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English, Education, 4 seasons, 17 episodes, 7 hours, 44 minutes
An educational, self-improvement podcast that normalizes experiences through evidenced-based practice, theory, research, storytelling, and a little pop culture.
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Millions of people are searching the internet attempting to find a cure or resolution to imposter syndrome. This episode explores the characteristics of imposter syndrome and questions the evidence of imposter syndrome's existence. Tune in to this latest episode as Delliah Adesanya, LCSW explores imposter syndrome to provide further understanding into how this phenomenon came about as well as help those suffering seek ways to heal from imposter syndrome.Get Connected:Website: thesocialworkjournal.comTik Tok: @thesocialworkjournalInstagram: @thesocialworkjournalFacebook: Library of Medicine (Pub Med) "The Early History of The Placebo: Mind "Imposter Syndrome: Why You May Feel Like a Fraud"
5/3/202320 minutes, 56 seconds
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Hello & welcome to The Social Work Journal podcast. Today's episode is about exploring the numerous factors that cause stress. Oftentimes we confuse stress with anxiety or depression although they may pair hand-in-hand. What's worst is the communal shame or guilt we may experience when we look to others to co-ruminate about our stress. Ironically, engaging our community is vital in helping us process and better cope with stress. Come along a journey of self-exploration and find solace in this place of healing!Connect with Deltom:Website: thesocialworkjournal.comTik Tok: dade_swjInstagram: @thesocialworkjournalFacebook: much time do adults spend on health-related self-care? Results from the American time use survey: Symptoms: Mental Health Tips:
2/22/202319 minutes, 35 seconds