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The Soul Rhythm Podcast is a place for you to get out of your box and into your soul, so you can feel inspired and empowered to live that soul-lit life that you’ve deserved all along. ⁣⁣I strongly believe that when we trust ourselves, take the soul-guided path and uncover our inner magic, we elevate our frequency, which in turn elevates the frequency of the world. ⁣⁣In this podcast, you’ll get a blend of inspiring experts and soul-guided magical messages from yours truly, to uplift and ignite your soul, so you can fire that inner critic and finally own those whispers and deep desires to be and do more! ⁣⁣Because you are so worthy of it! ⁣⁣Are you ready to start living to the rhythm of your soul?
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Fearless Into The Unknown With Laura Kessner

How to lean into the fear of the unknown and trust that you have what it takes to be successful!In this Soul Rhythm Session, Laura Kessner talks about burning everything she’s built to the ground and rising from the ashes into new beginnings! How exciting and inspiring is that! Together we talk about adapting to shifts, the four seasons of business, Laura’s story, and wealth energetics! This episode is full of powerful tips that will leave you feeling inspired and better prepared to fearlessly leap into the unknown!About Laura KessnerLaura was a business coach from Germany living in Denmark who guides online business owners to excellence and wealth using Social Media. She’s the Podcast host of Manifesting Excellence. She is currently leaping into new adventures and you can follow and learn from her growth in Real Time!How to Connect with Laura:Instagram Laura.kessner Website Check out Laura’s favorite Podcast Episode: How to Manage the Different Energetics of SuccessIn your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla.soulrhythm  Business Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
11/18/202157 minutes, 53 seconds
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Claim your Entrepreneur Power

How to feel the grounded kind of powerful in your business and life, the powerful you that has clear boundaries, knows what she wants, trusts herself fully, loves herself deeply, feels confident, shows up for herself and learns from her mistakes. So often we give our power away. Through lack of boundaries, through worrying about things we cannot control, dwelling on the past, etc... Before we dive into the episode I want to remind you that you already are powerful... And perhaps due to society BS you've been conditioned to give your power away. I'm here to guide you to close your energy leaks (where you've been giving your power away) and take your power back fully. If you like what you heard and want more of this kind of support to have more success in your business, with less overwhelm, a few spots have just opened up in my 1:1 Holistic Business program, where we do a lot of this work. It is a highly personalized space where you get to build and scale your business from a space of power! Send me an email at [email protected] with the subject "VIP" and I'll make sure you get all the details!  In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla.soulrhythm  Business Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
11/11/202143 minutes, 45 seconds
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Learning to Receive

The inner work to become a better receiver so you can manifest more of the things that you want into your life. As humans we are magnetic by nature, yet because of our own mental BS we often block the things that we truly want to come into our life. These blocks can look like lack of faith and lack of self worth, wrapped up into skepticism and other mental stories we keep telling ourselves. In this episode you will learn how to become a better receiver through shifting simple daily mental habits that you can begin applying now. Are you ready to become more magnetic than ever? Let’s dive right in! In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carlalifecoach Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
10/25/202127 minutes, 57 seconds
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Business & Cycle Alignment with Sarah Blake

How to sync your hormonal cycles with your life and business, be more creative and find more flow in life and business. In this Soul Rhythm Session with Sarah Blake shares her personal journey with her hormonal cycle and why she’s so passionate about teaching women to sync their cycle to their life and business, plus she gives us the why and the how so we can start cycle syncing now to find more flow in life and work! Say goodbye to moodiness and say hello to feeling aligned with your cycle, it’s your creative gift after all! Episode Highlights:[2:00] Sarah’s personal journey with her hormonal cycle, and how and why she now syncs it to her business![6:23] How to align our cycles to our life and business[10:30] Planning your business around your cycle.[16:08] How to tap into your creative flow by syncing your cycles[21:00] Balancing your Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies.[23:02] How to find more ease as you go through her cycle[32:00] Tracking your cycle and why it's important. Sarah also encourages to keep note in your journal daily of where your energy was, what felt flowing, and what felt resistant.[34:00] Ways to prepare as you anticipate the next phase of you cycle.[40:00] What does it mean to Sarah to live to the Rhythm of her Soul? Soul Activation/ Homework:Start following your hormonal cycle and become aware of your shifts in energy. Take time to rest and release and restore when your energy is lower and use those higher energy days to socialize more, show up on social media and lead. About Sarah BlakeSarah Blake is a writer, creativity mentor, and cyclical living guide. Through her content and programs, she teaches women how to harness their hormonal cycle and the cycles of nature, so they can create lives and businesses with less force and more flow. Sarah has a M.F.A. in creative writing from The New School and has worked in the arts and creative industries for 11 years. How to connect with Sarah Blake:Website Instagram In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla11marconi Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
10/12/202144 minutes, 32 seconds
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Vision Boarding with Billy Alice

Pump fairy dust into your vision boarding, be reminded that you are always being guided, learn how to connect to your spirit guides and how to listen to your intuitive nudges. In this insightful Soul Rhythm Session we connect with the magical @scienceyspiritualist! While in the interview, Billy shares her Spiritual Journey, what has inspired and guided her, how she intuitively downloaded the idea of the Real Vision Board Magazine through her trusting connection to her spirit guides, and how you too, can connect with yours! Billy also shared her vision boarding process as a powerful tool for manifestation. This episode is jam packed full of inspiration and insights to connecting deeper with yourself and your guides, so you can feel more intuitively guided, as you manifest the life of your dreams. You won’t want to miss it!Episode Highlights![3:20] Billy’s Intentional Spiritual Journey.[10:00] The Double Slit Experiment.[15:32] Prioritizing fun and purpose in your business.[19:30] Diving into the inspiration for “The Sciencey Spiritualist REAL Vision Board Magazine”[30:20] The science behind the magazine: The Subconscious Priming.[35:32] Adjusting and Aligning your energy.[38:12] Tips to a more powerful vision board.[43:20] Spirit guides and how Billy connects with hers.[57:30] How to distinguish between your own mind and your spirit guides.[1:07:00] Find more time to just be and trust your inner nudges! [1:10:00] For Billy, what does it mean to live to the Rhythm of her Soul?Soul Activation:As a busy woman, wanting to conquer the world, we encourage you to find more time to just be, relax, be in stillness and listen to your inner nudges! Check out Billy’s Sciencey Spiritualist FREE Facebook CommunityAbout Billy AliceBilly Alice, aka The Sciencey Spiritualist is an Intuition and Mindset coach for female entrepreneurs looking to ditch the burnout and manifest a life they love so much they don't need a vacation from it. She has spent the last decade learning, teaching and mastering all she can about Law of Attraction and Manifesting and now shares her insights through her free facebook community. In 2021 she designed and released the very first editions of The Real Vision Board Magazine to help female entrepreneurs everywhere create the vision board of their dreams.How to connect with Billy Alice:Website Instagram In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla11marconi Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
10/5/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 26 seconds
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Prioritizing For Success

