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The Socially Awe-kward Podcast

English, Education, 3 seasons, 32 episodes, 15 hours, 40 minutes
It can be hard to build relationships, find God, raise a family, and make business connections all while being in a virtual world. Let's be honest, it's awkward to connect with people socially now with all of the barriers of our time. On this podcast, Lorelco Mulzac gives the keys to building relationships and connections in a virtual world. Come along this journey with Lorelco as he shares practical and spiritual tools to maintain and build relationships with family and friends, discuss his journey through fatherhood, how to stay connected to God, offer marital insight, how to make business connections and so much more. Grow from a socially awkward place and thrive in every relationship!
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When God Seems DISTANT | How to Find God in our Everyday Life

Have you ever yearned for a sign from God in the hustle of your daily life? That's precisely what we explore on this episode of the Cultivate Podcast. We begin by delving into the raw, emotional tale of Lazarus, drawing connections between our own cries for connection and the profound empathy Jesus demonstrated. It's a conversation about the power of vulnerability, revealing how our deepest moments of desperation can become the very catalysts for encountering God's comforting presence.I share from the trenches of my own experiences, moments of surrender that led to profound clarity and relief. We reflect on the peace that comes from letting go of self-imposed hurdles and embracing the liberating guidance that only comes from full trust in God's benevolent plans for our lives. Join us on this enlightening path, and don't forget to engage with our community through your thoughtful comments and by hitting the subscribe button for more inspiring episodes just like this one.Follow me on Social Media:Instagram: the show
4/10/202421 minutes, 26 seconds
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How to Cultivate Your Marriage | Relationship Guide 101

The eeriness of an empty house can be as unsettling as the chaos of one filled with laughter and little feet. I, Lorelco Mulzac, found myself grappling with such silence as my children returned to school, leaving me to confront the anxiety it stirred within me. Tune in to hear how I've navigated this shift, employing the quiet to refocus on my businesses. Much like our eyes adjust to darkness, I discuss the journey toward embracing the stillness, allowing the unseen opportunities within it to become visible and manageable.Within the tapestry of life, relationships stand out as intricate threads that require careful nurturing. I get raw and real about the complexities of staying in relationships that comfort us, despite their detrimental nature. We discuss the difficulty of letting go of nostalgia, the courage it takes to shine a light on the dark corners of our partnerships, and the importance of recognizing our own patterns. Join me as I share insights on how to cultivate healthier connections, emphasizing the need for self-healing, overcoming pride, and embarking on a journey of self-reflection that leads to genuine growth.Marriage is a profound union that demands continuous nurturing, and in this episode, I explore the critical role self-reflection and healing play in sustaining these sacred bonds. By confronting our personal traumas and striving for progress rather than perfection, we can breathe new life into our relationships. The episode culminates with a discussion on the dynamic nature of faith and how actionable love is the cornerstone of a fruitful relationship with God. I invite you to reflect on how continuous growth can revitalize both our spiritual connections and our most cherished relationships. Let's share this journey together, and remember, amidst it all, life's blessings and goodness are ever-present.Support the show
4/3/202425 minutes, 18 seconds
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Trust God With Your Life | My College Experience and How it Shaped My Identity

Come take a walk with me down memory lane, back to my college days at MTSU. Imagine us strolling through the halls, as I share the moments that really shaped who I am today.Remember those times when you had to choose between hitting up a wild party or staying in for some quiet reflection? Yeah, I faced those too. And let me tell you, those quiet moments taught me more about myself than any crazy night ever could.Oh, and faith? It's been my guiding light through it all. Think of it like a trusty thread weaving through the chaos, connecting the dots and leading me toward healing when things got tough.As we wrap up our chat, I've gotta share something with you. You know how they say it's always darkest before the dawn? Well, turns out, there's a lot of truth to that. I've learned firsthand that our toughest moments often set the stage for the most beautiful breakthroughs.So, here's the deal: let's swap stories and celebrate the ups and downs that make life so interesting. Together, we'll sprinkle a little positivity and grace into your week. Sound good? LET'S GOOO!Support the show
3/27/202433 minutes, 21 seconds
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Is Forgiveness Necessary for Healing? | The Role of Forgiveness in Emotional Health

Let's talk about forgiveness—not just as some abstract concept, but as a real-life journey toward emotional freedom. I've been there, navigating the rocky road of forgiveness, and let me tell you, it's no walk in the park. But along the way, I discovered something profound: forgiveness isn't about letting people off the hook; it's about setting ourselves free from the weight of resentment. It's about acknowledging the human imperfections that make forgiveness necessary.So, let's journey together as I share my own struggles and triumphs in forgiveness. It's not about building walls to protect ourselves; it's about cultivating healthy boundaries that honor our worth. Together, we'll explore practical ways to foster forgiveness in our lives, allowing us to let go of bitterness and embrace personal growth and peace. Are you ready to join me on this transformative journey?Follow me on Social Media:Instagram: the show
3/20/202432 minutes, 56 seconds
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How to Transform Your Life | Breaking Barriers

Have you ever been so close to a breakthrough that you could almost taste it, only to hit an invisible wall? That's exactly where we venture in today's Cultivate Podcast, where I, Lorelco Mulzac, share the insights from my own life's journey into the realm of the limitless. By embracing perseverance and understanding the art of nurturing both our hearts and our hard work, this episode uncovers how to transform that wall into a stepping stone for extraordinary achievement. We examine the concept of 'hunting' in our modern world, not for game, but for the pure, altruistic chase of our life's pursuits, advocating a shift from self-centered motivations to a focus on service and well-being.As we navigate through the ease of modern living, we've lost touch with the soul-satisfying nature of hard work. This episode challenges you to reclaim that gratification by reframing the 'hunt' for success as a journey towards breaking generational curses and recommitting to health and happiness for ourselves and our loved ones. It's about cultivating a mindset that values service over self, and finding identity not in material success but in the richness of character and community.Closing the session, we confront the discomforts of growth, likening it to 'the birthing before the birthing'—a necessary pain for evolution. Here, I encourage you to trust in God and to approach life's obstacles with tenacity and grace. As we wrap up, remember that every comment, like, and share knits our community closer and elevates our collective journey towards breaking the barriers of the possible. Join me next week as we continue to lay the groundwork for a life without limits, where we'll explore preparation, growth, and the potency of self-renewal. Let's keep cultivating success, together.Support the show
3/13/202429 minutes, 34 seconds
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Growth Takes Time | Steps on How to Cultivate your Life

Embarking on a 21-day sugar fast wasn't just about cutting out sweets; it was a journey that shook my world in unexpected ways, leading me to discover the essence of 'Cultivate.' What began as a quest for physical well-being turned into a soulful exploration of nurturing the spirit.In our latest Cultivate podcast episode, I share a personal transformation story that might resonate with you. It's a candid reflection on the subtle ways we're shaped and molded, urging us to rethink how we tend to the garden of our lives.But this episode isn't just about personal growth; it's about finding balance. We dive into the significance of tilling versus cultivating, highlighting the need to nourish not only our careers and accomplishments but also our emotional and spiritual health.As we wrap up this episode, we confront the discomfort that accompanies growth, likening it to a seed's struggle through the soil. It's a reminder that embracing life's challenges ultimately strengthens us for what lies ahead.Thank you for joining us on this transformative journey. Peace.Lorelco MulzacFollow me on Social Media:Instagram: the show
3/6/202425 minutes, 54 seconds