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English, Video Games, 6 seasons, 109 episodes, 2 days, 16 hours, 55 minutes
Comprehensive reviews and analysis of the complete Resident Evil/Biohazard saga by long time fans from the community
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Episode 95: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Outbreak - Decisions, Decisions

Welcome to the final part of our 20th birthday celebrations for the original Resident Evil Outbreak. This time we focus solely on the final scenario; Decisions, Decisions, and set foot in Raccoon University with just hours to spare before the sterilization operation obliterates Raccoon City for good. As ever we dive deep, investigating all possible routes, puzzles, enemies, and story implications... all before hoping to escape before the missile (or is it missiles?) hit... This episode is supplemented by a comprehensive review of Resident Evil 4 Remake VR by STARS_TyranT. Please enjoy.   
3/29/20242 hours, 22 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 94: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Outbreak - The Hive & Below Freezing Point

Our Resident Evil Outbreak's 20th anniversary birthday celebrations continue with a look at the next two scenarios; The Hive and Below Freezing Point. Join us as we return to Raccoon City General Hospital where strange leeches run amok and the bloody elevator is broken... Just how do you find those pesky elevator codes again? Then it's swiftly onto William Birkin's underground laboratory in a storyline taking place several days before Leon and Claire ever got there and at a time long before NEST was ever a thing.  Neptune's calamitous quiz returns and in the news we briefly discuss the impending release of Remake 4 Gold Edition and break down the Infinite Darkness: The Beginning prequel. Please enjoy. 
2/26/20242 hours, 20 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 93: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Outbreak - Outbreak & Hellfire

On REP's 12th anniversary, we begin to celebrate 20 years of the Resident Evil Outbreak sub series that was first released in December 2003 in Japan. The game, which started off life advertised as Network Biohazard or Resident Evil Online quickly stoked the imagination of RE fans across the world, especially those that had bet on the franchise remaining on Sony's console post PSX.  There was a lot of hope and expectation that Resident Evil going online would revolutionise the series. What transpired was not quite what was promised in the early trailers with many lamenting the lack of internet infrastructure for the PS2. Fast-forward 20 years and both Outbreak File 1 and 2 have a dedicated fandom, with clever minds keeping PC servers alive so these games can be played as they were always intended. In the first of our year-long celebration, we will be applying our usual Happy Birthday playthrough standard to the Outbreak and Hellfire scenarios. The first of course acts as an extended tutorial, but throws players in at the deep end. Hellfire meanwhile chronologically at least takes place at the same time, but players face the dreaded Lickers in the Apple Inn. The team have therefore either fired up their PS2s (waited an eternity whilst it loads) or headed online to bring you our experiences of these chapters. Expect some contrasting views with a detailed look at the tank controls, graphics and mechanics and the hidden lore.
1/18/20242 hours, 28 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 92: Resident Evil: The Bioterrorism Era

Welcome to our end of year podcast where we see out 2023 with a deep dive into one of the more controversial eras of the series chronology. RE5 went out of its way to end several long-running, major plot points and left something of a blank slate for the storyline moving forward after killing off its main villain. Since then we've had a ton of media, not just new games, but also manga books and CGI movies, to progress the storyline from 2009-2015 in what we are calling the 'bioterrorism era'. We look at the various incidents and plot aspects that occurred during this period, analyzing what works and what doesn't. Just what is the difference between Blue Umbrella and Neo-Umbrella, what are the dangers and advantages of retroactive storytelling, and does Resident Evil now have a villain problem? Umbrella and Wesker are gone and yet the series seemingly struggles to leave them behind.  In the news, STARS_TyranT offers his early impressions of Remake 4 VR. Please enjoy.
12/10/20232 hours, 57 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 91: REmake REflections

With the undoubted success of all of Capcom's REmakes, especially the recent Resident Evil 4, the time has now come for the team to reflect upon the impact these games have had both for Biohazard and for the wider industry. In the spotlight for this podcast are not only the RE Engine remakes, but also the original and arguably still the bar to beat - 2002 REmake. The aim here is to discuss in some detail how these remakes came to be and the legacy they now leave, whilst highlighting the bits they did better that their original counterpart. In hindsight does REmake 2 stick out with its more re-imagined approach to the lore compared to the other titles, did REmake 3 leave too much on the cutting room floor and is REmake 4 the final straw or are more remakes inevitable? Helping us breakdown and reflect on these questions are you guys -through a series of polls conducted by STARS TyranT on Twitter/X. The results are....surprising to say the least but offer a fascinating insight into how parts of the community are feeling. Finally we end with a remake themed quiz where the questions only have 2 answers. What could possibly go wrong? Please enjoy our final say on the REmakes (at least until Code: Veronica is announced!)
11/10/20233 hours, 20 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 90: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Separate Ways Review

Perhaps one of the most anticipated DLC's in quite some time, Separate Ways is out now and the REP Team are bringing you their review of Ada's quest in Southern Europe. The original side quest for the base game certainly added some much needed context to the Plaga and specifically Wesker's involvement - can the revised version pull the same trick whilst applying the bells and whistles of the RE Engine? With emotions running high at REP over Remake 4 itself, will Neptune have a more enjoyable time? Will TheBatMan continue to applaud the changes from Capcom? Has Rombie burnt himself out on the game attempting his Platinum run and will this be the straw that breaks STARS TyranT's back? So strap yourselves in, activate your IRIS and get ready for the last tango in Spain for Luis. Our Separate Ways review starts now!  
10/4/20232 hours, 52 minutes, 13 seconds
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Episode 89: Resident Evil Death Island Review

In the latest in what is now a long line of CGI productions, Death Island was perhaps the most anticipated with the return of not only fan favourite Jill Valentine, but the coming together of all four of the series' main protagonists for the very first time. On paper therefore, Death Island ticks a lot of boxes, but how was this film received by the team - can it break free from the usual constraints of these films to tell an important but also enjoyable tale - and can it be done when so many of the on-screen characters are wearing very thick plot armour? Join STARS TyranT, Rombie, Neptune and returning special guest CVXFreak as we lift the lid on The Rock, we mean Death Island!    
8/9/20231 hour, 41 minutes, 8 seconds
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Episode 88: Resident Evil Dead Aim Retrospective

Join REP as we celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil: Dead Aim! Yes, Gun Survivor 4 is now 2 decades old and the team come together to take a retrospective look at this pioneering and divisive title.  Long time listeners will know that we are quite fond of this quirky spin off, arriving at a time when the future of the series was looking bleak on PlayStation with the major titles finding a new home on Nintendo's purple cube. After a few false starts under the Survivor banner, could Capcom strike gold with new characters and a notable time jump into 2002. In this hybrid retrospective/happy birthday podcast we dive deep into the lore surrounding the locations, characters the B.O.Ws and the rather somewhat convoluted chronology events leading to Morpheus's plan to target the world's cities with the T-Virus. 20 years old where does this game sit in the wider canon? Is it as important as some of the team like to make out? And just why is this not available on digital download! Please enjoy!
7/6/20232 hours, 25 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 87: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Part 3: The Lore Discussion

Welcome to the third and final part of our Remake 4 coverage. We've reviewed it, the community have had their say, now it is time to do a deep dive into the various lore changes and additions this remake has brought about. We discuss in depth the changes to the Plaga, the various creatures, and the enhanced personalities and motivations of the characters. Do the changes to Operation Javier really matter, or can the new simply be stitched on top of the old? We also welcome Albert Wesker into the RE Engine era and speculate what the inevitable Separate Ways will have in store. Finally, does canon really matter anymore? Should it ever have mattered? Please enjoy.
5/29/20232 hours, 29 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 86.5 Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Part 2: Community Feedback

Part 2 of our coverage of Resident Evil 4 Remake continues with our community feedback special. As is tradition with our new release coverage,  in this podcast we hear from our wonderful listeners with their views and opinions on this latest release.  The call out this time saw a wonderful response with a varied collection of experiences and reviews.  Join Neptune, theBatman, STARS TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor as we hand the reigns over to you guys!  Meanwhile in the news, we reflect on newest trailer releases of Resident Evil Death Island and the upcoming RE movie documentary. Enjoy!
4/18/20232 hours, 31 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 86: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Review

Resident Evil 4 Remake has now seen its official release and our panel have played it extensively. Join Neptune, Batman, STARS_TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor for a very lengthy discussion as we dissect and analyse the whole game from top to bottom. Everything is covered from the re-imagined and remixed locations, the modern take on the characters and B.O.W.s, the soundtrack, and of course the new lore implications. Can George Trevor finally be converted to the modern games? Will this finally be the title that wins over STARS_TyranT to the remakes? And does this title change enough to help Neptune overcome his indifference towards the original game? Join us and find out....
4/10/20233 hours, 8 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 85: Resident Evil 4 (Remake) Final Preview

With less than two weeks to go before the highly anticipated release, the REP team sit down to analyse the 'Chainsaw Demo' and discuss their hopes and fears for the final finished product. In the midst of avoiding flying hatchets, burning police officers, and frenzied chainsaws, we discuss what works, what doesn't and speculate on what the full game has in store. But overall the team seem united in their opinion that Remake 4 will be a phenomenal success and potentially become one of the best-selling titles of all time for Capcom. But this poses its own dilemma... Should Capcom press ahead into the unknown with Resident Evil 9 and beyond or is it safer and more financially sound to continue the Remake train with 5, 6 and Code Veronica? In the news, the announcement of Death Island is discussed with the return of Jill and STARS_TyranT offers his thoughts on Resident Evil Village VR. Please enjoy.
3/13/20231 hour, 52 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 84: Happy Birthday Resident Evil Zero

