Hunt. Wot Miriam said...

Since our last episode, Twitter’s been livelier than a 90’s warehouse rave, spicier than a vindaloo, and as fractious as nursery full of toddlers who have missed their nap.The Tory party is imploding and we have a new chancellor. The British government are all over the shop but… for anyone who was wondering why there was a little gap between episodes, we take a moment at the top of the show to welcome to the world the newest member of the anti-growth coalition.Elsewhere there’s Sturgeon’s thoughts on the Tories, Hunt-Hunt-Hunt, a lot of very strong language, Yvette Cooper demolishing Suella Braverman, and some thoughts on the new health secretary’s week that in any other week, would be the worst performance by a politician without soiling themselves live on TV in a white suit.Producer’s note: If you can hear some occasional banging, it definitely isn’t Jemma fracking in her back garden.Seen a great tweet? Twit us <a target="_blank" href="http://t
17/10/202250 minutes 51 seconds
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015: Fly Cruella Airlines

Uplifted by the idea of sending people seeking refuge to Rwanda? Vote Tory.In episode 015 our intrepid political podcasters (aka enemies of the people!) look at Twitter’s reaction to yet another bin fire of a week from Truss and co.There’s been the Tory conference which, some pictures and reports have indicated, hasn’t been the jubilant sell-out extravaganza they might have been hoping for…The karaoke night has been canned (karaoke queen Thérèse Coffey will be gutted!) and Rees-Mogg was greeted somewhat unfavourably as he made his way in…Plus Beth Rigby gnaws on Margarine Thatcher, pod fave Russ In Cheshire sums up the week in Tory, Jemma & Marina have a run-in with a Gbeebies presenter, there’s some love for BylineTimes, and we all go a bit giddy for Lewis Goodall’s underrated tweet of the week.As always, there’s a lord of the we
05/10/202243 minutes 26 seconds
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014: Let's Be Clear, Liz Truss Woz 'Ere

How much money is enough? That’s one of the big questions political commentators Marina Purkiss & Jemma Forte wrestle with this week, alongside discussing the Lords of the Week, who’s to blame for the crashing economy, incandescent broadcasters, and some hilarious reactions to another bleak week in British life.We also check in on Joe Lycett, Femi, Jonathan Pie, and the tweeter who’s @LizTruss. Plus Marina once again recommends the podcast “Aid Thompsin & Other Disappointments” so you best get subscribing here. Small request: If you’re enjoying Purkiss & Forte’s weekly analysis and exasperated laughter about the tweets they dredge up, please consider sending this podcast to a friend, your baffled WhatsApp group or DM it to that friend who keeps sharing political memes.Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast.🎧 S
02/10/202246 minutes 29 seconds
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013: Liz Truss Doesn't Accept The Premise of Your Mortgage

Our trawl of Twitter this week will inevitably be focussing on the fall-out of the not so “mini”, mini-budget and we thought it might be interesting to have a gander at the impact it will have specifically on mortgages and therefore renters too.With a morbid fascination, Marina & Jemma also observe the reactions to the budget, which range from shock, fear, denial, delusion, and for the very few pure delight!We also look on with awe at broadcasters in BBC local radio, as they quiz the Prime Minister and show little deference to power, pushing her to actually answer their questions on the budget, fracking, and more (and yes, The Trawl will continue to use Oxford Commas!).Small request: If you’re enjoying Purkiss & Forte’s weekly analysis and exasperated laughter about the tweets they dredge up, please consider sending this podcast to a friend, your baffled WhatsApp group or DM it to that friend who keeps sharing political memes.Seen a grea
30/09/202245 minutes
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012: The Dark Arts of Thinkie Tankie Bankies

In the 12th edition of The Trawl, Marina Purkiss & Jemma Forte take a deep dive into two articles that feel worthy of some proper scrutiny. In short: basically we’re now being governed by extremists. There’s a lot of Think Tank chat too… one of whom has blocked one of our hosts.The political pair also discuss UK PM Liz Truss’ tete a tete…or tete a tit as far as Truss is concerned… with Joe Biden at the UN conference.Plus there are some clips from LBC’s James O’Brien on trickle down economics, some reminders of lies told by “Brexiteers”, a fun description of new health secretary Therese Coffey, and a few pies of despair…Here are the two articles discussed in the show Liz Truss
26/09/202240 minutes 56 seconds
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011: Spanking The Treasury - (Mini) Budget Special

