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Welcome to the Superhero Lifestyle Show! This show is for anybody who wants to learn how to create a TRUE Superhero Lifestyle. Inside each episode, we share tangible, proven strategies and tactics that you can use to take your life and business to the next level. Whether you want to achieve financial, location, or lifestyle freedom, tune in and we’ll show you how to remove obstacles and create a clear path to accomplishing what matters!
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92: The Next Chapter In Marketplace SuperHeroes

We are back with the SuperHero Lifestyle Podcast!! We have a lot we want to share with you as we have learned so much over the break that we had. We hope you enjoy it!
19/04/202318 minutes 58 seconds
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91: The Time To Thrive Is NOW!

Work with us here: over 30 years of experience in the business between us, Robert and I have pretty much seen everything and traded any type of market condition you could think of.So if you want to know how to bulletproof your business for the long haul, take advantage of the opportunities that now exist, whilst those around you are closing their doors.
22/06/202216 minutes 37 seconds
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90: F**k It, Do It!

Work with us here: people who run multiple successful businesses,Robert and I have developed a ‘default position’ when starting something new.An attitude that ALL successful people have, and one that's served us really well!It’s a big frustration for us to see so many others make the same mistake over and over again...that stops them from ever getting started!If you’ve seriously considered starting a business then you’ll have already thought to yourself;Is it something I really want to do?You will have checked to see if you have the capital to start, and will it move you and your family forward?So why, having asked yourself these questions, and (likely) answered ‘Yes’ to them, do so many people…STOP and start to think up a load of reasons as to why they shouldn’t start the busines
23/03/202215 minutes 10 seconds
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89: Expectations

Are you expecting enough of yourself? Many people go through life full of uncertainty and laziness, ending up with a life they resent. It’s time to stop hoping and wishing, and replace those with expectation and responsibility to get what you want and deserve in business and life.Work with us:
02/03/202223 minutes 31 seconds
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88: Geoff Woods: Prioritising What Matters Most

If you want to win in life, you need to focus on what matters most, not on everything else. In today’s show, Stephen chats with the legend, Geoff Woods, to share how you can become extraordinarily productive and so achieve extraordinary results. This could be the wake-up call that changes the trajectory of your life! Geoff Woods Website: with us:
23/02/202240 minutes 57 seconds
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87: If You’re Going to Do Something, Do It Right

If you want to grow in business and life, it’s time to get serious and go ALL IN on the things that are important to you. In this episode, the lads chat the power of not giving up and seeing your goals right through until the end.Work With Us:
26/01/202217 minutes 53 seconds
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86: How to Overcome Adversity In Business

Building a business is no walk in the park and obstacles need to be overcome to get to the next level of success. In this episode, the lads chat about learning the skill of business resilience and how to overcome the different levels of adversity you will face on your journey as an entrepreneur.Work With Us:
12/01/202219 minutes 43 seconds
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85: Your Zone Of Genius With Mike Zeller

Feeling like you were born for more but haven't achieved it yet? Today’s guest will show you how to identify your genius and leverage it. Mike Zeller helps budding entrepreneurs to get unstuck, find their ‘zone of genius’ and maximise their strengths. Jump in and let him light your path to the version of yourself you’ve always known you were meant to be.Check out the website here: with us here:
08/12/202144 minutes 10 seconds
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84: Entrepreneur Success Principles with Jake Randall

Do you want to create a successful business and develop an entrepreneurial mindset? In this episode, Jake Randall shares his principles for becoming a successful Entrepreneur in both business and life.Jake's website: insider access with Cartsavvy:
01/12/202146 minutes 13 seconds
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83: Simplifying Complexity with Greg Reid

Greg Reid is an entrepreneur known for his giving spirit and a knack for translating complicated situations into simple, digestible concepts. In this episode, Greg shares his wisdom and wealth hacks, including why you should “buy dirt”. Visit the website here: to work with us? Click on this link:
24/11/202127 minutes 31 seconds
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82: How to Learn Anything Faster with Scott Young

Learning faster is one of the keys to success. So how do you consume information rapidly without forgetting and putting it into practice? What’s the secret to light-speed learning? In this episode, special guest Scott Young reveals all!Learn more here
17/11/202133 minutes 8 seconds
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81: The “Secret Sauce” to Hitting Your Goals Every Quarter with Marlo Higgins

Time is our most valuable asset and we must spend it wisely to reach the goals we’ve set. In today’s show, special guest Marlo Higgins breaks down the real drivers to becoming a high-performer and her ‘secret sauce’ to achieving your one-year goal in 90-daysCheck out Marlo's podcast here:
10/11/202140 minutes 20 seconds
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80: Entrepreneurial DNA: Do You Have It? with Josh Tapp

What’s the trick to beating the odds and becoming a successful business owner? Even if you’ve got the best product or service, it still comes down to possessing the right traits and skillsets as an entrepreneur. In this episode, special guest Josh Tapp shares the secrets that successful entrepreneurs use to manufacture success in their business. Check out Josh's website here:
03/11/202140 minutes 30 seconds
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79: Flow, Focus & Productivity with David Allen

David Allen is one of the world’s best when it comes to getting things done. He’s earned the title of “personal productivity” guru, so if you want to learn how to not only get more things done, but ensure you get the RIGHT things done, this episode is for you!Check out David's website here:
27/10/202127 minutes 2 seconds
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78: Finding Your Calling with Dan Cumberland

We’re all on a mission to find our calling because we ALL want to experience more happiness and fulfillment in our lives. Today on the show, Stephen and special guest Dan Cumberland chat about getting out of your own way and how to find your life’s calling! Get ready to learn how to find and combine your purpose, entrepreneurship, and making money. Check out his course here: Check out the podcast:
20/10/202142 minutes 23 seconds
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77: The Lord of Your Land with Casanova Brooks

Casanova is an award-winning author, high-energy keynote speaker, entrepreneur, and host of the DreamNation Podcast. In this episode, you’re going to learn how to overcome adversity, develop a bulletproof mindset, and how to create frameworks to leap over life’s challenges and ultimately succeed in business and life.Visit the website here:
13/10/202145 minutes 48 seconds
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76: Make Money Work For You with Lisa Johnson

Passive income has to be one of the most enjoyable ways to make money. It’s when money is automatically generated and regularly flows into your bank account without the need for considerable effort to create it. In today’s podcast, I chat to the “passive income queen” herself, Lisa Johnson all about passive income and how YOU can start making some asap!Facebook Group:[]Instagram:@lisajohnsonstrategist
29/09/202134 minutes 33 seconds
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75: How to Connect With The Super Successful | Steve Sims

If you can judge a person’s success by who they have on speed dial, Steve Sims has a ton of it. Over the past decade, he’s become the Wizard Of Oz to the world’s wealthiest, including Elon Musk and The Pope. In our latest episode, Steve shares his secrets to making things happen and what separates him from the rest.Check out Steve's website:
22/09/202137 minutes 35 seconds
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74: Is Cash Trash?

