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The Russell Brand Podcast

English, Comedy, 1 season, 24 episodes, 18 hours, 55 minutes
The team that brought you ‘Nanacdotes’ and ‘Pin Pin’ return to discuss Russell’s Hollywood adventures, Matt’s life as a father and everything in between. Accompanied as always by Mr Gee.
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24: The Final Episode

A Nicholas Cage quiz, lucid dreaming and a feminist, it could only be The Russell Brand Podcast. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
5/17/201559 minutes, 28 seconds
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23: The Inaccessible Garden

Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for the latest podcast. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
5/13/201551 minutes, 35 seconds
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22: Pointless Crap

Join Russell, Matt and Gee for their latest podcast.
5/10/201544 minutes, 18 seconds
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21: Sex Mad

Bikini bodies, Coldplay, Siamese twins and a chat with Dr Pam. Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for another mind-bending podcast. #RussellBrandPodcast *Contains Explicit Content
5/6/201554 minutes, 7 seconds
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20: A New Low For Pornstars

Fill your boots as Russell, Matt and Mr Gee discuss Prince Philip, Elephant Man dress ups, director David Lynch and Katie Hopkins. #RussellBrandPodcast •Contains Explicit Content
5/3/201537 minutes, 34 seconds
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19: No Boundaries

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee are joined by professional urban runner Bradley Garrett who shares his 'Place-Hacking' experience and gives Russell advice on his new feature - As The Crow Flies. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/29/201550 minutes, 14 seconds
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18: Going Straight

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee speaking to an AMSR artist, what could go wrong? Oh and there’s the small matter of £400k in a box. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/26/201550 minutes, 20 seconds
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17: Robin Longfellow?

Have you ever wanted your own Nuclear Bunker? Russell, Matt and Mr Gee speak to the owner of Kelvedon Hatch Secret Nuclear Bunker. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/22/201547 minutes, 23 seconds
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16: Genghis Brand

As the Belly Bounce phenomenon continues to spread, Russell, Matt and Gee speak to El Nordico, the Belly Bouncing Ice Viking wrestler from Bethnal Green. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/19/201533 minutes, 55 seconds
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15: Joined At The Hip

Imagine a world where Russell and Matt were siamese twins, how would the podcast work? Find out in episode 15. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/15/201547 minutes, 13 seconds
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14: Der Der Der DERRR

Russell driving a lorry in Morocco with Nicolas Cage, what could go wrong? Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee for the latest podcast. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/12/201543 minutes, 54 seconds
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13: A Spiritual Quest

Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee on their spiritual quest, including a trip to see the Hugging Saint, prison life and creme eggs. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/8/201544 minutes, 9 seconds
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12: Crazy Resting Face

An ostrich, a new cafe and an Einstein quote. It’s all in the latest podcast with Russell, Matt and Mr Gee. #RussellBrandPodcast *Contains Explicit Content
4/5/201548 minutes, 54 seconds
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11: Sat Bolt Upright

Did Russell and Matt ever date jazz singers? Who is uncle Jim? And why does Matt make his own washing powder? All the big questions are answered in Episode 11 of The Russell Brand Podcast #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
4/1/201550 minutes, 1 second
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10: The Fame Game

Would you recognise Orlando Bloom if he turned up at your front door? Russell doesn't think so. Find out what Matt and Mr Gee think of Russell's new feature Ding Dong Who's That Knocking On Your Door. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
3/29/201545 minutes, 47 seconds
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9: Relaxing The Law

Join Russell, Matt and Mr Gee as they journey through the Isle of Man, Belgium and India with a stop in New Zealand. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
3/25/201546 minutes, 30 seconds
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8: Something About Telephones

Join Russell, Matt and Gee as they attempt to find their telephone neighbours and are joined by a special guest. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content | Brought to you by - sign up at for your first book free and a 30-day trial subscription
3/22/201547 minutes, 26 seconds
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7: Translate This!

Russell, Matt and Gee discuss meeting the Dalai Lama, Red Nose Day and of course the infamous Belly Bounce. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
3/18/201547 minutes, 40 seconds
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6: Blanket Demands

Russell Brand, Matt Morgan and poet laureate Mr Gee embark on another podcast - with a blanket. #RussellBrandPodcast •contains explicit content
3/15/201549 minutes
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5: Beeped Out People

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee discuss man's disconnection from nature and much more. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content Sponsored by Audible - sign up to get your first book free at
3/11/201546 minutes, 44 seconds
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4: The Hollywood Mole

Wild life tales from Russell and Matt with rhyme and reason from Mr Gee. #RussellBrandPodcast contains explicit content | This podcast is brought to you in association with Squarespace: sign up at or with code BRAND for special offers.
3/8/201546 minutes, 38 seconds
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3: Bright Future?

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee discuss whether or not the future is bright for mankind. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content | This podcast is brought to you in association with Squarespace: sign up at or with code BRAND for special offers.
3/4/201544 minutes, 53 seconds
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2: Top Thinker

Russell, Matt and Mr Gee on changing times and the greatest thinkers. #russellbrandpodcast Contains Explicit Content
3/1/201551 minutes, 4 seconds
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1: Re-tethered Souls

Russell, Matt Morgan and Mr Gee are back with their 1st podcast in a very long time. #russellbrandpodcast Note: contains explicit content
2/27/201546 minutes, 14 seconds