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The Sound Bearier seeks to acquaint listeners with Northeast State Community College news and events. Our hosts April Allen, Matt Poole, and Thomas Wilson interview staff, faculty, students, and alumni to bring you the latest in all things Northeast State! ***All opinions expressed by the hosts and guests of "The Sound Bearier" are solely their opinions and do not necessarily reflect the official position or opinions of Northeast State Community College. Any content provided by our hosts or guests is for educational purposes. Northeast State Community College is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award the associate degree. Questions about the accreditation of Northeast State may be directed in writing to the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges at 1866 Southern Lane, Decatur, GA 30033-4097, by calling (404) 679-4500, or by using information available on SACSCOC’s website (
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The Spring/Season Two Wrap Up Show...with Coffee!

Hazelnut or mocha? Team TSB wraps up the second season of Northeast State’s The Sound Bearier podcast with a roundtable coffee talk discussion. In this episode, your hosts April, Matt, and Tom talk coffee we like, previous jobs we didn’t, and business ideas ready – or not – for investment by the Shark Tank judges.  The Sound Bearier goes on hiatus this summer. We return for our third season this fall with new guests and old friends.   Speaking of Fall, get advised and register for classes now at  Subscribe to TSB and leave a review at your favorite streaming media service.  We are on them all!
6/9/202240 minutes
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The Looking Glass to Live Theatre

Live theatre is back on stage where it belongs! The Sound Bearier welcomes Jillian Cox and SarahGrace Triplett to the podcast to talk about the Northeast State Theatre Department's upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland.   Jillian and SarahGrace talk about the camaraderie of theatre students, the hard work of creating a production, and why you should run toward fear. Alice in Wonderland opens April 14 and continues through April 16 with three evening performances and one matinee. Bring your kids and get your tickets now at 
3/15/202247 minutes, 4 seconds
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Tech Talk of Tomorrow with Dr. Donna Farrell

Technology needs you. A wealth of opportunities awaits students-to-tech-professionals training to keep our civilization running on all microchips. The Sound Bearier welcomes our friend Dr. Donna Farrell, dean of Technologies division at Northeast State. Farrell talks about how a new generation of savvy thinkers can shape our technological future, how to understand the “Internet of Things” field, and how problem-solving skills help when a moose visits your workplace. Check out the certificate and degree opportunities available in our Technologies Division. To register for the Women in Manufacturing Symposium happening March 11 at the Southwest Virginia Higher Education Center, click this link.
2/28/202232 minutes, 45 seconds
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We only ever live one day...

The Sound Bearier is delighted to welcome peer recovery coach Kenneth Knight to share his story of addiction and recovery. He works in Northeast State’s Counseling Services to help those battling addictions. Kenneth talks about personal responsibility, the complexity of addiction, and our culture’s waning fear of dangerous things. If you need help, please contact Counseling Services via their website:  
2/14/202229 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Year End Episode

Ducks and Pomeranians the size of elephants? Elon Musk and Joan of Arc breaking bread in the Courtyard? In a light-hearted episode depending on your point of view, The Sound Bearier’s Tom Wilson and Matt Poole riff on giant animals (not tarantulas), overrated super heroes, and the random questions we put to our guests in our seasonal wrap-up episode. The Sound Bearier team says thank you to all our guests and the Northeast State Department of Entertainment Technology for their excellent work to make TSB roar to life.  
1/3/202229 minutes, 5 seconds
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There and Back Again - Jesse Carter & Joni Hughes

The Sound Bearier is honored to welcome United States Air Force veteran Jesse Carter and United States Army veteran Joni Hughes to our Veterans Day week podcast.  These two Northeast State alumni who stepped forward to serve their country talk about creativity, coming full circle in career paths, and navigating the civilian world. Thank you to all veterans who served from The Sound Bearier team. Listen, subscribe and visit Northeast State at We're enrolling now for Spring 2022 classes. 
11/11/202139 minutes, 37 seconds
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Haunts & Halloween with The Sound Bearier

A two-headed hitchhiker in Carter County. A vengeful Pig Man lurking near an abandoned ordnance site. Unexplained lights and a creepy farmhouse. Tis’ the spooky season. The Sound Bearier offers up a few scary stories and legend for our Halloween episode. Enjoy the tales and stay out of the woods!
10/29/202135 minutes, 24 seconds
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Bear Biography with Dawn Carter

