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English, News magazine, 158 seasons, 1892 episodes, 6 days, 12 hours, 18 minutes
The Start is Winnipeg's podcast. Each and every day Global News Radio CJOB's Mackling, Megarry & McNabb break down the biggest stories of the day from politics to pop culture. If it matters to Manitobans you will hear about it on The Start. 45 minutes a day every weekday.
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Breakfast In The Park

Weird weather but hopefully better for the WHITEOUT PARTY! We have tix to give away (1:40); Man lives in Stanley Park for more than 30 years (8:20); If you could live anywhere, where would it be? (12:55); If you could live anywhere / breakfast chat - do you still eat breakfast? (21:45); Canadian Breakfast Habits Revealed: Majority Still Start Their Day with a Meal, Survey Finds (26:15); Small Town Salute... CPAWS - protect 30% of Manitoba nature by 2030 (31:45); Winning tale on living anywhere (42:00); AUTHOR World's Fastest Man* - The Incredible Life of Ben Johnson (46:00).
4/18/202458 minutes, 47 seconds
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Don't You Know That You're Toxic?

Greg went to the game and is probably tired but that's ok cuz JETS CLINCH HOME ICE! (1:40); Sounds of the Game! (9:10); Weird things that happen with our cars (16:50); State of the EV market in Canada (24:45); Future of work... TOXIC POSITIVITY (33:05); Weekly Wednesday Jets Chat - Ken Wiebe (44:25); Bizarre car issues (56:25); Winning tale on bizarre car issues (59:20); Saying Good Bye - WSO Associate Conductor is leaving for Toronto! SORT OF (1:04:05).
4/17/20241 hour, 18 minutes, 51 seconds
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Pizza; Money

Having Coffee Talking... Buyer's remorse! Winning bidder of classic hockey cards feeling remorse over $3.7M purchase (1:40); Buyer's remorse (9:20); CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT! / Breakfast with the Bombers with Brady Oliveira (12:00); National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week - 911 call takers and dispatchers (21:55); Tim Hortons launching pizza nationally - The challenges businesses face to bring people in, and how much choice is too much?? (35:30); Winning tale on buyer's remorse (43:00); New book: "The Old Moon In Her Arms: Women I Have Known and Been" (46:55).
4/16/20241 hour, 2 minutes
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No Odd Job!

HOLY SMOKES WINNIPEG JETS!!! Condensed Sounds of the Game (0:30); Downtown living and perceptions of safety and convenience - Fred Douglas Place residents love it (7:10); Oddly satisfying chores (14:55); Oddly satisfying chores & one that made Brett quit a job (22:05); FUTURE OF WORK - Is it a career, or just a job? Prioritizing lifestyle over job satisfaction (25:45); SPORTS! - Jim Toth (33:05); Winning tales on oddly satisfying chores (46:35); New book from Romeo Dallaire - "The Peace: A Warrior's Journey" (50:10).
4/15/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 50 seconds
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Odd; Future

Sounds of the Game! (1:40); Odd music combos that work surprisingly well, like Pitbull & Dolly Parton (5:35); FUTURE OF WORK: CoBots! (13:20); Siloam Radiothon - Garth Maness, Chair of the Siloam Mission Board (21:40); Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad annual launch! (33:00); Siloam Radiothon - Kendall Giilck, Manager of the Building Futures social enterprise employment program (45:40); Winning musical combo (54:15); Siloam Radiothon - Neil, Laundry Lead (56:50).
4/12/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 47 seconds
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Building: A Mystery

23 on Saturday??? / Masters! / Phoenix Coyotes moving to Utah?? / Jets tonight! / LA PRODUCTORA AT 6:35! (1:40); Open House... at the Manitoba Archives Building! - LA PRODUCTORA - LAUREN MCNABB! (8:45); If you could go into any building, which one would it be? (17:55); "Free" dental care. The federal program rolls out next month but dentists already getting a lot of questions (25:05); Small Town Salute... Expanding on last week's visit with A Touch of Equine - Helping farmers with their mental health (32:55); Jeremy Regan from Hunter and Gunn... visit to Ukraine free haircuts/Documentary (43:30); Winning tale on buildings to explore (56:50); Discussing The Masters with... The Master! Bob Irving! (1:00:15).
4/11/20241 hour, 15 minutes, 3 seconds
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Have A (Pickle)Ball!

Future of Work / Clear Lake / Sea Bears & CEBL announcement on Championship Weekend 2025 (1:40); Fear of missing out, or, FOMO (9:25); A local business was fined for an overflowing garbage bin...except it wasn't. What a security tape appears to show...(16:50); Weekly Wednesday Jets Chat - John Shannon (25:05); FUTURE OF WORK - Artificial Intelligence (36:30); Question of the Day on credit card charges / Question on rivers and what we're seeing for ice and levels / Whiteout party details coming at noon (46:50); Pickleball! (55:25). 
4/10/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 7 seconds
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It's Camp!

Jets - how do you feel Greg?? / Breakfast with the Bombers / Eclipse (1:40); Total solar eclipse mesmerizes millions in Canada - Guinness World Record in Niagara Falls for... ? (8:00); Camping misadventures! (Reservations are open now for Birds Hill, Winnipeg Beach and Grand Beach (14:35); Absenteeism/Bullying - What some schools are doing, like changing hours - Richard Cloutier (22:10); Breakfast with the Bombers - Andrew Harris to retire as a Blue Bomber, and opens up on what happened when he left the team (30:15); Camping stories (39:55); Camping & golfing - reservations continue to go well by the sounds of it, and a handful of courses opening this week! (43:55); Winning story on camping (51:25); Sherbrook development... who's against this?? - Brent Bellamy reacts in studio (55:15).
4/9/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 50 seconds
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Totality Tubular

Show Intro (0:30); Lunchables are back!!! Your best and worst school lunches (8:00); U of M Graduate of Distinction, Steve Kroft (11:25); Total Eclipse with Scott Young from the Planeterium (22:55); Sports with Jim Toth (29:40); MB Marathon is back!! (40:30); Winnipeg Made Me: Growing Up After World War II", Orde Morton (45:45).
4/8/202459 minutes, 14 seconds
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Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Brett thought it was Saturday / Excellent forecast / Bryan Baeumler joining us at 9:35! (1:40); Retired Major General in Winnipeg this week hosting a seminar on leadership and coaching (8:35); Wrestlemania 40 is this weekend. What's the biggest event you've been to? (18:00); Some biggest events (24:00); Revisiting Bryan Baeumler's thoughts on housing crisis & building smarter homes (27:50); WRESTLEMANIA XL! 40 years of Wrestlemania! (32:00); Gab with Gabby! (Happy birthday Gabby!) (44:15); Winning story on biggest events (51:45); Bryan Baeumler! Winnipeg Home & Garden Show (55:35). 
4/5/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 14 seconds
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It's The Little Things...

Asher Coombs, 15-year-old leader at Rossbrook House drop-in centre (1:40); The little things you never knew, like why the elevator bings once for this and twice for that (9:40); Interview with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau -- He's in Winnipeg today for a housing announcement, & we have carbon tax questions (16:55); Reaction to Trudeau chat (27:10); Monthly visit with the Mayor - Budget reaction, rail relocation, water treatment, and residential development HELL (32:00); Little things you never knew (42:35); Pristine Roofing holding contest to 'Pay it forward' for someone to win a new roof / Discussing the rising costs of renovations (47:20); Winning tale on the little things you never knew (56:35); Speaking to the author of "The Princess Auto Story (59:00).
4/4/20241 hour, 10 minutes, 19 seconds
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A Very Important Date

How to win Heart & BTO tickets with Rich & Julie on The News / BUDGET (1:40); 'A significant document’: Health care-heavy Manitoba budget released (7:30); Cruise ship passengers stranded in Africa - Times we were late, and it was BAD (13:35); Rural reaction to provincial budget (21:45); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat with Leah Hextall (28:00); Clay Young - Manitoba Chambers of Commerce post-budget breakfast reaction (39:20); Winning tale on being late (46:00); Professional organizing & decluttering tips coming to the Winnipeg Home & Garden Show with Megan Golightly (50:55).
4/3/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 1 second
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Silly Slips

JETS WIN!! BUDGET DAY!! (1:40); Silly little injuries that cause surprising inconvenience (8:45); Provincial budget preview with 680 CJOB's Chief Budget Correspondent Richard Cloutier (17:35); Breakfast with the Bombers - the voice of the Bombers, Derek Taylor (25:40); World Autism Awareness Day - U of M taking part in new study and is seeking families (35:10); Silly little injuries (45:45); Winning tales on silly injuries (49:00); CHOCOLATE BUNNIES FROM HELL... doing a big show this Friday at The Big Wankin' A! (53:55).
4/2/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 40 seconds
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Bunny Hug?!

Baltimore / Connectivity tee-up for 7:35 (1:40); Baltimore bridge collapse - What brought it down so quickly? (7:40); Manitoba's A.I. Easter Bunny looks...horrifying - Manitoba stereotypes (15:15); Feedback on Baltimore bridge and working on bridges / Manitoba stereotypes (22:50); Richard Cloutier: Connectivity in your neighborhood. Why does my cell drop out on Pembina? Where is it working? How are we fixing it? (26:40); Computer scientist weighs in on connectivity issues and why the service sometimes... stinks! (36:00); Winning story on Manitoba stereotypes (43:10); Summit Series plaque unveil - Winnipeg getting a plaque for hosting Game 3, now the mission begins to find the plaque a home! (46:25).
3/27/202459 minutes, 31 seconds
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It's A Trap!

Sounds of the Game... Jets win big game last week against the Rangers, then get blasted three games in row (1:40); Kate Middleton receives outpouring of support following cancer diagnosis (5:25); Star Wars marathon coming on May the 4th. Nine movies, 20 hours. What's the longest you've ever done something? (13:15); Longest you've ever done something (20:00); SPORTS WITH JIM TOTH! Winnipeg Jets floundering / NCAA Bracket Busting / Queen Rachel (curling) (23:00); CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT! / Scott Young on bunk eclipse goggles (34:15); Winning tale on longest you've ever done something (42:45); Manitoba artist Nelson Little's song 'Just Make it Happen' takes the charts by storm (46:15).
3/25/20241 hour, 1 minute, 41 seconds
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Hopes Deleted

Prime Minister Brian Mulroney special airing at 9am / Youth crime and knives, baffled on why five of six young people arrested... were released (1:40); Portage & Main recap (8:40); 99% of NCAA brackets already busted! Times where our hopes were dashed immediately (17:00); Knife crime... how did the UK recently respond with new laws on knives? (24:25); Feedback on youth crime & knives (31:00); THE COUCH POTATOES! Ghostbusters, Immaculate, and ROAD HOUSE (34:00); Winnipeg Jets tweet at New York Jets about getting together for dinner based on obscure call-in show reference (45:45); CONTEST ANNOUNCEMENT & LINEUP UPDATE FOR A BIG SHOW! / Switched at birth... the Premier's apology (48:40).
3/22/202457 minutes, 33 seconds
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Three Little Words

Potholes & gas prices (1:40); The INTENSITY of certain games... like Perfection! (9:45); Intense games, like boxing with your brother and ending up concussed in hospital! (17:45); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - John Shannon (20:05); CFL COMMISH! (27:45); City Councillor Russ Wyatt calls Mayor's Portage and Main stance a "set-up" in Facebook post (40:35); Winning tale on intense games (49:10); Avalanche of feedback on Portage & Main & Wyatt's comments (52:05). 
3/20/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 2 seconds
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Be Kind...

Pipeline shutdown - Premier joining us later / St. Patrick's Day yesterday... how much productivity will be lost today? (1:40); Video King closing after 40 years. Let's discuss renting movies! (8:30); What's the situation with this pipeline and how concerned should we be? (17:50); Monthly visit with Premier Wab Kinew (26:55); Video rental store stuff (38:45); New show launching on Corus radio stations: Life Shouldn’t Hurt (42:35); Winning story on video rentals (50:30); Weekend sports with Bob Irving! (54:45). 
3/18/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 19 seconds
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Sweet Dreams!

It is WORLD SLEEP DAY! (0:30); DREAMS! (7:20); World Sleep Day - Lauri the Dream Expert! (16:15); SLEEP COUNTRY PRIZE WINNER (28:50); Gab with Gabby! (32:35); Winning story on dreams (40:25); Cooper Nemeth Memorial Hockey Tournament (44:45).
3/15/202456 minutes, 42 seconds
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Simply Irresistible

10 degrees yesterday / Potholes (1:40); Fraud Prevention Month - The Clayman recently had an interesting fraud-related experience (8:00); Simple addictive pleasures, like the hidden game in Instagram (15:30); Simple addictive pleasures (22:50); Milt Stegall on Breakfast with the Bombers - Follow-up on the death of Coach Dave Ritchie (25:45); Follow-up discussion on scams and Fraud Prevention Month? (34:55); Winning tale on simple addictive pleasures (41:40); Manitoba Bisons women's volleyball team wins CanWest championship for first time ever, off to the nationals?Ken Bentley, head coach U of M Bisons women's volleyball team (46:00).
3/12/202459 minutes, 17 seconds
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A Day of Days!

WAKE UP! International Women's Day / trade deadline / Jets / yay Friday!; For International Women's Day... celebrating music from women that's special to you; Susie Erjavec Parker - nominated for RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneurship Awards / balancing motherhood and entrepeneurship; Music from women that's special to you; THE COUCH POTATOES!; NHL TRADE DEADLINE DAY - Jets @ Noon co-hosts Cam Poitras & Jim Toth; Gab with Gabby!; Winning tale on women's music that's special to you; Sara Orlesky - renowned sports broadcaster, keynote at Habitat for Humanity Women Build Speaker Series this morning for IWD
3/9/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 23 seconds
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Spot: The Difference

How's the snow cleanup going? For both of us, it looked great! Outside the city though, here come the cancellations...(1:40); Do you have your favourite 'spot' in which to sit? (7:45); Environment Canada's DAVID PHILLIPS on the snow, and what's in store for the next little while...(14:10); Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham - follow-up questions on closing the underground circus at Portage and Main (21:00); BRYAN BAEUMLER on his new TV shows and how can we build houses better and smarter? (32:10); Where's your spot? Semi truck driver takes it in a different direction with an important reminder on winter safety (42:55); Winning story on HEY THAT'S MY SPOT GET LOST (46:45); We were going to talk about something here but quickly derailed ourselves and talked about beer and craft beer and stolen beer glasses and cutlery (50:20).
3/7/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 21 seconds
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Good Time

SNOWFALL WARNING YUCK / How do we fix Greg's ink stain on his San Diego hoodie?? (1:40); Folklorama teams up with #CelebrateEverything initiative (9:10); Times someone went out of their way to 'make good' (inspired by tech issue at the hockey game last night) (17:00); More men than women feel their company provides ample opportunity for career growth (24:50); Downtown BIZ on 2023 Downtown Snapshot (31:20); Weekly Wednesday Jets Chat (38:00); Winning 'make good' story (49:35); Canada Life Centre is the sixth cleanest sports venue in Canada, according to research conducted by sports platform The Grueling Truth (54:15). 
3/6/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 18 seconds
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Hey Hey My My

Brett's back but wishes he had one more day off cuz CANCELLATIONS GALORE TODAY CUZ STORM; Surprise announcements that rocked you to your core! Like Portage & Main; Jets/Brier Chat with BOB IRVING; Snow days / Anniversary of Blizzard of 1966; Music historian John Einarson on Neil Young coming back to Winnipeg to perform
3/5/202437 minutes, 10 seconds
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Let's Get Physical!

Good (snowy) morning! (0:30); The items we are nostalgic for (7:10); The state of the Jets (12:00); The weekend in sports! (18:40); Jann Arden & Rick Mercer coming to the Centennial Concert Hall! (29:15); The Blue Bomber Winter Special! (35:55).
2/26/202447 minutes, 19 seconds
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Parents Are Lazy?

Environment Canada not backing down... Monday's Forecast High 12 degrees(0:30), World Lymphedema Day is coming, putting early spotlight on it(4:59), Stuff our parents made us do cuz they were too lazy (12;31)hey while you're up can you grab me a coke?)(19:30), Lauren McNabb - Ukraine-Russia War started two years ago tomorrow(27:34) More with Lauren on the Ukrainian family... having dinner with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau!(30:10) COUCH POTATOES! Fallon joke on potential Paramount+ & Peacock merger / new movies / SURVIVOR RETURNS NEXT WEEK!(39:25) Stuff our parents made us do cuz they were too lazy(40:56), Follow up on stuff our parents made us do cuz lazy -- Rolling cigarettes and the avalanche of reaction(45:30), Summer market events coming to The Forks with 50 local makers & Winnipeg 150(54:18), More stuff our parents made us do cuz lazy(57:50), Gab with Gabby!(1:05:09) Winning story on stuff our parents made us do cuz lazy(1:09:34), Karaoke with a BAND!!!! 'Karaoke Live' at Fort Garry Hotel every other Thursday in the Club Room. 
2/23/20241 hour, 20 minutes, 1 second
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Take A Look, It's In A Book...

The forecast for the next week is BONKERS / tee-up for I Love to Read chats (1:40); The Forks Nestaweya River Trail closed for season (8:50); I LOVE TO READ! What's your favourite book with pictures? Whether illustrated or real pics (17:25); Favourite books with pictures (24:35); Teacher on importance of I Love to Read (27:05); Winning tale on books with pictures (40:00); Winnipegger appearing on THE PRICE IS RIGHT today! (44:45). 
2/22/202457 minutes, 24 seconds
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The sinkhole repairs are underway! Union Ave E. in Elmwood beside George V school where Brett went for I Love to Read (1:40); Times we were boneheads and inexplicably did something dumb (8:35); CLAY YOUNG: HSC Volunteers... Visiting patients to improve patient morale (15:45); Trump statements re: NATO -- Is NORAD at risk? (21:10); Brett's elevator panic - apparently Wednesday is not a work from home day! / Premier Wab Kinew pats himself on the back for inflation, economists wary (32:30); Weekly Wednesday Jets Chat - Leah Hextall (39:40); The winning bonehead moment (50:40); Manitoba woman says delivery drivers not following simple company protocols (54:40).
2/21/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 34 seconds
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Won't You Come...

WAKE UP! Long weekend weather / river trail closed again / Jets blow it in Calgary (0:30); What's something you wish you did more often? For Brett, it's bowling (7:10); Transit Safety Officers hit the ground today....what buses? What should riders look for? How are drivers feeling? (16:05); Stuff we should do more often (23:50); Bob Irving on sports! Curling/Jets/Bombers/NBA All-Star JOKE (26:50); BLACK HOLE SUN! Astronomers have discovered what may be the brightest object in the universe (38:40); Winning story on stuff we should do more of (47:35); ZUEIKE - Black History collaboration with Jets ahead of tonight's BHM game / overall B. History 2024 'Legacy' collection (51:00).
2/20/20241 hour, 4 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ice; Spice

THE LONG WEEKEND IS NIGH! (1:00); Lauren McNabb! Demand for spicy food and condiments has exploded in recent years. Why? (7:30); Spicy food adventures!? (15:35); More spicy food adventures (22:55); Lauren debrief on spicy food! (26:05); Sleep in Heavenly Peace... they need space of their own so they can build even MORE beds for kids (33:50); Gab with Gabby! (43:10); Winning spicy food story (50:10); Wonderful Wedding Show happening next week (54:30). 
2/16/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 32 seconds
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What's In A (Nick)name?

After telling kids at I Love to Read sometimes we have bad stuff to talk about, there's a mass shooting at Kansas City parade (0:30); Kansas City Super Bowl parade shooting (7:05); Another Blue Bomber legend dies - Gerry James // Sounds of the Game (11:10); Nicknames! Ever have one you liked? One you disliked? Know anyone who tried to give themselves a nickname? (18:25); Nicknames (26:55); Book launch from one our favourite people, Michael Redhead Champagne with 'We Need Everyone' (30:25); Monthly visit with Premier Wab Kinew (39:15); Winning story on nicknames (51:05); Black History Month: 'My Fighting Family: Borders and Bloodlines and the Battles that Made Us' (53:45). 
2/15/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Spirit of Radio

World Radio Day! / Premier Wab Kinew's powerful message regarding Carman deaths (0:30); World Radio Day! Memorable moments, what does it mean to you (8:30); Why is fast food so expensive (17:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - CFL FREE AGENCY (24:55); Listener NICK FROM DQ weighs in on the rising cost of fast food (33:25); Boston Pizza Heart Shaped Pizzas tomorrow! In support of the Travis Price Children's Heart Centre (40:10); Are 8,000 housing units in 2024 a realistic possibility for Winnipeg? (49:20); JETS TICKETS! Winning World Radio Day prize (56:30); An extraordinary sports trip - Seeing the Jets in Pittsburgh & Philadelphia, then enjoying 15 minutes of fame for looking like Jason Mantzoukas! (1:01:50).
2/13/20241 hour, 14 minutes, 57 seconds
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Monday M & M

Suspicious deaths / triple stabbing / cops shot in standoff // Sports (1:40); Super Bowl! (9:25); When's a time you were 'Captain Clutch'? (16:25); Five dead in three different scenes police say are linked to one suspect (23:55); More on the suspicious deaths with the mayor of Carman (31:10); RWB Romeo & Juliet - Catherine & Craig the AMAZING RACE Winners (37:30); Winning story on being Captain Clutch (49:00); SPORTS! Super Bowl / Phoenix Open drunken nonsense / Bombers & free agency (52:45).
2/12/20241 hour, 6 minutes, 4 seconds
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iCan't Find It!

Brett's back from... WHAT? (0:30); Ever lose your phone? (3:55); Getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday? You can bet on anything and everything (11:50); Lost cell phones (17:45); COUCH POTATOES! Carl Weathers, and Curb's return (21:10); Gab with Gabby! (32:25); Winning story on cell phone loss (39:25); Blue Bombers crossing names… who's left? - Derek Taylor VOICE OF THE BLUE BOMBERS (44:05).
2/9/202456 minutes, 47 seconds
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Finish The Story

Grammys / NHL All-Star game / Should the Jets make another big move before the trade deadline? (0:30); Man arrested in Winnipeg after assault on bus driver - Greg's observations from the scene! (6:50); Taylor Swift announces new album - What's an album that was highly anticipated for you? (11:05); Assault on a transit bus Saturday, triggers emergency warning from driver (19:25); Sports chat with Jim Toth! (27:55); Eagerly anticipated albums (39:50); Revisit of city sidewalk clearing, feedback from listeners (43:15); Winning story on eagerly anticipated albums (50:55); THE ROCK appears to have stolen a main event spot at Wrestlemania 40. Yes he's a big star, but FANS ARE MAD. What else is going on here? (54:35). 
2/5/20241 hour, 9 minutes, 46 seconds
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Puppet Merv

It's Groundhog Day! Manitoba Merv is a puppet. Who's your favourite puppet? We continue the 680 CJOB Health Series with a cold plunge. The Couch Potatoes look at what's new at the movies. We get a visit from CJOB lengend Brian Barkley. Gabrielle Marchand joins for her weekly Gab With Gabby. Square's Future of Commerce Report: Unveiling the AI Revolution in Canadian Businesses with Kelley Keehn.
2/2/20241 hour, 35 minutes, 55 seconds
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Pullin' Me Back

00:00 THE FOG!  06:54 Chris Streveler returns to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers!  10:40 World Juniors sex assault case spark calls for change in hockey culture 18:25 Strevy comes back... What's the thing / place that pulled you back in? 25:50 CFIB report in reducing admin burdens for physicians 33:07 Places that pulled us back in 34:55 Small Town Salute... To Manitoba! With CJOB legend Brian Barkley! 43:15 I'm sorry for everything': Zuckerberg among social media execs testifying before U.S. Senate / Places that pulled us back   50:25 Up-to-date estimate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrests in Canada 56:55 St. B Mega Million Choices Lottery Loyalty Bonus Deadline - visiting with mom of child who was born at 28 weeks weighing 1 pound 10 oz 1:06:30 Winner tale on something that pulled you back in
2/1/20241 hour, 11 minutes, 23 seconds
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Out Exploring

Jets Wednesday - Leah Hextall will join us to talk Jets, and the Hockey Canada situation Violent, on-ice incident during junior hockey game Times we went exploring Manitoba Government commits to school meals program The Weather has put an annual winter event in jeopardy Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - Leah Hextall LAUREN MCNABB! Global BC experiment with the outfits of the male and female anchors highlights the nonsense women put up with at work The benefit of 'snowboarding' for/or after joint replacement surgery
1/31/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 22 seconds
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Mistaken Identity

06:07 How are the roads with this freeze/thaw? Sidewalks are treacherous, Forks port rink is a mess, Frosty Face! 06:37 MAID update / Winnipeg couple told to remove security camera or risk losing home care 06:45 Have you ever been mistaken for somebody famous?? Global's Sam Brownell with a great story of being mistaken for a Winnipeg Jet! 07:15 Mistaken for being famous 07:37 Breakfast with the Bombers - Johnny Augustine! Any intel on who else might come back?? 08:07 City Hall security concerns - how much abuse do politicians deal with? 08:37 Home care follow-up on rights around cameras 08:45 Mistaken for being famous 09:06 SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! / Forks closes river rink and land trails 09:15 Winning story on being mistaken for being famous 09:36 Frosty Face Manitoba! Is the mild winter ruining his fun?? 09:53 Who was Hal Anderson mistaken to be on the famous front???
1/30/20241 hour, 18 minutes, 25 seconds
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Old Found Treasures are Buzzing Around!

1/29/20241 hour, 8 minutes, 13 seconds
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Bubble Bobble

Super mild week lies ahead!?????? (1:40); THE VILLAIN OF YOUR CHILDHOOD, LIKE IVAN DRAGO (8:10); Childhood villains (16:30); COUCH POTATOES! Barbie back in theatres, fresh off the CONTROVERSY AT THE OSCARS (19:20); Risky play - do we bubble wrap our kids? (29:25); Former broadcaster and RRC instructor turned bank robber speaks to Clay Young (he was one of my instructors - Brett) (36:50); Gab with Gabby - Kids sing Backstreet Boys I Want It That Way to Clay Young!?? (49:55); Winning tale on childhood villains (57:40). 
1/26/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 6 seconds
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Wii'r All In This Together

BRETT SMASH TD & VISA - predatory lending practices, AND, Greg cancelled WHAT??? (1:40); Let's play some Wii Tennis! Shared video game experiences (9:15); Clay Young on reduced speed zones... results show more than 70 percent of people in affected areas, don't mind it will take longer... what say you? (19:15); Small Town Salute... to the Manitoba Scotties!!! (26:25); United Airlines bringing back flights from YWG to ORD & DEN (34:35); Massive St Mary's hockey tourney starts today! (40:35); It's Improv Season! (46:55); Winning tale of shared video game experiences (57:50); Basketball saved my life' - U of M star shares her story? (1:01:25). 
1/25/20241 hour, 14 minutes, 51 seconds
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Mark and Sue Bebek and the struggle for a diagnosis and treatment for their son who has struggled with sleep issues for several years

1/24/20246 minutes, 41 seconds
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Winter Hybrid

Jets - right call to pull the goalie?? / Woman arrested with $3,000 worth of Stanley mugs in her car (1:40); SOUNDS OF THE GAME (with Ross Levitan joining for chat) (9:15); To tie in with our 8:35 (and Clay's toboggan run yesterday) - Moments of winter fun that stand out for you (17:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Stanley Bryant (24:20); Winter fun memories (33:20); Kids getting squirrely? Scouts Canada launches 'Kidtastic' activity generator to fight midwinter blahs? (37:35); Winning winter fun memory (47:55); Discussion on hybrid work & downtown challenges, and Premier Wab Kinew's thoughts on it (50:45).
1/23/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 14 seconds
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On location!; Iconic signs! Like Rae & Jerry's; Favourite signs; Favourite signs / radiothon; RADIOTHON - Dr. Jitender Sareen, Provincial Specialty Lead, Mental Health and Addictions, Shared Health...??... Health Sciences Centre; and Innovation HSC Radiothon 2024 Department Champion; RADIOTHON & RAMUARY
1/19/202442 minutes, 27 seconds
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10,000 Maniacs

Weather starting to let up / How's the snow clearing in your neighbourhood? (1:40); Resident says she wasn't connected with city supports after College Avenue fire in Winnipeg (8:00); 10,000 people apply to be Smashing Pumpkins guitarist. For you... which band, which instrument? (14:15); Power grid challenges (23:00); Which band, which instrument? (29:30); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - John Shannon (32:40); Tenant rights....manager rights when it comes to evictions, fires, insurance etc (42:15); Energy Minister in Winnipeg for an announcement today, but we want to ask about AB power grid situation, & EVs (48:30); Winning story on which band, which instrument? (55:25); The Legacy of Carole King... Royal MTC Play BEAUTIFUL The Carole King Musical - Alan Cross (59:00). 
1/17/20241 hour, 12 minutes, 28 seconds
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The Stanley Phenomenon

06:07 Ever forget to let your dog back in? Greg was scared he left Whiskey outside on Monday 06:45 Having Coffee Talking... Something you just had to have, like a Stanley Tumbler 07:07 Clay Young at The Leaf... find a tropical get away at home with Fleurs de Villes VOYAGE 07:15 Stuff we just had to have! 07:37 Breakfast with the Bombers - Listener Paul Quaye who was at the Kansas City game, and was on the field!! 08:37 The Stanley Tumbler Phenomenon 08:45 Feedback on the Stanley, and social media influencers - listener says INFLUENCERS RUIN EVERYTHING 09:15 Winning story on stuff we just had to have 09:36 AgDays begins in Brandon! Docuseries with Great Tastes of Manitoba called "Produced on the Prairies"
1/16/202458 minutes, 5 seconds
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A New Start!

Something's different today...(1:40); Things you like to rewatch at specific times of year, like Brett and The Grey in January (8:25); Electrical grid reliability re: Alberta emergency Saturday (14:25); Things we like to rewatch at specific times of year (22:20); TAXES! New benefits, deductions and other income tax changes (24:30); Sports!! - Jim Toth (33:50); Winner on stuff we like to rewatch at a specific time of year (45:40); Indigenous representation galore in Marvel Cinematic Universe in Echo, and What If...? (49:00). 
1/15/20241 hour, 3 minutes, 48 seconds
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Moving On! (But Not Out!)

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT COMING, and GO JETS GO! (0:55); Sounds of the Game! (8:35); ANNOUNCEMENT! (11:30); DRUNK ON A PLANE. The simple fun silly songs we love (18:55); Brett's montage celebrating some 'greatest hits' (27:20); NOT Couch Potatoes... surprise guest for Lauren (36:10); Gabby's off today, so we got a dose of CLAYHEM! Clay Young, resident madman at Global News Morning (45:40); Winning entry on fun silly songs (53:10); Montage replay with some closing thoughts on the big announcement (58:05); Connecting Winnipeg & THE closing thought (1:10:30). 
1/12/20241 hour, 16 minutes, 31 seconds
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Perfect Powder!

