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The Startup Smarter Podcast with Joe C. Johnson

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 18 episodes, 10 hours 26 minutes
The Startup Smarter Podcast is for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and small businesses owners who want REAL, uncomplicated strategies that will grow your business. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or you’re desperate to quit your 9-to-5, this show has you covered. Enjoy expert guest interviews that will leave you with actionable insights for your own business. Learn how to take your business to the next level with serial entrepreneur, best-selling author, and public speaker Joe C. Johnson. Each episode features topics like: creating new streams of income, grow your bottom line, branding, outsourcing, automation, social media, Facebook marketing, inbound lead strategies, Google advertising, market visibility, product and service launching, growing your email list, webinars, copywriting, sales tactics, online course creation, and much more! Don’t forget to check out our free resources at www.StartupSmarter.Net
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How To Start a Six-Figure Cleaning Service Side Hustle with Brian Winch - Ep. 18

On the show today we have Brian Winch, who is the author of Cleanlots, America's Simplest Business. In this episode, we go into how he turned his side hustle, which he started in 1981, into a profitable full-time business that he still operates today. At a time where he had very little money, education or skills. Most importantly, he shares how anyone can repeat his successful business idea.
30/07/201919 minutes 27 seconds
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Starting A Streetwear Brand with Briana Jones - Ep. 017

On the show today we have Briana Jones from the premium women's streetwear brand Mona Delano. In this episode, Briana shares how she was able to launch a streetwear brand while keeping her full-time job, how she gets great lifestyle photography to elevate her brand, and how she focuses on launching new collections for the brand that she’s built. If you ever thought about launching your own clothing line, this is the episode to check out!
23/07/201918 hours 24 minutes
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Building A Coaching Business As A Stay At Home Parent with Samantha Siffring - Ep. 16

On the show today we have Samantha Siffring from She is a coach who helps moms build online businesses that actually work. In this episode, Samantha shares her personal story, how she landed her first coaching client, and how she helps her clients grow their businesses fast. She is truly an expert in helping her clients get rid of overwhelm and grow your business to the income level you've been dreaming about.
16/07/20191 day 3 hours 45 minutes
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How to Build a Successful Insurance Company with Mr. Stacey Giulianti - Ep. 15

On the show today we have Mr. Stacey Alexander Giulianti, co-founder of the award-winning insurance company Florida Peninsula Insurance talk to us about how he and his good friend went from scratching a business idea on the back of a cocktail napkin to turning that plan into a $300 million dollar business. Stacey story is a great case study on coming up with an idea, validating it through conversation with the market, pitching investors, and raising money.
02/07/20191 day 2 hours 2 minutes
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Local Business + Online Memberships = 6 Figures Additional Revenue with Heather Beck - Ep. 14

On the show today we have Heather Beck from K9 Life Line talk to us about how implementing paid memberships completely supercharged her brick n' mortar local business. The best part is that this technique works for virtually any niche. Within a few months, Heather had pulled in an additional $70K in revenue in the dog training market. 
25/06/201932 minutes 55 seconds
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Top Tips To Know Before Becoming a Digital Nomad with Christina Voll - Ep. 013

On the show today we have Christina Voll, founder of the digital marketing agency, talks to us about how you can best prepare to travel the world while simultaneously running your business. Fun fact: Christina has been a digital nomad her entire life and had never stepped foot in an office.  In this episode, we discuss potential jobs that you can get to make sure that you have money while you travel, smart travel tips, taxes, and much more!
11/06/201932 minutes 2 seconds
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The "DIY Way" To Rapidly Grow Your Brand with PR with Jen Berson - Ep. 012

On the show today we had Jen Berson from Jeneration PR talks to us about the power of PR and how we can harness that power for ourselves. Contrary to what most people think, PR (Public Relations) is one of the most cost-effective methods of raising brand awareness for your business and, in essence, increase sales. When it comes to rapidly gaining exposure and communicating the credibility of your brand to the world, PR is simply, hands down, the best channel.
04/06/201958 minutes 8 seconds
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How to Start an Online Store and Make Money while Traveling with Sheridan Cahoon – Ep. 011