Learn my step by step process to prioritizing, so you can make the most of your time, follow through with yourself (which will build your confidence 🤸‍♀️), and get sh*t done! You will also learn the importance of tapping into flow and into the energy of fun, ease, and pleasure, to find clarity on your priorities and attract more of what you want into your life! 🥳Talking Points:Understand what it means to be in your Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine Energies and how to use them in alignment “You can’t do everything, but you can do something.”Take time to slow down so you can speed up. Release what is not working and implement more of what does work.The Prioritizing Process to get you clear, organized and getting sh*t done!Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Keep it Simple!!! THE PRIORITIZING PROCESS: Prioritize yourself first! Brain Dump your weekly To-Do ListAsk yourself:“What is not necessary?” Be honest with yourself, what are you doing that you no longer have to do? Remove it. “Where are your bottlenecks/ What feels resistant?” If it's not in alignment, Remove it.“What can you delegate?” Delegate and remove it! Repeat these three questions to narrow your list even further.Whatever is left, add to your calendar.Do one thing at a time. Stay Flexible.SIMPLIFY IT EACH DAY: Have 3 top priorities for the day.How do you want to feel as you go about your day?What nourishing thoughts do you want to think?How do you want to show up?What are you grateful for?Soul Activation/ Homework:Go claim your Amplify Your Inner Magic Journal!Once you get the journal, watch out for an email to RSVP to a complementary workshop series to Amplify your Inner Magic, we start October 4th!!GET THE JOURNAL NOW!In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla11marconi Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
9/29/202134 minutes, 9 seconds
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Soulful Selling with Olesya Oligradska

Learn how to redefine sales, so you can fall in love with the process, be more effective and sign soul aligned clients! @Olesyaoligradska is an Intuitive Sales and Energy Mentor who is on a mission to change the way people view and experience sales! Building her first 6 figure business on referrals and relationships alone, Olesya uses her experience to teach others how they too can build a business through aligned sales. During this Soul Rhythm Session (Podcast Interview) Olesya shares her Entrepreneurial journey, what Soulful Selling really is, the energy behind sales, and how you can scale your business by signing on soul aligned clients! 🎧 Link in bio to listen in and get the scoop! Episode 35 Highlights![2:50] About Olesya, what she does, and how she got started![9:30] What is Soulful Selling means to Olesya[14:43] The energy behind sales from Olesya's point of view.[18:52] Olesya's thoughts on having a sales script. When to use them and not. [24:48] Having clarity in sales and why it's so important.[27:27] How she’s used Clubhouse to connect with her Soul Aligned Client and how beneficial it can be for other online service based entrepreneurs.[33:32] Rebuilding and redefining our relationship with sales.[38:28] Rewiring our programming to receive more through “Thank you, more please.” and  “ This is my new norm”[45:00] What it means to do THE WORK.[50:00] The importance of processing negative energy and emotions. [55:30} Olesya’s favorite way to get into a meditative state.[58:00] Juicy advice Olesya would give herself if she could go back to when she first started. [1:01:00] What does it mean to Olesya to live to the Rhythm of her SoulAbout OlesyaOlesya is the host of The Soulful Selling Podcast, where sales is no longer a dirty word and abundance gets to be your new norm. Previously featured in Brainz Magazine as well as various business podcasts, Olesya continues to find ways to deliver sales in a way that feels authentic, aligned and from the soul.Here's a gift from Olesya to the Soul Rhythm Community, click to download it now: Soulful Cycle Synching How to connect with Olesya:Website: Instagram Podcast The Soulful Selling Podcast In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla11marconi Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
9/20/20211 hour, 3 minutes, 22 seconds
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NLP For Self Mastery

EP 34 // NLP For Self MasteryWhat is NLP, we break down and demystify this fancy title and teach you how you can begin using it to coach yourself now and be at the driver's seat of your life!Talking Points: Defining Neuro Linguistic Programming.The Empowerment Formula and how it will change your life and create more of what you want for you!  Are you living at cause or are you living at affect?Understanding and leveraging the Communication Model of NLPHow your physiology, meaning how you carry yourself affects how you feel Soul Activation/ Homework:Claim your free Amplify Your Inner Magic Journal! Once you get the journal, watch out for an email to RSVP to a complementary workshop series to Amplify your Inner Magic, we start September 20th! GET THE JOURNAL NOW! In your corner, Carla MarconiLet’s Connect on IG & TikTok: @carla11marconi Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
9/13/202129 minutes, 56 seconds
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Confidence is the New Sexy!

You know how they say strong is the new sexy, well I think confidence is the new sexy! Learn five things you can begin doing now to feel and be more confident and sexy, and get more of what you want with more ease. Talking Points: How Confidence is the New Sexy and how it literally makes you magnetic!Defining Confidence  How to elicit the feelings you want to feel so you can start shifting your beliefs and behaviors into a space of confidence and self-trustGetting outside your box and the benefits of having a coach 5 steps to build your confidence now:Lean into fear.Find safety within your body // Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.Follow through with yourself, do what you say you will do.Acknowledge your journey and celebrate it!Soul Activation/ Homework: Choose one way to build your confidence and do it on the daily!XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
9/6/202141 minutes, 36 seconds
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Burnout to Breakthrough