Roads and snow... why is the Perimeter still closed? Cancellations start to roll in fast and furious (1:40); Cancellations, and resident madman Clay Young out on the street in the snow (8:50); Today's snow is perfect powder. Got a ski or snowboard story? (15:05); Ski stories (20:45); Perimeter closed now for almost 10 hours... can we do better? (22:50); Filipino Heritage Night - Jets vs Flyers (28:00); Winning ski stories (34:30); SHERRY HOLMES at the Winnipeg Renovation Show! (37:55).
1/11/202449 minutes, 57 seconds
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...A Very Important Date

Snow coming!! Jets win again! 60 for 60! (1:40); She vowed to try 60 new things by her 60th… (8:20); Times we were late, like Mark Scheifele's dad missing the bus to the Arizona game (16:45); First in league but still empty seats at Jets game. Where are people spending entertainment $$$ (and whoa...the 50/50!!!) (23:45); Snow, snow, snow snow snow (30:05); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - Leah Hextall! (36:50); Winning story on being late, or dealing with people who are always late (46:55); Housing stability in Minneapolis and how their housing market should be a blueprint for other cities (50:10).
1/10/20241 hour, 2 minutes, 34 seconds
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My Precious...

Cold! Dry vs damp, sun vs wind, etc!; What changes could be coming to the TransCanada and Highway 5... plus what's an R-Cut?; Surprising culinary experiences, good or bad; How did the housing market close out 2023 and what are we anticipating for 2024?; Breakfast with the Bombers - New Special Teams Coordinator Mike Miller!; Some jewelery companies say 2024 will be 'year of the ring'. Has the wedding industry bounced back out of Covid?; More surprising culinary experiences like Brett & Shark Fin Soup / Bee bus story from Iris
1/9/20241 hour, 58 seconds
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Sleep Is The Enemy

We all had bad sleeps, Greg watched too much of the hockey game, Greg's cat made a mess; WFPS Canine unit? Using dogs to detect possible arson; Animal mischief! Greg's cat knocking over cereal boxes. Pennsylvania dog eats $4000!; Some animal mischief; Globe and Mail Article extolls the virtues of Winnipeg; More animal mischief; 1 month after new 9-8-8 suicide line is launched, what's it seeing? And how can Winnipeg deal with rise in check well-being calls?; Manitoban Play by Play voice for PWHL; Clay in Steinbach on booming community/economy in that region; Gab with Gabby!; Winning tale on animal mischief; Parkour and Ninja Warrior training at Serratus Movement Centre
1/5/20241 hour, 18 minutes, 55 seconds
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Where to Visit

Lauren's back / Why do they call it a 2-4 here and a flat in ONT May Long... May 2-46:45 What's a place in Manitoba you vow to visit in 2024?The holiday hangover feels very real this year. Tips for Happiness in 2024... from the Happiness Nerd!Places you vow to visit in Manitoba. Small Town Salute - Places we vow to visit in Manitoba in 2024.The Chief Medical Officer says ER wait times are frustrating...the nurses union says at HSC they're SETTING WAIT TIME RECORDS. More on ER wait times. Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham - lithium-ion factory, crime and mental health supports, transit - LRT vs BRT.Follow-up thoughts on the Mayor & Transit.40 years of Winnipeg Crime Stoppers! Crime Stoppers Awareness Month. Winning entry on places to see in MB in 2024.Swimming with Sharks.... yep Greg's brother Kevin swam with sharks over the Christmas Break
1/4/20241 hour, 20 minutes, 23 seconds
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Paint Your Wagon

THE JETS ARE A WAGON! What does that mean??? I'm not hip. - Brett (1:40); Family seeks answers after international student fatally shot by Winnipeg police (9:15); Things you didn't know were things... like SKIJORING (17:40); Mixed feelings as Manitoba's gas tax holiday begins (24:40); Things you didn't know were things (31:00); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - Leah Hextall! (34:20); What's the hold up on getting body cams for Winnipeg Police? (44:00); Winning tale on things we didn't know were things (51:30); Gas tax holiday money could pay for free transit for Winnipeg, Brandon, Selkirk, Thompson & Flin Flon - Brent Bellamy (54:30).
1/3/20241 hour, 7 minutes, 47 seconds
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Brent Bellamy on gas tax holiday

1/3/202411 minutes, 54 seconds
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Happy New Year!

Greg's back - Brett actually went out for New Year's Eve! Resisted the urge to be a recluse (1:40); Gas Prices... feel "awkwardly low"? Sarah will join us briefly to help setup the chat (paid $1.50 in Ont yesterday) (9:30); The things you do even though you know you shouldn't. Like Greg hurting his ear with a Q-Tip (13:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Redha Kramdi (20:45); Winning story on stuff we do even though we know we shouldn't (27:40); Getting organized in 2024... Sylvie Matthews Organizing (30:35). 
1/2/202445 minutes, 15 seconds
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...We Call It Riding The Gravy Train

What day is it??? Small Town Salute tee-up / Holiday calorie hangover tee-up - the gravy is calling to us from the fridge? (1:40); Wacky wake-ups!? (9:35); Some wacky wake-ups (17:15); Small Town Salute - Snow tubing at Valley View Tubing Hill near MacGregor! (20:25); Operation Red Nose... looking ahead to NYE (31:30); Dreaming of gravy while combating the HOLIDAY CALORIE HANGOVER (39:05); Lauren and Brett have both had stressful dreams on French class -- maybe Brett feels guilty about not finishing university degree (52:35); Winning story on wacky wake-ups (59:50).
12/28/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 49 seconds
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Defeated by December!

06:07 Defeated by December, and it's not over yet... / COUNTRY 99 WINNIPEG'S NEW COUNTRY 06:15 A generation scarred and scared: Marking 50 years ago of 'The Exorcist' 06:37 Chief Smythe Year end Interview 06:45 Have you ever bought something for yourself, then someone else bought it for you as a gift? 07:07 Happiness index in the workplace… looking back on last month and year, how are Canadians feeling 07:15 Listener feedback on gift double-ups 07:45 Still pretty mild... will we see the river trails anytime soon? 08:07 Vaping tax....NDP to double federal excise tax. Do these measures actually reduce use? 08:37 Gofund me for new Canadian fatally stabbed last week passes 80 K. Family reaction/need 08:45 Listener Karen updates on her Christmas dinner with the grandkids - Hot Dogs & KD! / Icy roads in North Dakota, I29 was closed 09:15 Winning story on buying stuff for yourself only to receive it as a gift 09:36 Dalnavert Museum fundraising drive to end 2023
12/27/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 40 seconds
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T'was the Last Show Before Christmas

THE FOG! Will it be a White Christmas? AMAZING CALL ON CONNECTING WINNIPEG WITH LAUREN on the listener with a question- (8:00)Twas the Last Game Before Christmas-(11:25)Memorable gifts we got as kids- (19:55)LAUREN MCNABB! Do you know where you're going without GPS? Can you read a map?- (27:20)GPS Talk-29:05)Couch Potatoes EIGHT NEW MOVIES OF NOTE! Also, Christmas movies & shows- (38:05)-GPS feedback and memorable gifts-(41:05)It's not normal: Most of Canada unlikely to experience white Christmas / Lovely poem about Winnipeg winter from 1929-(47:20)Gab with Gabby-(54:35)Winning story on memorable gifts-(58:10)Christopher Sprague the Sommelier Extraordinaire! Wine! Suggestions on holiday beverages, what to bring to a party, etc-(1:11:30)Connecting Winnipeg tee-up with Lauren in for Hal.
12/22/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 40 seconds
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Shopping Solstice

Greg's walk of shame, and Greg's day Hockey Heritage Day -- got to wear a 70-year-old Stanley Cup Ring! (1:40); Telegraph code found in antique dress... has a Manitoba connection (8:15); Last-minute shopping nightmares (or successes) (15:45); Last-minute shopping nightmares (24:35); Gifts for mom, holiday parking lot Hell, and Costco is ALWAYS chaos (28:30); Clay Young & supporting local retailers and restaurants in Transcona! YEAH TRANSCONA! Transcona retailers (32:40); MONTHLY VISIT WITH A FRIENDLY POOCH! (38:55); Winning story on last-minute shopping nightmares (48:00); RWB's Nutcracker is back for another Christmas run (52:00). 
12/21/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 36 seconds
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...For The Rest of Us

Hockey Heritage Day / theft problem / Salvation Army / Jets (1:40); Vision for the future of Osborne Village (8:30); Unusual Christmas traditions that were born as a joke or by accident (17:10); Unusual Christmas traditions (23:45); Salvation Army only halfway to the finish line for Kettle Campaign (26:35); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - Leah Hextall (36:30); Unusual Christmas traditions (47:40); Hockey Heritage Day in Manitoba - first ever game in western Canada played on the Assiniboine River in 1890! (51:25); Winning story on unusual traditions (59:50). 
12/20/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 56 seconds
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Cheerboard / Jets / B.C. woman gets nasty note about her Christmas lights (1:40); Downtown stabbing... what did we learn from the Chief? (8:45); Sooke homeowner gets naughty letter about Christmas decorations - Best/worst notes given or received (15:25); Cheerboard needs more help! (23:50); Breakfast with the Bombers - Last-minute Bomber gift ideas (31:55); Chilling note from listener about 9/11 provides reminder on the importance of reaching out and sending those 'notes' to our loved ones (40:15); Wacky listener note reminds Greg about a time an exchange student professed her adoration to him (49:50); Winning story on notes (54:25); WINNIPEG COMPANY.... Glassjar Games Last Minute Gift Ideas (59:50).
12/19/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 44 seconds
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Christmas Time Is Here...

One week to Christmas! (1:40); National anthem sung in Punjabi at Jets game! (8:05); Hotel pools! Greg had a fun time staying at the Delta over the weekend and enjoying the pool (13:00); Clay Young - Busiest travel season is nigh! (19:55); Listener texts on pool, plus feedback on transit (27:15); Teen fatally stabbed on Graham, in the afternoon, essentially steps from Police HQ (30:25); Winning story on hotel pools (41:30); Former CFLer working to prevent bullying on his book "Taming Mad Dog", also on learning he was traded via CJOB (45:30).
12/18/202359 minutes, 54 seconds
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Of Grav(y) Importance

GRAVY GRAVY GRAVY WE WANT GRAVY (1:40); My 4/6 today? David Phillips, Environment Canada (8:35); Hang on, there's a secret online cheaper price?? Frustrating retail experiences (16:35); Housing prices set to rise again this year? (24:15); Listener texts on retail (30:00); Small Town Salute Whoop and Hollar Presents Simple Kind of Christmas (34:05); King Charles on coins could draw THOUSANDS to the mint? Clay Young (42:50); ODR (outdoor rink) just about ready to go at Old Market Square in the Exchange! (51:35); Winning tale on retail frustration (58:35). 
12/14/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 36 seconds
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Full of Surprises

1:13-Disraeli traffic situation (fire) / Giving gifts at work 8:30-Disraeli fire and traffic situation - Greg on location! 14:54-Andre Braugher has died. Performers who surprised us, like he did with his comedic talent 23:03-Do you give your coworkers gifts? 30:13-Performers who surprised us 33:08-Reconciliation barometer 42:36-Listener texts on actors who surprised us 48:15-Weekly Wednesday Jets chat  59:05-Performers who surprised us  1:02:52-Where to take kid when they're sick... letters to parents telling them to avoid ER if they can 1:10:26 -Winning story on performers who surprise us with their hidden talents 1:14:31-Ever been victimized by Porch Piracy?
12/13/20231 hour, 26 minutes, 7 seconds
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Can't Get You Out Of My Head

WEATHER ABOUT TO TAKE A NASTY TURN (1:40); Songs that get stuck in your head - EARWORMS (8:05); With growing eyesight concerns, the plea from some eye doctors to parents to avoid giving any screen gifts this Christmas (15:15); Earworms (22:35); What's your screen time like? // THEN // Sinking a Gondola while taking selfies (24:40); As we look ahead to what tourism industry hopes will be a better 2024, what are hotel bookings like into holiday season?? (32:10); Gab with Gabby! (43:15); Winning comment on earworms (50:55); The wonders human beings can create: Lauren went to Cirque last night, Brett went to Janelle Nadeau concert Tuesday (54:55). 
12/8/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 8 seconds
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Elevator Pinch

Excited for Fa-La-La-Lunch! Holiday gravy & potatoes Brett hates mashed potatoes (1:40); OUTDOOR GOLF IN DECEMBER? Southside opened Wednesday, open again today (Shooters driving range is open too) (6:20); Ever been stuck in an elevator??? Like THE MAYOR WAS YESTERDAY IN OUR BUILDING ON THE WAY TO SEE RICH & JULIE LOLOLOLOL (13:45); Holiday parties... are they back in a big way, or scaled down due to inflationary pressures? (22:00); Small Town Salute! Country Pines Christmas Tree Farm in Tyndall (29:35); Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham (he made it up no problem) (38:45); Winning elevator story (49:55); Office holiday party chit chat! (55:20).
12/7/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 6 seconds
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The G.O.A.T. Is Done

Theft in the City, State of Housing in Manitoba and a Canadian Sports Icon decides to hang up her cleats.
12/5/202356 minutes, 32 seconds
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Winnipeg's Whacky Weather

The Start on Monday December 4th! With Megarry on holidays, Greg and Lauren talk about some lucky lottery winners and what they do to give back, KISS and their "final" tour, the whacky weather and fog that set in over Winnipeg this morning, and more! Give it a listen!
12/4/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 53 seconds
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Travel Plan

Gas now 138 at some spots? Price gouging and travel / The HUMBUG sign is on the move again! (1:40); December traditions (8:45); Are you hitting the road this December? Flying to see family or friends? Tips ahead of a busy season (16:05); Some December traditions (21:55); Kaiden Dela Cruz - the hockey teen who lost some fingers and kept playing at an elite level - exciting stuff this weekend! (25:05); Should Rusty the Dog be part of the Winnipeg Citizen's Hall of Fame? (35:10); Gab with Gabby! (45:05); Winning December tradition (52:40); IN STUDIO WITH A HARP! Manitoba-born internationally renowned harpist performing at Club Regent Event Centre on Tuesday (56:30).
12/1/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 7 seconds
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Lost In Vacation...

WE NEED TO BOOK OUR VACATIONS - how many vacation days and benefits go wasted every year??? (1:40); Greg bought gloves for the Grey Cup. Can't find em. Stuff we lost quickly! (8:25); Stuff we lose quickly (16:45); Big news from the Winnipeg Blue Bombers! (19:55); A year ago it was purple down… what drugs are WFPS getting calls about now? (28:35); Revisit of vacation & benefits chat / Stuff we lose quickly (35:50); Winning story on losing stuff (41:05); Cold Nights, Warm Hearts': Sleeping outside to raise money to help organization that helps the homeless (45:00).
11/29/202357 minutes, 39 seconds
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Electric Circus

Wake up!! (1:40); 3 dead, 2 in critical condition from shooting on Langside Street (9:10); What is your hidden talent? (17:20); Transit disruptions expected after agreement rejected (26:10); Winnipegger in National Ninja Competition (34:15); Where will we see the 'Humbug' sign with building under construction? We know! Why a local biz isn't letting the decades old tradition die (44:40); Winning text on your hidden talent! (51:40); Monika Deol, former MuchMusic VJ on new doc! (56:05). 
11/27/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 37 seconds
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We've Got You Covered

WAKE UP! (1:40); Cover songs you didn't know were covers (8:35); Richard Cloutier: Our antiquated transit system… (15:55); Some cover songs (23:25); Small Town Salute - Beausejour Christmas on Park is back! (26:10); Some more cover songs (34:15); Misinformation, to keep up with the onslaught...???? (39:05); Forget BRT or about just timely service for what we do have? (47:30); Winning story on cover songs (53:45); Winter Cycling seminar - are winter cyclists EXTREME CYCLISTS??? (57:40).
11/23/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bridge Contract

Greg's back from Hamilton! November is a weird month, and we're jealous of our American friends for Thanksgiving?? (1:40); Arlington Bridge closed indefinitely! (7:25); Infrastructure that should be fixed up, or already has been fixed and they did a good job! (15:30); Hal Anderson: Car thefts on the rise? What the numbers are showing...and where are the cars going? (22:45); Things you'd like to see fixed up (29:00); 37?Arlington Bridge and the struggle to maintain basic infrastructure (32:30); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - Ken Wiebe (43:25); Brady Oliveira looking to try his hand at the NFL - Bombers have lots of free agents! (51:50); Winning story on things you'd like to see fixed up (59:15).
11/22/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 6 seconds
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Injury & Battery

Throne speech! Cannons! Zebra mussels in Clear Lake! Stupid injuries (1:40); Kicked in the privates': $50,000 electric battery quote (8:35); Stupid injuries like Brett's toe from dropping phone on it, or Lauren's tailbone from water slide (16:55); Laying out their promises... what can we expect in first Speech from The Throne for new government? (and Brett, don't forget about the cannons!) (23:35); Some stupid injuries (31:00); Breakfast with the Bombers - Highlights from the final Coach's Show of the season (33:15); Zebra Mussels officially in Clear Lake (40:45); Electric vehicle battery costs revisit of 637 with our questions (47:30); Winning story on stupid injuries? (54:55).
11/21/20231 hour, 25 seconds
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Sigh. SIGH. Stupid Montreal (0:30); Some (sad) sounds from the Grey Cup (7:00); Tried & true pick-me-ups! (11:30); Post-game audio from the Bombers - Brady Oliveira & Zach Collaros (18:45); Listener texts, tried and true pick me ups (25:50); PARKS AND REC WINNER! (28:50); Jim Toth & sports - Bombers lose, but the Jets are on a roll! (32:30); Winning story on pick-me-ups (43:35); Biden now oldest sitting US President...ageing and ageism while at work (47:15).
11/20/20231 hour, 45 seconds
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Hit it!

GREG IS IN HAMILTON FOR THE GREY CUP!!! (0:30); Canadians continue to choose terrible passwords. Does yours make the list? (7:45); Last second road trips! (15:50); Pair o' Winnipeggers making the drive out to Hamilton through the U.S (22:10); More last second road trips (29:00); QOTD on road trips / Exchange District's 20-year plan promises vibrant growth, sustainability ahead (33:55); For those who never taken in a Grey Cup Weekend, what's it like?? (40:50); Winning story on last second road trips (48:10); Great story about teen who loses 3 fingers over the summer, keeps playing hockey at U18 AAA level (51:05). 
11/16/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

In Transit

Getting ready for the Grey Cup! Transit problems in Hamilton (1:40); Hamilton transit workers remain on strike... with Grey Cup weekend looming! (7:10); Memorable experiences with public transit! (14:40); Memorable transit experiences (22:00); NHLPA and NHL recognize 10 years of growing the game with the Industry Growth Fund (24:30); Derek Taylor - GREY CUP COVERAGE PREVIEW (37:10); Winning story on memorable transit experiences (44:05); Rick Mercer book launch tomorrow: "The Road Years: A Memoir Continued..." (47:40). 
11/15/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hot Blooded

Bombers! Wacky weather! (1:40); Couple o' golf courses back open with the crazy November weather! (7:35); Unwavering loyalty, like the dog who wouldn't leave his hiker master (11:50); Breakfast with the Bombers - SOUNDS OF THE GAME/FANS REACT/COACHES SHOW MONTAGE (20:15); Normal high is minus 2, today we're looking for 8 degrees! - David Phillips (30:25); Winning story on loyalty (36:35); SPORTS Bombers/Argos/Jets - Jim Toth (38:40).  .
11/14/202351 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Favourite Things

BOMBERS! Remembrance Day (1:40); Cemetery volunteer in Lethbridge honours fallen veterans / Marney Blunt speaks to Winnipeg student from Ukraine (8:40); Something you were eagerly anticipating, like the Western Final (17:00); Eager anticipation (24:00); Bob Irving on the Bombers, and joining the broadcast tomorrow! (27:05); Korean Vet story... as seen through his son's eyes (34:00); Gab with Gabby! NOT! In lieu of Gabby, we bring you... CLAYHEM! (44:05); Winning story on eager anticipation (51:20); The Sound of Music is coming to Royal MTC Nov 30-Dec 23! (54:50). 
11/10/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Ice Town

Could be a dicey drive this morning / Could be dicey getting to Jets game on Nov 18th due to Santa Claus Parade (1:40); It IS a dicey drive this morning / Putting a wrap on the IPSOS-Global News polling on holiday spending (7:55); Times you got stuck in traffic somewhere due to a unique circumstance, like Santa Claus parade traffic (14:25); From a "history club" to a classroom dedicated to veterans lives, to war history tours in Europe...a teachers commitment to help kids reflect (22:10); Stuck in traffic for unique circumstances (26:50); Small Town Salute... to the exciting growth in rural Manitoba! (29:20); Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham (36:55); Winning story on being stuck in traffic for weird circumstances (46:50); Calgary author & old friend of Mackling & Megarry gets back in the game after five years of mental health struggles (50:45). 
11/9/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

Snow Daze

What the heck happened with the weather??? (1:40); Boring adult gifts / things we looked forward to getting cuz we get old eventually (5:50); Impaired driving case - latest on sentencing hearing (14:00); Boring gifts (20:25); Feedback on impaired driving (23:50); Snow grain, snow pellets. Drizzle. Freezing Drizzle. Ice Rain. What's the difference? (27:55); New book "Siteseeing: Writing nature & climate across the prairies" - Examining our urban forest through poetry (34:30); Winning story on boring gifts (41:35); Fifteen years of Third + Bird! Christmas market coming up next week at Red River Exhibition Place (45:30). 
11/8/202358 minutes, 39 seconds
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The Customer...

Less than 30 % of Canadians are satisfied with restaurant experience...15% IN MB! PLUS tip first or expect SLOW delivery? Door dash policy (0:30); Examples of good customer service (8:40); $10/day day care is here...but we're short hundreds if not thousands of staff (14:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Drew Wolitarsky (21:45); What's the deal with this Door Dash warning that skipping the tip could deprioritize your order?? (31:40); Dreamland Diner -- Restaurant reaction to Manitobans feeling least satisfied with service (37:20); Winning story on good service from a thoughtful and appreciative listener (48:45); Remembrance Day: Plots for Veterans update, and what is The Last Post Fund? (53:15). 
11/7/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

Odd; Future

How are the roads? Lauren's drive in was ok, but frustrations on 511 remain. And should we name our plows?? (1:40); Checking on renos at 2:30am? The odd times we chose to take on a task we couldn't get out of our head (8:50); With one of the highest downtown vacancy rates in country, a national call for urgent action (17:30); Brett's need to Google stuff got him in trouble and into a fight! (23:55); More discussion on Downtown safety (26:15); Blue Bombers and Lions set for the Western Final! (34:10); Teeing up Habitat House party (Lauren and Gabby emceeing later this week) (44:25); Winning story on taking on tasks at weird times (51:50); Several Jets attending Adam Johnson celebration of life (55:15). 
11/6/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 5 seconds
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Guess Who Brought Fruitcake?

JETS LOSE TO VEGAS AGAIN - Sounds of the Game (1:40); Things you only enjoy at a certain time of year, OR, seasonal things you can enjoy year-round (6:00); Fruitcake text from semi-nameless listener / Agape Table cheque presentation with Santa Lucia - $16,325.75 from the Hal & *** Pizza! (14:15); Things we only like at certain times of the year (22:35); Remembrance day feedback on businesses opening or closing? (25:50); Guess Who lawsuit/New Beatles Song (33:35); Gab with Gabby... NOT. Gabby's off, so Drew Stremick is in! (45:15); Winning story on stuff we only like at certain times of the year (53:25); MPI on backlogs (57:30). 
11/3/20231 hour, 11 minutes
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Our weather screen in studio is still on strike / MPI strike is over at least / Oliveira MOP nom (1:40); WHL making neck guards mandatory as of Friday (8:30); Inspired by Brady Oliveira being awesome... what's in your Manitoba Brag Book?? (16:20); A growing number of provinces now require companies to list salary info when posting a job. The push for transparency (24:20); Small Town Salute - ICE FISHING! (32:00); Nurses file grievance over HSC parkade safety - Do you feel safe where you park your car? (40:50); More discussion on parkade safety (47:35); Winning Manitoba Brag Book suggestion (55:00); Police feedback on parkade safety / BOOK: By the Ghost Light - Wars, Memory, and Families (59:15). 
11/2/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 44 seconds
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Halloween Eh-pples!

How did Halloween go?? (1:40); Halloween feedback / From saying "eh" to a supposed love of Tim's, the stereotypes Americans have that bug us (7:45); Halloween candy hangover! (16:20); More Halloween feedback (23:05); Aid relief Israel/Gaza….Humanitarian coalition on the ground (26:35); Weekly Wednesday Jets Chat - Ken Wiebe (33:40); Wanted". Warnings of an aggressive boar in Wawanesa dubbed Al Ca-PORK (45:40); Winning Halloween story (53:40).
11/1/202358 minutes, 43 seconds
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Halloween Apples!

HALLOWEEN! (1:40); Ghost hunters search for spirits at former N.B. jail (8:15); Halloween Free For All! (16:45); Not good enough! MPI workers reject latest deal...(23:25); Breakfast with the Bombers - trending towards more than 30,000 in attendance for West Final on Sat Nov 11th (29:40); HAL ANDERSON: Trying to rent an apartment when the home is next to an abandoned, run down property, and has been that way for a decade? (41:10); CLAY YOUNG: Exploring some local Halloween history at Elizabeth Dafoe Library (47:50); Winning Halloween story (59:25); Myth busting on Halloween...what is/is not this day all about? (1:02:50).
10/31/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 19 seconds
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Can I Interest You In A Sarcastic Comment?

Matthew Perry / bills debt & identity theft / Bombers! (1:40); Matthew Perry dies at 54 (9:00); Which show is your TV 'friend'? Comfort blanket TV shows, like Friends (17:15); Bills, debt and identify theft...(23:40); More TV comfort blankets, then... Halloween candy and labelling (32:05); Sports! - Derek Taylor (35:30); SPAYING IT FORWARD - World Spay Day is Wednesday - many vet clinics across MB offering discounted spays and neuters (47:25); Winning story on TV comfort blankets (55:00); MPI members to vote on new deal / then / Why was Highway 75 closed for 20 hours over the weekend??? (58:30). 
10/30/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 45 seconds
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"This Is Indeed A Disturbing Universe..."

WHAM. It's winter (1:40); Sounds of the Game! Big night for the Jets! Bombers tonight! (8:30); Halloween viewing traditions & shows/movies we'd like to watch again! (16:25); Drugged while drinking: So-called "date rape drug" numbers on rise (23:35); As highway snow clear season gets underway, department sits with a 26 per cent vacancy rate - Infrastructure Minister Lisa Naylor (32:20); Dauphin's Countryfest unveils 2024 lineup! (39:30); Gab with Gabby! (49:00); Kid Remington on Comiccon cosplay as The Joker! (56:20). 
10/27/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 24 seconds
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Sleep Schedule

SNOW! And, another mass shooting in the U.S. (0:30); "I never thought I would grow up and get a bullet in my leg..." young girl talks about being grazed by bullet in Maine shooting that left at least 16 dead. Shooter still not caught?? (6:55); Awkward sleeping arrangements, like the new 'shared bed' rental in Toronto (14:50); Do you have a clue when you could afford to retire? Would you take some financial planning help through work? (23:10); Awkward sleeping arrangements (30:20); Small Town Salute... to one of the best Halloween haunts in southern MB... A MAZE IN CORN! (32:30); Road construction projects 70 percent done in Winnipeg... impact of snow on finishing (42:15); Winning story on awkward sleeping arrangements (48:55); No idea when retirement could come… what to do (51:55).
10/26/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 44 seconds
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Bar Stories

We made it to work after a collective late night! But a good night for a good cause! (1:40); Snow warning for Western Manitoba, not as bad here in Winnipeg (9:15); Detroit ranks 1st in NHL for sports bars -- Most fun you've had watching a game in a sports bar? (17:05); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat (25:50); Sports bar stories (35:10); A unique sports bar experience, THEN, One of the best inventions in 2023? What these new ear buds could mean for people with accessibility issues (38:55); Dwarfism Awareness Day (46:10); Winning story on sports bars (52:15); Winnipeg Comic-con goes this weekend with a STACKED lineup! (57:20). 
10/25/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 6 seconds
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Good Dog!