Amazingly, another classic Resident Evil title turns 20 years old in all regions as one of the last pre-rendered games hits this milestone. A game originally developed for the N64 before being scrapped and upgraded for the Nintendo GameCube, for many this was the key title in the release schedule. Gone were some of the core components of Biohazard, no longer "restricted" by item boxes, two person exploration and some genuinely creepy environments - surely the pinnacle of survival horror? Many felt these improvements harmed the gameplay and the complicated and somewhat contradictory storyline only added to the frustration.  20 years on REP once again enter the world of survival horror in our new season opener as we play through the title beginning to end, showcasing our own quests on board the Ecliptic Express and then the new mansion and labs. What horrors awaited our panel of Neptune, theBatman, STARS Tyrant and George Trevor? Enjoy our discussions as we play on our tank control experience with some expert guidance from the team - well, most of them - Neptune is still stuck on the train! Happy Birthday Resident Evil Zero!
3/2/20232 hours, 30 minutes, 19 seconds
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Episode 83: Resident Evil 6 Retrospective

It's been 10 years since the biggest and most ambitious Resident Evil game to date graced the world and what better time for the team to look back on this ensemble piece. In our last show of the season, join Batman, STARS TyranT, Rombie and Neptune in this special retrospective podcast as we look to see if time has indeed been a healer for this divisive title. Resident Evil 6 was in fact REP's first new mainline title that we reviewed all the way back in 2012 and at the time, the criticisms were reflective of where the series had come with it's "action trilogy".  Have the ambitious and convoluted lore behind Ada, Carla and the C-Virus been remedied with the passage of time or is the Batman still trying to understand what the point of The Family was? Stars Tyrant has often been the lone voice in pointing out the positive aspects of RE6, from character interactions, the return of a certain Sherry Birkin and of course the sliding.  Rombie also bravely return to this title, this time giving the multiplayer a spin and perhaps a new appreciation of the global biohazard Capcom were going for.  All we know is Neptune still hates cucumbers, but what about Resident Evil 6? Strap yourselves in for this 10 years special!
1/22/20232 hours, 29 minutes, 11 seconds
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REP Presents: Resident Evil Damnation Audio Commentary

After a long absence, we take a pause from our usual podcast schedule to bring you an audio commentary of the CGI film - Resident Evil Damnation. Released just over 10 years ago, this second canonical installment joins agent Leon S. Kennedy as he battles against Lickers, Majini's, a super-cool Tyrant and new character notArk - Buddy! But as Leon is not alone in his battle neither are we. REP is delighted to welcome to this audio commentary as our special guest; actor, Val Tasso, who both voiced and mo-capped the hip-hop loving soldier, J.D!  Neptune and STARS TyranT take this opportunity to not only reflect on the film as it plays, but we also get a unique insight into Val's preparation for playing J.D and his love for this project as a whole. So settle down with some popcorn, load up Damnation (or if put the disc in the player if you are like Neptune and still clamber for physical releases!) and join us in this fantastic audio commentary experience!
12/13/20221 hour, 45 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 82: Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition Review

Are you ready to delve into the subconscious mind of the REP collective? Well, buckle up as Neptune, theBatman, George Trevor, Rombie and STARS TyranT all take a trip to find that elusive crystal as we review Resident Evil Village: Gold Edition!   Once again, we head back to the cursed village via a sample of Megamycete and a lot of strange misgivings along the way! The team will be casting their eye over everything Shadows of Rose and whether this piece of DLC adds to or hinders the story of the Winters's.   With everything from gloopy walls, facesuckers, creepy mannequin dolls and theBatman trying to make sense of what the hell the Mold does, does this tale adequately bookend this phase of Biohazard?   We also have a nice sub-discussion on the recent trailer of Resident Evil 4 Remake to tease the return of another village! Enjoy!
11/18/20222 hours, 52 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 81: Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Retrospective

In what has been a delayed podcast, the REP Team celebrate 10 years of this quirky spin off and see if, after a decade, its much maligned status requires a reappraisal? In this recording we look at how well the game holds up with Neptune in particular taking the multiplayer out for a spin for the first time ever! George Trevor also brings his expertise to the table having interviewed the games director Andrew Santos a few years ago and sharing tales of ORC's troubled production.   We also take a detailed look at ORC's canonicity in light of the REmakes that have come since. Once brandished as sacrilege for messing up the geography of Birkin's Lab and the Raccoon Hospital when compared to the original titles, does has this burden been lifted with RE2 and RE3 remake?   Is it time to embrace Party Girl and Four Eyes?   We also have a recap of this summer's news as we build up to the next RE Showcase and we are delighted to be joined by special guest, HappySmelly!
10/10/20222 hours, 17 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 80: George A. Romero’s Resident Evil Documentary Interview

Announced today at Creature Feature Weekend, The Resident Evil Podcast are delighted to bring you this exclusive interview with the creators of the upcoming documentary about the lost Resident Evil movie that was to be directed by the grandfather of zombies himself - George A. Romero. The story is one of legend with Romero due to direct the first live action adaptation of Resident Evil following his involvement with the Biohazard 2 commercial. However, it was not to be and the project was removed from the director. This documentary will bring to light what happened by the people that were there at the time. This podcast brings together two of the creators of this documentary - Jason Bareford - George Romero's production assistant who personally worked on many Romero projects including the Biohazard 2 commercial and Brandon Salisbury - writer & filmmaker and the lead on this incredible undertaking. So join the team as we chat with the pair all about how this film came into being, the passion behind all things Romero and Resident Evil and lament what could have been. We also have a sub-discussion on the existing live action RE films, but please note that this podcast was recorded in May 2022 meaning the Netflix show had not yet dropped (nor cancelled!) Please enjoy!
8/28/20222 hours, 6 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 79: Resident Evil Netflix Season 1 Review

Coming hot off the heels of the Resident Evil movie reboot, attention now turns to the recently released Netflix adaptation of this popular franchise. Concerns were raised when this show was initially announced and then again when it was marketed as being a continuation of the games storyline up to RE Village anyway. Released last month what are the views on Neptune, [STARS] TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor now the dust has settled and all 8 hours have been consumed and digested? There is plenty to get our teeth into including the split storyline, the portrayals of legacy characters, the Wesker twins, as well as the return of the old (new) Umbrella. So buckle up as we try to flee through the Channel Tunnel is this review podcast. It's not all TV discussion however as we also have a look at the new trailer for the Shadows of Rose RE Village DLC.
8/2/20222 hours, 49 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 78: Resident Evil 4 Remake Reveal

It's happened. After years of rumors, the remake crank has been turned once again with the recent reveal by Capcom that the beloved classic, Resident Evil 4 is being "re-imagined". With the original game widely available to play on the new generation of consoles, the team cast their eye over not just the stunning trailer but the implications this direction brings to the franchise. Will lightning strike twice for Capcom in a game that not only shook up the Biohazard franchise, but fundamentally altered the entire gaming landscape? With some storyline insight and predictions from Neptune, Rombie, a returning Mr. Spencer, and (the exasperated) STARS TyranT in this surprise reveal podcast. In the news we also look at the newly released Resident Evil Netflix trailer. Remakes hey?!! Enjoy!"
6/6/20221 hour, 48 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 77: Happy Birthday Resident Evil (Remake)

Welcome to REP's birthday party for Resident Evil Remake, now 20 years old and still as glorious and nostalgic as ever. As per tradition with our birthday milestone episodes, the team sit down and play various versions of the game, in different modes with both Chris and Jill, and shares their individual experiences. So sit back, grab a drink, turn the lights off, and let us take you back to the Arklay Mansion once again. The birthplace of horror. 
5/7/20222 hours, 46 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 76: Resident Evil Revelations Retrospective

It may be hard to believe, but Resident Evil Revelations has just celebrated its 10th birthday! Originally conceived as a portable experience for the Nintendo 3DS released in January 2012, this curiously often overlooked title has received several enhancements over the years and according to Capcom remains very much part of the main series. But as we discuss, Rev 1 is a strange beast. Despite containing many of the core ingredients that appeal to fans, Chris and Jill together, a return to horror after the action behemoth of RE5, and a larger focus on hub, key-questing gameplay, something about it doesn't feel quite right. Rombie isn't much of a fan and Batman aside, the other boys are firmly on the Rev2 train. But regardless there are many positives to take from this game. So sit back and relive the times of Grinder, Jackass, Jessica's sweet-ass, and Conan O'Brien's luxury cruise on the Queen Zenobia. 
3/12/20221 hour, 52 minutes, 47 seconds
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Episode 75: 10th Anniversary Special Podcast

This episode sees the panel reflect on a decade of Resident Evil podcasting but also more importantly, reflecting on the last decade of Resident Evil as a whole. Since we started our little endeavor, the series has more than doubled in content with numerous new games, remakes, CG productions, manga stories, stage plays and even a musical, each of which have helped elevate the franchise to the colossal powerhouse it is today with over 25 million games sold in the last two years alone. Join us as we go back to the times of Revelations 1 and Operation Raccoon City, then the aftermath of Resident Evil 6 when the series truly felt like it was lost. We discuss the turn back to horror with Revelations 2, then Capcom undoing all of its good work with Umbrella Corps. We assess the reboot with 7, the evolution to Village and of course the impact of the widely divisive remakes of 2 and 3. Sandwiched inbetween all that is Damnation, Vendetta, Infinite Darkness and of course, plenty of Marhawa Desire news. Please join us for one of our lengthiest episodes to date and thank you to all for 10 years of support. 
2/13/20223 hours, 16 minutes, 35 seconds
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Episode 74: Resident Evil - Welcome To Raccoon City Review