"Wealth is about what you have in the bank, not what you owe to the bank"This mindset just doesn't work when preparing for the future of money...Yes, it is important to have some level of cash available for the cost of living and in case of emergency situations but money in the bank is not a measurement of wealth.Mainly the reason behind this is the governments of the world and their love to print more money.Every year they print more and more of it which is actually decreasing the value of the money in your pocket or bank account!Especially during the time of the pandemic, in the last year, the world money supply increased by 21%...This means that the value of your cash went down by 21% overall.Is cash trash?Money is exchangeable right now, we can earn it to pay for goods and services, but with the value of your cash dropping each year you have to find another way to get ahead.To get ahead of this deflation rate you nee
15/09/20216 minutes 54 seconds
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73 : Drive Or Deprive: The Hidden Power Of AND & OR

Welcome to our latest episode of the Superhero Lifestyle Show!Today we will be talking about the power of the word 'AND', how it has multiplied our business into what it is today and can do the same thing for you!You all know that we teach how to sell on Amazon FBA... but we teach so much more than this!We offer education on how to set up a side hustle that works to your strengths, we educate about how to operate in the rapidly evolving Crypto space and there is more of this to come, all along with teaching Amazon FBA.By using the power of 'and' means you aren't limiting yourself by choosing one 'or' the other. Have your Amazon FBA business AND your side hustle. Then your side hustle can generate income to invest in your Amazon business. This is where things have a knock-on effect and start to multiply!All of these endeavours support each other and it makes sense to work towards all-rounded wealth as opposed to lop sided wealth.Say yo
08/09/202114 minutes 53 seconds
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72: From 0 to $5,000 in their first month on Amazon FBA - A Case Study

Building a business on Amazon is a great opportunity to make money, but we’ve also heard the saying “it takes money to make money.” That may be true. However, the amount of money it takes to start is smaller than you imagine. On this episode, Stephen interviews Arun and Maya about their FBA journey, and how they went from zero to $5,000 in their first month selling on Amazon without investing a fortune to get started.
01/09/202118 minutes 41 seconds
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71: 7-Figure Amazon Seller By Age 24

In today's episode, I am joined by a very special guest for us here on the show, Tatiana James!We have learned a lot from one another over the years and have had the pleasure of working together for many of them too!I am super excited to share this conversation with all of you listening as the value of the information you will be getting is in the $$$$'s!Tatiana is an Amazon FBA and Shopify Seller who sells her own branded products and is a master of tailoring the buying and product experience to satisfy the customer's needs.Make sure that you are paying close attention to what she does differently in her business than what we teach here at Marketplace Superheroes, it has made her a millionaire at 24 years old so it clearly isn't wrong! But, it's important to note that there is more than one method you can follow to be successful with an Amazon private label business.I know that I definitely learned a lot from my conversation with Tatiana, t
25/08/202136 minutes 13 seconds
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70: How Alex Made $4,398 In His First 2 Weeks With Amazon FBA

Join Rupert in his discussion with Alex about how to start your FBA journey on the right note.Alex was able to make $4,398 in the first two weeks of his product going live on Amazon and he is certain that you can do the same.Alex talks about his experience coming into Marketplace Superheroes, what it was like as a total newbie, but that clearly doesn't stop success as his results show!He doubted the process at the beginning like many people do until they see the results for themselves, but when his first product sold out before his eyes, he had proven that the process works.What I like to take away from Alex's story is that no matter where you are starting from, you can have success in this business. And once you complete the process, all you need to do is rinse and repeat that process to multiply your income.He shares his experience with getting a coach to help guide him through this process and he puts those coaching calls as the reason for his s
18/08/202112 minutes 39 seconds
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69: Should You Go Into Business With Family?

While me and Rob are working on some big things to come, I invited Rupert to interview one of our members who is smashing it with their Amazon business right now.She has been selling on Amazon for less than a year and already has her 5th product in the manufacturing stage!What is unique about Nikita's story is that she is in the business with her mum! They both have their separate products and businesses, but come together to share advice and exchange ideas before pulling the trigger on a new product.At Marketplace we have built a unique team and family of supportive sellers alike from all over the world, the fact that we are also bringing other families together is something to celebrate in itself!You never know, your family members may actually be really interested in Amazon FBA. I know that some people have had family members invest in their business to get them off the ground and it is truly great to see that support.Nikita has so much to share
11/08/202115 minutes 50 seconds
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68: E-Commerce in the time of COVID-19

In years to come, we’ll look back at 2020 as the moment that changed everything. E-com as a whole has boomed during the coronavirus pandemic. In this episode, we chat about the reality of online shopping post-covid and share some strategies you can use to make sure you remain profitable!
04/08/202111 minutes 30 seconds
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67: Your Epic Life Blueprint with Rock Thomas

Rock Thomas teaches skills that didn't get taught in school in a mastermind fashion. He helps walk people through the minefield of disbelief they have laid around themselves to a brighter better life. Entrepreneurs Solve Problems - which problem do you want to solve in the world?The first step is looking at problems you can solve from your current position, what can you fix already before learning new skills?It doesn't matter where you are from, your upbringing or your education. You still have things you love to do and should be spending your time doing!Commit to learning everything you can about what you love doing and it will become your way of life.Take what you have from your childhood and add to it. You have things you are good at so flex those muscles now, but work on growing the skills you are not so good at and you soon be able to flex them too.Be prepared to work long and hard at the start and you will eventually learn the skills y
28/07/202140 minutes 13 seconds
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66: BIG Reasons Why Amazon Sellers Fail

In today's episode, I talk about some of the many mistakes that Amazon sellers make that lead them to failure.By learning from others mistakes, you can get ahead of the curve and skip making them for yourself in the first place.Not only am I going to share the mistakes people make, but also what you can do to avoid them and ensure you succeed.Ever heard of the iceberg method?Many Amazon teachers are telling sellers to sell the things that everyone sells, the 'hot sellers' as it were. These are the things that  everyone can see, the top of the iceberg and these products are way too competitive for us to get involved with.We dive beneath the surface and look to sell the products that no one thinks about, that actually make up the majority of the sales and keep the iceberg afloat.So stay tuned and do the same with this episode, dive deep with us, take notes and avoid these mistakes to ensure your Amazon success!
21/07/202120 minutes 49 seconds
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65: The Future Of Your Money

We've been very excited for the future of money and the future of how we will be operating our business to keep with the times.Did you know that only 8% of the world's currency is physical?Financial institutions are becoming a thing of the past with the way the future of money is going.In the past, I had heard about Cryptocurrency and thought it sounded like a scam.But I only realised its potential after I actually did my own research into it more after a friend was having some success.Especially during the pandemic too, the world was forced to go cashless as shops no longer accepted it.The more we move towards a cashless society the more use we will have for Cryptocurrencies.There is huge profit potential in the Crypto space, but without a solid research method to follow, it is going to be difficult to find success.It all falls down to buy low, sell high no matter what business you are in.Stay tuned for this discussion
14/07/202123 minutes 5 seconds
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64: Thick Skin

"It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how careful you are… it’s inevitable; things will break and things will go wrong. In this episode, the lads chat about how to recover from mistakes in business and how to develop a ‘thicker skin’."
07/07/202115 minutes 39 seconds
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63: Football & Business

Wait, Football is like business? Heck yes! After watching a game (or three!) we were struck by the many similarities between football and growing a successful business long-term business.
30/06/202116 minutes 30 seconds
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62: How Jesse Went From 0 to 7-Figures on Amazon

