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The Race Ride Seek Podcast

English, Sports, 4 seasons, 24 episodes, 21 hours, 34 minutes
Jesse Carlsson and the Curve Crew talk cycling adventures. Chatting with cyclists on a mission, whether they Race, Ride or Seek.
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#10 - Steve, Jesse, Adam and Ryan talk Curve.

In the final episode of Series 1, we've responded to requests for people who wanted to know more about how Curve came to be. So we've gathered the 4 people involved and tried to give you bit of an insight. While we start off well, we soon understand why podcasts don't often have 4 people involved :) Thanks for listening, look forward to bringing you more.See for privacy information.
11/8/201739 minutes, 47 seconds
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#9 Benky!

Jesse catches us with big man, Kevin Benkenstein after his Race to the Rock adventure. This was the South African's first "really big ride" and finished an impressive 2nd place behind Sarah Hammond.See for privacy information.
10/13/201750 minutes, 4 seconds
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#8 Unpacking Jesse's Race to the Rock GMX

In this episode, Jesse Carlsson unpacks his GMX after the Race to the Rock with the "help" Ryan Flinn. We have also filmed all of this podcast, so if you want to see the state of Jesse's bike and what he is talking about, head over to the Curve Cycling Youtube Channel  See for privacy information.
9/27/201728 minutes, 34 seconds
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#7 Race to the Rock Winner Sarah Hammond

Sarah Hammonds win's Race to the Rock again! In this episode, Adam has a candid chat with Sarah, only hours after she got to the rock.See for privacy information.
9/13/201734 minutes, 21 seconds
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#6 Race to the Rock: The night before with Sarah Hammond

Last years winner, Sarah Hammond sits with Jesse Carlsson only hours after he realises that he won't be starting Race to Rock with the other competitors. See for privacy information.
9/3/201733 minutes, 41 seconds
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#5 Bike packing showdown: Nick Skarajew & Ryan vs Jesse Carlsson

In this episode, we've listened to your requests and brought you some more info on bike packing and touring. It's the relative inexperience of Nick Skarajew (Indian Pacific Wheel Race) and Ryan Flinn vs the grand master Jesse Carlsson. See for privacy information.
8/28/20171 hour, 1 minute, 10 seconds
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#4 Ryan "Rhino" Flinn talks Indy Pac and has a big announcement.

Funny man Ryan Flinn talks about his crazy adventures cycling, including the Indian Pacdic Wheel Race. He also announces his new role at Curve Cycling.See for privacy information.
8/11/201744 minutes, 38 seconds
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#3 The People's Champ, Allan (Alby) Iacuone

In this episode, Jesse delves into the mind to Allan "Alby" Iacuone, The People's Champ. Alby is the 1994 Australian Road Cycling Champion, and 19 years later, he was the first Australian National CX Champion (2013).   This was recorded at a Tour de France evening that Curve Cycling hosted along with 3 Point Motors Mercedes Benz at the Coffee Peddlr.  Email us with your People's Champ suggestions on [email protected] for privacy information.
7/24/201734 minutes, 20 seconds
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#2 Sarah Hammond. One of the toughest cyclists in the world.

- Winner of the 2016, 2,300km Race to the Rock. - 6th place in 2016, 6,800km Trans America Bike Race.- 3rd place* 2017 5,500km Indian Pacific Wheel RaceJesse Carlsson shares a beer with his good mate and protege Sarah Hammond, one of best Ultra Endurance Adventure Riders in the world. * Sarah was sitting in 3rd place at the time race was canceled - she was about 5,000km into the race.See for privacy information.
6/21/201752 minutes, 41 seconds
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#1 Jason Archer. 24H Solo MTB Racing.

Jesse Carlsson caught up with Jason Archer a day before he set out to defend his age-group 24 hour solo MTB world championship, in Finale Ligure Italy #WEMBO2107See for privacy information.
6/8/201738 minutes, 52 seconds