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English, Social, 1 season, 11 episodes, 7 hours, 37 minutes
The Spirit of Lux is an original podcast hosted by Paul Jones, CEO of The Lux Collective. In each episode, we feature interviews with friends, thought leaders, and personalities from the Travel and Hospitality industry as we traverse through the topics on design, customer service, wellness, culinary, and many more.
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12. A Conversation with Jean-François Adam: Principal Architect, Partner and Founder of JFA Architects

In this episode of The Spirit of Lux, Paul Jones is joined by Principal Architect, Partner and Founder of JFA Architects, Jean-François Adam. Jean-François founded JFA Architects in 1998 and in its 20 years of existence, JFA Architects has provided full architectural services in 25 leisure projects, 15 residential projects, 20 commercial projects and full urban planning services in 25 urban planning projects. Since 1998, at JFA Architects, the ambition has been to design comfortable tropical living through contemporary spaces. There's a lot to cover in this episode, Jean-François talks about the conception of LUX* Grand Baie, inspiration behind the architecture for it, working with a talented team as well as challenges faced during the pandemic. He goes in depth to discuss about the various beautiful architectural elements of LUX* Grand Baie. 
1/25/202245 minutes
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11. A Conversation with Stephen Woodhams: Award Winning Landscape Artist and Garden Designer

In this episode of The Spirit of Lux, Paul Jones is joined by one of the most famous and talented landscape artists, Stephen Woodhams. Having an experience of over 25 years of designing gardens in the Mediterranean, the USA, the Middle East, Mauritius and in the UK, Stephen has a wide portfolio of awards and achievements including two Gold, and three Silver Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show. He is one of the youngest gardeners ever to win a Gold Medal at the Chelsea Flower Show. There's a lot to cover in this episode. Stephen talks about Mauritian hospitality, the rich plant wealth of Mauritius and his thought process behind designing the gardens at LUX* Belle Mare and LUX* Grand Baie.
1/14/202226 minutes, 29 seconds
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10. A Conversation with Colin and Steven Hall: Energy Experts from Learning to Lead

In this episode of The Spirit of Lux, Paul Jones is joined by energy experts, Colin and Steven Hall from Learning to Lead. For more than 20 years, the father-son duo, Colin and Steven have been learning and sharing together, all they can about Human Energy on what they call our Energy Journey. There's a lot to cover in this episode, the critical role that energy plays in all our outcomes as individuals at any age, for teams in any team activity, and in organisations no matter how big they are, how to master energy on a sustainable basis, and how to embed this profound new energy awareness into new behaviours by individuals, teams and organisations.
12/2/202147 minutes, 52 seconds
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9. A Conversation with Alicia Rountree: Model, Swimwear Designer and Wellness Warrior

In this episode of The Spirit of Lux, Paul Jones is joined by model and swimwear designer, Alicia Rountree as she shares her guide to island life in her home of Mauritius. Alicia has had a successful modeling career since starting at the age of 17. She has starred in campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Ralph Lauren, and L'Oreal to mention a few. There's a lot to cover in this episode. Alicia explains how her upbringing in Mauritius helped shape her from a young age to living a responsible lifestyle, where sustainability is the core of everything she takes on. This includes ALICIA SWIM which is a premium sustainable resort wear brand, launched in early 2019, made in Mauritius using high-quality Italian sustainable and recycled textiles. 
11/18/202139 minutes, 51 seconds
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8. A Conversation with Afeef Hussain: Award winning life coach and human resources professional from the Maldives

In this episode of The Spirit of Lux, Paul Jones is joined by the first Maldivian who received the honour of being named amongst the 100 most influential HR personalities in the world at the World HRD Conference 2016, Afeef Hussain.Experienced in the areas of HR strategy, customer experience, quality management, talent, performance management and learning and development, Afeef has over 15 years of Hospitality Industry Experience and is currently the Senior Director, Maldives - Talent and Culture at LUX* Resorts and Hotels.There's a lot to cover in this episode. Afeef explains how at LUX* Resorts his team works on the principles of providing superior service to have a sustainable competitive advantage. Grown-up in the Maldives, Afeef also shares how just a collection of islands has changed in the last 25 years becoming one of the world’s most beautiful destinations.
10/28/202148 minutes, 36 seconds
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7. A Conversation with Bastien Gonzalez: The Best Pedicure in the World

