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English, Comedy, 1 season, 55 episodes, 1 day, 11 hours, 17 minutes
Sylvia and Nina are not your typical influencers; they give it to you raw and real! Join them as they quench their never-ending thirst for wisdom, trends, success and men. They explore hot and pressing issues you never thought you needed to know in this extremely in-depth podcast. Sisters, brothers and everyone in between or beyond; jump in and be thirsty!
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Biting your Lips on the First Date!? Let's Talk S*xual Innuendos

Previously, we talked about first dates and many of y’all actually wrote in and said that you want to hear more about s*xual innuendos too! We hear you 👄 This week, we cover it all from how do you really go about it for all the rookies and even stories of how much is too much, like Nina’s big d*ck date who surprisingly was too much for her?? Out now 💄
10/7/202132 minutes, 36 seconds
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I Confronted The Third Party!? Nina’s First Heartbreak | The Thirsty Sister #54

This week, it was Nina’s turn to talk about her first heartbreak. Said man was a toxic mofo — a serial cheater, dated a junior behind Nina’s back and more. Theory is that Nina turned out the way she is today, all because of this first love. Out now 💄
9/30/202131 minutes, 25 seconds
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He Cried and Begged Everytime I Tried to Break Up!? | The Thirsty Sister #53

In this episode, Sylvia dives deep into the first break-up that was as memorable as it was one of her worsts (it was really bad, trust me!) From being a manipulative thief who stole all her money to dating a Thai Club Disco girlfriend behind her back, Sylvia spills all the tea for the first time ever today 💄
9/24/202128 minutes, 41 seconds
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How to Date for Dummies: First Date Tips and Tricks | The Thirsty Sister #52

A whole bunch of you have been thirsty for it, so here it is… How do you get dates!? What do you do when you go on one? What do you wear on one? Who should pay and who should text? We cover it all and MORE in this episode 💄
9/16/202132 minutes, 4 seconds
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Reacting to the MOST TOXIC Dating Tips on Tiktok | The Thirsty Sisters #51

Today’s episode something we haven’t really done before, so we hope all you Thirsty brothers and sisters are real pumped for it 💄 This week, we got Sylvia and Nina to react to a series of Tiktok videos featuring real toxic dating tips 😜Will our two Thirsty Sisters agree with these Tiktokers, or are what these videos suggesting complete trash...OR will they pick up any of these tips for their own usage!? 😏 Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out 👁👅👁
9/2/202129 minutes, 49 seconds
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Cheaters Getting Exposed!? Victims of Cheating Share Their Story | The Thirsty Sisters #50

We’re all in for a treat this week because this is Part II of our Cheating series... 💬 An EXPOSÉ on cheaters and all things alike 💄 In this episode, we have two victims of cheating who shared with us their experiences. From a third party of a relationship to the aftermath of a broken one, we cover it all in this heart-throbbing, emotional rollercoaster of an episode. What exactly went down!? Listen to this exclusive by The Thirsty Sisters 😜
8/26/202132 minutes, 18 seconds
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Could He Be Cheating!? What is Cheating in a Relationship | The Thirsty Sisters #49

In this episode, we talked about something all of you have been excited about for a long time... This week, The Thirsty Sisters talk about CHEATING…  👄Are you secretly a Cheater!? There are so many definitions to what Cheating entails—so we debunk what it is to us in this episode. Tune in to see us talk all about it 💄
8/19/202135 minutes, 35 seconds
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What’s the Best Size?! We Answer Your Steamy Questions | The Thirsty Sisters #48

Remember when we asked all of you to send in questions of what you want The Thirsty Sisters to answer? We truly saved the best for last because... 💬 This episode, they answered all the juicy, scandalous bits! 🤩 What’s the Best Size!? How were Sylvia and Nina’s first experiences!? How do you get a G-Spot Orgasm!? 😜Tune in to hear all the answers to your steamy questions 💄
8/12/202135 minutes, 56 seconds
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Worst Personality Test Ever!? The Enneagram Test is Trash | The Thirsty Sisters #47

We know The Thirsty Sisters absolutely trust the 16 Personalities Test... But this week, we got them to attempt the popular Enneagram Test to see which among the nine types they fall under. To our surprise, this test was in their words, “the worst personality test ever”—were the questions too generic, or were the results too insensitive? Why were the Thirsty Sisters all depressed after doing it? Tune in to hear all about it!
8/5/202127 minutes, 12 seconds
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We Spoke to 3 KTV Victims in Singapore!? - EXCLUSIVE EXPOSE | The Thirsty Sisters #46

Today’s episode hits different—The Thirsty Sisters talk to three different profiles whose lives took drastic turns because of local ‘dirty’ KTVs... Why did they visit these 'dirty' KTVs? At what cost and was it worth it? How did these actions affect their families? Tune in to this TTS exclusive exposé now 👄
7/29/202125 minutes, 16 seconds
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Punish Cheating Husbands or Sexy Hostess?! KTV Cluster Singapore | The Thirsty Sisters #45

Last week, storms hit Singapore when horny old men started receiving notifications for Swab Tests from MOH for being patrons at KTVs with social hostesses. This episode, the Thirsty Sisters talked all about it! How did this happen? Why do men visit these 'dirty' KTVs? Who's to blame for it all? Tune in to hear about it all 👄
7/20/202131 minutes, 7 seconds
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Who Steals Her Boyfriend's Clothes?!? Our First Q&A | The Thirsty Sisters #44