EP32 // In this inspiring Soul Rhythm Session I’m joined by Erin Nicole Porter!Erin Nicole Porter is a Spiritual Business Coach, Master Practitioner & Trainer of NLP, Breathwork Facilitator, Somatic Healer & Adult Attachment Repair Model Therapist, and the Host of the Energetics of Business Podcast.In this Episode, we talk through Erin’s book “Burnout to breakthrough” and what that truly means along with what it takes to release the need for external validation and to fully embrace your bigness![2:30] Erin’s entrepreneurial journey and how she got to where she is today.[6:00] Erin dives deeper into living at cause and how she broke through major challenges on her way to her success.[10:00] Erin talks us through her book “Burnout to Breakthrough” and answers some powerful questions about embodiment.[19:27] We talk through ways we can fully embrace our bigness![25:00] What it takes to release the need for external validation and find self validation![30:00] Erin talks all about trauma informed selling, and how you can make sales feel good![36:55] Erin shares all about her certification program and how you can reach out to work with her![38:00] Erin’s 3 tips she would give to her old self.[40:00] What does it mean to Erin, to live to the Rhythm of her Soul. About Erin Nicole PorterErin enjoys coaching women through facilitating quantum transformation through her NLP coaching certification, the Quantum Ripple Effect, how to heal internally so their businesses can thrive, and aligned business strategy and CEO Embodiment. After spending years in her hustle, go-go high achieving energy, she found the less perfection she embraced, letting go & surrendering, and running her business from her soul & the divine feminine allowed her to skyrocket to a now multiple 6 figure brand. She helps women embrace their play, pleasure, and power to increase their sales, heal, and understand the energetics of business. Erin’s clients have gone on to become multiple six figure coaches, speakers, authors, and have had incredible internal healing and transformation.  She’s deeply passionate about creating a trauma-informed sales experience. She has a Masters in Education, backgrounds in Crisis Management, Student Development, and Marketing & spent time as a health and fitness coach before stepping into the mindset and business world. She lives in San Diego, CA with her two golden-doodles, but is a country girl from small-town Ohio at heartHow to Connect with Erin:Website:  IG:  AND  FB: Activation/ Homework:Check out these awesome Resources from Erin👇🏼Quantum Ripple Effect CertificationThe Energetics of Business Podcast with Erin Nicole PorterBook: Burnout to Breakthrough  XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi&nb
8/31/202143 minutes, 16 seconds
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The Art of Being Intentionally Careless

Episode 31 // The Art of Being Intentionally Careless How to move with intention, while releasing the need for approval or validation, so you can take back your power, and embody the person you want to be without worrying about anyone else’s perception of you. 'Cause you like you, believe in you and want YOU enough that no one else matters. Talking Points: Moving with intention and embracing your fullness.Being careless and letting go of all that worry.Being Carelessly intentional. What this concept really boils down to.The 3 Subtleties of not giving a fuck. From the book “ The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck” By Mark MansonSoul Activation/ Homework:Do something every day that scares you. When you do it, ask yourself, how can I surrender more and do it in my full bigness? How can I play bigger? XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi Empowerment Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
8/23/202121 minutes, 32 seconds
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Creating Killer Achievable Goals!

EP 30 - Creating killer Achievable Goals!A step by step proven process to create killer achievable goals!  You’ve probably been setting goals since grade school, but how often are you actually achieving them!? Setting big goals makes them almost unachievable. So think about creating the stepping stones towards that big goal first. Inside this episode we break down the proven formula for creating achievable goals. Talking Points:The importance of being super specific when setting your outcome, so even your subconscious is on your side. Making your goal measurable. Making it measurable will help you determine when it's been accomplished. Make sure it’s meaningful to you! This will help you stay anchored when it gets challenging, so you keep your eye on the price. Making your goal time bound and ensuring that it works toward what you want.What is the NLP evidence procedure: What evidence will you have to determine if you have accomplished your outcome?Figuring out if your goal is self initiated and self maintained.Establish what internal resources you have // your unique gifts that will allow you to accomplish those goals. The NLP proven formula for Killer Achievable Goals. NLP Outcome Formula👇🏼It is now (Insert Date), and I am/have (Insert outcome), I see, hear, feel_____. I achieved this because …. (Insert internal resources)XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
8/16/202126 minutes, 50 seconds
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Principles for Success

Learn the roadmap to success, the 6 principles that have been tried and tested by thousands of successful people, that you can begin applying now to be at the driver seat of your success and achieve it with more ease! Talking Points:The science behind NLP, and where these 6 principles come from.THE Principles of SUCCESS: Knowing your outcome: Finding clarity and getting really specific about what your goals are. This outcome is always tangible, so something you can see, hear, and feel.Take Real Action: Taking messy, massive action.Nothing is ever perfect, so play big and take action.Pay Attention to Your Results: evaluate your result even as it's happening and shift accordingly.Be Willing to Change: It's so important to be willing to change and to have behavioral flexibility.Focus on Excellence: Celebrate yourself and always be looking for opportunities to step into your next level self.Live with Gratitude and Integrity: Being grateful for what you have allows things to happen with more ease and makes you mo9re magnetic. Always have integrity and do the right thing even when no one is watching!Soul Activation/ Homework:Find Clarity on what you want your outcome to be and start applying these principles to your life!Materialize them by announcing them to your community // to keep yourself accountable and make it feel as real as it is 😉 // make sure to tag me so I can celebrate you!! 
8/9/202124 minutes, 49 seconds
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Mastering Reels & Social Media Magic With Lianamar Dávila

Mastering Reels and your Social Media Strategy!EP28 // In this inspiring Soul Rhythm Session I’m joined by my dear friend and sorority Sister, Liana Davila! Liana is a Social Media Strategist and owner of Lidavi Social, which is a Boutique Social Media Agency focused on helping service-based businesses become thought leaders through reels + vertical video.In this Episode, Liana gives us her top tips from conducting Market Research to carrying out our best Social Media Strategy. You’ll want to take notes!! [5:00] Why Liana had a change in career and why loves her business.[10:00] Liana shares what her experience in making a career change was like. What helped her, how she became an expert in her field, and how she felt in the process.[17:40] Liana talks Reels! Why Reels were created, how you should use them to boost your visibility and engagement, and how frequently you should be posting reels.[27:40] How long should you test a new strategy? Liana gives pointers on how to use the Scientific Method to create a strategy that works for you and your business.[30:00] KPI - Key Performance Indicator… apply a KPI to content while you're creating it so at the end of your month you can evaluate if you've reached your goal.[38:44] Carla asks Liana: Were there any key mindset shifts that catapulted you into your Next Level Self when starting your business?[42:00] Liana Talks about the importance of investing in yourself.[46:00] 3 Tips Liana would give herself when she first started out.[48:00] Carla asks: What does it mean to you to live to the Rhythm of your Soul?About Lianamar DávilaLiana is Founder, Chief Instagrammer + Your Brand’s Social Media Strategist. She is a former TV reporter, event Producer and project manager turned creative social media marketer. Liana is passionate about bringing her clients brand stories to life, and helping them become thought leaders on instagram.Connect with Liana on instagram @lidavisocial or on Get the royal training and treatment on reels with a REELS VIP DAY with Liana // where she handles the content planning and post-editing for you! You just show up to the Zoom call ready to shoot and I walk you through recording everything virtually // DM @lidavisocial on instagram to book yours now! XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
8/3/202154 minutes, 11 seconds
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Declutter For Empowerment - Part Two (Mind)

