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The Psilocybin Podcast, Tales from Eleusinia

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 64 episodes, 1 day 13 hours 2 minutes
The Psilocybin podcast shares stories of revival from past guests of Eleusinia Psilo Retreat. A science based psychedelic retreat that not only focuses on brain health and well-being, but specializes in pain management. Join Tawnya, the medical director of this retreat and Jessica the founder as we break down the latest research in psychedelics and review the latest news. Tawnya and Jessica are a dynamic duo who take on this frontier in a science based way with a touch of rare humanity
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Bill Visit's Eleusinia: Supporting a Spouse and Changing Your Life

In this episode, join us as Bill embarks on a profound adventure at Eleusinia Retreat primarily to provide support for his wife, who endured a grueling 6 and a half-year-long debilitating illness. Drawing comparisons to a previous solo mushroom experience on a beach that left him terrified, Bill courageously faces the prospect of another psychedelic encounter, this time with the guidance and support of professionals. As Bill navigates through his initial fears, fueled by his commitment to stand by his wife, he unfolds a remarkable narrative of personal growth and transformation. The episode delves into the details of Bill's extraordinary journey at Eleusinia, capturing moments of introspection, revelation, and healing that extend not only to himself but also profoundly impact his wife. Tune in to witness the powerful and transformative effects of psychedelics as Bill shares his story of resilience, love, and the profound changes that Eleusinia facilitated in both h
20/02/202434 minutes 1 second
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Andrew Visits Eleusinia: Reclaiming a Life After Loosing a Spouse

In this episode, we delve into Andrew's transformative experience at Eleusinia, a psychedelic retreat. Andrew candidly shares his battle with alcoholism and the subsequent period of sobriety that followed. The unexpected twist occurred when, just 30 days into his newfound sobriety, Andrew faced the sudden and tragic loss of his wife—the mother of his young children.Join us as Andrew opens up about the challenges he faced, from the depths of grief to the process of rediscovering his emotions. In the face of adversity, he expresses a profound desire to explore creative solutions for reclaiming his life and finding a path to healing.Tune in to this powerful episode as we explore Andrew's journey, reflecting on resilience, emotional rediscovery, and the pursuit of innovative approaches to rebuilding one's life after profound loss.
18/02/202432 minutes 24 seconds
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Andrés Gómez-Emilsson Visits Eleusinia: Talking Consciousness

In our latest podcast episode, we are joined by Andrés Gómez Emilsson, the Director of Research at Qualia Research Institute, who recently paid a visit to Eleusinia. Dive into an insightful conversation about consciousness and psychedelics with Andres, a special figure for us at Eleusinia, whose work has significantly influenced our approaches and terminology. Explore the unique concepts and specific terminology from QRI, including exotic qualia, valence, and neural annealing, which have inspired many aspects of the Eleusinia Retreat experience. The discussion wraps up with speculation on the future possibilities of objectively measuring these conscious qualities to potentially prevent and treat suffering. Eleusinia Retreat: <a href="
11/02/20241 hour 4 minutes 14 seconds
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Juan's Story

Join Juan as he unfolds the profound narrative of his life-altering journey at Eleusinia retreat. Delving into the quest for inner strength, Juan shares his profound connection to the indigenous elements offered by Eleusinia, guided by our Curendera Josephina. Having navigated an abusive upbringing, Juan had employed adaptive techniques for survival. He candidly recounts his macrodose experience, shedding light on the moment his emotional armor dissipated, leading to a profound expansion of empathy and compassion towards others as well as himself. He also details each encounter with the staff at Eleusinia and how it impacted him. Tune in to witness Juan&#39;s transformative odyssey and the impactful lessons learned along the way.
01/02/202429 minutes 53 seconds
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Carlos's Story

