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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 7 episodes, 2 hours 36 minutes
Each week, your host Brad Ouldhouse (nextgenbizman on Snapchat) will bring you tips and tricks from some of Snapchat's best, as well as insightful information about the app and its users. The Snapchatters Podcast is a production of Imaginbound Media.
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Purging your Audience

Have you ever unfollowed anyone on Snapchat? Have you grown a large audience on the channel only to discover you're not interacting or engin with them, and there for unfollowed many at once? We dive into this a bit today! WELCOME BACK to the show! Tweet me @SnapchatPodcast and let me know yor thoughts on today's discussion!
25/11/201612 minutes 50 seconds
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Ep 32: US 8428453 B1

In this short episode, I try to prove that Snapchat actually gave Instagram permission to use its patented tech behind their story creation feature... ( ( ( ( ( Now, let’s look at the startups that Snapchat has AQUIRED while hiring all these folks, shall we? ( ( Now, it’s that one-touch photo or video capture element that really intrigued me to research, and
19/08/20168 minutes 54 seconds
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Ep 31 Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo is DIRECTLY responsible for Season 2 of the Snapchatters Podcast! How? You'll have to listen! And if you're a creative person or a creator by profession, you need to check out his podcast like, NOW! Find him on the snaps at jayacunzo or scan the podcast episode cover art:)
12/08/201617 minutes 7 seconds
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#NoFilter: Chris Strub

The guests of the Snapchatters Podcast provide incredible insights that don't always make it into the final version of the show. Welcome to #NoFilter; the raw, uncut interviews with the guests of the Snapchatters Podcast. This edition features Chris Strub, my guest from Episode 30
10/08/201656 minutes 9 seconds
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EP 30: Chris Strub

My friend Chris Strub is the first person to Snap in all 50 States, and he worked with youth and non-profit org's all along the way. Today, we talk about how that trip last summer has impacted his life, the lives of others and what's next for Chris! Find him everywhere on the socials @ChrisStrub, and at to see all the stuff you need to catch up on if this is your introduction to him!
06/08/201623 minutes 18 seconds
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BONUS SnapaInstaChatGram

You and I dive into Instagram Stories and I'll tell you what the Snapchatter in me thinks about it!
03/08/201614 minutes 49 seconds
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Ep 29: Become An Expert In Chat Features

Ever wonder what some of those icons in a chat mean? Like you KNOW it's a phone icon but you're afraid to press it for fear of what happens next? Did you know there are TWO features with the phone icon in Chat? In today's episode, we do a deep dive into Chat. By the end, you'll have all the knowledge you'll need to start practicing these cool chat features and become a pro at using them! Featured in this show is Naz Kallel, my interviewee from 2 weeks ago. We talked because she is a 17hats user and I wanted to get a great user story for an ad. What I didn't expect was this amazing conversation that left me a bit misty-eyed and awe-inspired! Check them out- I get a free month when you try it too! Just enter 'nextgenbizman' in the promo code box when you sign up at
29/07/201623 minutes 46 seconds