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English, Finance, 1 seasons, 27 episodes, 16 hours 11 minutes
#KadhaiPodcast by Kavitha Jeeva presents you "PONNIYIN SELVAN" - a historical classic Tamil novel, written by Kalki Krishnamurthy. This podcast is NOT an Audio Book. Kavitha narrates this epic story in simple and easy to understand Tamil. You are aware that many celebrities made attempts to make this novel as a Movie, but yet to succeed.... Get charged to listen to the story of "Vanthiya Thevan" and "RajaRajaChozhan" an interesting narrative style.
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#7: Midas Dao

Is DeFi 2.0 over? Is there a place in the crypto investment world for the Olympus DAO model?Here we speak to the team at Midas Dao and cover:- The revamped tokenomics on v2 to address the issues with the $TIME model- Degen APY wars and what happened in v1- How they built such a strong community- What differentiates Midas Dao- Innovative staking models and how this could workThis is an honest conversation about the ups and downs of running a successful DAO, with a clear vision for the future. We hope you enjoy the episode!Website: find out more about ReFi visit: 
20/01/202236 minutes 12 seconds