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Over the years I've interviewed some truly remarkable people, and not all of them are available anymore. I felt it was a disservice to the work to keep these locked up in a vault, so I handpicked some of the best interviews we've had since the beginning of the show and brought them all together for the School of Greatness Hall of Fame.
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The Power of Movement with Ido Portal

If you follow UFC and Conor McGregor, you already know him as the man who taught Conor how to move like a monkey. But you also might already know him as a world-renowned movement teacher of all disciplines. I’ve never met someone quite like Ido Portal. He is an obsessed student of movement and the body — which means he has also become an incredible teacher. Ido started studying different kinds of movement when he was a kid, got into martial arts, and from there traveled the world for years studying as many disciplines as he could. But he couldn’t find someone who could teach him what he was looking for — how our bodies are built to move and what they are fully capable of. He became the teacher he was looking for, and over the past decade and more, he has developed a world-wide movement culture. Not only has this caught the attention of elite athletes like Conor McGregor, he has also inspired millions of people to move their bodies in new ways through his workshops and social media.
06/10/20191 hour 39 minutes 24 seconds
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John Gray: Overlooked and Undervalued but Not Forgotten

He wanted to be a lawyer. A singer. An actor. He thought he’d never get married, let alone have kids. He just wanted his dad to be around to fill the hole in his heart left by his absence. But instead, life served John Gray a different opportunity. And he has created something extraordinary because he chose to take it. John is one of the most powerful speakers I’ve ever heard (I saw him at Oprah’s Super Soul Sessions recently). He’s also a recording artist, a pastor, an author, a husband, and a father. Yes, all of that is possible together. But what I love so much about John is his commitment to serve others by sharing his truth every day. I’ve met few people as vulnerable and honest about life’s challenges as John. There’s no difference in the way he talks about his struggle with losing weight as he does about his dad leaving at an early age or his experience of being called to the ministry. As John explained, we have to preach to ourselves, in our brokenness, if we want anyone to
06/10/20191 hour 7 minutes 40 seconds
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Lilly Singh: Becoming Your Own Superhero Bawse

You’ve never seen her on mainstream TV shows, movies, chart-topping singles, or billboard albums. But you probably have seen her videos on YouTube (or a clip on Facebook). Lilly Singh started making YouTube videos after battling severe depression in college. She started to re-connect with her childhood creativity and she started to get good at it. Good led to great, which led to millions of YouTube fans, huge entertainment opportunities, and one of the most recognized faces in the online entertainment community. And she’s just getting started. Not only is she friends with some of the biggest celebrities on the planet (The Rock to name one), Lilly is re-defining what is possible as an entertainer. She is now a #1 NYT bestselling author, speaker, performer, vlogger, actor, singer, and she is building an empire. But as she admits, that kind of success is not exclusive to her. It just requires you to be obsessed with it — and lots of hard work. The phrase that comes to mind when I think
06/10/20191 hour 1 minute 58 seconds
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Wilmer Valderrama: Create Fearless Confidence and Achieve Anything

When Wilmer Valderrama moved to the U.S. from Venezuela as a teenager with his family, he hadn’t expected he’d need to know English in his lifetime. But when he got to Los Angeles and started getting involved in theater (as he had in Venezuela), he quickly realized not knowing English was the only thing that could stop him from being successful in this craft. So he learned quickly. Not only did he learn English quickly, he rose to the top of his acting classes, got an agent, and despite having an accent (which wasn’t very accepted on TV at the time), he booked his first pilot at the age of 18. You’ve probably heard of it – That ’70s Show. He went on to massive success with an 8 year run of that show, which led to stardom, film opportunities, producing and much more. Wilmer knew that if he wanted a career beyond his first major hit, he’d need to stretch himself into new roles. Which is exactly what he did. Today he is as much an activist as he is an actor, having worked with Presiden
06/10/20191 hour 20 minutes 53 seconds
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The Secret to Extreme Weight Loss and Happy Marriages with Chris and Heidi Powell

When I met the incredible trainer couple Chris and Heidi Powell a couple of weeks ago (you know them from the hit TV show Extreme Weight Loss), I was immediately impressed by their energy, warmth, and authenticity. But when we started talking about their story, how they met, and what they overcame before they ever became famous, I was really impressed. I know it’s easy to make up stories about how perfect the people we see on TV are — but the truth is they are human just like us. And they have powerful wisdom to share when given the opportunity to tell their stories. Both Chris and Heidi are incredible trainers. But they are also amazing life coaches, spouses, parents, friends, and believers that anyone can transform. That is why they have used their opportunity to be on TV as the springboard for their much bigger vision — to bring their coaching and expertise to the whole world. If you don’t catch their contagious energy and belief that anything is possible from listening to Episod
06/10/20191 hour 27 minutes 55 seconds
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The 4 Personality Types of Successful Entrepreneurs with John Danner and Chris Kuenne

Ever wonder if there was one type of entrepreneur who is the most successful? When two Princeton University lecturers came to the Greatness Studio to talk about their new book (about personality types of entrepreneurs), I had to ask. And they told me no, there’s not one. In fact, they’ve identified 4 successful entrepreneur types, and according to their research, each is equally effective – but for different reasons. Of course I had to know more, and both John Danner and Chris Kuenne fascinated me with their explanations of these personality types. They identified which one I am right away and gave me great coaching on how I can improve my business strategy. They pointed out that it’s not enough to know your strengths in business – you need to ACT on that knowledge, hire people who compliment you in those areas, and build your team wisely. We talked about how to find the right co-founder (based on your personality and theirs), how and when to bring in investors to your business, and
06/10/20191 hour 16 minutes 10 seconds
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Become a Master of Finance with Harvard Professor Mihir Desai

I love bringing the brightest minds in the world onto the podcast. Especially when they are experts in an area that most people are confused by. Which is why I thought it would be useful to interview a top world expert on finance. Now before you tune out and think, “This isn’t for me,” let me be honest. I don’t love studying finance either. Charts and graphs and jargon don’t do it for me. But there was something different about Harvard Professor Mihir Desai‘s new book that stuck out to me — it explained basic financial concepts through stories. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that “facts tell, but stories sell.” Stories are also great teachers, which is exactly why Mihir wanted to use the most interesting stories from history and fiction to break down the complexity of finance. Mihir has spent 18 years teaching the brightest students in the world finance. But he knows that if more people don’t understand the core concepts of how to wisely manage finances (and use them to leverage
06/10/201951 minutes 43 seconds
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Rob Bell: The Truth About the Bible, Religion, and Spirituality

What if the most famous book in the world was also the most misunderstood? These are the kinds of questions my friend Rob Bell and I end up discussing when we get together. But recently we decided to actually record our conversation for the podcast. If you’re a longtime fan of the show, you already know Rob from his past 3 episodes. So you’ll be excited to know that for this episode, we dived deep into his newest book, all about what the Bible really is, where it came from, and how most of us are reading it wrong. I love Rob for many reasons, but at the top of the list is his ability to open my mind to spiritual truth in a way I never thought about it. Rob is one of the most successful pastors of our day, but he left preaching in a formal church years ago and has expanded his reach and message far beyond. Not only is he a multiple NYT bestselling author, he has been on tour with Oprah, hosts his own popular podcast, and goes on spiritual speaking tours around the world.In this conve
06/10/201959 minutes 56 seconds
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Andy Frisella: Turn Your Scars Into Strengths

Andy Frisella is the co-founder of multiple successful real businesses (we’re talking lots of brick and mortar stores as well as a huge online business). He is the host of the popular MFCEO podcast (yes, it stands for what you think it stands for). He is a straight-talking, no BS entrepreneur, coach, and leader. He’s also a big guy – fit, strong, and confident. So he’s the last guy you’d expect to have lasting nerve damage in his face from being stabbed and disfigured when in his early twenties. I met Andy a while ago and we recently spoke at the same event and re-connected. I’ve always looked up to his wise words backed up by real action. So when he came on the podcast, I knew he would deliver some solid gold business advice. What I didn’t know is how deep we would go into the psychological challenges Andy had to overcome after being attacked and disfigured when he was younger — before he was ever successful and people were paying attention to him. I was really impressed with how h
06/10/20191 hour 4 minutes 13 seconds
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The Science of Hunger, Optimal Health and Body Love with Celebrity Nutritionist Kelly LeVeque

Kelly LeVeque is not only positive, glowing, and lives what she preaches when it comes to health and diet, but she is super knowledgeable about the science of how our bodies work. Within 10 minutes of the interview starting she was teaching me about exactly how and why I get hungry, what foods cause what hormones in my body to release, and so much more. I loved how nerdy she got about the science of hunger and healthy eating — but she still kept everything easy to understand. Then we got into the business side of her brand and I was even more impressed. Kelly had a successful career in the corporate world, but she was smart enough to listen to her friends who were encouraging her to go after her passion. Instead of leaping off the cliff of entrepreneurship, she wisely built a side hustle as a health coach, and when she was finally ready, she took the leap with money already coming in. Today she is the beloved nutritionist for celebrities like Jessica Alba and Chelsea Handler, but sh
06/10/20191 hour 3 minutes 49 seconds
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8 Mindset Principles of Champions with Aubrey Marcus

I am stoked to bring my man Aubrey Marcus back on The School of Greatness. Aubrey is one of the smartest business leaders I know, as well as a huge inspiration to me for fitness, mindset, and excellence. Since he was in LA writing his book, we decided to record a podcast about something Aubrey knows A LOT about. He has studied the champion’s mindset extensively and has incredible insight into what makes a champion from talking to his friends, who are world-class athletes. This time around, Aubrey is sharing the 8 major characteristics that create a champion – and they are gold. Get ready to take notes and be hugely inspired by my good friend Aubrey Marcus in Episode 273. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About Aubrey’s new book he’s working on8 Characteristics of ChampionsChampions utilize belief to their advantageChampions are great studentsChampions are toughChampions master their mindsChampions have ritualsChampions are absolutely relentlessChampions are in a serious relation
05/10/20191 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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Esther Perel on Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships in the Modern World

Yes, we are talking about relationships again on  The School of Greatness. Partly because I love learning as much as possible about how to create and maintain healthy, amazing relationships (and I need a lot of coaching in my love life). But partly because I heard today’s guest speak at Summit at Sea in November and I knew I had to have her on the podcast. Esther Perel is a world-renowned relationship therapist, bestselling author, and sought-after speaker who has focused her career on exploring the role of sex and eroticism in making and breaking intimate relationships. She has an incredible world-view of relationships in many different cultures, which has allowed her to see what works and what doesn’t on a bigger level. I asked her a ton of questions in our interview and she had answers. You may already have set ideas about what intimate relationships should look like, but I know you’ll get some new perspective from listening to this interview. Get ready to get vulnerable with you
04/10/20191 hour 20 minutes 52 seconds
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How to Fall in Love with Pain: The Key to Resiliency and Success with Eric Greitens