"We all have to start somewhere and usually, that’s at zero. Many people strive to build a sustainable Amazon business and eventually hope to reach 7-figures. On this episode of the show, we welcome Jesse to talk about how he created a 7-figure Amazon business from nothing, as well as some great advice to help you scale up too."
24/06/202114 minutes 4 seconds
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61: How to 'ACTUALLY' Replace Your Income

People talk too much about winning the lottery and quitting their jobs than actually working towards making this a reality.Today, I am joined by Will, a valued member of our team here at MPSH, to talk about how to ACTUALLY replace your income and quit your job.This is exactly what Will was able to do by implementing what we teach here at MPSH.Make sure to stick around for the full episode, because if you're just starting out on your journey or have simply lost sight of the goal, then this may be exactly what you need to hear!Now, this doesn't just apply to Amazon, but to any Online business, you are looking to start.You should be trying to marry up your strengths to each opportunity to know which one you would be most confident in.As well as other requirements for the business like capital, the time needed or staff and resources.If the opportunity doesn't match up to your strengths or schedule you have a lot to learn and also to chang
16/06/202128 minutes 31 seconds
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60: How to Regenerate Your ‘Business Energy’

How do we regenerate our business energy?The last few weeks we've been getting tired. It's not an excuse or anything but when a lot of people stopped working during the pandemic, our business went into overdrive!It's been a while since we last had a break, but what do we do in this time to get back into the flow of things feeling energised again?Robert - "if I'm feeling tired, I will reorganise my week so that Friday becomes a really chilled day. But then, when it comes around I always end up smashing it!"Stephen - "I've been putting my mind onto other things that are un business-related. Things like golf and music enable me to recharge and be ready to rock it when I'm back in the office."There are many ways to recharge but these are just the things we do.Your ability will be different from ours. We all have different levels of energy and it grows with time.Whenever you next say you're "tired", it means that you are resetting, your re
09/06/202116 minutes 33 seconds
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59: Wants, Needs & Whys

"Most people will say they got into business to gain freedom, financial independence, or because they wanted to prove a point. But are these the real reasons that’ll keep us motivated and therefore in business long term? In this episode the lads chat about the wants, needs and whys of getting and staying in business."
01/06/202116 minutes 4 seconds
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58: You Choose

Every single day is a new opportunity. Your choices and investments today are what will shape your future. But are you chasing wisely and making good decisions? Today the lads chat about how to think more effectively and make better decisions to influence your future.
27/05/202114 minutes 45 seconds
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57: Unique Ways to Enhance Your Amazon Business

It's that time to get realigned with where we are in the year with where we want to go.The core message of our business hasn't changed, we have evolved our methods as better opportunities have become available, but never have we steered in the opposite direction.We have made our message stronger by adding more depth to our research, offering more services to assist with getting launched and creating more content to help you learn the fastest way possible.Emulate us like you learned when you were a kid, copy what we are doing and you will not only learn quickly but get similar results!"We haven't changed the business, we have evolved it" - Stephen SomersThe belief in our community is bigger than ever before thanks to people going out there, doing the business and sharing their success stories with everyone.The more success stories we see popping up in the community Facebook group, the more people are getting motivated to jump into the content
18/05/202113 minutes 19 seconds
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56: Millionaire Habits: Have You Got Them?

In today's episode, Stephen explores 5 Millionaire Habits that will lead you to financial success."Getting rich old doesn't work" - The idea of getting wealthy when your old is not something we should be aspiring to. We shouldn't be waiting for our pension to carry us when we can secure our own financial futures.If you want to become successful, look for problems to solve. Build something or worth now so that eventually you can sell that business and have the capital to invest into other secure investments."The slow lane doesn't work' - The Slow Lane - Got o college, get a job, pay tax, buy a house, have kids, get married, save a small amount of money each month so that you can live off of it when you retire.You can't be waiting for your pension, you would be better off investing that money into something that can make you money while your sleep! Like an Amazon FBA business or selling digital products, even Real Estate can generate this kind of passive in
11/05/202111 minutes 33 seconds
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55: Hidden Wealth Buried In Your Business

What better way to spend our last time in lockdown than to start building a business that can work for you?Now we've got the time, let's use it!In this episode, we are going to share with you one of the greatest things we've ever created...If you want to multiply your Amazon FBA business then get ready to strap in and see what we have on offer for you!What is Freedom Level Income?Freedom Level Income - Producing enough profit from your Amazon business that it can take over and replace your current job income.The term 'Freedom' has been thrown around all too much and diluted with other phrases like, 'living on your won terms' or being a 'millionaire.When the question is, what is 'Freedom' to you?Freedom is personal to you! But a common theme is to disconnect from the man or remove yourself from taking orders from a boss.when you reach an income level that covers your current job income, you can begin to have more time to
08/05/20211 hour 50 minutes 35 seconds
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54: How to Think Rich to Get Rich

The middle-class focus on saving. The rich focus on earning.If you think that focusing on cutting down your expenses and saving money is the way to wealth, it's not the route, trust me, I tried it.Don't get me wrong, it does make sense to have some savings, but that is not the way to build wealth. You need to invest your money into some sort of asset that can multiply your original investment for you.A great example would be Amazon FBA, investing in products that when they sell, double your original investment.But, this same way of thinking and investment strategy can be applied in other areas of business.We have invested money into growing an email list and developing digital products that we can make once and promote to these lists that then generate more money as a result.Are you trading time for money?Or, are you investing money into assets, so that they can work for you and make more money?This is the difference bet
04/05/202111 minutes 11 seconds
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53: Whats YOUR Why in Business?

"When was the last time you stopped to remind yourself why you set up your business? Is it for passion? Money? Fame? Freedom? Whatever your reason, it’s too vital to ignore. In this episode, Stephen shares his wisdom on the MAIN factors that drive momentum and unlock success in business."
01/05/202152 minutes 54 seconds
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52: How to Rewire Your Brain for Wealth

Money is everywhere!You might feel like you don't have money at this point or that it is locked away somewhere?When actually, there are trillions of dollars circulating the world right now! It's not that the money has vanished, it's that it has moved to a different place in the world.Don't have guilt!The world has this view that the seller makes money and the buyer loses out.When it's actually a win-win!  Take SuperHero Freight, for example, a freight service we offer to our clients, We make money from Amazon sellers who pay us to ship their products. Then they save money as our service is much cheaper than a standard freight forwarder.Past doesn't matter!"The past is the past"Do something different today. do something different each day and it will change the trajectory of your life from where it is right now.Find someone you like and that you trust, learn from them and then implement what it was they taught you.
27/04/202112 minutes 34 seconds
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51: Rewriting The Stories We Tell Ourselves

What stories do you tell yourself each day?Are you capable and able to achieve? Or are you confused and unsure of your direction?Either way, these are examples of the stories that we tell ourselves each and every day and they can shape the type of person we become!If your inner story is negative, it will bring you down. You may wonder why you are feeling miserable, but the story you tell yourself each day is responsible for your emotions.If your inner story is positive, it will lift you up. You may feel excited and confident, ready to take on new challenges.  The funny thing is when we are happy we don't tend to question why we are happy.But when we are down or sad, all we can do is point fingers at things we think made us feel that way.The reality is, we are responsible for our emotions. We have internal voices that are guiding us throughout our day. Some are healthy, some are unhealthy. But the balance is what makes us human.In toda
24/04/202128 minutes 22 seconds
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50: How to Start Selling On Amazon FBA (Things You Need)

