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The Trap Nerds Podcast

English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 174 episodes, 16 hours 39 minutes
Join Dre, Eli, Tony, and Exavier as they discuss all things, comic book, Anime, gaming, science fiction, sports, and current events. Also, get a kick out of our side conversation and off-topic discussions sure to have you laughing from where ever you listen. We are an unfiltered group that's gonna debate, argue, laugh, make fun of ourselves, and each other while talking about everything in black nerd culture. We are representing Blerds everywhere so tune in and Nerd out with us!
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Quantumania Review in the season Finale

Join us as we review antman and also talk about the good and the bad parts of the film. Then we review the recently released Flashpoint trailer. All of this and mor eon todays episode.See for privacy information.
27/02/20231 hour 2 minutes 11 seconds
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Sony Goes Game Pass and The best Spiderman

Join us as we talk about the second Spiderman trilogy announcement. Dre brings us his thoughts on sony and their new gaming venture. We also talk about which Superhero should have their own show. All of this and more on todays episode.Want more The Trap Nerds content? ► SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL:► LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE:► FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @TheTrapNerd
13/12/202154 minutes 49 seconds
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Trap Nerds Side quest: Blerdcon recap part 3

Join us for another blerdcon recap featuring cookout games and our good friend Mike Stidham Host of Blurd Dot Radio. Want more The Trap Nerds content? ► SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL:► LISTEN TO THE FULL EPISODE HERE:► FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM: @TheTrapNerdsPodcast► FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @TheTrap_Nerds► LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: @TheTrapNerdsPodcast
24/09/202111 minutes 46 seconds