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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 5 hours 40 minutes
The best selling international small business magazine. Published in the U.K, UAE, & India and available in 90 countries.Learn more about the entrepreneurs features with our podcast
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Essential Marketing Tips

Understanding what’s essential in terms of marketing is critical for the success of any business.  In the world of marketing,  it’s vital to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques.  Here are some essential marketing strategies businesses need to pay attention to. 
05/01/20239 minutes 18 seconds
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Business Leaders - Professor Mark Watson

In this episode Zia speaks to Professor Mark Watson Gandy a British lawyer and academic, specialising in UK commercial law. Since 2019 he is Chairman of the Biometrics and Forensic Ethics Group, a Home Office non-departmental public body, formerly known as the National DNA Database Ethics Group... We learn more about his experiences and views on company law, ethics and education...
23/02/202120 minutes 28 seconds
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Interview with an Entrepreneur - Simon Woodroffe

We meet the founder of the Yo Sushi restaurant chain, Simon Woodroffe.
27/11/202013 minutes 54 seconds
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Interview with as Entrepreneur - John Bird

We speak to social entrepreneur John Bird, founder of the Big Issue
27/11/20203 minutes 14 seconds
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Interview with an Entrepreneur - Charlie Green

We speak to Charlie Green, the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the The Office Group, who specialise in flexible office spaces and meeting rooms. Charlie tells us about the development of office spaces in recent years and how this could and should affect small businesses…
27/11/202028 minutes 38 seconds
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Business Experts - Stephen Bruyant-Langer talks “a blueprint for running your life”

We speak to a man of many hats, Stephen Bruyant-Langer, executive coach, head hunter, marketeer, and most recently author. Stephen tells us about the transformative process he underwent in his career and life after being made redundant from his marketing position at Coca-Cola. This led to him developing a new life plan- The Personal Business Plan which he’s now put into to print to share with us all…
27/11/202053 minutes 59 seconds
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Interview with an Entrepreneur - Phil Bedford

An experienced business trainer, Phil brings over a decade of experience to his role as Master Franchisee for the Referral Institute. His expertise and experience working with both companies and networking associations, coupled with a passion for training have helped him launch the most successful BNI Chapters in the Middle East to date.
27/11/202036 minutes 49 seconds
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Women in Business - Hayley Quinn - How to be more confident

Hayley Quinn is a love and relationship expert, motivational speaker and vlogger. She runs, a bespoke dating, personal and social development service.
27/11/202023 minutes 41 seconds
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Interview with an Entrepreneur - Brad Burton

An interview with Brad Burton. We speak to the charismatic, self-made business guru Brad Burton. Learn more about his business journey as he pulls no punches in this tell-all podcast interview. It's a rollercoaster ride from his humble beginnings to becoming one of the most highly regarded business experts today.
26/11/202040 minutes 24 seconds
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Interview with An Entrepreneur - Tony Robinson

We speak to the Rock’n’Roll legend of Enterprise Tony Robinson OBE. Author, entrepreneur, key-note speaker, and all-round sound guy. Awarded an OBE from Prince Charles in 2001 for his outstanding services to small firms and training, he’s currently enjoying his latest success with the continually expanding, global community of entrepreneurs and SME’s, the Entreprise Rockers…
26/11/202051 minutes 11 seconds