In this episode, Carlos recounts his quest to discover Eleusinia. In a determined effort to alleviate his long standing depression as well as add to his ability to enrich himself professionally. Despite numerous attempts with various therapeutic approaches to restore his well-being, Carlos found no lasting change. In this episode, he candidly discusses the profound impact of his mental health struggles on his career as a performance mentor. Tune in to hear how his experience at the retreat unveiled a fresh perspective, providing him with a new frame of mind and a renewed sense of capacity as a mentor for others. Allowing him to be more available for the world and himself.
22/01/202436 minutes 16 seconds
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Peter's Story: the perspective of a Psychiatrist

Peter, a psychiatrist, embarks on a transformative journey at Eleusinia retreat. In this episode, he recounts his profound encounters, navigating unforeseen challenges. Processing grief, negative self talk, and exquisite moments during this introspective expedition. Join us as Peter delves into the depths of his psychedelic experience and the profound impact it had on his perspective of the world in crisis. Peter also reflects as a professional psychiatrist and addresses his opinion of the future and benefits to the mental health practice of psychiatry.
15/01/202414 minutes 18 seconds
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Andy's Story: The Benefits of Coming with a Partner

In this episode, join Andy as he recounts his transformative journey at Eleusinia. Delving into the profound impact of the experience, Andy sheds light on the positive outcomes he and his partner, Lexi, gained from attending together. Andy candidly opens up about his personal struggles, navigating a cycle of anxiety and depression that eventually led to a harmful pattern of binge drinking every six weeks. Recognizing the detrimental effects on his relationship, Andy takes us through his journey of self-discovery and the realization that prompted him to break free from this cycle. Listen as Andy shares the joyous and distinctive moments he encountered during the retreat and how his profound experience has brought about significant changes in his life.
07/01/202439 minutes 11 seconds
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Andreas Story: Finding Joy after Cancer

Andrea, a cancer survivor, recognized the need for a fresh start, particularly in the wake of her divorce. Feeling stuck in depression her grief from the past as well as anxiety, her fear of the future. In this episode, she opens up about her transformative journey at Eleusinia retreat, which she attended with her best friend. Through this experience, Andrea not only embraced her process but found relief. Andrea shares how satisfying it felt to start the work and find peace, joy, and a new found comfort. Tune in as she shares about her journey of self-discovery, redefining her identity with newfound joy and unwavering courage.
03/01/202427 minutes 46 seconds
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Matty's Story "Explicit"

In this compelling and Explicit episode, Matty opens up about his journey, recounting the profound decision to embark on a psychedelic retreat at Eleusinia as a person in recovery from drugs and alcohol. Delve into the intense emotions and  preparation that preceded this courageous choice, exploring the fear that initially gripped him. Join Matty as he candidly unfolds his experience, revealing the transformative shift from fear to a comforting sense of warmth and safety. The narrative takes you through the dynamic spectrum of emotions he encountered during the retreat, shedding light on the challenges faced and the subsequent process of introspective reflection.
25/12/202339 minutes 8 seconds
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The Roommate Talk

This is a unique break from our normal podcasts to hear from our founders Jessica and Jay as they break down the dynamics of having a roommate at a psychedelic retreat. Delving into the pros and cons of sharing a room in this unique setting, the hosts reveal nuanced considerations often overlooked. Unravel unique challenges associated with shared spaces, emphasizing the impact on personal journeys within a psychedelic retreat environment. Discover why Eleusinia Retreat opts for exclusively private rooms, delving into the philosophy behind this decision. Whether a seasoned participant or a curious newcomer, this episode provides valuable insights into the hospitality side of psychedelic retreats. Tune in for a thought-provoking journey with Jay and Jessica!
23/12/202332 minutes 23 seconds
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Debbie's Story

Debbie&#39;s lifelong battle with profound depression is a story of courage and transformation. Join us in this episode as she takes us through her remarkable journey at Eleusinia, where she embarked on a journey of self-discovery. In this candid conversation, Debbie shares how she released the shackles of perfectionism, experienced profound love, and found the path to forgiveness and self-love. Tune in to hear her powerful tale of healing and finally feeling comfortable in her own skin.
17/12/202324 minutes 17 seconds
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Andrea's Story

