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The Renewable Energy Podcast

English, Sciences, 1 season, 6 episodes, 2 hours, 30 minutes
Renewable energy troubadour Dr. Andrew Crossland and general layman David Kirby navigate the waters of all things green with scant regard for structure, logic, or linear streams of consciousness. Dave plans on doing a song at the end of every episode, but who knows how long that will last. Listen to more of Dave's music here: and on Spotify: See Andrew's work on energy here: and on LinkedIn
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Episode 6 - Load Shedding, Carbon Capture and Energy Islands

Andrew has a dilEMMA helping his family deal with powercuts as we discuss the energy crisis in South Africa and the UK. Dave puts forward an idea he had about taking CO2 from the air but discovers from Andrew that it has many pitfalls, and the duo take an unexpected trip to paradise!
8/29/202230 minutes, 30 seconds
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Episode 5 - Imagine All The Biomass

What a load of crap! The REP delve into the pros and cons of Biomass, get all nostalgic for the good old days and save the world, all in the space of half an hour, imagine that! Pro tip - hang around for the (actually impromptu) song at the end.
7/6/202229 minutes, 12 seconds