How to clear your inner landscape, by releasing limiting beliefs that are holding you down and keeping you small. In this episode I coach you through a step by step process to decluttering our minds and choosing new empowered beliefs!Talking Points: You are always in charge of how you feel // Steps to elicit a feeling on the spot so you can always feel how you want to feel. How to dream up your life // Ask yourself: if I could wave a magic wand and have my life the way I truly want it to be, and I'd be doing the thing I truly love and want to do… What would it look like?Identify the blocks and limiting decisions // Write down everything you believe is stopping you from having that life. Be super honest with yourself (there’s no right or wrong) The truth // These beliefs and limiting decisions you have in subconscious minds are meant to keep you safe, but they are also keeping you small.Feel and work through the negative feelings that arise while doing this exercise // Allow yourself to move through what’s coming up, release it now! Repeat to yourself: Even though I have these feelings, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.My favorite mantra for releasing: I lovingly release what no longer serves me.Choose a new empowered beliefs now, saying them out loud to yourselves and embodying that next level you.Soul Rhythm Activation/ Homework:Take some time to practice the journaling exercise outlined on the episode and start decluttering your mental landscape, so you can be at the driver seat of your life and create the life you want // where you feel confident, bold and unstoppable. XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Master Practitioner of NLPBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
7/26/202121 minutes, 22 seconds
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Declutter For Empowerment - Part One (Spaces)

Start feeling more empowered through decluttering your space!! This episode is Part one of two on how to declutter your space, from your closet to your office. We will go over every area of your home to make sure things feel nice and clear, so your mind, body, and soul aren't getting confused by things that are no longer serving you.Stay tuned for next week's episode to dive into decluttering your inner landscape - those limiting beliefs and fears that are weighing you down! So you can feel empowered to take on anything you want to do!Talking Points:How to go from operating from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset.My tips on decluttering your Closet with more ease!Decluttering the rest of your space, choosing a new room every week and unapologetically getting rid of what's no longer serving you!On release lovingly. While you're releasing these items, do it intentionally and lovingly so you can make decluttering feel as expansive and empowering as possible. Nutrition for empowerment - How our nutrition can support how we feel and operate. The importance of getting up and moving your body to feel empowered!Decluttering your sleep habits! My tips to creating a sleep sanctuary and how to develop better sleep hygiene so you can be your best Soul Activation/ Homework:Start decluttering! Start with your closet and pick a new room to declutter each week.Get up and move your body! Go for a walk, have a mini dance party, go for a bike ride. Just start moving so you can get rid of that stagnant energy in your body.XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
7/20/202144 minutes, 24 seconds
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Finding Your Genius

It’s okay if you weren't born knowing exactly what you want to do in this life! It’s okay to be born with a myriad of desires and passions. It’s okay to be born without a clear vision of becoming a doctor, or lawyer, or ______ (insert clear career path). In fact, I think it’s cooler not to know so fast. Not knowing what your genius is right away gives you space to explore, and the options become endless. 💫Finding your Genius is a journey. Yes, you have to put in the work and maybe make some shifts that could potentially be difficult, but in the end you'll be doing exactly what you love and are meant to do. Talking Points: It is OKAY if you don't know exactly what you want to do with your life. This actually opens endless options for you! ✨Nowadays we all think we need instant gratification… Except: “Hard choices, easy life. Easy choices, hard life” 🤯When you're trying to find your genius, no matter how old you are, part of this is making the decision to put yourself out there to try something you've never tried before, and actually giving it a chance.Live your life at cause // not at effect // stop being the victimLive intentionally // You don't need to do anything or be anyone. You get to be and do what you want. Stay curious // This allows you to hone in on the clarity you seek! Do what scares you that you know deep down you want to do.  Remember that your efforts are FULLY supported every single step of the wayGo from logical to magical // Unhook your logical mind, to tune into your intuition.Soul Activation/Homework:Get curious about your day // Begin a journaling practice to gain insight into how you truly feel about how you are spending your time // Here are some questions to get you started: What did I love about today? Why did I love that? If I could wave a magic wand and be doing what I want to do right now, what would it be? If I could have life be my way, how would my life look like? Why is having my life look like this important to me? Try one new thing every week and journal on your experience. Stay open to receive answers when you least expect them! XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
7/12/202140 minutes, 6 seconds
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Transitioning With Ease

Let’s make change feel easier, fun and exciting!! Whether it is starting a new business, switching jobs, or even in relationships. Eventually, we all face some type of transition, and our approach to it can really make it or break it. Contrary to popular beliefs, change doesn’t have to be hard. We get to change that narrative. That's why this week's topic is all about how we can go through these transitions with more flow and ease!Talking PointsLearning to connect to your intuition so it can guide you through the transition. Honoring your inner desires and knowing when it’s time to shift and make a change. Anchoring into your “why”, so you can get through the challenging parts of change with grace. How to connect to the felt sense of alignment, so you can choose how you want to feel throughout the transition. Upgrading your internal dialogue, so your mind is by your side every step of the way. Finding clarity, so you can attract what you truly want as you shift. How to get out of your own way!Learning to surrender and the importance of self trust and trust in the Divine plan! Soul Activation/ HomeworkDo an inventory of your life. What's working and what’s not? Get Curious! This gets to be super fun because you're the master of your own life!Get super real with yourself as you scan this list, and choose to make a change -  release what is no longer serving you. And follow the simple steps in this episode, the ones that spoke to you the most and make that change happen! You are co-creating your life! XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
6/30/202138 minutes, 41 seconds
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Manifestation Power Habits

LET'S BREAK DOWN MANIFESTATION!We talked all about manifesting a while back (refer back to Episode 14), and this time, I want to break it down further and talk about the habits we can implement in order to become more magnetic and create the things and situations we want in our life! 🤩Talking Points:It all starts with fully trusting yourself and knowing that everything starts in your mind!A quick exercise: Close your eyes and think of what you really really want.MAINTAINING CLARITYPOWER OF CHOICE: you always have the choice in how you react and what you createEmbodying your next level self to become ready to receive. Reminder that you are the most worthy person ever! Believe it and embody it!Connecting to the feelings you want to feel when you get what you want and priming your mind to be on your side.Choosing a different frequency and connecting to who you want to be when you get what you want.Cutting the Cords! - we can’t control everything and everyone, so taking time to release negative energy from these encounters is important to keep our frequency high and magnetic. Soul Activation/ Homework:Take a moment at the end of your day, Close your eyes and scan your experiences. Take what you liked and release what you didn't. Give yourself a huge hug and think about everything you have already created, feel the gratitude pouring in. XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
6/16/202144 minutes, 27 seconds
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Busting Procrastination