Do you can food? Are you freezing food you never would have before? - Coach O'Shea surprised us with his 'canning'! (1:40); Bobi the world's OLDEST dog has died at 31. Times our pets defied the odds! (6:25); Downtown Recovery Strategy... what the results say about what's working, what's not, and the survey on next steps (14:55); Breakfast with the Bombers: MILT STEGALL! (22:45); Disability Employment Awareness Month (33:20); Winning story on pets defying the odds (39:50); Four years ago tomorrow their son was killed on the South Perimeter... the fundraiser in Ethan Boyer's name (44:40). 
10/24/202356 minutes, 54 seconds
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Hüsker Dü

FALL IS ABOUT TO COME TO AN ABRUPT END. But, Bombers clinch the West final!?? (1:40); The lengths you'll go to when trying to remember something. WHAT IS THIS SONG. WHO WAS THAT ACTOR. etc. (8:30); Stuff we spend too much time researching???? (17:50); The state of entrepreneurship in Canada (20:30); Running your own business... do schools do enough to teach us entrepreneurship options??? (32:20); Sports BOMBERS WIN. JETS WIN. SASKATCHEWAN LOSES (39:20); Fall coming to an abrupt end as a possible COLORADO LOW sets its site on the prairies (50:10); Winning story on trying to remember stuff (57:35); Ken Dryden & his new book "The Class: A Memoir of a Place, a Time, and Us" (1:01:20).
10/23/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 44 seconds
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Hand In My Podcast

Top pop songs of all time / Jets / Last gasp for Fall?? (1:40); More Canadians will make Halloween specific shopping trips... what are you doing? (10:05); Inspired by Jagged Little Pill - Music that changed everything for us! (13:25); Not enough competition means we are paying higher prices...(20:40); The song that had a big impact on Lauren! (28:00); Listener Tom in NYC! / Christine Sinclair retires / Why do we have so many browsers open on our phones??? (31:55); Gab with Gabby! (44:05); Winning story on music that changed things for us (52:00); Paul Edmonds on the Jets (57:05). 
10/20/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 6 seconds
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Screen Saver

Wab Kinew sworn in as premier / Why are they ripping up Smith by the Burt?? THEY JUST OPENED IT RECENTLY (1:40); Winnipeg third fastest talking city in Canada? How is that figured? What does it say? (8:40); Wakeup calls! Brett got one yesterday while getting suited up for a gala. YOU ARE OUT OF SHAPE (16:45); Wakeup calls (23:45); Small Town Salute... to the Haunted Trail at Fort Dufferin! (26:05); WSO Night at the Movies - FRANKENSTEIN! AT THE BURT! And next month... FROZEN! (34:45); SCREEN TIME! New Stats Can report on screen time (40:15); Winning story on wakeup calls (47:10); Brett's theory on fast talking & interruptions / Jagged Little Pill playing at the Centennial Concert Hall this week (50:50).
10/19/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 30 seconds
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Fast Food Tips and Tricks

10/18/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 18 seconds
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Very Superstitious

WHERE IS THE PUMPKIN CATAPULT? (1:40); FRIDAY THE 13TH! Superstitions! Has a superstition ever started a fight? (8:20); Shutting down the golf course… shutting down my lawn for the winter (15:05); Superstition stories (22:50); Couch Potatoes: News anchor Sarah McCarthy on Taylor Swift movie! (25:40); 2SLGBTQ+ seniors returning to closet? (36:25); More tips from Superintendent Dustin on VOLES (42:45); Gab with Gabby (45:20); Winning superstition story, with a surprise for the runner-up (52:20); GIVING UP THE GHOST PODCAST (55:00).
10/13/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 14 seconds
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Celebrating the arts! (1:40); RWB posts $520,000 deficit, this after WSO posted $1.3M deficit - WE NEED OUR ARTS TO THRIVE! (10:45); Listeners celebrate the arts (18:55); Small Town Salute! Moon Gate Guest House in Whitemouth (21:05); How Israeli intelligence failed to stop Hamas' surprise attack (30:00); Solar eclipse this weekend... how to take in that rusty red moon! (34:10); Eclipse reminder on when it starts on Saturday / Former gang member shares story of redemption in hopes of helping others (42:25); Winning story on the arts (49:15); Terry Fator! The famous ventriloquist is coming to Winnipeg, Club Regent Event Centre on November 19th (53:05). 
10/12/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 36 seconds
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Jets SZN

Jets regular season starts tonight!???? (0:30); World Mental Health Day (was yesterday) and dealing with emotions of conflicts like the war between Israel & Hamas (6:00); A piece of information from school you still remember, whether it's useful or not (14:35); Clay Young at collapsing street in St. Vital (21:55); Advocates slam banning of symbols at NHL games (31:15); JETS! (Weekly Wednesday Jets chat) (34:45); Winning story on stuff we retained from school (47:25); Security concerns & Wpg Jewish Child and Family Services seminar postponed...why? (52:45).
10/11/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 48 seconds
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Hurry Up And Wait

Israel-Gaza / Jets (1:40); Israel-Gaza latest from Jerusalem (7:00); Jets extend Scheifele/Hellebuyck (12:50); LINEUPS! What will you wait in line for? Or, what's something you can't believe people will wait for??? (21:00); More on lineups (29:00); Rabbi Matt Liebl on the situation in Israel (32:05); More on lineups - the lineup phenomenon in Clear Lake! / The Elevator Queen & Greg's connection (43:50); Winning story on lineups (50:25); What now? As Israel ramps up escalation in Gaza and we see clashes at Lebanon/Israeli border, where could this go? (54:55).
10/10/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 19 seconds
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Giving Thanks

LONG WEEKEND IS NIGH / Tins to Win food drive / Sounds of the Jets stinker (1:40); David Phillips: What happened to our nice long weekend? And concerns over "Hot September." (9:10); An item we miss from childhood (17:20); The biggest meal at Siloam…what's happening and what's needed in weeks ahead (25:05); Items we miss from childhood (31:30); Many have big meal plans for the weekend... which also come with big to prep and safe and even extend those leftovers! (34:00); Gab with Gabby! (46:40); Winning story on items we miss from childhood (53:20); HUGGGGGGGGGGE GAME TONIGHT!!! Bob Irving Helps us set it up (57:20).
10/6/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 57 seconds
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More For Less

Today on The Start Podcast we talk about The Conservative Campaign, paying more for less and we will also have our monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham.
10/5/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 12 seconds
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A New Day

Election Reflections...(1:40); Voter turnout LOWER than last time, & Global's David Akin calls out Elections MB (8:40); Canadians facing financial storm (12:10); Times we were stymied by digital technology. Like Greg at Tim Horton's. Or Elections Manitoba (20:05); Do the Liberals have a future in Manitoba?? (27:20); Feedback on the election, and being stumped by tech (34:25); NDP's Bernadette Smith on the historic win (37:25); Doctors Manitoba on what's next for health care in Manitoba (47:20); Listener feedback on faucets! // THEN // Eating disorders on the rise (54:15); What's the FIRST thing you would like this new government to do...that's tangible? Cut the gas tax? Crime? etc (1:05:10); Concession speeches & the opportunity to thank people - Do you wish you could do that more often? Or ever? (1:09:40); Winning story on being stumped by tech (1:17:00).
10/4/20231 hour, 23 minutes, 22 seconds
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Shouldn't Have Seen

Today we preview tomorrow's election. We also talk about the movies we have seen as kids that we shouldn't have.
10/2/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 2 seconds
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You're Going To Need A Bigger Pod

Health care as an election issue / Bob Irving & the Football Hall of Fame (0:30); MOVIE QUOTES! The ones you use regularly, ones that have had an impact on your life?? (5:30); "You talking to me?" "Here's Johnny!" A guide to the best movie quotes (16:15); Movie quotes (22:55); Dougald Lamont: Is Health Care THE issue? Alot of promises have been will they put them in action? (25:45); Bob Irving into the Manitoba Football Hall of Fame! (37:50); Winning story on movie quotes (44:10); BRITTLESTAR... Welcome to the Stupidpocalypse: Survival Tips for the Dumbageddon (47:45).
9/28/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 2 seconds
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Organized Chaos

What's this about the Toronto Argonauts?? / Too chatty at work? (0:30); Is there a better way to stay organized? Got an app or site for that? (7:50); Getting organized stuff (16:05); Ridings to watch...and the list, is long... (18:20); Too chatty at work? Dressing too casually? Survey shows what workers are annoyed by at the office (26:00); All the tools to stay organized, and still missing meetings/events? How do you keep your calendar (and brain) organized with apps (32:45); Winning text on getting organized (42:20); Derek Taylor: Chad Kelly, starting QB for the Argos, not playing in Friday's Bomber game??? (46:45).
9/27/20231 hour, 36 seconds
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Sound The Alarm

WARNING: LAUREN'S COMPUTER MIGHT BEEP AND EXPLODE / housing and homelessness (1:40); Housing - forced out of retirement due to huge jack in rent (9:05); DOUBLE THREATS! Favourite duos, best 1-2 concerts, power couples, etc (12:45); The NDP: parties on strategy for housing/homelessness?? (21:05); Double threats (29:45); What can a provincial government actually do for homelessness and lack of affordable housing? (31:20); Regrowing teeth? The drug that could help! (40:40); Winning story on double threats (48:30); Is the City of Winnipeg abandoning plans to provide free burial plots for veterans in the Field of Honour? (53:00).
9/26/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 43 seconds
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Lotto Options

Rally and march supports youth transgender rights (1:40); Jets Fan Fest / Sounds of the Game (5:20); Having Coffee, Talking... With the 6/49 Gold Ball jackpot at $68M and guaranteed to go on Wed, what are you outlandish lottery dreams? (12:35); Lottery dreams (20:50); Issues with Vacant Buildings (22:50); Bisons kicker makes history...(30:40); Winning story on lottery dreams (45:20); RWB Snow White! (49:40). 
9/26/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 29 seconds
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Fanning Out!

Wake up, we're on site in the lead-up to Jets Fan Fest at the Hockey For All Centre (0:30); Tell us what you'd like to have as your...GOAL SONG!!! (7:40); Winnipeg Jets Head Coach Rick Bowness (15:40); New Winnipeg Jets Radio Analyst Mitchell Clinton (28:40); Winnipeg Jets General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff (35:00); Knickers and Kickers wrap-up! (48:05); Gab with Gabby (50:40); Winning Goal Song! (58:45); Jamie Thomas, Winnipeg Jets Host/Content Creator (1:02:10).
9/22/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 51 seconds
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Cancel; Culture Days

No more covid lockdowns? Why are some of the leaders promising this? (1:40); CANCELLATIONS! Ever been disappointed by a cancellation? Or have you cancelled something important? (8:50); Protests and counter protests (16:30); Some cancellation stories (22:15); Feedback from teacher on the protest/counter-protest (24:40); Knickers and Kickers with Siloam Mission (31:40); DOUGALD LAMONT: If elected, what would you do for mental health and addictions issues? (39:15); Continued discussion on the protest... What exactly ARE they teaching in schools? What kind of supports are being offered?? (52:05); Winning story on cancellations (59:00); Nuit Blanche Winnipeg returns on Saturday to kick off Culture Days Manitoba (1:03:15).
9/21/20231 hour, 16 minutes
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Snack; Culture; Pop

Construction consternation continues...(1:40); Favourite lunch snacks & treats! (8:20); Drug Treatment Court: Can you keep repeat offenders off drugs and out prison? The program that claims to do that (16:55); Lunch snacks?????? (24:40); Aquaculture in Manitoba; why is Manitoba the ideal location for this (27:25); More than four months into the writers strike in the US, what's the impact here to production? And what about fall programming? (38:15); More favourite lunch snacks (45:35); Winning story on lunch snacks (49:45); The Professor of Pop Culture on What to watch....what to watch... With writers & actors strikes in US, what's out there for falls shows? Daytime TV? (55:00).
9/20/20231 hour, 9 minutes
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You're Going The Wrong Way!

Debate recap, then focusing today on crime and justice (1:40); Global's Marney Blunt reports on crime and justice (5:50); Protecting families... Kinew and Lamont accuse Stefanson of create a right wing wedge issue (11:35); Things we discover we could/should be doing differently, like Greg's son realizing he should be golfing left-handed (18:55); Stuff we've been doing wrong (27:30); Addictions and homeless issues not a 'crisis'... as we tee up crime, justice, and later this week...addictions... why won't Stefanson use this term? (30:30); Heather Stefanson: Crime NOT a crisis? What would you call it? What would a Tory government do? (35:50); Winning story on stuff we've been doing wrong (47:00); As we discuss crime & the link to addiction, Greg reveals the addiction he once endured????? (51:20). 
9/19/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 13 seconds
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The Great Debate

THE DEBATE! Getting ready for the provincial leaders debate at 10am moderated by Richard Cloutier (1:40); "Grocery Summit". Big 5 grocers, industry minister meeting today (7:25); Inspired by the leaders debate... what's a memorable debate you've had? (14:40); Debate stories (23:00); Pre-debate panel… what do you want to hear from the leaders today (26:05); More debates: Chunky soup... fork or spoon? Toilet paper... over or under?? (36:40); CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT / More on the toilet paper debate / Feedback on nursing resources and promises (38:55); Winning story on debates (46:45); Your calls on the election (50:55). 
9/18/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 50 seconds
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Get Back

The 'Be a Part of Story' Radiothon for Adult & Teen Challenge (0:30); Trudeau calls on big chains to do something about grocery prices (7:40); Weird ways things came back to you, like Greg's friend's wallet (15:35); From a walk to a pow wow at Canada Life, the changes coming to National Truth and Reconciliation Day efforts, and the demand for healing (23:25); Stuff that came back to us (30:45); Radiothon - Pastor Danny McVeigh and the passion to help those with addictions (33:15); Radiothon - Pastor Daniel Emond, President and Chief Executive Officer, Adult & Teen Challenge (43:45); Winning story on the weird ways stuff came back to us (50:30).
9/15/202355 minutes, 28 seconds
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Can I Have Some Remedy?

Windsor Hotel fire / Wab Kinew & child poverty (1:40); Toxic smoke, possible asbestos, and downtown evacuations. The impact of a vacant building fire (7:00); Leading decongestant is a dummy pill??? Maybe a home remedy is better. Got any home remedies? (15:20); SMALL TOWN SALUTE... to the Souris Agate Pits! With The Great and Powerful Wazoo! (21:50); ELECTION: Wab Kinew on child poverty (28:40); HARVEST: David Northcott & Vince Barletta - A special gala event is in the works for next month (40:55); Kelley Keehn! As we talk child poverty and affordability... what little steps can we take to cut back/save? (53:35); Winning story on home remedies (1:00:55); New Educator in Residence at Canadian Museum for Human Rights to highlight 2SLGBTQIA+ issues & histories (1:04:25). 
9/14/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 6 seconds
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It's A Beautiful Day In The Neighbourhood

Did you see the Starlink satellites? And the never-ending expanse of the universe is terrifying (1:40); Are you seeing more e-powered bikes and scooters? What are the rules? Questions after Kelowna teen ends up in ICU after e-scooter fall (8:30); Neighbourhood gems. Parks! Old houses! Full neighbourhoods you'd never visited! (16:05); Listener texts on hidden gems in neighbourhoods (23:35); Daniel Mac celebrating 100 years... reunion next month (26:15); E-bikes and regulations / listener texts on neighbourhood gems (37:30); Monthly visit with City of Winnipeg Animal Services, with Paul the Dog! (41:45); Calling an audible on the winning story on neighbourhood gems (53:25); Daffodil Gala coming up on September 23rd, - Honoured guest persevering through cancer diagnosis (56:50).
9/13/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 39 seconds
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Only In Dreams

Election coverage kicks off today, every Tuesday and Thursday covering some of the big issues (1:40); Affordability: How are you saving money? (8:55); Recurring dreams. Brett dreams about work EVERY NIGHT. WHYYYYYYYYYYY (17:25); The future of the Winnipeg Jets: What is Mark Chipman saying about the team's future, and the future of the downtown? (25:25); Adam Lowry named new Jets captain! / Clay Young at leaders debate (33:00); More stories about dreams (45:25); Teeing up the Adult & Teen Challenge 'Be a Part of a Story' Radiothon, happening Friday September 15th (48:10); Winning story on dreams (55:55); World Alzheimer's Month - The Alzheimer Society's message to politicians during the provincial election (59:50).
9/12/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Banjo Blowout!

BOMBERS! Banjo Bowl DECIMATION / Bomber Fan Appreciation Day yesterday; Greg and Lauren have gone down cleaning rabbit holes. Cleaning hacks ; Agency nursing... costs continue to climb in MB. Will any new government move to limit their use, like Quebec? ; Cleaning tricks ; Explosion of walkouts/dine and dash incidents in Winnipeg restaurants ; Listener feedback on dine and dash and agency nurses ; Would you be willing to give your credit card first, at a restaurant, before a meal? ; Sports - BOMBERSSSSSSSSSS ; More cleaning tricks ; Winning story on cleaning hacks ; Debrief on the Winnipeg Tower Climb / Rising Tide Challenge in support of The Dream Factory (happened on Friday)
9/11/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Electric Boogaloo

Canada loses in FIBA semifinals / Banjo Bowl! (1:40); It's an embarrassment': Quebec community divided over how to save crumbling windmill (9:40); The September of Sequels! What's your favourite / least favourite sequel and why (17:10); Up early for a 345 AM game… Canada at the semi finals at FIBA. Reaction and the future of bball in Canada (26:10); The Couch Potatoes! The September of Sequels! My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 / The Nun II (34:30); Rural healthcare…Richard election podcast (43:35); Gab with Gabby! (50:20); Winning story on sequels (58:15); Banjo Bowl tee up with Derek Taylor (1:01:45).
9/8/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 59 seconds
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Try This!

One Chip Challenge… A family in the U.S. blames their son's death on the challenge (autopsy pending) (1:40); Fall Leisure Guide -- Activities we wish we'd tried, or still want to (9:40); Food allergies and schools (17:25); Feedback on food allergies and activities (24:00); Small Town Salute - Country music star Kendra Kay honoured by her home town of Elkhorn (27:40); Cannabis and driving - crashes up since legalization (37:15); Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham: Derelict buildings, construction season, heading to Houston to discuss homelessness strategies (42:55); Adult and Teen Challenge radiothon tee-up - 'Be a Part of a Story' Sep 15th (55:25); Winning story on activities you'd like to try (1:02:25).
9/7/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 54 seconds
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Live on Location from J.B. Mitchell School (0:30); Having Coffee, Talking... Something you miss about school (7:30); Cold, flu, or COVID? Know your options if a co-worker comes in sick (15:25); Listener texts on things we miss about school (22:55); J.B. Mitchell Principal Matt Couture (26:00); J.B. Mitchell Grade 5/6 teacher Chris Wiste (37:25); Dana Gagnon, PAC Chair, and kids Alexis (Grade 2), and Elena & Everly (Kindergarten) (43:40); Teaching kids not to bully (53:55); Winnipeg Veg Fest goes on Sat - EAT YOUR VEGGIES!! Jason Hannan, Veg Fest chair (58:55); Winning text on things we miss from school (1:07:10). 
9/6/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Head In The Polls

Rainy start, Labour Day weekend weather was great, Labour Day Classic head-butt brouhaha? (1:40); One month to the election…writ drops later this morning. Years of promises. Different parties full of promises… (9:45); BREAKING THE RULES (inspired by the stupid headbutt incident at the Labour Day Classic) (15:40); Stories of breaking the rules (23:35); Breakfast with the Bombers: Doug Brown on the headbutt (26:20); Be careful of photos of kids during back-to-school (35:25); Le Burger Week isn't just in Winnipeg... Don't forget a former champ is in Sandy Hook - Carlo's Cucina! (42:50); Provincial election chat... are more people interested this time out, and are we choosing between the lesser of two evils? (54:55); Winning story on breaking the rules (1:01:50). ??
9/5/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Labour-ger Week

Brett can see the SUPER BLUE MOON, Lauren can't / Labour Day! / Le Burger Week THE GROVE HAS ONE CALLED THE COUCH POTATO (1:40); Driving a bull in a car... Times we tried to put too much in the car? (8:40); With single use plastics banned, Siloam is running out of plastic cutlery. One volunteer's mission to collect utensils (16:35); Stories of overstuffing our cars (23:35); Labour in Manitoba. In a year of strikes; the past, present and future of labour in MB (26:05); Labour Day Classic... two GOLDEN SUPERFANS heading to Regina (33:10); Gab with Gabby! (43:35); Winning yarn on overloading the car (51:00); Le Burger Week(s)! Fancy burgers abound, and in one case, going back to basics. And why not a local burger week?? (54:30).
9/1/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 56 seconds
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Boxing Day

Did you see the BLUE SUPER MOON? / Labour Day Weekend / Small Town Summer Summary!???? (1:40); Celebrating Small Town Summer adventures (9:50); Recognizing the "unseen": International Overdose Awareness Day (17:30); Listener texts on small towns (22:50); Small Town Salute... to our small town adventures this summer...(25:50); Co-ownership of homes on the rise...(32:15); AI in the classroom... the good, bad and ugly (36:40); Revisiting co-ownership of homes... would you do it? (46:40); Winning story on small town summer adventures (54:35); MELEE GALA - charity boxing event on Sep 14 at The Met (58:25).
8/31/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 41 seconds
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Snack Shake

THE MOON! / Brandon luring (1:40); Brandon luring story...the perils of social media and the conversations we are/are not having with our kids (8:20); SNACK HACKS (16:15); Some snack hacks (24:05); Daycare woes... she put her name on a list a year before her son was born. Was just told he might get in...when he's 2 (25:50); Urban Lumber… from Winnipeg's fallen Elm Trees (32:20); Travel advisory for members of the LGBTQ2+ community going to the United States (42:45); Winning story on snack hacks (49:15); STEP UP AND BE A PARENT: Social media expert (54:00).
8/30/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 50 seconds
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1 for U

Show intro (0:30); Star Tours (8:10); University One, how popular is it now? (15:10); Breakfast with the Bombers, All Star Tours with Ken Burns (22:50); Garbage pile on Flora, Clay Young (29:25); Why did they change the training for rural first responders? Richard Cloutier (37:10); Soft skills...what are they so in demand? How can you teach it? How do you measure it? (45:05).
8/29/202358 minutes, 40 seconds
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Come On Down!

Show intro (0:30); Bob Barker passes away at 99, your favourite Price Is Right memories (7:05); RRC Polytech back to class! (14:00); Day 1 of the MPI Strike. Kyle Ross, MGEU President (22:25); How is the automotive industry dealing with the MPI strike (30:35); Bob Irving on the crazy weekend in the CFL (39:30).
8/28/202351 minutes, 29 seconds
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Angry Again

ANGER! SMASH! (0:30); 98 year old spelling bee champ in NS - Ever watch a spelling bee? They're EXCITING (8:05); Donated helmets to go to large group of Ukrainian newcomers looking to get into the game at one school (16:55); Things that are surprisingly exciting (25:05); From employers sending employees for help, to the courts...anger management...What are the folks behind these sessions seeing? (26:50); Morgan Barron of the Winnipeg Jets at Southwood in Preparation for Manitoba Open (37:25); ?Video games and learning, and winning story on things that are surprisingly exciting (45:35); Elmwood Night Market seeks to prop up Chalmers neighbourhood, provide accessibility / Rainbow Stage back on / is the smoke ushering in early Fall????? (49:35).
8/23/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 44 seconds
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DZ 48!

Drop Zone happening today! & NDP says WHAT about taxes? Did the parties switch spots? (1:40); Things we were excited to try... until the moment of truth (like the Drop Zone) (8:55); Downtown movies return... what are we seeing in downtown with work and play as we head into fall? (17:35); Just over 45% of your paycheque goes towards taxes. Do you feel like you're getting enough bang for your buck???? (24:30); Clay Young: Youth crime through the roof (30:55); Easter Seals Drop Zone is TODAY - 70 people set to rappel down the face of Manitoba Hydro Place (40:40); Winning story on things we WERE excited to try...(48:10); The 48 Film Festival - Write, shoot, direct, score, edit and produce a film in 48 hours! (51:20). 
8/22/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 50 seconds
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I Wanna Be Somebody

WASPS HAVE ARRIVED TO RUIN YOUR OUTDOOR FUN (1:40); BUGS & times they've ruined our days, and why are bees cool while wasps are jerks?? (9:50); Winnipeg speed limit pilot posting positive results (16:55); Listener texts on bugs (23:50); Wasp/bugs story // why not have epipens near parks/golf courses/restaurants for wasps and other allergy attacks (27:00); Fleeing Yellowknife to Red Deer… and now… the wait?? (33:45); SPORTS... BOMBERS WIN AGAIN, LIONS LOSE, HUZZAH! (41:20); 2 tix for The Fall Fair at Red River Exhibition Park (Sep 1st-4th) (52:25); WINNIPEG WOMEN PLAYING HOCKEY IN THE UAE... for team Philippines (57:15).
8/21/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 21 seconds
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Not Craig

Show intro (0:30); Mispronounced words that tick you off! (7:10); Biking across Canada after a spinal cord injury...Nikki Davenport and Kevin Mills (14:35); Evacuees arriving in Northern Alberta from Yellowknife (22:25); CLAY-HEM!!! (30:50); Hearing from a Kelowna resident, and then a Bombers/Stamps preview with Derek Taylor (38:05).
8/18/202352 minutes, 57 seconds
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Zip It!

Show intro (0:30); Are Winnipeggers finally learning to...zipper merge?! (7:20); Driving pet peeves (14:55); Small Town Salute: Virden (21:45); Painkillers...after the hit Netflix series shows the horrors Oxy caused, where are we now with addictions to prescription painkillers (28:45). 
8/17/202341 minutes, 54 seconds
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Get That Bag (And Finish It!)

Show intro (0:30); Simple today, what drives you nuts at home?! (8:35); Duff Conacher, misinformation in political ads (15:30); Incautiously optimistic about A.I. (23:35); Female hockey player numbers down...why St Vital Minor Hockey is turning to radio ads to try and help, Bryn Saunders from St. Vital Minor Hockey (33:05); Lanny McInnis, on the Federal home building program (43:40).
8/16/202357 minutes, 28 seconds
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Georgia On My Mind

Show intro (0:40); Reggie Cecchini on Trump's Georgia indictments (8:25); If you had to leave your house quickly, what belongings would you save? (16:30); Breakfast With The Bombers with Adam Bighill (22:50); Leland Gordon and a puppy! (30:25); Putting type 2 Diabetes into remission? The U of M study (40:30).
8/15/202353 minutes, 51 seconds
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Toying With The Opposition

BOMBERS!!!!!!!! / Liquor health concerns (1:40); Sounds of The Game! (9:20); When did toys become too complicated for you? (18:00); Manitoba liquor store closures spark addictions, health conversation (24:55); Complicated toys, games, and Greg's RAGEY ROOMMATE (30:20); Assiniboine Community College grads stay in Manitoba (34:10); Message from Nick from DQ re Miracle Treat Day, and a thank you card from a Miracle Child (42:50); Gab with Gabby! (46:40); Winning story on complicated toys (54:25); TJ's Gift Foundation - Brett playing in golf tourney on Sat... Refresher on the foundation & choosing to be drug free (57:30). 
8/11/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 41 seconds
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Scheduled; Fun

Brett is stupid / BOMBER GAME / Construction!!!! (1:40); Construction chaos on some Winnipeg streets / Pothole frustration hits one Winnipeg neighbourhood (8:25); SCHEDULING SNAFUS... like Brett's foolish misfire on Wednesday...(16:00); Listener feedback on unfinished construction / construction consternation (22:35); Greg's schedule snafu (29:15); Jets CJOB initiative - The CJOB FAMILY FUN ZONE! (32:10); Schedule snafus (42:35); Winning story on schedule snafus (45:25); Blue Bombers vs Elks PREVIEW 8:00 TONIGHT! - Derek Taylor? (49:20). 
8/10/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 54 seconds
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Everybody's Working 4 The Weekend?

Four-day work week / zebra mussels / Wab Kinew????? (1:40); Can a 4-day work week benefit both the employee and the employer? (9:05); Selfless acts: Eastern Michigan football player gives up scholarship for teammate (16:30); Zebra mussels in the Red River... according to some... that might not be such a bad thing! (25:20); Less than half of Canadians believe retail stores are implementing the right amount of security measures to prevent shoplifting (32:55); Selfless acts chat (41:30); Four Crowns Inn the victim of vandalism... AGAIN (47:05); The Provincial election is underway - Wab Kinew in studio (54:40); Winnipeg Beer Festival is this Saturday at Le Patio at 340 Provencher Blvd from 5pm-930pm (1:06:45); Winning story on selflessness (1:13:35).
8/9/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 3 seconds
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Burt, Bears, Battlestar Galactica

WAKE UP! We need a long weekend from our long weekend / LIQUOR STRIKE? (1:40); Having Coffee, Talking... Surprises you got at work (8:25); Breakfast with the Bombers - James Murphy, Latest Inductee into Blue Bombers Ring of Honour (17:00); Surprises you got at work (27:10); SLEEP: When should parents get kids back into a normal sleep routine before Summer ends? (31:15); Police and Fire Games recap & wrap (38:55); Fort Garry Brewing gets big boost from gov't to expand HECTOR'S HARD (48:25); Winning story on surprises at work (56:20); Big events are BACK... concerts, Sea Bears, and the Burt Block Party starts this weekend! (1:00:15).
8/8/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 23 seconds
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That's a Beatdown!

Bombers beatdown the BC Lions 50-14. We talk about our worst beat downs in games and sports. MPI tells us Manitoba's top 5 speed hot spots. We see what's new at the movies with The Couch Potatoes. Folklorama starts Sunday. We have our Friday Gab with Gabby segment. Christian Aumell pops by to review the Bomber game and tee up the Sea Bears.
8/4/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 21 seconds
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Why Do I Keep Doing This?!?

Manitoba Hydro, Bombers VS BC Lions and Why do we keep doing the things we do? That and much more on today's episode with Megarry and Mackling!
8/3/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 2 seconds
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Take The Long Way Home

06:45 Inspired by Flair's new routes... what's the most indirect route you've taken? MILK RUNS 07:07 Gabrielle Marchand at the Habitat Women Build  07:15 Milk runs 07:37 Richard Cloutier on changes coming to Manitoba Hydro 07:45?Milk runs 08:07 HUGE GAME tomorrow night Lions vs Blue Bombers - Wade Miller 08:37 JETS new ticket pack options launch and presale 08:45 Milk runs 09:06 Winnipeg Sea Bears open some sections in 300 level for Friday's playoff game!!! 09:36 The 134th ISLENDINGADAGURINN! Icelandic Festival of Manitoba in Gimli is THIS WEEKEND
8/2/20231 hour, 19 minutes
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Police & Fire Games... do you feel safer with all these extra emergency workers around?? Inspired by Elon Musk's giant glowing X - What's a NON-eyesore? A visual marker you enjoy seeing Storms making their way through southern MB / non-eyesores / Business closes due to crime Non-eyesores Storm stuff / Breakfast with the Bombers - Blue Bomber Running Back Brady Oliveira Clay Young: Fire Fighter Challenge POLICE AND FIRE GAMES - and fleeing the storm! Emancipation Day - Nadia Thompson, the Chair of Black History Manitoba Non-eyesores SUPER MOON... LOOKED PRETTY SUPER OVERNIGHT... EVEN BETTER TONIGHT?? Winning story on non-eyesores, Ukraine stamp honors Manitoban's grandfather who was killed by the Nazis
8/1/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 3 seconds
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Megary Is Back!

06:07 Brett's back after a whirlwind trip through WestMan, Lauren is off, Mayor visit at 7:35, Canada's in tough vs AUS   06:45 Places we've visited in Manitoba that surprised you at how great they were - Manitoba gems!   07:07 Barbenheimer dominates again / Crime tee-up for mayor at 7:35 07:15 Manitoba gems   07:37 Mayor Scott Gillingham on crime, transit security, Police & Fire Games, and the Sea Bears!   07:45 Manitoba gems   08:07 Bob Irving on the Bombers vs Lions Thursday, and how bad are the Elks???   08:37 Untreatable gonorrhea may be on the horizon in Canada - how to fight back against microbial resistance   08:45 More Manitoba gems 09:06 Festivals galore coming this long weekend   09:15 Winning story on Manitoba gems you've visited   09:36 Fringe Festival recap
7/31/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 53 seconds
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The Music Of Our Youth

We're looking at the music of our youth, crime across Canada, the World Police and Fire Games, Sea Bears having great attendance throughout the season and more!
7/28/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 58 seconds
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Sleep Divorce

0:00 Wake up! (4:31) - Hail and tornado warning in Selkirk, rainfall totals over the past couple of days (Jason Knight Interview,(10:08) - Ballet in the Park cancellation and host stories, (16:55) - Interview with Sel Burrows on youth crime, (25:14) - U2 ticket prices, yesterdays storms, sleep divorce, (33:15) - Small Town Salute with Carly Butland, (38:02) - Interview with Writer/Author Martin Zeilig, Oppenheimer Project, (49:42) - Concert Announcement, Ballet in the Park, (58:30) - Sleep Divorce Interview with Dr. Wendy Troxel.
7/27/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 40 seconds
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What To Do With Leftovers

06:07 WAKE UP! 06:15 Manitoba impaired drivers to be denied third party liability clips and chat  06:37 Province working on changes to bring in more doctors…how many do we need? Dr. Michael Boroditsky Doctors MB 06:45 Having Coffee, Talking...  07:07 137 Winnipeg stores now use app to connect consumers to unsold/cheaper food HOOK 935 ***2 interviews Sarah Oteroff, Too good To go and Belinda Bigold, High Tea Bakery. 07:37 Canadians will soon need a permit to get to Europe? *** and will heat change travel? Marty Firestone, President, Travel Secure 08:07 Clay Young joins us on discussing the inscrease of HIV's 
7/26/20231 hour, 33 seconds
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The More you know!

