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English, Education, 2 seasons, 31 episodes, 1 day, 12 hours, 12 minutes
A talk show & podcasts hosted by 5 siblings with diverse views, different professions and vibrant personalities. The Sisters Show’s goal is to have honest conversations about burning topics, such as; relationships, marriage, family matters, health & wellness, entrepreneurship, innovation, entertainment & lifestyle. The Sisters Show believes when we connect to have honest conversations, we can educate, inspire and empower each other.
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Part 1 - Breast Cancer Awareness| Hot Soup (Are All Women Crazy? | The Sisters Show

The Sisters Show Speaks with A Breast Cancer Survivor, Ida Ceesay Ndiaye about the importance of early detection and some of the challenges she faced with the disease. We also talked about the challenges women face in Africa with the health care system and how difficult it is to get breast cancer treatments or to even get tested in the first place. The discussion went on about the measures African leaders need to take in other to help make doctor's work easier. Dr. Jaye also suggested measures to help with having more available oncologist at the hospitals. As always, the last and best segment of the show, Hot Soup (Does every woman have a little craziness in them?) And Much More, All on This Episode. (We do not own rights to the songs in this video, it is for entertainment purposes only).
10/22/20201 hour, 28 minutes, 7 seconds
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The Misconceptions About Africans | What It Means to Be Black | Black Lives Matter | The Sisters Show

On this episode The Sisters Show we have a of conversation on what it means to be black and the Black Lives Matter Movement. Dr. Mams and Dr. Jaye also express the importance of having more black people in the field of medicine. Amy talks about the beauty industry and the policies they are making because of Black lives matter movement. We take a deeper look on why Africans and African Americans don't see eye to eye on a lot of issues and the misconceptions that is the root of this. Please share and comment below to keep the conversation going. 
9/9/202056 minutes, 12 seconds