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The Simplified Podcast with Emily Ley

English, Social, 1 seasons, 153 episodes, 2 days 20 hours 46 minutes
Creator of The Simplified Planner® and mama of three Emily Ley shares stories and tips that’ll empower you to simplify your home, work, and everything in between so you can make space for what matters, get rid of what doesn't, and build a life you love.
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Simplifying 2023 #4: Three Routines to Find Balance + Feed Your Spirit

In 2023, we have two wishes for you: that balance would come to you with ease, and through all your days, your spirit feels the warmth of joy and abundant life.    In this episode, Emily’s going to take you through three routines—one daily, one weekly, and one monthly—that will bring you back to center and feed your spirit. And why does that matter? Because if your spirit is nourished, then sister, then you’ve got enough kindling to handle whatever comes your way. And no matter what happens, your fire will keep burning. 🔥   * * * GET Audio Episodes Ad Free + Early Access to New Episodes READ the Show Notes <a href="ht
31/12/202217 minutes 50 seconds
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Simplifying 2023 #3: Home Organizing Hacks for the Year Ahead (with Jen Robin)

How can you shape your home to nurture your heart in this particular season? What you needed ten years ago probably isn’t what you need right now. And today, Jen Robin, founder of the organizational firm Life in Jeneral, is going to help you create a home you love! Jen and Emily talk about the room that gets the most “bang for your organizational buck,” how to tame the spaces where clutter tends to add up, hacks to clean your car, and the most important question to ask yourself before you start making big and small changes to your home.   PS: This episode is not a shame-inducing list of all the things you’re doing wrong in your home. It’s a permission slip to create a home that works the way you need it to, so you can get to
30/12/202228 minutes 36 seconds
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Simplifying 2023 #2: “Decide Once” – A Helpful Mantra for 2023 (with Kendra Adachi)

Do you find yourself saying, I wish someone else would decide what we’re having for dinner, or which movie to watch, or what to buy for teacher gifts? Then, friend, you need to try out this concept: “Decide once.” Coined by The Lazy Genius herself, Kendra Adachi, “decide once” is going to transform your 2023! It’ll take out the stress of decision fatigue and hand you the peace that comes from decisions you’ve made for your season: Taco Tuesdays, teachers get a gift card to the local bookstore, “On Wednesdays, we wear pink”—the possibilities are endless. Kendra shares her favorite “decide once” choices, along with how to start small, why brainless crowdpleasers will save your weeknights, and so much more.   <strong
29/12/202248 minutes 3 seconds
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Simplifying 2023 #1: Looking Back to Plan Ahead

Happy Fresh Start season! 🎉 This week, as we get ready for a brand-new year, we’re bringing you “Simplifying 2023,” a short series to help you gently think about where you are, and where you’d like the new year to take you. Here’s where we’re starting: sometimes, in order to move forward, we need to look behind us to see what worked, what didn’t, and how to make tweaks as we try again. Think of this as your personal Spotify Wrapped: Life Edition! Emily has a few questions to ask yourself as you prep for your fresh start in a kind and gentle way.    * * * GET Audio Episodes Ad Free + Early Access to New Episodes <span style="font-w
28/12/202213 minutes 54 seconds
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[BONUS] Simplifying 2022 #4: Four Routines to Start the New Year on Track

It’s always nice to take a break, but sometimes it feels even better to ease back into our regular routine. As we close our Simplifying 2022 series, Emily has a few tips to help you transition from holiday mode back into your regular life. From setting the mood you want in your home to building rest in your schedule, being intentional and compassionate about the way you return to your “real life” will not only feel good—it’ll help you get back on track faster and give you a better launchpad to start your new year. (PS: Happy New Year, friends!)   SALE! To help you launch your fresh start, you can use code NEWYEAR to save 20% off our Signature 2022 Daily or Weekly Simplified Planners. Head over to to get yours!   * * * GET EMILY’S LATEST BOOK! <a href= "
31/12/202112 minutes 14 seconds
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[BONUS] Simplifying 2022 #3: Building Up Your Friendship Village

