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English, Social, 4 seasons, 55 episodes, 1 day, 9 hours, 57 minutes
This is what happens when you put 3 Singaporean gay men in a room together - with a microphone! Colourful, earnest conversations on lessons of life & love.  Hosted by Joshua Simon, Kennede Sng and Sam Jo. Recorded in a largely conservative country that criminalises sex between men and where there are no anti-discrimination laws for LGBTQ+ people, The SG Boys aims to be a safe space where all are welcome. The beliefs, views and opinions expressed on the podcast are attributable to its hosts only, and are not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, organisation, company or individual.
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Let's Get Pink! | with Harris Zaidi

Harris Zaidi may be the festival director of Pink Fest, but don't be fooled by the rocks that he's got, he's still, he's still Harris From The HDB Block! The gay month is upon us and Harris is here to give us the lowdown on Singapore's annual Pride festival that celebrates all things LGBTQ. From movie screenings and pink pasars to an inclusive career fair and inaugural fashion show. June is set to be the most colourful month ever - as it should be! Ever the kaleidoscopic one himself, Harris recalls how life as a gay kid in Serangoon North was way more muted, and how the facets that once othered him are now the very things that he celebrates. The father of three also tells us why having children, a recent Hari Raya party and his activism in the community have all been instrumental in his healing journey as a gay man.See for privacy information.
5/24/202430 minutes, 42 seconds
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Is it okay to be gay and Christian at the same time? From the crossroads of Shibuya to the cross at the end of the road, Josh searches for spiritual belonging. He attends Singapore's first LGBTQ+ affirming church and deepens his relationship with his parents by taking them to Japan for the first time. Meanwhile, the karaoke mic is back in the hands of Sam Jo who’s singing out loud again! Inspired by three heavenly divas: Sister Mary Clarence, Tenitra Michelle Williams and Charlotte 'Crazy Chick' Church - The SG Boys are taking you to church! Well… kinda.See for privacy information.
4/24/202446 minutes, 7 seconds
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People Like Us | with Leon Cheo

We kick off 2024 with Leon Cheo, the creator, writer and director of People Like Us, a gay Singaporean web series that has been nominated for an International Emmy. Leon recounts various milestones in the show's history, from how it was developed with Action For Aids and to raise HIV and Aids awareness, to Season 3's recent premiere and inclusion of a trans character. Leon tells us why it is important that his characters are anything but saints, and why the show does not censor itself for people who are NOT like us. While discussing the series, Josh confronts his struggle with bodyshaming, while Sam Jo and Leon commiserate on having to hide aspects of their queer lives from their family. We also learn that aside from that Kelly Clarkson song, People Like Us is both slang for "homosexual" and the name of an advocacy group for LGBT equality.See for privacy information.
1/9/202458 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Goodbye

Relax! It’s not the end. But we’re saying goodbye to 2023. And by we, we mean Sam Jo, Joshua, Kennede and Rachael! It’s time for a reunion so we’re checking in on each other before taking on a new year.  Kennede reveals why he really left the podcast, and shares some lessons he has learned from both his breakup and an LGBTQ+ camp. Joshua reflects on overcoming the shame of his past. Rachael is now a Forbes 30-Under-30 Honouree. And Sam Jo… has a pop culture reference for everything discussed. Have a gay ole time this Christmas! This final episode for the year is our gift to you.See for privacy information.
12/21/202330 minutes, 50 seconds
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The Comeback

It's been a tough year for The SG Boys, but thankfully our favourite divas have taught us that Nothing Really Matters, we are Stronger than yesterday and yes, we can make it Through The Rain. In our first tête-à-tête in the longest time, we go off on tangents nobody asked for: Escapism through entertainment, anxiety messing with our reality, our millennial bodies betraying us, Josh falling deliciously in love, Sam Jo encountering Oprah Winfrey in an army camp toilet, why is everything so freaking expensive and justice for Jennifer Love Hewitt! Looking back on yet another year, we'd like to think that, in spite of all the bruises and baggage that life has thrown our way, it's never too late... for a comeback.See for privacy information.
12/4/202342 minutes, 9 seconds
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Short Circuit | with Isaac Tng, Pearl and Daryl Cheong

Short Circuit is Singapore’s first queer short film festival that is currently in its seventh edition. Festival director Isaac Tng and his teammates Daryl Cheong and Pearl aka Phoo Myet Che join us for a chat about reel-istic representation and self-expression through film, art and volunteerism. Our conversation cruises into the dark alleys of Singapore’s gay history, including lesbian Samsui women, and chances upon a shocking realisation that Naomi Campbell may not be as famous as we think. Short Circuit 7 has added a third screening on October 21. Proceeds will go towards social services provided by The T Project and Oogachaga. Grab your tickets at: A Note from Sam Jo and Josh: Former festival curator Alfian Sa’at has since confirmed that the event’s name is a riff on “short films” and “circuit parties”. That said, we still dig Daryl’s definition a lot.See for privacy information.
10/14/202340 minutes, 11 seconds
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If I Were A King | with Jo Tan, Irfan Kasban and Mitch Leow

