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English, Health / Medicine, 3 seasons, 54 episodes, 1 day, 17 hours, 47 minutes
Explore sex, health, and consciousness with your host Liz Goldwyn, founder of The Sex Ed is a digital platform dedicated to sex, health and consciousness. We are here to educate, inform and inspire new discussions around sexual wellness. Each of our (s)experts have over 10,000 hours of experience in their respective fields. From clinical sexology and kink, to mindful meditation and sexual medicine— our goal is to help cultivate a deeper understanding, openness and acceptance of sex, health and consciousness. The Sex Ed is committed to answering your questions about sexual health and wellness with up to date, practical advice and resources.
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Sexy Body Scan

Do you ever feel stuck in your head during sex, not quite able to fully tune into your body? Sometimes it can help to center yourself with a pre-sex body scan. That’s right, listening to this meditation can enhance your pleasure – be it solo or with a partner. Host Liz Goldwyn guides you through a quick body scan to get you feeling yourself and centered. Be sure to get your copy of Liz’s new book “Sex, Health & Consciousness” at for more practices to help get your mind, body and sexuality in alignment. Check out The Sex Ed on IG @TheSexEd. 
9/7/202212 minutes, 22 seconds
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Sound Bath

 Liz Goldwyn is joined by sound healer Soulei Goe for a sound bath. A sound bath is a meditative experience that uses sound frequencies to induce a state of tranquility in the body and brain.Sound healing can bring our internal biorhythm into a deep state of rest, and help us turn inwards, dream, even have visions or strong meditative experiences. We encourage you to let go during this special edition release of The Sex Ed podcast, let the sound wash over you and flow with the experience…be sure to follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit for more.
8/30/202233 minutes, 35 seconds
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Orgasmic Breath Meditation

 Liz Goldwyn guides you through a meditation designed to help breathe your way to orgasmic bliss with this special edition release of The Sex Ed podcast. Access the pleasure power of your breath and pelvic floor muscles and learn to bring yourself to orgasm… hands free! Follow us on IG @TheSexEd and visit for more.
12/15/202115 minutes, 58 seconds