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English, Education, 1 seasons, 90 episodes, 19 hours 13 minutes
#1 Bestselling author. Dedicating my life to help you play your best game & do your best work.
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4 Truths To Grow Self-Love

Imagine learning a protocol that will help you grow personal respect and self-love?   You can’t give to the world what you don’t have, right?   As you love yourself more, you’ll grow intimacy with your natural genius, discover your truest powers and honor your highest self.
05/03/202017 minutes 9 seconds
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The Best Life Lesson My Father Taught Me

In this hot new episode of The Mastery Sessions, I walk you through the single greatest lesson my father shared with me for a life rich with joy, peace and wonder. I hope all this free content I work so very hard to make valuable and tactical is serving your rise into the rare-air of world-class well.
20/02/20205 minutes 34 seconds
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How I Handle Haters

Anything original will disrupt the normal. And so those who feel threatened will find it easier to throw stones at you than send appreciation to you. It’s easier to shoot the messenger than embrace a revolutionary message, isn’t it. And so, I’ve made a hot new Mastery Session walking you through The Troll Deconstruction that will teach you some powerful tactics to handle any haters that try to limit your performance.
06/02/202016 minutes 28 seconds
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The Bald Man In The Big Mercedes

Ready to learn about “WRAM Syndrome”? [one of the primary reasons good people fail]. Set to learn how to maintain the “white-belt mentality” requires to dominate your domain and live the life of your highest ambitions? Fascinated in learning what “the bald man in the big Mercedes” can teach us about winning, mastery and reaching legendary? If yes, go ahead and listen to this episode of The Mastery Sessions. 
01/08/201911 minutes 22 seconds
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Lessons On Sorrow as Fuel for Joy

I’m delighted to offer you this hot new episode of The Mastery Sessions where I read you one of my favourite passages from the work and then share how it will help you rise into your mastery, bravery and utmost humanity. The Prophet by Kalhil Gibran just might be my favorite book.’s hard to say, really.   I love so many books. Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Man’s Search for Meaning. Long Walk to Freedom.   Yet The Prophet is so very special to me.   During the Winters of my life it has consoled me.   Amid the Summers of my journey it has inspired me.
11/07/20197 minutes 59 seconds
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The Big Lie of Positive Thinking

I believe this email will be profoundly valuable to your rise to your finest self and for your ascent to your greatest life. Our culture suggests that if you would only become a more positive thinker, everything would be amazing. And yet an excellent psychology and a superb belief system with a messy emotionality and toxic feelings being carried from past hurts will never deliver the creativity, productivity, performance and peace that you’re looking for... ...This is a very disruptive idea that runs counter to what most pundits in the field of personal development and leadership are teaching. ...I believe it’s the #1 reason why most learning doesn’t last. We get the insights at an intellectual level only. And we fail to integrate it into our heart. This calibrated new episode of The Mastery Sessions will really help you understand the power of emotional healing as a profound success tool. And why a world-class mindset without a purified heartset w
27/06/201926 minutes 49 seconds
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How to Rule the World

On a relatively recent trip to LA I experienced majestic coincidences, marvellous synchronicity and—at times—outright magic that showed me a secret universe of possibilities. In this super-valuable new episode of The Mastery Sessions, I decode precisely what you need to do so seemingly impossible dreams, events and opportunities just show up [when you least expect it]. You’re going to love this session so listen to it now.
13/06/201917 minutes 5 seconds
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6 things I wish I’d learned at 20

I wish I had learned 6 absolutely transformational insights when I was twenty years old... ...I’ve embraced and integrated them now, yet not knowing them cost me a lot over the years. In this inspirational yet content-rich episode of my Mastery Sessions podcast [that is being watched by many millions of people in over 100 countries], I walk you through the principles and provide tactics so you can apply them—starting today.
30/05/201920 minutes 40 seconds
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How to Produce Your Masterwork

In this latest Mastery Session and then walk you through: —how to live in the hearts of those you leave behind —the importance of being both a warrior and a poet for maximum success —the best ways to become more awake and truly alive —tactics to balance productivity with peacefulness
16/05/20199 minutes 9 seconds
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4 Methods Superstars Use to Protect Their Energy

In this session you will learn: 1. A framework that athletic champions and titans of industries are currently using to x25 not only their energy, but also their performance. 2. The value of deep recovery and why professional athletes spend so much time sleeping. 3. My new framework called The Trinity of Radiant Vitality, and how to leverage it to get much more done in a day than most people do in a month. 4. How to use my Joy as a GPS model to not only amplify your productivity, but escalate your lifestyle so that you win in the most important areas of your life.
02/05/201919 minutes 10 seconds
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4 Excellent Habits To Beat Distraction