Finally after some delay the boys sit down to review the live-action reboot of the Resident Evil movie franchise. Writer/Director Johannes Roberts has gathered a promising cast to take us through a story that loosely combines the events of both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Opinion seems divided as we discuss everything from the characterisation, the strive for authenticity, the 90's aesthetic, the creatures, and the inevitable comparisons to the Paul WS Anderson efforts. Please enjoy. 
1/26/20222 hours, 19 minutes
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REP Presents: The Best Bits

The Resident Evil Podcast proudly presents, to celebrate our 10 year anniversary, a best bits compilation podcast! With over 10,000 minutes/167 hours worth of recordings, 76 podcasts, and 500-odd Biohazard quiz questions, this has been a long and quite incredible journey which has seen the Resident Evil series evolve and expand in many diverse ways. With many of these moments voted for by you, our loyal fanbase, we now present some of the best moments from the last decade, from the insightful, to the poignant, to the funny and the downright calamitous.  Thank you for joining and supporting us on the journey so far and here's to many more years to come. Cheers!
1/18/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 2 seconds
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Episode 73: Resident Evil Gaiden

After years of requests and pressure from an unnamed member of the team, the Resident Evil Podcast finally brings you its coverage of the first proper handheld biohazard experience, Resident Evil Gaiden.  Released 20 years ago to the day on the Game Boy Colour, this much maligned entry has probably generated as much discussion over the years as any mainline title. Join Neptune, STARS Tyrant, Rombie and George Trevor as they provide their analysis on this 8-bit title, covering development, graphics, sound, story and of course the non-canon status Gaiden currently has.  We also have a very quick sub-discussion on Welcome to Raccoon City, a teaser of sorts before our full review coming in the new year.  A big thanks must also go to Padrex and Sofland for their remix OST!
12/14/20211 hour, 56 minutes, 1 second
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Episode 72: Resident Evil ‘The Reports‘

This episode sees the team look back at the 20th year anniversary of the original Wesker's Report, a special limited edition DVD that originally accompanied pre-orders of Resident Evil Code Veronica X on the PS2. Narrated in universe by Albert Wesker, we discuss its lasting impact, canonicity, and the subtle updates it has received over the years as well as touching on both Wesker's Report II and Wesker's Extra Report. From there we dissect Jessica's Report, Ada's Report, and finally the Baker Report as we assess how much they add to our enjoyment of the games and how important supplemental materials are to the overall lore.  In the news discussion we look at RE4 VR on the Occulus Quest 2 and have a quick preview of the 'Welcome to Raccoon City' live action movie reboot.  Our thanks to Moni from for the use of their DC Douglas narrated Wesker's Report 2 clips. 
10/21/20211 hour, 59 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 71 - Resident Evil Infinite Darkness Review

In the aftermath of Resident Evil Village, attention now turns to the recently released CG animated series on Netflix and the forth iteration of Leon S. Kennedy story lines that began all the way back in 2008 with Resident Evil Degeneration. Our panel breaks down the plot and the characters, looking at what ID means for Leon's evolution and his relationship with Claire in particular. We also discuss its relevance in the overall series lore and any sequel possibilities. It is our pleasure to welcome returning guest Alex Aniel, aka: CVXFreak, who enlightens us all with the current Biohazard view in Japan. Here Alex goes into detail about why Resident Evil seems to be declining in the place of its birth, despite seemingly being more popular than ever in the west. And just why does Leon Kennedy have to be in every single one of these CG adventures? Please enjoy.
8/7/20211 hour, 54 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 70 - Interview with Antony Johnston

For this episode we are delighted to welcome special guest Antony Johnston, New York Times bestselling author and screenwriter. Antony has a number of major media projects on his resume, including Hollywood movie Atomic Blonde and video game survival horror classic Dead Space. He is also the scriptwriter for Resident Evil Village and worked very closely with Capcom Japan on the scenario design. In an engaging discussion, Antony goes into detail about how he was hired by Capcom, the writer's room process, and how crafting the storyline was very much a collaborative effort. He also explains just how much was rewritten, how many concepts were changed, and how sometimes less really is more. We also get to fire in some key community questions such as Rose's powers, the absence of Blue Umbrella, and just what is going on with that ending... Once again our sincere thanks to Anthony for joining us. Please enjoy.
7/16/20211 hour, 20 minutes, 56 seconds
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Episode 69.5 - Resident Evil Village Part 3: Community Feedback

It's that time once again folks where the reins are handed over to your good selves to voice your own opinions and reviews about Resident Evil Village. There really has been so much to discuss about the game but overall it seems as though Capcom have another success on their hands. There are still a lot of divided opinions about certain aspects however, as this broad mix of call-ins will demonstrate. Stick around for the season finale of Neptune's calamitous biohazard quiz. 
7/1/20212 hours, 22 minutes, 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 69 - Resident Evil Village Part 2: The Lore Discussion

With enough time having now passed since the release of the game, it is time for the REP team to reconvene and discuss and dissect the story in depth. We break down some of the characters and creatures and speculate about the properties of the Megamycete and the Cadou parasite. We also discuss The Connections and opinion is divided on the dramatic twist with Ethan's character. Neptune is somewhat of a lone wolf (or is that Hound Wolf, or even Fox Hound?) and defends his appraisal that this story is the best the series has produced since 5. Rombie and Sean are more on the fence, George Trevor still isn't a fan of The Duke, and Batman has plenty to say (quite literally) about the BSAA.
6/16/20212 hours, 29 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 68 - Resident Evil Village: The Spoiler-Free Review

Thanks very much to Capcom, this episode got to see the guys get their hands on review copies of Resident Evil Village well in advance of official release and here the team assemble to offer their preliminary thoughts and a technical review of the complete experience. We had strict rules to follow so rest assured you will not find any spoilers within and this review will not tarnish your initial playthough of Village in any way. But we hope we can entice, tease, and present a flavour of what to expect. We discuss the overall feeling and atmosphere of the game, some of the enemies, the addition of The Duke and the crafting system, and also the technical performance of the PS4 and PS5 versions. We look at how the gaming world and the exploration works and STARS_TyranT briefly offers his thoughts on the welcome return of Mercenaries mode. Please enjoy.
5/5/20211 hour, 12 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 67 - The Be6inner’s Guide to Bioha7ard

Welcome to our celebratory episode for the 25th anniversary of Resident Evil/Biohazard. For our 67th episode, we have listened to audience requests and produced a show aimed at newcomers to the series. If you are looking forward to Village but are perhaps not too overly familiar with the rest of the series then we have you covered! Join Neptune, BatMan, Rombie, and STARS_TyranT as they guide you through each and every game/movie/story in the series as we list our top 10(ish) essential RE titles to enhance your village experience. Please enjoy.
3/22/20212 hours, 40 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 66 - Resident Evil 4 Retrospective

Our latest episode sees the whole REP team take a look back on perhaps the most controversial game in the entire series, Shinji Mikami's Resident Evil 4. We all know the legends behind its development, with the various builds including Hookman, 'Stylish', and and what should have been the cradle of the Progenitor Virus. But instead we ended up with a rural setting, no zombies, and an Umbrella that had been destroyed off screen. It is certainly a game that split the community down the middle and our team look back with mixed opinions, some more positive than others, but we all collectively agree that Resident Evil 4 is probably one of the most important titles in the franchise. The main discussion is supplemented with community call-ins and readings from the 'Biohazard 4 novella' by Benny Matsuyama taken from the Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho. News discussion is dominated by Capcom's recent showcase in which they debuted a new Village trailer, the first ever official gameplay, and a welcome surprise with the Maiden demo which STARS_TyranT has been busy exploring.     
2/17/20213 hours, 17 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

REP Presents: A Requiem for Raccoon City

Welcome to a special episode showcasing the chronology of Raccoon City's downfall using the new lore introduced in the remakes of both Resident Evil 2 and 3. What started off as an idea for a small skit to accompany our last episode bloomed into something much bigger thanks to many members of the RE fan community getting involved and helping us out. As a bit of fun, we've taken selected files from both remakes and compiled them together in rough chronological order so people can experience an alternate version of how the events leading up to to the biohazard in Raccoon City went down. A massive thanks to everyone who participated and as always, please enjoy. 
12/17/20202 hours, 18 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 65 - Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Part 3: The Canonical Issue

Rounding off our trilogy of episodes focusing on Resident Evil 3 Remake, the team assembles to discuss the always controversial issue of canon and where this shiny, pretty new game stands in comparison to its much-loved original. Whereas Remake 2 more of less played it safe when it came to introducing major new elements, Remake 3 certainly wasn't afraid of introducing new lore and pushing the boundaries further than ever before. We discuss the important distinction between canon and continuity and what Capcom are achieving by simultaneously loading the game with Outbreak references yet making changes that retcon the events of those games out of existence. We also analyse new elements such as Dr Bard and the vaccine, the changes to Nemesis itself, and whether the advent of these remakes makes us question whether the concept of canon is more important than ever, or not at all... Finally we briefly touch on what these Raccoon City remakes mean for the future of the series. Please enjoy.
12/12/20202 hours, 15 minutes, 58 seconds
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Episode 64 - He's a CVXFreak!