06:07 WAKE UP! much did you get? Phillipines wins first ever World Cup Game, do you volunteer? 06:15 Search for answers in Minegoziibe (min-eh-GOHS'-eh-bay) Anishinabe Melissa Ridgen PKG  06:37 People who volunteer have better mental health scores, but how do you feel if your boss gives time off to those who give time? Paula Allen, Global Leader, Business & Client Insights, at TELUS Health  06:45 Having Coffee, Talking...   07:07 Ukraine accused of flying drones in Russia, Russia battling in Odessa, still no grain moving HOOK 807 Retired Maj. Gen. Scott Clancy 07:37 Breakfast with the Bombers  08:07 No grain moving out of Ukraine? The food crisis. Stefan Epp-Koop, Senior Manager, Humanitarian and Nexus Programs, Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  08:47 Voluneteer talk and answering texts  09:06 Sea Bears all but sold out for the last game Saturday....ask out for Asper 09:36 Palliative Manitoba is in urgent need of hand knit or crocheted blankets Rhonda Svendson 
7/25/202353 minutes, 20 seconds
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Heat, Haze, and a little bit of Craze

(1:40)Having Coffee, (7:00) From liquor and lotteries, to hydro and health care workers...why are we seeing so many strikes/threats to strike? (14:30), Barbenheimer..the records smashed at the box office and the legacy of a complicated doll (21:43), Apartments, single rooms, houses, and duplexes could raise rents by 3 percent next year (32:14), We've had rain..then heat…are mosquitoes next? (40:30), Brandon Making a Bid to host 2025 Roar of the Rings (48:42)
7/24/202351 minutes, 29 seconds
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Show Intro (0:30); Talking about the times we got lost, or sent someone down the wrong path (7::25); Let your kids make some choices! Happy Hour! Yes Day! Are these good ideas? (13:50); Sports round-up with Christian Aumell (22:30); Breaking Format with Clay Young (35:25); World Brain Day, with Larry Gifford (44:10).
7/21/202358 minutes
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Selfish Selfies

WAKE UP! We promise, Lauren had nothing to do with today's Small Town Salute...(1:40); Miranda Lambert stops singing to blast fans for taking selfies during concert (8:40); Worst behaviours at an event, like taking selfies at a concert (is that bad???) (16:50); Take Pride Winnipeg on graffiti and litter (21:45); Bad behaviours at events (30:30); SMALL TOWN SALUTE - MINNEDOSA GOLF how are they doing after brutal flooding last year? (32:30); CLAY YOUNG ON PICKLEBALL! The craze that continues to rage across North America (41:30); From talking during someone's speech to over-camera/selfie use... are we behaving worse than normal? (48:35); Winning story on bad behaviour at events (1:00:25). 
7/20/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 45 seconds
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Don't Look A Gift Card In The Mouth

Do you have any unused gift cards? Or ever try to use one and it hasn't been activated? (1:40); London, Ont city councillor suggests homeless people who refuse help could be arrested (9:20); Adventures in TEETH! (17:25); He spent years fighting to clear his own name; his advice to 2 Manitobans acquitted (25:20); Up to 70 established homeless encampments now set up across the city... are we making any headway here? (32:30); Neighbourhood reflections on homeless encampments in North Point Douglas (41:40); Winning story on dental chicanery (51:55); Pritchard Memorial update - the fundraising numbers are in! (big golf tourney in Carman raising money for cancer) (57:10).
7/19/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 38 seconds
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I Can See You

Stampede regrets / Bombers / Is Taylor Swift coming to Canada or what?? (1:40); Stampede regrets…Why big events can lead to more alcohol related calls, divorce calls and more (8:55); Greg's cat was... WHERE??? Weirdest places we've found our pets (16:40); Weird places we've found our pets (24:40); How to analyze the inflation numbers (26:35); Fringe Festival kicks off tomorrow... how are they dealing with security questions, and fewer entertainment dollars? (33:50); GREAT news from Winnipeg Humane Society after being full last week (44:45); Winning story on places where we found our pets (52:15); Still waiting for Taylor Swift to (maybe) announce a Canadian concert date....the economic boost of even one tour date (56:10).
7/18/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 44 seconds
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Join The Club

WAKE UP! THE WEEKEND IS NIGH! (0:30); There's a Pencil Collector's Society? Were you in a club as a kid? How about now? (7:15); Clubs you're in (15:20); Couch Potatoes & Couch POLL-tatoes! (18:50); Bobby Dubeau & his CFL stadium odyssey (27:15); Dauphin: One month since the bus crash (32:30); HEY! NOBODY WAS SHOT AT MY HOME (38:45); Gab with Gabby (50:45); Winning story on the clubs we're in or have been in (58:10); COMING HOME IN NOVEMBER: Brent Fitz and the Canadian rock band TOQUE is coming back to Winnipeg (1:01:55).
7/14/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 27 seconds
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Have A Nice Day

Brett's trip to Minnedosa/Clear Lake/Neepawa is just around the corner! (0:30); Stuff you own but shouldn't, why hang on to it?? - Gord Miller's aunt had a receipt from 1985? (3:50); Stuff you own but should get rid of (11:20); THERE'S A COYOTE PUP... WHERE? Cynthia Carr found a coyote pup IN HER HOME (18:45); BC port strike - how does it affect Manitoba's economy? (25:00); Winnipeg Humane Society is FULL (33:20); Winning story on stuff you own but should get rid of (40:20); Actors might go on strike today in the U.S., what would the impact be on Manitoba and Canada? (44:50).
7/13/202358 minutes, 42 seconds
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What Is It?

Things we know we should do more often - Brett flossed for first time in a while. Bloodbath. (1:40); Ozempic use and advertising in Canada (8:35); Things we know we should do more often (16:50); May Flies Fish Flies (19:15); Protester pours gasoline on barricade 'just in case' (28:25); Clay Young at Brady Road Barricade speaks to City Councillor Janice Lukes (33:25); Summer of The Locals - market this weekend with over 100 local vendors (41:35); Winning story on things we should do more often (49:45); Clay Young speaks to City Councillor Russ Wyatt who goes off on how we should search Prairie Green (53:00). 
7/12/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 58 seconds
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Amazing (G)race

Winnipeg landfill protesters refuse to budge after evacuation deadline passes (1:40); Our friend Rehman wrote a book on racism! Developing Antiracist Cultural Competence (5:20); Scavenger hunts! (15:45); CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT / MP Leah Gazan on Brady Road and landfill searches (21:45); Scavenger hunts (28:20); Breakfast with the Bombers: You don't want to trash talk JACKSON JEFFCOAT (31:00); Boyer memorial has been found! The province took it, but it's intact and they'll get it back (43:00); Winnipeg police get cash injection for catalytic converter program - Winnipeg Crime Stoppers (50:30); Winning story on scavenger hunts (1:00:35); Amazing Race Canada Winnipeg team - Ben & Anwar (friends) (1:04:00).
7/11/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 20 seconds
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Jet; Blue

Bombers / Gimli Glider / NATO / Pritchard Memorial recap (1:40); Demonstrators at Brady Road Landfill have until noon today to pack up and leave (8:25); Roller Kingdom will keep your kids out of jail: Wacky commercials! (16:10); Memorial to Ethan Boyer dismantled near Perimeter HWY crash site (24:45); Wacky commercials (33:05); Bob Irving on the latest Blue Bombers victory (34:25); Winning story on wacky commercials (45:55); 40th Anniversary of the Gimli Glider JULY 22nd (49:40).
7/10/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 24 seconds
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(Literal) Water Cooler Talk

Downtown safety plan & reaction (1:40); We can't have nice things: We got a new water cooler at work, two days later someone broke it (9:05); Saving downtown... Brandon (16:30); We can't have nice things (24:20); Ride-along with emergency workers, which included homes getting hit by lightning! (26:25); Teeing up tonight's Bomber game with Christian Aumell (33:55); Gab with Gabby SHE BROKE THE WATER COOLER!! (44:30); Winning story on not being able to have nice things (52:20); Need some day trip ideas? Well there's a show for that! Day Trippers TV show coming soon (55:40). 
7/7/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 23 seconds
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Hi, My Name Is...

GST rebate / Premier's decision on landfill search (1:40); Derek Taylor recently realized there's a character named Derek Taylor on Silver Spoons - cool places we've seen our own names or famous people we share names with (6:35); Clay Young on Homes for Heroes: Microvillage for veterans being planned for Transcona (13:50); Fun with our names (20:30); SMALL TOWN SALUTE - The inaugural 'Dine Around 59' with Beaches of 59! July 7th-21st (22:55); Fun with our names (32:45); Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham (35:45); Winning story on fun with our names (46:25); Manitoba Museum has a lot of cool stuff this week including telescopes at Folk Fest! (49:40).
7/6/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 28 seconds
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No Flipping

Chilly start to the morning, but relief from the heat! / GST 'grocery rebate' out today / Coyotes (1:40); Sutherland fire recap (8:30); MuchMusic follow-up: Is there a show or channel that was or IS a staple in your life? (16:45); What is Threads??? Meta ready to unleash its Twitter rival as Elon Musk continues to frustrate Twitterverse (24:25); Household staples for shows or channels (32:05); What will/would be the impact of NO best before dates on food? (34:10); Clay Young live from Folk Fest - It starts tomorrow but they're already lined up! (44:50); Winning story on household television staples (53:20); Can you 'celebrate' Canada Day and also be an Indigenous ally? (57:15). 
7/5/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 2 seconds
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Greg's back, Lauren's off, HUGE fire on Sutherland (1:40); Fire update / Update on B.C. port strike as talks stall (7:35); 'I never thought I'd be that person'... Greg drove away and did WHAT? (14:35); Fire update - Clay with Platoon Chief (23:10); I never thought I'd be that person... stories, and coyote reaction (30:35); Breakfast with the Bombers - Brady Oliveira (32:55); Jim Toth on SPORTS (43:15); The MuchMusic Experience Tour coming to Centennial Concert Hall on November 27th (56:40); Winning stories on 'I never thought I'd be that person' (1:05:05); 26th Pritchard Memorial is THIS WEEKEND in Carman! Had over 300 golfers last year & raised almost $100K (1:07:50).
7/4/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 39 seconds
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Take A Look At My Life

Vacation! Long weekend! Do you find it hard to relax? And HOW do you relax? (1:40); 21% say they feel more proud in Canada... 21 % say less (10:05); What's the oldest thing you own? A friend has a Coke machine from the 40s (15:55); Old stuff you own (24:20); Waterloo gender studies stabbing, and Google drops the hammer on Canadian news (27:25); Old stuff you own & a succinct Let's Talk Turkey recipe (38:10); Gab with Gabby! (40:55); Winning story on old stuff we own (47:40); Miss Christine! First Jamaican food vendor at Folk Fest in a long time, first ever at Fringe (51:50). 
6/30/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wherever I May Roam

THE FOG / Tornado watches and warnings yesterday! Big cell phone bills (1:40); Charged for excessive long distance cellphone charges they did not make while out of country... the roaming debate (8:15); Living without air conditioning (15:30); A/C in apartments... what are the rules? In the face of climate change, should A/C be considered a "right"? (22:40); A/C stories (29:35); A/C 'suck it up' comments and listener feedback on A/C struggles (32:10); Mr. Furnace on A/C rules for apartments, new builds, retrofitting, recommendations on window vs portable units (39:30); Winning story on A/C woes (47:00); Last day of school for many students today, reflecting upon the good and bittersweet memories (50:45).
6/29/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 33 seconds
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Drone-minion Day

Bagot, MB: How do you pronounce it?? PLD! Canada Day????? (1:40); Canada Day shenanigans (7:45); Canada Day plans across the province... starting in the Village... and graffiti on rise there? (14:25); Bike theft one listener got his stolen bike back (21:05); PLD trade reaction with Jets @ Noon co-host Cam Poitras (23:55); The Forks on Canada Day - Finding our North Star, no fireworks, big drone show! (33:45); Pride Winnipeg reaction to the NHL kiboshing themed jerseys for warmups on special nights (40:10); Tsunami of feedback on the NHL and themed jerseys (48:15); Winning text on Canada Day chicanery (55:05).
6/28/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 8 seconds
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Meat Cute?

Lab-grown chicken meat for dinner???? Company gets green light to start selling it (1:40); Strangest or most unique food you've ever had (8:20); Summer break is nigh…should days be scheduled for kids or let them run wild? (16:20); Weird things we've eaten (23:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Kicker Justin Medlock latest inductee into Winnipeg Blue Bombers Hall of Fame (25:35); Grocery industry needs more competition to keep prices in do we do that? (36:10); Could magic mushrooms help with depression? Canadian researchers looking into whether the science backs the claim (46:05); Winning story on weird food (53:55).
6/27/202359 minutes, 29 seconds
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It's Grad Season!

Smoke's return blows up Brett's allergies, Montreal has worst air quality on Earth (1:40); Grad season! Something amusing that happened on your grad night (7:55); Convocation this week, grad dinner this past weekend. How are grads emerging from their Covid years? (15:55); Grad night shenanigans (23:00); Fort Whyte's Barret Miller on coyotes: How to protect/defend yourself/behave yourself (25:55); High school kids... learning loss not as bad? Less alcohol consumption? (37:40); Winning story on grad nights (44:20); More on young people and alcohol - Younger concert-goers drinking less alcohol (49:15).
6/26/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 55 seconds
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You're The Best

Teeing up the show, and a montage of voices from Dauphin (1:40); Public vigil as community comes together (8:30); Dauphin names montage, and a woman who knew many of them (12:00); CFL fan attempting Guinness record to visit all CFL stadiums the fastest (19:20); Stories on records & personal bests (26:40); New trial ordered in nearly 50 year old Manitoba case (29:45); Bob Irving on Bombers STINKER (36:00); No Gabby this week, so we turn to THE CLAYMAN - fresh off his walk-along with the police and the mayor (47:30); Winning story on records and personal bests (55:10); Finding laughter in a difficult time - comedian at Yuk Yuk's recently learned her cancer has returned (59:00).
6/23/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Missing Stairwell?

Taylor Swift no likey Canada? / Rainy Thursday / Portage and Main stairwells (1:40); Stairwell at Portage and Main might close... what about 24 access, safety, and smells? (8:30); Times you tried to fix something and made it worse (15:00); After losing his son in an overdose where the drug was laced with fentanyl, a Dad's "say no" campaign (24:40); Lauren visits the four corners of Portage and Main (31:35); More on fixing things and making it worse (33:20); Submarine latest as English man shares story of spending four days on floor of Atlantic after sub crashed (43:00); Stairwells at Portage and Main, chat and listener feedback (49:00); Winning story on fixing things and making them worse (59:05); SPORTS! Bomber game day, latest Jets speculation on Hellebuyck and PLD (1:03:45).
6/22/20231 hour, 16 minutes, 52 seconds
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The Monster Match

No storm in Winnipeg, but storms abound in southern MB (0:30); THE MONSTER is coming to IG Field - what's a fun / goofy / wacky thing you'd like to try? (5:25); Monstrous games you'd like to try (12:40); How to respond to an electrocution... and do you have your first aid...(17:00); Storm chasing season... what can we learn from chasing storms? (25:30); National Indigenous People's Day...what does it mean to you? (33:10); Last chance for MONSTROUS GAMES contest / More than 70 Edmontonians signed up to speak about the renewed zoning bylaw (41:40); Winning story on monstrous games (48:15); Indigenous People's Day... former Blue Bomber Troy Westwood, who was traditionally adopted by Indigenous family (51:30).
6/21/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 52 seconds
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Let's Taco 'Bout It

By-election ballot madness! (1:40); Submarine for titanic wreckage tourists goes missing (9:10); Celebrating good neighbours! Teen gets nice note from neighbour re: basketball hoop (17:10); Dauphin crash latest (24:30); Good neighbour stories (30:40); Breakfast with the Bombers - eating tacos on the sideline after the drumline! Place Kicker Sergio Castillo (33:15); Maxime Bernier doesn't win in Portage, Carr retains seat for Libs in Wpg on ridiculous 48-person ballot (44:05); Winning story on good neighbours (50:40); Rainbow Stage kicks off their Season of Love with the Pulitzer Prize winning musical RENT! June 28-July 16 (54:20).
6/20/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 56 seconds
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There Goes The Sun(wing)

Father's Day & Lauren's birthday yesterday! Dauphin/by-elections today, Sunwing (1:40); Manitoba Marathon recap (7:35); Manitoba bus crash: The future of the Trans Canada Highway with Global National anchor Dawna Friesen (11:20); What's something you rely on too much? Like Brett & Facebook for birthday reminders (17:15); First Swoop, now Sunwing... see ya! (24:25); Question of the Day on the Trans-Canada Highway, and feedback from truckers (31:30); Truck driver on crash and bad behaviour (35:40); Sports recap with Jim Toth (42:45); Winning story on stuff we rely on too much (54:40). 
6/19/20231 hour, 12 seconds
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Tragedy In Carberry

15 dead in Highway 1 crash near Carberry - Lauren is at the scene (0:30); More on the crash, and crisis/emergency management - Richard Cloutier joins us (8:10); To whom do you turn in a time of crisis? (16:35); What are we hearing from families? - Dauphin Mayor David Bosiak (23:10); Carolyn Klassen on Highway 1 crash and how to sort through the difficult emotions (29:45); Clay Young at the crash site (39:50); Crash scene investigation...what police and analysts will be looking for (47:45); Grief counsellor Kyla Bernardo certified grief counselling specialist (58:10); Giving thanks to first responders (1:06:15); Story Shifters St Boniface Museum exhibit (1:08:50).
6/16/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 54 seconds
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Play Mysti For Me

It's cold! Or, is it? Feels cold after the heat / Problems at the Grace / The Marathon is coming... / Big week for Selkirk! (1:40); The King of Instruments': Manitoba man one of dwindling number of pipe organ enthusiasts (8:30); Musical instruments that mystify you (16:50); It's been hot and smoky... how are things looking for MB Marathon? (24:15); Small Town Salute - TO SELKIRK - Eveline Street wins second big award of the year! (32:20); Documents show MB Health was asked to fund new doctor for Grace Hospital ages ago. 10 months later, no change (40:10); Winning story on musical instruments (46:30); The RISING TIDE CHALLENGE! Want to climb the stairs at 201 Portage EIGHT TIMES IN ONE DAY? It's to help sick kids with The Dream Factory! (50:10); Listener is NOT happy with us for playing a certain song! (1:01:30). 
6/15/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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Six Long Years...

Smokey Tuesday, summer jobs, and giant beetles! (1:40); If you could pick a part time job to work, what would it be? (9:35); No mosquitoes… but giant beetles? What are they? (17:35); Meta now officially blocking some Canadian news sites (25:20); Woman declared dead discovered alive in coffin during her own wake? (35:40); Movember survey shows men more proactive in managing their physical health, continue to struggle prioritizing mental wellness (42:10); Some of our favourite summer & seasonal jobs // Students re-imagine Winnipeg in Minecraft to help re-design city's downtown (53:00); Winning story on part-time jobs (1:00:45); Bob Picken Curling Classic (1:04:40).
6/14/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 35 seconds
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You're Going To Need A Bigger Pod

What's with all the Global News headlines about ORCAS? (1:40); Four kids found in jungle, alive, a month after the plane crashes (9:25); If you had to be stranded somewhere, where could you survive? (15:50); Air Canada Park... will renovations coming this summer actually change the way you feel about it? (24:40); Breakfast with the Bombers: Willie Jefferson! (31:15); Air Canada park feedback (40:10); Trump indictment - Global's Reggie Cecchini in Florida (44:10); Marion Willis with St. Boniface Street Links & Morberg House had tried to work with Olive Garden stabbing suspect (50:55); Winning story on how hard it is to survive in the wilderness (1:02:00).
6/13/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 22 seconds
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Anxiety Bomb(ers)

Olive Garden stabbing / Bombers win / Nick Taylor at the Canadian Open! WINNIPEG-BORN NICK TAYLOR (1:40); Olive Garden stabbing, escalating crime, and witnessing horrible events like this (8:50); Reunion parties! Brett to one on Saturday, and while it was great to see old friends, it was also an anxiety bomb (14:55); SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT - DOG MAN THE MUSICAL! / He had his credit card stolen, got a new one, went on already had his new number. Company says that's normal. Really?? (23:40); The impact of being a witness/bystander to crime (30:55); Rise in calls to poison centre about kids and Melatonin. What do parents need to know? (41:20); Derek Taylor on Sports - Bombers, Canadian Open won by Winnipeg-born Nick Taylor (48:00); Do you know where your credit card info is going? (59:50); Winning story on reunions (1:07:15).
6/12/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 59 seconds
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Tangled Up In Blue (plus...Fred Penner!)

BOMBER SEASON IS HERE!!! (1:40); Inspired by Mme. Lauren's trip to the museum... Field trip stories! (8:55); Women more likely to adhere to social values than men? How can that make them better leaders? (16:50); SPORTSINGS WITH JIM TOTH! More PLD Options? Blue Bombers Season Opener... Are they aging out of a shot at the Grey Cup? (24:15); Gab with Gabby! (35:20); Winning story on field trips (42:35); Fred Penner! He's performing once again at the Winnipeg International Children's Festival (45:55); FRED PENNER SINGS!! (58:25). 
6/9/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 49 seconds
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June 8th, 2023

Vicious storms in Westman. Grocery stores like liquor stores? PLD. Cornhole and Favorite backyard games (1:10); Should grocery stores go the way of liquor stores because of theft and violence? (9:30); Favourite backyard games in nod to the cornhole / campfire chicanery (17:15); Small Town Salute - Chicken Daze in Springfield! (24:55); Has Pierre-Luc Dubois asked for a trade? (32:55); Winning story on yard games (40:30); CORNHOLE! Some history of the game, and some of the best boards are made right here in Manitoba! (45:05); Horrific Erickson home invasion, family member speaks (55:10).
6/8/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 54 seconds
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What A Day To Be aLIVe!

Monster traffic situation on Main to start the day! (1:40); Fort Gibraltar weddings and cancellations (8:50); Last-minute changes!?? (15:55); Cataracts leading cause of blindness? The push to wear sunglasses year round (24:10); Clay Young on Main Street crash // Cataract and sunglasses feedback (31:25); Working for Manitoba, while living out of Manitoba (39:15); MPI feedback // Teeing up the madness that is the PGA-LIV-DP merger?????? (43:00); BOB IRVING ON THE GOLF SHOCKER! PGA & DP World Tour to merge with Saudi-backed LIV Golf (49:35); Winning story on last-minute changes (1:01:30); Sorry we have to move your wedding - Happy couple gets last second relocated wedding after Fort Gibraltar accident (1:05:50).
6/7/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 48 seconds
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A Cold (Metallic) One

They want to do WHAT at 7-Eleven?? (1:40); Booze at 7-11? Not to buy and take home... but as a restaurant of sorts (9:00); Most unique spot you've enjoyed a 'cold beverage'? (17:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Wade Miller (24:15); Metallic flying orbs seen around the world baffle NASA and the Pentagon... what's going on? (33:50); The summer of concerts? What are bands looking for? What about fans? (40:20); Winning story on unique spots to enjoy a cold one (51:10); Football and flag football in Manitoba as popular now as they've ever been (55:05); What did Lauren say to Hal LOLOLOLOLOL????? (1:05:40).
6/6/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 7 seconds
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Wing Free

WE MELTED. / Bike to Work Day... questions about right of way concerning bike lanes (1:40); So... Winnipeg's May 2023 WAS warm (8:55); Jays fan with Smitty's sign gets free wings for a year - What's the coolest thing you ever won! (17:35); Bike to Work Day / cool things you've won / Brush between warships has US calling on China to reign in conduct (24:35); Countryfest Code of the Day! / more cool things we've won (31:35); Bike to work week… do you understand rules of road with cyclists? (35:05); Bike to work week with Bike Winnipeg (43:30); Blue Bombers cuts Saturday, Coaches Show Tonight! - Derek Taylor (50:15); Winning story on cool stuf we've won (1:00:25).
6/5/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 54 seconds
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Get Up Stand Up

Fort Gibraltar incident sends over a dozen to hospital (1:40); Lone tenant in a $400-a-month apartment could delay major condo project in Montreal (9:05); Fort Gibraltar…what happened/when was last time it was inspected? (12:35); Times we held our ground, like the lone tenant holding out in Montreal? (21:15); Mayor Scott Gillingham: Fort Gibraltar inspection questions and Mayor on widening of Kenaston (29:00); National Indigenous History Month (40:10); Winning text on standing your ground! (47:50); HEADING TO THE STANLEY CUP FINAL- GAME 1 (50:55).
6/1/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 56 seconds
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WAKE UP! (0:30); Having Coffee, Talking... Job Interviews (7:50); No sleep, little access to nutritious food. The percentage of Canadians feeling physically, not just mentally, blech. Paula Allen, Global Leader and SVP, Research and Client Insights at TELUS Health (14:15); Breakfast with the Bombers: Derek Taylor, and remembering "The Koobie Kid" (19:45); 24-Hours public washroom on Main Street Clay Young (27:30); Song Writer/Making Course One-Year Micro Certificate Mel Braun (31:25); Winning text on job interviews (41:30).
5/30/202347 minutes, 25 seconds
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All-time Collab

5/25/20231 hour, 28 minutes, 10 seconds
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Games on The Street

5/25/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 55 seconds
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A Chore Bore

Lilacs = ACHOO for Brett, long weekend recap, what a difference a year makes after all the flooding last year (1:40); Another sign of! Deacons Corner intersection upgrades start today (8:20); Times we took on chores that took way longer than expected (14;35); Apartment fire follow... They escaped with just the clothes on their back and their pets. What's next? (23:25); Breakfast with the Bombers - Jake Thomas, just two weeks after welcoming a new baby into the family (31:40); Great PGA story of a fairy tale run, hole in one, and more PGA invites for Michael Block (37:40); Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad - the final push! Event is on Saturday, goal is $500K (45:10); With Highway 1 set to be twinned from Falcon Lake to Ontario, what should be twinned next? (53:10); Living kidney donor - this year marks the 1000th patient to receive a kidney through the kidney exchange program with Transplant Manitoba?Karen Letham and Rob (56:40); Winning text on chores (1:03:55).
5/23/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 21 seconds
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Workin' Overtime

Strike averted but some cancelled flights// 4 OTs // Long weekend is nigh but will it be warm? (1:40); Social decency hills to die on, like blocking the shoulder so idiots can't pass! (9:30); As of Tuesday SK municipalities can decide if they want to allow alcohol in public (17:00); Listener texts on social decency hills to die on (23:30); Mayor Scott Gillingham: New homelessness strategy, and new liaison (26:25); Live racing returns to Assiniboia Downs! (33:40); Winning text on social hills to die on (43:15); Yuk Yuk's! Michael Harrison, comedian from NYC by way of SK (46:40); Listener whose flight on Swoop was cancelled, says her husband will never fly WestJet again (56:25). 
5/19/20231 hour, 1 minute, 57 seconds
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Stop & Visit

WestJet labour dispute leaves travel plans up in the air (1:40); What's a place you wish you visited more often? Like Brett & The Forks Market (9:40); How are guidelines like 'when you should get a mammogram' or 'prostate cancer screening' set? (17:10); Small Town Salute: Glamping and Gliding with the Winnipeg Gliding Club (24:50); WestJet - How is the Winnipeg Airports Authority preparing? (33:00); Manitoba to flip crime property into family homes (39:55); Listener wishes to visit Minnedosa more often, prompting Lauren to sing // Wacky long weekend forecast & variations between forecasters (48:50); Winning text on places you'd like to visit more often (56:35); Our Fathers' Footsteps: Stories of World War 2 Veterans' "What If' Moments (1:01:00). 
5/18/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 51 seconds
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Razing Arizona

Forecast for May Long is a bit cooler as we get closer / Bail reform / Sea Bears! (0:30); Could Canada be getting an eighth National Hockey team? Not likely... at all...(6:30); With the Arizona Coyotes potentially moving, and pro basketball returning to WPG, what teams do you miss? (10:30); If housing prices continue to rise...what's the rental market doing? say monthly averages up 7.1% (18:40); Some teams we miss (26:05); The return of pro basketball to MB is just around the corner... the Winnipeg Sea Bears! (28:00); Rental rates in Winnipeg rising A LOT (39:45); Winning text on teams we miss (47:45); Family Law Season 2 debuts Monday May 22nd on Global (50:05).
5/17/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 52 seconds
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Strike 81

The smoke is bad! (1:40); WestJet 72 hour strike notice (8:30); Environment Canada on no air quality advisory for Winnipeg despite the smoke // THEN // Brazen theft of a donation box at a Tim's (12:15); Martha Stewart hits cover of Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition at 81 years old. If you're doing ______ 81, what would it be? (21:00); Social isolation and national survey being launched today Dr. David Conn, Co-Chair, Canadian Coalition for Seniors' Mental Health (27:20); West Jet strike notice... What to consider when booking? (33:30); Winning text on what we hope to be doing at 81 (40:45); Brent Bellamy on The Future of Portage Place (44:30).
5/16/202356 minutes, 26 seconds
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Live from IG Field! (0:30); Times you were WOEFULLY Brett!! (7:45); It's what actually goes into maintaining the field at IGF? (16:20); Willie Jefferson, live from IG Field! (23:25); Derek Taylor Voice of the Blue Bombers LIVE at IGF (34:20); "Carol at the Bombers" Bombers sales person a household name (45:30); 2 tix for Shania Twain Tuesday November 7th Canada Life Centre (54:35); Dashir Lodge, Tanzania? Shirley Peters, LIVE AT IG Field
5/15/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Future....