Do you often procrastinate and get in your own way, when you know you should be doing things to get you closer to your goal?Today's topic actually came as a result of me doing just that 🙇🏽‍♀️ 🙈 - procrastinating to jump on the podcast to record!  The truth is I’ve been working on busting this bad habit for years and I’m almost procrastination-less, but like any stubborn habit, if I feel a little resistance (fear based most of the time) I can sometimes fall back into that old pattern. And doing that is okay, so long as we stay aware and quickly shift back out of it! 🥳 The steps I go through in this episode were born from my own journey with myself and helping my clients find more ease and flow while working towards our goals with a sense of purpose and lightness. So here are my 10 steps to busting through procrastination.Give yourself Grace - Be nice to yourself (we can often be so hard on ourselves, yes we F-up! - so we take it as a learning lesson and an opportunity to expand ourselves and we move on! Gain clarity - Get clear on what is your intention and your goal. When you have too many goals it can get overwhelming and daunting. Reconnect with your WHY & remember the bigger picture - How does this action influence your mission and vision?Pinpoint the fear and challenge the unhelpful belief - reframe your failures, your mindset and “excuses.”Connect to the feelings of accomplishment and pride - How will you feel when you finish this taskTake one practical (small) step forward Action is catalyst for clarity Get comfortable with being uncomfortable Use triggers to take action: “Better done than perfect”, “5,4,3,2,1… Launch off and DO IT!”,  “Just do it!”Get real with timeBreak down the time you have to get this goal done Ditch the To-do list and say hello to your calendarExperiment with different kinds of working styles - Block Scheduling and Small BreaksMotivate and Encourage yourself - Create accountability and find a community Reflect, rinse and repeat!Soul Activation/Homework:Choose a practical step to take forward and do it!Give yourself GraceTry Breathwork to bust through the fears that are making you procrastinate - check out our weekly breathwork sessions on instagram  @carla11marconi (LIVE every Thursday at 9am EST and replays on IGTV)  XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
6/7/202139 minutes, 36 seconds
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Navigating The Marketing World With Alia Khatib

Online Marketing, content tips and LinkedIn magic Episode 23 of The Soul Rhythm Podcast is an inspiring Soul Rhythm Session with my dear friend, Alia Khatib!Alia is a LinkedIn and Marketing Coach & consultant for high-achieving online coaches and service providers. She's passionate about transforming lives and making an impact!She helps online coaches navigate the turbulent sea of marketing( Wow! I love that!) with tailored systems, strategies, and 1:1 support.In this episode, Alia shares her personal journey in beginning her experience from what inspired her to how it's going today! Plus she shares some really amazing marketing tips for all of us to implement into our own business! [5:00] Alia gives insight on her own business and what inspired her to get started![10:00] Alia talks about what a normal day in her business looks like.[15:00] Carla Asks which part in Alia’s journey was she able to find her genius [20:00] Looking back, what would Alia do differently, if anything?[30:00] Marketing Tips! How often should you be engaging with clients [40:00] Sharing tips on how to build magnetic marketing.[48:00] Alias' suggestion on how to conduct effective marketing research.[50:00] Carla asks “ What does it mean to you to live to the rhythm of your soul?” Soul Rhythm Activation/ Homework:Go check out this amazing freebie from Alia!Your Beginner's Guide To Get Started On LinkedInAbout Alia KhatibAlia has 12+ years in marketing and business experience, and now she's using her expertise to help her clients create tailored action plans and systems so they can make giant strides forward from the simplest steps. Plus she’s there with them every step of the way through her 1:1 programs! Alia says nothing excites her more than seeing her clients light up when they find their business flow! Connect with Alia Khatib on instagram @digitalmarketingwithalia or on XX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi  Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
6/4/202158 minutes, 32 seconds
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Life By Design with Lauren Taylar

Episode 20 of The Soul Rhythm Podcast is an inspiring Soul Rhythm Session with my dear friend, Lauren Taylar!Lauren spent 2 years working corporate and never felt fulfilled until she began her entrepreneurial journey!She is now a brand and website designer, and SEO strategist! She works with powerhouse female coaches and creatives to optimize their website so that it aligns with their soul. Not to mention she loves to teach the ins and outs of SEO in a way that makes it easy to understand!In this episode she shares her personal journey to starting her business, fears she faced while doing so, and she even gives us some amazing tips and insight in website design and SEO![Min 05:00] Lauren talks about fear and limiting beliefs she had when she first started her business.[Min 10:00] Connecting the dots looking back, where she is now, and where she wants to be in the future.[Min 15:00] Design the life you want![Min 18:00] Lauren talks about how she avoided overwhelm while getting started.[Min 22:00] Lauren gives tips! The essentials for a highly converting website.[Min 28:00] Top Mistakes made in blogging and SEO strategy.[Min 33:00] Advice Lauren would give her past self.[Min 35:00] Carla asks: What does it mean to you to live to the rhythm of your soul?Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework): Go check out these amazing resources Lauren gave us!5 SEO Shifts to Get Organic Leads on Autopilot Through Your Blog10 Essentials for a Highly Converting WebsiteDIY SEO Course - SEO Strategy SimplifiedAbout Lauren TaylarLauren was feeling unfulfilled in the work she was producing, uninspired by the people she was serving, and she struggled to find her purpose in the world.Which is when she realized she was missing a creative spark and she had an underlying burning desire to live life on her own terms, serve clients she was aligned to, and make a greater impact.That's when she quit her part time job and launched herself into the design world. With more than 35 website launches under her belt, She says it’s clear that she has now found her true passion!Connect with Lauren Taylar on instagram: @lauren_taylar or on laurentaylar.comXX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi  Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
5/24/202136 minutes, 57 seconds
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The Secret to Living the Life You Deserve!