In this special episode, we warmly welcome RE super fan - Alex Aniel aka CVXFreak author to the Resident Evil Podcast.  Residing in Japan, CVXFreak is the author of the upcoming, crowdfunded Itchy Tasty - A History of Resident Evil book. In what promises to be a fascinating insight into the development of the early Biohazard games, we sit down with Alex to discuss how he was able to get so close to the key developers and translate that into one of the most hotly anticipated fan books.   We also take a look at all the news coming out from Tokyo Games Show including Resident Evil Village and the announcement of new CGI series, Infinite Darkness.  Please enjoy.
10/12/20202 hours, 6 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 63 - Resident Evil Resistance

Resident Evil multiplayer has a long and not so colourful past but will it be third time lucky for Capcom? In what effectively amounts as a standalone game serving as the multiplayer aspect to Resident Evil 3 Remake, the REP team brave the world of Masterminds, Survivors and zombies dressed up as superheroes. Looking at all aspects of the 4v1 experiment including the thorny issue of canon, join Neptune, George Trevor, Rombie, STARS TyranT and special guest, TheOracleDragon. Do we have what it takes to get through the three stages of hell - news, main topic and the quiz? or will we all fall foul of Daniel Fabron's ridiculous commentary? Oui. Only one way to find out! 
9/11/20202 hours, 47 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 61 - Resident Evil Village Reveal

After months of rumours, Resident Evil 8, dubbed Resident Evil Village, has been formally announced to world as the first Biohazard title for the next generation of home consoles. Join Neptune, Stars Tyrant, Rombie, and special guest Yoke as they analyse the recently released trailer and discuss theories involving the characters, plot, and location, whilst also simultaneously trying to put to bed the idea that we will be seeing actual werewolves in this game! Please note that whilst the internet is rife with potential story leaks you can be assured that at the Resident Evil Podcast, such leaks are not disclosed meaning this is a spoiler free Podcast (outside of officially released material). We also see partake in a sub-discussion touching on the controversial Resident Evil 4 remake announcement where we look at the sudden change of lore relating to Las Plagas and the NE-alpha parasite. Please enjoy.
6/19/20202 hours, 13 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 60.5 - Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Part 2: Community Feedback

For the second part of our Resident Evil 3 Remake coverage, we return - as we did with the follow up to Remake 2 - and hand over the reigns once again to you, the listeners. With some amazing insights, commentary and extra considerations that we didn’t cover, the team contemplate numerous ideas showcased and the future of the series based on the feedback by the fans!
5/9/20202 hours, 12 minutes, 20 seconds
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Episode 60 - Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Part 1

Arriving hot on the heels of Remake 2 some 15 months later, Resident Evil 3 Remake is finally here to complete the re-imagined Raccoon City storyline. Our panel sit down to analyse the game from top to bottom, discussing the character interpretations, story changes, gameplay features and everything else inbetween. As the original RE3 is held in such high-esteem by our team, it sometimes proves difficult to embrace just how far the changes went with this one, particularly in the second half of the game. But that being said there are still plenty of positives to take away including a superb modernisation of Jill Valentine and some impressive creature design. Other highlights include an analysis of the Nemesis and how he is depicted compared to the original and how new additions such as the Dr. Bard sub-plot added to the overall storyline. Please enjoy. 
4/20/20202 hours, 56 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 59 - Remake 3 Final Preview

With less than three weeks to go before Remake 3 is released, the REP team sit down to ponder their final thoughts, hopes and fears for the upcoming game. News discussion celebrates our own little personal milestone with the launch of; a culmination of months of work and hopefully a nice little surprise for everyone. Although recorded before the playable demo was made available, we discuss the new mechanics for Remake 3, including the dodge move and the rumoured 'fast-travel' system. We also talk about how the Raccoon City streets are looking, how the Outbreak games will be taken into account, and of course all the revealed enemies and the Nemesis itself. Finally in the quiz, George Trevor provides the entertainment as usual. 
3/17/20201 hour, 44 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 58 - Happy Birthday Resident Evil Code Veronica

Our latest episode has the team enjoy a 20th birthday party for Resident Evil Code Veronica which originally launched exclusively on the Sega Dreamcast way back in 2000. To celebrate this glorious milestone we embark on a retrospective playthrough of the full game. We played various versions but in typical REP fashion none of us actually touched the Dreamcast original! We discuss how the game has aged and debate the best tips and tactics for a successful playthrough. We also debate various plot aspects and touch on the development history. What is the most powerful weapon in the game? Is the Hunter II the most feared B.O.W. ever? Did Chris drop his packed lunch or his Samurai Edge when his bag fell off the cliff? These are just some of the burning questions pondered as Neptune, Batman, Rombie, STARS Tyrant and George Trevor take an ill-fated trip all the way back to Rockfort Island and beyond...
2/3/20203 hours, 6 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 57 - Resident Evil 3 Remake Reveal and Biohazard VR

It's the Podcast Christmas special! Following the highly successful Resident Evil 2 Remake it was surely only a matter of time before the final game in the PSX trilogy received the remake treatment. Revealed courtesy of brand new trailer, the team examine the details and discuss their hopes and expectations for the game and its incorporation with Project: Resistance. We are also joined once again by friend of the show, TheSelfishGene as he gives us an exclusive run-through of both Biohazard Valiant Raid and Biohazard 7: Walkthough the Fear - two virtual reality experiences only running in Japan. Also in this final episode of Season 5, we must also crown the season victor in a festive edition of Neptune's Biohazard Quiz!
12/22/20192 hours, 16 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 55 - Resident Evil Project Resistance Reveal

The team sit down to assess release reaction to the Project Resistance announcement. STARS_TyranT and Rombie were also chosen to take part in the closed beta, showcasing one level of the game with playable options for both 'survivor' and 'mastermind'. We look at the format, the Outbreak connection and how it compares to previous spin-offs. Cautious optimism seems to be the general consensus of opinion at this stage, despite Neptune and George Trevor admitting this really isn't their type of Resident Evil game. We discuss the pros and cons so far and whether is has a place in the larger canon. And thank the world for Daniel Fabron's extraordinary accent and dialogue. Bonjour.
10/10/20192 hours, 5 minutes, 27 seconds
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Episode 54 - Resident Evil Gun Survivor Retrospective

Following on from our popular RE1 and RE2 playthroughs, the team now turn their attention to the original Gun Survivor. Released in 2000, this much maligned and often forgotten about gem is now nothing but a memory for long time fans and the newer generations probably have never played it at all. The game remains unavailable to purchase digitally and physical copies are a rarity these days. The reason for doing a playthrough of this game was twofold. One is quite simply because we all have a fondness for it, but secondly and perhaps most importantly, we realise a significant portion of the current fan base will never have any intention of playing this game, thanks to its lackluster reception and shocking production values. Therefore, join Neptune, Batman, STARS Tyrant and Rombie as they guide you through the game from start to finish, exploring every possible route and analyzing the story and gameplay as they go. Who needs Blue Umbrella, Chris Redfield or Leon Kennedy when you have Ark Thompson, Vincent Goldman and er... Vincent's mother??
9/4/20192 hours, 11 minutes, 12 seconds
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Episode 53.5 - Resident Evil AMA and Community Special

Welcome to another community special episode recorded live in our discord server alongside many of our long-time listeners. This was a unique chance for the community to talk shop over various Resident Evil related conundrums and a chance to ask our panel any burning questions. Join Neptune moderating alongside STARS_TyranT, George Trevor and Rombie as they ponder the burning issues. Is the original Dr. Wesker still alive? Could Resident Evil Gaiden really be canon? And what is everybody's top four all-time favourite B.O.W.s? News talk includes Biohazard Valiant Raid and the upcoming Nintendo Switch ports. Finally George Trevor's return to the quiz only leads to inevitable controversy...
7/25/20191 hour, 51 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 53 - Resident Evil 5 Retrospective

The latest episode sees the team look back on the 10th anniversary of Resident Evil 5, still the franchise's most successful and best-selling game to date. We look at how the game has held up over the years, looking at the gameplay mechanics, visuals, and the narrative and how it has influenced the direction of the series ever since. Having done a recent co-op playthrough with Rombie, Neptune is able to look at the game with fresh eyes and has gained a whole new appreciation for the main campaign. Our special community guest Sonny Bauer also reflects on his own recent experiences with removing the green filter that he believes is a detriment to the still-stunning visuals. STARS_Tyrant still champions the game after all this time and yes, Wesker is still definitely dead.
5/12/20191 hour, 39 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 52 - What a Katastrophe!

In this special episode it is our pleasure to have with us the Capcom UK Community Manager for Resident Evil, the lovely Kat! Needing no introduction, she is a long-standing member of the Resident Evil community dating back many years. In a candid interview, Kat tells us her history with the franchise and how she first got immersed when playing Resident Evil 2 as a child. She offers her personal thoughts on how the series has progressed and what makes it still enduring to this day. She also touches on her own journey in securing a dream position with Capcom and moving from her native Sweden to the UK. Finally she is brave enough to try her hand at a fiercely competitive edition of Neptune's biohazard quiz. Herb-flavored ice cream anyone?
4/8/201955 minutes, 29 seconds
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Episode 51 - Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Part 3: The Canonical Issue

After what seems like an age our panel finally sit down to discuss the thorny issue of the canonicity of Resident Evil 2 Re imagined. Just where does the game stand in the larger series? Is it completely non-canonical, a so-called luxury product of its time that sits alone and is completely self-contained? Or is it a direct replacement that renders the old RE2 invalid? What if the new can be combined with the old to provide the full and complete story of Resident Evil 2 for the first time? All the above is pondered as our team discuss and dissect some of the story changes, additions and omissions in the re-imagined storyline. We also look ahead to what Remake 3 might provide based on what this game tells us. Please enjoy.
3/10/20191 hour, 44 minutes, 37 seconds
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Episode 50.5 - Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Part 2: Community Feedback

In part two of our three part series on Resident Evil 2 Remake, we hand the reins over to the community in an episode dedicated to fan reception and feedback on the game. We have call-ins from various members of the fandom from far and wide, each with their own unique, interesting and eye-opening insights to lay upon us. Please enjoy.
3/4/20191 hour, 23 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 49 - Remake 2 Final Preview

