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English, Religion, 1 season, 37 episodes, 19 hours, 34 minutes
This Podcast is a snippet into the mind of Marcelle who is living her best life and striving to please God while at it. She shared her personal experiences, thoughts and unsolicited opinions about topical issues and other issues many Christians do not like talk about. This podcast aims to edify the listeners’ mind, body, soul and spirit and help transform them into the best version of themselves. I really hope that’s you.
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E37. Beauty in Evolved Friendships

Friends drift apart when they start entering seasons of life at different times and navigating this change can be tough. So tough that a lot of people consider it the end of the friendship and struggle to move on with some form of offense in their heart. Well, this doesn’t have to be the case. While the change may be painful, friendships can evolve into something that’s different but still beautiful. Listen, enjoy and share! 🥂
10/19/202317 minutes, 18 seconds
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E36. If He said it, you can do it.

If Mary, who by all human and scientific standards shouldn’t have been able to have a child, gained the ability to conceive one just because God said, then what is there in this world that you can’t do if God says you can? I bet, there’s nothing.
10/9/20239 minutes, 34 seconds
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E35. Tip for Big Visions

Has God ever given you an assignment or shown you a glimpse of where he’s taking you and it’s so big and out of your reach that you genuinely believe it’s impossible or might be a lie from the devil? Well, your favorite host has a tip to help you with that vision.
10/4/20236 minutes, 42 seconds
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E34. Your imperfect story is your Testimony

Is it possible that if the Samaritan woman hadn’t married 6 husbands, she wouldn’t have encountered Jesus at that well? My answer is, Yes! If there’s one thing we know about God, its that God has a knack for turning imperfect people into people of great influence, who’s story becomes a catalyst for salvation, transformation and deliverance in the lives of many.
9/29/202310 minutes, 12 seconds
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Evolving is Painful and God knows.

Isn’t it beautiful that even though God has called us to live a holy and perfect life, he is also aware of how painful it is? He acknowledges this in the Bible in Heb 12:11-13 TPT. It’s so comforting to know that he understands.
9/26/202310 minutes, 19 seconds
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E32. Who’s your Guy? ft. TheBlackWriter

In this episode, we talk about dissociating from people who can run you off course on this journey to becoming like Christ.
7/5/202340 minutes, 22 seconds
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EP. 31 Can’t hear God speak?

God is always speaking to us but as it turns out, not everyone knows this or hears his voice. All believers should be able to hear God speak clearly. In fact, the moment you said “Yes” to the Lordship of Jesus, your were given the ability to hear God’s voice.
5/26/202320 minutes, 43 seconds
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E30. Code name; Jesus.

The name of Jesus is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and they are safe. In this episode, Marcelle sheds more light on the most Powerful name in heaven and on earth. Everything changes just at the mention of the name, Jesus. Safety doesn’t just mean help in trouble, it means freedom of expression and vulnerability. Listen, enjoy and share 🥂
4/10/202321 minutes, 24 seconds
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E29. Millennial Prophets ft. BenTech

If I asked you to paint a picture of a prophet, I bet you would paint and old man holding a walking stick. Right? Lol. Guess what, the gift of prophecy is available to all of God’s children; Young and Old, Male and Female alike. In fact, you can have some or all of the gifts of the spirit. It all depends on your desire. In this Episode, Marcelle and her co-host BenTech, talk about their gift of prophecy and how it affects their daily living and the body of Christ. Listen, enjoy and share 🥂
1/20/202347 minutes, 35 seconds
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E28. Basics of Evangelism ft. BenTech

Our primary assignment as believers is still to preach the good news far and wide. But let’s take it back to the basics; back to how it was done before the days of technology and social media. God’s original design is for us to go and tell people the good news with our mouth backed up by the spirit of God, applying wisdom and emotional intelligence… Void of any form of Judgment. This episode aims to stir up passion and boldness in us to go out in person to preach the gospel. Listen, enjoy and share 🥂
1/13/202349 minutes, 14 seconds
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E27. Bitchy to Sweety.

Ever been in a situation where you’re being messed with but you’re so calm and quite, only to realize moments later that your calmness wasn’t normal and the old you would have racked up anyone who tried to mess with you? Well, guess what- I have. And that calmness wasn’t and still isn’t normal. It’s the Holyspirit. In this Episode, I talk about he is able to change you from being that meany to being a sweety. Listen, enjoy and share. 🥂
1/7/202324 minutes, 59 seconds
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E26. New Year, No Plan?