The last few years have shown us just how important it is to have rich connections with others—that’s especially true of having strong friendships. Before the pandemic, you might’ve noticed your friendships have changed in shape and number over the year. For a lot of us, these kinds of changes can leave us feeling a little lonely, and even unsure of how to make new friends as an adult. In the third part of our Simplifying 2022 series, Emily is joined by one of her dearest friends, Jane, on the show to talk all things friendship! They talk about how their own friendship began a couple years ago, some of the challenges they’ve found in making adult friendships, and how they’ve learned to create space to be vulnerable and let others in, because authenticity helps new and old friendships blossom and grow.   SALE! To help you launch your fresh start, you can use code NEWYEAR to save 20% off our Signature
30/12/202139 minutes 44 seconds
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[BONUS] Simplifying 2022 #2: How to Name What Matters Most

Welcome to Day 2 of our Simplifying 2022 series! As you prep for the new year, you may be thinking through new goals or priorities you want to pursue. When we sit down to plan at Team Simplified, we ask ourselves this question: what matters most to me? We’ve found that clarifying what matters most to us—whether it’s caring for family, carving out time to try a new hobby, or growing our business—clears the mental clutter so we can make room to focus on the most important things. Today, Emily’s going to give you the tools do help you find what matters most to you, so you can be on your way to helping your 2022 be your best year yet.   SALE! To help you launch your fresh start, you can use code NEWYEAR to save 20% off our Signature 2022 Daily or Weekly Simplified Planners. Head over to to get yours!   Thank you to our episode sponsor!</s
29/12/202113 minutes 20 seconds
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[BONUS] Simplifying 2022 #1: Planning Your Best Year Yet

Happy (almost) New Year! Who doesn’t love a fresh start? We sure do, and this week, Emily’s here every single day until the New Year to give you all the tools and tricks to help you plan your best year yet. Here’s the thing: we know you’re coming to this episode today from all kinds of different places. You might be ready to take the new year by storm. If that’s you, then rock on, sister! But if you’re struggling with something—or many somethings—we get it. It can feel hard to feel like a fresh start is within your grasp. Wherever you are on your journey, Emily’s here to help you to think about how to set the direction for your brand-new year. Because no matter where you’re starting from, taking steps to think about where you are and where you want to be, whether big or small, sets an intention in your heart. And intention is direction. It’s a great place to start moving mountains.   SALE! To help y
28/12/202116 minutes 6 seconds
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34: Three Ways to Get Ahead on the Holidays

You may have just put mums and pumpkins on your front porch, but here’s a poorly-kept secret: it’s *never* too early to start planning for the holidays. Emily’s got three easy, doable things you can do to start prepping for special meals, gifts, and schedules so you can get some time (and sanity!) back when your calendar starts to fill up soon. Here’s the thing: joy isn’t found just in the spontaneous moments. It’s also found in moments we planned for, because we made space in our lives for them. And when you’ve got time to enjoy a cup of cocoa with your family instead of frantically wrapping presents in your bedroom, you’ll hive-five yourself for getting a holiday head start.   Thanks to our episode sponsors!   “JESUS LISTENS” BY SARAH YOUNG | Get your copy at Barnes & Noble (<span style= "font-weight: 400
07/10/202117 minutes 41 seconds
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[Trailer] Introducing: The Simplified Podcast

Do you feel like your life needs a bit more breathing room? Do you miss a calendar that had more blank space, or a to-do list with fewer items to check off? If you’re thirsty for a fresh way of living with more joy and less overwhelm, then you’ve come to the right place! Creator of The Simplified Planner®, bestselling author, and mama of three Emily Ley invites you to The Simplified Podcast, a brand-new show launching in just a few weeks, where she’ll help you explore tactical ways to organize and automate the complicated parts of life so you can focus on what truly matters most. Your first Simplicity Tip: Go ahead and Subscribe so you get the show right in your favorite podcast provider—that’s one less to-do for you!
15/02/20215 minutes 27 seconds