I'm so very excited to share with you a fresh + robust new Mastery Session called 4 Excellent Habits to Beat Digital Distraction. As you know: legendary producers + history-makers all understand that you can dominate your domain by producing masterpieces or be playing with your phone all day long, but you don't get to do both.
18/04/201920 minutes
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How to Be Comfortable Being Alone

Most people on the planet today are terrified of being alone. And yet, there are multiple benefits that come to the leader who carries the wisdom of being alone more often in this noisy world. I'm so very excited to share this fresh episode of The Mastery Sessions with you, as I know it will bring some super valuable ideas to the way you work, as well as the way you live.
04/04/20198 minutes 18 seconds
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Five Ways to Rise Above a Hard Time

In this episode you're about to discover a method to see hard times as part of the purification process of your personal heroism + how to take your wounds and turn them into wisdom and transform your stumbling blocks into stepping stones. I'll also walk you through the importance of feeling a feeling to heal a feeling [Heartset work].
21/03/201922 minutes 25 seconds
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Why Kindness Is Not A Weakness

I'm absolutely delighted to share with you a hot new #MasterySession entitled Why Kindness Is Not A Weakness. In this session you will learn: 1. Why industry titans use kindness to build strong bonds with their community so they can lead their field. 2. The phenomenon of "Limbic Hijack", and how it deactivates your primal genius so you fail to do your mighty mission. 3. How Nelson Mandela leveraged his compassion to lead the world. 4. How to transform fear into faith and insecurity into audacity for outstanding results.
07/03/201912 minutes 30 seconds
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Why So Few Succeed

I hope you're doing wonderfully and I'm very excited to share this new episode of The Mastery Sessions on "Why So Few Succeed."  Love + respect, Robin
22/11/201814 minutes 12 seconds
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A Tool to Recover Your Focus

I know this tool will be valuable to you as you rise to exponential productivity and live a life that makes history.
06/09/201811 minutes 7 seconds
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The Alternate Orbit of History's Heroes

This episode will walk you through how the great heroes of history think, operate and live. I really hope this Mastery Session that I've worked so hard to make for you, serves your rise to world-class in all you do.
26/07/201818 minutes 3 seconds
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How Warriors Battleproof Elite Health

In this hot new Mastery Session, I deconstruct the game-changing tactics used by warriors throughout time to sustain peak health + performance.
12/07/201811 minutes 57 seconds
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A Quick System for a Spectacular Life

I'm very happy to send you this new episode of The Mastery Sessions, which will walk you through a quick system to help you set up a spectacular life. In it you’ll learn how a legacy statement can sharpen your focus and reconnect you to what you want to stand for + why selecting your non-negotiable values is integral to living a life you’re proud of at the end.
28/06/201812 minutes 8 seconds
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How to Fearlessly Speak your Opinion

I'm delighted to share a hot new episode of The Mastery Sessions with you that will walk you through how to speak your opinion, even when you feel frightened to do so. I hope this session really helps you rise as an elite performer as well as a human being committed to living your finest life.
14/06/201812 minutes 23 seconds
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The 4 Interior Empires of History-Makers

If you've been following my work for the past few years you've likely heard me teach "Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset." Calibrating these four inner dimensions to world-class is the very DNA of greatness, when it comes to creativity, productivity, prosperity and impact.
31/05/201819 minutes 30 seconds
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9 Rules for a Monumental Life

I unlock massive value for you in this potent new Mastery Session. I get superdeep into some insights I usually don't share publicly as they are part of my personal philosophy. In this new episode you'll discover: --the need to "walk the earth gently" --why originality is the DNA of legendary. --how to be true to your gifts, even when it hurts. --tactics to optimize your craft + raise your game. --the importance of the "Leader Lead Thyself" [that I first wrote about 20 years ago in Leadership Wisdom from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari] concept when it comes to influencing people around you, dominating your field and becoming a true hero of humanity.
17/05/201834 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Be Human Again

In this Mastery Session you'll discover: --The Gift of Presence as a tool to astonish. --The importance of pursuing connection over cash and purpose over profit. --How the great heroes built understanding and forgiveness. --Why being the kindest person in every room your in wins.
26/04/201822 minutes 35 seconds
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The #1 Habit SuperProducers Run Daily

This morning routine has helped millions of people dramatically improve their productivity and performance. I shot this hot new Mastery Session where I deconstruct the protocol and then walk you through [in pretty granular detail] The 20/20/20 Formula that sits at the base of this extraordinary habit.
12/04/201820 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

My Top 5 Private Leadership Values

In this new Mastery Session, I share the Top 5 values that guide my life, with the hope they help you clarify yours.
29/03/201825 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Billionaires Achieve Giant Goals