What do you need in place to start selling on Amazon?Fisrt you must have a business entity. A company, We advise that you set up an LLC (Limited Liability Company)This is important because having an LLC legally protects you and your personal assets from suspension or being taken to court.The next thing you will need is a bank account. This may be obvious, but the account needs to be in the name of the company and share the same address and the company too. It is important that you are consistent with your documentation so that there are no hiccups when it comes to getting verified by Amazon.Attached to thank bank account you will want to get an international credit card. This enables you to make payments to suppliers in China as well as to pay for Amazon's fees. Again, it is wise that the card is in the companies name so that everything lines up when it comes to inputting your details into Amazon.Setting up an Amazon Seller acc
20/04/202110 minutes
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49: How to Legally Pay Less Tax

In today's episode, Stephen is joined by Jake Randall and Sandy Botkin, two Tax experts who are here to expose you to new ideas in the world of Tax, that you can discuss with your accountant and start saving today!Sandy lays it all out for you explaining the benefits of Tax Planning, a way to stay on top of your business expenses by turning them into deductions and as a result, lowering your Taxes. "You are paying too much on your taxes, I don't care what stage of your business you are at. You are overpaying!" - Sandy Botkin.Jake shares with us how being exposed to new ideas is the key takeaway from today's episode.After listening to what both Jake and Sandy have to offer you here today, you will be able to learn of new ways to save on your taxes that you may have never thought applied to you!Jake, highlights the point that your accountant or tax adviser knows most of this stuff but it isn't in their best interest to present it to you.You ha
17/04/20211 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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48: Productivity Hacks for Working from Home

To remain productive during this time there are 5 top tips Stephen has learnt by working from home.The first being - Power of Routine - People were not getting things done because the things they were used to weren't there anymore.At first, this did cause a little discomfort, but I realised that I am in control of my routine and so I went about changing it to fit with working from home.Create a morning routine to help get warmed up and ready in the morning, have 5 things that you are going to achieve in the day and then an evening routine.It's just as important to wind down as it is to get warmed up.Bonus tip: Don't blast all your 5 tasks out in one stretch. Break it down and spread them throughout the day.In times of stress, it is important to stay present. To achieve this I follow Wim Hoff's method of focused breathing. There are plenty of tutorials on how to use his method on youtube.The importance of fun!At first, I was jus
13/04/202115 minutes 56 seconds
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47: How to Make $720/Hour With An Amazon Business

Today we will be breaking down how to make $720 an hour with an Amazon business, even in the worlds current situation. But before we get to breaking down the numbers, we want to first destroy a bunch of excuses that we keep hearing in the community as to why people 'can't' succeed with their Amazon buisness.Common excuses range from Trade Tariffs, additional costs when importing products into different countries. This is something everyone faces, only you are letting it be the downfall of your business. Incorporate the cost into your numbers and find a way to make it work.Another one is Brexit. Everyone lost their heads not knowing what was going to happen to their businesses. When it's simple, register to set up your VAT in Germany, the new 'hub' of the EU.The list goes on; Climate Change, Thinking Amazon Will Die, Thinking Ecommerce Will Die, 'My Supplier Says', Chinese New Year, Currency Changes and of course The Virus.As for Chinese New Year, t
10/04/20211 hour 23 minutes 13 seconds
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46: Lessons Learned From Building Million-Dollar Businesses

First, you've got to get real and get clear. The problem I see with a lot of people is that they don't know what they want.How are you supposed to arrive at your destination if you don't know where you're going? Get clear on what it is you want and focus on it, but at the same time, you have to get real.If you want to make this actually happen, there is so much you are going to have to learn over the next couple of years to change your life around and get where you want to go.The best advice is to follow a pre proven process that you can implement to get there, just like our members at Marketplace SuperHeroes!You get what you deserve, right? So, do you deserve what it is you want?There's no such thing as a fake business... Amazon FBA is a real business and it must be treated that way. Take your business seriously and you will be rewarded as such.Another big thing people need to do is to change their language.Why d
06/04/202113 minutes 15 seconds
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45: Success Tips From Our SuperHero Team

Welcome, In today's episode we have the Queen of the team herself Casey Lynn hosting this special episode of WinYourWednesday! We have been blessed by a mix of our heroes today, to offer tips from the team!First up, we have Johnny from the superhero design team here to tell you all about the latest and greatest available at He will talk you through everything they have to offer from fully branded design content for your Amazon listing to 360-degree photography of your products!If you want to upgrade your listing to the top tier, you don't want to miss this!We are also joined by Vihann, who is here to talk all about the art of negotiation with suppliers.You will get a full walkthrough of a conversation he has personally had with a supplier and you will learn the skill of 'never burning a bridge'. Remember, never assume anything, be cautious and always discuss details with he supplier but most of all, be kind!</p
03/04/202152 minutes 48 seconds
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44: 7 Make Or Break Amazon FBA Lessons

7 make or break lessons from the legal expert himself Robert Wright!1 - It is and always will be about the product.If you don't choose the right product, it's not going to sell...That is why we have such a thorough research process, to ensure we have selected the best products for our business.A common mistake we see is that people find a product that doesn't exactly tick the boxes of what we're looking for but in their minds, they have qualified it anyway. They convince themselves that it is what they should be selling, even if the data says otherwise.2 - All about the numbers - if the numbers don't work, the product doesn't work.Sometimes you have to slow down to speed up.Be methodical with the data. It may take longer to secure the right supplier, but if it helps to ensure you are doubling your money it's well worth following the procedure!3 - Sell in multiple markets with multiple products.If you only focus on one ma
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43: The Luck Of The Irish

Cheers Everybody! Happy St Paddy's Day!Join us in today's episode where we let our hair down, get our beers out and have a great time celebrating with all of our wonderful community members!We will get to some more 'business-related' talk later on in the episode but first, let's talk about the perfect pint of Guinness and some top facts about St Paddy's Day that you may not have known before!(See, not completely un-educational!)To start, did you know that, a lot like Mr Robert Rickey himself, the real St Patrick was actually born in Great Britain?!Or that the Shamrock was considered a sacred plant?Moving on from sharing our history with you, we have some amazing announcements of upcoming additions to the Marketplace Superhero University.Some of these additions and updates can and will take your product listings to the next level such as 360-degree photography for anyone who is brand registered on Amazon!Be sure to tune in to ge
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42: 10 ‘MPSH Tips’ to Successfully Launching A Product On Amazon