Andrea, a resilient cancer survivor, recognized the necessity for a fresh start, particularly in the wake of her divorce a few years post-diagnosis. In this episode, she opens up about her transformative journey at Eleusinia. Through this experience, Andrea not only embraced her healing process Knowing she would tie this practice into her self-care routine, but also embarked on a journey of self-discovery, redefining her identity with newfound joy and unwavering courage.
06/12/202327 minutes 46 seconds
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Johanna's Story

In this episode, Johanna recounts her personal journey as a mother embarking on the path of becoming a psychedelic guide. She decides on a transformative experience at Eleusinia retreat. Not only to deepen her own understanding, but also in hopes of finding healing for her son, who has been struggling with treatment-resistant depression. During her time at Eleusinia, Johanna undergoes a profound journey, she experiences powerful somatic releases that connect her to long-buried childhood traumas. These experiences offer herself as well as a new perspective on her son's struggles and the path to mutual healing.
28/11/202320 minutes 24 seconds
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Monica's Story

Join us as Monica, a resilient African American single mother. Opens up about her heartfelt decision to embark on a life-changing journey at Eleusinia. Struggling with the overwhelming burden of postpartum anxiety and depression, Monica knew she needed a profound intervention to reclaim her life. Monica&#39;s story unfolds as she takes us through a voyage of self-discovery where she courageously dissects different facets of her personality. Ultimately, her journey leads her to a place of authentic, empowered self-love.
14/11/202336 minutes 30 seconds
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Eliza's Story

In this episode, Eliza shares her transformative journey as she embarks on a meaningful experience at Eleusinia retreat. Struggling with chronic pain, weekly migraines, and PTSD, Eliza recounts her courageous decision to seek healing through this unique experience. She describes her experience, one that ultimately led her to rediscover self-love and deepen her connection with her loved ones. Through Eliza&#39;s heartfelt narrative, you&#39;ll witness the profound impact of her psychedelic journey, including the remarkable resolution of her debilitating migraines and her newfound ability to navigate life&#39;s challenges with resilience and strength.
05/11/202338 minutes 11 seconds
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Jack's Story

In this episode, we delve into Jack&#39;s journey as he shares his deliberate choice to attend Eleusinia retreat as someone venturing into the realm of consciousness exploration. Jack&#39;s curiosity led him to the retreat with a compelling desire to perceive himself through the lens of a non-ordinary state of consciousness. He takes us on a captivating journey as he vividly recounts his intense and extraordinary experience. What makes this episode particularly intriguing is Jack&#39;s enthusiasm to articulate his journey with the precision of a scientific lens. 
28/10/202344 minutes 22 seconds
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CRPS and Psilocybin: Kevins Story

In this episode, Kevin takes us on a deeply personal journey as he recounts his decision to embark on a transformative experience at Eleusinia retreat. Kevin&#39;s motivation for this journey is twofold: to confront the intense pain associated with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) and to address the unprocessed emotions stemming from a life forever altered by a devastating car accident.
08/10/202337 minutes 17 seconds
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Emilio's Story

In this episode, discover the extraordinary tale of Emilio, Eleusinia&#39;s mindfulness and breathwork coach, as he melds his background as a Physicist with his spirituality into a transformative journey. From exploring the synergy of yoga and physics to mastering emotional intelligence through Buddhism, Emilio embodies the power of blending disparate disciplines. Learn how psychedelics became a transformative force in his life, making him a cornerstone of our team. Don&#39;t miss this captivating episode where science, spirituality, and personal growth converge
24/09/202339 minutes 47 seconds
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Terri's Story

