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The Stephen Tries Podcast

English, Comedy, 3 seasons, 121 episodes, 6 days, 11 hours, 2 minutes
Each episode the culture connoisseurs Stephen, Max, Tom Looney and another weirdo, will take on a different topic. Accompanied by great guests and fantastic features (not just the one's on Stephen's beautiful face)
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4: Stephen Tries: Festivals

This week we're talking trips, bigger trips and tours!
6/16/201949 minutes, 47 seconds
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3: Stephen Tries: Dating

This week, four casanovas discuss love, dating and marriage. We also talk about the Oscars and pilonidal sinus. 
3/7/201955 minutes, 33 seconds
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2: Stephen Tries: Comedy

This week, we're talking all things comedy. From stand-up to plays to sketches we've failed at them all.
1/27/20191 hour, 10 minutes, 25 seconds
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1: Stephen Tries: Clubbing

This week, 3 alphas are talking about clubbing, uni and Christmas
12/24/201852 minutes, 52 seconds