If I were to ask you what one characteristic makes the biggest difference in how you deal with and get through hard things, what would you answer? Maybe strength or faith or perspective? Would you have thought of resilience? I wouldn’t have, until I talked to today’s guest on The School of Greatness, the incredible Eric Greitens. Eric’s list of accolades is long, but among some of them are that he is a Navy SEAL, a PhD, a Rhodes scholar, an author, and a hopeful for Missouri governor. His newest book is all about how resilience is the characteristic that gets us through the hard stuff – how we process pain in the moment and after. Eric is no stranger to this, as he recounts in our conversation Navy SEAL training, his travels around the world photographing war torn areas, and working with veterans with PTSD. I could have talked to Eric for hours and took plenty of notes, so I expect you to do the same. Get ready to have your eyes opened and learn life-changing insight about resilienc
03/10/20191 hour 3 minutes 16 seconds
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Spiritual Weight Training and Becoming a Peaceful Warrior with Dan Millman

The words “peaceful” and “warrior” don’t usually go together. In fact, they seem to be opposites. But if you’ve read the international bestselling book or seen the movie Way of the Peaceful Warrior, you know there’s something powerful about this idea. Dan Millman is the author of this (and 16 other books) and an incredibly wise teacher. He was an early guest on the podcast, back in Episode 193, and I was excited to have him back on since he just released a new book. When I watched the movie based on his hit book, it was hugely influential to me and became one of my favorites. Sitting down with him 11 years later to discuss the wisdom behind this story was powerful. Dan is the kind of guy who has a quiet way of speaking, takes pauses, and thinks about his answers. But I was hanging on every word. There were times in this conversation where I almost felt like I was in a dream, learning things that he wasn’t even saying. And that was after just an hour of talking together. I loved what
03/10/20191 hour 9 minutes 37 seconds
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Gretchen Rubin: Happiness, Habits and Understanding Human Nature

Most of us have strong feelings about habits. We love the ones that help us be better and we hate the ones that hold us back. But have you ever thought about how habits affect our happiness? Today’s guest on The School of Greatness has thought a lot about this. Gretchen Rubin is a hugely successful author and blogger (and former attorney) who researches the best ways to create happy, healthy lifestyles. In her newest book, she studies how to use your personality strengths and weaknesses to mindfully create habits that work to your advantage. On a deeper level, she talks about how all of the small daily choices we make add up to our whole lives, and how we can save energy by making good choices a habit. I loved connecting with and learning from Gretchen in this conversation and can’t wait for you to as well in Episode 187 with Gretchen Rubin. In This Episode, You Will Learn: The 4 Tendencies of How We Meet ExpectationsObligers – people who meet others’ expectations but no
03/10/201950 minutes 36 seconds
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Conscious Parenting with Dr. Shefali Tsabary

Ok. This is big. And it’s not just for parents. I got so much out of this interview and I’m not a parent yet. In fact, I believe in this message so much, I want EVERYONE to hear it, whether they are a parent, a child, or an adult child (that covers all of us). Dr. Shefali Tsabary is one of the world’s leading experts in parenting. As a clinical psychologist, she is well educated in this topic. But that isn’t what’s made her a multiple NYT bestselling author or a favorite of Oprah. Dr. Shefali has spent her life learning from both Eastern and Western philosophy about the relationships between parents and children. This includes learning about how our egos respond to creating life, why we struggle so much with trying to control our children, how we project on them all of the things we didn’t get from our parents, and so much more. In our conversation, we dove deep into why it’s so important to become a conscious parent – beginning well before you decide you are ready to have a child.
03/10/20191 hour 5 minutes 53 seconds
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Relieve Stress, Find Inner Peace and Live Your Greatness with Nick Ortner

Before you decide that you don’t believe in this kind of stuff, listen up. I met today’s guest, Nick Ortner, years ago in NYC during a mastermind. I have watched his career, success, and the impact he’s making (teaching people how to heal themselves from all kinds of issues) over the years since then. And I know he’s the real deal. But I was especially excited to sit down with him on the podcast to hear about the science behind the method he uses — and he explained it all. If you’ve never heard of tapping, let me introduce you to the technique. Tapping has been around for a long time. It’s a very simple method to calm the mind and body by tapping on the acupressure points around the body that are connected to our meridians. But it has as much to do with slowing down and tuning into what your mind and heart are telling you as it does with touching pressure points. What I didn’t expect during this interview, which was really amazing, was when I asked Nick to do a demo of what tapping
03/10/20191 hour 10 minutes 6 seconds
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7 Steps to a Bulletproof Life with Chris Lee

Coach Chris Lee is a longtime podcast favorite (this is his 12th episode on the show!) and there’s no mistake about why. Not only has he had a massive impact on my life as my coach, from the first time I took his workshop through today, but he has generously shared his wisdom with us on the show for years. There’s a reason I keep bringing him back on. Chris knows the human psyche and heart really well. He understands why we do what we do and how to elevate our whole lives to the next level. That’s what he’s been coaching me on for years. So when I got the chance to sit down with him last week to record this episode, I was excited to see the topic he had ready. He was fresh off of training an intense 5 day workshop so he had a lot of insight to share around how to create a life and mindset that is unstoppable no matter what comes up. By breaking it down into 7 steps, we really got to go deep into each one. I can definitely stand by each of the steps Chris coached since I’ve seen the
03/10/201958 minutes 37 seconds
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High Performance Mindset Training with Dr. Michael Gervais

As you’ve heard me say often, I wholeheartedly believe in the power of good coaching. In fact, it’s one of the most powerful tools I’ve invested in during my athletic and business careers. So whenever I get the chance to talk to high-level coaches, I jump at it. Recently I got to talk to one of the very best. He coaches not only elite level athletes, but also top CEOs, performers, celebrities, musicians, and more. Dr. Michael Gervais has worked on some of the most ground-breaking projects in the world. So he knows a thing or two about how to get the best performance out of people. Not only is he a high-performance psychologist, he understands the power of our minds to accomplish the extraordinary firsthand. I loved learning his story, how he got into this field, and what he has discovered about our true potential over decades of coaching top performers. What especially struck me was that he acknowledged how we all struggle with the same fears — no matter what the stakes are. Regardl
03/10/20191 hour 28 minutes 28 seconds
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Brendon Burchard: High Performance Habits

I’d seen Brendon Burchard‘s videos all over Facebook, heard his name in big circles, and seen his bestselling books at the top of the charts. But for whatever reason, I felt like there might be something fake about him. So I never bothered to find out. Until we spoke at the same event and I met him in person. And I realized there was more to the story. When he came by the studio to record a conversation about his newest book, we got to really connect. And I was amazed. Brendon is an incredibly successful high performance coach, speaker and author. He’s advised some of the top executives and performers in the world. It turns out we were totally on the same page about greatness, service, life purpose, and leadership. Brendon gave tons of awesome wisdom in our conversation — I loved talking to him so much that at the end of the interview, I asked him to come speak at the Summit of Greatness this year. And he said yes. This conversation is powerful, authentic, and a game changer in Epis
03/10/20191 hour 18 minutes 11 seconds
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Read Minds and Amaze People with the Mentalist Oz Pearlman

I have always been fascinated by the power of the mind and people who have learned to master it. Especially when it comes to using your mind to read other people. So every time I’ve seen a magician or performer who specializes in this, I get so excited. And when I had the chance to meet one of the best mentalists in the world, Oz Pearlman, I was extra excited. If you watched the show America’s Got Talent a few seasons back, you’ll recognize Oz as the incredible mentalist who nearly won the season with his mind-blowing tricks reading people’s minds. He’s also an accomplished endurance runner who has done several of the toughest ultra-endurance races on the planet. I remember watching Oz on TV and thinking he was amazing. Then he came to the studio to record a podcast interview and this was confirmed. He set up several tricks with me and my team that he blew our minds with during the interview (we literally were trying to figure out how he did these for hours after he left). But some
03/10/20191 hour 31 minutes 44 seconds
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The "Healthy" Foods That Are Killing You with Dr. Steven Gundry

I’ve talked to lots of incredible, renowned doctors and health experts about the optimal diet and foods to eat. I’ve tried all kinds of nutrition strategies. I’ve cut out gluten, dairy, and sugar from my diet. So you can imagine how surprised I was when I sat down with another world-renowned heart surgeon and doctor, Dr. Steven Gundry, last week and he told me foods that were poisonous to all humans. Peanuts, cashews, raw beans, chia seeds? As Dr. Gundry explained, however, exactly how the bacteria in our guts work, it made sense. He broke down his decades of research and the results he’s gotten with his patients (reversing aging and autoimmune diseases through diet change). He taught how plants are built with incredible defense systems from predators (like humans). And when we eat parts of plants that aren’t meant for us, we get sick from them. The more I learned from him, the more questions I had. But he just wrote a new NYT bestselling book covering all of this in depth, so I’m p
02/10/201949 minutes 44 seconds
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Dream Less, Do More, and Create Real Happiness with Mark Manson

In fact, very few people have the guts to put the F word in the title of their NYT bestselling book (it’s been on the list for 9 months straight). But that’s one reason Mark Manson has become such a popular writer, both in the blogging and the book publishing world. He has spent years studying self-help, traveling the world, living in different cultures, and learning from his own life experiences about what actually makes us happy and successful. And what he has learned runs counter to what a lot of people say is true. I loved diving into these topics with him because I can tell Mark is a truth-seeker. He’s not afraid to speak up about what he has learned, even if it isn’t the most popular idea. That’s exactly why his writing has struck a chord with so many people — he tells the truth about why it’s important to feel sad and angry, he acknowledges the negative voices we all have talking in our heads, and he admits that it’s challenging to not judge ourselves. But Mark also has learn
02/10/20191 hour 15 minutes 5 seconds
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J Balvin: Be Humble and Chase Your Dream

He wasn’t discovered as a teen prodigy. In fact, when he told his mother he wanted to be a big music star, she told him he’d stop shining for her the day he did. But J Balvin knew what he wanted and he started working at it early on. He moved to the U.S. to learn English as an exchange student in high school. He went back to the U.S. after he graduated to work his way into the music business — and the only job he could get was painting walls and roofing houses. So he swallowed his pride, went back to his hometown in Colombia, and spent the next 10 years building his music, performance, and network slowly but surely. Even though he’s the biggest rising star in Latin Music today (think the Justin Bieber of music in Spanish), I didn’t even know J’s name until he started following me on Instagram. And then I saw he had 15 million followers. And then I started listening to his music. It didn’t matter that I didn’t understand what he was saying, I was hooked. So by the time J and I got to
02/10/20191 hour 1 minute 26 seconds
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Julianne Hough on Finding Your Passion and Following Your Purpose