Typically, every new year a lot of people are super excited and pumped about the plans they have and how they can’t wait to execute. You know, New year, New me. However, there are those who just don’t get the hype because they’ve been struggling to figure out their purpose in the world and as a result, have no plans for the year. If that’s you, this episode is for you. I thought about you and prayed for you, so Abba gave me a plan for you. If you follow this plan, you’ll gradually begin to discover your purpose and the part you play in this world. Listen, enjoy and share! 🥂
1/3/202321 minutes, 9 seconds
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E25. Gratitude: A Christmas Special

There’s no better way to celebrate Christmas than being thankful for Jesus - the reason for your salvation, And for the entire year and all the good things that happened to and around you. While you eat, drink and play this Christmas, remember to maintain a heart of gratitude to God. Merry Christmas Podfam. Cheers 🥂
12/25/202219 minutes, 53 seconds
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E24. Jesus Boy, Lagos Living ft. David Garland

20 friends they say, can’t play for 20 years. But sometimes they play for 10 years, drift apart for 15 years and come back to play again. In this Episode, Marcelle catches up with her old friend Relvis, who talks about his journey as a Christian man living in Lagos and working in the entertainment industry.
12/21/202253 minutes, 32 seconds
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E23. Feminism or Christianity? Ft. Pastor Adeola Ajani

I used to be a “radical” feminist but now I don’t even go out of my was to identify as a feminist. In 2020, the lord began to take me through a painful process in a specific area of my life that moulded me into who I am today. I couldn’t understand why God was trying to tear down a part of me that I held so dear and was very passionate about. Safe to say that early this year, I finally understood why the lord took me through that journey. He needed to because of the great work he had planned for me ahead. He isn’t gonna cast his pearls before swine, so he needed to change me into the version of me he intended.
12/9/202230 minutes, 35 seconds
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E22. Sisterhood; Vulnerability & Growth ft. Rakiya Yunusa

Vulnerability is never easy and there’s no getting used to it. It requires you opening up parts of yourself that you may not even proud of. Parts of yourself that you would get judged for if you told everyone. But when you have a friend who sticks close like a brother or sister and has a relationship with the Holyspirit, vulnerability is much easier. Because more often than not, the Holyspirit already prepares their heart to receive you and all your flaws and help you through whatever you may be going through. Listen, Enjoy and Share. 🥂
12/2/202234 minutes, 27 seconds
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E21. Sisterhood; Jealousy & Envy ft. Rakiya Yunusa

We all have friends, right? But there are people God brings into your life to serve a higher purpose than friendship; They stand in as advocates for your God-ordained destiny. They are your sisters or brothers. In this Episode, Marcelle and Rakiya discuss what sisterhood really entails. Sharing their personal experiences, they go further to talk about navigating Jealousy and Envy in such a sacred relationship. Listen, Enjoy and Share 🥂
11/25/202228 minutes, 48 seconds
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E20. ONE Body

That lady you refer to as Sis. Bella in church or that guy you call Bro. Peter, do you really consider them your real Sister and Brother? Or do you call them that just because. 😒 In this Episode, Marcelle talks about what it means for the body of christ to be ONE. God has made our individual lives a lot more intertwined than we choose to admit. So we need to have each others backs, stand up for each other and defend each other in public. How dare you talk about your sibling like that on Twitter? 😳 Listen and enjoy. Cheers 🥂
11/19/202231 minutes, 34 seconds
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E19. The Reckless love of God

God looked at mankind thy didn’t give a damn about him and sent his only son as a sacrifice for our sin. Never in the history of humanity has anything more Reckless ever been done! But guess what? This is how much God loves you. It is because of that impulsive and thoughtless love he has for you that he gave you the most expensive gift freely; Jesus. In this episode, Marcelle expatiates the love of God and how that translates into salvation. She also shares a few life experiences to paint a picture of how loved she is by God. The goal is to bring Christians into the full realization of what it means to be saved and to let those who aren’t saved know that there is a kind of love that exists that will transform their lives completely and thy love is Jesus. Cheers 🥂
8/26/202236 minutes, 34 seconds
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E18. Therapy vs Jesus ft. Kelechi Prince

Are you team get a therapist when I’m dealing with issues or team talk to Jesus and let him fix it? Or are you team, why pick one when I can do both? In this episode, your hosts explore all the nuances surrounding taking your issues to therapy and Jesus. Plug in your headphones, get a glass of wine (oops, Kelechi wouldn’t like that 🤭 but you know Marcelle would totally serve you that wine herself 😉), and listen to find out what your hosts think. Cheers 🥂
7/24/202234 minutes, 5 seconds
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E17. Running from past flames, Vibes and Insha Allah

In this episode, Marcelle gives a brief life update about dealing with temptations from her past flames, speaking up for herself at work and life in general, wanting to be outsideeee but being selective about where to go. A few thoughts here and there… Enjoy 🥂
7/17/202221 minutes, 51 seconds
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E16. This is That Hot Gist everyone needs to hear ft. Kelechi Prince

Who doesn’t like interesting gist? 😆Marcelle and Kelechi had a life changing experience and they tell it all on this episode. 😋 They want everything they say to inspire and motivate you to yearn for more out of life. Because, we can assure you that there’s more 🔥 There’s always so much more 🔥🔥🔥 Enjoy and stay evolving! 🥂
7/9/202244 minutes, 14 seconds
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E15. Meet your Hosts ft. Kelechi Prince