Grace Hospital Radiothon / When's the last time you were at Portage Place? (1:40); Brandon grandma wants LGBTQ+ books removed from schools (9:45); Mother's Day! Favourite on-screen moms (17:50); Future of Portage Place (25:20); Portage place and the downtown... what else is needed (32:55); MOMINATIONS WINNER with Luxe Furniture Company? (43:00); Winning text for on-screen moms (48:00); Radiothon - the importance of Grace Hospital Day?? (52:25).
5/12/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 28 seconds
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Don't Forget Your Passport

STORM! Environment Canada on Wednesday's tornado warnings, the hail, and the heat! (1:40); New passports pictures, new application rules (5:10); All-inclusive vacations! (10:00); Is it time to end fighting in hockey? Study shows hockey enforcers die 10 years sooner (18:05); Small Town Salute - Calm Air & Vacations in the North (26:05); All-inclusive vacations / feedback on hockey fighting (34:45); Parents day? The controversy in Quebec over changing Mothers Day to Parents day in one school (41:35); Winning text on all-inclusive vacations (50:55); Asian Heritage Month - Celebrating Filipino culture with Eric Labaupa from Kickerfish (54:30). 
5/11/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 17 seconds
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Mad; About Shoe

TRIGGER WARNING: PORTAGE & MAIN! / Pedestrian scramble at Osborne & River? / The Beer Can! (1:40); Tell us about your favourite shoes! (8:20); Portage and Main public consultations start today (16:00); Shoe stories (22:05); The Beer Can and the Can-Can! (24:35); Pedestrian scramble coming to River and Osborne? That's one suggestion in Osborne Biz Report (35:35); Youth crime… this organization for youth might not host its annual event because of crime concerns, and reveal some stunning statistics (42:40); McHappy Day! The Main Ingredient's Kevin Burgin is volunteering at a McDonald's in Charleswood (52:35); Winning story on shoes (56:25); Canadian Footwear on foot health & the perils of waiting too long to get new shoes, like Brett (1:00:05).
5/10/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 25 seconds
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Living Plus

It's foggy! Stay off the moors! / Cam & Jim pick a fight with Greg & Brett over saying 'plus' in the weather (1:40); RCMP looking for suspects who set a car on fire in someone's driveway in St. Andrews (9:40); Tedious tasks like cleaning out your digital cloud (14:50); CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT // Zebra Mussels... the now annual clean up efforts for MB Hydro (22:55); Tedious tasks (30:20); Zebra Mussels and the changes for boats coming to Riding Mountain (32:15); Winnipeg Ice to play WHL championship final at Canada Life! / Someone took the GPS instructions too seriously (43:25); Winning text on tedious tasks (51:45); The future of work... encouraging young people to get involved in automotive trades (55:25); Connecting Winnipeg - Lauren & KK come up with a business idea that very quickly fizzles (1:06:45).
5/9/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Games We Play

Lauren's back! / Winnipeg Ice ready for championship/ Leafs are down 3-0 LOL (1:40); Polo park stabbings. What is going on?? (9:00); Childhood games that still make us feel like kids when we play them (16:25); Childhood games and the go-kart track at Wisconsin-Dells that made Brett a little too overzealous (24:00); HOMETOWN HEROES WINNER from Luxe Barbecue Company (26:15); With wildfires and evacuations in Alberta, what should we consider here? Emergency Preparedness Week (32:45); FLOOR BORED WINNER from Total Flooring (40:05); Winnipeg Police weigh in on Polo Park stabbings (46:10); Winning text on childhood games (54:30); Winnipeg company Baltic Bros - podium finish at a big spirits competition in San Fran (57:10).
5/8/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 29 seconds
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Wildfires force big evacuations in AB - Cam Poitras worked in Drayton Valley and gives us the lay of the land (1:40); It STINKS outside! // Winnipeg police, Border Services arrest man accused of making, selling 3D-printed 'ghost guns' (8:45); Toronto Maple Leafs ANTI-FANS - What brings out the 'anti' in you? (16:50); City Hall moving forward on derelict buildings? (24:25); Anti-fan stuff (31:25); The Couch Potatoes - Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3, and Celine Dion is in a movie? (34:10); Gab with Gabby! (41:20); Winning text on ANTI-FANDOM (49:25); Indigenous Voices Award-nominated author Michelle Porter's debut novel "A Grandmother Begins the Story" comes out May 9! (53:10).
5/5/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 39 seconds
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Made The Kessel Run In Less Than 12 Podcasts

Gorgeous weather Wednesday, some good hockey news for Winnipeg teams not named Jets (1:40); 'Bring our people back': One year later, Peguis still feeling effects of devastating flooding (8:30); Times we provided unpaid labour, whether intentional or not - like the 10-year-olds in Kentucky working at a McDonald's until 2am without pay (16:00); Unpaid labour stories (24:25); Small Town Salute... 26th annual Pritchard Memorial Golf Tournament in Carman - over 300 golfers last year! (27:05); Monthly segment with Mayor Scott Gillingham (35:35); Local hair salon closes down shop to give listener Rose's autistic son a haircut in peace (46:10); Winning text on unpaid labour (54:35); Royal Winnipeg Ballet season finale - Peter Pan! (57:30). 
5/4/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 42 seconds
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The Customer Is Always Something...

WAKE UP! LEAFS LOSE GAME 1 LOL / Customer service setup (0:30); Great customer service! Greg had a solid experience with Dyson (8:35); Good customer service & Google reviews (18:05); Quality Customer Service... complaints up (20:00); Derelict buildings, and some feedback from a former Winnipeg City Councillor (31:35); Out camping and struggling with the tent or fire? Well... did you know you can call a Scouts helpline? (37:05); Customer service and AMAZING contests with Luxe BBQ & Luxe Furniture (49:00); Winning text on customer service (57:45); "Developing Coaching Leaders; The Fundamentals and Techniques that Make Leaders Extraordinary" (1:00:50).
5/3/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 4 seconds
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WAKE UP! Gordon Lightfoot / Monthly visit with the Premier / Leafs fans can't buy tix in Florida? (1:40); Legendary Canadian singer, Gordon Lightfoot, passes away (9:15); Changes to bail support...what do they mean? (13:20); Got a story about a Canadian legend? (20:45); Lightfoot and Canadian John Candy (29:15); Breakfast with the Bombers...CFL DRAFT DAY (31:35); Bail, crime, health care....Monthly chat with Premier (40:40); Winning text on Canadian legends - with a little help from Global's Clay Young! (52:20); WSO 75th anniversary 'After Party' fundraiser celebration (58:10). 
5/2/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 29 seconds
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Bowness; Golf

Weather looking sweet! Lawn/outdoor chores, PSAC strike latest, Jets comments...(0:30); Favourite / least favourite YARD CHORES (7:50); No Mow May... it's a social media campaign for your lawn, but some experts say 'cut it'! (15:00); You think Jets fans are upset? Imagine being in Boston or Colorado right now! (22:35); Lots of golf courses opened over the weekend... is the resurgence in golf interest seen in Covid here to stay? / KELLY MOORE JETS COMMENTARY (30:20); Jim Toth weighs in on the Jets (37:30); Winning text on yard works (48:55); Mental Health Awareness Month & peer support (52:20).
5/1/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 42 seconds
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Leaving Las Vegas

Jets frustration / Future of Work... where are the workers? (1:40); JETS - Coach Rick Bowness sums up his RAGE, we sum up ours. And Vegas' crowd SUCKS. They are quiet and their clothes are stupid (8:50); What are you looking forward to with the nicer weather? (17:45); Future of Work: What trades are drawing interest? What is industry asking for? (24:10); Listener text on Jets and perspective // THEN // The Couch Potatoes - Lauren's excited for one of her favourite books to arrive on the big screen! (31:30); "Was it a failure?" NBA player reacts to question after loss. Discussion on what failing means and what you learn from it (42:25); Leah Hextall: Who's in and who's out as we look ahead to 'the most pivotal off-season' for the Winnipeg Jets (49:05); Gab with Gabby! (1:02:10); More stuff we're looking forward to with nicer weather (1:09:45); "Holding your team accountable" - Speaker/author on team leadership in the workplace (conference in wpg next month) (1:13:40). 
4/28/20231 hour, 26 minutes, 37 seconds
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Python 5000's Flying Circus

The rain awakened something... and hopefully the Jets can awaken VICTORY (1:40); ICE HOCKEY! Jets... Leafs... THE KRAKEN?! (9:00); Inspired by the Python 5000 - what's your favourite machine? (16:35); Can we do better with potholes? Hal Anderson & the PYTHON 5000?? (24:00); The 6th annual Autism Awareness Ride is a little over a month away... fundraising campaign starts (28:35); Artificial intelligence... how to have academic integrity and more critical thinking, in the classroom (37:10); More of our favourite machines (45:50); Jerry Springer dead at 79 // Jets TV with Sara Orlesky (48:35). 
4/27/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 4 seconds
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Body; Talk

Brett's back after recovering from the Jets game / body image issues (1:40); Photo filters and the desire to look 'perfect' affecting mental health (9:10); What's something that was popular but has since disappeared? (16:00); PSAC strike hits one week mark (24:15); Stuff that was popular but disappeared (31:30); Body image in the age of the 'profile' questions like 'can you photo shop this' are being asked at a younger and younger age (34:05); "Dangerously overstrained". Crown Attorneys file grievance (45:05); More stuff that was once popular but disappeared?????? (51:55); Muscle Dysmorphia - what is it? (55:05).
4/26/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 8 seconds
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Driving Miss/Oopsy

Show Intro (0:30); Driving Oopsies! (7:45); Are your kids shots up to date? Numbers show fewer Canadians believe in childhood vaccines...what gives? Family doctor and professor in community health sciences and family medicine. Dr. Alan Katz (14:35); Wade Miller, Breakfast with the Bombers (23:05); Big chunk of Small Biz owners say they're working 59 hour weeks due to staffing issues Brianna Solberg prairie spokesperson for the CFIB (41:45); Jets vs Golden Knights Game 4, Christian Aumell (39:25); Postponing retirement, worried about money…where do reverse mortgages fit in? Vivianne Gauci, Senior Vice President, Customer Experience and Chief Marketing Officer, HomeEquity Bank (52:10). 
4/25/20231 hour, 4 minutes, 20 seconds
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BROADCASTING LIVE AT CANADA LIFE CENTRE! (0:30); Future of work story - Rethinking retirement (8:05); Jets turn to mustard packs to stay energized and hydrated. EMERGENCY SNACKS! (14:35); They held it, and the people came. How was the party for downtown biz? (22:50); Emergency snacks (31:05); Jim Toth on hockey (32:50); The Gameday Director of Fun! (41:25); Winning text on emergency snacks (50:20); Cooking for the Jets, the fans, and more! (53:00). 
4/24/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

We're Putting Together A Crew

JETS LOSE, LEAFS WIN, BOO-URNS (0:30); Gold heist in Toronto.....sounds crazy, but did you know about Winnipeg's own flying bandit (8:45); Favourite heist movies & TV shows (15:10); How to ask for a raise (22:55); The Couch Potatoes on new movies this weekend and more heist movies & shows (30:05); Wa-say Healing Centre lodge hit with vandalism and theft (35:35); Library violence - we know it's a problem here... but it's not just a Winnipeg thing (43:00); Party In the Plaza for the Whiteout this weekend! (49:30); Train derailment update / Look Ahead to Tomorrow... Jets vs Knights (59:25); Train derailment update / Gab with Gabby! (1:03:35). 
4/21/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

One Shining Podcast

Show Intro (0:30); The (movie/sports) moments that inspire us (9:10); Recycle your electronics! (16:40); Listener texts on inspiring moments (20:50); Small Town Salute to NHLers (23:20); Tri-Hospital Lottery (27:00); Winning listener text (34:30); Jamie Thomas on WPG vs VGK Game 2 (36:25). 
4/20/202351 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Score! Strike!

JETS!!! Sounds of the Game / PSAC / SNOW (0:30); Weird injury in Jets game with player taking a skate blade to the face -- WEIRD INJURIES (7:20); FUTURE OF WORK SERIES - Racialized newcomers, particular women, struggle to find work (15:05); Weird injuries (21:30); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat with John Shannon (23:30); PSAC on strike (33:30); The Jets are looking for more season ticket holders, what about other entertainment venues like Royal MTC? (41:05); Winning text on weird injuries (52:25); Clay Young out on the picket line at Portage and Main / More on the Jets (56:45). 
4/19/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

All You Can Tweet

Jets! Storm watch! PSAC strike?? (1:40); Environment Canada on MORE SNOW COMING THIS WAY (8:45); Blue Jays pitcher mad after airline makes his pregnant wife clean up after other two kids... Internet mad for his entitlement (12:30); Jets in Vegas - the home of the buffet. LET'S TALK BUFFETS (19:50); Workers at home, still reluctant to come back to work. Is it still not back to 'normal', or is this the new normal? (26:50); Breakfast with the Bombers - Wolitarski and Demski on the Northern trip to Oxford House (33:40); If 30 percent still don't want to come to work, what are businesses doing with that office space? (41:50); Winning story on buffets (48:45); The Vegas Golden Knights Phenomenon - Golden Knights Super Fan (52:30); Hal explains his visit to Uncle Willy's (1:03:20). 
4/18/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Let The Good Times Vole

Welcome Sarah to mornings! / Greg's trip to Oxford House / JETS! Tried to get tix... to no avail (1:40); What's your dream job? (8:20); Taz Stuart on Voles! They're apparently a big problem this year...(16:15); Greg's trip up north...What were the Bombers up to, in Oxford House? (23:45); Sick days and OT way up for WFPS (34:25); Sports! Jets! (42:00); The Braun goodbye...with the best of Braun (50:30); Winning text on dream jobs (58:55); Future of Work series: Dream jobs! (1:03:00).
4/17/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

Helping Hands...

Siloam Radiothon / Whiteout party announcement / $60M winner! (1:40); Viral video of Trudeau at U of M talking to student who doesn't think girls who "sleep around" should get an abortion (7:10); In honour of Radiothon, a time you helped someone...(15:55); Siloam - Lindsay Enns, Manager of Transition Services (23:10); Bracing for overland flooding on the Fisher River (33:40); Manitoba Motorcycle Ride for Dad campaign kickoff is today! (40:55); Feel good helping stories (52:30); Siloam - Kristin Kennedy, Transition Services (56:25); Winning text on helping others (1:04:00).
4/14/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

(Don't) Help Me If You Can...

Whiteout party being planned, what would you like it to look like? (1:40); Business owner fed up with repeated vandalism (5:45); Arnold Schwarzenegger terminates pothole that wasn't a pothole - Times we thought we were helping but really weren't (12:25); From teeth grinding to wrinkles, dentists in MB scan now train to administer Botox? (20:30); Small Town Salute… With food bank use skyrocketing across Canada, what's happening in rural Manitoba? (25:45); Where's Greg? (32:35); EV push in the US. What does it mean, and what about the weight of EV's and impact at collision time? (39:05); Cosmetic procedures in a younger audience...(49:30); Winning text on helping not helping (57:50); Jets TV (1:01:15).
4/13/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

White Out; Party

JETS WIN! THEY ARE GOING TO THE PLAYOFFS! Sounds of the Game! (1:40); Forever Winnipeg: Jets drive for more season ticket holders...(9:35); THE WHITEOUT RETURNS! Best big parties we've been to & assorted stories (18:15); Despite recession concerns, numbers show restaurants and beauty retailers doing well (25:40); Fortier's big party that he can't be fully honest about (32:10); Jets Update with Kelly Moore (35:45); Transit safety... Clay rides the bus with Janice Lukes! (43:25); Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (50:35); International Day of Pink in support of anti-2SLGBTQ+ bullying (1:01:35). 
4/12/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

Decorative Disputation

Lauren's back! Potholes and sinkholes! Jets win! Calgary falls into a sinkhole! Sounds of the Game! (1:08); Fargo preparing for a possible top 10 flood... (8:35); Sinkhole response, and the roads this spring... (11:47); Host vs Guest & the War of the Throw Pillows: Decorations that cause a rift! (19:11); Signs of spring... Shooters driving range opens today! (27:51); Decorations that cause a rift (34:48); Breakfast with the Bombers - Wade Miller on Blue Bomber Futures Program (36:18); Camping Reservation for Birds HIll opens... 99 per cent of listeners say 'success'! // Keys to the Game (44:23); Fargo flood preparations (49:18); Winning text on decorations that cause a rift (58:40); World Parkinson's Day (62:18).
4/11/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

If You Leave, Don't Leave Now

Crazy forecast! / Masters / Jets; Ramadan check in ; AM/FM radios going away in cars? What's something you'd hate to see go away ; Winnipeg woman speaks out after daughter struggled to access treatment at RAAM clinic ; Stuff we'd hate to see taken away ; Flood Prospects... how will this suddenly warm weather impact the possibilities? ; Future of the Queen Victoria site ; Sports..... The Jets! The Masters! Curling! Oh my! ; Clearing up some confusion from The Masters / How nervous is Greg about the Jets ; Winning text on stuff we'd hate to see go away ; The end of AM radio... in EV's anyway - How much longer will new vehicles come with AM/FM radios?
4/10/20231 hour, 26 minutes, 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

Peeps This!

Humboldt anniversary / storm fallout (1:40); Environment Canada with storm recap, snowfall totals, etc, why does winter hate us (7:20); Humboldt Broncos crash 5th anniversary (11:15); Favourite Easter candies and chocolates (17:05); Small Town Salute: Oakville and Jets Town Takeover!! (23:40); Bob Irving on Jets, & THE MASTERS! What is it, why is it a big deal, what's it like being there, PGA vs LIV, cheap sandwiches (29:20); Monthly interview with Premier Heather Stefanson (36:45); Recap on storm and snow clearing (46:50); Siloam Mission Stories of Hope Radiothon happening next Friday April 14th (51:10); Winning text on Easter treats (58:30). 
4/6/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Snow Day . . . in April.

STORM! Anniversary of 1997 storm / Huge Jets game tonight! (1:08); What's fallen… what's to come? Environment Canada Stormy-time (7:06); Times you got stuck in the snow (10:06); City on snow clearing...why don't plows go out until after 7?? // THEN Clay on what it's like out there (17:55); Monthly Mayor interview (23:26): Stuck in the snow (31:36); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat (32:30); Stuck in the snow (37:24); Winnipeg Police Chief Danny Smyth on urgent crime letter to Premiers (40:34); Winning text on getting stuck in the snow (50:10); The Super Mario Brothers Movie debuts today! PNP Games on the legacy of Super Mario and his impact on video games (52:44).
4/5/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

A.I. A.I. oh!

MAJOR TO EXTREME STORM JUST SOUTH OF US IN THE U.S. GO AWAY WINTER (1:40); Shoppers want more price freezes, more transparency, from grocers (8:10); Wild goose chases! Brett went on one this morning trying to find something at work (15:30); How's the storm tracking? - David Phillips from Environment Canada (22:40); Wild goose chases (28:35); Breakfast with the Bombers - Voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, Derek Taylor (31:40); Would you rather go back to an older, easier version of your cell phone? - 50th anniversary of the cell phone! (39:10); New survey shows medical cannabis users getting their marijuana in stores instead of med supply chain… (45:50); Winning text on wild goose chases (52:15); A.I. and evolving technology - should we be concerned? (57:10).
4/4/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Snow (Hey No)

Roads, impending weather / WHO WON THE 60MIL?? (1:40); Say it ain't SNOW! A spring storm is on its way...(6:35); Camping reservations start today, so... camping stories! (10:00); From dog parks to ski trails...recommendations for golf courses in Winnipeg (17:25); Camping stories (24:40); Still some challenges for school aged kids $10 daycare (26:20); Jim Toth sports weekend recap - Jets, NCAA, Canadian wins in golf, oh my! (35:00); Did the T-Rex have lips?? (47:20); Winning text on camping (55:35). 
4/3/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork


Carbon tax going up tomorrow / Point Douglas fire / Question of the Day / crazy phone bill (1:40); Outrageous phone bill makes local dad want to smash (9:25); Favourite 'Hole in the Wall' like Johnny's (18:00); Doctrine of Discovery renounced by the Vatican (24:40); Greg fills in for Jeff Braun on The Couch Potatoes! - Dungeons & Dragons / Murder Mystery 2 / Tetris / John Wick / Letterman & U2 (31:45); Sick of Winter? Frosty Face MB offers some perspective on our delayed Spring and how amazing Manitoba is? (42:15); Gab with Gabby! (53:25); Winning text on Hole in the wall restaurants (1:01:50); Yuk Yuk's! (1:05:15).
3/31/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wanna Bet?

Teen needs size 23 shoes, Under Armor making him some / Jets question of the day results (1:40); Converting Office Space to Residential in Downtown Winnipeg (8:40); Follow-up to Wednesday's topic - What's your NON-FOOD Achilles Heel (16:15); The evolution of gambling and pro sports (23:25); Small Town Salute to the Pilot Mound Hockey Academy with former WHA Winnipeg Jet in studio! (30:20); Feedback on swimming lessons, and sports gambling (38:55); More chat on office-residential conversions (46:00); More on sports gambling - is it ok to have current athletes in these ads? (56:45); Winning text on non-food Achilles Heels (1:06:05). 
3/30/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

Empty Calories, Empty Promises?

GREG IS MAD ABOUT THE JETS (1:40); Federal Budget breakdown (6:50); STUPID FREE POPCORN IN THE KITCHEN! What is your Achilles Heel for food or drink (15:15); Federal Budget Review... impacts on Manitoba (23:00); Food & drink Achilles Heels (29:45); Winnipeg ICE-ICE baby - Winnipeg Ice open WHL playoffs on Friday, we speak to one of their stars (32:30); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat - CAM SMASH JETS (41:25); Provincial Politics... Polls Tightening, Conservatives start to close the gap with the NDP (53:45); Winning text on Achilles Heels (59:10). 
3/29/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

Days of Future (Shop's) Past

Federal budget! Spring! Chess! (1:40); Where is spring? (8:50); Hot Yoga follow-up... times you showed up horrendously unprepared, like Greg & Brett (17:05); Federal budget out today... what can we expect? (24:55); Breakfast with the Bombers - Drew Wolitarsky (32:25); City of Winnipeg Human Rights Committee asks for formal recognition of definition of antisemitism (40:40); Future Shop closed 8 years ago today! (51:30); High School Chess Championship starts at 10am! Tournament also billed as 'Peace in Ukraine', inviting refugees to play (54:50); First winner on times we showed up unprepared (1:04:20).
3/28/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Spring (Trying) Time

06:07 Show Intro (0:30); Times you've tried something new...(8:50); They're apparently the WORST for us...but what are ultraprocessed foods? What does that mean? What's their impact? (14:10); New numbers show agency nursing use is highest in Prairie Mountain....4 nurses just asked for transfers from Glenboro, what's going on in PMH? (21:25); New camping registration launches/ bookings start next week (32:30); Sports Talk with Jim Toth (38:40); Barrett Miller, Fort Whyte Alive (52:00).
3/27/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

An Aurora Borealis?

McNabb is off because we're on use-it-or-lose-it vacation rotation (1:40); Concerns looming over twinning of Trans-Canada for Falcon Lake, Man. business owner, resident (5:30); Vancouver man fights $3,000 parking ticket because the arm wouldn't lift so he lifted it himself and it broke (13:35); Stories about getting yourself out of a tough spot (21:00); The Couch Potatoes - John Wick Chapter 4 review / Succession is back this weekend! (24:20); Harry Potter at the WSO! (33:15); Northern Lights! Visible from the middle of Winnipeg! Which means they were SPECTACULAR outside of Winnipeg! EXCLAMATION MARKS!!! (40:05); Gab with Gabby! (51:30); Winning text on getting out of a tough spot (59:35). 
3/24/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Awkward Season

Allergies! Spring Break! Han Dong! (1:40); A thread about how to acknowledge friends and coworkers during Ramadan (8:50); Awkward people surprises (16:20); Spring Break is nigh... what's on tap at the Manitoba Museum!? (24:30); Texts on awkward people surprises (31:10); Small Town Salute…to Gimli! And the support being shown to Kerri Einerson (33:55); Allergy season to be shorter but worse... and male trees are to blame for the allergy pain (but female trees messier?) (39:30); Tree feedback on male vs female trees and which one is worse (50:30); Allegations against Dong... why Canadians should care? (53:10); Winning text on awkward people surprises (1:00:50). 
3/23/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Powder(ed) Keg

Spring was nice while it lasted / water conference / keep an eye on that grocery bill (1:40); Do you check your grocery bill? How we could be losing money by not keeping an eye on our bill (6:50); Powdered beer?? Things we reluctantly tried and either liked, or despised (15:05); World Water Day & United Nations Water Conference (22:00); Texts on stuff we've reluctantly tried (28:25); Spring break is days away, thousands will hit the road, price of oil is way down, but gas???? Nope! (32:05); Flood forecasts risk of 'major' flooding on Red...(40:55); Winning text on stuff we've reluctantly tried (48:55); Water consumption - how much of what we use is shower/toilets/bath? What about golf courses? Car washes? (52:15).
3/22/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jingles All the Way

Snow in the forecast?? / Brett's apartment fire alarm went off at 1040pm and HE WANTS TO SMASH. and sleep (1:39); Fun or problematic? 'Show Us Your Regina' & 'The City That Rhymes With Fun' slogans (9:00); Inspired by the 'Experience Regina' theme song, what's your favourite jingle? (15:21); With Leisure Guide registration starting today, including swimming lessons, where are we at with the Lifeguard shortage? (22:56); Listener texts on jingles (30:15); Parent suing makers of the Fortnite video game for being 'as addictive as possible for kids' (32:36); Show us your Regina' Offensive? Funny? What were they thinking? (38:19); Leisure guide feedback 'not enough pools' // Marketing to kids glut in restaurants, stores, raises concerns (42:39); Swim lessons for kids in school (52:55); Winning text on jingles (58:03); Author on addictions weighs in on video game lawsuit (63:28).
3/21/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

If It Ain't Broke...

First day of Spring! // Greg's not happy about the Jets (1:40); City says it won't be building as many heated bus shelters this year... Greg says, why build any if we aren't going to fix current problems (7:10); If it ain't broke, don't fix it! Times 'they' fixed something that wasn't broken, and made it worse (14:15); Texts on fixing things that ain't broke (22:05); Seeing younger people with hearing problems... what gives? (26:25); Downtown BIZ offering more grants to host events downtown (38:50); Busy weekend in sports... up and down for the Jets, and THE MADNESS (45:40); Bus shelters revisit with City Councillor Janice Lukes (56:55); Winning text on fixing things that ain't broke (1:04:45); How did you say Detroit?? The different ways we pronounce cities / neighbourhoods / streets - and tying it back to hearing problems (1:09:50).
3/20/20231 hour, 25 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sleep Charm

St. Patrick's Day / World Sleep Day / JETS BOOOO-URNS (1:40); Winnipeg saw more traffic fatalities last year... pandemic rage might be to blame (7:00); Since it's St. Patrick's Day, do you have any lucky charms? Superstitions? (14:25); Irish Association gearing up for St. Patrick's Day (23:00); It's cold out, no mid-March golf this year! / Seeing more frustration exercised with aggressive driving on the road? Fatalities up (31:00); Russia downs US drone over Black Sea… North Korea ICBM and their potential to strike North America (37:25); Gab with Gabby! (46:35); Winning text on lucky charms (53:40); Yuk Yuk's! (57:55). 
3/17/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

All Elite Winnipeg

AEW! / Jets / Small Town Salute (1:40); Wrestling fun and the pride shown for Winnipeg at the AEW event last night (9:05); Boneless wings aren't wings? What's something you didn't know that it was what it was (18:30); Daily fires…are there more happening? And where? And where does arson fit in? (25:00); Texts on things we thought were something else (30:55); Downtown Crime stats and chat (34:35); Have you received your HeatherBucks yet? / Lauren's World Cup assignment odyssey in 2010 / AEW revisit (38:55); Winning text on getting caught by surprise (47:10); Jets TV with Sara Orlesky (51:00). 
3/16/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Sweet Home Manitoba

Show Intro (1:40); Manitoba Homecomings (7:20); The Grey Cup is coming 2025 (12:35); Steve Lambert, on this election year (19:00); Leland Gordon, animal services monthly visit (26:30); Leah Hextall, talking Jets (32:25); Winning texts on homecomings (40:55).
3/15/202350 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wide World of Sports

Hello! Brett's on vacay, and we need to talk about infrastructure (1:40); the drug crisis meets yet another threat (7:47); HAVING COFFEE - What's a sporting event you would love to see? (15:09); the mayor of Thompson on the drug problem (21:06); BREAKFAST WITH THE BOMBERS - Wade Miller on the worst kept secret in football (27:00); Twinning, rumble strips, passing we look to make highways safer, what are we missing? (34:38); Winning text on sporting events (45:44); new laws on the resale of tickets (47:46).
3/14/20231 hour, 6 seconds
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Show Intro, weekend weather! (1:40); Doctors and nurses increasingly stressed about working at Grace (6:50); Nicknames (16:55); How do we address a doctor shortage if we don't know how bad the problem is....??? And are more foreign trained doctors the answer? Rosemary Pawliuk, Pres, Society of Canadians who study medicine abroad (23:10); Sports Talk with Jim Toth (34:00); Winning text of nicknames (45:55); Remembering Bud Grant with Bob Irving and "The Keeper of The Cup" Jeff McWhinney (48:45).
3/13/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

I Came Here For An Argument!

Environment Canada on the impending snow (0:30); Liquor to be sold at retail stores? The province's plan, retail reaction and questions on safety (4:40); The dumb things we argue about, like which animals would you choose to protect you in an insane and impossible scenario (11:40); Dumb arguments (19:40); Couch Potatoes - Four movies out this weekend! And Ted Lasso returns! (22:25); Why Cardiac Researchers say we need to end DST (31:15); Gab with Gabby! Gabby would take the crocodiles and bears...(39:45); Winning text on dumb arguments (47:40); Love Local MB returns this weekend, amazing event celebrating local food, beer and wine (51:35). 
3/10/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

$10K Whoopsie

Greg's crazy dream about gravy somehow led us to talking about cars being unnecessarily towed on snow routes (1:40); Milroy Montage - International Women's Day recap (6:30); Toronto takes down sign at dog park to limit dogs barking - got a story about a barking dog?? (15:25); Barking dog stories (22:40); Small Town Salute.....Winnipegosis-ish. Farmer has second set of triplets from same cow! (24:30); 'Technical error' results in multiple Tim Hortons customers thinking they won $10,000 prize (32:10); More barking dog stories, like Brett's old dog Dexter who loved to sing (39:00); Measuring the return-to-work rates through watercoolers (43:30); Winning text on barking dogs (51:20); Jamie Thomas & our weekly visit with Jets TV (55:35).
3/9/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

The Women in Our Lives

BUDGET! Lauren emceeing Habitat for Humanity Women Build Speaker Series this morning on International Women's Day (1:23); Recapping Budget 2023 (5:53); Fun / happy stories & memories about women we care about (11:45); Doctor's MB says budget has 'shaken' confidence gov't can right the sinking health care ship (19:20); Women's Day stories (26:48); POTHOLES! (28:35); No budget is perfect... (32:22); Premier Heather Stefanson in studio on the budget (34:40); Andrea Katz on women's health & fitness goals, & the pressures women face to be beautiful & fit (43:26); Winning text for International Women's Day; McNabb! Habitat for Humanity Women Build Speaker Series breakfast debrief, taped interview with keynote speaker Diane Gray
3/8/20231 hour, 11 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

Oops! All Budget

Budget Day! (1:40); Budget fun! What's something you splurged on and then thought... oops (5:45); Many departments are looking for MORE money... taxpayers might be looking to save money. What could Budget 2022 Bring? (13:50); Splurge spending stuff (19:30); Budget tee up... what does RCR know? (22:15); Out-of-control parties... first East St. Paul, now Rosser - and the unique steps being taken in Australia to help (29:10); More feedback on parties, & Brett recounts the time he got his long-awaited vengeance on his sister as kids (40:40); Winning text on splurge spending (48:40); Helping more moms navigate everything from pay inequity, to career aspirations, while on maternity leave (52:35). 
3/7/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

About Gout

We all got Mondayed again / Grey Cup coming to Winnipeg! (1:38); More Canadians concerned about safety on public transit: poll (7:32); Minor ailments like gout that take you down! (14:24); The right to defend your home. Ontario man charged after shooting armed suspect who broke into his home (22:20); Minor ailments that take us out (27:40); A bout, of gout....what is it? How common is gout, and how can we prevent? (31:15); ****Breaking *** True North might buy Portage Place (39:33); Sports weekend recap (43:35); Portage Place chat (54:20); Winning text on minor ailments that bring us to our knees (57:08); Shawn Brandson & Promenade - they sold Promenade Cafe & Wine but are keeping Fort Gibraltar (62:02).
3/6/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork


It's NHL trade deadline day and Greg is FIRED UP - and we have a big contest today! (1:40); What would you trade for Jets tickets? (8:55); Employee appreciation: Do you feel valued at work? (17:20); Allergy series - warning label confusion (24:20); Gab with Gabby! (27:55); Last 2 prize winners based on the stuff you'd trade (35:10); Let's talk Whisky! - Winnipeg Whisky Festival (40:10).  
3/3/202356 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

Calendar Comeback

Lauren just said an old saying, and doesn't know why or where it came from / bizarre shark story (1:40); Roaming charges for some cell phone users about to rise (9:00); What tech do you miss? Digital marketing guy told Toth we should ditch social media and get flip phones (16:30); Prepping for spring... sump pumps and more (25:10); More old tech (32:25); Small Town Salute! Niverville Nighthawks... Lua Pauls, Winnipeg Jets Next Gen Game (34:55); Died, waiting for care? HSC critical care incident (42:55); More old tech / stuff we miss - listener misses playing board games. Organize a game night! They're as popular as ever! (51:05); Winning text on old tech (58:35). 
3/2/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

Lousy Smarch Weather

It's March! Hopefully it's a good March instead of lousy SMarch weather (1:40); Ambulance times keep rising - we need more ambulances! (6:00); Most useless thing you ever bought, like Lauren's six-inch iPhone cable she thought was six feet (10:15); RRSP deadline! Tax season! Death & Taxes! (17:55); Useless / false purchases (25:15); Monthly visit with Mayor Scott Gillingham (27:50); Weekly Wednesday Jets chat (37:45); Union response on paramedics & ambulance wait times (46:50); Winning text on useless purchases (54:30); One week today....Women Build Speakers Series for International Women's Day (58:30). 
3/1/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

Got Any Plans After You Listen To This Podcast?