If you’ve been following me or The School of Greatness for long, you know I’m a big fan of salsa dancing. In fact, I was obsessed with learning how to get good at it in college and spent A LOT of time practicing. I still love going out and dancing when I can in LA. So when I got the opportunity to interview Julianne Hough, award-winning dancing queen of Dancing with the Stars (and now a judge on the show!) I couldn’t pass it up. And not just because I wanted to hear her story of how she has created incredible success. I wanted to test my salsa skills with a professional. But what I got in addition to a dance with Julianne (she is amazing) was an open-hearted, authentic, first-hand account of her experience in the dance and entertainment world starting as a 10 year old girl in London. Not only did she learn to grow up fast and perform with the pros, she then set her sights on film, singing, and is now working on many incredible projects and tours. In our conversation, Julianne talks
02/10/20191 hour 1 minute 59 seconds
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Matthew Hussey: The Keys to a Great Love Life

He's one of the top dating coaches in the world. He’s also one of the best on stage speakers I’ve ever seen. He’s also a good friend and previous podcast guest. Yes, I’m talking about the incredibly handsome and intelligent Matthew Hussey. If you’re a longtime podcast fan, you remember him from Episode 189. He’s got incredible insight into love, dating, communication, and human behavior. Which is just one reason he’s a celebrity dating coach, an incredibly successful entrepreneur, and a brilliant marketer. So when I was planning the line-up of speakers for the first ever Summit of Greatness, I knew Matt had to be one of them. He gave such an awesome talk on stage (followed by a great Q&A with the audience after) that I haven’t forgotten it. I wanted to share the whole thing with you guys on the podcast because it’s some of the best dating advice I’ve ever heard. Matt agreed to let me publish it, and that’s why you have the chance to hear him speak from the stage at Summit of Gre
02/10/20191 hour 2 minutes 27 seconds
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From Iranian Refugee to Serenity Expert: How to Manage Stress Positively with Amanda Enayati

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so stressed all the time? It’s pretty common these days to just assume a stress-filled life is the norm, especially if you’re an entrepreneur. Today’s guest on The School of Greatness has known stress above and beyond the norm. Amanda Enayati had to flee from her home country of Iran when she was a kid (without her parents), lived in the West Village in NYC during 9/11, worked as an attorney for years and then got late-stage breast cancer (while raising two small children). Yes, that’s all for real. So you can take her word for it when she says she knows about stress. But what is incredible about Amanda (including what she has gone through) is her devotion to researching and teaching the best ways to understand and handle the stress that comes to all of us. If you listened to the last episode with Todd Kashdan, you’ll really enjoy this interview as well. Amanda shares some different and some similar ideas from Todd about how to use stress to
02/10/20191 hour 27 seconds
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Apolo Ohno: Train Your Mind and Body to Achieve Olympic Level Results

I freaking love the Olympics and everything about them. I love the insane training the athletes put themselves through. I love the power of putting all that training to the test in the moment of truth. I love seeing how people from around the world come together to celebrate what is possible in human performance. So whenever I get to meet an Olympian, I’m really excited. And meeting one like Apolo Ohno was no disappointment. If you watched the winter Olympics at all in the past 15 years, you know his name. He is the face of speed skating and is still commentating at Olympics currently. But what you might not know is that Apolo was once a punk kid, who had never met his mother, was angry at life, and had no work ethic. Yes he was talented and powerful. But it wasn’t until he put his mind to train like a champion, committed fully, and became obsessed with his sport that he rose to Olympic glory. There were so many parts of this interview that I loved so much. I can’t wait for you to l
02/10/20191 hour 16 minutes 58 seconds
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Danielle LaPorte: Own Your Truth

One of my favorite women in the world is back on the show today for her third episode. She is the queen of self-help, spirituality, and wisdom. So I got really excited when I saw that her newest book is an uncensored truth-telling about that world — what most people won’t admit to. Danielle LaPorte is one of the few people who can take on the myths surrounding the world of self-development and expose the truth . . . while still inspiring you to keep going in your own path. And that’s just one reason why I love her. One reason why I think Danielle’s message is so needed is because it’s easy to get lost in the “doing” of self-development and spirituality and forget the “being” part. What Danielle taught me is that all wisdom is paradoxical — there’s truth in both sides of it. If we’re willing to get curious, explore, and trust our gut, we find truth. If we go on auto-pilot and focus only on “doing” things we think should make us better, we will get lost, burnt out, and stuck. Get read
02/10/201953 minutes 44 seconds
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Brene Brown: Create True Belonging and Heal the World

Yes, one of the MOST requested guests on the show (since I launched it), has been this incredible woman. She has one of the most watched TED talks of all time. She is a three-time #1 NYT bestselling author (and soon to be four). She has changed the face of emotional intelligence, relationships, and self-acceptance for millions of people. But her area of expertise is one that not many people are willing to talk about — shame and vulnerability. I’m talking about the one and only Brené Brown. Brené is a research professor at the University of Houston. But once her TED talk blew up the internet a few years ago, she has appeared on much bigger platforms around the world, including Oprah, the New York Times, and many others. Not only have her books changed millions of people’s perspectives on what it actually means to be brave, authentic, and loved, she has started a conversation that has created a ripple effect among other thought leaders. I’ve been aware of her work for years, quoted it
02/10/20191 hour 1 minute 43 seconds
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Jack Canfield: The 10 Success Principles to Create an Abundant Life

If you’ve never seen a Chicken Soup for the Soul book, I don’t know where you’ve been. But did you know that the same original author of that wildly successful series (7 NYT best-sellers at the same time!) is also one of the experts interviewed in The Secret? And did you know he coaches some of the top leaders and entrepreneurs in the world? Actually, you might. Today’s guest on The School of Greatness has an incredible bio and reputation and it was an honor to sit down with him for this interview. Jack Canfield has given so much wisdom, coaching, service, and insight into the world of self-improvement, positive mindset, and success that it’s hard to imagine it without him. His landmark book The Success Principles has been out for 10 years. But I wanted to take the opportunity to talk to him about it in person because it is one of the first books that helped turn the light on in my mind. In our conversation, we go over a lot (and Jack references a ton of books and people I link belo
30/09/20191 hour 14 minutes 34 seconds
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The Key to POWERFUL Sleep for Ultimate Human Performance with Shawn Stevenson

I’m going to take a wild guess that you already know that sleep affects how well you function. You’re also probably aware that sleep quality is part of the equation (not just quantity). But did you realize that what time of day you go to bed, what you do for the two hours leading up to that, and what you do when you wake up have a big impact on your sleep? Because I’m obsessed with learning how to optimize everything for greatness that I can, I’ve started paying more attention to the little habits in my life that can have big results. So when I heard about today’s guest on The School of Greatness, Shawn Stevenson, I knew I had to get him on the show. Shawn is not only a sleep expert and best-selling author, but he has spent the last ten plus years studying how to optimize all parts of your daily routine to help you function at maximum capacity. He is a fountain of knowledge about everything from eating right to setting up your bedroom to how sex affects sleep! I asked him a ton of q
30/09/20191 hour 2 minutes 16 seconds
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Abel James: Transform Your Body, Learn to Eat, and Unplug Your Life with Abel James

A few years ago, I was working like crazy and not taking care of my health. In fact, I was eating as much sugar as I wanted, all the time, and sitting at  my computer all day. But I finally realized a change needed to happen. So I didn’t eat sugar for 28 days . . . and guess what? I lost 28 pounds and found my abs again. I talked about this experience a while back with my friend Abel James on his podcast Fat-Burning Man and today on The School of Greatness he’s coming on as my guest to talk about his experiences in getting healthy. Abel has a pretty awesome story himself about his transition from overworked and unhealthy consultant to incredibly fit and healthy entrepreneur. In his new book, he goes over all the tips and guidelines he’s discovered that have helped him transform his diet and body. Don’t be alarmed when you hear him talk about not eating much til dinner on a typical day – he explains why and it makes sense. Abel is an awesome guy and I got re-inspired to eat better du
30/09/201955 minutes 27 seconds
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The 12 Step Plan for Creating a Rich Life with Nicole Lapin

Let’s say you were the youngest ever news anchor at CNN – and then at CNBC, covering major financial stories. You also reported during one of the biggest financial crises of the century. You have interviewed and rubbed shoulders with the who’s who of the financial world for years. But you don’t know that much about how to manage your own money. Let me introduce you to the motivation behind today’s guest on  The School of Greatness. Nicole Lapin is an incredibly successful and talented reporter and television personality, but it wasn’t until years into her career that she faced the truth about her own financial ignorance. After years of study, credentials, and re-shaping her financial health, she is releasing a new book, Rich Bitch, where she tells the stories of her own journey while offering her best tips to creating a rich life. I met Nicole through our mutual friend James Altucher (a money genius himself) and we had a great conversation about the inspiration behind her book. Whil
30/09/201949 minutes 41 seconds
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Adam Braun: Creating Extraordinary Change On Purpose

When a 60 foot rogue wave crashed into the ship, everyone on board thought they were going to die. This week on The School of Greatness, the founder of Pencils of Promise shares the story of how this near death experience inspired him to make his mark on the world. Pencils of Promise was born then and has gone on to build 200 schools and positively impacted 200,000 lives. In this interview we talk about what it takes to be an ordinary person, have an idea and turn it into something extraordinary. Welcome to episode 56 with the amazing social entrepreneur, Adam Braun. In This Episode, You Will Learn:About the schools Pencils of Promise has builtThe powerful impact of bringing Mozambicans into the familyAbout Adam’s life and death experience while on a Semester at SeaThe single question revealed in such a deep purposeThe value of a definite purposeHow lessons learned at Bain Capital supported the creation of PoPTo infuse your work with purposeAbout the humble beginnings of Penci
29/09/201956 minutes 35 seconds
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Marc Fitt: The Mentality of a World Class Body and Mind

Our next guest has mastered this at a young age and is inspiring hundreds of thousands of people around the world to live a similar lifestyle. What’s more amazing is he only started speaking English two years ago (he grew up speaking French) as he wanted to be able to connect and inspire his fans in their language. Get ready to step into your greatness during this episode with Marc Fitt. In This Episode, You Will Learn:What motivates Marc Fitt’s unparalleled fitnessThe surprising story of Marc’s first salesA basic breakdown on how to start an e-commerce businessWhat “Beyond Yourself” really meansThe mindset, diet and routine that empowers high level fitnessA secret to having a diet that supports a killer bodySleep habits of the super fitWhich is more important, food or exerciseWhat it’s like to have followers in English, yet not speak EnglishThe event that woke him up to living his passionThe next step for Marc FittA super fit man’s perspective of drinking, being drunk and alc
29/09/201939 minutes 20 seconds
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Sean Stephenson: How To Leave People Breathless

The next professor on the School of Greatness is known as the “Three Foot Giant”. He grew up suffering from a condition in which his brittle bones were incredibly prone to damage.  He broke more than 200 bones in his lifetime and the emotional and physical pain he endured is incredible. He persevered through his condition and become a Clinical Therapist, reached millions of people around the world, become friends with Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, and his Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama.  He is one of the most powerful and vulnerable  guests we’ve ever had on. Please welcome, Sean Stephenson. In This Episode, You Will Learn:What it was like Growing Up With Osteogenesis ImperfectaThe Value in Facing and Persevering Through FearAbout Your Infinite BeingThe Unique Realities of Unconditional LoveHow to Leave Anyone BreathlessSecrets to Courageous VulnerabilityThe Difference between Airing Your Dirty Laundry and Being Courageously VulnerableHow the Scariest Things to Overcom
29/09/201953 minutes 41 seconds
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Kobe Bryant: Mamba Mentality and The Mind of a Champion