In this episode as we reconnect with Terri, who has returned to Eleusinia retreat for the second time. Terri candidly opens up about her decision to embark on this journey without her spouse. This time, bringing along a different family member. With seven months of integration and self-care under her belt since her previous retreat, Terri shares the fascinating evolution of how she developed her personal practice, including how she fine-tuned her dosing and self-care routines. She describes the unfolding of her journey and the profound impacts of her second macro-dose experience, marked by a newfound fearlessness in embracing the psychedelic voyage.
10/09/202328 minutes 42 seconds
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Lily's Story

In this episode, Lily opens up about her transformative journey of choosing Eleusinia, a psychedelic retreat, as a means to confront a deep-seated trauma. Lily&#39;s life took an extraordinary turn when she faced the rare challenge of two pregnancies affected by an extremely uncommon chromosomal disorder. While she managed to cope with support after the first pregnancy, the second one left her emotionally devastated. Surprisingly, despite being an atheist, Lily had a profound and mystical encounter during her psychedelic experience. This encounter awakened a newfound connection to the marvels of nature, helping her discover a deeper sense of meaning and purpose. Through these extraordinary revelations, Lily finally found solace and began to believe that the events she had endured were not her fault.
02/09/202329 minutes 25 seconds
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Jeanie's Story

Join us for a powerful and insightful podcast episode as we delve into Jeanie&#39;s courageous journey through postpartum depression. With candor and vulnerability, Jeanie opens up about her experiences, offering an incredible analogy that beautifully captures the essence of motherhood and the perspective of postpartum depression. Discover how her transformative experience at Eleusinia reshaped her outlook on motherhood. How working with psilocybin showed her a new empowered way to live. Redefining motherhood, vulnerability and the importance of community connection. Don&#39;t miss this inspiring and eye-opening conversation. Tune in now to gain a new understanding of the complexities of motherhood and the strength it takes to navigate through challenging times.
26/08/202334 minutes 21 seconds
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Dan's Story

In this episode, Dan shares a tale of a man&#39;s journey as he embraced his true self later in life. Dan had mastered the art of compartmentalizing emotions, until a transformative psychedelic experience at Eleusinia shattered those barriers. There, he delved into the depths of his emotions, experiencing the full spectrum of richness and vulnerability—a journey both challenging and exquisitely beautiful. Join Dan as he narrates the man&#39;s reentry into his everyday life after the retreat and the profound significance of support and community during this profound period of self-discovery. This heartfelt story reminds us of the power of vulnerability and the importance of having a supportive network to lean on during times of transformation.
12/08/202337 minutes 37 seconds
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Shirly's Story

In this episode, meet Shirly, a remarkable individual with a unique combination of professions – a hypnotherapist and a hospice chaplain. Embarking on a transformative journey, Shirly declared this year as her year of personal growth. After thorough research, she made a life-changing decision to attend Eleusinia. Shirly&#39;s experience surpassed all expectations, as she not only found a practice for relief from her persistent back pain but also discovered a profound connection to her inner self. During her macro dose, Shirly was ordained into multiple sacred female medicine circles, an experience that left her awe-struck. Through this, she gained new insights into her purpose in life and realized she had been living with purpose and intention all along.
06/08/202333 minutes 56 seconds
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A Conversation with a Guide at Eleusinia's : Tyler's Story

In this episode, we invite you to delve into the world of psychedelics with Tyler, a psychedelic specialist at Eleusinia retreat. Tyler takes us on a personal journey through his fascinating experiences, both as a psychedelic enthusiast and as a child growing up. Join us as we gain unique insights from Tyler&#39;s captivating story and his expertise as a psychedelic specialist. Discover how psychedelics can be powerful tools for personal growth and understanding, and how they have the potential to reshape our perceptions of reality and ourselves
30/07/202339 minutes 20 seconds
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Zach's Story

