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The "S" Zone

English, Finance, 1 seasons, 5 episodes, 1 hour 51 minutes
The "S" Zone is hosted by Sheronde Glover who covers business and life strategies to propel personal and professional growth.
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Acing it and Leading Under Pressure

Leadership reflection from the Will Smith, Chris Rock drama. As a high performing leader at the top of your game, how do you lead under pressure? What are your triggers and contingency plan for self-care and emotional well-being?
28/03/202215 minutes 8 seconds
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Personal Growth During a Pandemic

We've been through a lot with this pandemic. Is there room for personal growth?
08/01/202117 minutes 22 seconds
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Creating a Business with Passion

Ian Westermann of Essential Tennis shares how he built his business around his passion for tennis along with strategies for how to win on and off the court.
19/08/202042 minutes 44 seconds
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Intention & Purpose

Have you ever wondered what does it take to be more intentional and to stay on purpose? Let's talk about it.
08/03/201917 minutes 9 seconds
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The Power of Reflecting and Releasing

It's a fast-paced world. How often are you taking the time to reflect and release?
01/02/201919 minutes 23 seconds