No one has mastered the art of staying focused on your goal and working tirelessly towards it like legend and icon, Kobe Bryant. Kobe is widely regarded as one of the best basketball players of all time. He’s won five NBA championships with the Lakers and led the NBA in scoring during two seasons. He’s an 18-time All-Star, 15-time member of the All-NBA Team, 12-time member of the All-Defensive Team. He holds the NBA record for the most seasons played with one franchise for an entire career: 20 seasons. In 2018, he received an Academy Award for his animated short “Dear Basketball.” He also just launched a podcast called The Punies that teaches kids morals and history in a really fun way. Kobe’s known for what he calls his Mamba Mentality, but it’s his big heart that is truly admirable. He is constantly reinventing himself and continuing to pursue new dreams. There is so much power in his energy and presence. I know you’re really going to love this one. So get ready to learn all about
29/09/201949 minutes 11 seconds
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Ramit Sethi on Building an Empire, Powerful Habits and The Art of Becoming The Best

Can you remember a defining moment in your life that led you to where you are now? You know, the moment you knew your town stunted your growth so you moved to “the big city”.  Or when you finally got sick and tired of working that corporate job and started your own business. There are specific moments we experience that define and direct our thoughts and actions throughout the rest of our life. I’m fascinated by these moments.  They show me why someone is successful and living their dreams and why others aren’t. On this weeks episode of  the School of Greatness I dive into those defining moments of our next guest who is a New York Times best selling author and serial entrepreneur.  During the episode he reveals how he built his empire, what you can do to build powerful habits in your business and life, and the art of becoming the best at everything you do. Welcome to episode number 75 with the mind behind I Will Teach You to Be Rich, Ramit Sethi. In This Episode, You Will Lear
25/09/201947 minutes 47 seconds
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Simon Sinek: Why Leaders Eat Last

The next guest on The School of Greatness has been studying leadership and what it takes to make the impossible a reality for years.  He has worked with top level CEOs, military leaders and everything in between to understand what separates organizations that thrive with those that only survive. You might know him from his wildly successful TED talk, Start with Why, which is one of the most watched of all time.  So welcome to the 50th episode of the show with Simon Sinek. In This Episode, You Will Learn: The Amazing Story of Where the Title Came FromMarine Corp. Lessons on LeadershipThe Single Most Profound Quality for Excellence in LeadershipThe Role of Vulnerability in LeadershipThe Remarkable Trait of Presidential Leadership in AmericaEgo and Conceit – Where Most People Get it WrongThe 2 Defining Events that Led Simon into the Study of LeadershipEarly lessons of Start with Why: Show up to Give.Core Traits of Effective LeadersTo Cultivate Brilliant Active ListeningOne
23/09/201957 minutes 7 seconds
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Elizabeth Gilbert: Creating Big Magic and Staying Grounded

 Sometimes someone magical comes on The School of Greatness. I’m not talking about a magician (although that would be cool too), but someone who has dug so deep into their authentic being and purpose that they have truly found greatness within themselves. This is 100% how I see today’s guest on the show, Elizabeth Gilbert. If you don’t know her name already, you probably know the name of her bestselling book, Eat, Pray, Love, which was also made into a hugely popular film. And you might have also seen her on tour with Oprah or on her Super Soul Sessions. Even if you don’t know anything about Liz, once you hear her talk, you know you’re in the presence of someone special. Liz has walked the path of greatness to really find her core purpose in life – and she is living it. It was so fun to meet her and talk about all the deep topics we dove into. What I especially love about Liz is that she isn’t just talk — she’s lived everything she writes about. Open your heart wid
20/09/20191 hour 16 minutes 53 seconds
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Travis Pastrana: Fearless Mindset to Pursue Your Passion

I’m always inspired by people who are the best at what they do. The ones who break the limits of what has been done before. The ones who are willing to do what it takes to achieve greatness in the thing they are passionate about. Today’s guest fits all of the above qualities and more. I had an incredible time meeting and connecting with the legendary extreme action sports champion Travis Pastrana. If you’ve watched the X Games, Motocross, or Rally Car Racing, you already know who I’m talking about. But in case you haven’t, he has won medals in all of these sports. Travis is one of the founding members of the stunt show Nitro Circus, which is a mindblowing action sports show that has been touring the country for years. He has been the first to pull off many of the craziest stunts and now focuses on exploring new ones to teach to the upcoming generation of stunt performers. All of this is very cool (just check out the video of his top 10 stunts below). But what is even coo
20/09/20191 hour 1 minute 1 second
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Sara Blakely: SPANX CEO on Writing Your Billion Dollar Story

I learn a lot from all the women around me (almost my whole team is women). But today’s guest is extra special. Not only is she the youngest self-made female billionaire in America (wow, right??), she is also the mother of four young kids, the wife of another podcast guest, Jesse Itzler, and the founder and CEO of the massively popular women’s apparel brand SPANX. Yes, Sara Blakely is a legend among entrepreneurs. When we got to sit down and talk for the podcast, I kept finding out new things to admire Sara for. She struggled a lot in school (me too!). She sold fax machines door to door FOR 7 YEARS before she had the idea for Spanx. She was rejected by every manufacturing company she took her idea to. But she didn’t let any of that stop her. Sara’s hustle and can-do attitude is just one thing I learned about her in this interview. We dive into dealing with grief, how to scale companies the right way, what it’s like to be mentored by Richard Branson, and much
18/09/20191 hour 1 minute 53 seconds
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Donald Miller: The Power of Storytelling

When you think of unforgettable stories, which ones are they? When you think of powerful, epic brands, which ones are they? Have you ever noticed how powerful brands usually have powerful stories associated with them? There’s no coincidence there. That is what today’s guest on The School of Greatness has become a master at. Donald Miller is a NYT bestselling author and founder of a company called StoryBrand which has helped the biggest brands in the world, right up to the White House, develop powerful stories that explain their brand. I met him last year through amazing friends in Nashville and it was incredible to sit down with him this last weekend when I was there again for an interview. We also got to take some awesome lifestyle pics at his beautiful home, thanks to photographer Spencer Combs, founder of Wedable. Not only is Donald a master storyteller, but he has also learned firsthand how to tap into the power of vulnerability in storytelling. No matter what
18/09/201955 minutes 40 seconds
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Taye Diggs: Manage Your Ego by Living in Gratitude

This is what happened with today’s guest. I had a friend who offered to introduce me to the amazing actor and Broadway star Taye Diggs, but when I ran into him twice in a week, I knew it was time. I’m so glad I got him on the show because he has a wealth of experience and insight to share. Taye discussed how he has learned to manage the ups and downs of the acting industry from a young age. He goes into managing his ego, practicing gratitude, and pushing himself out of his comfort zone even though he’s achieved success. We also discuss what it takes to maintain a healthy intimate relationship between two driven, successful people and what he has learned from being a parent. Taye is a talented man in many ways, but I was especially impressed with his dedication to helping others and his vulnerability. I’m excited for you to hear his wisdom in Episode 342. Some Questions I Ask:Who do you think is the most courageous actor right now? (7:31)If you could only sing, danc
18/09/20191 hour 10 minutes 33 seconds
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Lisa Nichols: The Key to Abundance and Success

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “abundance?” Probably wealth. Security. Not having to worry about where your money is coming from. Being able to give freely. This is what most people think of when they think about abundance. And I believe in the power of creating abundant wealth. But there’s another side to abundance, which comes only when you cultivate an abundant mindset. That’s the abundance we are talking about today on The School of Greatness. Lisa Nichols knows walks her talk when it comes to an abundant mindset. Today she is a hugely successful entrepreneur, life coach, and CEO of one of the first publicly traded self-development companies. But there was a time when she was a young single mom who was so broke she couldn’t buy diapers for her baby. We go into all the details of how she turned her life around from an existence of scarcity to a massively abundant one – but some of the best wisdom Lisa gives in this interview is her perspective on
18/09/20191 hour 23 minutes 41 seconds
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Jen Hansard & Jadah Sellner: How to Grow a Powerful Brand with Heart

What are the chances that two moms who met in a kids play group would become business partners and build a powerful social media empire based off of . . . smoothies? Would you guess that they could go from an email list of zero to 30,000 in 1 month? Or that they would travel the world coaching other entrepreneurs on building a brand? All of this is the true story of today’s guests on The School of Greatness, Jen Hansard and Jadah Sellner of Simple Green Smoothies. I loved hearing their story of going from nothing, learning from their mistakes, hustling big time, and following their hearts to make the incredible brand that they head today. If you’ve been wanting to create a brand around what you love, don’t miss the incredible tips Jen and Jadah share in Episode 250. Some questions I ask:What are the different benefits of green smoothies versus green juice?What gave you the confidence to launch this brand in such a crowded space?How did you start monetizing th
11/09/201945 minutes 41 seconds
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Kyle Cease: Use Humor to Overcome Fear

I recently met a successful comedian (25 years on the major comedy circuit and TV shows) who chose to transition his career . . . into transformational speaking events. Yes, I’m talking Tony Robbins style workshops where people are wildly inspired and face their biggest fears. But he also makes them laugh. My favorite part is that he doesn’t know what he’s going to say when he gets on stage. And that’s why Kyle Cease is such a powerful speaker (and now author). Kyle does incredible work in supporting people to overcome their biggest limiting beliefs – while allowing them to laugh about it and have fun. I love this about his approach since so much of transformational self-development work is so serious and lacks humor. So when we sat down to record a podcast episode, we were laughing and getting serious at the same time. I learned so much from Kyle and can’t wait to do more work together. Get ready to laugh, be inspired, and overcome your fears in Episode 478.
04/09/20191 hour 28 minutes 15 seconds
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Grant Cardone: Why the Happiest People Are Rich

Grant and I have been friends for years. I’ve admired his hustle and results, followed his work, spoken at his events, and read his books. He was one of the earliest guests on my podcast when it launched over 4 years ago. So when I saw he was in town last weekend (flying in on his private jet), I had to reach out to see if he could come by to record another episode. And I’m so glad I did. Grant is someone who people either love or hate.He’s created extraordinary results that no one can deny (hundreds of millions in sales annually, incredible wealth, massive impact, bestselling books and courses, the list goes on). He is unapologetic about what he stands for and why he does what he does. But not everyone is willing to play at his level of commitment and hustle. So if you’re feeling lazy, this might not be the episode for you. If, however, you’re ready for inspiration to take your entire life to the next level and create massive wealth, look no further than Epi
07/08/20191 hour 22 minutes 55 seconds
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Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule to Change Your Life