This Episode is all about the secret to building a life you love, taking your business to the next level and getting all the things you want in life! This is such a juicy topic that I know so many of you are dying to know all about! Talking Points and Takeaways:Be honest: How many “strategies” have you learned and actually implemented? How many ideas have you had that you have actually materialized? How many times have you looked at someone else’s life and judged them for their decisions when deep inside you know you are doing the damn thing?Ask yourself: Am I showing up for myself and my dreams like I would show up for a loved one?From here on out, commit to: Showing up for YOU for realz - Do what you say you are going to do Staying in your own lane, the grass isn't greener on the other side No longer making excuses for why you haven’t gotten what you wanted, instead find new choices, solutions and opportunities. Getting out of your own way Be aware of your habits and choose to change Maintain objective awareness Honor your own journey and life decisions And for those stubborn deeply rooted beliefs, here’s a magical belief busting script: What’s the negative belief/old story that keeps coming up? If you were to know, what was the root cause for this belief? (think upbringing, life experiences, people that you looked up, etc) What is the benefit you get when you continue to have this belief?What is it costing you (in your business and life) to hold onto this belief? What will it cost you (in your business and life) if you hold onto this belief a year from now? Challenge the belief: Is this belief true for everyone? In your life, has this belief been proven to be true ALL THE TIME? If you are ready to let go of this belief, then it’s a LIE. So what is the new truthful belief and new story you can begin to tell? How could my life, business and relationships benefit from this new belief? Take a moment and CHOOSE this new belief! See it, hear it, feel it in every cell of your body! Amplify it, make it bigger and brighter!TAKE ACTION: What is one action you can take right now that aligns with this belief?  Soul Activation/ Homework:Choose you EVERY single day Maintain clarity of what you want Upgrade your beliefs and keep choosing YOU! Honoring your own journey and life decisions - stay in your own lane!!  XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
5/17/202140 minutes, 29 seconds
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Setting Boundaries

Episode 18 is all about setting boundaries. Boundaries with business, yourself, your loved ones, and your clients! We all know that when you get started with a client you want to do so much for them and it can be really hard to say no! So i'm going to walk you through all the steps you need to really own what you want and what's right for you because The Soul Rhythm Podcast is all about being authentic and part of being authentic is knowing your truth!Talking Points and Takeaways:When we set boundaries we…We are less stressed and have more mental bandwidth Establish relationships that are emotionally healthy on both sides We set an example for others to do the same How to set healthy boundariesREMEMBER: You are doing enough, you don’t need to do more, nor do you need to be the savior. YOU ARE ENOUGH Prioritize yourself  and maintain awareness of your own priorities, needs and desires Be okay with saying NO (A yes, means a no for something else) Set the expectations from the start (when we create structure, people are not surprised and know what to expect) Be assertive and own your decision (no regrets or guilt) Be okay with people being “disappointed” at first. They are not used to you setting those boundaries so at first there may be an element of surprise. Assess the relationshipRinse & Repeat Soul Activation/ Homework:Take inventory of your current boundaries (go through you day and notice where you wish you would set better boundaries Take time to journal on your inventoryAsk yourself: How would I feel if these new boundaries were set? If I could have it my way, how would my boundaries look like?Guess what? You CAN and should have it your way!! So begin implementing the steps to set boundaries XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
5/11/202138 minutes, 27 seconds
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Unstuck Yourself

This episode is a super important one for anyone feeling stuck in their life. Whether it be because of a job, or whatever the situation is that you’re facing. I’ll be walking you through how to unstuck yourself and live the Soul-Lit life you deserve!Talking Points and Takeaways:We all live in a box. Scarcity vs. Abundance Mentality. Perception is Projection.The grass is not greener on the other side. STAY IN YOUR OWN LANE!Become aware of that internal story and choose to change it.Action is the Catalyst for clarity so take messy action! Soul Activation/ Homework:What is the story you are telling yourself? Why are you truly feeling stuck?How can you upgrade your dialog to channel in abundance?XX,Carla Marconi @carla11marconiHolistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP ExpertBreathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
5/5/202131 minutes, 23 seconds
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On finding your purpose with Monica Vallero

Episode 16 of The Soul Rhythm Podcast was an amazing Soul Rhythm Session with Monica Vallero! Monica is a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach, using all her tools to empower her clients and students to live the life of their dreams. Her mission is to help entrepreneurs and creators build the foundation of a solid business + rewire their mind to wealth, so they can hit their revenue goal, living free and fulfilled.In this episode, Monica and I talk all about finding your purpose, the law of attraction and Monica's journey to starting her online business! [Min 05:00] Monica talks all about finding her own purpose![Min 10:00] Together we discuss Self sabotage and becoming self aware.[Min 20:00] All about the Law of Attraction and manifesting what you want from life.[Min 30:00] Monica realized that one of her biggest blocks was money and how she worked through that.[Min 40:00] Monica's biggest fear when starting her business. And advice she would give herself back then.[Min 47:00] Carla asks: What does it mean to you to live to the rhythm of your soul? Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework): Go check out these amazing resources Monica gave us!DISCOVER YOUR PURPOSE MINICOURSE: to find out what type of Abundance Attractor you are? take the free quiz: About Monica ValleroMonica was born and raised in Treviso, Italy. She's an actress, comedian and filmmaker who moved to the United States 11 years ago with no money, no English, but with a big dream. She wanted to inspire and help people with storytelling. Today with many movies and tv shows under her belt, a career as a stand up comedian and many other projects she wrote and produced, she realized that her purpose is much bigger. She wanted not only to inspire the world but to also help people transform their lives, showing them what is possible and to defeat the “impossible”.  Connect with Monica Vallero on instagram: @monicavalleroXX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi  Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
4/28/202153 minutes, 38 seconds
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The Power of Surrendering

In this weeks episode of The Soul Rhythm Podcast I share about my experience in planning a wedding short notice and how I surrendered to what was out of my control. Its so important to surrender control and release our expectations. If I hadn't my wedding could have been ruined by the storm that rolled in, but instead it was the most magical day of my life to date. Talking Points and Takeaways:All about my experience in letting go of control and surrendering while planning my wedding.Releasing expectation.The importance of surrendering.Knowing that your efforts are fully supported.Soul Activation/ Homework:Release your expectations and fully surrender.XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
4/22/202124 minutes
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Manifesting your Dreams

This week is all about Manifestation! This is a topic that gets thrown around quite a bit, but the truth is that anyone and everyone has the ability to manifest what they want. We'll dive right into all the steps to manifest your dreams in this episode!Talking points and takeaways:Getting clear on what you want Asking the universe!Working toward your goalsAll about trusting the processReceiving and acknowledging what you getKeeping your vibration highClear your resistance Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):For the next month really tune into the dial that you have within you and find clarity in what you want.Then repeat this manifestation process over and over and trust the process! XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
4/13/202127 minutes, 19 seconds
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Balancing Our Divine Energy

Episode 13 is all about balancing our divine feminine and divine masculine energy so we can find ease and flow in our lives. I'll be diving into when each energy is needed and how you can navigate through both seamlessly.Talking points and takeaways:What it means to be in your divine masculine and divine feminine energy. And when each is most needed.Are you believing in yourself?Diving into your divine feminine energy and how you can nurture that part of you.All about your masculine energy and when to live in it / how to nurture it. Balancing the two energies to find a flow. Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Stay aware of which energy you're living the most in and ask yourself if it's working.If you're living majorly in one energy than the other, and it's making life more difficult, then what steps can you take to find your balance? XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
4/6/202134 minutes, 22 seconds
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Creating Residual Income with Sarah Bonham