In this episode Zach shares his transformative journey at Eleusinia. Raised in the devout Christian community of the South, Zach was a staunch rule follower. However, life took an unexpected turn when he found himself considering attending the Eleusinia retreat. This decision challenged the deeply ingrained beliefs from his church upbringing, leading him on a profound path of self-discovery. Zach recounts his psilocybin experience during the retreat, an experience that opened his mind and heart, allowing him to develop a newfound sense of empathy and establish healthier boundaries in his relationships. Through this process, he experienced a profound strengthening of his friendships and family connections, realizing the importance of nurturing meaningful relationships within his inner circle. Don&#39;t miss the opportunity to gain valuable insights into the transformative power of stepping outside one&#39;s comfort zone and embracing a journey of self-awareness.
23/07/202349 minutes 13 seconds
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Raina's Story

In this compelling podcast episode, join Raina as she shares her courageous journey of healing and self-discovery. Devastated by her son&#39;s sexual assault during a church function, Raina was confronted with her own unresolved traumas and the overwhelming panic of being unable to protect her child. Seeking solace and understanding, she embarked on a transformative experience at Eleusinia Psilo Retreat. Raina recounts her profound macro-dose encounter, where she unearthed the power to mourn the loss of her church community, as well as friends and family who had turned their backs on her and her family. Through the transformative effects of psilocybin, she experienced what is known as the &quot;overview effect,&quot; gaining a fresh perspective on her life circumstances. From this newfound vantage point, Raina gracefully transitioned from fear to a place of grace and profound understanding.
17/07/202333 minutes 34 seconds
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Hannah's Story

In this episode we hear Hannah, a deeply empathic and sensitive individual, as she shares her transformative journey through the depths of PTSD. In this emotionally charged podcast, Hannah recounts her experiences of being shunned by her church and community, compounded by the immense grief resulting from the loss of cherished friends and loved ones. The weight of the pandemic further exacerbated their struggles, as personal hardships intertwined with the societal suffering around them. As a white mother who had adopted an African American daughter, Hannah faced a unique set of challenges, grappling with the overwhelming task of safeguarding her child in a world that seemed increasingly violent. Seeking solace and healing, Hannah and her husband embarked on a life-changing venture to Eleusinia Retreat. Hannah speaks to the empowerment approach Eleusinia takes and how psychedelics offered them both a chance to release the burdens of the past and navigate their way through PTSD. Prepa
25/06/202339 minutes 43 seconds
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Irene's Story

In this episode, we delve into Irene&#39;s remarkable journey. Living with a lifelong battle against chronic pain due to skeletal dysplasia, Irene found herself at a crossroads. Driven by desperation for a transformative shift, she sought solace in Eleusinia Retreat. Through the retreat&#39;s profound encounters and enlightening knowledge, Irene embarked on a profound path of personal growth. The shackles of resentment, sadness, and anger began to loosen as she embraced gratitude, forgiveness, and a newfound sense of exploration and playfulness. This transformation extended beyond her emotional state, permeating her relationship with her own body.
10/06/202356 minutes 55 seconds
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Margi's Story

In this episode, we delve into the inspiring journey of a woman who once felt that finding relief from her depression was an impossible task. Margi, determined to participate in a research study, tirelessly sought avenues to gain access but faced disappointment at every turn. However, her encounter with Eleusinia proved to open up unexplored possibility. Initially burdened by the belief that it was too late for her, Margi courageously embarked on a transformative experience. Through her remarkable navigation of this journey, she managed to liberate herself from the weight that had long burdened her. This extraordinary story serves as a testament to the profound integration work facilitated by our esteemed Curandera at Eleusinia. In shedding an old narrative she had carried for years, Margi experienced an incredible sense of liberation. As if shedding a heavy load, she felt an astonishing 50-pound weight lifted from her shoulders. Most importantly, Margi discovered the pr
02/06/202327 minutes 38 seconds
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Kim's Story: A Christian Perspective

