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English, Finance, 7 seasons, 111 episodes, 1 day, 2 hours, 39 minutes
Emily Durham is here to help you thrive in your 9 to 5 and beyond. From careers to confidence, longtime senior recruiter, career coach and content creator, Emily, has your back. No filter. No fluff.
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2024 Job Market Predications & How YOU Can Get Ahead (everything you need to know)

The new year is almost here and I have some (data backed) hot takes on what we can expect to see in the economy and job market. And most importantly- what you need to do to get ahead.
12/3/202317 minutes, 15 seconds
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STEP BY STEP GUIDE: how you're going to get a new job in 2024

11/19/202314 minutes, 43 seconds
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Here's how to make more money (tips for office jobs)

It's time to double your income, my friend. Here is how.Send me your questions here:
6/11/202314 minutes, 45 seconds
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Should you be a Certified Financial Planner Professional? (Interview with Brittney Castro)

Have you ever considered a career as a Certified Financial Planner professional? How can you become a Certified Financial Planner professional? What is your earning potential? This episode is for you! I spent time with one of my favorite people; Brittney Castro, CFP®. We spoke about all things career, growth and how to land your dream job!
4/28/202322 minutes, 25 seconds
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"How can I get a job internationally?... Help!!"

Are you an international student? Or maybe looking to start your career in a new country. HOW EXCITING! I love this for you. Today I talk to you about how to find a job in another country and OF COURSE we answer your hot questions.  Want your answered? Submit it here:
4/2/202322 minutes, 59 seconds
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Welcome To The Straight Shooter Recruiter

Meet your favourite Careers Podcast.
3/28/202348 seconds
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How To Make The Perfect LinkedIn Profile - EASY Optimization Tips from a Recruiter

LinkedIn is not as complicated as some people make it seem. Trust me. If you want recruiters to reach out to YOU on LinkedIn, watch this short video.
2/5/202310 minutes, 23 seconds
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How To Pass A Software Engineering Interview

You have a big engineering interview coming up? You're a Front End, Back End of Full Stack Developer? Love that. Good news- I am a tech recruiter... and I am about to give you ALL the tips you need to pass your Engineering Interview.
1/15/20236 minutes, 28 seconds
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HOW TO NETWORK AND GET A JOB | why your networking is not working

I really hate to tell you this, but its not them.. its you.   Networking is designed to help you identify mentors and connect you to jobs. Here is how to do it.
12/11/20226 minutes, 56 seconds
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INTERVIEW WITH TRACY MOORE | her journey through journalism, being a tv legend & a good person

We all know that I am not someone who is often speechless. But wow. Tracy Moore is really something else. For more than a decade, Tracy Moore has spearheaded Cityline, one of Canada’s most influential lifestyle programs, also broadcast to 70+ million American homes daily. An award-nominated TV host, Tracy shares the best style trends, cooks up the greatest new recipes, and sizes up the latest fashions, five days a week. She’s also a positive role model when it comes to health and fitness. Celebrated for her friendly nature and down to earth attitude, Tracy’s personability and professionalism is evident in everything she does. This episode of is full of wisdom not only on careers in journalism, but on balance, boundaries and why my mom is a cool cat.
11/27/202229 minutes, 54 seconds
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How To Job Hunt In A Recession ( spoiler... thats what's coming)

I hate to say it, but we are heading into a big fat recession. With mass lay offs in tech, how can you land your dream job? Show less
11/13/20228 minutes, 13 seconds
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Things I Wish I Knew Earlier In My Career: Tips for young professionals

Oh man, there's a lot of time, sweat and stress I could have avoided if I knew these tips. Let me know if they help.
11/6/202210 minutes, 4 seconds
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Does your recruiter think you're annoying?

Short answer- probably not. But I'll be the judge of that ;)
9/4/202210 minutes, 22 seconds
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Can You "Hack" The Applicant Tracking System?

Today let's talk about the dreaded ATS. Can you hack it? Maybe not. But let's dive into how it can help us in our job search.
12/26/20215 minutes, 46 seconds
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Looks Matter. (For Resumes lol)

Ah- the age old question... "what on earth should my resume look like?" Fear not, I got you. Today we are going to talk about how to properly format your resume so that it actually gets read!
7/11/202111 minutes, 35 seconds
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How To Answer EVERY Interview Question Perfectly

Hi friends! As many of you know, I have taken a week off to recover from a concussion. This week's episode is all about how to answer any interview question perfectly using the STAR Method! This is the audio from my recent Youtube video, because I am still not well enough to record. I hope you enjoy and I will be back in action next week!
12/20/202011 minutes, 28 seconds
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"How can I turn my internship into a full time job?"

You have a great internship... you love the team, the work and the company. How can you turn your internship into a full time job offer? This week I am going to tell you exactly what you should do and when, to maximize your chances of getting a return offer.  Want to connect more? and Insta: @Emily.The.Recruiter
4/21/202011 minutes, 23 seconds
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“Is my LinkedIn lacking?”

Is your LinkedIn profile actually hurting your job search? How should you reach out to strangers on LinkedIn? Do employers actually look at your Instagram? Today, we will review some quick LinkedIn optimization tips, as well as answer some social media related, listener questions.  Want to hear your question answered? Submit your questions to me via Facebook or LinkedIn:
3/29/20208 minutes, 41 seconds