But last week, I had the chance to meet one of the coolest women ever, and it turns out she's a fan.Mel Robbins is the most booked female speaker on the planet with a 7 figure speaking business.Oh yeah, she's also a bestselling author, a former criminal defense attorney, a CNN commentator, happily married for 20 years, and a mom of 3 kids.But what I really fell in love with about Mel was her passion, energy, straight-talking truth, and beautiful vulnerability.I can't wait to be awesome friends going forward.In addition to making a great new friend, however, I am really pumped to bring you Mel's incredible wisdom about how she overcame procrastination, fear, and low self-confidence after a devastating career blow and financial hardship.I have a feeling this is going to become one of the most popular episodes ever on the show.Get ready to laugh, cry, and learn how to master your thoughts to create extraordinary results in Episode 452.Some questions I ask:Once you mastered your thought
28/04/20191 hour 7 seconds
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Tony Robbins: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Success and Happiness 445795

Tony Robbins is someone I've looked up to since I was 16 years old and attended one of his events in St. Louis.I've learned so much from him through the years by reading his books, watching him give talks, and hearing him speak.He's been on the podcast twice already, so of course when I got the chance to interview him about his newest book, Unshakeable, I jumped on it.You probably know I don't read fast and it's not my favorite way to learn (dyslexia, etc). But I read this book in 4 hours, which has to be a record for me.I'm really glad I did as well since Tony partnered with the top financial advisor in the country to write a playbook for financial freedom no matter what the market is doing.In this interview, Tony and I go deep into exactly how to do this, but we also cover powerful topics like how to avoid suffering, the power of choice, and what is still uncomfortable for Tony after all his success in life.As always, I can't speak highly enough of what I've learned from Tony and
28/04/20191 hour 7 minutes 27 seconds
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Brad Lomenick: Master Confidence, Humility, and Leadership

You know how there are just some people that the minute you start talking to them, you learn something amazing?That's how I felt when I got the chance to finally meet Brad Lomenick, an author and the founder of Catalyst, and a legendary expert on leadership.I had heard of him well before we talked for this episode, and for good reason, but it wasn't until we started talking about his insight on what creates powerful leaders that I realized just how wise he is.Brad has not only founded a hugely successful company and podcast, but he found the guts and vision to pass the baton after 12 years and continue his work in new and challenging ways.I loved picking his brain on all parts of leadership, especially the relationship between confidence and humility.Whether you're leading a company or seeking to take a leadership role in your relationships, you're going to get massive value out of Brad's perspective.I am very happy to introduce you to my new friend Brad Lomenick in Episode 263 on T
28/04/201936 minutes 46 seconds
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Don Miguel Ruiz Jr: The Key to Self Mastery

But I think they're fascinating when I learn about them.This is exactly what I thought when I read The Four Agreements, one of the best known books on self-mastery.So when I got the chance to interview the son of the man who wrote that book, I jumped on it.I knew Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. would have powerful insight of his own on these same topics.And I was right.Not only did he grow up being taught the powerful mindsets outlined in that famous book, but his grandmother taught him the Toltec spiritual traditions of his ancestors.He has taken all of these teachings and built a career from explaining them in everyday terms for modern people to understand.In our interview for The School of Greatness Miguel took some of the hardest questions to answer and gave me some of the best answers I've ever heard.We talked about how to take off the masks that cover our true identity to others, how to love unconditionally, and how to change the world for the better.That and so much more is waiting for y
28/04/201958 minutes 20 seconds
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Josh Bezoni: 8 Mental Shifts to Making $100 Million in Your Business

Question: Have you hit a ceiling in your sales or profits?Maybe you've been successful, made a few million, but you want to really maximize the potential of your company.Or maybe you're still doing everything solo and have maxed out how many hours in a day you can realistically work. It's time to scale.Either way, you're going to love today's guest on The School of Greatness.Josh Bezoni is an incredible guy with a huge heart, not to mention a very successful businessman.I met him 5 years ago at an event he hosted in Austin, TX, became friends, and I'm back in that city this week for the book tour.We finally got a chance to sit down and record a podcast, which I'd been wanting to do for a long time.Josh is an incredible marketer, having worked for some of the best in the business early on in his career.Fast forward 20 years and he and his business partners have built a fitness supplement company from an inital investment of $1 million to $100 million . . . in just a year.In our conve
28/04/201952 minutes 51 seconds
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Wim Hof: Mastering Your Breath, Body and Mind

It's not everyday that I have a guest on The School of Greatness who has a superhero name.But today's does.The Iceman aka Wim Hof is an absolute legend in the world of endurance sports, science, health, and mindfulness.I've been hearing about his absolutely incredible records of being outside in the extreme cold for years (he currently holds 26 world records).But it wasn't until he came by the studio for an interview that I got to experience the full wisdom and impact of Wim.First, he put me through an intense and powerful breathing exercise that released all the stress from my body and mind.Then, shortly after the interview started, he put me through another one.We got deep into the science of what Wim has discovered through his own experimentation with pushing his body and mind physically.And in case you're wondering -- Wim is not a special case. He has taught hundreds of other people to do what he does.Even if you just listen to hear the 4 minute stress release breathing techniqu
28/04/20191 hour 28 minutes 26 seconds
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Eric Thomas: When You Want to Succeed As Bad As You Want to Breathe

Interested in learning how to build a life and business around doing what you love? So am I. Let's connect.Put yourself in these shoes: your mom gives birth to you at 17, you never meet your father, you drop out of high school, and are homeless as a young man.But despite this, you go to college (even though it takes you 12 years to get through your degree), then you build your own business, become a world-class speaker, and finish your PhD at age 44.Yes, this is a true story, and today's guest on The School of Greatness is the main character.Eric Thomas, aka the Hip Hop Preacher, is a true example of greatness in action.You may have heard his voice on a YouTube video giving a now world-famous speech with the line, "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful."We cover a lot including his thoughts on education, the power of executing your plans, how mentors influence your path, and the potential of hard work and focus.Welcome to Episo
28/04/201958 minutes 34 seconds
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Vanessa Van Edwards: The Science of People

Tell if someone was lying?Know exactly what makes someone impressed?Win someone over within minutes of meeting them?I think of these skills as super powers and I love learning about them.So when previous podcast guest Vanessa Van Edwards told me she was coming out with a book, I was stoked to have her back on the show.If you listened to Episode 105, you remember her as the queen of human behavior.Vanessa has dedicated her career to understanding how people work, on a scientific level.She has taught me so much about how to play to my strengths in social situations.So in this interview, I wanted to get some really helpful tips for situations that we all want to make a good impression in.Things like networking events, dating relationships, and more.Vanessa delivered, and I loved every minute of it - especially when she explained how to tell if someone is lying and why this information can be dangerous.You've heard me say this before, but I can't overstate how important emotional intell
28/04/20191 hour 21 minutes 35 seconds
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How to Achieve Goals & Celebrate Along the Way

I just got back from Summit at Sea, which was awesome.I got to see a lot of great friends and take a quick break from the book tour (although I didn't sleep much).As I got back, I wanted to take a minute to recap what has happened so far with the book launch, since I've barely processed it myself.My man Quddus Philippe takes over as the host of  The School of Greatness for this episode as he interviews me on the success of the book so far and how I've set the goals I have achieved.If you've read the book already, you know that there's a lot of talk about goal setting and how important that is to greatness.Quddus and I discuss how I set the goals long ago to make this book happen and how I broke down the vision of being a NYT best selling author into small steps that led to success.Get ready for a dive into goals and what's possible when you commit to them in Episode 255.
28/04/201939 minutes 35 seconds
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The 10 Essential Truths to Upgrade Your Life

As I have been making plans to take my business and life to the next level, I realized I have some essential guideposts that help me push myself.And since you have been asking for more solo rounds, I want to share those ideas with you on today's episode of The School of Greatness.Even one of these steps has the power to transform your life and open the door to massive progress.My hope for you in listening to this episode is that you can identify which step (or steps) will make the biggest impact in your life and then TAKE ACTION to upgrade that area of your life.As you probably know, one of my favorite words is "hustle." But hustling will only get you so far if you aren't taking the effort and time on a daily basis to set yourself up for greatness.In Episode 111, I pull back the curtain on my ten most essential steps to breaking through my barriers and getting to the next level. Please join me for this solo round and prepare to upgrade your life!In This Episode, You Will L
28/04/201937 minutes 56 seconds
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Dave Asprey: Train Your Brain for Peak Performance

And he's several years older than when I first met him.I'm thinking you're already familiar with him either becauseYou heard him on Episode 92 of the showYou've had some delicious Bulletproof coffeeYou are obsessed with optimizing your body and brain and know he's the leader in the industryIf not, let me introduce you to my friend Dave Asprey.His story of getting into health and biohacking is pretty amazing (overweight, overworked corporate man turns into health phenomenon and starts a global movement around his Bulletproof Executive brand).But what I love about Dave is his consistent commitment to continuing the research, experiments, and evolution of his passion - helping people become the absolute healthiest, highest performing versions of themselves.So when he came out with his new book (all about managing your brain's energy), I was stoked to find out his newest insights on this topic.Dave has a great gift of explaining pretty complex biological systems in simple ways.I loved l
28/04/201951 minutes 43 seconds
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Neil Strauss: The Uncomfortable Truth About Relationships

Oh man. I wasn't going to post this episode.In fact, during this conversation, I repeatedly found myself opening up and saying things I was not comfortable sharing.But since this is The School of Greatness, I knew I had to share all the lessons I am privileged to learn myself, even the ones that aren't comfortable.What could I have been talking about that was so scary to share?Relationships . . . of course.I met today's guest, Neil Strauss, after he had already been a NYT bestselling author 7 times.He is best known for becoming a pick up artist by going underground into the world of that game for 2 years and then writing a book about what he learned.But by the time I met him, he was happily engaged to his now wife, and those days were behind him.In this episode, we started by talking about his new book, which counters his former bestseller, revealing the uncomfortable truth about what makes relationships work.Soon into the conversation, however, the tables turned and we started disc
28/04/201954 minutes 21 seconds
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Amanda Enayati: From Iranian Refugee to Serenity Expert: How to Manage Stress Positively

Interested in learning how to build a life and business around doing what you love? So am I. Let's connect.Have you ever asked yourself why you feel so stressed all the time?It's pretty common these days to just assume a stress-filled life is the norm, especially if you're an entrepreneur.Today's guest on The School of Greatness has known stress above and beyond the norm.Amanda Enayati had to flee from her home country of Iran when she was a kid (without her parents), lived in the West Village in NYC during 9/11, worked as an attorney for years and then got late-stage breast cancer (while raising two small children).Yes, that's all for real.So you can take her word for it when she says she knows about stress.But what is incredible about Amanda (including what she has gone through) is her devotion to researching and teaching the best ways to understand and handle the stress that comes to all of us.If you listened to the last episode with Todd Kashdan, you'll really enjoy this intervi
28/04/201957 minutes 15 seconds
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Casey Neistat: Writing Your Own Rules to Creative Success

