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English, Comedy, 18 seasons, 34 episodes, 1 day, 16 hours, 34 minutes
#TheSHiiKANEPod is an entertainingly honest podcast hosted by three sisters willing to discuss anything and everything. From relationships, finances, friendships and everything in between, you can expect no filter and lots of laughs. New episodes every Wednesday with the video version available on youtube too! Hosts: Shay @hrhisalwaysright Annamay @unconventionalprincess Kay @bankthisbleep Twitter @shiikane instagram @shiikanepod @shiikaneofficial @shiikanetv Email: [email protected]
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EP32: An Interview with Paul Bridges - Blue Therapy | Relationships | New Reality Show Calculated Couples

In the 32nd episode of #TheSHiiKANEPod, our hosts engage in a captivating conversation with none other than Paul Bridges, known for his appearances on the thought-provoking show "Blue Therapy" featured on TrendCentral. Paul candidly shares insights from his past relationships and imparts valuable advice to the modern-day woman on understanding the desires of men. Additionally, he offers a sneak peek into his latest project, "Calculated Couples," a show that delves deep into the tumultuous journey of five couples. With a blend of humor and a plethora of engaging topics, this episode promises an enjoyable and informative experience. Tune in and dive into the world of modern relationships and the wisdom shared by our insightful guest, Paul Bridges.
10/18/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 34 seconds
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EP29: #AskSHiiKANE | Breastfeeding Infront of My Brother | A.I Writing Wedding Vows | Sex Addiction or Healthy Appetite?

In this episode the ladies respond to some interesting dilemmas. From Breast feeding in public to friends with benefits. Also can a healthy sexual appetite be mistaken for a sex addiction? Interesting perspective all around.
9/26/202337 minutes, 3 seconds
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EP28: #AskSHiiKANE | She Gifted Poop In A Box | Workplace Dilemmas

In this episode, the ladies delve into the complexities of workplace dilemmas and explore the quirky actions disgruntled employees might take after parting ways with their jobs. The ladies offer insightful advice and share amusing yet relatable anecdotes to keep you entertained. Tune in and enjoy the discussion!
9/19/202351 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP27: Wedding Etiquette | Should Bridesmaid Pay?| Selfish To Propose At Friends Wedding?

Todays Episode is about wedding etiquette. Should the colour white be off limits to wedding guests? Should children be banned from weddings? Should the bride and groom expect the wedding participants to contribute financially?
9/12/202350 minutes, 49 seconds
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EP26: I Lost My £20million Business After Trusting The Wrong Person - Christelle Nganhou

Episode 26 is an in depth sit down talk with Grass Field's founder Christelle Nganhou. She gives a detailed account of how she was tricked into handing over the £20m business she built with her twin sister. She also speaks about how she's been able to pull herselg back up and rebuild her life. We hope you are as inspired as we are. Enjoy!
9/6/20232 hours, 10 minutes, 39 seconds
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EP25: Does Gentle Parenting Lead To Disrespectful Children | Should New Partners Meet The Kids?

This Episode tackles the subject of gentle parenting. Does gentle parenting lead to disrespectful kids? Should adult discussions take place in front of the kids? When should the kids meet the new partner?
8/29/202353 minutes, 40 seconds
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EP 23: Did Lani Good Deserve the Backlash After Cancer Scare? HPV and Cervical Cancer

In todays episode, the discuss the backlash received by Lani Good after her cancer scare. They discuss the dangers of unprotected sex and HPV link to cancer.
8/15/202347 minutes, 28 seconds
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EP 2. Is Dating In The Bin?

In EP2 of The SHiiKANE Pod the ladies discuss: Is Dating In The Bin? The ladies give a little insight into their personal dating experiences in the dating world. 
8/30/202239 minutes, 16 seconds