Interested in learning how the Superstars set goals? Fascinated to discover a process that The Top 5% use to architect and implement a world-class life? Great. Then go ahead and listen to this remarkable new Mastery Session. Wishing you giant success + major impact. Love, Robin
15/03/201829 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Legendary Leaders Speak

One of the primary jobs of a leader and an A-Player is influence. Yet so few people understand the hidden dynamics of masterful communicators and how the great heroes of humanity inspired their followers, via their words. And so I created this Mastery Session that deconstructs the 5 most powerful skills the best influencers on the planet practice. This episode will also be super helpful to you as you grow relationships with your loved ones and friends.
01/03/201825 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Deep Confusion As A Victory Tool

Society teaches us that confusion needs to be avoided. I suggest to you, that without confusion, there is no growth. In this new Mastery Session, I walk you through how to turn pain into power and setbacks into strength and the importance of waking into the places that scare you. We'll also go through key insights for winning in difficult times and how the pros stay exceptionally positive in down periods.
07/12/20179 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Real Reasons Good People Fail

In this episode you'll learn why you absolutely need to make your faith in winning larger than your fear of failing + how legendary leaders shift from blaming to growing + powerful ways to leap from distracted to a disruptor, who owns the field + the importance is "extreme relentlessness" when it comes to personal mastery and lifelong leadership.
20/11/201719 minutes 36 seconds
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What Makes a World-Class Company

This is definitely one of the best Mastery Sessions yet... Massive value and transformational insights from my 20+ years advising many of the best companies in the world. If you're a business-builder, this episode is an absolute must-listen. Share it with your team as well and build some discussions around it so you all rise to your next level of performance.
26/10/201728 minutes 3 seconds
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The Traits That Make You Strange Are The Gifts That Make You Special

This episode is a deconstruction of an acronym I love: OAD [Obsessive Attention to Detail]. A deconstruction is basically a shift from superficiality. You see most people stuck in the majority, the 95%, it's not a judgment, it's just an observation. When you say, "Why are you healthy," or "What's your winning formula?", or "What are the five best lessons of your life?," or "What's the philosophy you bring to the leadership table?", or "What does the next 100 years of your life look like?"
12/10/201724 minutes 28 seconds
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The 2 Massage Protocol

In this session, you'll discover: --the meaning of "mundanity" and how it will help you multiply your results exponentially over time. --fascinating moves the NBA stars, peak entrepreneurs and industry legends make every day to win --how "The 2 Massage Protocol" weekly routine that I've helped famous CEOs and celebrity billionaires install to absolutely maximize their daily performance [and sleep less] will change the game for YOU.
28/09/201716 minutes 32 seconds
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The 90/90/1 Rule for Exponential Productivity

For the next 90 days, devote the first 90 minutes of your work day to the best opportunity in your life. Nothing else. Zero distractions.
28/08/201715 minutes 10 seconds
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Fast Fire

This episode is a relatively quick one where I'm going to deconstruct one of my well-known brain tattoos. It's essentially this: "Make your 'I can' more important than even your IQ."
27/07/201712 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Kanye Poster Insight

In this Mastery Session you'll learn how to create explosive confidence like Kanye West.
12/06/20177 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

The 7,000 Ferraris Philosophy

We live in a world, I call it the cult of superficiality, addicted to distraction, afflicted by interruption. So we take the trinity of our performance assets, our mental focus, our physical energy, and our willpower, those are the three primary assets of a world-class producer, and we diffuse them, we disperse them, around thousands of projects, lots of little things. And yet I think of the 7,000 Ferrari philosophy. They are world class in terms of producing iconic automobiles, vehicles, but they don't want to appeal to everyone. They don't produce hundreds of thousands of vehicles. They want to do a few products, they want to bring out a few things, but do them really, really well. That's really the craftsmen mindset. That's how craftsmen think: "Do few things, but do them really well."
25/05/20175 minutes 19 seconds
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The Three "I" Mindset For Extreme Leadership

This Mastery Session comes out of my book, The Leader Who Had No Title. Really, I want you to dial in as a leader of your life as well as a leader in your work about 3 I's: Influence, Impact and Inspiration
11/05/20178 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Adventure as a Performance Fuel

This Mastery Session will kickstart your adventurous spirit. A life without novelty, curiosity and exciting journeys is a life mildly lived. I know this episode will remind you about some important values and some essential moves so this year becomes your finest yet.
20/04/201713 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to Pick Your Social Network

Your peers determine your performance. And your influences drive your inspiration. This new Mastery Session will walk you through how to pick a strong social network, the science on why getting this piece of your best life is mission-critical and what happens if we keep toxic people in our lives.
06/04/201712 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

A Message to Our Children

I'm really excited to share this new Mastery Session with you as it's all about developing children of high integrity, deep ingenuity and strong leadership capability. In this episode you'll discover: --specific tactics to deepen your relationship with your kids --how to grow children who lead and excel --ways to build your children into genius-level performers who raise the world via their lives.
23/03/20179 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cemetery Walking as a Life Mastery Tool

