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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 32 episodes, 14 hours 55 minutes
‘The Tony & Frankie Show’ is a podcast hosted by @tony_living91 and @frankie.corona.gonzalez. Tony is coming at you live from Los Angeles while Frankie is broadcasting from the SF Bay Area. Together, they playfully navigate their growing friendship and discuss topics ranging from dating, sex, relationships, body image, money, sobriety, etc. New episodes every Wednesday! View the video podcast exclusively on Spotify! Support this podcast:
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We have changed our name to "The Tony & Frankie Show."  Please follow us on Instagram @tonyandfrankieshow.   --- Support this podcast:
13/10/20222 minutes 15 seconds
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Welcome to “The Tony & Frankie Show!” We want to introduce ourselves and let you know what to expect from the podcast!  We're talking sex, relationships, sobriety, anxiety, gay drama and so much more!  Tune in for new episodes every Wednesday.  #westcoastwednesday.  P.S. Wanna see the video for this episode? Watch on Spotify! Follow us on Instagram @tonyandfrankieshow. Follow Tony on Instagram and Twitter @tony_living91 and TikTok @tonyliving91 & Frankie on Instagram @frankie.corona.gonzalez.  Thanks for listening! --- Support this podcast:
25/08/20225 minutes 54 seconds