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The Sneaky Side Hustle

English, Poems/Stories/Readings/Story telling, 2 seasons, 20 episodes, 4 hours 18 minutes
A weekly interview-style South African podcast for anyone who wants to start or grow a side hustle. The focus of the show is to teach relevant lessons through stories of guests who have made a success of their part-time projects. Their stories explore how to navigate uniquely South African challenges, what went wrong, and ultimately how they succeeded. The podcast is hosted by Vusi Ravele, founder of Native Decor and the first winner of Mnet Shark Tank SA.
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S1#3 Sipho Kings' 17000 subscriber whatsapp side hustle

Sipho Kings is a former Mail & Guardian Acting Editor In Chief who co-founded a digital newspaper for Whatsapp. The idea for The Continent newspaper was born out of fear and uncertainty about his job security during the first Covid-19 lockdown in SA. Sipho and his co-founder then went about compiling and sharing the digital newspaper while working their full time jobs. Today they have over 17,000 weekly subscribers and cover stories from Africa for Africa.  Sipho is a laid back intellectual with a unique perspective on the way things work. His career and awards are a reflection of his enthusiasm for good journalism and an appetite to genuinely do good while serving others through his talent of story telling through writing. Listen in as he shares his pearls of wisdom.
12/07/202211 minutes 41 seconds