Last week, we asked all of you to send in questions of what you want The Thirsty Sisters to answer and... 💬 This episode, they answered them! 🤩 Why are we called The Thirsty Sisters? What if Sylvia and Nina swapped bodies for a day? Tune in to hear all the answers to your questions! 👄
7/15/202139 minutes, 14 seconds
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Who’s Most Likely To... 25 Juicy Questions to Ask your Friends | The Thirsty Sisters #43

Do the Thirsty Sisters know each other as besties do? 😏 This week, we put their friendship to the test with our own rendition of Who's Most Likely To! 🤩 Who’s sluttier? Who’s chio-er? Who’s the first to die in a Zombie Apocalypse? 🧟 Will their friendship survive this series of questions? Tune in to hear all about it 🤭
7/1/202143 minutes, 12 seconds
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Reacting to Facebook Comments by Angry Men!! Singapore Population Census | The Thirsty Sisters #42

This week, The Thirsty Sisters are back with their thoughts on the recent Population Census survey, where it was reported for women to be more educated than their male counterparts! Why are people on Facebook angry about this increase? Are women really smarter than men? 🤣 We got Sylvia and Nina to react to all these—tune in to hear all about it!
6/24/202135 minutes, 52 seconds
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Moving On From My Divorce? We Ask a Tarot Card Reader 7 Tough Questions | The Thirsty Sisters #41

Getting our Tarot Cards Read is all the buzz right now, yes? The Thirsty Sisters are back with another episode this week, this time with Geraldine—a Tarot Card Reader and we forced Sylvia to have her Tarot Cards read. How does life after the divorce look for her, and has she moved on from it? What about her ex-husband? What do the cards say about it all? Tune in to find out 🤭
6/17/202146 minutes, 40 seconds
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36 Questions Guaranteed To Make You Fall In Love | The Thirsty Sisters #40

We found the key to make your partners with avoidant attachment styles (aka Nina) cringe and cry: Ask them 36 Questions to Fall in Love! The Thirsty Sisters are back this week to grill each other with uncomfortable questions! But do they really work? Sylvia and Nina put it to the test and ask each other these vulnerable, intimate questions. Will this turn out surprisingly fuzzy or emotionally traumatic? Tune in to find out ❤️
6/10/202155 minutes, 12 seconds
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We Are Back!? Dating Life Updates and Surviving CB 2.0 | The Thirsty Sisters #38

The Thirsty Sisters are back! What have they been up to the past three months? Has dating life been exciting, or dangerously wholesome? With Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) implemented in Singapore—how have they been coping—emotionally and romantically? Tune in to hear all about it!
6/3/202131 minutes, 56 seconds
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Biggest Conspiracy Ever!? Women Bullied by Media for Decades | The Thirsty Sisters #39

Two episodes this week? What a treat! In this episode, The Thirsty Sisters take a serious turn to discuss the biggest conspiracy ever—women of all types being bullied for decades...but by what OR who? Grab a drink, sit tight—then tune in to hear Sylvia and Nina talk all about it!
6/3/202133 minutes, 52 seconds
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We Are Finally Dating Again!! | The Thirsty Sisters #24

We are back! Is Sylvia's relationship going strong? And Nina is dating someone?! This week, The Thirsty Sisters are here to discuss and catch up on their love lives!  Will Sylvia admit that she's in love? Tune in to find out!
9/15/202037 minutes, 26 seconds
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Most Accurate Personality Test?! | The Thirsty Sisters #17

The Thirsty Sisters swear by the 16 Personalities test. They dive deep into what each letter represents and analyse their weaknesses and strengths. Tune in to find out how the Thirsty Sisters are so compatible!
6/30/202041 minutes, 48 seconds
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Best Way to Get Women to Fall For You Every Month! | The Thirsty Sisters #16

Every single month the Thirsty Sisters have to go through pain, suffering, emotional turmoil and uncomfortable gushes when they sneeze. Is PMS that bad? Do we all turn into demons? Tune in to find out!
6/23/202045 minutes, 1 second
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How To Get Away With A Sex Crime! | The Thirsty Sisters #15

Damsels in distress no more!!! To counter these nasty men, we discuss proactive strategies we can adopt to make sure justice is served, through the case study of our famous finger licking doctor and Sylvia’s very personal encounter.
6/19/202051 minutes, 51 seconds
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Sexual Predators Running Free In Singapore?! | The Thirsty Sisters #14

We need to start a conversation about the issue of sexual harassment and who better than our Thirsty Sisters. In this no holds barred podcast, they discuss several case studies of recent convictions of sexual harassment and assault, and how it is paramount we do better as a society.
6/19/202047 minutes, 26 seconds
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Being A Single Divorced Woman At 32 | The Thirsty Sisters #11

Making the choice to separate wasn’t easy and having to break the news to their fan base was even harder. Newly single and divorced at 32, we all want to know, what happens now?
6/6/202049 minutes, 28 seconds
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Burning Hot Fever?! 4 Doctors Tried To Save Me In The Hospital! | The Thirsty Sisters #6

To answer everyone’s burning question, can Sylvia get any hotter? You bet she can. Our formidable half of the Thirsty Sisters got hit over the weekend with a high fever and was rushed to the hospital. What exactly went down? Tune in to find out!
5/7/202039 minutes, 56 seconds
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Bend Over! Pay Sit Forward! We Joined National SG Movements! | The Thirsty Sisters #3

Who said they were just pretty faces? These girls, with their astonishing minds (and beauty) have come up with extremely paramount initiatives during their time in CB! From bending over to helping the vulnerable communities, they have got you covered!
4/23/202041 minutes, 36 seconds