Today we have the 10 top tips to successfully launch a product on Amazon!1 - DO NOT SEND ALL OF YOUR STOCK INTO AMAZON"S WAREHOUSE STRAIGHT AWAY.If you do this, you are most likely going to face costs from Amazon for storing your product.Now, storage is a necessary business expense but you want to avoid Amazon's Long Term storage costs as these are very expensive and will cut into your profit margins.Instead, send Amazon approximately 4 weeks worth of stock, then when you need to top up, you can always send in more. This way you are going to avoid encountering any long term storage costs as your products are selling out in smaller batches.You will still need a place to store your products before you ship them to Amazon's warehouse, you can send them to your home but this isn't the most practical.You can use a freight forwarder, but from our experience with them, they don't understand how the Amazon business model works and it makes working e
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41: How to Shrink Time & Achieve More

WIn Your Wednesday! - Do you know where you are going? In business and in life?One key factor we've seen defines someone's success is that they have a plan.They have a rock-solid plan for their business like you would plan a car journey. You use a satnav or a map to find the best route. And then you know exactly where you are going and what to look out for along the way.This way of thinking should be how you approach your business too.Build momentum to see a steady stream of improvement.It's all within our power to succeed on Amazon. You just need to act the right way to make it actually happen.All of you here are here because you're dedicated to learning all you can learn, which is perfect! But we need to make sure you actually implement too!We are building an MPSH Apprectiship training program where we want to take the best people here to come and join our enrolment team!If you think that is you? Keep your eyes open for futur
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40: Don't Follow This Amazon FBA Advice

Are you ready for some of the worst Amazon advice I keep hearing, even as we grow into 2021?Sell the most popular products only...Now ask yourself, do you really want to go up against the massive competition when you are just starting out? You can, but I'm telling you now that it's not a winning strategy. The way to success on Amazon is through selling lower competition products and more of them, in multiple countries.Other terrible advice I hear is to invest as little as possible to start...This is also a failing strategy. Do you want to receive as little as possible in return? No, you want to make the most amount of money you can, right?The only way to make this happen is to invest the necessary amount to get started and be ready to re-invest when the time comes. Be prepared to invest $1,000 - $3,000 to launch your first product.Don't treat this business like a gym membership. Don't just dip your toe in the water, unde
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39: Get Off The Sidelines & Get In The Game

It's great that you do, but you don't just want to be cheering people on all the time, we want to be cheering you on as well.I'm sure you've heard of 'the secret' before. A book based on the Law of Attraction.Now there is some truth to this, but the way the book was marketed was as a 'secret', a mysterious thing that no one has told you about before. The way to make things happen in your life.It is a great book for its principal but it misses out on the other half of what you need to do to get what you want. Which is actually getting up, going out and doing the things that will help you get there!You cannot just think a business into existence, you need to actually do the paperwork to make it legitimate.I believe there are the same 'secrets' around money that are hidden. The majority of people think they understand money as they receive a routine paycheck, but they are also likely the people who have no money left at the end of the month.But
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38: The Truth Behind How I Became A Millionaire

My Story. I started as a Data Processor, copying forms by typing them into a computer all day, every day.I lost my goal to become a musician and along with it, lost my motivation and sense of direction in life."What am I going to do with my life?" Was the question I would keep asking myself.So I searched for how to make money.I found lots of people saying the way to make money was to teach other people how to make money. Ever heard that before? Promising Lambos and Penthouses...I tried many courses in this search don't they just didn't work and I felt scammed.So I moved my thinking to physical products. Trying Dropshipping to start with, but it just didn't make sense for a longterm business.A long story short - My Aunt, put me in contact with Robert Rickey as he had his own business, and I went to work for him in his warehouse.I remember thinking, "If I could just earn how Robert does this, I can make it work too".<p
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37: Real Talk - Limitations, Progression, Possibilities, and more

We're well into 2021 now...And a good thing to reflect on at this time in the year is, where are you at right now?What is it that you've got going on? & What do you need to focus on going forwards?"March is the start of my year" - Ali Product Research Expert.On a scale from 1 - 10 where would you rate your progress this year so far?After looking at your score, ask yourself, what do you have the opportunity to do, to move your score up 1 or 2 notches?There is always something we can do better, but we don't have to do all of those things suddenly at the same time."I put the crap at the start of the week so that it gets done and out of the way". - Robert RickeyEcommerce is still init's infancy. Cpmaore it to the high street chains that have been there for hundreds of years and are still going.If it was saturated, we wouldn't be growing our business each year.Make 2021 be the year you stop talking and start implementi
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36: The Fascinating Process of Mastery

We have a great success rate in our community but not always the best implementation rate.Every day isn't going to be quick-time progression.There is a slow grind to implementing the correct procedure.A dead-end doesn't have to be the end of the road. It's a time to analyse where you've got to and think of a new path to take."The Curve" - To take the masters journey you must be prepared to ha=one in your skills but also accept that most of the time you will be on a plateau. This book talks about 3 mindsets that people have coming into a business as a novice.Are you a dabbler? - They approach new things with enormous enthusiasm, excited for the first lesson. But after that, they lose motivation quickly and stops going completely. Looking for the next think to go and start to fill the void.If you are a dabbler. The best thing you cand o right now is, seek out and join our Origin programme. It makes you become accountable for the work yo
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35: ‘WYW’ Is Now On The Podcast!

WYW - Win Your Wednesday!We're not going to change.We will continue to hold you guys accountable for your actions.That is what Robert did for me when we first joined forces and it was crucial for me to get real with myself.You are the ones that will make your business successful or not but we are happy to help in any way we can to get you there.We love our community and remember we do want what's best for you. Even if that requires a little bit of tough love sometimes.We're never trying to scare you away, but we do want to shock you. Because it shows that we are serious about the advice we are giving you.Sometimes we need a little shock to wake up and see the bigger picture in front of us.We give a sh*t about you!I'd rather someone fly to Ireland to meet me and say you are a complete arse but thank you for your brutal honesty because I am much more successful now.Then someone saying 'I love your Robert' and doing
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34: What Nobody Tells You About Running A Million-Dollar Business

You will have to invest! If you're not prepared to invest at any level you can, you're not going to be successful.You are going to be stressed. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing. There are positives to stress as it can force you to get out of your comfort zone and take action.Whereas a lot of people often freak out the moment they get stressed and everything falls apart. You are never going to know what to do next. You just have to try new things.I am implementing the behaviours of those who are more successful than I am. Put one foot in front of the other and you will eventually get to where you want to go.Also, things will break! You need to learn how to fix them as you go and how to improve them to not break again in the future. If something doesn't work, you don't just give up. You need to learn from it and move forward.Constantly reinvent yourself to be changing and adapting to the times. And the same should be done w
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33: The ‘Gasoline’ You Need To Ignite Your Business Growth

Ecommerce sales are not slowing down, they are continuing to multiply!A lot of people have more time on their hands. And we need to get realistic about putting those time blocks into that free time, to get ahead with your business."For me personally, productivity levels have been at an all-time high". - Stephen SomersDue to things like commuting to work, that we had to do in the past that isn't there anymore. I've been using this time to get things done and move forward."Bringing the fire is a way of life"! - Stephen SomersIt's about aggressively going after what you want to achieve in life or business.Sure there are passive elements to the Amazon business model, but a passive attitude towards it like, "I'll do it tomorrow" is going to get you nowhere fast.If you are trying to bring the fire but you are pouring water on the wood instead of gasoline, you aren't going to catch a spark.You might have pages filled with products, bu
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32: Discover Your 'Lead Domino' and Why It's VITAL to Your Success