Would you ever guess that the same person who works on major advertisements for brands like Nike, J. Crew and 20th Century Fox is also a high school dropout who started his career as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant?How about the guy who was living in a trailer park on welfare was interviewing President Bill Clinton just 3 years later (in person, on film)?How do these things happen?I realize that I have an interesting story of getting from my sister's couch to making millions within a few years.But today's guest on The School of Greatness is the embodiment of the potential of hard work and vision.Casey Neistat didn't look like he was going to amount to much of anything as a teenager.And then he took a huge leap at 19 years old and moved to NYC with $800 and a place to stay for 3 months.Today he is one of the biggest filmmakers on YouTube, with over a million followers, and one of the most sought-after creatives for major brands and labs.I had heard about Casey from several frien
28/04/20191 hour 12 minutes 25 seconds
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10 Ways to Get Off the Couch and Into Greatness

Transition can suck at times.You may lose your job, end a relationship, someone passes away, parents divorce, you move to new city to start over, get injured, etc.This may leave you on your sister's couch feeling miserable and hopeless.I've been there.On my book tour I’ve often been asked, "How did you get off the couch and get to where you are now?"So many people want the results now. Little do they know this has been an 8 year journey for me. I couldn’t speak in front of people, I didn’t have any tools or skills, I wasn’t confident, and I had no clue how to make an income for myself, let alone afford my own apartment.But I did get off the couch. I did make my dreams a reality.So when you feel stuck, I'm sharing my top ways to get off the couch in Episode 258.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The Top 10 Ways to Get Off the CouchGet up to the mirror, look yourself in the eyes and say, "Enough is enough … I’m going to make something of myself, and I’m sick and tired of f
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James Altucher: Reinvent Yourself and Create the Future

He's a big podcaster, a massively successful author and blogger, a genius in business, and one of the most down to earth guys I know.Yes, James Altucher is back for his 4th episode!He's coming out with a new book, which we dive into in this interview, and also has made some big lifestyle shifts that are fascinating.I love talking to James because he is such a straight-shooter, but also because he always gets me to think differently about my life and the assumptions I'm making.James' newest book is all about reinventing yourself, and we ended up talking about an example from my own life of doing this.It got me thinking about all the times I've chosen to reinvent myself and the value I've seen as a result. There's no way I would have gotten to where I am today without being willing to reinvent several times.So whether or not you're ready for a change, listen up to why it might be exactly what you're needing to do in Episode 425 with James Altucher.Some questions I ask:Do you think peo
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Tom Bilyeu of Quest Nutrition: How to be a Jedi and Master The Mind

I recently had the honor of being interviewed on an awesome show, Inside Quest, by Quest Nutrition Co-Founder Tom Bilyeu.We had such an incredible conversation, I'm still thinking about it.And of course I wanted him to come on  The School of Greatness.Tom is not only an amazing human being, husband, entrepreneur, and businessman, but he has helped build Quest to become the 2nd fastest growing company in North America!What really hits home for me about Tom and his mission, however, is that it isn't about making millions and breaking growth records.Tom's company is built on a deep desire to serve others by addressing a core part of health issues - lack of truly clean food products to fuel an amazing life.I loved getting under the hood with Tom about how they hire and fire at Quest, his thoughts on marriage and kids, and how he has developed killer self-awareness through the years.Welcome to the gold mine of Tom Bilyeu's brain and heart in Episode 201.Some questions I ask:How did you s
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John Maxwell: Leadership, Living Big and Choosing a Life That Matters

You probably already know what a big fan of intention I am.If you're part of the School of Greatness Academy, or have ever been coached by me, we've no doubt talked about it.That's because I have learned first-hand the power of setting my intention on my goal and making all decisions based off of that intention.Without it, I've said things I wanted to do and nothing happened.With it, I've made the seemingly impossible my reality.So I got really excited when I saw that one of the top (if not the very top) leadership expert had just come out with a book on intention.John Maxwell is one of the most renowned authors and leadership coaches in the world.I could go on for days listing his merits and impressive resume, but needless to say, he's written over 80 books, sold 25 million copies of those books, and travels the world consulting with top leaders.I was lucky enough to interview him for this episode of The School of Greatness.John is one of the most humble and wise men I've met and I
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Mo Gawdat: The Happiness Equation

I was nearly in tears while hearing Mo Gawdat's story of how he has learned how to be happy no matter what is going on.Mo is a genius and has always enjoyed professional success and wonderful family relationships.If you've ever heard of Google's amazing branch X, you know they're the geniuses who are working on self-driving cars and a world-wide network of balloons that would give internet access everywhere.Mo runs that company.So when he found himself miserable 10 years ago, despite all his success and family fulfillment, he put his brilliant engineering mind to the task of figuring out what actually creates happiness.Over 10 years he studied every book and idea he could find and slowly developed what he calls an equation for happiness.It is simple and straightforward and is all based around expectations and reality.Once he applied his equation to his own life, he found he was happy no matter what.But then he lost his son Ali to a simple medical mistake by a doctor.And his research
28/04/201953 minutes 35 seconds
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Gabrielle Reece: Family, Healthy Living, and Having It All

I loved everything I learned from Laird (including the crazy breathing workout we did).But that was only half of the fun I had that day.After interviewing Laird, I got to interview his equally amazing wife Gabrielle Reece.Gabby is accomplished on so many levels, including being a world-class sand volleyball athlete, model, fitness trainer, author, wife, and mother.In talking with Gabby I really had the sense that she has it all.But she is the first to admit that it hasn't been given to her. She has worked incredibly hard for everything she has.We first talked about her volleyball career and how she paid her way through college by modeling.And then we got into her best relationship advice (she and Laird have been married 20 years and have 3 daughters).I LOVED what insight she had on the importance of empowering alpha males to stand in their power.We also discussed her views on the importance of knowing your own worth despite what anyone else thinks.I couldn't be happier to bring you
28/04/20191 hour 5 minutes 4 seconds
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Dr. Rick Hanson: How to Hardwire Your Brain for Happiness

The more I learn about the brain, the more fascinated I am by it.Things I used to think were just a mystery (like what makes us happy and what makes us sad) I'm now learning are totally controllable.So I was really excited to talk to one of the leading neuroscience psychologists in the field today.Dr. Rick Hanson has written multiple best-selling books about how to actually hardwire our brains to stay in the positive side of thought and feeling.Which is something I'm always looking to bring to The School of Greatness.In our conversation, I kept asking him questions related to my own experiences with emotional intelligence, positive thought, and the power we have to shift ourselves out of negative emotions and thought patterns.Everything Rick shared with me confirmed my own experience and what I've learned from other experts.What I especially loved learning this time was how important it is to slow down and consciously enjoy the good times (something I have struggled with in the past
28/04/201953 minutes 34 seconds
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The Truth About Burning Fat and Losing Weight with Yuri Elkaim

Last time I had fitness/nutrition expert Yuri Elkaim on the The School of Greatness, we talked about how to get and keep up awesome energy all day long.His insights are amazing because he knows the science and practical application of all the different kinds of diets and workouts.I wanted to bring Yuri back on the podcast because he just wrote a new book about how to burn fat and lose weight all day long.I was excited to ask him the truth behind the scenario so many of us struggle with.Yuri is awesome because he's able to make even the most complicated health issues really easy to understand and gives actionable tips to put to use.In this episode, I asked him if there is a perfect fat-burning diet for everyone (as so many diets claim) and he said no!Instead, he outlined what his studies have shown him work best on the most people, which is something I'd never heard of.Best news: people are getting amazing results that are sustainable and not focused on deprivation using his eating p
28/04/201936 minutes 46 seconds
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Rob Dyrdek: From Small Town Skateboarder to Media Mogul Empire

But I'm REALLY excited about this episode.And not just because the guest is another Ohio boy!(But I wore one of my best Ohio shirts and hats when he came by the studio.)You probably already know him from his multiple hit shows on MTV.Or from his long list of world records in skateboarding.Or for his incredible branding with labels like DC shoes.Even if you've somehow never heard of Rob Dyrdek, you're in for a huge treat.Rob is cool for many reasons.But I literally couldn't stop asking him questions during this interview because he is so SMART when it comes to business, entrepreneurship, focus, habits, and vision.Just a few of my favorite things :)Rob and I dove deep into all these topics, as well as the real motivation behind all of them - to create happiness now.I loved every minute of this interview and can't wait for Rob to come back on the show.I know you'll get just as much out of it in Episode 373 with the legendary Rob Dyrdek.Some questions I ask:How do you describe yourself
28/04/20191 hour 25 minutes 42 seconds
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Jim Kwik: 3 Ways To Master Your Memory and Unlock Your Inner Superhero

Interested in learning how to build a life and business around doing what you love? So am I. Let's connect.Who was obsessed with superheroes as a kid?Who loved the X-Men?Who wanted to go to the X-Men's Academy for Gifted Youngsters?If you answered all those questions "Me!", you are going to love today's episode of The School of Greatness.The first time I saw Jim Kwik speak on stage, my mind was blown.His memory is nothing short of superhuman.But it wasn't always that way.In fact, as a kid, he struggled A LOT in school (just like me) and almost dropped out of college because he was so discouraged.And then he decided to focus his work on learning about learning.Fast forward 20 years and Jim is a world-renown master of memory, speed reading, learning and the brain. He has worked with the biggest names in the world, including the Clintons, Oprah, and Richard Branson, to name a few.If that isn't cool enough, he just opened an amazing Superhero Headquarters in the Hollywood Hill
28/04/201958 minutes 21 seconds
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Tim Ferriss: Self Talk, Visualization and The Rituals for Success

What's something all successful people have in common?They create powerful rituals and visualize their results before they happen.With a new television series out and after seeing his last book land him on the New York Times Bestseller list... again, his accomplishments continue to grow.In this special interview we dive deep into the development of this brilliant mind, even back to his childhood - where he opens up like never before! Welcome to the forty third episode with the inventor of the term lifestyle design, Tim Ferriss.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The inside details of The Tim Ferriss ExperimentAbout the Process of Teaming with Production CompaniesHow to Develop a Toolkit to Rapidly Learning AnythingWhat Tim's Biggest Fear IsThe Biggest Impact on Ferriss's UpbringingAbout Tim's Various Entrepreneurial FailuresA Simple Effective Way to Develop Business IdeasThe Story of Tim's first CompanyHow To Create Entrepreneurial Rituals That Lead to SuccessHow Tim Prepares for Import
28/04/201947 minutes 14 seconds
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Eric Greitens: How to Fall in Love with Pain: The Key to Resiliency and Success

Interested in learning how to build a life and business around doing what you love? So am I. Let's connect.If I were to ask you what one characteristic makes the biggest difference in how you deal with and get through hard things, what would you answer?Maybe strength or faith or perspective?Would you have thought of resilience?I wouldn't have, until I talked to today's guest on The School of Greatness, the incredible Eric Greitens.Eric's list of accolades is long, but among some of them are that he is a Navy SEAL, a PhD, a Rhodes scholar, an author, and a hopeful for Missouri governor.His newest book is all about how resilience is the characteristic that gets us through the hard stuff - how we process pain in the moment and after.Eric is no stranger to this, as he recounts in our conversation Navy SEAL training, his travels around the world photographing war torn areas, and working with veterans with PTSD.I could have talked to Eric for hours and took plenty of notes, so I expect yo
27/04/201959 minutes 6 seconds
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Glennon Doyle Melton: Become a Love Warrior In and Out of Marriage