I believe you'll get a lot of perspective and insight from this hot new Mastery Session. In it, I explain: --why I read obituaries regularly --the reason why connecting with your mortality is a wonderful source of creative fire --the power of connecting to the shortness of life as a vehicle to transcend your limits. Own your craft. Raise your impact. Enrich the world. Your fan always, Robin
09/03/20178 minutes 31 seconds
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Why To Love Your Haters

I think you'll find deep value in this very sincere message. --you want to be the finest version of your best potential --you want to do world-class work and inspire all witnesses --you wish to impact society while you leave a mark on history. If I know you as I believe I do, the Mastery Session that I've just released today will be massively helpful on your rise to legendary. Personal sharing: as my profile grows, I've had a few people who have tried to bring me down. As I've heightened my obsession to serve, I've had some critics who have hoped I'd fall. As I've helped more human beings live their greatness + lead world-class lives, I've had some haters who have tried to dim my light. Yet--rather than burying me, these "spiritual friends" have built me. And I've used the rocks they threw at me to build monuments of forgiveness, understanding, wisdom and compassion within me. If my words are speaking to
23/02/20179 minutes 5 seconds
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How To Love Life's Great Seasons

Hope this episode causes some neat breakthroughs for you. I dig deep into the seasons of life. And what you can learn from each one when it comes to personal mastery, professional leadership and being an outright game-changer.
09/02/20178 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

What Rich Really Means

I've spent 20+ years advising billionaires, celebrated CEOs and other titans of industry on how to multiply their income, lift their influence + unleash their highest impact. Here's one of the strange paradoxes I've observed: A number of them are super-wealthy but very poor. --they have money yet lack meaning --they have a large net worth but low self-worth --they have jets and yachts but no joy and peace. So, in this new Mastery Session that I'm ultra-excited to share with you today, you'll learn what real wealth is all about.
12/01/20178 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

The 4 Signs of a Genius Entrepreneur

When I met Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple at The Titan Summit in Zurich he shared an insight I'll carry with me always. --yes, he taught those blessed to be in the room with this giant of industry to make sure our work represented BIW: Best in The World [and his winning moves to do so] --yes, he noted that he was obsessed, as he invented Apple's first computer, with producing a product that no one had ever seen [with color and symbols] --yes, he made us laugh when the blue box he and Steve Jobs were marketing for free phone calls was used by him to call the Pope Yet--what I'll never forget from that unique encounter with a game-changing genius is this one line he offered to me as I interviewed him on the stage: I made a decision early on that when people were not nice to me I'd be nice to them. In this Mastery Session called "The 4 Signs of a Genius Entrepreneur" you'll discover: --how to become the
29/12/201610 minutes 51 seconds
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5 Rituals That Predict Success

These are 5 SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures), that I encourage you to wire into your daily life through consistent practice, because as you know so well, consistency is the mother of mastery. It's not what you do once every year that is going to allow you to live a legendary life, it's what you do every single day. The ritual of early rising The ritual of strategic time-blocking The ritual of over-delivering The 60-minute student The ritual of private reflection
15/12/201611 minutes 44 seconds
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Why Great Leaders Are Devoted Readers

I wanted to share with you 3 reasons why great leaders - the one's I've worked with, you know, many of the fortune 500 CEO's, billionaires, titans of industry, why great leaders really are devoted readers: Reading a book is nothing more than having a conversation with the author; Reading collapses the timeline; Reading sustains hope; Thank you so much for following these Mastery Sessions, and sharing them with your friends, and your teammates, and I'll see you next time.
01/12/20168 minutes 45 seconds
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How To Handle a Bad Day

I'm doing this Mastery Session because so many people have been asking, "How do you really take a bad day and restructure it so that you can actually turn it into something valuable?" I'm going to share with you the 5 Ps of turning a bad day into a valuable and even an epic day: Perspective Pivot Pharmacy Pages Planet
27/10/20168 minutes 15 seconds
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How Change-Makers Generate Confidence

Here are the 5 ways Change-Makers generate confidence: Study the alchemy Flow with the seasons Bulletproof your TBTF Understand that the brain has a natural negativity bias Stop comparing 
13/10/201620 minutes 6 seconds
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5 Leadership Lessons My Mentors Have Taught Me

Newton once said "If I have seen more than others, it is because I have stood on the shoulders of giants." I don't know if you have a mentor, but if you don't have a mentor, you'll want to get one as swiftly as possible because we become our influences, we become our conversations. We think and perform like the people we surround ourselves with in our orbit. Here are the 5 Leadership Lessons My Mentors Have Taught Me: 1. Run Your Own Race 2. Be Willing To Be Eccentric 3. Stand for World-Class 4. Be Deep vs Be Light 5. Be Kind
29/09/201611 minutes 52 seconds
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How Business Titans Do It