With less than two weeks to go before Resident Evil 2 Remake is released, our team sit down to offer their final thoughts and hopes for the game. We discuss the changes and evolution of character and location designs from 1998 to 2019 and of course the thorny issue of canonicity inevitably comes into play. We also ponder how far this remake train can go with Remake 3 all but confirmed and what these re-imaginings will do to the likes of Gun Survivor and Outbreaks 1 and 2. Unfortunately this was recorded just prior to the one-shot demo being formally announced and released so none of us had played it by this point. Beware minor spoilers and please enjoy.
1/12/20191 hour, 23 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 47 - Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica

After nearly 7 years of Resident Evil podcasting it's become apparant that we are fast running out of topics to discuss, certainly when it comes to the games themselves at least. With that in mind, for your listening pleasure we now present an analysis of the forgotten 'classic' that is Gun Survivor 2: Code Veronica. Originally an arcade machine dubbed 'Biohazard: Firezone', the game was eventually ported across to the Playstation 2 with a few extra modes and additional treats for a whopping full price package. It remains a very obscure title and never actually received a release in the United States. Here our team dissects each game mode and explains what they have to offer, as well as looking at controversial inclusions such as the Nemesis and other Raccoon City B.O.W.s. The canon conundrum is of course discussed and we take a look at the lasting legacy of the Gun Survivor series as a whole. News discussion is dominated by Remake 2 in the aftermath of Tokyo Game Show and finally this episode is broken up with a small sub-discussion on Biohazard: Heavenly Island. Enjoy. 
10/23/20181 hour, 35 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 46 - Resident Evil 2 Remake Reveal

After three long years, Remake 2 is finally revealed to the public eye via E3 2018. Our panel reconvenes for a lengthy analysis of the two reveal trailers and the RPD demo that was playable at the conference. Since the initial announcement it has been no secret that our team has been quite vocal and somewhat skeptical about the project. Now that it is out in the open and with just six months to go until release, is it time to reconsider a reimaging of the original material or is it still hallowed ground that should never be touched? Have a listen and find out! #hatsonallenemies
7/11/20182 hours, 5 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 45 - Happy Birthday Resident Evil 2

Welcome to our tribute to Resident Evil 2, the original classic sequel released way back in 1998 that now celebrates its 20th birthday! Following the format from our successful RE1 birthday special, each panel member chose a different scenario and headed off into the R.P.D. to see what horrors lurked within. We go in depth on how the game has aged and how well it holds up in this day and age. The legacy is also debated and we take you on a chronological tour through the game via all four scenarios and discuss numerous talking points along the way. With the highly controversial Remake 2 on the horizon, this episode provided one last opportunity to experience the original with unblemished eyes before Capcom's inevitable reimagining takes full focus. Please enjoy.
5/13/20182 hours, 18 minutes, 16 seconds
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Episode 44 - Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition

After a long and anticipated wait, Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition is finally upon us and almost a year after its original release we now have access to the complete package with all the DLC included. This episode has a heavy emphasis on the final two story chapters, Not A Hero and End of Zoe, and we look at the return of Chris Redfield and analyse the resurrection of Umbrella Corporation as a Private Military Company. We discuss how the DLC fits with the rest of the game and look at other story beats such as the White Molded and The Connections. End of Zoe is also reviewed with discussions about the sudden and jarring inclusion of Joe Baker, as well as more controversial aspects such as the 'Umbrella Power Glove' and the melee combat which arguably kills a lot of the horror. Finally we assess the complete package as a whole and give our frank opinions on where Resident Evil 7 sits alongside the rest of the series. 
1/25/20181 hour, 45 minutes, 18 seconds
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Episode 43 - Resident Evil: The B.O.W. Files

This episode is the result of another frequent listener request as our team sit down and examine some of the nefarious creations developed by Umbrella Corporation and others across the series. This particular area is Neptune's forte and he goes into detail on the Hunter and Tyrant programs in particular before looking at fan examples of best and worst B.O.W.s submitted via our facebook page. News discussion is dominated by the impending release of Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition and Rombie breaks down some impressive sales figures for the franchise recently presented by Capcom. Please enjoy.
12/4/20171 hour, 51 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 42 - Resident Evil: A History of Raccoon City

This episode is a direct result of requests from the community to dedicate a feature length episode to everything Raccoon City. We look at the history of the town using sources from multiple titles as well as the geography and general asthetic that has changed and evolved from game to game. Inevitably talk often diverges onto Resident Evil Remake 2 and we also look at where Raccoon may be located in the real world. Making up the bulk of the discussion is a breakdown of the enitre Raccoon City incident from the initial causes, to the chronology of events, and then the ultimate aftermath. In the news we briefly touch on the release of Resident Evil Revelations HD for the current generation consoles and the recent news from Tokyo Game Show concerning RE7's upcoming DLC Not A Hero and End of Zoe. 
10/5/20172 hours, 33 minutes, 36 seconds
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Episode 41 - Resident Evil: Vendetta

With Resident Evil 7 now behind us our attention turns back to the wider universe with the release of the third canonical CG film. Entitled Resident Evil Vendetta, the film again stars Leon S. Kennedy and picks up sometime after the events of Resident Evil 6. Also along for the ride this time are Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, the latter making her first on-screen appearance since The Stage and Resident Evil Zero before that. As usual we dissect the film scene by scene and assess what worked and what didn't. Rombie is in full film analysis mode here as we discuss the portrayal of the three flagship characters, the new villain Glenn Arias, and the quick return to heavy action following the slow-burning horror of RE7. We break down the plot by looking at whether the 'vendetta' angle was successful based on character motivation, how the new A-Virus worked and whether an epic outbreak across New York was something the series really needed. Do audiences care about just another one-shot bad guy? What is the point behind Leon's involvement, and just who trains B.S.A.A. snipers wielding rail guns in this day and age? 
8/3/20172 hours, 23 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 40 - Resident Evil 7 - The Aftermath

This episode is essentially a filler episode to catch up on the news and to evaluate points and community feedback to Resident Evil 7 that we didn't get around to in last month's episode. Now that the dust has settled we look back on the game and assess our original opinions. Specifically we look at some of the negative aspects of the game such as the lack of enemy variety, the disappointing final third and the graphical inconsistencies. But despite all these points, we are all still very happy with the game. Capcom's latest statement about Chris Redfield's appearance also triggers another debate and as always we sign off with another round of Neptune's biohazard quiz. 
4/6/20171 hour, 43 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 39 - Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

After a long, anticipated wait, Resident Evil 7 is now finally unleashed so join us now for a very in-depth analysis as our team guide you through the complete game from start to finish. George Trevor's opinion has vastly changed since he played the demo, veteran fan Rombie is quietly satisfied, and following his disgust at chasing a Mazda MX5 round China in RE6, Neptune is now firmly back in the land of survival horror - bearing in mind he doesn't do VHS tapes, or photographs, or lanterns. We discuss every aspect of the game including the characters, the setting, the atmosphere, the story, and of course whether this truly is a return to classic Resident Evil. Enjoy.
3/13/20173 hours, 3 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 38: Resident Evil - Corporate Espionage

Welcome to our 2016 Christmas special in which a suggestion by Rombie resulted in an episode dedicated to the various shady organisations that populate the Resident Evil universe. We also have a discussion on the recently updated Beginning Hour demo for Resident Evil 7 now available for all consoles and the new 'Tape 3' trailer. For the main chat, Mr. Spencer presents a detailed thesis on Umbrella's clandestine relationship with the U.S. Government dating back to the dark times of the Cold War, and we look at Umbrella's fall from grace and how replacements such as Tricell and WilPharma fared. So grab a sherry and a mince pie and enjoy as Neptune gets a little too carried away with the festive stuff, Batman tries to clarify the history of Umbrella's rival company only to complicate things even further, and George Trevor decides he doesn't like Resident Evil 7, despite it being everything he has been desperately hoping for for so long. Look out for bread monsters.
12/24/20161 hour, 56 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 37 - Happy Birthday Resident Evil 1

Welcome to part 2 of our 20th anniversary celebrations. This time around we wanted to pay tribute to the original game that got us all so hooked way back in the very beginning. Many of our team hadn't played the game for a number of years and each member was tasked with trying out a different version. The standard original, director's cut, Deadly Silence and Sega Saturn versions all get a run out with various degrees of success. We talk of our own experiences during our playthroughs and what routes we like to take around the mansion and what areas are best to avoid. The legacy of the game is discussed and of course there are the inevitable comparisons to the remake. So with Resident Evil 7 just around the corner, take the time to remind yourself of the good old days back from the very beginning.
11/4/20161 hour, 59 minutes, 7 seconds
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Episode 36 - Resident Evil: The Stage

This episode looks at the little-known stage play performed during a three week run in Tokyo last winter. The plot is set between the events of Resident Evil 5 and 6 and features the long-awaited return of Rebecca Chambers in her first chronological appearance since Resident Evil Zero. After coming to blows over factory designs and corporate logos last month, our panel sit down to analyse the story and discuss whether Resident Evil can transition successfully to a theatrical stage setting. We look at the characters, the acting, the costumes and the production design, coming away feeling quite positive which makes a refreshing change of late. In the news we look ahead to Tokyo Game Show 2016, speculating on 'The Lantern' trailer and the recent ESRB leak revealing the core plot and specific scenes from Resident Evil 7. Finally season 3 of the podcast signs off with an extended edition of Neptune's Biohazard Quiz.
9/11/20162 hours, 1 minute, 51 seconds
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Episode 35 - Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