The trust factor in our community is off the charts and I think part of that is to do with the fact that we don't always have a script.We have honest conversations with each other and let you guys in on them too.We are more than happy to invest in ourselves and our businesses to offer more and more products and services to help people get to the same professional level.Someone said to us the other day, " Your Youtube channel may not have as many subscribers compared to other Amazon channels out there, but what you do have is the 'real deal'. It's quality information.We would be doing a disservice to you if we didn't show you the full picture.I said the other day that we have a $0 salary as the exciting part of this game is to reinvest or to invest in something new.People are so used to working for money to come in that month just to go out again by next month.Whenever you tell these people that there is another way, a lot of them don'
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31: Maintain Motivation In 2021

Staying motivated and focused in 2021 is proving to be a challenge for a lot of people whose working schedules have had to change due to covid-19 restrictions. Thankfully, I have devised a list of 5 things that you can be doing to maintain motivation in 2021 and beyond!Focus On The Outcome.If you're losing steam already, remember to focus on the outcome.What is the big thing you want to achieve with all of this?From there, you can break down yearly, monthly and weekly goals to work towards your big outcome!What is more important to you, staying in your current job or moving towards freedom or whatever it is you are looking for?To help you commit, write a 'Badass Statement' - " I am committed to making £30,000 a month" for example.Block It Out And Get Away.Say you wanted to write a book. All you need to do is take 1 hour each day to write 1 page for your book, that's not asking a lot. But, in 365 days you
02/02/202112 minutes 54 seconds
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30: Business Stamina

In last week's episode, we talked about the Fallacy Narrative and living out the ideal morning. We discussed how we can't do the same kind of activities at the same time as we operate differently.Ask yourself, when do you function best? Early in the morning? Mid-day? In the middle of the night? Well, whenever you have the most focus, call it Business Stamina, is when you should be making time to get work done.Do you hate Mondays? Or do you like to get the big stuff done and out of the way for the rest of the week?There are things that work for me that don't work for Robert.So that means, whatever works for someone else may not necessarily work you and if it doesn't work, it doesn't mean it was a sham, it just means that their tactics don't fit for how you like to operate, so find other ones that do. Go with whatever works for you, but don't be afraid to try new routines or strategies to see if they make you even more productive!<p
26/01/202112 minutes 45 seconds
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29: The Fallacy Narrative

I will tell you now, you do not need to jump off of a roof to be a best-selling author.Even though it had worked for someone before, it isn't what causes a successful author. Just because you get up early isn't the cause of success either...Sure it may correlate with your success as early in the morning may be the only time you have to work on the business.  Warren Buffets intake of CocaCola doesn't correlate to his business success.Just like if you start drinking CocaCola, it doesn't mean you will then have a successful business.Don't copy the outward traits, copy the inward traits.So instead of focusing on when they get up, focus on what they do once they have gotten up.It doesn't matter what time in the day you do it, as long as you follow the actual actions taken.You cannot just get up at the same time as me and research at the same time that I do to be successful, as we may have completely different schedules
19/01/202119 minutes 33 seconds
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28: How to Be Smarter With Your Money

How do you become smarter with your money?Today's episode will be short and sharp in the hope that you take something direct away from it.You must be smart with your capital from day one.We have been told for years, to put away $50 a month. But why put it away? Put it out to play!If you don't have money right now, it's probably because you don't have the skills or knowledge to increase value in the marketplace. offering a service or improving products to sell on are all examples of this.So invest in those skills first as they can make you the money you require.Leverage is everything! Why is it absolutely fine to invest in a house or in your education, but it's not okay and now 'risky' to invest in our own business?"The books I read outside of college are the ones that changed my life" - Stephen Somers.When you are doing business for yourself, you need a wider scope of knowledge, you aren't learning to be a cog in the whe
29/12/202014 minutes 24 seconds
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27: Plans & Preparation For 2021

2021 is right around the corner and we wont to share what our plan is for the coming year.We aren't trying to blow our own trumpet, but instead show you that if we can operate this many business projects at once, then you are certainly able to achieve your goals within your business too.When you chunk it down and get it out of your head and onto paper, you can begin to connect the dots seeing the bigger picture and avoid becoming overwhelmed.Make sure you are setting realistic goals and then be logical about how you execute them. You will need capital, so ensure that you have that first to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that come your way.We made our partner Ali's journey more public to show you what is achievable with your amazon business, as well as when you partner with us!If you are just tinkering, stop. Take a step back and look at the landscape.Take care in charting your course to ensure you make it to your destination
22/12/202026 minutes 52 seconds
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26: Why Partnerships Are The Future for MPSH

Originally, we partnered together at the start of all this and along the way we have partnered with so many people to make MPSH what it is today.When selling globally on Amazon with a Private Label style business, it requires more things form sellers these days.That is why we have created things like SuperHero Freight, to grant access to this professional standard of trading.We're not here to scare anybody, but to make you realise that if you are apart of our community, you are on the best route to success.When we work with people a bit closer and do some of the work for them, they are able to reach great success much faster.People are out there going at it alone that's why they are moving slower.It is better to have 10 products as a business foundation that can all continue to grow, than having 1 product that you risk forcing to grow so high, that it is much easier to then fall down.As we go into 2021, we have been doing MPSH for 6 y
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25: Tips to Think Like A Millionaire

Selling out faster on your units increases your power of investment.Make sure you are VAT registered in Germany!Imagine you had 1000 units sell out in a year. You are making 100% POI. But what about if you then sold 1000 units in 6 months time? This gives you the ability to re-order and continue selling. If you sold out again in that year, you would have made 200% POI as you have doubled the number of sales within a year!Are you thinking like a millionaire?Are you looking at the cost? Or, are you looking at how much you can make?We recently put money down into a warehouse in Canada. We could look at that like we are $750,000 down. But we actually look at it like we now have a $750,000 location to do even more business through!We are looking at how much the warehouse is going to make us in the longer run.Everybody has a choice, sales either vanish or increase...You have to choose one. You cannot just keep it as it
08/12/20207 minutes 21 seconds
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24: The Biggest Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes but if you can learn from it, it has become a lesson.Whenever you are actually doing the process your brain becomes active.Get a strategy in place and then apply the tactics to execute it.Segway with the right products!You can't just press a few buttons and find something, you have to actually put the work in to find the right item.Do not get frustrated before you have even started, take the time to research deep enough.Avoid a one product obsession, there are millions of products out there for you to sell.When you only have one option, you feel like you have to take it. But, if you were able to find one, you can certainly find another!Add products slow and steady to grow a sustainable business.There is no need to run before you can walk, segway often and dig up plenty of options.Remember to ask yourself, what can you improve on?Then, go over the course material and hone in that skil
01/12/202018 minutes 39 seconds
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23: The Amazon Millionaire