Nelson Mandela is a titan of humanity. Mozart is a titan of music. Edison or Einstein are titans of invention and science. In this Mastery Session I'm going to deconstruct how the best of the best in business achieve their staggeringly noticeable results.
22/09/201617 minutes 38 seconds
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The Value of Being Disliked

You can inspire the world. Or you can be liked by all. You don’t get to do both. I feel energized to share this Mastery Session with you. And I need to humbly thank you for sharing each episode I release. Millions of elite performers from 60+ nations have listened them since I started doing them a few months ago. In this one you’ll learn: how to fight the fear of conflict that stunts epic innovation ways to rise far above The Cult of Average why every visionary and titan gets ridiculed before they become revered the common mindsets of Elon Musk, Steve Wozniak, Kanye West and Usain Bolt Go for great. Own your game. Be kind. Get big things done. With love and respect, Robin  
15/09/20166 minutes 33 seconds
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The 8 Purposes of Being in Business

This Mastery Session is really a deconstruction of the eight reasons to be in business or the eight focal points as you scale up your business or scale up your team or grow your organization: 1. Fulfill Client Dreams 2. Remove Client Frustration 3. Refuel Client’s Joy 4. Distribute Value 5. Total Craft Mastery 6. Grow A Team of Picassos 7. Scale A Beautiful Life For You And Your Loved Ones 8. To Serve Humanity And To Pursue Immortality
08/09/201618 minutes 21 seconds
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The Journaling Deconstruction

I write in a journal daily. This extraordinary ritual has revolutionised my mindset, transformed my heartset and generally influenced my life exponentially. I want the same results for you. Period. And so, with deep care and the highest of focus, I recorded a new Mastery Session where I literally deconstruct my personal practice of journaling in to 7 compelling reasons to start today. Hope this helps you rise to your best and lead your field. I’ve got your back. Let’s fuel your greatness. Robin
01/09/201619 minutes 41 seconds
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The 5 Mentalities of Mastery

Seriously rich and robust stream of ideas, insights and implementation strategies that have taken me--oh, about 20 years to discover--in today's Mastery Session. Sure you've got a lot to do today. Got it. But just roll with me and watch this episode if you want to discover The 5 Mentalities of Mastery that the geniuses, business superstars and ultra-effectlive people run quietly through their minds. With a ton of encouragement, here you go: In this high-content session, you'll learn: --The Lunchbox Mentality (and how it will make you unbeatable in your field) --The phenomenon I call "The Collective De-Professionalization of Business" and how you can leverage it to your advantage today --Potent ways to release your past so you can produce your brilliant future --The peak belief of exceptional entrepreneurs (that also just happens to be the antidote to scarcity in
25/08/201613 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

How Titans Beat Irrelevance

--did you hear the story about how business icon Sam Walton got thrown into jail for pursuing innovation? --interested in learning the #1 way great companies absolutely own their industries? --want to know the dangers of "Mediocrity Creep" and how it destroys most businesses, over time? If so, carve out 8 minutes and listen to this Mastery Session that I carefully made based on one of the models I teach at my annual flagship event The Titan Summit that has helped past attendees build their fortunes and scale world-class enterprises. Hope all this free training I work so hard to make so valuable is helping you do epic things with your greatest days. Robin  
18/08/20167 minutes 41 seconds
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How To Add 100 Years To Your Life

Learning from the giants injects their knowledge into your brain. Associating with massively intelligent people and uncommonly successful performers, through their books and other content, infuses all they've understood into your days. What I'm suggesting to you is that you can add 100 years of greatness/wisdom/value and insight into the rest ‎of your life by installing what I call "The Daily 60 Minute Student Habit" onto your schedule. I recorded this Mastery Session to walk you through my latest thinking on the power of curiosity as a way to winning. Remember: Education is inoculation against disruption. And as you know more you can produce better. Be great. Stay strong. Reach for genius. Robin  
11/08/20167 minutes
Episode Artwork

The Small Win Principle For Maximum Performance

One of the best skills you'll ever hardwire into your mindset + heartset is the skill of undefeatAbility. For years I've talked about "grit" being a primary trait of the most successful people in business and the corresponding research of Angela Duckworth at University of Pennsylvania. Bottom line: it's not the brightest who wins. It's the most relentless. In this new #MasterySession, I dial into a research study of 12,000 managers and the one thing they did that created their best performing days. I'll also teach you my "Nightly 3 Ritual" which will boost your confidence, elevate your momentum and breed a Pharmacy of Mastery in your brain. Watch it here: Thank you to everyone across the planet watching The Mastery Sessions, using them at team meetings to grow market-leading organizations and sharing‎ them with their friends to help them improve their lives vastly. I handcraft each episode with a ton of care, passion + love. Happy they've be
03/08/20164 minutes 24 seconds
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What is Leadership/How Great Leaders Think