In this episode of The Spirit of Lux, Paul Jones is joined by the best pedicure in the world, Bastien Gonzalez. Bastien grew up an avid skier and went on to become an instructor at the Super-Lioran ski station in Auvergne, where a bad accident dramatically changed his career path. It was during his own rehabilitation with physiotherapy that he met a podiatrist, and he knew instantly that this was what he was born to do. In 1997 he qualified in podiatry and at 24, and as an aesthete and sybarite, he opened his first Paris studio in the prestigious Place des Vosges. There's a lot to cover in this episode. We dive into a marvelous journey with Bastien on how he started and became the best, the impact of Mauritius on his career and his recent collaboration with Lux Grand Baie where the guests can experience the world-class service of Pedi:Mani:Cure by Bastien Gonzalez.Bastien is rarely in one place, flying between his studio London, his HQ in Paris, or to New York, Dubai, Hong Kong or Singapore to meet with his teams. He also looks after his own private clients, who include some of the biggest stars in Hollywood and the most well-known names in the worlds of fashion, art and finance.
10/21/202133 minutes, 11 seconds
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5. The LUX* Tea Horse Road through the lens of Michael Freeman

Discover the marvelous photographic journey with one of the most widely published photographers, Michael Freeman along the historical Tea Horse Trade Route in Yunnan, south of China. From Pu’er to Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-La and all the way to Benzilan, LUX* Tea Horse Road China is a collection of retreats located in some of the world’s most off-grid destinations. Michael’s works have been published in some of the world’s most well-known magazines and publications throughout his illustrious career. Pre-Covid, he spent half his time traveling in Asia on photography assignments.Michael is also the co-author of the large-format reportage book - The Life of Tea - which was the result of a three-year photographic exploration into the world’s finest tea producers from the top artisanal growers in China, Japan, Sri Lanka, and India, including tea plantations farmed by Buddhist monks, teaware craftsmen as well as tea connoisseurs.
9/16/202144 minutes, 32 seconds
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4. Culinary excellence with Dave Minten and Walter Lanfranchi

Join the world’s best chefs and LUX*s celebrated culinarians - Chef Dave Minten and Chef Walter Lanfranchi as they share the extraordinary world of LUX* gastronomy that encompasses all five senses, and how they are bringing The Lux Collective to greater heights through the Test Kitchen concept. Dave specializes in French and Mediterranean Cuisine, with a focus on working with fresh produce. Walter works very closely with the Management as well as the Research & Development team to conceive and develop new F&B concepts for the group.The Chefs also take us behind-the-scenes of the upcoming LUX* Grand Baie - Offering laid-back dining from morning to night at the Beach Rouge, the eye-catching and exotic Ai KISU restaurant which will offer best-in-class contemporary Asian cuisine and Maison LUX* - combining the best of French and Italian inspired cafes and bars, offering fresh, home-brewed coffee.
8/26/202152 minutes, 53 seconds
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3. Lessons in Leadership in the Era of Covid with Jeremie de Fombelle

Discover the most important traits to excel in the hospitality industry and be inspired by Jeremie’s unconventional way of empowering and motivating his 300-strong Team Members in the time of Covid as well as driving his personal passion for cultivating a zero food waste environment for the hospitality industry in Mauritius.
8/5/202140 minutes, 22 seconds
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2. Designing Perfection with Kelly Hoppen CBE

Join multi-award winning interior design Kelly Hoppen CBE as she talks about her role in transforming LUX* Resorts & Hotels into a luxury hospitality brand. Kelly also discusses the concept behind her latest project with the group, the highly anticipated LUX* Grand Baie Resort & Residences, on how harmony is achieved by blending the natural landscape and generous space with her East Meets West style and neutral palette.
8/5/202136 minutes, 33 seconds
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1. Care-ology and the Circle of Care with Ron Kaufman

Ron Kaufman, the world’s foremost educator on Uplifting Service and New York Times best-selling author, is the founding father of the Care-ology philosophy; the transformation of Service to include authentic Care. Discover the paradigm shift in the hospitality industry, connecting delivery of Service with a commitment to Care that enables genuine well-being for guests and Team Members of The Lux Collective.
8/5/202141 minutes, 54 seconds