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English, Comedy
I have a lot to say about what I've been through in this weak-ass Illinois Correctional Facility. For y'all that's been on the inside, I know that you've witnessed some of these same events. My goal is to keep you laughing until your jaws hurt. I hope to bring a lot of entertainment and share what it's like to be on the Inside with those of you that never been. I am incarcerated as we speak. So you will get it all raw and uncut. These are all 100% fresh events from the inside. I'm going to be acting a damn fool on here, so hope you can handle every aspect of what I will be bringing to the table. So Stay tuned and enjoy. Any Topics that you may want to know about Can get to me either by you writing a comment or suggestions, and I will be sure to follow up with you. Also if you are willing, you can write and send your love through by Finding my name Marventi Palmer ID#S02746 And adding me, credits are less than four dollars to correspond. (I have my own on my End) Anyways Thank you for your love and support Enjoy...Luv

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