The Winter Route Parking Ban REMAINS / TikTok ban (1:38); Husband who had home care arrive after wife's death trying to hold government accountable (7:53); Standard talk lines that drive you nuts, like 'so.... got any plans tonight??' (14:46); Feds ban TikTok from its devices. Others have already done this, what's going on? (24:20); Nonsense talk lines (31:30); Breakfast with the Bombers - recap of Monday night's Blue Bomber Winter Special (33:35); Beeping medical machines and the toll they take on hospital workers and patients (43:10); Homecare feedback & more dumb talk lines (47:54); If homecare is the solution for aging population, how do we make it better? (52:41); Nonsense talk lines (62:47); Homeless strategy....what might be in it? / Kids send epipens to space and find out....what? (66:14); Winning text on stupid talk lines (72:42); Brent Bellamy on the 15 MINUTE CITIES "CONSPIRACY" (77:09).
2/28/20231 hour, 32 minutes, 4 seconds
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Have It Your Way

MANITOBA RULES THE CURLING WORLD ONCE MORE! Jets stink (1:40); Behaviours that make us shake our head, like a Steinbach person calling 911 cuz Burger King lineup was too long (6:35); Seven Oaks School Division says it will have to make further cuts because education funding not enough (14:45); Behaviours that make us shake our head (21:05); Richard Cloutier Reports: Why aren't we doing more clinical trials for cancer? (24:05); Sports.... Manitoba dominates again at the Scotties / Winnipeg Jets had a stinky weekend (31:20); Yoga for Golfers! (42:20); Winning text on dumb behaviours (50:50); I Love to Read month - A whodunit about FARTS! (53:50). 
2/27/20231 hour, 9 minutes, 8 seconds
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One Year Later...

One year since Russia invaded Ukraine (1:40); Ukrainians reflect, look ahead after one year of war (9:00); What's your favourite stupid movie? (16:55); 1,300 Ukrainian kids now live in Manitoba. What two students from two different families experienced 1 year ago (25:10); Stupid movies (33:30); More on Ukraine anniversary (37:15); Gab With Gabby! (47:45); Winning text on stupid movies (54:15); Yuk Yuk's is back! Who's on deck this weekend? (58:30). 
2/24/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 52 seconds
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Pay The Cost to See The Boss

Springsteen! Did our resident superfan get tickets? (1:40); Greg took one kid to RRC career fair... the careers that interest you outside your own...(9:10); Mental Health Index: One third of Canadians are avoiding... what? (17:45); Listener texts on jobs (25:10); Small Town Salute: Thompson Winterfest (27:20); It's dangerously cold outside... what should you do with your pets? AND WE HAD A DOG IN STUDIO HIS NAME IS MIKE AND HE WAS FUN (35:20); Dr. Joss Reimer, Chief Medical Officer with WRHA on leaving a hospital without being seen (42:35); Winning text on alternate career paths (53:30); Jets TV & ranting about lousy cell phone service with Sara Orlesky (57:15). 
2/23/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 46 seconds
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Working 4 The Weekend

Extreme cold / Virginia Tech Hokies give bacon to all for missed free throws (1:40); Four day work week continues to build steam after study shows... hey, it works! (7:55); Times we successfully smooth-talked our way into, or out of a situation (15:10); 26% of people who went to HSC last year (on average) left without being seen (22:20); Run With Rob: Running Across Manitoba to raise funds and awareness for CMV (30:50); Revisit on the four-day work week... why are so many opposed to it? (42:20); RRC Monthly Segment - First big open house since 2020 happening today at both campuses (45:35); Winning text on smooth-talking (52:55); The Anti-inflammatory aka Mediterranean Diet... Apparently it works wonders and doesn't suck! (57:05). 
2/22/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 26 seconds
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Bonus Audio: Breakfast with the Bombers - Rasheed Bailey

2/21/202310 minutes, 35 seconds
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Ah, Sweet Mystery Of Life

Jets win / long weekend fun / Brett can't get out of bed cuz of his back (1:40); Bear spray assaults (8:20); Best 'people surprise' you ever got, like Joe Biden showing up in Kyiv (12:20); Ukraine one year later… from security concerns, rising costs… the impact (20:30); Texts on people surprises (28:05); Some Roald Dahl books altered… is it censorship? (30:40); Once again we are asking… what is up with the bear spray attacks, and what can be done about it? (35:00); Altering words... Roald Dahl controversy over changes to many of his books (46:50); Winning text on people surprises (54:05). 
2/21/20231 hour, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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LONG WEEKEND THANK THE ALMIGHTY (1:40); Father of Manitoba-born son out of options as deportation looms: 'I don't want to lose my kid' (9:30); 'INDOOR WATERPARK LOL' was a joke option on Question of the Day but won. WATERSLIDE STORIES! (16:15); Tiger Woods hands Justin Thomas a tampon after outdriving him at the Genesis Invitational - why is this still a thing in sports? (24:30); Two inspiring Winnipeg high school students earn scholarship for Black Youth (30:25); Tiger Woods tampon joke revisit / Random Greg Jets Trivia (40:45); Weekly Gab with Gabby! (43:30); Winning text on waterslide stories (50:35); If Day... Sunday is the 81st Anniversary of IF DAY Sunday.. the day Nazis took over Winnipeg (55:05).
2/17/20231 hour, 10 minutes, 42 seconds
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Business Time!

WAKE UP! It's Small Town Salute day and today's all about embracing winter! (1:40); B.C. TikTok toddler goes viral for helping mother with family business (7:40); 'We can do it today': Manitoba has resources to address shocking child poverty rate, advocates say (12:35); Inspired by the unpaid toddler... first jobs / worst of our earlier jobs (19:25); RB Russell Culinary Arts/School Breakfast and Lunch Programs (27:25); First job stories (34:55); Small Town Salute....Steinbach Winter Carnival THIS WEEKEND (37:20); Aging out of care... how can we help kids in care, better transition into society? (46:00); Winning story on first jobs (57:00); Weekly visit with Jets TV! (1:02:00). 
2/16/20231 hour, 17 minutes, 6 seconds
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The River (City)

Highways galore are closed! / Wacky Jets game last night / Springsteen coming - that's a big deal! (1:40); Blue Bombers & free agency / World Lymphedema Day is coming, putting early spotlight on it (9:55); With Springsteen finally coming to Winnipeg, what's a bucket list item you've achieved? (18:25); Bucket list items already ticked (25:30); Child poverty & Accessing nutritious foods in Northern Manitoba (28:50); Following up on Shopify's promise to reduce meetings, and workers who don't embrace new technologies give co-workers headaches (36:30); Is the revamped 511 service not good enough? (47:40); Winning text on bucket list items (54:25); I Love to Read Month with Susan Aglukark! (59:30). 
2/15/20231 hour, 15 minutes
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My Sexy Valentine

Valentine's Day chaos! CFL free agency ; Dating in 2023... ; Mixtape essentials! Sexy songs! ; CONCERT ANNOUNCEMENT! // Out of Pocket: First nation community challenges to make ends meet ; Listener texts on the sexiest songs... ; Breakfast with the Bombers - CFL free agency Derek Taylor ; The positiven impact of new businesses coming downtown ; Listener says downtown is brutal, Chief Smyth says people coming back ; Bumble on dating in 2023 - apps, inflation and more ; Random Greg Jets Trivia! ; Poverty: Manitoba still the worst in the country as we look at food costs in remote FN/northern MB ; Winning text on sexy songs / BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN IS COMING?? ; Series of documentaries on the ODR / Bruce Springsteen is coming to Winnipeg!
2/14/20231 hour, 21 minutes, 30 seconds
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The UFO Came Back

Fires / balloons & UFOs being shot down / Super Bowl / Rihanna (1:45); Vancouver man accidentally sells couch with stowaway cat; Another flying object shot down Sunday...the fourth this month ; Inspired by the couch cat... where's a weird place your pet turned up? Weird place you encountered an unwelcome animal ; What a weekend weather wise! - David Phillips from Environment Canada ; Texts on animals showing up in weird places ; Another object shot down... this one over the Yukon. What's going on, and how it works with NORAD; Audio from late January near Yellowknife of pilots wondering what kind of lights they were seeing; More on the balloons - a ufologist says there's been a LOT of activity lately; Bob Irving on sports!; Listener feedback on UFO encounters / more on the weird places our pets turn up; Winning text on animals turning up in strange places; Valentine's Day is tomorrow! If someone says "I don't want anything", is that a trap?? And for those who are single, it's kind of weird navigating dating
2/13/20231 hour, 30 minutes, 16 seconds
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Can I Borrow That?

A Winnipeg woman returns an overdue library book after 30 years: ‘I needed to do the walk of shame’. We discussed the stuff we borrowed and held on to for too long or stuff we lent and never got back. Our 680 CJOB Health Series presented by Body Measure: Whole foods and mental health. The Couch Potatoes assemble and tells us what happening in TV and Movies this weekend. Eating in the cold! A restaurant in the snow comes to A Maze in Snow! We talk all the sports happening this weekend with Christian Aumell.
2/10/20231 hour, 33 minutes, 1 second
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Asking For A Social

Is it time for wedding social prizes to evolve after small businesses are constantly asked to give prizes? If you could live anywhere in Manitoba, where would it be? Netflix is cracking down on password sharing. What's the one thing you think you can live without until you run out of it?
2/9/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 29 seconds
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We Love To Read

1:05--WAKE UP! Lauren likes to drive Brett bonkers by talking right up to the second we have to go to air / The handshake between Smith & Trudeau 8:25--Earthquake latest... Syria begs to not be forgotten about 12:15--Some Premiers voiced their displeasure over health $$$, others showed it with their handshake. How do you let someone know you're annoyed??????? 19:25--What's a book you'd like to revisit? Or read for the first time? 27:05--Health series: Burlesque & body image 35:00--Listener texts on handshakes, and books! 37:45--Another property tax hike coming as Winnipeg faces its highest deficit... perhaps ever 47:35--Listener feedback on books / Books & shows from the past that wouldn't be appropriate by today's standards 53:20--Body you like what you see when you look in the mirror? 1:00:15--Budget feedback, should there also be cuts? // Kelly Moore & the Weekly Wednesday Jets Chat 1:11:05--The handshake!! 1:14:20--Body image….redefining what it means to look and feel good 1:22:40--Winning text on books we'd like to revisit 1:26:15--I Love to Read - helping kids and parents learn about ADHD - Jodi Carmichael, author of "The U-nique Lou Fox"
2/8/20231 hour, 44 minutes, 26 seconds
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What's Under the Bed?

1:10--Earthquake / aging in place / seniors & inflation 8:10--Father watches live on phone app as video shows strangers entering home while child is alone 15:20--Ever heard of emetophobia?? The weird things that scare us 23:20--Out of Pocket: How inflation is tapping out a Montreal senior who 'absolutely cannot stop working' 30:55--Texts on stuff that scares us 33:40--Premiers meeting PM on health care 40:50--What's With the Photo Radar South Perimeter @ St Mary's 48:40--Aging series - Rich speaks to a woman whose goal is to stay in her home until she's at least 100 59:20--More texts on weird things that scare us 1:03:25--More chat on the tricky photo radar situation in the construction zone at the South Perimeter & St. Mary's 1:11:10--Winning text on stuff that scares us 1:15:50--Reports of online sexual luring of Canadian kids up 815% in five years, data shows 1:27:30-- Hal gets punny!
2/7/20231 hour, 34 minutes, 44 seconds
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The Clothes We Refuse to Lose

Brett, Greg, and Lauren talk about... the Windy start to the morning / teeing up death doulas, and sandwich generation China threatens repercussions after U.S. shoots down spy balloon   680 CJOB Health Series: End-of-life doulas The clothes we refuse to lose! - Inspired by a U.K. man who returned a t-shirt to a UBC bookstore 42 years after he bought it Are we still talking about flashing lights in school zones?? The 'sandwich generation', deals with raising kids, and helping their aging parents. How to manage when parents are ready for PCH Reaction & discussion on the flashing lights in school zones Weekend sports review with Jim Toth! Feedback on aging in place, and what to expect when Trudeau, premiers meet on health care Two parents in two different long-term care facilities
2/6/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 29 seconds
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Pay For The Whole Seat, But You'll Only Need The Edge!

Eggs can hold a lot of weight. Brett likes red grapes best. We were sort of all over the map here. Friday! (1:40); Freezing today, high winds... then... a serious warm up? (9:50); Painful periods....menopause...the barriers women continue to face in getting still 'taboo' health care concerns addressed (13:10); What would you name your MONSTER TRUCK?? (21:15); Will global warming mean allergy seasons are also longer? (28:45); Monster truck texts (35:50); "pain is not normal'. Changing the way we talk about periods (37:50); Gab with Gabby! (41:20); Winning text on MONSTER TRUCKSSSSSSS (48:55); Black History Month - ZUEIKE! - Local apparel company with cool story (52:45).
2/3/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 28 seconds
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Will We See A Shadow

Today Brett, Greg, and Lauren Talk about... GROUNDHOG DAYYYYYYYYY  Loblaws profits, Frito Lay Hikes, and Nestle cutting Delissio/Lean Cuisine.  How do people work outside in the cold?? Times we had to complete a task in the cold, whether it was personal or for work  Smashed windows, petty vandalism... how busy are window companies with repairs from break-ins? Are they also getting hit?  Texts on working in the cold  small Town Salute... Neepawa... hosting the Viterra Men's Curling Provincials next week  Couponing, leftovers, and more! Sharing ideas on how to save money (OUT OF POCKET series) Feedback on cost savings // THEN // Inducted into the North American Indigenous Athletics Hall of Fame  Ways to save money // THEN// Groundhog Day! Someone fire Manitoba Merv!  MaID eligibility was supposed to expand in March to include mental health... that expansion is being delayed  Winning text on working outside  Jets TV with Sara Orlesky
2/2/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 52 seconds
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Yes Soup For Me!!

Listener rubs it in from Puerto Vallarta / is February the worst month (1:43); Working with the homeless... (7:48); What's your favourite soup??? (14:56); Time for 'urgent 'action to address 'escalating violence' (22:15); Some of your favourite soups (28:23); Monthly visit with the Mayor! - Crime, homelessness, transit safety (31:27); Coping with an Alzheimers diagnosis... 680 CJOB Health Series presented by Body Measure (42:39); Leah Hextall on the Weekly Wednesday Winnipeg Jets chat (48:18); Women's Heart Health... new report by Heart and Stroke Foundation paints a troubling picture (58:13); Winning text on SOUP! (64:47); I Love to Read Month - local children's author Larry Verstraete on his book COOP the GREAT (69:13).
2/1/20231 hour, 24 minutes, 17 seconds
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Where's The Milkman?

00:25--The Milkman ran out of milk! AND... The Milkman Controversy - was Greg a milkman or not?? 7:30--Checking in on homeless encampments? Global's Rosanna Hempel package 11:20--Doctors wasting millions of hours per year on 'unnecessary administrative duties' / Sounds of the Game *** CAN LEAVE THE SOUNDS OF THE GAME 18:20--Weird times we ended up in peril, like Brett choking on a Froster whilst at the wheel 26:35--Bob Irving on the complicated legacy of Bobby Hull 34:12--Texts on being in or putting ourselves in peril 37:11--Breakfast with the Bombers with MILT STEGALL 48:00--Going to the bank of Mom and Dad 51:10--Problems with the minimum wage rebate? 58:20--Making ends meet on a fixed income - OUT OF POCKET 1:07:15--2 suspects arrested for 30 property crimes - What's the property crime situation for a business with, unfortunately, lots of experience on this 1:16:15--Winning text on putting ourselves or finding ourselves in peril 1:19:30--Winnipeg filmmaker Rainy Kerwin has a creepy new movie called "A Neighbor's Vendetta" coming to Tubi
1/31/20231 hour, 35 minutes, 6 seconds
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Bad Good News

Extreme cold and school cancellations// Jets booed....does that make sense? (2:30); Freedom Convoy: Smaller, more subdued protest marks 1 year anniversary (7:01); New Jones team wins MB Scotties - Greg speaks to Jennifer Jones (10:28); We won the 50/50! Oh wait a minute... no we didn't. / Times where we thought we had good news (15:40); Dry February: What's behind the Cancer Society initiative, and what sort of interest are they seeing? (23:00); Rain, hail, snow....she tries to always bike to work. What about the cold? And uncleared lanes? (28:01); Texts on times where we thought we had good news (38:33); Cold and CAA tips // Keys to the Game (40:36); Sports chat... does booing a team make sense? (46:26); Why is Twitter such a cesspool of hatred? Brett asked 'How is the tomahawk chop still a thing in sports' - ANGER! (49:58); Winning text on times we thought we had won (57:19); The Golden Jet, Bobby Hull, has died (60:18).
1/30/20231 hour, 14 minutes, 36 seconds
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Bundle Up

1:07--Extreme cold and school cancellations// Jets booed....does that make sense? 7:43--Freedom Convoy: Smaller, more subdued protest marks 1 year anniversary 11:13--New Jones team wins MB Scotties - Greg speaks to Jennifer Jones 18:49--We won the 50/50! Oh wait a minute... no we didn't. / Times where we thought we had good news 26:10---Dry February: What's behind the Cancer Society initiative, and what sort of interest are they seeing? 32:42--Texts on times we thought we'd won 35:28--Rain, hail, snow....she tries to always bike to work. What about the cold? And uncleared lanes? 46:24--Texts on times where we thought we had good news 50:39--?Cold and CAA tips // Keys to the Game 57:07--Sports chat... does booing a team make sense? 1:00:40--Why is Twitter such a cesspool of hatred? Brett asked 'How is the tomahawk chop still a thing in sports' - ANGER! 1:08:12--Winning text on times we thought we had won 1:12:04--The Golden Jet, Bobby Hull, has died
1/30/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 50 seconds
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Do Better For Reg

Blustery day / Jets lose / carbonflation cheques (1:40); "Carbon cheques" (9:10); Times our pets drove us bonkers (17:25); Holocaust Remembrance Day (24:20); Spppppports weekend Jets/Curling/NFL... and why hasn't Nic Demski signed yet?!?!?! (29:55); Concern over staffing for sexual assault program at HSC (39:45); GAB WITH GABBY!!!!!! (44:05); Winning text on times our pets drove us nuts (51:20); WSO New Music Festival (55:25); Cam got a hilarious gift from an astute listener! (1:07:05).
1/27/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 13 seconds
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I Dream of Cheesy

Lauren's back in the building! Fortier's taxi adventure! (1:07); Transit Unions calling for national safety task force as assaults continue in various cities (7:56); 'Dairy dreamers' sought to test if cheese gives you weird dreams (14:35); After an NHL player purportedly misses a game on the death of his dog, how often or Manitobans asking for pet counseling? (23:43); Texts on weird dreams (30:12); Small Town Salute - East St. Paul MB Scotties - Greg managed to capture audio of his mic dying! (31:56); OUT OF POCKET: Rural vs. Urban and the price of goods (40:03); Do you think you'll be among the Manitobans getting an inflation cheque?/Pet bereavement story (44:06); On the subject of dreams and sleep... would you be ok with sleeping in a different room than your partner? (48:50); More discussion on pets and bereavement time (55:35); Winning text on dreams (1:01:24); Jets TV update (1:05:22).
1/26/20231 hour, 19 minutes, 37 seconds
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Classical Gas

It's cold! Gas went up! (1:40); With another hike coming from BOC today, growing number of Canadians fear running out of cash...(6:50); Price of gas back up to 155.9. Ever run out of gas?? (15:05); Could city workers soon be able to switch Stat Holidays for days more meaningful to them? (22:55); Gas stories (30:15); Another swarming incident in Toronto involving youth suspects...what's going on with young criminals in Canada? (33:05); More times we ran out of gas (41:35); Winning text on running out of gas (45:25); Kelley Keehn on greasy banks and their predatory behaviours, like trying to get Brett to accept way more credit (49:50).
1/25/20231 hour, 6 minutes, 5 seconds
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Cheque Please!

1:08--INFLATION. TIPPING FATIGUE. WHERE DOES IT END? WHERE DO WE DRAW THE LINE? WHY AM I YELLING???  8:25--Tipping fatigue 16:45--Province sending more inflation cheques? What's the best surprise you've received in the mail? 24:07--Serious assault in Windsor Park, carjacking in Osborne Village... crime latest as Chief calls for more 911 dispatchers to be hired ?? 32:31--Listener texts on stuff we got in the mail 34:54--Breakfast with the Bombers - The GOAT Mike Miller 45:01--Ontario couple's luggage containing tracker donated to charity by Air Canada?? 50:29--Inflationary cheques for some, not all. As the Premier hints at another round, we ask... do they actually help? 56:49--MB the start to a "new national independent wireless carrier?" Globalive says yes 1:08:54--With a shortage in teachers... some divisions are looking elsewhere for substitutes (coaching background? girl guides?) 1:11:34--Recap baggage, & BAGGAGE BATTLES! 1:19:27--Winning text on surprises we got in the mail 1:23:56--Dancing Gabe turing 60 on Sunday. How TNSE plans to honor him
1/24/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 21 seconds
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Safety Not Guaranteed

Brett's back in the office, Fortier's back from Texas / Library & transit (1:40); Millenium Library Re-Opens today...(7:40); Things we always put off to the last second. Like Brett renewing his driver's license (15:00); Transit Safety… after a father and son are assaulted and more allegations (22:55); Things we always put off (31:05); Months after city was asked to address safety on buses, where are things at? (32:50); Boudreau firing, Jets, NFL... Sports Monday with Jim Toth (40:50); Radiothon wrap up (52:05); Winning text on things we put off (1:00:05); Library re-open... what are the changes? (1:04:00).
1/23/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 49 seconds
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Towne Cryer

HSC RADIOTHON, Brett's voice, Greg honours his Maple Leafs bet (1:40); Towne Cinema permanently closed? (9:00); Favourite movie theatre experiences (17:25); New festival starts in Exchange this weekend! - Lights on the Exchange (26:15); Toboggan ban proposal coming to Oshawa council?? (34:30); More on toboggan ban proposal (42:00); St. James Collegiate removes girls bathroom doors to combat vaping (50:20); Radiothon - Dr. Edward (Ted) Lyons, O.C., Radiologist, HSC, and Innovation HSC Radiothon 2023 Department Champion (57:25); Movie story from a once upon a time frustrated mom and her injured 5 year old (1:06:05); Radiothon presenting sponsor on why it's so important to be a part of this (1:08:40). 
1/20/20231 hour, 22 minutes, 49 seconds
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No; Duh

Brett now has a scratchy throat and deep voice... is he the next one to go DOWN WITH THE SICKNESS? (1:40); Millennium Library to reopen Monday with security measures (8:45); Dumb things we didn't know, and were embarrassed to admit (16:05); To the Centre of the Universe, we go! Why do we want to beat the Leafs so badly? (24:45); Dumb things we didn't know (33:40); Small Town Salute - Things to do out of town that cost little to nothing, like the Waterfall of Lights in Brandon (36:15); Out of Pocket: Global News series on inflation - Saying 'no' to events and other expenditures because of cost...the fear of saying yes/the challenge of saying no (45:10); Rent increases! (51:30); Winning text on dumb things we didn't know (56:30). 
1/19/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 1 second
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Where's The Lowest Price; The Law

Lauren's voice is back, so she's back too! Jets fall flat vs Montreal (1:40); Alcohol guidelines recap and reaction, including from one guy who blames Trudeau! (9:10); Cool concert venues you'd like to visit or have visited... like Dalhalla! (17:25); Higher prices, leading to higher frustrations and theft at grocers... what staff are seeing (25:40); Texts on concert venues (33:30); Mexico public smoking ban now in effect (36:05); HSC RADIOTHON INTERVIEW -Marcie Anderson, Charge Nurse, Wilf Taillieu Thoracic Surgery, Clinic & Endoscopy Unit, HSC Winnipeg (42:35); Mexico & smoking / Zellers is making a return....WHY do you love it? (54:00); More Zellers (57:10); Winning text on concert venues (1:04:30).
1/18/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

Two Drink...Maximum?

Are you noticing bad produce in grocery stores? / New alcohol consumption guidelines / Jets back in action tonight (1:40); Have you noticed the quality of produce in stores? Some say... it stinks! (8:10); FOODSTUFFS gone bad, whether it's our own fault, or not (16:05); New alcohol guidance - two drinks a week... MAX (23:20); Foodstuff texts (30:30); Breakfast with the Bombers (32:55); More on the new alcohol guidelines (42:00); New video campaign is part of a plan to cut school absenteeism in Manitoba (52:45); Winning text (1:00:20). 
1/17/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Oh, The Usual: I Bowl. Drive Around.

Brett went bowling & everything hurts getting old sucks / JETS!!! / Time theft (0:30); B.C. woman loses legal fight with former employer over 'time theft' (7:55); Greg had 'fun' chauffeuring his kids around this weekend - Chauffeur stories! (11:40); So mild out! What's going on? What's coming? - David Philips, Senior Climatologist, Environment Canada (19:40); Chauffeur stories (27:35); Dining out is expensive… and still, most places are jammed. How are they coping? What's your breaking point? (29:45); Weekend sports recap with Jim Toth (39:50); Surprise visit from Animal Services & Comet the Dog! (50:15); Winning text on chauffeur duty (59:10). 
1/16/20231 hour, 7 minutes
Episode Artwork

A Steep Hill

Brett, Greg, and Lauren talk about, Lauren's back! Small Town Salute to tubing! Cheating with A.I.???  What is the drug 'Down'? Tubing & toboggan stories! Australian universities changing how they do exams due to plagiarism through AI. What is U of M watching for? Toboggan stories Small Town Salute! The tubing hill at Valleyview Bible Camp Cheating, AI and loss of critical thinking.....  Transport committee to hear from Airline EXECS as B.C. man's luggage ends up in Spain instead of Mexico Tobogganing & avoiding barbed wire!  Teeing up an important day on 680 CJOB Winning text on tobogganing mayhem Jets TV update with Sara Orlesky   
1/12/20231 hour, 26 minutes, 31 seconds
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Succession Situation, Snowmobile Season, and Sugar Sammy!

AIR TRAVEL IN THE U.S. IS A MESS DUE TO FAA OUTAGE / Winter is weird / Sugar Sammy! (0:30); British woman regrets winning lottery at age 17 / Would you go nuts with a lottery win? (8:30); December Real Estate Report & 2022 overall (16:30); Lottery stories (23:50); WWE turning into a real-life Succession situation / Turo - Person-to-person ride rental service hoping to expand to Manitoba? (26:30); Leah Hextall and the weekly Jets chat (33:15); Snowmobile season SUCKS SO FAR!!!!! (44:05); Winning text on lottery stories (51:35); SUGAR SAMMY! The International Ambassador of Humour... performing at Rumor's this weekend (56:00). 
1/11/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 55 seconds
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No More Meetings

01:09-Adult cold-flu meds in short supply? / River trail extends to Osborne! 06:22-Sounds of the Game, & what happens to all the hats after a hat trick? 10:06-No meetings? Shopify removes 10,000 events from its corporate calendar. Would this work for your office? ?? 17:26--Lots of people on the river trail learning to skate - Skating stories!? 25:36--Canada at heightened risk for polarization? Research group warns of 'turbulent' year 33:32-Listener texts on skating stories 46:52--Texts on no meds, THEN no meetings? Do you have too many? Not enough? ? 54:39--Sports Weekend in Review with Derek Taylor 1:05:13--More on meetings and how many are too many 1:10:00--Alzheimer's Awareness Campaign 2023 - Community Changes Everything 1:18:45--Winning text on skating 1:22:58--Mental health and Greg reveals a pivotal moment that may have changed his life
1/9/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 18 seconds
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Fatal Distraction

WAKE UP! World Juniors / Mexico / Ukrainian Christmas (2:46); Canadians in Mexico advised to take shelter as violence erupts around Mazatlan (9:18); Canada wins WJC, but does it feel right with everything around Hockey Canada? (13:56); Best laid plans ruined by a distraction, like Greg skipping a social cuz hockey went to 5OT (21:24); Latest from Ukraine on Orthodox Christmas Eve, and how some are not celebrating it this year (28:25); The Couch Potatoes assemble to discuss killer dolls and bad gimmicky shows on Netflix! (35:23); Anniversary of the Jan 6 Capitol Hill Riots (42:50); Residential speed follow-up chat (48:35); HOCKEY TALKS Mental Health (53:08); Gab with Gabby! (62:19); Winning text on best laid plans ruined by distraction (70:30); ICE RACING THIS WEEKEND in Beausejour (71:50); Hal Anderson on an impending gravy shortage! (81:23).
1/6/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 8 seconds
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Kub Life!

We used to go clubbin', now we're goin KUBBIN'! Chip & Pepper buy Kub Bread and it is fun (1:40); Chip and Pepper take over KUB (9:20); Chip & Pepper were a huge brand... Kub is a huge brand... what's a brand that was a big part of your life? (16:30); Pilot project to lower speeds in residential neighborhoods moving ahead (24:20); Small Town Dauphin, Ukrainian refugees, and Ukrainian Christmas (32:40); Listener feedback on reduced speeds (41:30); "Winnipeg behind the times" when it comes to reduced speeds on residential streets (46:50); Winning text on big brands that impacted our lives (55:05); Jets TV segment with colour commentator Jamie Thomas (58:40).
1/5/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 32 seconds
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Whoops.. I Forgot!!

01:07--THE FOG! Also, Brett's back after an 'unscheduled absence' 08:21--70% of people working from home would like to stay there  12:35--Fog texts // THEN // Hamlin update... how is he doing and how are athletes, fans and more, reacting? 20:44--Brett went virtual golfing, forgot his clubs. Important 'ingredients' we forgot. 28:44--Journey to the South Pole! 36:41--LISTENER TEXTS on stuff we forgot 39:24--Monthly chat with the Mayor - Landfill questions, charges for fires in derelict homes, remote city employees back at work yet? 51:58--Mayor says people are more productive at work reaction // THEN // Fog and Environment Canada  59:29--Listener texts on stuff we forgot and Brett forgot how salty Chinese food is  01:04:48--Recap Mayor and work-from-home 01:12:18--Winning text on stuff we forgot that was important 01:16:17--Ukraine vs Bisons game - Hockey Can't Stop Tour wraps up in Winnipeg on Monday January 9th at Canada Life Centre
1/4/20231 hour, 31 minutes, 26 seconds
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Your Big Break

WAKE UP! Damar Hamlin, Skimplfation/food costs in 2023, New Years Resolutions! (0:22); Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin in 'critical condition' after collapsing during game (6:36); HAVING COFFEE - Weird ways we've broken things (15:57); Breakfast with the Bombers, featuring Adam Bighill (22:27; Derek Taylor weighs in on the scary incident with Damar Hamlin (30:27); It's a new year! Time to talk about our mental health (36:49); Winning text on broken things (46:37); Do you know how to perform CPR? Use an AED? (48:51).
1/3/202358 minutes, 24 seconds
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All Day Gab!