"Millionaire, I like the concept of the word but it has been overused and lost a definitive meaning.""A millionaire to me is someone who owns assets that makes their net-worth equal to or more than $1,000,000. It's not having $1,000,000 in your personal bank account."How to become a millionaire is a very high searched term o places like Youtube.It is easy to fantasise about the end goal when you haven't built anything or even made $1,000. So why are you jumping straight to 7 figures?Thinking "an event is going to make me a millionaire"... No.It is a process and once you do that process enough times, you can get to $1,000,000. But it takes time and work to get there.If you did have $1,000,000 in a bank account I would question how you obtained it in the first place as that is not how a millionaire would operate... It is way too risky to put all of that money in the bank when they will only cover you for up to $100,000.Do not think bank
24/11/202034 minutes 38 seconds
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22: Rise and Grind

Grinding through things?Sometimes you have to go through an obstacle and not around it.Sometimes it's going to be difficult, and you will want to put it down for the evening. But in order to really be successful, you need to put the boots on and get to work.What are you prepared to do? Is your WHY strong enough?My taekwondo instructor said to me the other day - "I have failed more gradings for the black belt than anyone else in the world probably. I couldn't do the moves for ages. But, because I stuck with it and I wanted to get better, I was able to achieve the black belt".We give up too quickly when things go wrong.Why should it be easy? There is work to be put in and the value you put in is equal to the value of the reward.We need more sitting down actually doing the thing. Instead of sitting there thinking about why we haven't started yet.What's something you've worked hard at in your life, that you persisted through diffic
17/11/202021 minutes 56 seconds
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21: Amazon Business Lessons from Fantasy Football

For those of you who don't know, football manager is a game where you play as the manager of a football \ soccer club.We love it when for fun when we were growing up but also how it gives you a hands-on experience of how a business works.There are so many business lessons inside the game that you can extract.Players are like products. You cant play a match with only one player...You must build up a team, a variety of products that have strengths in different areas.You have a substitute bench also, where you have players \ products that are getting ready to launch and get playing.Then, your product research is like your team's youth club. You've got buds in the works, ready to grow into a valuable addition tot he team.Manager of the team. Director of the business. Same thing!Your scouts and coaches are constantly searching for new players to bring to the team. Just like how you should be searching for new products, adding to the
10/11/202018 minutes 33 seconds
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20: The Best Ecommerce Business Models

There are different things than can be sold as well as different ways to sell them.Different types of selling as you may call them are; Private Label, Dropshipping, Arbitrage, Wholesaling, On-Demand and many more!You maybe like I was, having all of these thrown at you, trying to figure out the best one to get started with.Dropshipping is known as the 'no money down to e-commerce' when I see it as a 'no commitment down' model.Yes, it allows you to have as many products as you like on your website, but not all of them sell and the ones that do, you have no control over price or ordering more stock, if you were to run out.The product and the sale are treated as a commodity in this business model.Although there are benefits tot his model, I think people have been sold a false idea of what is actually realistic with a dropshipping business."It's like an iceberg, dropshipping is like the tip that you can see, but there is so much more that
03/11/202039 minutes 32 seconds
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19: Principles Over Products

People before Bootcamp Were not going deep enough with the products they were researching.1: Depth of the research - the type of product, not deep enough.2: Depth of options - Lack of options they gave themselves due to not understanding the numbers.3: Depth of understanding - What is required to succeed.Keep segway searching, keep going until something different pops up.When are we deep enough? When are we not?Ask yourself, could this product be an, as seen on T.V product? If yes, avoid it.Could this product be easily marketed? Is the product in everyday use?Asking yourself these things will enable you to see clearly if you should get involved or not.Emulate the customer - Imagine you had lots of options come back when you search on Amazon, you don't know what to buy? Don't sell there either.We're conditioned to believe that business is 2 dimensional and black and white in nature.When an Amazon business is
27/10/202019 minutes 51 seconds
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18: Adapt & Pivot

We had to postpone our Irish Bootcamp this year, due to the unforeseen Coronavirus.After travel had become such an issue across the world and the seriousness of the situation had taken a full swing, we thought, what can we do for our members during this time, who want to learn in an environment like Bootcamp?So with the technology of today, we were able to operate an online Bootcamp experience instead!We made it small and intimate, to increase the productivity of everyone who attended.How can we help more people find more products, source them from suppliers and start selling them on Amazon?When you go to an event, you make the time to go. You take the time off of work and get a babysitter etc. You do everything you can to make the most of your time at that event and be as focused as possible.We found that, when our members tested out online event with the same commitment, they had the best results.Our Bootcamp wasn't intellectual ent
20/10/202028 minutes 46 seconds
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17: Mission Impossible?

Where we are now with our business would have felt impossible when we first started.If you'd have asked me 10 years ago, is 8 figures possible? I would have said, Yes, BUT... you seriously need to go to work to make that happen."The first $1,000,000 is the hardest"Depending on how you are set up, the next million is so easy, you copy and paste what you did the first time around.With any business, it takes a while to get it growing, but once you've got something, it can then take off.It's amazing how $100,000 in a year seems impossible, but when you divide it by 365. It's only $270 a day!Then, Once you get here, $100,000 isn't as bis anymore as you have already achieved it!"If you can do it once, you can do it again"There is validity in setting a goal, but it may only be based off, what you think is possible right now. When in reality, you may be surprised by what is possible when you but the work in."You can't see what y
13/10/202032 minutes 33 seconds
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16: The Language Of Money

The majority of us don't really think or know about how the numbers work in business before you start one.Yes, you are buying and selling, but are you making a profit on your sales?At one point in time, we made lots of sales with a product, but where we didn't fully understand the numbers, we didn't end up making a lot of money with it.To understand thing like balance sheets and profitability within a business, you need to start at the top and look at income.Not your personal income, but the businesses income, in the form of sales, turnover. how much money is coming in...Then you look at the cost of goods sold, you consider all of the expenses that took place to get your product into the market. Like, shipping costs, referral fees, FBA fees etc.Then before you get to your Net profit, how much the business has made in profit total, you must work out the Gross profit minus any Overheads or Operating expenses.An Overhead or Operating Exp
06/10/202021 minutes 8 seconds
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15: The 'Amazon Opportunity'

Is there still an opportunity on Amazon?Is there still room for more sellers on the platform?Is it going to keep growing? or crash like a stock market?Firstly, whenever you really enjoy something, it's never really work, its fun.The Amazon universe is a fitting title as Amazon is ever-expanding."We thought Amazon was big when we first started and it has only grown since then".The niches are growing, the categories are growing and the opportunity to start selling is growing with it!They are selling in more and more countries,e expanding the customer base as well as the product catalogue itself.Amazon invested in themselves for years, in researching the economy of different countries to know where to start selling next and how to dominate that marketplace.By Amazon doing all of this work to expand across the world, you can take advantage of that and sell your product to all of Amazons customers worldwide!</p
29/09/202022 minutes 12 seconds
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14: Why 'Attention' Determines Success On Amazon

It is good to focus, to get stuff done, but there is an ideal amount of time to put into your business within a week.Too little and nothing gets done... Too much and you get diminishing results...It's not all about that one thing. Yes, you need to be able to focus on one thing while you are doing it but you must learn to be able to put it down pivot and pick up another task.You can't do 8 hours of research in a day and get a good return.You don't always have to find a product when you sit down to research, instead utilise time blocks by allocating time each day for research to happen."The start and the end of the business is the same no matter what business you are in. So after running a business once, you then already know it it starts and ends, you just need to learn what happens in the middle.""The 5th product you do on Amazon will be 10 times easier than the 1st product."If you are tight on cash and are waiting for your product to
22/09/202026 minutes 16 seconds
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13: Forecasting The Future