Years ago, when the podcast was still pretty new, I made an amazing friend, the one and only Glennon Doyle Melton.She is the super popular blogger, author, and speaker behind the Momastery brand.She changed my life by giving me the courage to share my own story of being raped as a kid.So much healing and love have come into my life since then, and Glennon and I are still good friends.She has been on her own journey over the past couple of years to live courageously in love.I am so inspired by everything she has gone through and the work she does that changes lives every day through sharing her story.She just wrote a new book that releases this week called Love Warrior. It's a must-read for everyone.We recorded this conversation a few months ago when she was in town and now I'm so excited to share it with you in Episode 376.
27/04/20191 hour 4 minutes 17 seconds
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Mike Rowe: What 300 Dirty Jobs Taught Him About True Success (Part 2)

This was such a good conversation, we went on for over 2 hours. So I broke it out into two episodes.Welcome to part 2 of my conversation with Mike Rowe in Episode 404.Some questions I ask:Do you think you can have a fulfilled life without working hard? (2:57)How did you build such a big audience without inflating your ego? (33:20)In this episode, you will learn:Mike’s view on masculinity today (13:17)The truth about whether Mike was being considered for vice president (25:05)Plus much more…
27/04/20191 hour 4 minutes 57 seconds
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Mike Rowe: What 300 Dirty Jobs Taught Him About True Success (Part 1)

My guess is you saw at least one episode of Mike Rowe doing one of over 300 of the dirtiest jobs in the world.But have you followed what else this blue-collar champion has been up to?I knew he'd have incredible insights on the value of hard work, entrepreneurship, and crafting a meaningful career.So I jumped at the chance to bring him on The School of Greatness.Mike has a fascinating background that includes being an opera singer, doing the narration for documentaries, and much more in addition to hosting a super popular TV show.What surprised me was his insight on the success and happiness that blue collar workers experience - and why.I also loved hearing what Mike is investing in, where he sees the future of education going, and why people seem to trust him so much.This was such a good conversation, we went on for over 2 hours. So I broke it out into two episodes.Welcome to part 1 of my conversation with Mike Rowe in Episode 403.Some Questions I ask:What’s the biggest lesson you l
27/04/20191 hour 29 seconds
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Eric Thomas: Prepare for Greatness & Believe in Yourself

If you listened to the first episode on the School of Greatness with Eric Thomas, AKA ET The Hip Hop Preacher, I'm sure you agree with me.ET is one of the most inspiring and motivating voices on YouTube today. He's also a powerhouse force in schools around the country, in his workshops, books, iTunes albums, and podcasts.He's the real deal.So when everything lined up to get him back on the show, I was stoked.This time around we went deep into relationships.Eric is a family man through and through, but he has also built an incredible team of people to support his vision.He has a lot of powerful experience cultivating relationships the right way, and I loved learning from him (and meeting his team who came with him).One of my favorite moments of this conversation was hearing ET's perspective on what it means to be a man.I know he practices what he preaches.Get ready for a huge boost in motivation on Episode 466 with ET the Hip Hop Preacher!Some questions I ask:What's the common challe
27/04/20191 hour 17 minutes 6 seconds
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Drew Canole: 5 Steps to Relieving Stress

One of the fun parts of The School of Greatness hitting year two (and over 200 episodes) is that I get to have repeat guests on the show.This is fun for me because I already know the guests, but it's also cool because a lot has happened with these guests in the past year or two since their last episode on the show.Such is the case with today's repeat guest Drew Canole.Drew was actually one of the first episodes on the School of Greatness, and I loved what we talked about.But in the following 2 years, Drew's business went up and then down and then UP, which is a story we get into in this episode.He is one of the most present, grounded, loving men I know and it was awesome to continue our conversation from last time around health, particularly juicing, and the incredible transformation he has created in his own health and thousands of others.Since Drew has experienced the ups and downs in health and business, I knew he also had a lot of experience with stress.So I asked him what his b
27/04/20191 hour 2 minutes 30 seconds
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Carrie-Anne Moss Breaking Free from the Matrix and Living Mindfully

If you were alive in 1999, you remember hearing about The Matrix movie.And even if you weren't, you've no doubt heard about it since.It's an incredible film that started a huge movement in media and our culture.You'll recognize today's guest on The School of Greatness from those movies - yes, the lead female character, Trinity, was played by Carrie-Anne Moss.Now, whether or not you like the Matrix films, I am very confident you'll love Carrie.We were just recently introduced and when we started talking, I was immediately impressed with her mindfulness, calm, and fierce heart.In our conversation, we go deep - into all parts of life including family, motherhood, disconnecting from technology, self-worth, career, and so much more.I loved talking to Carrie about all of this, and I was especially inspired by how she has gracefully balanced so many big demands of her time and energy through the years.I can't wait to hear your thoughts about what we talk about, and for you to hear the stor
14/04/20191 hour 20 minutes 51 seconds
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Tai Lopez: How Being a Millionaire Affects Your Overall Happiness

Whether or not you've heard of him, this guest is a unique brand of greatness.Tai Lopez was born and raised on the wrong side of the tracks but he made choices early on in his adult life to move to the other side.Today he lives in a massive Beverly Hills mansion, shares his tips for creating wealth and fulfillment on his super popular social media channels, and rubs shoulders with the most successful people in the world.So how did this all happen?I'd wanted to interview Tai for a while because I had a hunch that the persona he shows on his social media may not be the whole story.So I went deep on this interview to see behind the mask (if there was one).Tai did a good job of dodging some of my questions, but either way, I think you'll find his insight interesting.I definitely want to hear what you think after listening to Episode 370 with Tai Lopez.Some questions I ask:How would you describe yourself? (1:25)What drives you right now to do what you're doing? (15:48)Has your money and
14/04/20191 hour 10 minutes 20 seconds
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Elizabeth Gilbert: Creating Big Magic and Staying Grounded

I'm not talking about a magician (although that would be cool too), but someone who has dug so deep into their authentic being and purpose that they have truly found greatness within themselves.This is 100% how I see today's guest on the show, Elizabeth Gilbert.If you don't know her name already, you probably know the name of her bestselling book, Eat, Pray, Love, which was also made into a hugely popular film.And you might have also seen her on tour with Oprah or on her Super Soul Sessions.Even if you don't know anything about Liz, once you hear her talk, you know you're in the presence of someone special.Liz has walked the path of greatness to really find her core purpose in life - and she is living it.It was so fun to meet her and talk about all the deep topics we dove into. What I especially love about Liz is that she isn't just talk -- she's lived everything she writes about.Open your heart wide and get ready to find the magic and creativity inside you in Episode 341.Some quest
14/04/20191 hour 16 minutes 52 seconds
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Tony Robbins 7 Simple Steps to Master the Game of Money

When I started  The School of Greatness podcast, I decided I wanted to make it successful enough to interview three specific people someday.One of them is today's guest, Tony Robbins.I first saw Tony when I was 16 years old, at one of his amazing live events in St. Louis, MO.I was so impacted by his presence and power when he walked past me to begin his presentation that I thought, "Wow, I want to have a presence like that someday."While I'm always working on taking my energy to the next level, sitting down with Tony in person to interview him on the podcast was a fun moment for me to see how he does it face to face.If you have never heard of Tony, his introduction is nothing short of amazing. Not only is he considered the world's best performance coach, having taught personal development and mental mastery for over 30 years, but his personal network and wealth creation are second to none.He has coached the top business, athletic, and performance leaders around the world,
14/04/201952 minutes 44 seconds
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Andy Puddicombe: The Power of Meditation

Today's guest on The School of Greatness might just have the most unexpected list of credentials of anyone.Andy Puddicombe is the founder of the massively popular meditation app Headspace. He is also a renowned meditation teacher.But he started out as just a normal college kid who liked playing sports.And then he suddenly decided, at the age of 22, to move to Nepal and become a monk. 10 years later, after training in several countries and ending up in Moscow as a Tibetan monk, Andy realized he wanted to share the gift of meditation on a greater scale.So he left monk-hood and went to circus school in London.Yes, that's right.While training in circus arts, Andy started to develop the idea of what is now Headspace, but it still took years before the app became the success it is today with over 6 million users.I had so many questions for Andy, and he answered all of the PLUS did a simple but powerful 2 minute meditation with me during the interviewI can't wait for you to try that out as
14/04/20191 hour 11 minutes 9 seconds
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Joshua Fields Millburn: Living With Less: The Power of Being a Minimalist

He doesn't host a business podcast. It's not about fitness and optimum health.But it is about mental health . . . and lifestyle.Joshua Fields Millburn is the co-founder of The Minimalists, which has become a hugely popular podcast and lifestyle in the past few years.I've always considered myself a pretty minimal guy with a clean, simple style.After talking to Joshua though, I started to re-evaluate even my own purchasing decisions and what actually serves me.Joshua has a pretty amazing story of transitioning from a workaholic, deep in debt, unhappy life full of "stuff" to living with less than 300 items to his name.He doesn't even need Internet in his house or data on his phone . . . even though he runs an online business.I was fascinated by our entire conversation and what Joshua has learned from heading this movement.One of the things I noticed right away was how calm, happy, and content he is.And we can all use more of that.Get ready to re-think your relationship with s
14/04/201956 minutes 10 seconds
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Chris Guillebeau: How to Move Forward Without a Plan

I had the amazing opportunity to speak at World Domination Summit last summer.If you haven't heard of WDS, it's a huge event put on by my good friend Chris Guillebeau each summer in Portland, OR.He brings in amazing minds to speak to his tribe, and it's an incredible experience.Needless to say, after partcipiating in this event, I got really inspired to create my own for the School of Greatness tribe.More on that soon :)When Chris came out with a new book this year, I had to have him back on the podcast to talk about it.If you listened to his first episode on the show, you already know Chris is an amazing travel hacker, NYT bestselling author, and entrepreneur.But our conversation took quite a different turn from the usual topics we jam about.Chris unexpectedly lost his brother last year and has been in the grieving process since then. He also accomplished a major life goal of visiting every country in the world.So you could say his life had some big transitions recently.We discuss
14/04/20191 hour 12 minutes 47 seconds
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Jason Silva: The Power of the Mind to Create Your Reality