Show Intro (0:30); Best or Worst NYE? (7:05); Why do we give ourselves New Year's Resolutions? (14:05). Musician Steve Bell (21:55). 
12/30/202235 minutes, 34 seconds
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Our Return Policy

Julie Buckingham is here! And Brady Road Landfill is still closed....and this is why (0:25); HAVING COFFEE - Our stories about returning gifts (9:32); Travel insurance is good...does it help me when I'm on my rip? Marty Firestone of Travel Secure explains (14:08); Small Town Salute - Ray 'The Grain Guy' Baloun from Minnedosa (20:27); Tech Expert Ritesh Kotek breaks down the potential sinister side of iTags (25:38); Winning text on return stories (32:48); Mitchell Clinton of Jets TV helps preview tonight's matchup against Vancouver (35:13).
12/29/202248 minutes, 20 seconds
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Baby It's Cold...Everywhere!

Give us a break!! More weather chaos, as we head into Christmas! (1:40); Travel woes & the BOMB CYCLONE (8:10); Getting harder to identify truth from fiction on social media according to IPSOS poll (12:45); Treats you only eat / drink during the holiday season (or used to) (19:15); Winter weather woes as Bomb Cyclone hammers much of North America - David Phillips, Senior Climatologist Environment Canada (25:45); WAA on travel chaos (33:35); Cineplex on the new Junxion theatre at Kildonan Place and evolving moviegoing experience (41:40); Gab with Gabby! (52:25); AY De'Senator on AfriCanad Christmas comedy show? (1:00:20). 
12/23/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 6 seconds
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Going the Distance

Fortier's back! Playing out the string, and Lauren's goes well out of her way to get perogies from a specific place ; Flight issues at Pearson now due to storm // THEN //20 percent of all cars sold need to be electric by 2026....are you ready to make that switch? ; How far will you go out of your way to get something specific you like? ; The cost of almost everything continues to climb...has your salary/wage climbed with it? Should it? ; Listener feedback on costs and salaries // Texts on how far people will go for something they the listener who goes to Iowa for a burger! ; Airport delays // THEN //Small Town Salute - Timothy's Country Butcher Shop in Dugald - they cure farmer Ian's bacon! (we talked to Ian on Wed) ; Second worst week of his career (after Covid cancellations) Travel Agent ways in on weather woes ; Fortier's mom gave the best gift //THEN // Do you ever get travel insurance ?? ; Aaya Santa… Punjabi ode to The Guy in the Red Suit; Holiday party libation ideas, and how busy is the party season at The Fort Garry Hotel? ; Winning text on going out of the way for something specific we like; Jets TV with Sara Orlesky
12/22/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 36 seconds
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Rise & Tripped

Weather! Travel chaos! (1:40); Environment Canada on the cold and chaos (6:45); Avalanche player looks like he gets tripped, tells ref he wasn't tripped, he fell on his own. Good / bad sportsingship! (10:20); Giving the gift of food this Christmas...farmer says from employers, to wedding guests, pork is being given as a present (20:00); Why didn't Brett get bacon? (28:05); Compensation questions as travel woes change holiday plans for thousands (30:40); Inflation prices CONTINUE to rise (41:05); Massive, insanely cold storm, to wallop parts of the US that will hit never before seen lows (44:05); Listener feedback on masks and absenteesim essentially higher than it's been in years in LRSD (51:25); Winning text on being a good / bad sport (54:30).
12/21/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 45 seconds
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Public Displays of Aggression

Lauren opens the show with a confession ; A former NHLer posts an aggressive Tweet about The Fairmont? Jericho says get lost to Marc Methot (7:30); PDA! DO YOU LIKE HUGS? Where do you draw the line on PDA? (14:55); Are you a good driver? Recent survey with Canada Drives found 61 percent think they're above average (22:44); Breakfast with the Bombers - Long Snapper, Winnipegger Mike Benson (29:36); Do you like to hug? How long? How does it make you feel? The psychology of touch... (35:58); Gas prices...where will they go this holiday season? (43:31); Christmas shopping delinquency / Residential snow plow ends we have unrealistic expectations when it comes to snow clearing? (49:03); WAA says the direct flight to LAX is creating buzz… what's the film industry seeing for 2023? (59:10); Winning text on hugs (65:44); Marc Methot posts an 'apology' tweet to Winnipeg, but says The Fairmont still sucks (68:22).
12/20/20221 hour, 21 minutes, 4 seconds
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Would You Like It Gift-Wrapped?

Hanukkkah! Lauren at airport - top 5 is travel/road trips/ (TOMORROW.....are you a hugger and the science behind what hugging helps with) / Chris Jericho is on Jets at Noon today! (0:30); Travel kicks off in a big way this week...what can we expect? (6:20); Reunions! (13:25); Security checks, border crossings and more (22:30); THANK-YOU DANCING GABE FOR THE CHRISTMAS CARDS!!! And Brett thank Tammy (she sent me a card with golf passes) (30:20); Holiday travel is returning to normal...and that means a lot of mixed emotions on the Hug Rug at Winnipeg airport (32:25); Sports! Big World Cup final, the Jets close a tough weekend with a loss, and what's the deal with the CFL schedule??? (43:40); Winning text on reunions (50:55); Hanukkah has begun! (56:05). 
12/19/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 15 seconds
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Snow Whiteout

Greg's back, Lauren's on the road! (0:30); Lauren on the highways & The Enhanced 511 service (8:15); Greg's boys drove for first time! Our first / early experiences behind the wheel (14:25); Truckload of rescue dogs heading east to Newfoundland! (21:50); Busy start to the snow removal year! The challenges, the equipment, the staff (28:40); What the heck is going on at Twitter? (35:20); CLAYHEM! (45:40); Winning text on driving experiences (53:45). 
12/16/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 32 seconds
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Just Like Christmas

Brett's discombobulated, Lauren is here and has a Road situation report, Greg's off (1:40); In the wake of another Hollywood suicide, a mental health check this time of year. How do we talk about this? (8:55); Cineplex survey on Canadians must-watch holiday movies (16:55); Texts on Christmas movies (25:00); Small Town Salute….Holiday Mountain WILL be open this season! (27:30); Mental Health Recap (34:00); Texts on Christmas movies (44:40); Richard celebrates 30 years at CJOB!! (47:45); Winning text on Christmas movies (54:45). 
12/15/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 48 seconds
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Better Than Dead Air ;)

Producer Kyle is our savior! / Snowstorm / Kevin Klein wins the by-election (1:40); Phasing out smoking in youth in NZ (8:55); Times we've had to step into the breach, like Kyle working this morning after working last night! (14:10); Texts on stepping into the breach (22:30); More on smoking and banning it for the next generation (25:00); Kirkfield Park winner - Kevin Klein (29:15); Text on vacation days (35:40); Winning text on stepping into the breach (37:10); Winter in the Village: New outdoor holiday tradition coming to Osborne Village this weekend (41:30).
12/15/202255 minutes, 48 seconds
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"C'mon" Occurrences

Colorado low coming! 20-30 cm possible! Winter! (1:23); Millennium Library stabbing fatality (7:04); OH COME ON moments, like Brett's check engine light turning off WHEN HE GETS TO THE SHOP (14:25); Royal LePage housing forecast for 2023...are prices dropping at all? (21:47); Texts on oh come on moments (29:23); Breakfast with the Bombers - Brand new contract for longest tenured Blue Bomber, Jake Thomas (30:51); Kirkfield Park by-election teeing ho main election a year from now (38:08); Leisure Guide Out!!// Millenium Library questions and concerns (44:28); Texts on Oh Come On moments / Turkey prices on the rise? (49:15); More on the library stabbing and public safety concerns in Downtown Winnipeg (58:51); Winning text on Oh Come On moments (63:22); Turkey prices up...again...and supply low - Munther Zeid from Food Fare (67:49).
12/13/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 55 seconds
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Guilty Party

Brett's back and feels crushing guilt for spending too much money during week off - holiday party anxiety (1:40); Greg spoke to a former addict at Fill the Freightliner on Saturday, learned his incredible story of recovery (9:55); What's something you're surprised you were able to get into and enjoy? (like Brett & the World Cup) (18:05); Holiday concerts back! Musicals and more! - Stacey Natrass Brown (26:15); Texts on stuff we're surprised we like (34:15); There were rumors of a Colorado Low for this week…what are we seeing? (37:15); Winnipeg Police Board and chief Danny Smyth are meeting today to discuss the next steps in the Jeremy Skibicki case (46:30); Winning text on things we're suprised we like (54:50). 
12/13/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 21 seconds
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In Lights

12/12/202253 minutes, 10 seconds
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Brought To You By The Letter "M"

Wake up!! (0:30); Talking about: your favourite Sesame Street characters/segments (6:35); Food price report. 5%-7% increases forecasted for 2023 (14:25); Texts on favourite Sesame Street characters (22:05); The weekend in sports with Jim Toth (24:05); winning texts! (35:45); CNIB program: helping visually impaired find work (40:00).
12/5/202256 minutes, 27 seconds
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Love It Or Leaf It

Shocking news from police on a serial killer (0:05); Medical Assistance In Dying (6:40); Man arrested in Rebecca Contois murder charged with 3 more homicides (10:00); Best / worst sequels (17:10); Support programs for the families of MMIW2S (25:50); Couch Potatoes (33:20); The Leaf opens tomorrow! (42:10); Another serial killer (48:10);  CLAYHEM (58:30) & Contest winner (1:05:30)
12/2/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 25 seconds
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Annoying; Scams

Not as windy today thankfully! (1:40); Things that INSTANTLY annoy you (9:50); How do you deal with potential scammers? What are your tips? (16:45); Texts on things that annoy you (24:30); Small Town Salute... to Scrap Chicks in Oakbank! (26:40); Fraud and scams…..they're on the rise, are we catching any of the perpetrators? (37:10); Siloam said they're serving more meals... From 24420 meals served October 2021 to 46579 this past October. Insane rise (45:10); Winning text on things that annoy us (54:35); Weekly Jets TV update - Sara Orlesky (57:55).
12/1/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 50 seconds
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Take This Job And...Keep It!

Terrible drive/blowing snow, snow paralyzes Vancouver, fan fight at Jets game (1:40); Thank-you for all the giving! Brett was at Harvest...massive donations. Lauren at Siloam. Greg on Foundation record gift (9:25); Weird reasons we've had to miss school / work (17:20); Benefits? A flexible workplace? Aside from salary, what draws you to a job/keeps you away? (23:45); Texts on workplace flexibility (31:20); Battling Absenteeism in schools... students and teachers missing longer stretches. And now we start snow days (34:10); Dose of perspective with that tear jearker of a pre-game Hockey Fights Cancer (42:10); What keeps you at your job? (46:00); Text on vacation policies reminds Brett of something from his early days at CJOB... (52:35); Winning text on weird reasons we're absent (54:50).
11/30/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 55 seconds
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Weird Science

Some people are so hungry and broke they are contemplating suicide. Hunger report out of Ontario as more Canadians turn to foodbanks (1:36); Having Coffee - What's the weirdest thing you've ever researched? (9:30); A chat with Harvest Manitoba about the holiday season (17:32); Liquor in grocery stores? Maybe not as popular an idea as you'd think (24:26); Siloam Mission looks toward homelessness during the holidays (29:59); winning text on weird research (37:26); people might be thinking about New Years Resolutions already, but should they be? (41:32).
11/29/202253 minutes, 32 seconds
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Bad Mood Monday

Feels like Daja Vu, no Greg Mackling, Elizabeth Priest live from Qatar (Canada vs Croatia), How is customer service? No more over-the-phone service. A random Kidnapping with one arrest. Kellly Moore gives a sports recap. Julie Buckingham give us a look at Jets for Vets. Connecting Winnipeg preview
11/29/20221 hour, 43 minutes, 34 seconds
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Left A Hole

There's something fishy happening with our text line... and welcome to Black Friday! (1:45); Walk in clinic or urgent care? New wait time info AND could triage nurses eventually start guiding patients elsewhere? Teagan PKG PLUS Reimer (9:20); More cases of veterans being offered MAID (13:56); Ellen Pompeo leaving Grey's Anatomy - shows that were never the same after someone left (20:39); A Black Friday Deal for your pet...AND if you're really looking to help, adopt. Shelters still at/near capacity (28:51); Texts on shows that were never the same (34:47); Redirecting away from the ER? Conversations with triage nurses and latest plan to deal with wait times (38:00); Black Friday "Super Bowl" of retail (44:43); Black Friday! Greg's at Polo Park, and says it's quiet... for now (48:49); Guy on cruise ship goes overboard, gets rescued 15 hours later! (54:48); In lieu of our weekly Gab with Gabby, it's time for some CLAYHEM! (58:17); Winning text on shows that were never the same (65:54); Ukrainian National Hockey Team coming to U of M in January (69:50).
11/25/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 35 seconds
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Gift Shop

Greg's Sounds of the Game after the Jets got WAXED (1:40); Problems with customer service heading into busy shopping season (8:50); Are you feeling festive yet? Brett became a Christmas Monster yesterday (18:20); Texts on customer service (25:45); Small Town Salute - would you like a "Hallmark Movie" type shopping experience? Beausejour is creating one! (29:15); Weekly sports chat with Bob Irving! (38:15); How do retail workers manage theft these days? Treat everyone as a potential thief? (49:20); Winning text on customer service (57:20); Housing market cooling but not anywhere near to 'affordable' (1:01:00).
11/24/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 5 seconds
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Cheesy Does It!

CHEESE CONSORTIUM / What's up today for Breakfast with the Bombers? (0:30); Retailers excited but nervous about holidays - will shoppers return? (8:35); Which food can you not live without? (17:25); Christmas Trees arrive today…what's supply like, and demand? (25:55); Texts on food we can't live without (34:35); Breakfast with the Bombers - Seeking nominees for a Fan Choice Award! (an unofficial award we made up) (36:45); Canadians love parmigiano cheese? And what the heck is a Cheese Consortium? (turns out....this is serious business!) (44:15); Winning text on food we can't live without (52:55); Kelley Keehn - inflation and holiday spending (56:50).
11/22/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 30 seconds
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ArGO for the Gold

BOMBERS. WE ARE SAD ZOMBIE PANDAS (0:05); World Cup is underway (6:50); The agony of defeat... Times we've lost (13:25); Greg from Regina (21:00); Texts on losing (28:30); Seeing more Christmas decorations earlier this year? (30:55); Oliveira shoutout to fans (39:30); Derek Taylor on the Blue Bombers loss (43:40); Is your company having a holiday party this year? (53:50); Bombers fan finds all kinds of bright side in Grey Cup loss (56:40); Winning text (1:02:45) & Weather really warming up! (1:05:30)
11/21/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 15 seconds
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Grey Matter

Grey Cup weekend! Radiothon! Lauren & Gabby are emcees extraordinaire! (1:40); Manitoba considering permanent daylight time - sleep experts say it's the wrong change (7:55); Greg meets more Bomber fans from California (12:30); Watch parties! (20:20); Mayor Grey Cup bet, and we learn a 'family secret' about Scott Gillingham (26:10); The Couch Potato - six new movies this weekend! (33:00); Wade Miller on site with Greg! (37:05); In-house rivalaries, and more on the time change discussion (44:45); Winning text (53:40); What's the deal with the Argos? / Grateful patient of St. Boniface Hospital with remarkable story (58:15). 
11/18/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 18 seconds
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The Grey Couple

Day 2 of Greg in Regina (1:10); Raising the next gen of football players (7:10); The lengths to which we go to get tickets for a show or book a coveted spot! (13:20); 1 yr ago they got married a day before the Grey Cup and are now going back! (19:20); Listener texts (24:45); Small Town Salute: must do stops on the road to the Grey Cup (27:40); BRUSH OFF THE SNOW ON YOUR CAR AND CLEAR YOUR WINDOWS (32:15); International Day for People Impacted by Suicide Loss (34:55); Grey cup and SPORTS with Bob Irving! (40:15); Teeing up Winnipeg Jets 90's night (46:15); Winning text (52:40) & Milt Stegall talks football and HSC (56:50)
11/17/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Law Firm

Greg is on his way to the Grey Cup- Having Coffee Talking, and people returning to work.- Russian Missiles land in Poland.- We read texts from people on their co-workers.- KUB Bakery is closing its doors.- Derek Taylor Joins Greg in Regina.- Trump announces he is running again in 2024.- Renovations at 201 Portage- We get to talk to Comedian Rom James before his three shows in Manitoba- More text from Co-workers- We talk to Cindy Tinsley about her father Buddy Tinsley and the Mud Bowl of 1950.
11/16/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 44 seconds
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Mackling, Megarry, and McNabb: Squared

Greg's off to Regina to cover the Grey Cup! Will we hear from him today? (1:40); With many football fans scrambling to find hotels in SK... BEST / WORST HOTEL EXPERIENCES (9:05); Going to Regina this weekend and looking for a place to stay? The Regina Hotel Association will tell you if you've got a chance (16:45); Texts on hotels (22:45); Breakfast with the Bombers - Blue Bomber running back Brady Oliveira! (25:30); Greg's Great Grey Cup adventure starts now! (34:45); State of Children's ER is unprecedented (42:25); Winning text on hotels (53:10); Winnipeg merch…. Wear your local pride! Teaming up with local companies for new Winnipeg merchandise & apparel (58:10); Connecting Winnipeg with Hal, and Fortier foils Brett again with his musical selection to close the show?? (1:09:40). 
11/15/20221 hour, 18 minutes, 35 seconds
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Third Times A Charm?

Bombers going back to the Grey Cup! Greg's back! (1:40); Ontario top doc recommending masks again (8:10); WHERE THE HECK IS OUR STUDIO CHAIR? Weird things we've lost, weird places they turn up (12:35); Fans heading to the Grey Cup…our third straight Grey Cup appearance!! (20:55); Texts on losing things (28:00); Immunity debt. The misinformation about the viruses spreading around (30:45); Derek Taylor on the Bombers! (39:00); Blue Bombers fan heading to their 13th Grey Cup (52:10); Winning text on losing things (58:50); Connecting Winnipeg... once again with Hal Anderson! (1:02:30).
11/14/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 2 seconds
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It's All Coming Back To (Work)...

Jeff Braun is back in the building after 858 days at home! The adjustments we have to make when we come back to work (0:30); The dumb things people do in public, like walking down the street on their speaker phone (8:00); Storm update from North Dakota/ Feeling 'meh'/ Facebook layoffs, what social media are you on? (16:45); Environment Canada // THEN // Small Town Salute...."This is a story of Pilot Mound, Manitou, Crystal City, and Darlingford" small town war museum???? (24:35); FIRST IN-STUDIO INTERVIEW SINCE THE BEFORE TIMES: Premier Heather Stefanson! (29:30); LES SPORTS AVEC BOB IRVING (37:30); A rare Thursday GAB WITH GABBY! (45:05); Winning text on public pet peeves (52:00); The Little Black Devils'. The story of the Winnipeg Rifles in film (56:05). 
11/10/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 32 seconds
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Tech; Support

Go Jets go! / To whom do we turn for technical issues? / Lettuce shortages & expensive produce (1:40); Cleaning up for guests! (9:40); Some produce shortages. Increased costs. And still no staff. Restaurant scene heading into holidays (17:30); Texts on cleaning up for guests (25:05); Flanders field, Vimy Ridge, Juno Beach... a Canadian photographer sharing images of the places our soldiers had a huge impact in WWI/WWII (27:50); Violence on Winnipeg Transit continues to go up with more assaults on drivers - are passengers staying away due to safety fears? (36:45); Weekly Jets chat with Ed Wiebe from Sportsnet (42:25); Winning text on cleaning for guests (52:30). 
11/9/20221 hour, 14 seconds
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I Will Try To Fix You

Lauren finally gets to enjoy a food drop from the Bombers! ; $5000 fine for driving on closed highways? How do you know when it's closed? Do you trust the 511 app? ; Stuff in our home we really should get around to fixing ; Worried about finances this holiday season? Some savings tips ; Breakfast with the Bombers! ; Indigenous Veterans Day ; Dauphin's Countryfest 🤠 ; Winning text on stuff we've tried to fix at home ; Winnipeg Wolfpack Fall Camp - Western Women's Canadian Football League ; Connecting Winnipeg
11/8/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 25 seconds
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CST/CDT Crunch

Greg is off, so, does Brett have to make eye contact with Lauren? (1:40); Sleep... and CST vs CDT. Which is better? (8:45); Small airplane seats! Airplane discomfort horror stories (16:30); U.S mulling regulations around airplane seat size…what can be done? (22:40); Texts on airline discomfort stories (30:05); Hal Anderson returns to Connecting Winnipeg Monday November 14th! (32:25); Perimeter and highway snow clearing improvements (info from province) What did we learn from last year? (39:00); Hit by a pandemic, and repeated crime, and still opening another restaurant! (43:35); Sports! Bombers to take on the BC Lions in Sunday's Western Final, Jets flying high! (50:20); Winning text on airline discomfort (59:20). 
11/7/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 52 seconds
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(Over)Play It By Ear

Lauren is off! Snow on Sunday?? (1:05); Critics suggest grocery giants are profiteering amid inflation surge (7:20); The song that got overplayed that drives you nuts (13:15); Clocks go back this weekend (20:30); The Couch Potatoes (27:10); Overplayed songs (33:40); Spotted: a BRIGHT shooting star? (36:20);  Emergencies Act hearing (40:05); Overplayed songs (45:45); Gab with Gabby!! (49:45); Winning text (56:55) & KK is Connecting Winnipeg - was she locked out of the studio?? (1:00:50)
11/4/20221 hour, 8 minutes
Episode Artwork

The Album Goat

WHY ARE WE TALKING ABOUT AN EARLY PROVINCIAL ELECTION????? ; Two arrested in Winnipeg Halloween cannabis incident ; Rolling Stone 500 greatest albums list - What's YOUR favourite album? ; Our hospitals are in critical condition, but as a nation, are we spending more this year on health care than normal? Or less? ; Texts on albums ; Small Town Salute - Niverville Heritage Centre Gala on Saturday night ; Chest seals and tourniquets are increasingly being used by police -- the program behind it and... would the homicide # be higher without? ; Nutrition & calories - why do we need this info at McDonald's? And why is a 'serving of chips... FOUR CHIPS? / More on albums ; SPPPPORTS ; The Legacy of Don Baizley… being indicted to MSHOF tonight ; Sexy winning text on albums! ; "Overcome: Stories of Women Who Grew Up in the Child Welfare System ; Connecting Winnipeg with KK - What's KK's favourite album?
11/3/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 24 seconds
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Halloween Ends!

Halloween debrief / Lockdown at Shanghai Disneyland! (1:08)  Halloween party gone very, very, wrong (8:40) Greg's Leopold's miscommunication adventure - LOGISTICAL MISFIRES (16:20) The role of social media videos in tracking down perpetrators….and what we know about 'mob' mentality? (24:36) Texts on logistical misfires (32:40) Are financial worries easing? Latest from IPSOS suggests... no (35:20) Would you sell your Halloween candy for a couple of bucks? The dental buyback program (43:57) 6th No Stone Left Alone ceremony coming up on Nov 7th (50:20) It's ok to start playing CHRISTMAS MUSIC? What lunacy is this?? (59:18) Compost Winnipeg 2nd annual PUMPKIN DROP (1:03:04) Winning text on logistical misfires (1:12:07) Movember! (1:15:40)  Connecting Winnipeg with KK, and WATCH OUT FOR THOSE DEER (1:27:15)
11/1/20221 hour, 33 minutes, 55 seconds
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Dippity D'oh!

Mackling, Megarry & McNabb are hosting the Grace gala tonight! First time working together since the Before Times! (0:00); Hospitals in dire straits according to some doctors (8:05); ORDER FAILS! Like Lauren's Boston Brute which turned out not to be steak (13:55); Trust with employer eroding? Mental Health Index reveals declining employer trust (21:55); Listener texts on order fails (29:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Ring of Honour inductee Joe Poplawski (31:50); Brett arrives a bit late cuz grabbing Blue Bomber BRAZEN HALL burgers downstairs (40:30); Dwarfism Awareness Day (45:50); Winning text on order fails (54:30). 
10/25/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 23 seconds
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The Big Cheat

Thunderstorm in Winnipeg, snow further north & northwest, election undecidedness, Diwali! ; Environment Canada on this Colorado Low ; Sidewalk fix? Only after CJOB got involved ; Netflix clamping down on password sharing. Ways we've 'cheated' the system; East encampment removed at Legislative Building; Lauren's story on 'cheating the system'; MAYORAL CANDIDATE - Kevin Klein; MAYORAL CANDIDATE - Shaun Loney; Texts on cheating the system; World Polio Day; Winning text on gaming the system; Manitoba man wrote a book about growing up in tiny town near Churchill - 'Tales From a Snowbank'
10/24/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 53 seconds
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Broken Sidewalk Scene

Burton Cummings! Sangita & The Rock! Broken sidewalks! (1:40); Misery loves company? Downtown Edmonton also struggling (8:45); What did you believe when you were a kid... that turned out to be wrong (14:30); Broken sidewalk leads to a fall and bloodstain... but months later, no sign of a city fix (21:45); One on One with DWAYNE THE ROCK JOHNSON - Sangita Patel ET Canada (28:20); Gab with Gabby! (40:25); Winning text on stuff we believed when we were kids (47:50); Burton Cummings! (52:30). 
10/21/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 28 seconds
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Come on Down(town) To Winnipeg!

LET'S GO DOWNTOWN (0:10); What have you seen in another city's downtown that you'd like to see here? (6:10); Downtown vacancy rates (12:40); Texts on downtown (18:35); Small Town Salute - Brandon's downtown development (21:30); Mayoral candidates on Downtown - Jenny Motkaluk (27:05); Lettuce outlasts Liz Truss (35:15); Mayoral candidates on Downtown - Scott Gillingham (40:50); Downtown dweller who moved from suburbs (49:25); Winning text (56:15) & More downtown chat and feedback - WATERPARK LOL (1:00:05)
10/20/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 30 seconds
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Down With Homework

WAKE UP! Brett tried listening to Bob Ross to fall asleep, but YouTube ad ruined it / WHAT IS THAT STREAM DECK THING IN THE HALL AND WHY CAN'T WE TOUCH IT (1:37); People are still not getting the message about impaired driving (8:40); Which class / program produced the biggest volume of homework for you? (15:00); Report: Manitoba unprepared for rising rates of dementia (23:13); Texts on homework (29:11); Leah Hextall with the weekly Jets chat! (31:42); Grocery costs continue to rise, do you have $$$ for charities?? (39:58); Turkeys and avian flu (43:14); Bob Irving on the significance of Collaros' long-term commitment to Blue Bombers (50:10); Disability Employment Awareness Month / MLA to Workday (55:48); Winning text on homework (1:01:27); How are charities doing amidst the inflation crunch, and with the holidays not too far away (1:05:41); Connecting Winnipeg with KK (1:16:40).
10/19/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 14 seconds
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Costume; Party

Brett had a panic attack to start yesterday morning LOL / Infrastructure & roads (1:40); Gearing up for Halloween? Rules at school...gory vs. cute, and do you actually do homemade costumers or storebought? (5:55); Our favourite Halloween costumes when we were kids (14:05); Blood Pressure…the silent killer (21:45); HUGE announcement from the Bombers! (29:10); Mayoral candidates on roads, infrastructure, and active transportation - RICK SHONE (31:20); Collaros feedback / Costume texts (40:05); Mayoral candidates on roads, infrastructure, and active transportation - RANA BOKHARI (45:35); Winning text on costumes (56:10); How do we build a better city? (1:00:35). 
10/18/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 44 seconds
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It's Tradition!

Brett back from vacation, Greg back in studio! Now we just need Lauren! (1:36); Voter turnout… Vancouver just went to polls and turnout was abysmal (7:25); Got a long-standing group tradition? ; The cold and the harvest ; Listener texts on group traditions ; Loblaws freezing prices on no name brands until 2023 ; Voter turnout and wanting a say despite living outside city ; Price freeze and questions ; Blue Bombers almost pull it off! One regular season game left ; Group traditions, and more on groceries ; If you live just outside the city, should you be able to vote in the Winnipeg election? ; Winning text on group traditions ; Brent Bellamy on what's at stake in the election
10/17/20221 hour, 23 minutes, 32 seconds
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Do You Believe...

