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English, Children-Kids, 1 seasons, 30 episodes, 2 hours 53 minutes
Santa Claus is telling us what he’s doing in the lead-up to December 25th and is chatting about all the things he likes most about his favourite time of year. (Hint: Mince pies.) We're also hearing what's happening in the world of Fun Kids, the UK's children's radio station, including bits from their brand new pantomime, Adventures in Pantoland!
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Naughty or nice? (Dec 4)

Santa's been reading all of your letters including one from Ben who's been donating his unused toys to charity! We also find out how GPS helps Santa navigate millions of destinations efficiently and learn about some of the advanced electronics, including laser sensors and a naughty-or-nice sensor, on his sleigh...  Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
04/12/20235 minutes 22 seconds
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Claus' Christmas lights (Dec 3)

Santa talks about the cold weather in the North Pole and Mrs. Claus' opinion on Christmas lights. The big man also answers a question from Isabella about whether he will be bringing gifts this year, assuring listeners that nothing will stop him and the reindeer from delivering presents to good girls and boys!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
03/12/20234 minutes 49 seconds
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Santa's getting punny (Dec 2)

Santa's sharing some Christmas jokes and puns that he and the elves have been enjoying. We also discuss the aerodynamics of Santa's sleigh including the importance of reducing drag and creating an aerodynamic shape for efficient travel. Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
02/12/20235 minutes 30 seconds
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Crack open the advent calendar! (Dec 1)

Santa Claus is back and counting down the days until Christmas with a tour of wrapping department and the massive warehouse where presents are stored! We're discussing the science behind Christmas, revealing fascinating numbers such as the number of children Santa delivers gifts to, the amount of milk and mince pies he consumes, and the distance he would need to walk to burn off those calories... Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
01/12/20235 minutes 43 seconds
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Sleigh M.O.T (Dec 22nd)

Today Santa and the elves are making sure his Sleigh is in tip-top condition to make the journey around the world!Join Fun Kids Podcasts+: for privacy information.
22/12/20227 minutes 44 seconds
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The Santa Daily starts December 1st

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17/11/202252 seconds