If you married jazz with philosophy and filmed it, you would get today's guest on  The School of Greatness.I met Jason Silva in November on a cruise, Summit at Sea, and we instantly connected minds.That's probably because Jason's mind is one of the most incredible ones on the planet and I was in awe.I had seen his amazing YouTube videos, Shots of Awe, before and learned so much from how he explains deep philosophical ideas.If you've never seen his videos, check them out right now. The craziest part is he doesn't even script them!Needless to say, I was very excited to interview him for the podcast and tap into his brain.When we sat down, I asked him about the purpose of life, which led to some incredible tangents, and we dove into all kinds of questions.I was especially fascinated by his thoughts on our relationship with technology and imagination, since his films use both of those.I am so excited to introduce you to the philosophical artist Jason Silva in Episode 281.Some questions
14/04/20191 hour 4 minutes 34 seconds
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Ray Lewis: Success and The Mindset of True Greatness

When people talk about sports legends, they mean the best of the best of the best.Names everyone knows.Names that people don't forget.Well I had the privilege of meeting one of these legends a couple months back.From his presence alone, I knew immediately why he had achieved such an incredible level of athletic success.Ray Lewis is one of the most dominant defensive players in NFL history. He played his entire 17 year career with the Baltimore Ravens including two Super Bowl titles, Super Bowl MVP in 2000, and the NFL Defensive Player of the Year twice.Oh yeah, he's also a NYT bestselling author, father of 6, and a devoted philanthropist.But I'm just getting started.The wisdom Ray shared with me during our podcast conversation was so deep, so grounded, so based in results, that I was hanging on every word. Be sure to listen to the last half (we went for a while because it was such a good conversation). Ray goes DEEP into the role of faith, love, and respect in creating greatness.Ray
14/04/20191 hour 42 minutes 19 seconds
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Dean Graziosi: Millionaire Success Habits

Legends like Tony Robbins and Jack Canfield.They've shared their best tips and habits and their episodes have become some of the most popular.Today's guest is another one of these legends :)Dean Graziosi was on TV everyday for 17 years straight -- because his infomercials around real estate training were that successful and popular.He is a multiple NYT bestselling author, the top real estate trainer in the world, and is friends with the best of the best.But, like many other greats, he didn't start with much.Dyslexic, broke, coming from a family that always struggled with money, and just trying to figure life out, Dean is an incredible example of the power of turning your story around because YOU choose to.We met years ago through a mutual friend but this is the first time we got to sit down and really dive into his brilliant mind and how he has created what he has created.I was hanging on every word (and not just because he's a great storyteller) because Dean's style of teaching, ta
14/04/201954 minutes 51 seconds
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Chris Voss: Master Negotiation in Business and Life with Former FBI Negotiator

I heard about today's guest because he recently came out with a new book about negotiation.If you're any kind of business person, you know the importance of this skill.I thought I was a pretty good negotiator already, but I wanted to learn more.So I invited Chris Voss to come by the studio for an interview.Little did I know how much I would learn.Within the first 15 minutes Chris and I were role playing as if a real life hostage scenario was happening and he was the bad guy.That was just the beginning.I couldn't stop asking Chris questions because I was learning so much and the information was so powerful.Chris is not just an author.He worked in the FBI (and the police force) for over 20 years as a top hostage negotiator, working over 150 kidnappings, to say the least.Now he runs a top consulting company and teaches negotiation to graduate students at universities like Harvard and Georgetown.I guarantee you'll learn something valuable within the first ten minutes of listening to thi
14/04/20191 hour 20 minutes 52 seconds
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Eric Thomas: When You Want to Succeed As Bad As You Want to Breathe, Then You'll Be Successful

Interested in learning how to build a life and business around doing what you love? So am I. Let's connect.Put yourself in these shoes: your mom gives birth to you at 17, you never meet your father, you drop out of high school, and are homeless as a young man.But despite this, you go to college (even though it takes you 12 years to get through your degree), then you build your own business, become a world-class speaker, and finish your PhD at age 44.Yes, this is a true story, and today's guest on The School of Greatness is the main character.Eric Thomas, aka the Hip Hop Preacher, is a true example of greatness in action.You may have heard his voice on a YouTube video giving a now world-famous speech with the line, "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you will be successful."We cover a lot including his thoughts on education, the power of executing your plans, how mentors influence your path, and the potential of hard work and focus.Welcome to Episo
14/04/20191 hour 3 minutes 10 seconds
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Steve Weatherford: The Power of Positive Self-Talk and Visualization

Little did I know we would become the kind of friends that FaceTime each other constantly, work out together whenever we're in the same town, and goof off like high school kids.You've already heard Steve on two previous 5 Minute Fridays on The School of Greatness, so he doesn't need a huge introduction.But what you may not know about him is that he is a NFL Superbowl Champion who is the best punter in the world - and yet he chose to retire early.He is a devoted husband and father of 4 kids who mean everything to him.And he's one of the hardest workers I've ever met. Not just in the gym. (But yes, for sure in the gym.)Of course, I openly admit I also have a huge man crush on his body.When he came into town last weekend, I insisted he stay at my place and we got to hang out all weekend.I wanted him to come on the podcast for a full episode so that all of you could get to know him like I have and get inspired to be your very best.Welcome to the incredibly positive mind and huge heart o
14/04/20191 hour 31 minutes 30 seconds
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Esther Perel: Sexual Desire and Successful Relationships

Yes, we are talking about relationships again on  The School of Greatness.Partly because I love learning as much as possible about how to create and maintain healthy, amazing relationships (and I need a lot of coaching in my love life).But partly because I heard today's guest speak at Summit at Sea in November and I knew I had to have her on the podcast.Esther Perel is a world-renowned relationship therapist, bestselling author, and sought-after speaker who has focused her career on exploring the role of sex and eroticism in making and breaking intimate relationships.She has an incredible world-view of relationships in many different cultures, which has allowed her to see what works and what doesn't on a bigger level.I asked her a ton of questions in our interview and she had answers.You may already have set ideas about what intimate relationships should look like, but I know you'll get some new perspective from listening to this interview.Get ready to get vulnerable with yourself a
14/04/20191 hour 17 minutes 20 seconds
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John Assaraf: Unlock Your Brain's Full Potential

The guest we have on for EPISODE 400 (!!! can you believe it?) is a true master at training the mind.He's not a PhD or medical doctor.He's not a research scientist.He's a man who has learned from his own experiences (and much study and work) how to maximize the full potential of our brains.John Assaraf started out life really struggling.He was no good in school, got into trouble, and his home wasn't the best.But he made some key decisions (and had some key mentors) in his early adulthood that changed everything.Fast forward to today and he's written NYT bestselling books, been featured in blockbusters like The Secret, and runs several million dollar companies.He's also very wise and gives freely of his insights and learnings.I was hanging on every word as he explained how our brains actually work when it comes to peak performance and overcoming limiting beliefs.Get ready for true greatness in Episode 400 with John Assaraf.Some Questions I Asked:What holds people back from starting a
14/04/20191 hour 24 minutes 35 seconds
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Tony Robbins: Key to Success, Wealth and Fulfillment

When I started the podcast,  The School of Greatness, one of the top three people I wanted to get on the show was Tony Robbins.That happened in Episode 109, and it's been one of the most popular episodes to date.With the release of the paperback version of his book, we were asked to bring him back on, and I gladly accepted as I knew there was much more wisdom we could all learn from someone doing this work for nearly 40 years.This time we met on his private jet as he was about to take off from LA. My good friend Nick Onken, one of the world's top lifestyle photographers, came along to take all of the photos you see on this post as well. It was awesome.And our conversation took a different turn than the first time we discussed money. Tony took a deep dive into the mindset of abundance, positivity, faith, and prosperity.He told incredible stories of how this applies in real life - even when you're broke! And he gave some important updates about his previous financial advice in the boo
13/04/201952 minutes 59 seconds
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Mark Sisson: Train Your Body To Burn Fat and Enjoy Life

I think it's safe to say we all want to burn fat, increase our energy, sleep like babies, and eat good food. Right?But for many people this may not seem possible despite their best efforts.Even if you are in great shape and workout every day, you probably deal with injuries, burn out, and low sleep.That's why I was so excited to talk to today's guest on The School of Greatness, Mark Sisson.At age 62, he is one of the leanest men I've seen and has incredible energy.Mark is a decorated endurance athlete who used to race competitively in triathlon and qualified for the Olympic marathon team.He has decades of experience in what works and what doesn't when it comes to diet and workouts for optimal performance.His bestselling books, The Primal Blueprint, are centered on the idea that when we get our bodies to burn fat instead of sugar or carbs, we function the way we were built to.In our interview, Mark gave tons of great, actionable tips and explanations of how to train your body to do j
05/04/201958 minutes 20 seconds
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Alanis Morissette: Fame, Finding Purpose, and Emotional Healing

There's a slight chance you haven't heard of today's guest on The School of Greatness.However, even if you aren't into popular music from the past twenty years, you've probably still heard of Alanis Morissette.That's because she is an incredible human being, beyond being an incredible musician and artist.When her first major album came out in 1995, she couldn't have known that it would go on to sell 30 million copies or that she would eventually win multiple major awards for her work.Whether or not she wanted to however, Alanis had to ride the wave of fame, including the dark side of it, for the next couple of decades.What she has learned from that journey, along with her own education in emotional healing, multiple intelligences, finding her way through relationships, and her work, has shaped her into one of the most beautiful souls I have ever met.I had the privilege of meeting up with her in her studio (she's a new podcast host as well!), and it was a delight to hear her perspect
27/03/20191 hour 16 minutes 24 seconds
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Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity

If you've been a fan of The School of Greatness, you're probably also a huge fan of Transformation Coach Chris Lee - the most popular repeat guest on the show.So in honor of his new book release, Transform Your Life: 10 Principles of Abundance and Prosperity, we are doing our first repeat episode, which originally aired 2 years ago.I figured a lot of the newer listeners may not have heard Episode 54, where Chris came on and talked about this exact topic, and it's a gold mine.Chris covers the 10 principles that create an abundance mindset, which in turn creates prosperity.Get ready to take notes (or buy the book) in Episode 320.In This Episode, You Will Learn:The Key to an Abundant Life and How to Cultivate That MindsetHow to Shift ConsciousnessAbundance isn’t about what you have, but Who You AreBeing abundant is about having a state of consciousness and gratefulnessA simple abundance practice to start every single dayLearn the 10 Principles of AbundanceOutflowingClearingIntegrityVis
27/03/20191 hour 6 minutes 14 seconds
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Jordan Harbinger: Master Social Skills and Confidence

Jordan Harbinger has been running his wildly popular podcast, The Art of Charm, for 10 years - you read that right.He's also the founder of a training company that teaches people how to build their confidence, social skills, self-esteem, and career progression.So when he first came on the show in Episode 73, we talked all about tips and tricks to build those skills and get dates.When he was in town recently and we had a chance to sit down and record a second episode, I wanted to go deeper.I wanted to understand the core truths Jordan has learned from decades of studying people, success, influence, and social capital.And he delivered (along with several awesome stories).This time we went into the emotional and psychological reasons behind what we do and how we can build awareness to change.I'm stoked to bring you a second dose of my brilliant friend Jordan Harbinger in Episode 439. Some questions I asked:What would make this the most powerful podcast episode you’ve ever done? (3:59)W
22/03/20191 hour 27 minutes 40 seconds