It's a full house and royal flush with the team behind King, the award-winning one-(wo)man play presented by T:>Works. Playwright and performer Jo Tan, director Irfan Kasban and choreographer Mitch Leow chat about the maKing of the show and why they ain’t joKing when it comes to breaKing down gender constructs. We also meet Stirling da Silva, Jo’s drag king persona who makes us rethink our self-expression, feminine energy and fondness for giraffes. King runs 10 to 13 August. Tickets: for privacy information.
8/8/202351 minutes, 20 seconds
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Queen Of The Universe | with Maxie Andreison

In our first cross-country episode recorded entirely over Zoom, Josh rings up Sam Jo as he celebrates Pride in Canada! Together, we hop on another call with Maxie Andreison from the Philippines, the only Asian queen in the WOW Presents Plus’ drag singing competition, Queen Of The Universe. Discover Maxie's coming out story, her love for karaoke and what it's really like filming a reality singing contest. Check out the full video version of this episode exclusively on our Instagram @thesgboysSee for privacy information.
7/11/202323 minutes, 1 second
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We Are Family | with Ching & Cally

What does family mean to you? For parents-to-be Ching and Cally, it's about being free to love each other and welcoming their newborn into this world. The couple behind LGBTQ+ platform Prout share why they have chosen to start a family in Singapore, despite the challenges that rainbow families still face here. They also tell us all about Prout's new web app that connects the community to critical service providers, and why companies should stop expecting free labour from queer folk during Pride Month.See for privacy information.
6/13/20231 hour, 1 minute, 6 seconds
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Baby Queen | with Opera Tang

Drag queen-cum-Samsui woman Opera Tang drops by to discuss Baby Queen, her documentary feature that’s taking international film festivals by storm. Fresh off her Songkran tour, Opera tells us why Taobao is responsible for her iconic lewk, how she reconciles her feminine energy with societal masculinity, and spills the piping hot tea on her fellow queens. Warning: This episode includes plenty of burping and salty commentary, courtesy of King of Fried Rice (not sponsored).See for privacy information.
5/12/20231 hour, 1 minute, 1 second
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To Queer Or Not To Queer | with Mark Kinoshita

Comedian and content creator Mark Kinoshita aka Auntie aka Minerva McGonagall joins us for a chat about navigating our queerness both online and on the streets. Mark revisits his early clubbing days, when his friends successfully "shocked the gay" out of him; Josh looks back on his past relationships and how social media affected them; and Sam Jo recounts overcoming a certain "furtive shame" with his first public kiss. Warning: This episode comes with A LOT of cackling. Plus, clips from our live recording with Mark at Beyond Repeal, this year's IndigNation Conference!See for privacy information.
4/19/20231 hour, 8 minutes, 8 seconds
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A Ruined Orgasm | with Alfian Sa'at

In our lengthiest (and girthiest) episode yet, writer and former “angry young man” Alfian Sa’at joins us for one fierce hour to uncover his life as a poet, playwright and alleged agent of chaos. Alfian tells us about his multiple brushes with censorship, the importance of semantics and why the recent repeal of Section 377A reminds him of - wait for it - a ruined orgasm! We also discuss his fear of heights, his time in medical school and what a Facebook user like him really thinks of Gen Z.See for privacy information.
3/14/20231 hour, 12 minutes, 47 seconds
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Stage Beauty | with Kak Nina Boo

Showgirl extraordinaire Kak Nina Boo was once told that she was not pretty enough, but she has since outlived all her naysayers to become one of Singapore's most beloved drag icons. The Tanglin Halt native and former girlfriend of Sang Nila Utama takes us back to a time when she waited tables and performed at the Boom Boom Room, and when police raids were all the rage at Changi Point. She also shows us who the real Nina is under all that makeup - an introvert with a penchant for horror flicks and an enduring beauty that transcends the stage.See for privacy information.
2/22/202338 minutes, 24 seconds
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Dragon Horse Spirit

The SG Boys are back with a double episode bonanza to kick off Season 4! Chinese New Year is around the corner and what better way to usher in the Year of the Rabbit than to check out fengshui readings based on our zodiac animals? Sam Jo the Dragon may find himself soaring overseas, while Josh the Horse could do with some powerful women in his life. We contemplate not just our fates, but also video game monsters, ancient folklore and all things superstitious. A Note from Sam Jo: In this episode I absent-mindedly refer to Chinese idioms, or cheng yu, as proverbs. To all my Mandarin teachers, I humbly beg for forgiveness.See for privacy information.
1/18/202326 minutes, 35 seconds
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This Is Us... Then

The SG Boys are back with a double episode bonanza to kick off Season 4! After a much-needed hibernation, Josh and Sam Jo surprise each other with belated Christmas gifts that reference some of their favourite pop and R&B divas. They also muse about the year ahead as Sam Jo dangerously approaches Singapore's property-buying age for singles, and Josh grapples with the aftermath of his recent breakup. Trigger warning: This episode mentions suicide and suicidal thoughts. Listener discretion is advised.See for privacy information.
1/18/202325 minutes, 16 seconds