Well here it is... Medics are on standby and Wesker clones lurk in the darkness as our team tackles the latest addition to the series with Umbrella Corps. S.T.A.R.S_TyranT and Rombie lead the offensive in what they describe as not only one of the worst games in the franchise, but also one of the worst multiplayer shooters of all time. TheBatman once again bites on the little canon fishing hook Capcom love to cast out on their unsuspecting fanbase and valiantly tries to defend the game and The Experiment campaign to no avail. We discuss each locale in turn and what they bring to the table, almost coming to blows over the Umbrella factory and then a surprising stalemate over the Antarctic base. Other discussions include what the point of the game being canon is and what it adds to the mythos as well as a review on the multiplayer aspects, the customisation and the numerous bugs being reported. This is survival of the fittest...
8/8/20161 hour, 43 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 34 - Resident Evil 7: Beginning Hour

And so after four long years the next numbered entry for the series has finally been revealed, showcasing a return to full-on horror and a somewhat controversial first person perspective. Here the team dissect the release trailer and 'Beginning Hour' demo made available for PS4. The parallels to PT are obvious and Rombie discusses the demo's origins harkening back to the infamous VR 'Kitchen' demo from last year. Plot speculations are discussed with a hope for a more grounded story away from the global effects of bioterrorism and large, unrealistic monsters and concepts. Could this be the remnants of a long-forgotten Umbrella experiment, or can the entire plot be uncovered by simply watching the infamous X-Files episode 'Home'?  In other news, STARS_TyranT gives his appraisal on the PS4/XBOX1 port of Resident Evil 5, and is forced to defend the game once again following scathing attacks from Neptune and George Trevor. We also discuss release reaction to Umbrella Corps and no prizes for guessing who has a mental breakdown over that one... TheBatman has potentially lost his marbles trying to defend the game and for safety reasons it was agreed by all before recording commenced that there would be no mention of Wesker clones. Neptune's biohazard quiz hits an all-time low and prepare yourselves for 'googlegate' and the revelation that Raccoon City Police Officer David Ford was a former astronaut. All those mysterious typing sounds heard during previous quiz questions that no one would ever own up to may finally have their origins revealed...
7/10/20161 hour, 59 minutes, 10 seconds
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Episode 33 - Resident Evil 20th Anniversary Special

Here the team reassemble to celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil, reminiscing about the glory days and looking back on how memorable the franchise has been over the last two decades. In the news we speculate on the intriguing announcements of Biohazard: Vendetta and Biohazard: The Musical; Voice of Gaia before moving on to a birthday celebration of our own as we look back on over four years of Resident Evil podcasting. Our first recording was way back before Revelations was released and before Resident Evil 6 was even announced and yet here we are today, contemplating a remake of our favourite episode and remastering some of our old classics in HD for a new audience because we don't know what to do moving forward... Hang on, that sounds a little familiar...  The main discussion focuses on the franchise as a whole, beginning way back with the original game in 1996 and charting the steady course and evolution of the series right up to where we are now with the imminent release of Umbrella Corps. Join us as we start with a gun and a S.T.A.R.S. badge and enter the mansion before moving on to Raccoon City, Rockfort Island and beyond. There are some stumbles along the way as Neptune vainly tries to press home the importance of Gun Survivor 2, Batman still doesn't like Code: Veronica and S.T.A.R.S._TyranT describes one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time as 'boring'. As ever Rombie remains the voice of common sense with plenty of balanced opinion and then prepare yourselves for Neptune's quite spectacular critique of Resident Evil 5.  We hope you enjoy this one and that it rekindles many of your own personal memories about what made this franchise so wonderful and why we are still so fiercely protective of it today, despite living in an era with musicals on the horizon and where abandoned Antarctic bases have survived ridiculously huge explosions...
5/6/20162 hours, 50 minutes, 34 seconds
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Episode 32 - Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

After a short break, the team reassemble for the first episode of 2016 focusing on the stunningly beautiful HD Remaster of Resident Evil Zero. There is quite a bit of news to catch up on starting with the announcement of a third Resident Evil CG movie starring Chris, Leon and Rebecca Chambers as well as the imminent DVD release of Biohazard: The Stage. We also preview Umbrella Corps and almost had to pause recording as STARS_Tyrant suffered some kind of breakdown as he drowned in his own despair trying to discuss the game. The bulk of the podcast is dedicated to a technical breakdown of the new Zero re-release in which we discuss all the new features and whether it has improved the game since its original incarnation on the Game Cube. TheBatman thinks it's now the best-looking game in the series but George Trevor believes the added beauty to the visuals still don't make him enjoy the game as much as he should. Just why does everybody love Remake and yet dislike Zero? 
2/23/20162 hours, 16 minutes, 1 second
Episode Artwork

Episode 31 - Resident Evil 2 Remake Speculation

So it's finally happened. A dream announcement for some but a nightmare to others, Resident Evil 2 Remake is officially a go. With Capcom announcing no information on the project is to be released for some time, our panel sits down and thrashes out a heated argument as to the pros and cons of such a project. Is it a chance to recapture the old magic, or are Capcom showing signs of desperation as Resident Evil 7 is delayed once again? Will it be static camera? Will it be over the shoulder? Will it be faithful to the original or will it just be one gigantic mess? Cautious optimism from George Trevor is all but drowned out by the tidal wave of negativity generated by STARS_TyranT and TheBatman. But all Neptune wants is an appearance by Tyler Hamilton from Confidential Report and the broken Nemesis window in the R.P.D. to be addressed...
2/23/20161 hour, 57 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Episode 30 - Ada Wong Special

Another experimental episode this one with an entire discussion dedicated to the enigmatic Ada Wong, charting her journey across the whole series from her first mention in a file in Remake to her destruction of Carla Radames' laboratory in Resident Evil 6. News discussion includes the official announcement of Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster due for release early next year and the English release of Marhawa Desire Volume 5; finally bringing the curtain down on this seemingly never-ending manga series. We then have a small sub-discussion on Separate Ways; the original PS2-exclusive unlockable campaign for Resident Evil 4. We offer opinion on whether it fixed the storyline for that game and speculate about who her true employers of the mysterious 'Organisation' really are.The main discussion then looks at Ada's character and the impact she has had across the series. Following the death of Albert Wesker she has now been elevated to one of the key players in the entire saga. We go back right to the very start when she worked for Derek Simmons in her early days as a spy before joining Umbrella's rival company, infiltrating the Arklay Lab and getting close to John Clemens. Her relationship with Leon is explored in Resident Evil 2 and of course her fractured partnership with Wesker is finally exposed in the climax of Resident Evil 4. Her appearances in Resident Evil: Damnation and Resident Evil 6 are also reviewed as we try to shed light on what her ultimate motivations may be. And no, we still don't have a clue.
2/23/20161 hour, 42 minutes, 5 seconds
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Episode 29 - Resident Evil Revelations 2

Neptune returns to hosting duties and to offer his thoughts on the full retail version of Resident Evil Revelations 2. Rombie also returns as we discuss and analyse the complete game as a whole package, assessing the characters, the creatures, the core story and what lasting implications it will have on the series. We also discuss whether this game marks a true return to form for the series or whether it is simply just a very small step forward in the right direction. Was Alex Wesker handled well? Is Alyson Court so essential to the character of Claire, and perhaps most importantly of all, should we really be hunting rabbits with a machine gun in the canon Biohazard universe? The answers lie within...
2/22/20162 hours, 15 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 27 - Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episodic Breakdown

In an experimental episode, we cover the release schedule of Resident Evil Revelations 2 in the way Capcom intended by assembling once a week to review and analyse each episode as they came out, providing the unique opportunity to comment and speculate without knowing what is coming up next. Here Neptune hands the hosting reins over to a slightly uncomfortable Batman due to his refusal to purchase digital only media and is staying spoiler free until the disc release is available. Originally recorded in four separate segments over the course of a month, George Trevor is present for the discussion of Chapter 1: The Penal Colony and then its over to Rombie, STARS_TyranT and TheBatman to cover the remainder of the game in an intimate and informative chat. Predictions are made, motives are challenged and opinion is split in this honest and frank review of Capcom's latest addition to the Resident Evil lore. 
2/22/20162 hours, 54 minutes
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Episode 26 - Resident Evil 5: Lost In Nightmares

This episode features an in-depth look at what is possibly the greatest piece of downloadable content ever made as we welcome George Trevor back into the fold and finally submit to his non-stop requests to have an entire episode dedicated to Lost In Nightmares. We kick off with news discussion, commenting on general release reaction and sales of the Remake HD before previewing the final release trailer for Revelations 2 which all but confirmed the return of the Uroboros Virus. Then the main discussion is an in-depth look at the first story DLC package for Resident Evil 5 originally released back in 2010. With speculation growing as to the identity of the villain in the upcoming Revelations 2, we discuss at length the story implications of Lost In Nightmares and the impact of the Wesker Children and Alex. Oswell Spencer's motives are analysed and we chart how the story files presented in LIN link all the way back to Wesker's Report II and beyond. The team also talk about the general game play style and how the over-the-shoulder camera can be effective in a slower-paced horror setting, concluding that Lost In Nightmares is perhaps the greatest 'slice' of Resident Evil we've had for years.
2/22/20161 hour, 58 minutes, 3 seconds
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Episode 25 - Resident Evil Remake HD Remaster

Season 3 kicks off with the team reunited after a year's absence and we welcome long-time community member Rombie of 'Resident Evil Fan: A New Blood' fame as the latest addition to the panel line-up. Here we discuss all the relevant news whilst we've been away including the announcement of Biohazard: Heavenly Island. Rombie also reveals exclusive details from a behind-closed-doors Capcom event showcasing a preview build of Resident Evil Revelations 2 in which he got to sample Claire's campaign, Raid Mode and chat with the producers of the game. The main discussion then focuses on a technical review of the brand new HD remaster of the 2002 Game Cube remake of the original Resident Evil. We examine the up-scaled visuals and revamped lighting engine as well as the remastered sound and the new 16:9 camera and modern control schemes, giving honest opinion on what areas worked and what didn't. Finally this edition closes with the welcome return of Neptune's Biohazard quiz.
2/22/20161 hour, 59 minutes, 42 seconds
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Episode 23 - Resident Evil: Degeneration