Can you predict the future of your business?When you get products into your business, they give you a Trendline as they start selling.This is across the board in all types of business and products... it doesn't really matter what the product is, it will start to create a Trendline."All things remaining equal" - "August is going to be equal to July".For example, if Coco-Cola sells 250 cans in one month, at a gas station. They can predict that they are going to sell 250 cans next month too!Trends do increase and spike quicker than when the trend dies out, as this is a much slower process than when a product is initially released.These Trendlines can then allow you to forecast the next month, 6 months to a year for planning your restock.Business is simple and should be easy to predict. Have confidence in the numbers.Your product can't disappear unless you run out of stock. But you have full control over restocking your products, s
15/09/202034 minutes
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12: Two Key Ingredients For Success

We want to share, what's gone into us getting to where we are now.Being persistent and sticking with something is how we gained success.20 years ago, there was an idea that it took 3 years to break even and 5 years to be established.With digital business, we can be profitable in the first year.With Amazon FBA business, the customers are already there, wanting more to buy.If you weren't utilising Amazon's platform, you would have to figure out how to get people to your shop in the first place.Amazon allows you to start a business with one product.Compared to a high street hardware store that would need thousands of products just to interest people.I  couldn't think of anything worse than doing this journey on my own.Find a partner or a team, join our Facebook group, start a mastermind group.Find someone to make you accountable for your actions.Be realistic about what you will
08/09/202025 minutes 3 seconds
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11: Are YOU Holding Yourself Back?

What's with the barriers?"Why do we keep putting up barriers in front of our own success. Then we complain about the barrier when it was us who put it there in the first place".Too many people have created a habit of something and they do nothing about it.People now days are trying to avoid failure, instead of embrace success."Forget about the fear of failure and focus on the joy of success".People want the rewards, without doing the business...'If you want something, go and get it"You are your own obstacle.How do you eat an elephant? - One bite at a time.How do you grow an Amazon business? - One product at a time.There is always going to be a time to put money down, in any business.Because you are the obstacle, you are also the answer!Change how you see things and get out of your own way.Ask, what does this require? Not, does this require anyt
01/09/202029 minutes 32 seconds
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10: Powerful Online Business Lessons

Some advice and ideas in our business careers, that got us from where we were to where we are now, and from where we are now to where we are going in the future."First big one for myself was Selling Online, as I came from a background of wholesaling and distribution".It's a very strong pillar in the business to be able to Sell Online.A piece of advice - "it's not the strongest who survive, it's the most adaptable'."The innovation that's out there and really being able to leverage it, is the aim of the game".Switch the playbook from team consumer to team producer."There's always room to produce something instead of just consume it"."Rule of 10. 6 inside the continent of EU, Canadian, USA, Australia and Brazil, is just around the corner"."Imagine 15 marketplaces, with 15 products for sale. Sell them at an average of $15, over 30days with 5 sales a day. That business has a revenue of $6million".
25/08/202033 minutes 14 seconds
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09: Why We Love Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA is a real business, not a gym membership!Amazon is so much quicker than other e-commerce methods.There are people buying on Amazon right now and every single day, globally $830,000,000 is spent on the website.If you can't afford to spend $6 for every $1 you make like Amazon did when they started, don't try to create your own mini version, utilise what amazon has already built."You have an infinite opportunity of what to sell on Amazon FBA".If you can outsource the most difficult and tedious parts of the business to someone else for a small fee, why wouldn't you! Just by utilising Amazon FBA you have outsourced customer fulfilment!Let professionals handle the parts of the business you are not fluent with.If you don't speak another language, don't try to translate your listing using google! Pay a professional a small fee for what it's worth!There are so many benefits to utilising the services of
18/08/202035 minutes
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08 : Don't Reinvent The Wheel

In this weeks episode, we discuss an issue that we have seen not only in our community but the world over. The issue is, people wanting to create their own system, instead of following the instructions of the system that is laid out before you.We share our thoughts on what we think causes this issue and ways to help overcome it in order to be successful with your businesses.Have belief that this is actually going to work. If you don't you are always looking elsewhere."Don't be that information junkie"When you find a single proven process that works, start cutting off all the other sources of information and focus down.The problem is "people don't have a system for doing their business"."Have an outcome in mind".A quote to live by is "Focus on today".If you need help regaining focus when you switch tasks, "change your setting, your t-shirt or even your desktop to get in the zone'."Don't be thinking abou
11/08/202029 minutes 24 seconds
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07: The Straight Truth

In this episode, we define the "Real Superhero Lifestyle", do you actually get to enjoy the fruits of your labour?TRAVEL - Life with a laptop-style business enables you the ability to work from wherever you want in the world."It's not that you don't like working, it's that you don't like the work you are doing". We are passionate about what we are doing so we enjoy working while we travel, its the best of both worlds!Work where you want, with who you want, when you want to.TIME - You don't have to work 9-5, you just have to be in control of when you are working.Having control of your time enables you to balance work, with doing what you love.Be honest about what freedom means to you."It's about the quality of time, not the quantity of time".MONEY - Do what you love and grow your business at the same time!Have a business that generates money for you, then only take what you need no matter how
04/08/202043 minutes 11 seconds
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06: The Secret Sauce

How much can you really accomplish with a shorter time frame? In this episode, Stephen & Robert discuss a powerful framework that they used to get laser focused, make sh*t happen, and skyrocket the growth of their business. => Watch our FREE 7 Day Masterclass series=> Join our FREE Amazon SuperHeroes Community
28/07/202024 minutes 54 seconds
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05: Going ALL IN

In this episode, Stephen & Robert talk about the BIG shift: A frank and honest discussion about what it’s really like taking a traditional e-commerce business and going all in with Amazon FBA.=> Watch our FREE 7 Day Masterclass series=> Join our FREE Amazon SuperHeroes Community
21/07/202030 minutes 7 seconds
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04: Rewind The Clocks

In this episode the lads look back at where their physical products ‘mini-empire’ started, as well as the trajectory that made it the monster it is today!=> Watch our FREE 7 Day Masterclass series=> Join our FREE Amazon SuperHeroes Community
14/07/202033 minutes 18 seconds
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03: Life Is Not A Dress Rehearsal

In this episode, Stephen & Robert chat about the ‘deferred life program’ that people often find themselves living, and how to actually take ownership of your life and your environment.=> Watch our FREE 7 Day Masterclass series=> Join our FREE Amazon SuperHeroes Community
07/07/202025 minutes 38 seconds
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02: Stop Getting Distracted

Today we're talking about the #1 reason people don't succeed with their business. In this episode, we explore the various ways in which this can happen as well as some strategies to get you focused and back on track! => Watch our FREE 7 Day Masterclass series=> Join our FREE Amazon SuperHeroes Community
02/07/202033 minutes 24 seconds
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Welcome to The SuperHero Lifestyle Show

In this episode, Stephen & Robert chat about why they first got started in business, how you can get beyond fears holding you back, and start becoming more fearless in pursuit of your dream lifestyle!
24/06/202038 minutes 30 seconds