Northeast State alumna and higher ed pro Dawn Carter keeps students on track to graduate as director of Student Success at Kingsport.  Get to know our friend Dawn as she and April talk about finding a path to passion, the three people she would most like to have dinner with, and parasailing as a treatment for acrophobia (That means fear of heights. We looked it up).  Subscribe to The Sound Bearier on your favorite streaming source. 
10/11/202111 minutes, 3 seconds
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Language & Life with Norma Sanchez-Webb

Hola, friends! We are delighted to welcome Northeast State Spanish instructor Norma Sanchez-Webb to this episode of La Barrera del Sonido.  Norma talks about learning English in school as a non-English speaking child, the nuances of ALL languages, and how Spanish-speaking students navigate college life.  TSB celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month. Why not take a foreign language? You will be glad you did.
9/28/202131 minutes, 56 seconds
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Nursing education in the time of COVID

(Editor's note: This episode was recorded in spring 2021 prior to the newest COVID-19 case surge. The episode reflects the experiences and lessons of that moment in time. The fluid nature of the pandemic and the resurgence of COVID-19 during the summer created new set of standards and challenges.) The COVID pandemic continues.  Health care workers of all stripes feel the burn. Northeast State Health Professions' students continue to step forward. In this episode, Northeast State Nursing program instructor Joy McLain talks clinical education, determined nursing students, and health care at its most intense.  Subscribe and leave a comment at your favorite streaming media site. Pandora  Spotify Apple Podcasts iHeart Radio
9/16/202130 minutes, 54 seconds
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The Walters Way with Greg Walters

Season two of The Sound Bearier kicks off with a visit from our beloved colleague Mr. Gregory Walters.  A friend and ally to countless Northeast State students, Greg recently retired after 30 years of dedicated service at the college. While Greg’s contributions are well-known and many, April and Matt talk to the man about his life, personal drive, and plans for the future. Have a few tissues handy. Thanks, Greg.
8/23/202154 minutes, 30 seconds
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Mass Comm Methods with Isaiah Quaintance

Matt Poole welcomes new Northeast State alumnus Isaiah Quaintance, '21, to this episode.  This Daniel Boone High School graduate made his way to Northeast State thanks to the wonderful Angela Shrum.  Get to know Isaiah as he talks about mass communications, being a Direction Northeast host, the connection between playing football and live interviews, and his friendship with Professor Gary Potter.  Who Dat? It's The Sound Bearier with Isaiah Quaintance. Thank you Angela!  
7/26/202114 minutes, 53 seconds
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Be Wise & Be Advised w/ Julie Dykes

Fall semester approaches!  What classes do I need to get the degree I want? In this episode, Northeast State Academic Advisor and Completion Coach Julie Dykes answers this question and many others. Julie talks about navigating class schedules, how to thrive in a virtual class setting, and what questions students SHOULD ask advisors. She and Northeast State’s Advising Resource Center team assist students with academic advising in person or virtually via telephone, email, or Zoom. Give a listen to how advising provides an academic road map to complete your degree or certificate. You can email to [email protected], or call at 423.323.0214 to get started. Northeast State Advising
7/12/202121 minutes, 50 seconds
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Blazing Her Trail - Melanie Fischer

First-generation college student. Social Work major. Keeping Our Promise mentor. Hiker. Melanie Fischer represents many students who overcame the challenges of college and COVID to succeed, and succeed mightily.  She received Northeast State's Outstanding Student Award for 2020-21 graduating summa cum laude this spring.   Give a listen to this Daniel Boone High School alumna with a dedication to help people and the drive to succeed as she sits down with The Sound Bearier. Northeast State
6/21/202121 minutes, 39 seconds
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Rhythm of the Classroom with Jim Kelly

Musician, professor, and encyclopedia of American history. Professor Jim Kelly embodies an imaginative teaching style to engage students and help them understand history.   Our host Tom Wilson interviews Professor Kelly about his philosophy of teaching. We might even get a special musical performance from the man himself! Northeast State Community College
5/31/202134 minutes, 24 seconds
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Bear Biography with Rebecca Moody

