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English, Finance, 1 season, 6 episodes, 3 hours, 15 minutes
The Startup Way is a podcast about the startup journey, technology and innovation. It’s where startup founders talk about their thought-provoking insights and experience, and industry experts share the latest trends and their vision of the future of tech.
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Episode 6: Becoming a solo founder, innovation and scaling, and the future of AI chip manufacturing.

In this podcast episode, Davit Buniatyan, the founder and CEO of ActiveLoop, shares his journey from academia to entrepreneurship. He discusses pivoting from his PhD research to founding ActiveLoop, reflects on the significance of Y Combinator (YC), and highlights the benefits of settling in Silicon Valley for startup success. Davit also addresses the challenging decision to continue as a solo founder after the departure of co-founders and offering investors the option to withdraw their funding. Additionally, the conversation explores broader entrepreneurial challenges, including fundraising strategies, balancing innovation with scaling, and insights into the evolving landscape of AI hardware. Davit also discusses Armenia's potential role in the global AI ecosystem.
4/2/202445 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 5: The startup’s ‘Je ne sais quoi’ and why ignore deals from 500 Global and Y Combinator

Joining us in episode 5 is Marvin Liao, a Partner at Diaspora VC, formerly a Partner at Venture Capital fund 500 Global, with over 450 investments under his belt. Tune in to listen to Marvin's story of accidentally entering the VC world, his approach to sourcing good deals, insights into his anti-portfolio, and his perspective on emerging European markets, computational biotech, and digital healthcare. Additionally, he shares his thoughts on why startup accelerators may have become obsolete.
10/20/202326 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 4: Bobby Kang on leadership, courage, and the importance of a hands-on approach

Bobby Kang is an Indian American billionaire entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder and CEO of US Cargo Solution Express and one of the largest steel manufacturing companies in the US. In this episode, he shares his journey from leaving home in India at the age of 19 to paving his way to becoming a successful businessman.
10/6/202325 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 3: Entity Formation, Investment Agreements, Startup Valuation and IP Protection

Join us for an insightful conversation on startup law with a corporate and venture capital attorney Hayk Mamajanyan. The episode contains everything you need to know to get you started on launching your startup and fundraising.
7/21/202341 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 2

Harry Glorikian is an executive leader with extensive experience in the life sciences and healthcare sectors. He's also a general partner at Scientia Ventures VC firm. In this episode with Harry we discuss: 1. His venture capital journey and his prior experience in the healthcare and life sciences industry. 2. Evaluating investment opportunities in the biotech sector and the importance of the team in a startup's potential success. 3. The success of Scientia Ventures IPOs and the notable example of Royalty Pharma. 4. The challenges and nuances of investing in biotech. 5. The traditional and low-tech nature of the venture capital industry. 6. Exciting trends in biotech and health tech, including AI applications, remote clinical trials, gene editing, immuno-oncology, and data analytics. 7. Emerging biotech hubs and factors that contribute to a geography's potential for success in biotech startups. 8. Lessons learned from investment failures and the importance of active listening and sharing experiences. 9. The impact of working in the biotech and health tech industry on personal health and wellness. 10. The prevalence of pseudoscientific advice in the health and wellness space and the need for evidence-based approaches.
7/17/202335 minutes, 11 seconds
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Episode 1

In this episode our guest is Zaré Baghdasarian - an entrepreneur and C-suite leader with whom we discussed current top investment sectors, founder qualities indicative of future success, common startup mistakes, overvaluation and exciting investment deals.
2/26/202320 minutes, 35 seconds