Much of my life has been a devotion to a simple expression: you can lead without a title. The old model of leadership taught us that to lead meant the need to have a formal position, high authority and a big office. But we're now in Leadership 2.0.  And if you want your organization to win. And if you want your craft to fly, you absolutely need to learn to show brilliant leadership without relying on a title [or needing one]. So, if--on this precious day of your massively important life--you're amped/excited and set to learn: --how the best leaders think --ways to leap from victim to world-builder --why growing more leaders is Job #1 --my popular
28/07/201611 minutes 23 seconds
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A Method to x100 Your Productivity

How did Jobs + Musk, Dali + Kanye, Mandela + DaVinci do it? Yes they worked their crafts, invested in their acumen, found the right mentors and exercised the grit to get their audacious visions done. But one thing every single icon who has ever graced our precious planet‎ has had in common is the ability to install systems that release their greatest productivity. Having worked with many billionaires as a leadership + elite performance advisor, I've watched how they do what they do. And I've taught them a series of "peak performance protocols" that have caused them to x100 their results, impact and contribution. These remarkable powerful proprietary systems I've created include: --The 90/90/1 Rule <span clas
21/07/201611 minutes 52 seconds
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5 Maxims for Maximum Success

I truly hope you're doing things today to fuel your joy‎, accelerate your success and move the needle toward your most audacious ambitions. If you want to grow your confidence, creativity, productivity and prosperity exponentially you really need to watch this new Mastery Session where I walk you through 5 of the most valuable and result-driving leadership principles you will ever learn. I encourage you to not only watch the episode a few times but go deep into it. Deconstruct it. Study it. Reflect on it in your journal or on your whiteboard. In a world where a superficial approach is most common, go rare-air. Be rigorous around the insights. Dial in on them. Master them. And definitely post a comment after you've gone through the podcast so I can read your thoughts on it
13/07/20169 minutes
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Potent Productivity Practices While Travelling

Today's message + insights are super-granular. Are you ready to learn: --how to use flight time for show time so you become The Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Your Field? --the awesome value of upgrading your hotel room so you bring on genius-level performance into everything you do? --my famous "Forced-Optimization Strategy" [FOS] that has helped my beloved clients at Personal Mastery Academy and my annual flagship 4 day event The Titan Summit create fortunes of uncommon success + service in our confusing world? --"The 3 Energizers" that will x100 the joy, gorgeousness and deep value of every trip you take for the remainder of your career‎? If you answered "yes" to lea
07/07/201611 minutes 4 seconds
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How To Stay Ultra Inspired

I’ve advised famous billionaires, top NBA stars, music royalty and some of the ‎most successful entrepreneurs on the planet at my annual flagship event, The Titan Summit. If there’s a single trait they all have in common it’s the “developed ability” to remain inspired not only when conditions are easy but (especially) when everything’s falling apart. I call it a “developed ability” because keeping the passion in terrifying times is a muscle, a skill that grows greater with practice. You CAN rise to world-class in your inspiration. You just need to commit. And then put in the training time. Daily. In this volatile world, with wholesale negativity, and many focusing on the worst of humanity, it has never been so important to learn how to protect your inspiration. This hot new Mastery Session, handcrafted with a lot of care and love for you, will help you do exactly that. Managing + maintaining your inspiration so you do inconic work
30/06/201611 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Importance of Becoming Famous

Well, if you want to learn: --the #1 reason to be relentless in becoming the icon of your field --how to be so revered at what you do that you need no introduction --why ego destroys exponential productivity --potent ways to dial in your psychology to become Michelangelo-level in your market --how to build a movement of Fanatical Followers... ...then definitely, carve out some time before this gift of a day is done to invest in your growth, increasing skill and best life by watching this new #MasterySession that I made with intense + immense passion. With lots of love, Robin
23/06/20166 minutes 4 seconds
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From a Job To a Craft

This Mastery Session is all about how to leap from a job to a craft. To lift your work from a job to a craft, install the perception that no work is ordinary.
16/06/20169 minutes 17 seconds
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How To Build A Team Of Picassos

Why am I doing this Mastery Session? Someone who was at The Titan Summit a few months ago told me, "The best idea that I got from the 4 day event was your concept of building a team of Picassos." In this episode I'm sharing some of my ideas on building a team of Picassos. These are not from a book I've read or from a conference I've been to. I've spent many years building multiple businesses, and I'll tell you, at my core business, I have the best team in place that I've ever had in the history of the company. What I'm going to share with you in this podcast hopefully will be a game-changer, but also will be incredibly practical because it's derived from tremendous experience. I mean, I have had to hire a lot of employees. I've had to let go of a lot of employees. I've dealt with difficult employees. I've got knocked down by some employees. I've been lifted up by a lot of employees. What I'm sharing from you comes from the heart, and it comes from the trenches.<
09/06/201610 minutes 7 seconds
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5 Quotes To Lift Your Game

