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The RelationShit Advice Podcast

English, Social, 1 season, 13 episodes, 18 hours, 53 minutes
Giving you the good shit, bad shit but always the real shit about relationships. BadGyal Lo & Unfiltered Ry Ry read through questions & scenarios sent in, providing insight to how their 7 year relationship has handled (or not in most cases) similar situations. Two fiery, ex-professional athlete-alphas with an abundance of opinion and zero filter, you can be sure that heads will clash but love will keep the show going on.
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Red Flags & Committing To Someone Still Attached To Their Past - Ep 10

Episode 10: BadGyal Lo & Unfiltered Ry Ry discuss what are the red flags when meeting someone new and a viewer asks for advice on her 6 year relationship with someone who still lives with his baby mother.
6/6/20211 hour, 44 minutes, 38 seconds
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Argument 274: Painting - Ep 9

Episode 9: BadGyal Lo & Unfiltered Ry Ry rehash their argument that happened during decorating their home. Rehash being a huge understatement.
5/5/20211 hour, 31 minutes, 16 seconds
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Who Wears The Trousers? & Sex Toys At The Restaurant - Ep 3

The RelationShit Advice Podcast - Episode 3: After BadGyal Lo & Unfiltered Ry Ry have a Will Smith karaoke session, they then speak about the word C.U.N.T, breaking down on the m60, Lauren crashing the Audi, keeping things sexy in a long term relationship, who actually is in charge in their relationship and how taking sex toys to the restaurant worked out.
3/4/20211 hour, 41 minutes, 51 seconds
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The RelationShit Advice Podcast - Trailer

Welcome to the love life of BadGyal Lo & Unfiltered RyRy. 6 years strong, 2 kids, a house, dogs, the full picture... Far from it... Check out the trailer and you will quickly see how dysfunctional and toxic they can really get. However if there is one thing they are, it is transparent... which works out for your entertainment value.  Expect fiery topics, explicit language, a dash of controversy...basically all the things you have probably thought about your partner except out loud. 
2/21/20213 minutes, 24 seconds