Episode 12 of The Soul Rhythm Podcast was an amazing Soul Rhythm Session with my dear friend, Sarah Bonham! Sarah is a stay at home mom who turned her single military income into a 6 figure income! She’s passionate about teaching and inspiring women how to run a successful business.In this episode, Sarah and I talk all about passive income and how to look out for different opportunities to make money!What inspired her to teach others?  Sarah went from being a stay at home mom with a single military income to a 6 figure online business. She talks in this episode about how she somewhat lost herself after having her kids, because she is a very hard working and driven individual, so through wearing and sharing cute activewear she built a successful online business.[Min 05:00] Sarah talks about her journey to being where she is now.[Min 10:00] The struggle with starting your own business and finding support in our loved ones. They don't always understand.[Min 20:00] Learning to step outside of your comfort zone and be comfortably uncomfortable, facing fear, and go after your desires.[Min 25:00] Creating stability through different streams of passive income.[Min 35:00] Most people tend to spend more time thinking about the things they want/ need to do rather than just doing it. So find the courage to just do it![Min 55:00] Sarah talks about what living to the rhythm of her soul means to her.Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework): Be open to new opportunities of streams of income!Instead of overthinking about the things you want/ need to do, just do them!About Sarah BonhamSarah went from being a stay at home mom & a single family income to a 6 figure income, she's passionate about teaching and inspiring women how to run a successful online business, by wearing and sharing cute activewear. She runs a successful online activewear shop & teaches other women to do the same.Connect with Sarah Bonham on instagram: @sarahlbonhamXX, Carla Marconi@carla11marconi  Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist
3/30/202158 minutes, 6 seconds
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Is It Fear or Intuition?

In this episode we dive into the difference between our fear voice and our intuitive higher self voice. Fear is there to protect us, but if we confuse fear every time as our intuitive guidance we will remain in our comfy comfort zone.  Talking points and takeaways:How fear is not all that bad. It’s meant to keep us safe. But do we want to stay safe all the time? So what is intuition: the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. How to tap into your intuition - feeling expansive vs. contracting. How quieting the mind helps us deepen our innate connection with our intuition For the super logical peeps out there like me - Breathwork is a great way to help unhooking the logical mind and tap into our divine intuitive inner knowing.  Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Create 5-10 minutes in your day to deepen your relationship with your intuition Set a timer. Sit comfortably in quietness, release any expectations and focus on your breath. Inhale for 4 seconds, exhale for 4 seconds. Ask to be guided. Any time your mind wanders, simply bring it back to focusing on your breath.   XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
3/25/202125 minutes, 6 seconds
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Live Your Soul-lit Life!

This episode is all about how to live to the rhythm of your soul and how to find your zone of genius, so you can begin doing what you love and were meant to do all along!  Talking points and takeaways:How to live your Soul Lit life.Having fun will be more expansive and get us farther than “having fun will not get us anywhere.My journey to living my Soul Lit life.Bring your power backDoing things that we absolutely enjoySoul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):If you know what you are passionate about - do more of that and what feels good in every part of youIf you are still searching for your zone of genius get out there and try new things. Lean into the excitement of something new. (if it feels scary, refer back to Episode 7 where I guide through how to lean into fear to build confidence) As you are trying new things, do more of what feels good, exciting and expansive. Get really curious about what specifically about that new thing you are doing you like and why? Ask yourself: What about this do I love? Why is doing this important to me? What part of this feels good and in alignment?   XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
3/19/202135 minutes, 53 seconds
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How to Coach Yourself

This episode is packed with self coaching hacks to get you more confidently into the driver seat of your life. From how to manage triggers, to how to see opportunity everywhere you go, no matter how stuck you may feel! Talking points and takeaways:Talking about triggers, how we can become self aware and become pro-active instead of re-active.How living in a box creates our own perception of life. Perception is projectionThe Empowerment Formula. All about living at cause.Releasing what is out of our control.The difference between a State and a Goal. Setting Achievable goals and choosing how you feel.Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Start being more aware to how you're feeling and start thinking of yourself as a third person when feeling triggered. Ask yourself Why am I feeling this way? XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
3/10/202136 minutes, 40 seconds
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On being a mom and Entreprenuer with Karem Mieses (Plus productivity Hacks!)

Episode 8 of The Soul Rhythm Podcast was an amazing Soul Rhythm Session with my dear friend, Karem Mieses! Karem is a Productivity Consultant & Business Strategist who for the past 2 decades has been helping business owners turn their companies around from bankruptcy to profit.  Her specialties in project management and finding new sources of revenue help her transform her consulting practice to 100% online in 2014. She is the creator of Idea2Profit Online Academy, host of the Life Boss Podcast & award-winning author that teaches creative family business owners to launch their businesses from their garages and kitchen tables while enjoying life. In this episode, Karem and I discuss: All things life and business planning, and how to avoid procrastiplanning.What inspired her to start her business?  Karem Decided that she wanted to create boundaries, and work smarter so she wouldn't have to sacrifice her time with her family.[Min 05:00] Karem talks about how she began with wanting to work smarter and how she started helping her coworkers do the same.[Min 10:00] Decide what you can live with and what you would regret. What is important in your life and put it first.[Min 20:00] Honoring your inner desires and being willing to ask for help.[Min 29:00] Karem Challenges you to time everything you do for the next 2 weeks then create boundaries for yourself. She also touches base on procrastiplanning and how to avoid it.[Min 45:00] Resources to find resources to start your business.Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework): Time yourself for two weeksSet boundaries for yourself and follow through!About Karem MiesesKarem Mieses is a Productivity Consultant & Business Strategist who for the past 2 decades has been helping business owners turn their companies around from bankruptcy to profit.  Her specialties in project management and finding new sources of revenue help her transform her consulting practice to 100% online in 2014. She is the creator of Idea2Profit Online Academy, host of the Life Boss Podcast & award-winning author that teaches creative family business owners to launch their businesses from their garages and kitchen tables while enjoying life.Connect with Karem Mieses on her website: 11 ways to make money online (blog post)[FREE] GUIDE- Declutter Your List & Make Room for Impact XX, Carla Marconi @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
3/2/202157 minutes, 8 seconds
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Face Fear & Be Confident

Episode 7 talks all facing your fears so you can build your confidence.Talking points and takeaways:Why we have fears, and how they develop in our subconscious.How excitement and fear affect your body the same.Facing your fears so you can build your confidence.The difference between your comfort zone, growth zone, and danger zone and why  you want to stay within your growth zone.5,4,3,2,1 rule from Mel Robbins.Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Choose something that you've been avoiding, choose something that's been really, really scaring you, Five, four, three, two, one, get it done.
2/25/202117 minutes, 44 seconds
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Simplicity to Dull the Overwhelm

Episode 6 talks all about organizing yourself so you can avoid overwhelm. Talking points and takeaways:My top Tips for organizing yourself including: trying different ways to find what works best for you, keeping your system simple, and the importance of keeping a calendar.Why it's important to book appointments with yourself and why you need to follow through with them.The importance of delegating tasks and asking people around you for help to avoid becoming overwhelmed. Why you need to schedule time to unwind. Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Be open to trying new ways to organize yourself! And start to find a routine that works best for you. Create a calendar, and schedule out appointments with yourself! And Follow through!Take some time for yourself to unwind.   XX, Carla Marconi - @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
2/16/202124 minutes, 4 seconds
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Think Creative, Be Creative.