I truly believe that given the twin forces of globalisation + market disruption, it has never been so important to do your finest work and lead your professional field. You're competing against top talent across the world these days. And so only the best will thrive. I love great quotes. The right line can carry an entire book's worth of insight + impact. And so I've made this new Mastery Session for you where I share 5 of my favorite quotes to evoke your highest performance. Hope this helps. And please remember: little acts of progress performed each day with consistency cause vast improvements over time. Make today count. Your fan always, Robin
02/06/20165 minutes 52 seconds
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Uncommon Tactics to Become a Genius Communicator

Whether you lead a nation, an enterprise, a community or a family, we are all in the communication business. Knowing what to say, in the right way--at the perfect moment--can mean the difference between a world-class life and an average one. As I start building out new teaching models for The Titan Summit in Zurich this December, I spent a lot of time recently deconstructing what I've learned advising and witnessing many of the world's top leaders. And I've put my best insights as well as some super-practical strategies in this brand new Mastery Session. I know the information will really help you both in your work and at your home. But like all learning, it's not going to make a difference if you don't watch this video and then, even more importantly, start practising the concepts until they wire in as habits. Go be great. Robin
26/05/20167 minutes 15 seconds
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How To Forgive a Human Being

Forgiveness isn't just a blessing you deliver to another human being. Forgiveness is also a gift you give yourself. Too many potentially fantastic performers + rare-air leaders among us have left their best creativity, productivity and impact on the table of broken dreams because they stayed stuck in the past. You can stay angry at someone who hurt you. Or you can get busy doing your visions and changing our world. But you don't get to do both. I lovingly made this new Mastery Session called How to Forgive a Human Being to elegantly help you forgive the unforgiven so you leap from any victimhood up to leadership. As always, I'm in your corner. You can be great. And now is your time. All green lights, Robin
19/05/201610 minutes 11 seconds
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The Twin Drivers of a Remarkable Life

In this new Mastery Session called The 2 Drivers of a Remarkable Life, I dig deeper into what makes heroes heroic. And how you too can step up your mindset and behavior to get there fast.
12/05/20164 minutes 52 seconds
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What The Romans Know About Greatness

In this Mastery Session I'll walk you through insights on how to x20 the quality of your work (based on Italian examples like Moncler and Ferrari), ways to scale your inspiration (from art like Trevi) and a lesson from a master in a cheese shop to make life vastly better [thank you Roberto!].
05/05/20169 minutes 49 seconds
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The Secret Of Massively Creative People

A little while ago I came across a PBS special on one of my favorite heroes, Thomas Edison. This is a man with so many patents, who achieved so much, who was so devoted to bringing on genius into the world. He clearly changed our lives. This Mastery Session is all about is his Menlo Park, where he developed this laboratory in a huge warehouse space, where he and his small team would go to work on their inventions. It would be a place where Edison could get away from the world and where he could get his best ideas, distraction-free, to bring on what he did to the world.
28/04/201610 minutes 36 seconds
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The Cure For Fear

Transcending what terrifies you and finding freedom from fear is one of the primary pursuits of people rising to world-class, both in their work and within their lives. The project you are most scared to do is the one that holds your greatest growth. So why flee from it? In this hot new Mastery Session, I walk you through some of my best thinking on how to become braver, stronger and more creative in the face of resistance.  
21/04/20168 minutes 48 seconds
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How To Never Grow Old

It's common to hear, "I'm getting older so I need to workout less" or "I'm not 21 anymore so I need to become less of a dreamer and more practical." The vast masterpieces of art, business, science and humanity were not constructed by practical people. And many of them were far older than 21 :) In this Mastery Session, I'll walk you through some potent insights + tactics to become ageless. So you become peerless.  
14/04/20167 minutes 21 seconds
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Leave The Cult of Average Today

If you’re amped to access your hidden talents, become uncommonly true to you, install rare-air audacity and learn how to transcend what terrifies you, check out this Mastery Session on Leaving The Cult of Average. And please remember: it doesn’t matter where you start, only that you begin.  
07/04/20168 minutes 8 seconds
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How To Stop Being Used

Even though I see beautiful change in the world as more people in business embrace the ideal of monomaniacal value creation and a career built on authentic contribution [business used to be only about money versus craft, community and acute service to humanity], some still feel that is they give a lot, they'll lose too much. And so I've created a Mastery Session called "How to Stop Being Used". It's pretty short but pretty valuable for you as a Leader Without a Title, A-Player and world-lifter.  
31/03/20165 minutes 1 second
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5 Things To Do Before You Die