In this episode we introduce you to your hosts; Marcelle & Kelechi. Many of you already know Marcelle but she’s evolved since you last heard from her, so a re-introduction wouldn’t hurt. Kelechi just joined the clan and he’s here to stay!!! We’re giving you a sneak peek into his life and what he’s about. This a laid back episode, so relax and sip some wine while you listen. Oh snap! Kelechi thinks drinking wine is bad 🤭 Perhaps, relax, get your Bible while you listen. Haha! Cheers 🥂
6/25/202245 minutes, 2 seconds
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E14. Maintaining long term friendships ft. Mary & Fisayo

Just like romantic relationships, friendships require just as much intentionality and effective communication in order for it to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, many people just don’t place much value on their friendships. In this episode, two of my besties and I discuss how we’ve been able to maintain our amazing friendship from across different parts of the world for over 14 years. However, in the spirit of keeping it real, we also tell each other the hurtful things we did that affected the dynamics of our friendship for a while... let’s just say we all kissed and made up. Cheers to building and maintaining wholesome friendships 🥂
4/3/202131 minutes, 10 seconds
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E13. BDSM and other Sexual fantasies in godly marriages ft. Mary and Fisayo.

Is there a limit to the kinds of sexual adventures that are appropriate in a Christian marriage? In this episode filled with banter, laughter and Amala, my friends and I share our opinions on sexual fantasies and what’s appropriate or not. Listen and Enjoy!
3/28/202121 minutes, 32 seconds
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E12. Heyyy! Let’s catch up.

After being away for about 5months, in this episode Marcelle updates her listeners about what’s been happening in her life, country and the world in general. So, let’s catch up!
11/9/202032 minutes, 59 seconds
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E11. Navigating Friendships with non-Christians.

Being friends with people who aren’t followers of Christ and don’t understand how much Jesus means to you can be very complicated. Sometimes you feel your bond with these people would be stronger if only y’all shared in the same faith. Here’s the good news, it’s possible to build and maintain healthy friendships with people who are on a different spiritual path. Listen to learn how.
6/20/202045 minutes, 7 seconds
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E10. To anyone who’s finding it difficult to Trust God’s Process.

If you’re currently going through a phase of uncertainty, hopelessness, stagnancy, a phase where everyone but you seems to be making progress, a phase where you’re finding it so difficult to trust in God’s process... These verses of encouragement are for you.
5/19/202016 minutes, 8 seconds
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E9. Celibacy Conversations Ft. Martha.

Many people, Christians especially find it difficult to have conversations about Sex. In this episode we share our experiences on our celibacy journey; the challenges we face and how we’ve been able to stay the course. I hope you learn a thing or two.
5/9/202036 minutes, 5 seconds
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E8. Influence of Culture on our Christian Lifestyle.

Many of us may not agree but our culture/background/physical environment has a huge influence on our Christian lifestyle. Our various Cultures, though warped by sin, is a gift from God. But I believe when studying the Bible to draw meaning, we need to put our culture, background and differences aside in order to find true meaning of the word of God.
4/26/202023 minutes, 9 seconds
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E7. 5 Questions to ask in the “Talking Stage”.

I saw a tweet about someone who was in the talking stage for 7 months. 7 whole months!!! Why do you need more than 1 month to find out if you can get into a relationship with that guy/girl? If you ask these 5 necessary questions, you’ll have your answer in no time.
4/16/202018 minutes, 6 seconds
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E6. Attitude Check.

Everyone needs to be self aware enough to admit to their character flaws and make improvements. Dear Christians, it’s not enough for you to say you have faith but leave your attitude unchecked. How do you treat people around you? Do people have good things to say about your character? Listen to this podcast to learn more.
4/8/202025 minutes, 43 seconds
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E5. Negative Effects of social media on relationships Ft. Fisayoade.

Social media is a tool that can be used to our advantage or disadvantage. On this podcast we shed light on the negative effects of social media on relationships. We also share ways you can prevent or minimize those effects on your relationships.
3/29/202053 minutes, 25 seconds
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E4. Jesus Flipped the Switch.

Jesus literally change my life. I went from being a lover of the things of the world to having no interest in them anymore. Listen for all the details.
3/27/202057 minutes, 16 seconds
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E3. Godly Dating 101 Ft. Bibilamour04.

Most people think godly dating only means not having sex while dating but that’s not true. A godly relationship entails so much more than abstinence from sex or Celibacy. Let’s go back to the basics, godly dating 101.
3/26/20201 hour, 4 minutes, 23 seconds
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E2. Dealing with your Partner’s Dark Past Mistakes Ft. Ope & Josh Kesena.

What do you do when your potential partner is now saved but has a very dirty and dark past? Sex addiction, substance abuse, abortions, murder... you name it. How do you handle all that baggage?
3/21/202056 minutes, 56 seconds
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E1. The Chase (Shooting your shot) Ft. Precious & Salem.

I run a community of unmarried Christians who have devoted their minds and bodies to God unto marriage. From time to time, we have conversations surrounding Celibacy, relationships and everything in between. Those conversations will be posted on this podcast, for a wider audience. On this episode our guest speakers tell us how to make advances towards people we are interested in and how to know when we have found “The One”. Enjoy!
3/17/202032 minutes, 17 seconds