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English, Technology, 3 seasons, 15 episodes, 8 hours 39 minutes
The RIPE Labs Podcast delves into the ideas that matter to the people who operate the Internet. In each episode, we'll be talking to experts from all corners of the Internet community about how the work they do contributes to the good of the Internet and the challenges they face in making sure it keeps running. Hosted on Acast. See ( for more information.
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Frugal Computing for a Sustainable Internet

Anastasiya Pak talks to Professor Wim Vanderbauwhede - lead of the Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing activity at the School of Computing Science of the University of Glasgow - about the carbon footprint of the ICT industry, misleading narratives around digitalisation, and why the notion of frugal computing is needed to move forward. 05:49 – The split of ICT emissions - 54% home, 19% data centres, 27% networks - is taken from the "Carbon impact of video streaming" white paper by the Carbon Trust, 2021.  07:13 – Problems with the claims about emission avoidance through digitalisation are discussed in "Digital Rebound – Why Digitalization Will Not Redeem Us Our En
30/10/202347 minutes 5 seconds
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Mapping the Geopolitical Internet

Mapping the dialectical relationship between the Internet and rivalries of power and influence across territories calls on expertise from a variety of disciplines. On the RIPE Labs Podcast, Louis Pétiniaud discusses how he and colleagues at GEODE are investigating the geopolitical Internet.01:14 - The GEODE website where you can also find a list of researchers at the GEODE center&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;01:24 – Here's the most recent article from the GEODE team on RIPE Labs (runner up in the RIPE Labs article competition for RIPE 86)&nbsp;01:29 – Louis’ presentation at RIPE 86 (<a href="
01/08/202327 minutes 16 seconds
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To Serve the Board

What it means to serve as a RIPE NCC Executive Board member has changed dramatically in the twelve years since Christian Kaufmann first took on the role. Gone are the days of quick board meetings over an afternoon cup of coffee. Now – with recent years having seen organisational change, the pandemic, sanctions regulations, and war - the board is increasingly called upon to make decisions that impact not only the future of the RIPE NCC, but people's access to the Internet in countries across the organisation's service region.In this episode, Anastasiya Pak talks to Christian Kaufmann - who stepped down from the board at RIPE 86 - to find out how he first got involved, what changes he's seen since then, and what it takes to serve on the board today.&nbsp;01:15 – Watch Christian’s presentation at RIPE 86 where he talks about his time on the board and his decisio
14/06/202323 minutes 58 seconds
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Best Practices for a Resilient Internet in Times of War

In this episode of the RIPE Labs podcast, we talk about how the war has changed the way the Internet community in Ukraine works, the pressure companies and individuals are under to keep this absolutely vital resource running, and the practices that have been adopted to make sure people stay connected.16:32 - Voluntary transfer lock policy proposal20:40 - BCOP TF session at RIPE 86 Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
22/05/202326 minutes 38 seconds
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In Defence of BGP

BGP is the Internet's de facto routing protocol - but it's also one with many vulnerabilities and is only deeply understood by a relatively small fraction of people. Delving into the threats posed by misconfigurations and prefix hijacks, Lefteris Manassakis looks at the history and evolution of BGP and discusses the importance of mitigation, monitoring and detection as provided by ARTEMIS and CodeBGP.00:51 - ARTEMIS is a system that enables network operators to monitor, detect and mitigate the effects of BGP prefix hijacking events.&nbsp;Read up on ARTEMIS on RIPE Labs&nbsp;or read&nbsp;other blog posts and academic papers on the ARTEMIS website.01:00 -&nbsp;<a href="" rel="noopener noreferrer" target
18/05/202351 minutes 44 seconds