Show Intro (0:30); Having Coffee, Talking... Cher...and the celebrities we want to meet (6:20); Housing report, Royal Lepage, Michael Froese (14:45); Small Town Salute Cooks Creek (22:40); Wanting to help the homeless? Today is the day! Darren Nodrick, Director of Development, Siloam Mission (26:40).
10/13/202239 minutes, 21 seconds
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The Grey Men

Show intro (0:30); Having Coffee, Talking... Angela Lansbury...fictionaly charactor//who would you call in to help solve a crime? (7:35); Mental Health Awareness former NHL/Moose Goalie Corey Hirsch (13:40); Sports Talk with Bob Irving (24:45); RRC Polytech's first-ever Inclusion Week (Oct. 31 - Nov. 4) Kaleigh Quinn, Academic Success Centre at RRC Polytech, part of the planning committee for Inclusion Week (36:35).
10/12/202248 minutes, 48 seconds
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LEGO of the Past

BRETT SLEPT IN! (1:05) ; Hockey Canada implosion continues (8:15); A place you made a friend unexpectedly (11:45); What are you thankful for in 2022? (18:15); Texts (23:00); Lego Winnipeg Arena?!? YEP! (24:45); Bombers! (30:50); Glen Murray on transit (36:30); Gab with Gabby! (44:35); Winning text (51:30); Straggle: Adventures in Walking While Female (55:15) & Brett's rant on pig walkers! (1:06:00)
10/7/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 59 seconds
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It's My Right To Ascertain Things

Mayoral candidates & transit / Hockey Canada (1:40); Listener Sara on her transit woes (5:55); Europe says charging cables must be universal - What frustrates you most about technology? (13:45); Rick Shone - mayoral candidate on transit (20:15); More feedback on transit, and fall suppers (30:10); Robert-Falcon Ouellette - mayoral candidate on transit (36:20); "Kicking PancreAS" 5K run/walk on Oct 22nd for Craig's Cause Pancreatic Cancer Society (48:00); Winning text on tech frustration (55:35); New HR Company to connect Ukrainian refugees which match their job skills (59:35).
10/6/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 17 seconds
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Fishin' In The Dark

Premier visit today / derelict buildings follow-up / fishing controversy! (1:40); Teeing up the 9:05 fishing tourney scandal -- What have you cheated on? NO RELATIONSHIP STUFF LOL (7:55); Richard Cloutier wrap on derelict buildings & what's coming tomorrow when we reconvene with the mayoral candidates (15:10); Texts on cheating (22:10); MONTHLY VISIT WITH THE Premier - NDTR, health care priorities, civic election, inflation, minimum wage, encampments (24:55); Sports Chat... BOB IS BACK! (32:10); Fishing Tournament controversy - 'Call the cops!': Fishing tournament descends into chaos amid cheating claims (43:40); Winning text on cheating (51:40); Prisoners of the Castle: An Epic Story of Survival and Escape from Colditz, the Nazis' Fortress Prison (54:40). 
10/5/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 29 seconds
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Stone Cold Flurries

FLURRIES in the forecast? Derelict buildings (0:30); Follow-up to Pickleball... favourite game/uncommon sport (7:00); Texts on favourite games / uncommon sports (14:55); Breakfast with the Bombers - Nic Demski Calls (17:05); MAYORAL ELECTION: Shaun Loney on Derelict Buildings - NOT QUITE, WE COULDN'T GET A HOLD OF HIM... yet. But we still had fun LOL (23:00); Shaun Loney - Take 2! (30:55); MAYORAL ELECTION: Kevin Klein on Derelict Buildings (37:10); Crazy wrestling story! (49:00); Winning text on uncommon sports & games (52:10); A tremendous honour… Son of Dale Hawerchuk on the statue unveiling (55:15).
10/4/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 25 seconds
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What A Week

Autumn / wacky weekend weather / Hawerchuk / Bombers / NDTR (0:30); Orange Shirt Day recap / Survivors walk (7:30); 'Autumn in Winnipeg is the nicest week of the year' - short-lived traditions & rituals etc (14:50); Dale Hawerchuk statue unveiling (23:20); Tests on short-lived traditions & rituals (30:15); Professional Pickleball! (32:45); How Not Getting Enough Sleep Is Killing You (42:45); Sports & futbol chat with Derek! (49:55); Winning text on short-lived traditions you look forward to (1:01:15). 
10/3/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 6 seconds
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National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation / Hawerchuk statue / Bombers! (0:30); Conservatives vote down making Sep 30th a stat holiday (7:55); When you need to reflect on things, is there an activity that helps you do this? (14:00); Hawerchuk statue unveiling Saturday! (22:35); BOMBERS TONIGHT! Brett interviews Greg as member of broadcast team / expert sportsing fan / Bomber lunatic (26:20); Today's Survivors Walk is in honour of his father Raymond Mason (37:15); The HISTORY Channel Honours Truth and Reconciliation Day with New Documentary True Story (45:05); Michael Redhead Champagne (55:00); Sheila North on "My Privilege, My Responsibility" memoir with Winnipeg International Writers Festival (1:05:15). 
9/30/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 55 seconds
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Meet Me Halfway

COOLIO DIED!! (1:40);  COMPANIES WASTE $100M A YEAR ON MEETINGS LOL LOL LOL (7:15); MEETINGS! Worst meeting, longest meeting, ever fall asleep at a meeting? (14:45); Opportunities for Indigenous authors with David A Robertson (22:35); Texts on meetings (30:55); Small Town Salute - Winnipeg Jets Town Takeover application process has begun, runs until October 11th (32:55); GAB WITH GABBY TODAY! (40:50); Winning text on meetings (48:35); Indigenous events at the Winnipeg International Writers Festival (52:40). 
9/29/20221 hour, 7 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Where We Were

Paul Henderson Summit Series 50th anniversary - The 'where were you when' events (1:40); Mayor Brian Bowman doing exit interviews (9:30); The 'where were you' events of our lives (18:10); Rolling Stone Top 100 TV shows... is this list legitimate, and what can new shows learn from these all-time greats? (25:45); Texts on the 'where were you' events (33:15); Sorry, how many condos are being used for Air BnB? (35:15); Sports Chat... Christian Aumell (44:30); Listener Sara with her ridiculous experience with transit 'progress' / Texts on the 'where were you when' events (54:35); Winning text on the where were you when events (1:02:25); Kelley Keehn on The Dos and Don'ts of Buy Now, Pay Later (or BNPL) (1:06:15).
9/28/20221 hour, 22 minutes, 22 seconds
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Gathering Places Gathering Dust

Dead air when Brett got here / 15 degrees outside 25 in Brett's apartment / gathering places we miss (0:35); Arrive Can APP optional... Masks otional as of October 1st (7:59); Old theatres / gathering places we miss (NOT RESTAURANTS NO CHI-CHI'S ALLOWED LOL) (15:09); Largest trial for 4-day work week underway in the UK (22:37); Texts on gathering places we miss (27:52); Breakfast with the Bombers - Brady Oliveira helping more dogs! (29:31); What's going to get you out to vote? (39:16); Merritt, B.C. tries a four day work week to attract staff and keep workers happy (42:00); Canada's first-ever Reconciliation Run happening on Friday (45:21); Buble or Cloutier!!!! // Texts on gathering places we miss (54:50); Winning text on places to gather (58:59); Health Report 2.0 - The future of emergency medicine / What's happening with our text line? (64:27).
9/27/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 42 seconds
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Walk The Line

Gas prices / Hurricane Fiona / Jets FanFest (1:09); State of emergency in Port aux Basques as storm Fiona destroys homes, displaces hundreds (8:56); GREG'S DAD IN NOVA SCOTIA! (11:45); Longest lineup you've waited in (20:02); Gas prices chat - fire at refinery in Ohio could be driving prices up (25:30); Texts on waiting in line (33:06); CJOB listener in Nova Scotia - says he was mostly lucky, Fiona didn't hit his area as hard (35:24); Texts on waiting in line (42:09); Nuit Blanche brings thousands of people downtown (45:43); CFL Playoff picture becoming clearer. Blue Bomber injury situation. - Derek Taylor, voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (53:08); They're doing what to an asteroid? (62:52); Winning text on waiting in line (70:18).
9/27/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Hurricane

Hurricane Fiona / Jets FanFest & preseason (1:40); LIVE FROM HALIFAX... waiting for a hurricane (9:05); First full day of Fall - Things we look forward to in Fall! (17:00); Reacting to crime….changing your behaviors? How do you react when targeted? (24:50); Autumnal texts (32:55); Winnipeg Jets FanFest & preseason - Kelly Moore w/Head Coach Winnipeg Jets Rick Bowness (34:50); In for Gab with Gabby... Chaos with the Clayman! Mayhem! CLAYHEM!!! (42:55); Winning text on Fall (51:50); Lauren's live hit from behind some pumpkins on Henderson / Winnipeg Jets FanFest & preseason -Kelly Moore w/General Manager Winnipeg Jets Kevin Cheveldayoff (54:55). 
9/23/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 17 seconds
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Surprise; Birthday

Brett's stupid dream about work - had to fill in for Clay on GNM & it didn't go well (1:40); What surprise was spoiled for you? Inspired by angry Amazing Race-watching listeners (9:05); Fact checking before you share. As a fake tweet makes the rounds (again)….some tips! (17:05); Texts on blown surprises? (24:30); University of Mantioba Homecoming weekend (26:40); Russia Ups the ante on Ukraine (32:40); Pembina Curling Club 75th Anniversary (39:10); Winning text on ruined surprises (46:10); Kelley Keehn - September Budget Busters (50:20). 
9/22/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 14 seconds
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You've Seen The Butchering

Vaccine mandates ending? / Putin doubles down / Civic election / Lauren & Brett's allergies are brutal (1:40); Ways our names get butchered, or names we've butchered at bad times (8:25); Being acclaimed, running for office, putting yourself out there (17:15); Texts on name butchering (23:40); Rural Health Summit...what's going on in ER's throughout Manitoba (26:10); Getting names wrong...Big Daddy Tazz (36:10); Federal government to review pandemic (39:05); World Gratitude Day....thanking transplant donors (45:00); On the day we're talking about botching names, Brett botches Skylar and Justine's names (55:10); Winning texts at screwing up names (57:20); Happy birthday CJOB's Kevin Burgin! / Book - Don't Worry, Just Cook (from Rorie) (1:00:30). 
9/21/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 8 seconds
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Panic; Song

21-gun salute! Could hear it from Portage & Main! (1:40); PM sings Bohemiam Rhapsody days before funeral. Big deal or no deal? (9:20); When plans disintegrate and you have no time to deal with it. PANIC! (17;20); Financial report...more Canadians living cheque to cheque (24:50); Greg's story of panic (30:40); Breakfast with the Bombers! (33:00); How do you save money on food? The Food Professor says points/loyalty cards lead the way (41:00); Winning text on panic (51:50); Winnipeg International Writers Festival kicks off! (55:20). 
9/20/20221 hour, 11 minutes, 33 seconds
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Paying Respects

Ben O'Hara Byrne on the Queen's funeral (1:40); Housing, where are people living, growing markets, why are they moving etc. (10:10); Reminder: 21-gun salute at 10am at the Legislative Building / Canada's ambulance system facing nationwide crisis (20:10); 'Tributes Pour In For A Monarch Our Babas And Zaidas Loved' (26:40); Air travel prices could soar to new heights this holiday season (38:15); Winnipeg Jets - Young Stars Classic in Penticton (41:10); Travel follow-up chat on rising prices for holidays (49:20); The Story of Kelsey McKay - 'The Kelsey McKay playbook' (from Winnipeg Free Press) (52:40). 
9/19/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 18 seconds
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Be Part Of A Story

Brett finally puts on jeans / Typhoon Merbok to bump temps up across Canada? / Radiothon for Adult & Teen Challenge (1:40); Mark Chipman takes rare step to encourage season ticket sales for the Jets (9:20); What's your favourite actor's worst movie? (17:55); Ben O'Hara Byrne in London - The lineup is so long (14 km!) they stopped letting people get in line (25:05); Texts on favourite actors (32:15); Radiothon - Daniel Emond, CEO of Adult & Teen Challenge Central Canada (35:20); Derek Taylor on the Bombers in THE HAMMER (43:50); Radiothon - AJ Dwayne, Development Director at Adult & Teen Challenge (51:25); Winning text on favourite actor's worst movie (58:55); Radiothon - Alba, dealt with addiction, got help from Adult & Teen Challenge (1:02:15). 
9/16/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 21 seconds
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No One Knows

Who's hosting GNM! / Rain / More problems at ERs / Civic election issues follow-up (1:40); More and more people are walking out of emergency rooms without seeing a doctor (8:40); Follow-up on Tues chat on shows we like but no one knows - Which MUSIC do you like that no one else knows? (15:50); Ben O'Hara Byrne in London (host of A Little More Conversation - Richard filling in this week) (24:05); Brett got sad when this band got popular -- WHY DO WE DO THIS? Get upset when someone we like is SUCCESSFUL (31:30); Small Town Salute - Niverville Nighthawks' first ever game SATURDAY (34:15); Obscure song? How about the closing theme from Coast to Coast / More on car break-ins, and EPC shoots down police parking at Millenium Library (42:45); LOBSTER FEAST! Fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity at the King's Head (will there be Mac & Cheese??) Chris Graves, owner at King's Head, handsome bearded man with husky voice, AND HIS MOM JENNY! (50:05); Winning text on music we like that no one else knows (1:00:20). 
9/16/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 58 seconds
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Al(or at least mostly)truism

So, who gets Monday off? / Today's unintentional theme of focusing on non-profits (1:40); Canada declares federal holiday on Sept. 19 to mark Queen's state funeral - Manitoba not making it a holiday (9:50); If you won the lottery, which cause / charity would you support? (18:40); Live coverage from London with Ben O'Hara Byrne, host of A Little More Conversation on CJOB & across the Corus Network (25:05); Texts on causes / charities (32:40); Adult & Teen Challenge radiothon preview with a man who says he once thought he was God... before he found a better path (34:30); Josh Morrissey - Winnipeg Jets training camp starts a week tomorrow / He and his wife have started a charitable foundation called Glass Half Full (42:40); Winning text on causes / charities (52:40); U of M is closing on Monday for the Queen's funeral / The 7th annual Victoria Hospital Foundation Miracle Garden Party is Thursday - hosted by Greg Mackling! (54:50). 
9/14/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 31 seconds
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(What's The Name of That) Show Business?

Chief Peguis to be extended? Kenaston to be widened? And Brett's car is fixed (1:40): What's a show/movie you LOVE, but no one else has seen? -Inspired by the Emmys and all the shows many of us have never even heard of (8:00); Chief Peguis Trail to finally get completed?? (15:15); Texts on infrastructure and shows we like but no one has heard of? (22:35); CAA - Did you know you can 24/7 medical assistance? It's called Maple (25:00); Special Olympics Manitoba Truck Ride happening this Saturday September 17th (36:25); Winning text on shows no one has seen (45:40); Not Without My Teammates, Book and Outreach Program with Jeff McWhinney - The Keeper of the Cup! (49:00). 
9/13/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 16 seconds
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Banjo Blowout

Record 96-day stretch of days 19 degrees or warmer ends / Brett's car & life are falling apart (1:40); Regina mayor loses bet with Bowman, praises Bombers - Ever lose a bet? (8:10); Texts on bets (17:00); What's next in Ukraine after some major gains over the weekend (21:10); Political scientist weighs in on Pierre Poilievre (31:15); Derek Taylor on the Banjo Bowl (36:20); Stolen Bike...cops not too interested in helping out (48:05); Winning text on bets (59:00); Winnipeg Police weigh in on the stolen bike situation (1:00:40). 
9/12/20221 hour, 15 minutes, 18 seconds
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In Memoriam

The Queen / Banjo Bowl / lots of stuff to give away today (0:30); CJOB's Julie Buckingham in England (just happened to be on vacation) (8:55); Which fancy building would you like to explore, or have explored? Buckingham Palace for example (16:30); The Queen's 2010 cornerstone unveiling, and being at Buckingham Palace under Mulroney (22:00); Lauren's Rescue on the Island adventure! (28:50); The Couch Potatoes - royal shows and movies (32:45); THE BANJO BOWL IS NIGH! (41:40); Colonization and the Queen (48:25); Former Governor General Ed Schreyer (54:25); More buildings we'd like to explore, Greg reveals yet another job he once had (1:01:55). 
9/9/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 10 seconds
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Eye In The Sky

SK stabbing suspect caught / Lauren's having an adventure today! (0:30); Where is Lauren? (8:00); Inspired by Lauren's helicopter adventure - where's the most remote place you've ever been? Would like to go? (16:15); Rural health care, STARS and the participant from Rescue on the Island who was saved by them...(23:25); Brett falls on the sword / Rogers outage sparks new deal between Canada's telecom companies - critics unimpressed (33:40); HSC MILLIONAIRE LAUNCH WITH MILT STEGALL (40:30); Powerful and inspiring story of defeating addiction to preview the Adult and Teen Challenge Radiothon (47:20); Winning text on remote places (57:05); Alzheimer's Awareness Month reveals staggering research on what's to come (59:45). 
9/8/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 47 seconds
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Back 2(022) School

Back to school! Lauren's hittin' the road??? (1:40); Should you be posting pictures of your kids? Questions to consider as parents get snap-happy today (7:30); What was your favourite class? (15:10); Reminder on Blue Bomber Fan Appreciation Day on Sunday / Texts on back to school & favourite classes (22:25); K-9 are off to school today, the rest of high-school tomorrow. First day jitters and help for recently landed refugees (26:05); Lauren continues her school tour, now at Ecole Stanley Knowles School (elementary school) (36:40); Bob Irving weekly sports chat (43:55); TAILGATE PARTY AT FIONN'S AHEAD OF BANJO BOWL for both Bomber & Rider fans (53:25); Winning text on your favourite class (1:01:10); They're back! Interviews with students and parents (1:05:30). 
9/7/20221 hour, 20 minutes, 30 seconds
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Digital Underground

Back together again! SK stabbings / digital junk / Greg caused a ruckus! (1:40); Brett's dying cell phone has him asking WHY DO WE HOARD SO MUCH DIGITAL JUNK - too many pictures / videos / emails / etc (8:25); Weirdest 'fix' you've encountered, like putting your phone in the freezer to temporarily bring it back to life (15:00); Texts on weird fixes & solutions? (22:05); Breakfast with the Bombers - Derek Taylor (24:55); Social Media and Manhunts (35:00); As we prepare for a slew of back-to-school photos this week...a question...what do we do with all our digital data/photos and more? (41:40); Latest on manhunt from SK (47:50); Winning text on weird fixes (53:10); Alan Cross on Taylor Hawkins Tribute Concert(s)?Alan Cross, Musicologist, Host/Curator A Journal Muscial Things/The Ongoing History of New Music (57:45). 
9/6/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 20 seconds
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We're Breaking Format!

IT'S LABOUR DAY WEEKEND WHERE IS MY BEER?? (1:40); Price of gas down to 164.9 in Winnipeg, but it's as low as 118 in AB. WHY??? (6:15); Labour Day weekend traditions / memories / shenanigans / chicanery (13:50); Labour Day texts (20:30); The Couch Potatoes - THE RINGS OF POWER HAS DEBUTED! (22:55); Raiding the social media of our friends at Power 97 for a list of stuff to do this weekend in southern MB (32:50); Heading to Regina for the Labour Day Classic? Former Blue Bomber Troy Westwood tells you what to expect (37:25); Gab with Gabby!!! (44:55); Winning text on Labour Day weekends (53:40); Clay Young's last ride on Winnipeg Weekends! (57:15).
9/2/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 38 seconds
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Bah Gawd That's Megarry's Music!

NO MORE WORK FROM HOME FOR BRETT? (1:40); Manitoba announces rollout of 'Family Affordability' benefit package (9:10); What would be your entrance music?? (13:25); Poverty groups say Family Affordability announcement is 'out of touch' (22:05); Texts on entrance themes (28:50); Jets FanFest is back! (31:30); CFL commissioner Randy Ambrosie on Labour Day Weekend in the CFL, what's happening in Montreal, and why is this guy still playing in the CFL?? (41:05); Winning text on entrance themes (51:00); The BabeyGabey Bowl in honour of young man who lost his battle with addiction (54:05).
9/1/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 36 seconds
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New Slang

WELCOME BACK FORTIER FROM MONTREAL!! Why can't Winnipeg be like Montreal?? (1:40); Can't understand Gen Z slang? You're not alone. A guide on some of the common terms.? (8:20); Slang we don't understand / Your slang that young people don't understand??? (16:30); Leisure Guide system goes bye-bye as soon as it goes online LOL (24:05); Texts on slang (32:25); Sleep tips ahead of Back to School - Is there good 'sleeping weather'? Readjusting for school ? (34:35); Bob Irving on sports! Serena Williams, Chris Streveler, Labour Day Classic, oh my!?? (41:50); Too Good To Go Launches in Winnipeg to help reduce food waste (52:55); Winning text on slang (1:01:10).
8/31/20221 hour, 9 minutes, 46 seconds
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We'll Be There For You!

Streveler to be cut by the NY Jets??? / Backstreet Boys in WPG last night! (1:40); Listener catches Brett off-guard, in a good way / Students in Toronto living in homeless shelters cuz the rent is too high and there aren't enough suites (9:50); What's something you like today that you previously never gave a second thought (18:30); Indigenous youth in STEM (25:35); John Rush says Friends is a bad TV show / Texts on stuff we're into now but weren't before (33:25); Breakfast with the Bombers - Getting ready for the Labour Day Classic! (35:35); Leisure Guide registration starts at 8am / Friends debate good or bad?? (46:25); Friends debate rages! / TD says house prices could drop 20-25% (51:45); Leisure Guide follow-up chat, it crashed immediately, remains crashed (58:55); Leisure Guide registration suspended cuz LOL / Winning text on stuff we're into now that we weren't before (1:09:50). 
8/30/20221 hour, 17 minutes, 30 seconds
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Stuck At Home (Brett's Version)

Brett is still working from home and can't come back until Thursday and HATES ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (1:40); Happy Wife, Happy Life' - research out of the University of Alberta looks at relationship stereotypes (9:05); Stuff you once cared about and kind of miss, like the MTV VMAs (they were on last night. I didn't know - Brett) (17:55); Text on things we used to care about and kinda miss (25:50); Are you noticing more CROWS this year?? And what about turkey vultures??   Barrett Miller Fort Whyte Alive (27:20); Back To The Moon! - NASA scrubs launch of new Artemis moon rocket due to fuel leak, they'll try again Friday (38:35); Monday sportsings chat with Derek Taylor! - Strevy//Bombers/Garrett Marino/Rifles! (45:15); Winning text on stuff we used to care about and kinda miss (56:30); New preschool soft play gym The Play Pen from young mom filling a void for NE WPG for kids & parents alike (1:00:15).
8/29/20221 hour, 16 minutes, 37 seconds
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Oh Hi!

Scary stuff happening in Winnipeg nightclubs / GAME DAY! / oh and... Hi! (1:40); Is it time to get rid of Best Before dates? (8:40); Best before dates philosophies and experiences (16:20); Still a big problem at nightclubs - getting drugged by someone. A young woman shares her story (24:40); Texts on best before dates (32:05); Small Town Salute - The Poutine Trail! (34:00); GO BLUE! Derek Taylor, the voice of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers (42:10); Winning text on Best Before dates (53:10); New non-fiction book 'Making Love With the Land' from award-winning author Joshua Whitehead (57:20); Lauren tees up Brett to say something fun with his extra deep voice (1:08:00).
8/25/20221 hour, 12 minutes, 48 seconds
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Scary Terry

WAKE UP!! Brett's finally working from home ugh (1:40); Hundreds of derelict buildings and the vicious cycle to keep squatters & arsonists out CJOB's Richard Cloutier package (8:15); Having Coffee, Talking... Scariest thing you've ever done (whether you wanted to, or not) Inspired by Global's Corey Callaghan rapelling down the Manitoba Hydro building (17:15); Texts on scary things we've done (24:35); Cloutier on Vacant Buildings (27:00); Bob Irving weekly sports chat (37:30); What's going on… on the front lines of the real estate market, Tracy Mainland Kramble (49:40); WWE Friday Night Smackdown tix winner (58:05).
8/24/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 22 seconds
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House of The DropZone

Many people including Brett & Lauren have bad allergies, weird for August! (0:30); Yankees fan uses hot dog as a beer straw. The weird things we see people do (7:50); Southwood Golf Course redevelopment at the U of M (14:15); Texts on weird things we see people do (20:35); House of the Dragon debuts with 9.9 million viewers! (23:15); Getting ramped up and helping high school kids with their schedule/balancing responsibility (25:45); Global colleague rapels the Manitoba Hydro building for the Easter Seals Drop Zone (37:15); Winning text on weird things people do (45:25); Paint the Pavement & CoolStreetsWPG mural projects (49:00). 
8/23/20221 hour, 4 minutes, 3 seconds
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1.21 Megawatts

Back in studio, great time at the Manitoba Open / Greg's studio is a walk-in freezer (1:40); Airline ultimatum: Washington tells carriers to support customers or face consequences (9:30); IS GREG PUTTING HIS DOG DOWN? Text misunderstandings (17:50); Cheaper Air Travel in the offing? Globe and Mail article says YES (24:35); Texts on text misunderstandings (30:55); Manitoba Open debrief - a smashing success! (33:35); Nurses Union on weekend ER closures/disruptions (44:40); Jim Toth on Sports - Incredible finish at the World Juniors! (49:50); ANOTHER Book Launch! The Stone Angel, third book in a series for the busiest author on Earth (1:01:50); Winning text on misunderstandings (1:12:00). 
8/22/20221 hour, 19 minutes, 8 seconds
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Open Season

LIVE from the Centreport Canada Rail Park Manitoba Open at Southwood Golf & Country Club! DAY 2 / DAY 1 again (0:30); Manitoba Open tournament chair - Neil Taylor (6:15); Ever quit your job in a big way? (14:55); Texts on quitting jobs (22:20); Pete's Grand Putt colourful charity event extravaganza in Grand Beach (25:10); Valour FC player on the importance of making soccer accessible to kids (31:35); Gab with Gabby! (35:40); Osborne Village - big community event on Saturday as the neighbourhood fights its way back (44:15). 
8/19/202258 minutes, 36 seconds
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Manitoba Open Skies

LIVE from the Centreport Canada Rail Park Manitoba Open at Southwood Golf & Country Club!??? (0:30); Michael Hartvikson - operations/behind the scenes of setting up the tour (6:55); Therapeutic tasks and chores, like Greg's new nifty trick on cleaning out the car? (15:35); Texts on therapeutic tasks (22:35); Fortier is FURIOUS GEORGE over the inflation in our vending machine / Small Town Salute - favourite small town golf! (25:05); Le Burger Week goes vegan. WHAT ARE THEY THINKING??? (oh, but it's just a 'theme', not a requirement. whatever.) (36:25); True North Youth Foundation on the impact the Manitoba Open will have (41:10); The official scorekeeper of the Manitoba Open who has worked PGA Tour events around the world!? (48:50); A "cannibal" solar ejection (1:00:40); Creating a Party hole!!! (1:10:00). 
8/18/20221 hour, 25 minutes, 30 seconds
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Screen Life Lessons

What's up with the traffic jams at The Forks? Greg got stuck in a dandy one yesterday (1:40); Movies & TV shows that taught us life lessons (9:05); LifeWorks Mental Health Index reveals negative pandemic-related impacts on children (16:25); Texts on life lessons (23:00); HOW MUCH ARE AGENCY NURSES COSTING THE HEALTH CARE SYSTEM? (25:15); Texts on life lessons (35:00); Listener feedback on agency nurses & nursing shortages / Listener feedback on traffic issues, like the one Greg had at The Forks (38:15); Bob Irving sports chat! (44:35); Winning text on life lessons (55:45); 80s pop culture expert and author on the life lessons he took from movies that changed everything for him (59:25).
8/17/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 2 seconds
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Middle of Nowhere

Big storm last night! (1:40); Things that dumb us down, like GPS melting our brains (7:45); Texts on stuff that dumbs us down (13:50); What's with all the frogs?? Listeners say THOUSANDS on the highways last night (15:55); Texts on frogs! (18:10); Folklorama Hungarian Pavilion... Busy beyond Prediction (21:40); Organ transplants and The Gift of Life - in the wake of the death of Anne Heche (28:20); Nothing But Tech on back to school tech tips and trends and ways to save money by breathing new life into used gear? (39:10); Winning text on things that dumb us down (47:50); Hanson THE BAND playing in Winnipeg at the Park Theatre on Sunday Aug 21st - Zac Hanson - the drummer! (51:05). 
8/16/20221 hour, 6 minutes, 31 seconds
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Celebrating 25 years of MmmBop as Hanson gets set to play in Winnipeg on August 21st!

Greg Mackling, Brett Megarry & Lauren McNabb speak to Zac Hanson about 25 years of their smash-hit single MmmBop and what it's been like being involved in music since he was six!
8/16/202212 minutes, 26 seconds
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Sick Shift

So? Anything change around here while Brett was gone? LOL / The stick shift is dying (1:40); Dying & lost arts, like driving a stick shift (8:15); NYT article calls hockey "Sexual Assault Revelations Turn Canada's National Game Into the Nation's Shame" (14:35); Texts on dying & lost arts (22:15); The end of an era... the slow painful death of the standard transmission (23:40); Osborne Village residents react to incoming bike lanes (34:00); Texts on dying & lost arts (40:50); Winning text on dying & lost arts (42:40); 2nd Annual Donation Match Day - St. James Burger & Chip Co. vs Willy Dogs in support of Bruce Oake Recovery Centre - AND 2 BREAK-INS THIS MORNING AT FOUR CROWNS (46:20). 
8/15/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 14 seconds
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Kick It Doubt

Bombers are 9-1 (1:05); The Rhine is going dry? (6:40); 'Failures' that ended up benefitting us (13:35); FBI search Trump's home (19:50); Texts (25:15); Cooler temperatures lately - is summer over?? (26:40); Voice of the Bombers Derek Taylor (32:00); Troy Westwood on the loneliness of being a kicker (42:00); Winning text (51:05) & Our weekly gab with Gabby! (53:20)
8/12/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Mosquito Most

HELLO! Where's Lauren? When the moon hits the sky! (1:28); HAVING COFFEE - What are some of the worst places you've lived? (8:28); Doug Brown previews the Bombers as they go for 10-0 (15:18); What's the deal with those massive mosquito bites we're seeing? (19:23); Was that a fool moon last night or not? (25:00); winning text on bad places to live (33:35); Former Winnipeg Jet Morris Lukowich (35:41).
8/11/202248 minutes, 31 seconds
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Get Your GOAT

Happy Wednesday! (1:05); Dealing with garbage problems in homeless encampments (5:25); Who is the greatest artist or athlete you've seen or always wanted to? (11:00); Texts (16:15); Needing facilities for addictions interventions (17:55); What you need to know about getting to the Bomber game (27:50); Weekly visit with Bob Irving (31:30); A new project to help veterans (42:35); Winning text (49:25) & A personal journey of fighting alcoholism (51:30)
8/10/20221 hour, 5 minutes, 30 seconds
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Musical Cares

Musical chairs continues. Lauren thinks it's Wednesday (1:05); Your favourite musical movies (7:33); The return of sun destinations (14:10); Texts on musical movies (18:40); Catching up with Blue Bomber, Dalton Schoen (21:05); How will Canada help Ukraine? (28:00); Manitoba entrepreneur looking to take her business to the next level (34:15); Winning text (40:00) & learn more about a new book on a Winnipeg hockey player (41:05)
8/9/202253 minutes
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LRT, Yeah You Know Me

Greg's back! (1:05); Volunteer shortage (8:05); Looking for lost items (14:25); Ready to talk LRT...again?! (21:50); Nursing school applications up (31:45); Bombers look to move 10-0! (37:20); Week 2 of Folklorama is underway (45:55); Winning text (54:50) & the world is spinning faster! (58:25)
8/8/20221 hour, 8 minutes, 45 seconds
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Are You Feeling Air Horny, Baby?

Bombers win again, but the horn guy drove us nuts! (1:05); Biz survey finds mangers increasing salaries.(5:40); Favourite disaster movies! (14:05); Texts on disaster movies! (22:20); Couch Potatoes (23:45); Bombers 9-0! (29:30); CONSTRUCTION! (35:50); Violent crime task force (39:30); Montreal had an air horn -- listener suggestions on what Winnipeg should do for revenge (47:25); Gab with Gabby! (51:10); Winning text (59:05); WHY IS THERE A GAME WHERE I PLAY AS A CAT? (1:03:10)
8/5/20221 hour, 13 minutes, 35 seconds
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The Thing

SORRY LAUREN!/We were off the air overnight /That giant hail in AB was record-setting (1:09); 13 year old stabs another 13 year old in unprovoked playground assault (8:18); 7-8 times per day, police are getting calls about cryptocurrency scams. What they're doing about it, what we can do? (12:04); Things you can't believe are a thing. Like the video game Stray. You play as a cat. Lauren asks WHY?? (19:15); Teen stabbing in playground at are parents feeling and what is William Whyte Neighborhood doing to connect? (26:45); Texts on WHY IS THIS A THING (34:13); Small Town Salute - BANANA DAYS! Melita (37:26); Sextortion targetting boys on rise...and they're not just asking you for pictures, they're sending them to you...then demanding money (44:53); With a rise in cyber crimes and scams, what are schools seeing when it comes to demand for training? (52:09); Things you didn't know were a thing. (62:32); Winning text on things you didn't know were a thing (65:45); Travelling Food Dude (on Instagram for more info) & his dog Holland back in town, last here in 2018 (69:15).
8/4/20221 hour, 21 minutes, 55 seconds