This episode will resonate deeply for christians trying to recreate a meaningful faith while accessing the use psilocybin as a tool for healing. Kim embarked on a transformative journey by attending Eleusinia Retreat. Over the course of two visits, separated by approximately a year, she experienced profound personal growth. During this period, Kim managed to rediscover and in her words, &quot;rebuild&quot; her faith as a devout Christian while navigating the challenges of her depression. Her path ultimately led her to a life with more love and a deeper acceptance for who she is as well as her God . Tune in to hear Kim&#39;s inspiring story of triumph and renewal.
22/05/202353 minutes
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Herman's Story

In this podcast episode, Herman undergoes what he describes as a midlife crisis and feels unfulfilled, despite his successful career. Herman describes himself as a skeptic focused on numbers. He decides to try psychedelics as a way to reset his life. Having no prior experience with psychedelics, he decided to attend Eleusinia retreat. His experiences at Eleusinia had a life-changing effect. During his experience, he was able to release bottled-up emotions of grief and joy. He connects with a spiritual presence that acts as a teacher about the universe, love, and interconnectedness.
01/05/202338 minutes 4 seconds
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Allie's Story: The perspective of a Nurse

In this episode, we welcome Allie, a seasoned nurse with three decades of experience. Allie is an activist and educator dedicated to aiding fellow nurses in overcoming depression, burnout, and suicidal thoughts. Delving into her personal journey, Allie reveals how she identified her trauma and found healing via forgiveness during a transformative experience at the Eleusinia Retreat. As a nurse, Allie understands the emotional strain the profession can place on individuals, especially when unaddressed trauma compounds the stress. She highlights the crucial need to identify burnout and depression symptoms and seek assistance when necessary. Through her self-discovery and healing odyssey, Ally unearthed the power of forgiveness to release past traumas and attain inner tranquility. Her message of hope and empowerment encourages nurses to prioritize their well-being and obtain support when required. Allie&#39;s invaluable insights and experiences offer essential guidance for those grappl
12/04/202338 minutes 22 seconds
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Anthony's Story

In this episode, we follow the journey of Anthony, an 80-year-old man who has been struggling with anxiety and depression for years. After finding no relief through traditional methods. Multiple medications, therapies and practices. Anthony sought a natural approach that would allow him to experience his emotions fully and improve his quality of life. He attended Eleusinia Retreat, which employs a science-based approach to psychedelic experiences. Through the support and guidance provided at the retreat, Anthony was able to confront his fears and anxieties, ultimately transforming his life. This inspiring story highlights the potential of psychedelic treatments to offer healing and transformation for those who have exhausted traditional methods at all ages.
05/04/202324 minutes 24 seconds
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Natalie's Story

In this episode, we hear the story of a mother who turned to Eleusinia to find the strength to face the challenges of caring for her son with mental health issues. She describes the transformative experiences she had during the retreat, which gave her the courage to confront her feelings of despair and hopelessness around motherhood. This powerful story offers insights into the challenges of caring for a loved one with mental health issues. Expanding into what it means to be a mother, the agony and joys alike. Natalie shares her insights and reflections on her journey, offering a candid and heartfelt account of her experience. She talks about the changes she&#39;s made in her life since the retreat and how she&#39;s become a stronger, more resilient person.
30/03/202326 minutes 20 seconds
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Gracie: A Physicians Perspective

On this episode of our podcast, we explore the story of a doctor who sought relief from her depression by visiting a psychedelic retreat. After being trapped in her own mental health struggles for years, she takes a courageous step forward and embarks on a journey of self-discovery aided by psilocybin. Throughout her expedition, she discovers a new sense of self-compassion and learns to relinquish self-judgment and criticism. She enlightens us with the techniques and revelations that she attained from her experience, and how they have positively impacted not only her own life but also her approach towards patient care. The encounter reminds her of the reasons why she joined the healthcare field in the first place and what it takes to be a healer.
15/03/202332 minutes 18 seconds
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Paul's Story