Who really benefits from Kwasi Kwarteng’s changes to taxes and government investment? Marina &amp; Jemma trawl through Twitter to make sense of what the government is describing as a “fiscal event”, whilst some people online are describing the trickle down illogic as “a raid&quot; on the economy.It’s a weird week when even Julia Hartley Brewer – a staunch supporter of Brexit and the Tories - says that she’s `’struggling with this mini Budget. I’m largely pro cutting taxes and smaller government, but millions of families and businesses desperately need help thanks to disastrous energy policy and lockdowns. SO why cut taxes for the rich – the only people who don’t need help.”Plus duh-duh-duh, there’s some light relief from Sam Fender’s crowd, satirist Rosie Holt, and one of the best phone-ins to the radio… EVER!Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTra
25/09/202239 minutes 21 seconds
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010: The Bankers' Bonus "Fiscal Event"

As the UK transitioned from pomp to politics, the Tories prioritised some of - you guessed it! - the richest in society.In this week’s trawl, Marina &amp; Jemma crawl through the debris of The Queue, struggle to side-step the national debate surrounding the privilege of queue-jumping, and then focus on chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s gift to bankers during a cost of living crisis… he even reduced benefits for the poorest in society to, whattaguy!Hang on, did anyone see banker’s bonuses written on the side of the bus as a Brexit benefit? Of course not... On Twitter, there were some quite visceral reactions to the rich getting richer (and a reminder that not all of them are awful), our political pair ponder the myths of growth, and we’re reminded why the unlimited bonuses cap was introduced.Plus… this week’s pudding is from
24/09/202237 minutes 57 seconds
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009: Historical, Hysterical, Socialism, Corruption and... Top Gear

The Queen died last Thursday on the 8th September and, as you’d expect, Twitter lit up with tributes from dignitaries from around the globe and tweets from millions of people expressing heartfelt sadness and grief. Then, as the days went by a lot of it sort of transcended into some absolute sheer, solid lunacy. Reporters who’d been on duty for hours started scraping the barrel for both superlatives and stories, fights between republicans and monarchists broke out and certain media figures started competing to show who was mourning privately hardest, in a way that could hardly be described as private given it was posted all over twitter.Marina and Jemma also discussed Liz Truss’ biggest donor, fracking, Rees-Mogg, and debate whether this week’s Lord of the Week could be a future PM.Snigger warning: Contains mentions of bare bottoms.Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast.
15/09/20221 hour 5 minutes 11 seconds
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008: New Cabinet Carnage, Bonfire of Rights and “Specific & Limited” Tory Dystopia

This week’s trawl includes the world’s best booking on a politics show, Twitter’s thoughts on the UK’s new PM, breakfast telly lunacy and more besides. There’s a breakdown of the new cabinet with singing from Jemma whilst Marina gives listeners an illuminating explanation of fracking (can you guess how many of the 20k wells we need have been built?).In a dark week, there are a few shin kicks for right-wing commentator Mike Parry, discussion of the various names of Grant Shapps, and our political pair ponder Laura Kuenssberg’s ‘reporting’ of statements from ‘unnamed government sources’.Seen a great tweet? Send it to @TheTrawlPodcast on Twitter. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit <a href="
07/09/20221 hour 1 minute 29 seconds
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007: Heckling Tories, Meeting Starmer, BBC Impartiality

This week’s Trawl is brimming with corruption, politicians getting an earful, cost of living panic, Tory incompetence and Twitter take downs. Outgoing UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson shares some thrifty advice, Marina discusses meeting the Labour leader, and Jemma sings a new jingle for lorrrrrrrrd offfff the weeeeeek!!There’s also a gut-punch clip of a dinner lady discussing the reality of poverty in the UK, which will be exacerbated by the looming energy crisis, and several moments where the British public show their displeasure for the government in a way that makes you feel a little bit patriotic. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit Hosted on Acast. See <a style='color:grey;' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'
02/09/20221 hour 5 minutes 35 seconds
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006: Lord of the Lies, Honest Government, Tory Obliteration

