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English, Cultural, 1 season, 23 episodes, 19 hours, 11 minutes
Come hang with your favorite Queer Mommy and Zaddy as we break down all things parenting, relationships and life without a filter. Jess is the stable friend you need in your life- she’s a good influence, holds you accountable and has the maternal love we all crave. Her caring demeanor and bold extroverted energy are sure to win over anyone’s heart. Andie is the friend that makes you second guess your own cool factor when standing next to them.You know those bad boys who are like, secretly really smart? Yeah, that’s Andie. They are rebellious and impulsive to their core which can often get them in trouble. Andie is an extreme introvert, they like to quietly observe until they have something to contribute. Join us on this journey as we unload our life and opinions into a microphone.
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Learning New Versions of Ourselves- THE QUEER SOCIAL #022

A slightly older episode that came out of the archives as we took a small social media break. When I tell you everything about us is 360 opposite from each other- i'm not exaggerating. We talk about how we navigate having different communication styles while effectively having a productive conversation. We also dive into Masc insecurities while out in public and how we work through them together. Lots of little surprise convos along the way- you know us, we like to go a little rogue. Please note, as we did touch on the challenges for gender-expansive/gender-queer individuals using a public restroom in a lighter way, it is a topic that should be taken VERY seriously. Andie and I shared our own experiences on this topic, but there are many others who might feel differently about it. It is important to know, this was filmed prior to the tragedy of Nex Benedict who lost their life after abuse in a school bathroom. Devastatingly enough, Nex is not the only one- there are too many scenarios like this happening all over the world. Please take into consideration how someones experience in a public restroom can be extremely traumatizing and give love and support to anyone who might be struggling with this. It is an incredibly vulnerable place for some people so please show up for the ones that might need you even if they don't say it out loud. SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore Instagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @dreampilotfilms A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
3/13/202457 minutes
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Digging Into Our Past- The Queer Social #021

Join us as we dig up a little bit of our past that you might not know about. We share our previous jobs, sports we played and wild stories about past experiences. SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore Instagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @dreampilotfilms A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
2/14/202437 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hot Takes & Communicating Your Needs - THE QUEER SOCIAL #020

There's so much to unpack here. Happy New Year Everyone! We get right into it with our intentions for 2024 and then dive into our hot takes. What we will say will shock most, sorry in advance. We end with a rant about how important communication is in all aspects of your life but most importantly in your relationships as well as intimately. Come hang with us for a hour as we talk our shit into these mics. 
1/26/202457 minutes, 32 seconds
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Dating men before coming out - THE QUEER SOCIAL #019

Come hang with us as we chat about our dating life before finding each other.  Don't be surprised if you get a little pep talk about self love in this very queer episode. Remember- your worth is not determined by what others think of you. We love y'all! SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @dreampilotfilms A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
1/5/202445 minutes, 23 seconds
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Getting Real With Jonica Booth- THE QUEER SOCIAL #018

Get to know HBO MAX's Rap Shit star Jonica Booth as she joins The Queer Social and spills all the behind the scenes tea. From her first time acting in a sex scene to navigating everyday life as a queer black woman in Hollywood, this episode divulges it all. You don't want to skip this one... hint: one of us isn't wearing pants.SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@Jonicablubooth @thequeersocial  @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @dreampilotfilms @dreampilotfilmsA Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
12/20/20231 hour, 18 minutes, 5 seconds
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Make Up Seggs & Scheduling Intimacy- The Queer Social #017

With the Holidays here, we went a little rogue. From family drama, navigating the situation of best friends divorcing, to scheduling intimacy as a parent- we get into all the deets. For your viewing pleasure, we also left in a mini marriage bicker about stealing pillows, you're welcome.SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @dreampilotfilms A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
12/8/202353 minutes, 54 seconds
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Don't get us started on that Big D*k* Energy, it will swoop you right up. Welcome to the chaos that is The Queer Social, where we wing it off of bullet points. Let's dive into gaydar, ghosting and shooting your shot. 
11/29/202344 minutes, 26 seconds
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Red Flag Green Flag- THE QUEER SOCIAL #015

Lots to catch up on, but most importantly, we are grandparents! We welcomed a baby alpaca to our ranch named Benedict. Join us for a quick life update and a fun game of red flag/green flag which may or may not go a little sideways.....SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @dreampilotfilms @dreampilotfilmsA Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
11/13/202346 minutes, 7 seconds
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10 Year Anniversary- The Queer Social #014

We have been together for 10 years, and what a wild ride! This anniversary episode covers everything from assumptions about each other, our dating timeline to our parenting lifestyle. Hang with us on the couch as we spill it all. 
10/13/202341 minutes, 23 seconds
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Queer Relationships Are Superior -The Queer Social #013

This episode is very... us. If you want the BFF vibes, this episode is it. Sit on the couch with us as we dive into parenting highs and lows, queer Hollywood, how queer relationships are superior and of course Jess's 5th grader questions. We express strong feelings about "shooting your shot" when you see someone who is your type and drop a little knowledge about how to show someone you're interested. As a treat, we shared details about our wild night out at a gay bar. Enjoy. 
9/29/202344 minutes, 19 seconds
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Astrology (Getting Our Charts Read)- THE QUEER SOCIAL #012