Episode 5 talks about how we are all innately creative, yet we focus on our "lack" thereof... then it dives into ways to break through those blocks and re-enkindle your creative flow! Talking points and takeaways:How your inner dialogue plays a role in your creativity.How looking to others for inspiration too much can dull your own creative magic!Content Creativity hack: Sitting down for 10 minutes a day and writing in stream of consciousness writing - meaning setting a timer and writing everything that comes to mind, without questioning, just letting the juices flow.... Breaking through your creative blocks using breathwork! Breathwork unhooks your logical mind to make room for your creativity to come through! Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Stop Telling yourself you are not a creative being! You are innately creative! Start trusting yourself in your creativity and release what is out of your control.Try some breathwork exercises to break down your creative block.  XX,Carla Marconi - @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
2/8/202119 minutes, 20 seconds
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Taking Bold Action with Jessica Stadler

Episode 4 is our very first Soul Rhythm Session 🥳 an inspiring interview with the one and only Jessica Stadler - where she walks us through how she started her business and how she later had to shift her strategy during COVID in order to survive! An episode that will surely inspire you! ⁣What inspired her to start her business?  Jess previously worked in the fitness industry for eight years prior but shifted her business online. She wanted that freedom that comes along with running your own biz and so she decided to scale by empowering others to do the same. Which is why she is PERFECT for our first interview! [Min 04:30] Jess talks all about ignite and empower. What it is, and how it got started.[Min 10:00] What were some self sabotaging behaviors Jess dealt with while getting started?[Min 19:20] What happened when COVID-19 hit?[Min 29:00] all about releasing control[Min 35:00] What is one piece of advice you'd give to someone starting their first business?[Min 53:00] What does living to the rhythm of your own soul mean to you?Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework): Trust your inner guidance system, it’s always guiding you. Lean into your fears and take the Leap! Find community to bolster your way to success About Jess StadlerJessica is the founder & CEO of Ignite & Empower As an expert in human connection and business strategy, she built Ignite & Empower as a community of female entrepreneurs that help women find their fire, find their #GIRLGANG and explode their business! She brings together ambitious entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, & grow your biz. Connect with Jessica Stadler on Instagram: @jessica.stad14 day trial to Ignite & Empower: XX, Carla Marconi - @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
1/28/202154 minutes, 59 seconds
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The Empowerment Formula

Episode 2 walks you through the empowerment formula and how every successful person’s secret mindset hack works⁣! Talking points and takeaways:Having self awareness is far from being self-conscious. Self-awareness is simply maintaining awareness of our internal dialog and choosing to feel and think like the badass that we are, all while trusting that we are doing everything just right! Taking affirmations to another level with mirror work. Look right into your own eyes and show yourself some love, become your biggest supporter and fan! The Empowerment Formula is all about seeing opportunity instead of blocks. Living at cause vs. effect. Remembering that things are happening for you, not to you. If Madonna would have thought of herself as not smart enough, or selfish, or if she would have been afraid to be seen, we wouldn’t have all her legendary music, be like Madonna! How leaning into the fear and getting out of your comfort zone  builds confidence.  Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Become aware of that internal dialog and ask yourself: would I talk to anyone else like I talk to myself? Chances are the answer is no. Switch the dialog and begin talking to yourself as if you were someone you were coaching knowing she will succeed. 😉To be truly at cause you must take action. Do what you say you are going to do! XX,Carla Marconi - @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
1/27/202124 minutes, 29 seconds
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Better done than Perfect!

Episode 3 calls out on all of us perfectionists out there and how perfectionism is actually a form of self sabotage, plus how to overcome it! ⁣Talking points and takeaways:Perfectionism is a form of procrastination and self-sabotage.If you procrastinate you are robbing the world of your gifts by hiding behind the curtains. We believe to be perfectionists because deep down we are people pleasers, and we are afraid of judgement and failure. But we are so much more worthy than that!Use triggers to take action more easily: For example - Better done than perfect! Get out of your own way with the 5 second rule. It takes your mind 5 seconds to begin arguing with you (aka, for you to begin overthinking).  So take action before your mind gets in your way. When you take action, no matter what happens on the other side, you build confidence, because you prove to yourself that you can do it!  Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):What have you not done and put out there because it’s “not ready” or “not perfect”? Get clear on why accomplishing these goals are important for you. If they are still important to you, anchor in on that WHY and go do the thing! Count 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and boom! Share it with the world! BETTER DONE THAN PERFECT!  XX, Carla Marconi - @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
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Uncover Your Inner Magic

Hello my loves! Welcome to the Soul Rhythm Podcast! A place for you to get out of your box and into your soul, so you can feel inspired and empowered to live that soul-lit life that you’ve deserved all along. ⁣  Episode 1 dives right into switching our inner dialogue to become our best selves and uncover our divine inner magic! Are you ready to discover how magical you truly are?! Let's dive right in!  Talking points and biggest take aways:Becoming self aware of ourselves so we can control what we can and release what we can't Becoming your biggest fan! - Shifting our inner dialog to that of complete self love and supportImportance of giving ourself grace when things don't go our way. Forgiving ourselves: Hoʻoponopono (from the Hawaiian tradition of forgiveness): means I'm sorry, Please forgive. I love you. Thank you.  Soul Rhythm Activation (Homework/Practice):Listen and become aware of your internal dialog Shift your internal dialog and choose to be your biggest fanWrite affirmation on sticky notes and place them as a reminder in place you spend most time in. Begin embodying this new you through taking action in ways that are in line with these new beliefs and affirmation. XX,Carla Marconi - @carla11marconi Holistic Business Coach || Mindset & NLP Expert Breathwork & Yoga Facilitator || Hypnotherapist 
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