Rishi&apos;s lovin&apos; it and Truss is ready to go nuclear... whilst Johnson is missing in action.In this week&apos;s episode Marina &apos;still en France&apos; Purkiss and Jemma &apos;was on TalkTV&apos; Forte scroll through 1000s of tweets, so you don&apos;t have to.In their trawl of Twitter our duo have concerns about Sunak&apos;s big little lies, share some lolz about the Boris Johnson movie (not sure Jemma&apos;s alternative title will pass the marketing dept), and there’s a bit of pudding at the end of the pod about the glamour of staying in.Plus, don’t worry, there’s also update on Marina&apos;s &apos;they&apos;re just as bad as each other&apos; brother-in-law.Seen a great tweet? Twit us @TheTrawlPodcast. This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit
25/08/20221 hour 1 minute 51 seconds
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005: Tories Urge Whilst Prices Surge

🎧 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google | Podtail | PocketcastsIn episode five, political commentators & broadcasters (& can they call themselves podcasters now too?!) Marina Purkiss and Jemma Forte sigh and laugh and sigh some more. Our chuckling duo also find some solace in the shape of a few visceral and fact-filled voices.As Jemma points out, Britain’s basically stopped w
16/08/202254 minutes 57 seconds
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004: Tory clowns, the UK frowns, and a lorra Brown

“Perhaps a nice contrast to nuclear annihilation…” Jemma ‘is back from beefa’ Forte and Marina ‘has the builders in’ Purkiss, once again scroll through Twitter, so you don’t have to.In the fourth episode of the pod they discuss former Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s comments on the UK’s economic crisis, ponder little Englander Liz Truss’ latest remarks about the Welsh & Scottish leaders, and there’s your weekly dose of trade union heart throb Mick Lynch.🎧 Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google | Podtail | <a target="_blank" href="https:/
10/08/202245 minutes 48 seconds
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003: RMT dreamboats, tits and Tories

Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Spotify | Google | Podtail | PocketcastsBroadcasters and political commentators, Marina and Jemma, contemplate why the focus of the latest Conservative leadership debate appeared to be on how cheap Liz Truss’ earrings were, when simultaneously Martin Lewis was shouting into the Twittersphere about warm banks. Our hosts grapple with Labour’s stance on labour and when that all gets too much, they turn to Mick Lynch for some words of wisdom. As ever there’s an underrated twe
01/08/202251 minutes 6 seconds
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002: 55% Tory Dimwittery vs 3% climate and 100% Mick Lynch

From Don’t Look Up to maximum cringe… this week political commentator Marina Purkiss and broadcaster Jemma Forte discuss the UK government’s removal of bodily autonomy from an international human rights statement (could UK abortion laws be changing?!), the Conservative leadership race including how anyone overseas can vote, and Supertanskiii’s appeal.This episode also contains clips from Andrew Marr on LBC, GB News, and our podcast chart rivals, Newscast.Give us a follow over on Twitter, we’re @thetrawlpodcast and/or subscribe to our newsletter on Substack.No context quotes from this episode:“There’s no revolution just yet””We should sta
24/07/202236 minutes 5 seconds
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001: The Tombola of Tory Talent

Political commentator Marina Purkiss and broadcaster Jemma Forte delve into the week in tweets.The Trawl doomscrolls Twitter so you don’t have to. Each week our hosts discuss who in politics has digitally soiled themselves and who has been excellent in no more than 280 characters.Following hot on the hells of the pilot episode, Episode 1 was recorded on Sunday 17th July 2022 during the wearying heights of the Conservative Party leadership election amidst record temperatures in the UK.You can now subscribe on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever you get your podcasts.RSS feed: <a target="_blank" href="
17/07/202233 minutes
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The Trawl podcast: Pilot Episode

Here’s the pilot episode of The Trawl.Please let us know if there is anything you’d love to hear more of in future episodes by sending us some feedback over at @TheTrawlPodcastWe’ll be on “all the networks” soon.For now, keep in touch by subscribing to get our emails: This is a public episode. If you would like to discuss this with other subscribers or get access to bonus episodes, visit Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
11/07/202236 minutes 13 seconds