Namaste, friends! Tune into our latest Bear Biography episode and get to know Rebecca Moody, Coordinator of Workforce Solutions. Rebecca goes to great lengths in not only helping our students, but also our community. Rebecca shares her love for yoga, family, and has an interesting collection. Find out what that is and why it’s important to her. Rebecca will have you laughing with her answer to the infamous random question April asks at the end of each episode. Don’t miss it!
5/3/202125 minutes, 47 seconds
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Occupational Therapy with Carson Dilley

Interested in occupational therapy as a potential career? In this episode of The Sound Bearier, Matt Poole interviews Gym Assistant, Carson Dilley. Come hear about this occupational therapist in training's story and his passion for pediatric therapy. Carson also gives us tips on what exercises we can utilize to alleviate mental ruts while navigating the pandemic. This and many more engaging topics will be explored with our guest. Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to #TheSoundBearier to stay in the know about when new episodes release! 
4/19/202122 minutes, 9 seconds
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Bear Biography - Ethan Bentley

The Sound Bearier’s Matthew Poole welcomes Ethan Bentley, a second-year student/History major at Northeast State. We are proud to welcome this Hampton High School alumnus as the FIRST student to be a guest on our podcast. Ethan talks about the process of making his first amateur film, 1970s era music, and the best actor to portray Spiderman.     
3/22/202112 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Workforce Way Forward with Heath McMillian

Our region’s workforce population faces a set of bold challenges as we stumble toward a post-COVID world. Heath McMillian, executive director of Northeast State’s Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing in Kingsport joins us on this episode of The Sound Bearier. Heath discusses how a recovering workforce can thrive in the years ahead, why apprenticeships of all career stripes can help shape the region's economic future, and why his musically gifted children did not get their talent from him. Visit the Regional Center for Advanced Manufacturing to learn about the opportunities awaiting you  
3/8/202126 minutes, 2 seconds
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Mental Health Matters with Jenna Welch

Mental health matters. The Sound Bearier's Matthew Poole talks to Jenna Welch, of Northeast State Counseling Services, about how to cope with Covid and college life.  Confidential and compassionate, Counseling Services wants to engage students in need. Get to know Jenna and learn about the services our counseling team provides at Counseling Services. Northeast State Community College
2/22/20219 minutes, 59 seconds
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Bear Biography: Getting to Know Jennifer Kendrick

In this episode of The Sound Bearier, our April Allen talks to Jennifer Kendrick, Career Specialist, in the Career and Workforce Development Center. From displaced workers to single parents determined to earn a degree, Jennifer seeks to help people take one step at a time to success.   Career and Workforce Development
2/8/202114 minutes, 32 seconds
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Globetrotting at a distance with Nona Shepherd

The world does not end at the county line. Led by Professor Nona Shepherd, International Education at Northeast State program strives to share the world’s cultures to students with past visits to Washington, D.C., and the United Kingsport; international speakers and events such as the very popular International Food Day.  Then, COVID came. Travel bans and social distance followed. But the desire to see and share experiences remains strong.  While the moving events to the virtual world in 2020, Shepherd is looking ahead to a post-COVID world of international education.  We welcome her to The Sound Bearier as we talk international education, literature, and Southern Appalachia. Visit the International Education webpage or the Tennessee Consortium for International Studies to learn more.   
1/25/202133 minutes, 31 seconds
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On Becoming a Bear with Matt Poole

Our friend - and newest member of The Sound Bearier podcast team - Matthew Poole wants you to give Northeast State Community College a look as your higher education destination.  A Northeast State alumnus, Poole previously served as a Success Coach & Lead Mentor of the Inclusive Excellence program at the college.  Our April Allen talks with Matt about his own experiences and how students can become successful in college and beyond.  Give it a listen and smash that Subscribe button! Northeast State Community College
1/14/202111 minutes, 25 seconds
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Why We Give Thanks at Northeast State

For what do you give thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday season? In this special episode, The Sound Bearier team hit the streets to ask our Northeast State family for their thoughts on what they hold dear this season and all year. Going beyond the standard "family and food" answers, the responses are insightful, funny, and moving.  TSB gives thanks for our listeners, and those who made our podcast possible.  We also give thanks to Will MacMorran and the Entertainment Technology department at Northeast State for their stellar work making TSB happen.   Happy Thanksgiving from The Sound Bearier! Northeast State Community College
11/25/202037 minutes, 36 seconds
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To Those Who Served with John Adcox