In this inspiring podcast episode, Paul opens up about his lifetime struggle with treatment-resistant depression, highlighting how he overcame his challenges. He details his unique approach to coping with his father's loss, including early psychedelic work with Ayahuasca. Paul's experience as a guest at Eleusinia is also shared, where he underwent a transformative experience through a macro dose. He talks about the integration process that followed, and how his life is evolving positively as a result.
15/02/202338 minutes 8 seconds
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Tony's Long Covid Story

"In this week's episode, we're taking a trip down the rabbit hole as we follow Tony's psilocybin journey. During his stay at Eleusinia retreat, Tony tries psychedelics for the first time in an effort to help his debilitating long Covid symptoms. What unfolds is a truly transformative experience, as Tony is transported to a realm beyond his wildest imagination. Tony describes how he comes face to face with the spirit of Mother Earth, who imparts wisdom and guidance that will change his life forever. From the power of healing to the interconnectedness of all living things, Tony's journey is a powerful reminder of the deep connection we all share with the natural world.
12/01/202343 minutes 20 seconds
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Edith's Retreat Story

Today Edith, a recovering alcoholic with a long standing healthcare background, shares her experience and journey at Eleusinia Retreat. Being in recovery with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for over 30 years, Edith not only discusses her research on the founder of AA, Bill W., including his treatment of his long term depression with psychedelics, but also how AA veered away from promoting psychedelics as a modality. Edith explains the way she reconciled her long term sobriety with turning to a substance like psilocybin for its healing benefits. This is a story of how one woman found herself ready for the work and benefits of working with psilocybin while being mindful of being a recovering addict. This episode also answers questions like, "How do I know if working with psilocybin is right for me in sobriety?" and "How do I prepare for the Eleusinia retreat experience while also being a person in recovery?"
27/12/202253 minutes 29 seconds
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Ivan's Story

Ivan attended Eleusinia with his wife and had an unexpectedly intense experience. &nbsp;Ivan describes an emotional purge that brought him to a place that he never thought possible. He describes how he went from grappling with depression and suppressed childhood trauma to now moving through life as a successful man and business owner with a sense of deep satisfaction, more in touch with his heart. Ivan takes us on a journey to a place of vulnerability, connectedness, and motivation to create a legacy to help our fellow human beings thrive.
17/12/202242 minutes 6 seconds
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Eleusinia and Cluster Headaches: Jim's Story

Jim shares his journey with cluster headaches, going from living a normal life to awaiting an accurate diagnosis. Jim dives into the complexities of life completely changed from severe pain, the risks and challenges of the variety of medications, and techniques of managing pain abortive and prevention techniques and increasing his own quality of life. Jim came to Eleusinia and found some of the unexpected. One mans journey back into a place of hope.
11/12/202249 minutes 19 seconds
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Brook's Story

Brook shares about her life, her loss and the grief she could not negotiate with, until her experience at Eleusinia. This story is a beautiful depiction of love, life, loss, and the stories we believe, until we finally have the catalyst to set ourselves free.
03/12/202232 minutes 56 seconds
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Eleusinia and Fibromyalgia

This is a love story about healing in our relationships, families, and communities. Bobby came to support Mindy on her journey with chronic pain, and experienced so much more than he expected. Mindy finds a way to navigate her illness, to have more good days with more self compassion. This is a story about healing in our inner circles and how it effects our community.
08/11/202237 minutes 44 seconds
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Psilocybin and Emotional Recovery from Infidelity

On today's episode we dive into a topic that most people are hesitant to share about, infidelity. &nbsp;&nbsp;This episode dives into the personal healing journey of one of our guest experiences. &nbsp;Toni shares how she recognized her deep anxiety and PTSD post infidelity in a difficult relationship. Why she chose Eleusinia, and the self compassion, trust, and gentleness that a psilocybin journey helped her access to reestablish a new and beautiful relationship in her life. &nbsp;
27/10/202235 minutes 23 seconds
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"I am the Spot" Krista's Story