Join us on the couch as Astrologer, Kurt Baumann reads our natal charts as well as our composite chart to show how we are individually but also as a couple. we both don't know anything about astrology, so we were in for a real treat. We've been told plenty of times that pisces and aries aren't necessarily a destined match, but after Kurt went through our chart and the twelve houses in detail, it makes perfect sense why we work so well together. It helped us understand each other on a different level, we dove into the deep meanings of our inner workings and through that we identified new ways to communicate with one another. I would have never imagined that doing our composite chart would lead to what felt like the most healing couples therapy session. This was such an eye opening experience and I highly recommend it for any relationship in your life, or just for better self understanding. It was next level. If you want to learn more about how to read Astrology, take Kurt's courses, get your charts read, or to dive into tarot readings- visit SOCIALS:Youtube:  @themusicinthestars  @thequeersocial Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_  @mitsastrology @kurtbaumann A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
9/19/20231 hour, 5 seconds
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Fertility Pt.2/INVOcell- The Queer Social #011

Bring your best friends to work day! As promise, we're back with another episode about fertility. We brought on our best friends, Bry and Taylor Miller to talk about their journey with fertility and how they landed on INVOcell. INVOcell is a newer form of fertility that has quickly built a reputation for being a great form of fertility treatment for some. We discuss the trials of the process, the financial toll it can take and how to keep your marriage happy and healthy during what could be some very hard times with one another. We lay it all out here, join us on the couch and take a listen. 
8/30/202351 minutes, 18 seconds
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Navigating Comments About a Donor Conceived Child- THE QUEER SOCIAL #010

A little life update as we unpack life with a teething baby, Andie's birthday extravaganza and dive deep into conversation about how some strangers perceive the conception of babies in same sex couples. We touch on our personal feelings around having a donor conceived child, what to call the donor and how to address inappropriate comments surrounding creating our family. SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_ A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
7/26/202342 minutes, 45 seconds
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Fertility Journey Pt.1- THE QUEER SOCIAL #009

Hang with us as we breakdown our TTC journey (trying to conceive.) We address the process, method and financial cost. Have you ever had the feeling of wanting to be a parent but your partner isn't on the same page as you? In this episode we give advice on how to navigate that sticky situation. This episode was sponsored by: Pure Boost Production By: Dreampilot Films Directed By: Brandon BiancoProduced by: Jess VanacoreHosts:Jess & Andie Vanacore Music By: Unbound SoundSOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_
7/12/202359 minutes, 6 seconds
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Body Dysmorphia/Career/Heartbreak Ft. AKICITA- THE QUEER SOCIAL #008

Theres something about having candid couch chats with long time friends, except this time we filmed it. Childhood friend, rising star, singer songwriter: AKICITA stops by the studio. Take a seat and join us on the couch as we dive deep into body dysmorphia, sobriety, building our careers and our resilience that has kept us pushing through when the times got tough.  
6/28/202354 minutes, 52 seconds
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HAPPY PRIDE!! June is such an exciting month for us and what better way to celebrate Pride than having an open candid conversation with our Moms! They break down what it's like to be parents of Queer kids, how it's been adjusting to new names and pronouns and dive in to what it was like when we came out to them. We are privileged to have this kind of love and support on our journeys and we want to share their love with you. No matter what you're going through, please know that we see you, we hear you, we love you and you are VALID. "Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender National Hotline 1-888-843-4564. This National Hotline provides telephone and email peer-counseling, as well as factual information and local resources for cities and towns across the United States. All services are free and confidential.”(Sorry for the audio in some parts, we live and we learn! It only gets better from here! ) SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
6/16/20231 hour, 16 seconds
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Unpopular Opinions- THE QUEER SOCIAL #006

Unpopular opinions is always a treat. We don't hold back, in fact- we give it to you straight. If you don't trust your S/O enough that you have to snoop through their phone, something is screaming "red flag." If you put pineapple on your pizza, you're a monster... and last but certainly not least, listen to how Jess missed out on her vocal debut due to strep throat.
5/31/202356 minutes, 42 seconds
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Hang with us on the couch while we have that one conversation people are afraid to have because they don't want to say the wrong thing: Let's talk about Gender! Typically we don't educate people, but we thought we would take a crack at breaking down the gender binary in a lighthearted couch sesh. Of course you'll hear our ridiculous life updates and we will finish off with Jess's least favorite part (Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?) So press play and let's get into it! Disclaimer: We did our best, hope this helps!SOCIALS:Tik Tok:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacoreInstagram:@thequeersocial @twobabesonebarn @andievanacore @jessvanacore_A Production by: DREAMPILOT FILMSMusic: Unbound Sound
5/17/202343 minutes, 8 seconds
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Communication Is Key- THE QUEER SOCIAL #004

Vulnerability is power! In this episode we discuss prioritizing yourself post baby, gray hairs, jealousy, not holding yourself back form experiencing life to it's fullest and to top it all off we breakdown communication and the importance it has in a relationship. It's a rollercoaster of emotions, join us as we unpack it all.
5/3/202346 minutes, 14 seconds
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Why We Chose Farm Life- THE QUEER SOCIAL #003

Join us on the couch while we talk about why we chose farm life, why Jess didn't make the high school volleyball team and how our personalities completely change while playing Mario Kart.
4/19/202341 minutes, 28 seconds
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Queer Dating (in West Hollywood)- THE QUEER SOCIAL #002

Hang with us as we break down what it's like to date in the queer community, learning about "hey mama's" and weird unnecessary vibes from fellow gays. There's lots to unpack here, have a seat. 
4/5/202336 minutes, 42 seconds
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Lots of your questions about Jess and Andie answered! You'll be sure to take a few things away from this video. First things first, Hooters might not be a great first date pick if you're trying to woo your girl.... and second, Uhaul lesbian success stories exist and we are living proof. Listen to find out more juicy details, you won't be sorry.
3/23/202355 minutes, 36 seconds