Here the team take a retrospective look back at the first CG movie that was Resident Evil: Degeneration; the story that really opened the door to the global bioterrorism angle the series still finds itself firmly entwined with today. The film was directed by Makoto Kamiya all the way back in 2008 (or 2011 if you're Neptune), from a script by Shotaro Suga; the man who really held the creative keys to the franchise for some time with further writing credits to come in the form of Darkside Chronicles, Damnation and as a co-writer of Resident Evil 6. Here the podcast crew hold a lengthy debate on the film, discussing plot, characters, setting and motivation, debating whether it adds a substantial world-building slice to the overall mythology cake or whether it is just a forgettable standalone story. Welsh also pops by to discuss and reveal various unknown aspects cut out of the original Resident Evil on the Sony Playstation and the quiz heats up as we move ever closer to the climax of season 2.
2/22/20162 hours, 8 minutes, 31 seconds
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Episode 22 - Resident Evil Outbreak: File 2

As Remake 2 creeps ever closer, time to take another trip back to Raccoon City with our review of Outbreak File 2. Originally recorded way back in 2013, we look back at the news of the time, including a Shinji Mikami interview where he comments on the change of direction for the franchise related to sales of the original remake. Other news includes the possible reveal of Resident Evil 7 through the resume of a costume designer and we also look back at our recent trip to Bristol and getting caught up in a biohazard infecting the whole town. Then there is an important reveal that our chief translator for ongoing projects seems to be a random woman working in Tesco... For the main discussion the team look back at File 2 of the Outbreak series. Released to much criticism following the massive success of Resident Evil 4, this title was soon confined to memory and bargain bins across the globe. But was it simply a failed online experiment or actually a hidden gem that was released way ahead of its time? Special guest is the Selfish Gene. Enjoy.
2/21/20162 hours, 13 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 20 - Resident Evil Zero

Another golden oldie now as we slowly but surely work through the back catalogue of old episodes. This one covers the original release of Resident Evil Zero on the Nintendo Game Cube and was originally recorded in August 2013. The news at the time was pretty slow with Capcom seeking feedback on the polarising Resident Evil 6 and the release of Naughty Dog's 'The Last of Us' being more in line with what fans expect from a survival horror title.  For the main discussion Batman largely stands alone in his defence of Zero with the majority opinion being that it failed to capture the magic of Remake and the implementation of too many gimmicks such as the partner zapping and lack of item boxes soured the experience somewhat. As always we discuss what was good, what was bad, and analyse the characters, environments, enemies, and the story. So if you're into giant insects, leeches, magic elevators and comic book NPC powers, this one is for you. Special community guest is Yoke.
2/21/20162 hours, 9 minutes, 51 seconds
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Episode 19 - Resident Evil Revelations: HD Unveiled Edition

In this HD remastered (and full price) edition of our original Revelations podcast, the team sit down to re-evaluate the game following its recent transition to current gen consoles, opening it up to a much wider audience. We assess how well the visual up-scale works and if there is enough difference here to warrant a potential second purchase. We also review how well or how badly the game has aged since it's initial release and whether our original opinions have changed since we first played on the 3DS. We also feature a sub-discussion on the recently concluded Biohazard Marhawa Desire and attempt to summarise the story and ask whether it stands up as a prequel to Resident Evil 6. The archaic Mr. Spencer also provides his professional opinion on the forced censorship of Japanese pornography; a slight deviation from the main topics at hand, but a necessary one. 
2/20/20162 hours, 28 minutes, 22 seconds
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Episode 18 - Resident Evil Outbreak

Another one from the archives now as we go back to one of the old classics. Here the team return to J's Bar in Raccoon City where it all began as we assess the first Outbreak game. All the scenarios are looked at as well as the characters the enemies and of course the online element. Was the game a missed opportunity or underrated and vastly ahead of its time? Originally recorded June 2013.
2/20/20162 hours, 12 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode 17 - Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

This week the team look back fondly on the title that brought the curtain down on Raccoon City; Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. This one remains a firm favourite with most of our team and our retrospective rekindles many fond memories of dashing round uptown and downtown Raccoon, trying to avoid the infamous Nemesis T-Type. It is a bit slow on the news front but we briefly discuss the Left 4 Dead 2 crossover with Resident Evil 6 and Rachel Foley's inclusion for Raid Mode in Revelations HD. Then in the main chat the titular game is dissected from top to bottom as we cover characters, setting, enemies, game play and weaponry as well as the music, the criticisms the game received upon release and its lasting legacy across the series. So sit back, relax, turn off the lights and remember Nemesis when he was downright terrifying as opposed to the kitten he later became in Umbrella Chronicles. 
2/19/20161 hour, 56 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 16 - Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

A lot to cover in this episode as we briefly discuss the big community news of Resident Evil 1.5 being finally released to the public at large and what the implications of this may be for the fanbase and future of the series. We also speculate on interesting comments made by series producer Masachika Kawata's about Resident Evil/Biohazard potentially requiring a reboot in the near future. Following that, this week's sub-discussion is on the Japanese exclusive 'Prelude to the Fall' manga comic before the panel move on to focus on Umbrella Chronicles itself; first released for the Nintendo Wii all the way back in 2007 before being touched up and re-released on Playstation 3 in 2012. Here we discuss the game mechanics and the overall storyline, going through each main campaign and bonus scenario in turn. We also look at the quite spectacular voice acting (cue lots of 'interesting' impersonations), and the legacy of the game.
2/18/20162 hours, 16 minutes, 15 seconds
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Episode 15 - Resident Evil: Survivor

Rombie of returns for a second stint in the guest’s chair for this retrospective look-back on one of the more forgotten and often mocked entries in the series; Resident Evil: Survivor. Apologies in advance for some rather eccentric Ark Thompson and Vincent’s mother impressions! But despite Survivor being an easy target with its cheap production values and cringe-worthy voice acting, our team peels back the surface and puts forward a compelling argument in support of this title. Rombie provides some fascinating insight into its development history and the gun support, Neptune and S.T.A.R.S_Tyrant talk up the music and the foreboding atmosphere the game is able to generate despite its cheap look, and News Bot and TheBatman discuss and explain some of the more ambiguous story aspects about the Hypnos Tyrant and the T-103 production process. Overall this is a frank and fair discussion that hopefully will encourage fans to give this game another go and hopefully re-evaluate their opinions. But perhaps the most interesting lesson you'll take from this is listening to George Trevor's rationale for why Bruce Forsythe may have looked younger in the 1970's than he does now...
2/18/20161 hour, 50 minutes, 25 seconds
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Episode 12 - Resident Evil: Damnation

Released just prior to Resident Evil 6 back in September 2012, this CG canon sequel to 2008's Degeneration sees the return of Leon S. Kennedy; this time dispatched to a small country known as the Eastern Slav Republic to combat the latest bioterrorism threat. We join him on that journey and discuss what the film adds to the overall mythology. There are many interesting things to debate such as the inclusion of Las Plagas and the welcome return of both the Licker and the Tyrant. We also get the first chronological appearance of Ada Wong since the events of Resident Evil 4. Also included in this season 1 finale of our pokey little podcast is the climactic ending to Neptune's biohazard quiz.
2/15/20161 hour, 53 minutes, 32 seconds
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Episode 11 - Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 came with huge expectations but was seen as a great disappointment by many, but here STARS_Tyrant and TheBatman lead the RE5 defence force, praising the gameplay and the story. George Trevor talks up Lost in Nightmares but finds little else to enjoy and Neptune has never been happy about the linear aspects of the game and how Chris and Sheva quickly move through each area with no opportunities to backtrack and explore.  Every aspect of the game is covered as well as a small section covering the unused beta concepts of the game. In the news we also review the second public demo of Resident Evil 6 before the game's final release. 
2/15/20162 hours, 13 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 10 - Resident Evil: Code Veronica X

Originally recorded just prior to the release of Resident Evil 6, our panel sits down to discuss Resident Evil Code: Veronica - perhaps one side of the same coin alongside Resident Evil Zero in terms of love and hate. Neptune and George Trevor are big fans of the game but TheBatman not so much. We discuss the switch to full 3D as well as the plot, characters, setting, enemies and all other elements making up the game. Was bringing back Wesker the right move? Were the Ashford's any good, and was D.I.J a top-secret experiment in league with Derek Simmons? All this and more is discussed within. Joining us for this episode is special guest Thomas Wilde; author of the legendary Resident Evil Plot Analysis from gamefaqs and a document every Resident Evil fan worth their salt should be fully aware of. As well as joining us for the Code: Veronica chat, Thomas gives a lengthy interview explaining the origins of the plot analysis, his motivations for writing it and his progress with updates whilst working professionally on other projects. Finally the episode concludes with another well-researched quiz as always!
2/14/20162 hours, 8 minutes, 26 seconds
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Episode 9 - Resident Evil Remake

Another classic episode from the archives as we take a look at the critically acclaimed Resident Evil Remake on the Nintendo Game Cube. Each panel member recalls their origins with the game and the impact it had on them personally. We also discuss the improvements such as the photo-realistic graphics, the added story sections and of course the Crimson Heads. Stepping into the guest's chair this week is Rombie from residentevilfan - A New Blood. Rob goes into his own history with the franchise and reminds us all of how he was one of the original and most successful fansite webmasters. News discussion includes more build up towards the release of Resident Evil 6 and George Trevor tries and largely fails to explain the progress of the Marhawa Desire manga now that the first volume is complete. 
2/13/20161 hour, 56 minutes, 40 seconds
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Episode 8 - Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles

In this episode we look back at this direct sequel to Umbrella Chronicles which released back in November 2009. Joining us for this one is one of our very own staff members in Sindra who has much to say about Claire Redfield and the impact of strong, independent female characters in modern gaming. Unfortunately it just had to be this episode with our first female guest that Mr. Spencer had one too many glasses of wine... But amidst the awkward flirting we have an in-depth discussion on Darkside Chronicles with a particular focus on Operation: Javier. We assess Javier Hidalgo, his daughter Manuela and the return of the t-Veronica virus and Jack Krauser. We also touch upon the retellings of Resident Evil 2 and Code Veronica with Memories of a Lost City and Game of Oblivion respectively. There is also a debate on the new camera, the new mechanics and the bonus content before deciding whether it is an improvement over Umbrella Chronicles or not. Originally recorded in August 2012.
2/10/20161 hour, 50 minutes, 14 seconds
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Episode 7: Resident Evil 6 Preview

With Resident Evil 7 almost upon us, it's time for another episode from the archives now as we travel back all the way back to summer 2012 when Capcom released the first playable demo of Resident Evil 6 to users who purchased Dragon's Dogma. This demo featured short segments from each campaign along with some horrendous screen-tearing. It's interesting now after all this time to look back on our hopes and impressions several months before the final polarising product was unleashed upon the world. Also released during this time was the reveal trailer for Resident Evil: Damnation featuring Ada Wong and a man everyone believed at the time was Derek Simmons conrolling the Lickers. Good times.
2/9/20161 hour, 9 minutes, 48 seconds
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Episode 6 - Resident Evil 2

Slowly but surely we're working our way back to the very beginning and now comes another episode that's almost 5 years old can you believe... This time we look at the absolute masterpiece that is Resident Evil 2, almost a perfect sequel in many ways and one of the biggest games of 1998. In the news discussion we are still getting bogged down in the aftermath of Operation Raccoon City and there is a brief chat on Resident Evil 1.5 before moving onto the main event. Each of us has fond memories of Resident Evil 2 and we talk about the storyline, the atmosphere, the scenario zapping system and the characters. So enjoy this retrospective look back on an old classic before Capcom unleashes Remake 2 and ruins everything. Our guests this week are The Selfish Gene from The Horror is Alive and Welsh. 
2/9/20161 hour, 39 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 5 - Resident Evil 4

Delving back into the archives once again we have for your listening pleasure our review of the very diversive Resident Evil 4; the game some say saved the franchise and others believe destroyed it. Originally recorded in April 2012 the news is dominated by more post-release reaction to Operation Raccoon City with the introduction of the timed exclusive Nemesis mode DLC for the XBox, prompting Neptune to enquire if we can get his tentacle out... Fittingly our community guest is Smiley; a man who very wisely invested his entire inheritance in bulk buying Operation Raccoon City in the hopes it would be a massive success. Needless to say he is still not a millionaire. We have a sub-discussion on the many beta builds of Resident Evil 4, discussing black fog, hookmen, Devil May Cry 4 and the influences of games such as Haunting Ground and Clock Tower. Early story builds included Spencer's sons and the origins of the Progenitor Virus which would have been much more agreeable to what we eventually got.  For the main discussion, we go through the game from top to bottom, talking about the new gameplay style and controls, as well as the obvious switch to action from horror. We go through the characters and enemies, lamenting Umbrella's pre-credits demise and of course explain how the infamous boulder has eclipsed Albert Wesker as the series best recurring villain. Spoiler alert: Mr Spencer's favourite part of Resident Evil 4 is the fact that Jill is not in it.
2/8/20161 hour, 54 minutes, 52 seconds
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Episode 3 - Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City

Time for another early episode plucked from the dusty shelves of the archives cupboard. This time we go back to 2012, shortly after the release of the highly controversial Operation Raccoon City. Following hot on the heels of Resident Evil Revelations on the 3DS, this initial review was done before the release of the arguably much better Spec Ops DLC campaign and in the midst of what was a troubling time for the series. This game saw release around the time veteran series producer Masachika Kawata stated Resident Evil was too big for the survival horror market and that the series should increase the action focus of RE4 and 5, something that didn't go down well with fans at that time. Join Neptune, Batman, George Trevor, Mr Spencer and special guest Zombie Fred as they break down this non-canonical entry into the series, trying to be find a few positives amidst a sea of negatives in what is a a valiant but ultimately rushed and buggy product.
2/7/20161 hour, 39 minutes, 59 seconds
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Episode 2 - Resident Evil Revelations 3DS

And so we creep ever closer back to the very beginning of this journey as we now revisit early 2012 when Resident Evil Revelations had just debuted on the Nintendo 3DS. This represented the first major title since Darkside Chronicles and was the second successive storyline prequel since the release of Resident Evil 5. Reception to Revelations was quite positive at the time, although fans were taken aback by its overly complicated storyline, something that was not helped by some of the worst file mistranslations in the series history. Here we break down the characters, the enemies and the environments as we attempt to piece together just exactly what is going on. It's easy to forget the unique features the 3DS version had, such as first person view and of course the 3D aspect itself. Also featured on this episode is a preview of Operation Raccoon City, which at the time of recording was just a few weeks away from a highly controversial release. Joining us as special guest for this one was Project Umbrella staff member Ridley.
2/7/20161 hour, 22 minutes, 46 seconds
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Episode 1 - Resident Evil 1996

And so we near journey's end through the archives as we head back all the way to February 2012 when we recorded the first episode proper of the then Project Umbrella Podcast. After a successful pilot episode we felt it fitting at the time to dedicate episode one to the original game that started it all; the original Resident Evil on the PlayStation. Join the panel for a nostalgic trip down memory lane as we recount our personal experiences with the game. In the news we briefly discuss release reaction to Revelations on the 3DS and the build up to the imminent release of Operation Raccoon City. But the biggest news of the time was the official announcement of Resident Evil 6, with a first trailer that promised a continuation of the action of Resident Evil 5 and then some... As you can imagine George Trevor was pleased with this! Neptune's biohazard quiz launched with calamity and has maintained that steady standard ever since. Apologies for the erratic audio quality throughout as back then we were still learning our way around this whole podcasting lark. It's certainly interesting to listen back to our thoughts and experiences from nearly a decade ago when things like Umbrella Corps, Revelations 2, Vendetta and even Remake 2 were never in our thoughts. It is thanks to the continued support of the Resident Evil fan community that we are still going strong today and are about to begin an exciting new chapter. Please enjoy.
2/7/20161 hour, 34 minutes, 33 seconds
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Episode Zero - The Pilot Episode

 Well then folks here it be; the original test episode for the podcast to see if it would work as a valid idea. Originally recorded 8 years ago by members of Project Umbrella, we set out to carry the torch from where the RPD Dispatch left off. At the time we'd had the idea of a podcast for several months and had been planning it behind the scenes, however we never envisaged just how difficult it would be to pull off. We knew 2012 was going to be a pivotal year for the franchise in terms of media and so we scrambled a panel together to record our thoughts. Here we speak briefly about the translation issues that plague the series and focus on upcoming titles Resident Evil Revelations and Operation Raccoon City, both of which were due out in the coming months. Although we knew it was coming we actually recorded this show 24 hours before Capcom publically announced Resident Evil 6 to the world. Just to put into context where the series was way back then, the last canonical material we'd had at the time of release was actually the story DLC packs for Resident Evil 5! And now here we are all these years later and the series has more than doubled in content and is still going strong. The Project Umbrella Podcast is now dead, long live the Resident Evil Podcast!
2/7/20161 hour, 1 minute, 59 seconds
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REP Presents: Resident Evil Degeneration Audio Commentary

Welcome back to our series of live audio commentaries for the feature length Resident Evil adaptations. Thankfully we take a break from Paul W.S. Anderson's live action 'take' on the series and instead switch our attention to Resident Evil Degeneration; the first full-length motion capture CG animation feature developed and produced by Capcom themselves. Join Neptune, Rombie, STARS_TyranT and a returning Mr. Spencer as they sit back and analyse the film from start to finish. Please enjoy and continue to stay safe everyone.
2/6/20161 hour, 44 minutes, 32 seconds
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REP Presents: Resident Evil Extinction Audio Commentary

Welcome back to our third audio commentary of the live action films created by Paul W.S. Anderson. This time we examine the desert focused installment after the T-Virus has wrecked havoc across the globe, seeming causing a mass Extinction.  Join the team as we watch with you the ongoing adventures of Alice with her random psychic powers as she battles not only Zombies, but also pet Zombie Dogs, Super Zombies that can use cellphones, tornado Crows and a Tyrant that can roar away floor tiles. Classic Resident Evil. Guiding you through this monstrosity is Neptune, George Trevor, a returning Mr. Spencer and special guest Yoke. We also have STARS Tyrant watching this film for the very first time! So grab some popcorn, hit play on this film and join in with the fun!
2/5/20161 hour, 37 minutes, 4 seconds
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REP Presents: The Outtakes File 2

Today, we have hit another milestone as we pass 200,000 downloads of the Resident Evil Podcast. It was not long ago that we passed the 100k mark and celebrated with a bonus outtakes podcast.   Keeping with that tradition, we now release for your listening pleasure another collection of unused material, bloopers, interruptions and other scraps from the cutting room floor.   Amazed that after 9 years such bloopers continue to occur? Well, don't be - saying goodbye in the right order continues to be a problem!     So, sit back and enjoy some of the bits from Episode 55 onwards that you haven't heard! Without your ongoing support, we never would have reached this milestone, so thank you everyone!
2/4/201654 minutes, 2 seconds