In this episode, Sheridan Cahoon from talks about how he was able to successfully launch his online ecommerce business to help fuel this passion for constant travel, and how you can too.  We go into topics of branding, quality of products, sourcing, SEO, and much more. We also uncover his personal take on some of the ups and downs that have come with running a dropship business while being a digital nomad.
28/05/201928 minutes 56 seconds
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Listener Q&A: Real Questions with Real Answers - Ep. 010

Ready to increase your rates? Want to feel more productive? Need a bigger email list? We discuss all three in today's episode. In this session of the Startup Smarter Podcast, I'm going to share my feedback on some of the questions that have been submitted by the Startup Smarter community. If you would like to submit a question to be answered on the show, please visit:
21/05/201916 hours 48 minutes
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5-Figure Side Hustle Selling Low Content Books on Amazon with Rebecca Holman – Ep. 009

We're going to be talking about a growing trend that is perhaps counter-intuitive to you might think of when it comes to business. That is publishing low content books on Amazon. In this episode, Rebecca Holman who is an expert on both low content books and SEO talks to us about how she is crushing it in her 60's publishing journals, planners, and small books on Amazon. 
14/05/201947 minutes 38 seconds
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How To Create and Publish Comics on Kickstarter with Mike Speakman – Ep. 008

Getting into the comic book business is extremely difficult. Thankfully, this is no longer the case. With crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, artists now have an opportunity to communicate directly to a fanbase of comic book customers and bring life to their project much sooner. In this episode, Mike Speakman, creator of the Space Copz comics and several other successful comic book crowdfunding projects, comes on to discuss what tips he's learned for launching on Kickstarter. 
01/05/201943 minutes 3 seconds
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Powerful Public Speaking Techniques with Andrew Weiss - Ep. 007

Andrew Weiss is an expert on public speaking and helping others give better presentations that lead to the best outcomes. Whether you are trying to crush your next pitch meeting, land your upcoming performance review, or figure out the right words to say to that special someone, Andrew and his team at have you covered. Thankfully, it's not as scary as you think it is and learning some basic tips will go a long way in helping you rally people around what you are passionate about.
23/04/201925 minutes 28 seconds
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How Mastermind Groups Can Quickly Grow Your Business with Ronan Leonard - Ep. 006

Ronan Leonard is an expert on helping experts and niche leaders to monetize their knowledge and add new revenue streams through the use of masterminds. On today's episode of The Startup Smarter Podcast, Ronan talks to us about the many benefits that comes with joining or starting a Mastermind group, the proper mindset to have before joining, and how to know that you are ready to enter into a Mastermind group with other business owners.
16/04/201928 minutes 23 seconds
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Finding The Right Mindset To Tackle Bigger Goals with Erin Mac - 005

Erin Mac is committed to teaching people how to: find their purpose, identify what is standing in the way of living the life they want, and finding joy in their daily life, even without the car, house, career, etc. In this episode, we go into her personal journey of how she found her own clarity. This new level of clarity, in turn, allowed her to successfully sell her service business, start a new business, and run a non-profit on the side. 
09/04/201919 hours 59 minutes
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How Yeri Bridgett Quit Her Job and Paid Off $40,000 in Loans While Traveling - 004

Yeri is on a mission to teach you how to travel the world on a budget. In this episode, we talk about her journey and how Startup Smarter Podcast listeners can start traveling the world while growing your business.
02/04/201919 hours 55 minutes
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Stand Out Of The Crowd By Going Niche – 003

In this session of the Startup Smarter Podcast, I'm going to share with you my best tips to help your business stand out from the crowd and make more money through niching.
26/03/201916 hours 18 minutes
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Start Today! Learn How To Get Out Of Your Own Way - 002

In this episode, I'm going to share my top 5 tips for starting a business today. So that you can get out of your own way and finally start something around what your calling is while avoiding as many pitfalls as possible in the process.
19/03/201914 hours 18 minutes
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There's Never Been A Better Time To Start A Business. Let's Grow Together - 001

Welcome to the first episode of The Startup Smarter Podcast, hosted by best selling author Joe C. Johnson. This episode sets the tone for what's in store for all of you entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and small business owners who want REAL, uncomplicated strategies to grow your business.
07/02/201913 hours 41 minutes