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English, Sports, 3 seasons, 59 episodes, 2 days 7 hours 40 minutes
This is a podcast about running and storytelling. Each episode we’ll talk to a runner and hear their story. Running is never just about running there’s always so much more to it!
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Wandisile Ndoda Nkwalase on Traveling to Run

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22/11/202334 minutes 55 seconds
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James McDonald - on Running Around the World and Testing Mental and Physical Barriers

James is an avid runner, originally from England but currently travelling around Asia, keeping his daily run streak alive.At almost 500 days of running everyday, James sees it as a running challenge as well as an opportunity to combine two of his greatest passions - running and travel.He treats running as mental therapy and openly discusses how it’s benefited his mental well-being over the past few years.James has completed a variety of distances in the UK and around the world, and is currently battling against busy travel days, heat and humidity as well as the unpredictability of new running routes every day.LinksInto the WildBorn to Run: A Hidden Tribe, Superathletes and the Greatest Race the World Has Never Seen -by Chrstopher McDougall<a href=''
08/10/20231 hour 6 minutes 5 seconds
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Recap on Team SA at the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships - with Linda Doke

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22/06/202331 minutes 14 seconds
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Bonus Episode - Coach's Corners with Martin Crous

Martin is an ultra runner who has competed in ultra road and trail running events from 50km to 100 miles. He was born and raised in Durban, South Africa, the home of the Comrades Marathon – the prestigious 90km road race. Martin studied civil engineering in Johannesburg after spending three years living abroad during his teenage years. After 14 years in the industry, Martin translated the discipline, precision, and creativity gained from engineering into running coaching and hosting trail running events. Martin is a valued member of the Summit Events team, specializing in organizing world-class trail running events. He is also a committed coach who takes pride in guiding his athletes towards achieving their running potential. The athletes who have been guided by him have successfully achieved podium finishes in trail races and have exhibited outstanding performances in marathons across the globe.Martin&apos;s Ins
15/05/202343 minutes 56 seconds
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Bonus Episode Coach's Corner with Linda Doke - Advice for New Runners

Linda has three decades of ultra-distance running  experience, she has raced trail, through canyons, on beaches, deserts, islands, glaciers, salt flats, over mountains, escarpments and peaks. Linda is a very experience Ultra Runner, but in addition to that she is also a coach. This episode is for any new runners we talk about * helpful strategies for new runners* how to get started* how to avoid injury  * how to stay motivated * how to set goals LinksJesse Eitzler - MisogiLinda&apos;s InstagramLinda&apos;s Facebook PageLinda&apos;s WebpageSupport the show
23/03/202347 minutes 49 seconds
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Bonus Episode Coach's Corner - Prodigal Khumalo

This is a series of bonus episodes where I interview 3 coaches. Episode 1 is with Prodigal Khumalo. The advice is for help in setting running goals and acheiving them. We talk about:Starting out as a new runnerHow to set running goalsCommon mistakes that runners makeProdigal is an Ultra distance runner both on road and trail. He is a Comrades gold medalist and hast won the UTCT 100k twice. He founded ORCAS running academy in Durban, where he coaches and mentors young runnersSupport the show
23/02/20239 minutes 32 seconds
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Admire Muzopambwa

Admire is a professional runner, private chef and father. Admire has numerous achievements including a third-place finish at the Karkloof Trail Series 2021 100 milers, a 4th place finish at the Ultra-Trail Drakkensburg  2021 100km race. Admire also participated in the Nedbank Reunified 50km world record attempt. Admire is also an Asics Front RunnerLinksAsics FrontRunnerAdmire&apos;s FacebookAdmire&apos;s InstagramChef Admire&apos;s InstagramRunning with the Kenyans<a href='h
13/02/202246 minutes 9 seconds
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Bonus Episode: Breakdown of the 2021 Karkloof Trail Weekend with Jack Davis

This is a Facebook Live chat I had with one of the race directors of the Karkloof Trail series, we talk about the runners to watch out for this weekend for the 100 and 50 milers as well as what to expect.Support the show
24/09/202120 minutes 34 seconds
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The Running Voyager (Trailer)

23/01/202134 seconds