Here’s the great seduction of a human life: we postpone doing what matters most until some time in the future when we hope it will all be easier. And yet, you’re smart so you know the truth: there will never be a better day than this day to step into the life you’ve always longed to live [and start becoming the person you’ve always hoped to be]. To reconnect you with the preciousness of life and to give you some tactical insights to x25 your sense of energy and fulfillment, I’ve made a new Mastery Session called 5 Things To Do Before You Die.  
24/03/20167 minutes 42 seconds
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The Power of Words

Part of what made people like Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa and Mahatma Gandhi legendary were the words they spoke. Please just think about it: words of hope can lift whole nations. And words of hate can destroy entire races. Victimspeak will diminish your personal output while leadertalk will galvanize it. ‎In this short but insight-filled Mastery Session you’ll learn how the best leaders inspire and move people to brilliant results.  
17/03/20164 minutes 42 seconds
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How to Grow Great Kids

So often, when I travel across the planet to deliver my Lead Without a Title presentation, my beloved event attendees ask me: "Robin, when will you write a book that helps parents raise children who are leaders?" - I have no plans to write a parenting book. But what I did do, given how many people want good information on the subject, is record a new Mastery Session called How to Grow Great Kids.  
10/03/20168 minutes 14 seconds
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How To Transform a Bad Day

In this Mastery Session I'm going to offer you some tactics that I use to make that leap from a difficult day into you being at your best again.
03/03/20166 minutes
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The 5 Consistencies of Game-Changers

This episode is all about the 5 consistencies of Game-Changers, I'll share a mneumonic to help you remember these 5 insights. It's a bit of a strange mneumonic, but it's basically this: “Elephants Do Silly Postures Working.”
25/02/20168 minutes 35 seconds
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How to Shift From Doing a Job To Working a Craft

A job is only just a job if you choose to see it as just a job. Why would you lose the opportunity to leverage what you do every day?
17/02/201613 minutes 52 seconds
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The Strangest Paradox of Leadership

This episode is part of the training series: The Robin Sharma Mastery Sessions - access all episodes here: Being a leader is about what you give versus what you get. In this episode, I’ll invite you to play with 5 POWERFUL insights on shifting from scarcity to leadership. Read the rest here: Get the mp3 of this episode here: #LWT #RobinSharma LWT RobinSharma MasterySessions
11/02/201614 minutes 54 seconds
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Powerful Tools to Overcome Pain

What I want to do in this Mastery Session is really walk you through the tools I've used in my own life to get through very difficult times.
04/02/201615 minutes 56 seconds
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Why Your Words Matter

A lot of people are very careless with their language. I mean, the words you use can lift up your energy, make you more creative. The words you use either allow you to do world-class things or the words you use deny your talents.
28/01/20166 minutes 38 seconds
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Why I Walk in the Woods

This Mastery Session really got me thinking about people who divorce themselves from the world and go out into the wilderness just to think and just to learn about themselves and just to be. In this world where so few of us are comfortable being alone, being in the wilderness, in this world where almost everywhere you go there's technology and there's noise and there's complexity. Almost everywhere you go people want to talk, talk, talk, talk. Just imagine what your life would be like as a creative person, as a leader, as a productive person, as a producer, as a human being if you installed a weekly ritual of going for a walk in the woods. To me, it's like a tonic from toxicity.
21/01/20165 minutes 55 seconds
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The True Purpose of Life

This Mastery Session is all about a question I get asked from time to time: "What's the true purpose of life?". Also in this episode, I take you back to my childhood and share some insights I've learned that can be of great use to you.
14/01/20164 minutes 38 seconds
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The Rules of Game-Changers

In this episode I’ll share 7 insights to help you push your capacities and internal limits to the very edge of your external limits. I’m going to walk you through some of the key tactics of game-changers.
07/01/201614 minutes 12 seconds
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How I Stay Creative

In this episode I share with you 6 game-changing insights on how to play at world-class in terms of creativity. Regardless of what you do, whether you’re a bookkeeper or a banker, whether you’re a taxi driver or a hamburger flipper, whether you’re a student or filmmaker, you are a creative. I want you to connect to your creative wellspring that longs to show up fully in the world.
15/12/201511 minutes 4 seconds
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Big Lessons To Win at Life

I wanted to let you in “under the kimono” a little bit and share 6 lessons that have been of service to me as I’ve walked through the journey of my life so far. I wanted to offer you some ideas that have really served me well, because I’m just like you, I’m trying to aspire to the top of the mountain over the course of the rest of my life.
15/12/201515 minutes 18 seconds