This special Veterans Day week episode shares a slice of life from a veteran, colleague, and friend Mr. John Adcox. John is a veteran of the United States Army. He serves fellow veterans at the College's Veteran and Military Student Success Center. John along with Jessica Kelso help scores of students veterans and their families each semester. Northeast State expresses our thanks and respect to all our veterans who served and continue to serve around the world.  Give it a listen and don't forget to smash that Subscribe button to get The Sound Bearier episodes on your favorite channel.  Veteran and Military Student Success Center Northeast State Community College
11/11/202035 minutes, 55 seconds
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Myths and Monsters of Southern Appalachia: Special Edition

What lurks in the forests of northeast Tennessee and southwest Virginia? Tune in to this special edition of The Sound Bearier to hear more about the myths and monsters of southern Appalachia.
10/31/202013 minutes, 34 seconds
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Career Development During COVID-19 with Julie Murray

Join us as we chat with Julie Murray, Career Development Coordinator, as she gives us insight into how COVID-19 has changed searching and applying for jobs, the interview process, and how the Career and Workforce Development Center can assist you with pursuing your career goals.
10/20/202020 minutes, 59 seconds
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Dracula and the Sound of Fear with Prof. Elizabeth Sloan

Dracula. Now there's a guy who knew how to isolate. Fall is here. Two full moons happening in October, including one on Halloween. And Northeast State Theatre presents an audio drama of Bram Stoker’s classic Dracula running Oct. 28 to Nov. 1.  Shew, these cosmological logistics took a LONG time to coordinate. We welcome Northeast State’s director of Theatre, Elizabeth M. Sloan, to our first October episode. Prof. Sloan talks about the Theatre team’s creative ideas for Dracula, the parallels of our modern day fears, and the struggles of entertainment industry in the COVID world. Produced by the Northeast State Theatre Department and the Mass Communications Department. Check the link here. The Audio Drama will be available to the public for free! 
10/5/202029 minutes, 5 seconds
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Bear Byte: Fall Forward with Term Two Classes

Think you missed out on Fall 2020 semester classes? Well, think again!  In this bonus Bear Byte episode of The Sound Bearier, Northeast State Registrar and all-around great person Deidra Close gives you the sweet and low down about Term Two class opportunities available now. Term Two Fall classes begin Oct. 5th so time draws near. Enroll and register for Term Two classes NOW via your MyNortheast account or contact the Northeast State Admissions Office.    
9/23/20204 minutes, 46 seconds
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Bear Biography - Charlie Reese

In this Bear Biography, get to know our friend Charlie Reese, formerly of the Northeast State Financial Aid office. Charlie talks to The Sound Bearier's April Allen about money management, financial aid, and what his secret superpower might be. Reese serves his town and country as a member of the National Guard. Northeast State Community College
9/21/202017 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

The ClassZoom with Dr. Rick Merritt

Classroom content delivery looks much different from last fall. The Sound Bearier proudly welcomes Northeast State Speech professor Dr. Rick Merritt to the podcast. In this episode, Dr. Merritt talks about how students responded to the spring's upheaval and how video conferencing is changing our communication habits.  Dr. Merritt serves as a faculty coordinator to A Toast to Education and Volunteer Northeast State. Northeast State Community College
9/4/202027 minutes, 52 seconds
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First Week Feelings

The first week of Fall 2020 semester closes out today.  Our Jennifer Starling offers some great advice for students to navigate this highly challening semester. A few timely notes and you've got a Bear Byte episode of The Sound Bearier!  Thank you to Jennifer and our friends in the Entertainment Technology department for their hard work.
8/21/20205 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Sound Bearier roars with Will MacMorran

Welcome to first episode of The Sound Bearier, the official podcast of Northeast State Community College. We are pleased to welcome Will MacMorran, director of our Entertainment Technology program. Will joins our April Allen to talk music, technical education, and how digital technology is changing our world. Give it a listen and a like.
8/17/202028 minutes, 28 seconds