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The Student Investor with Ivyn Sambo

English, Finance, 2 seasons, 82 episodes, 19 hours, 45 minutes
The Student Investor podcast with Ivyn Sambo is a once-a-week, 10 to 15-minute (sometimes longer) programme that aims to bring you the best information on investing, managing money, and adulting in the context of South Africa and Africa. Ivyn covers a wide range of subjects, all of which are related to millennial money issues and how young South Africans can develop better career and financial management skills. This podcast promotes side hustles, entrepreneurship, investing, and other ways to earn extra cash to achieve your financial goals while also developing personally. It is not here to tell you to stop living life in order to manage money better.Follow
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S2E19: A Deep Dive into the World's Most Valuable Company - Stock Review Wednesday

In this episode of The Student Investor Podcast, host Ivyn Sambo delves into Nvidia, the tech giant that has become the world's most valuable company. Explore Nvidia's rise to the top, stock performance, strengths and weaknesses, leadership, and future prospects. Learn about the opportunities and risks involved in investing in Nvidia. Don't miss out on this deep dive into one of the most influential companies in the tech industry. Sponsored by the Shyft app.
7/10/202410 minutes, 31 seconds
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S2E11: Why Are ETF Investment becoming more loved by JSE Investors

In this episode of "The Student Investor with Ivyn Sambo," we delve into the growing popularity of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) among Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) investors. We explore the reasons behind this trend, including their cost-effectiveness, diversification benefits, and ease of access. Join us as we break down the advantages of ETF investments and how they can fit into your investment strategy.
5/13/202412 minutes, 34 seconds
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S2E2: Understanding Inflation in Investment and Financial Planning

In this episode, we delve into the critical aspect of financial planning: inflation. Join me as I discuss why it's essential to consider inflation rates when investing and saving. With South Africa's current inflation rate at 4.8%, learn how failing to account for inflation can erode the value of your savings and investments over time. Discover strategies to combat inflation and make informed financial decisions to secure your financial future. Don't let inflation diminish your wealth—tune in now!
2/19/202414 minutes, 31 seconds
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S1E21: STOCK REVIEW WEDNESDAY: Reasons why I love Microsoft shares

In this episode, I discuss Microsoft's recent efforts to infuse artificial intelligence (AI) into its software and services. We explore the company's $10 billion investment in AI startup OpenAI, and how it is leveraging OpenAI's models in its consumer and enterprise software products. We also delve into Microsoft's AI-powered Bing search engine and Edge web browser, and how the company hopes to challenge Google's dominance in the search market. Additionally, we examine Microsoft's recent addition of AI tools to its popular Office productivity applications and its cybersecurity offerings. 
4/19/202312 minutes, 42 seconds