Krista shares her incredible experience at Eleusinia. Krista visited us with the intention of addressing her chronic pain and found so much more along the way. &nbsp;Living a life she felt was not her own, her experience opened up profound realizations. &nbsp;Not only was she enough, but she in fact brought everything to the table. This is a story about understanding self worth and how this aids in well-rounded healing.
20/09/202223 minutes 55 seconds
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Psilocybin and Grief with Taylor Selé

Taylor Selé is an actor and former NFL athlete born in Monrovia, Liberia and raised in Queens, New York. He shares his story and experience at Eleusinia Retreat. In this episode Taylor shares personal reflections on moving through grief, expanding well being and living with a rediscovered sense of joy with the help of psilocybin.&nbsp;
11/09/202235 minutes 12 seconds
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Psilocybin and PTSD

This is a very special episode where guests of Eleusinia share about PTSD, Policing, and their experience with psilocybin. Jason and Linda are a Canadian couple who navigated the complex roads of PTSD and the communication, love, and support required to see their own healing through.
03/09/202234 minutes 15 seconds
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Michael's Story

Michael shares his experiences at Eleusinia. Michael spent his life in service and this shaped his emotional practices of living in the world. In this story you'll hear how Michael walked back into self compassion and into a state of let go that left him laughing like a child again.
28/08/202220 minutes 11 seconds
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Jose's Story

Jose shares his story about living a highly successful life in every regard. Yet he was still plagued with depression, anxiety, and a chronic pain condition. He shares his experience at Eleusinia, and how he plans to continue the work further.
23/08/202226 minutes 4 seconds
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Set and Setting and the Container Theory

We were so excited to put together this episode where we cover everything from the discovery of set and setting, to the evolution of the container theory in this psychedelic renaissance. We dive into what a container looks like at Eleusinia and how you can create your own for your best individualized success at home.&nbsp;
09/08/202240 minutes 33 seconds
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Suzy shares her experience at Eleusinia.  Expecting to work with her unrelenting grief after losing her father she had an unexpected surprise of joy, peace, and connection with her spouse. Suzy tells a beautiful story as she describes finding her own hero in the space between. This episode is an amazing example of how one may come to Eleusinia with preconceived ideas of what to expect, but leave with so much more.  
30/07/202225 minutes 28 seconds
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Psilocybin and Phantom Limb Pain

Warren tells his story as a guest at Eleusinia who has dealt with phantom limb pain for most of his life. Warren dives into what psilocybin combined with mirror therapy can do, as well as so much more.
16/07/202221 minutes 2 seconds
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Sarah shares her story and experience at Eleusinia retreat. She came looking for a possibility to get more in touch with her emotions and physical body. Sarah gained incredible insight as well as unexpected relief from her migraines. &nbsp;
10/07/202239 minutes 15 seconds
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The Magic of Valle de Bravo

Todays episode details the move of Eleusinia from Peurto Vallarta to Valle de Bravo. How Jessica found Eleusinia a perfect home, a bit about the environment, the culture, and what to expect at this evolved retreat location. in today's episode we also go over some media outlet articles that Eleusinia was published in. As well as diving into balancing ceremony with Science.&nbsp; Below is the recent published article&nbsp;
03/07/202233 minutes 48 seconds
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"The Mathematics of a Good Trip" with Andrés Gómez Emilsson

Andrés Gómez Emilsson is the director of The Qualia Research Institute, which was created to discover the mathematical structure of consciousness. Today we get to talk about his take the nuances of psychedelic theory, many of which have greatly influenced our approach at Eleusinia. His work at QRI ranges from algorithm design to psychedelic theory, to neurotechnology development, to mapping and studying the computational properties of consciousness. Andres is amazing as he describes a mathematical, data-driven understanding of the psychedelic experience.
25/06/202245 minutes 57 seconds
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Attending a Psilocybin Retreat as a Couple

Chris, a guest at Eleusinia tells his story. He is a business leader who came to the retreat with his wife. Though his story is really his own and dives into the depths of discovering a deeper understanding of self forgiveness and love. This story does detail how extraordinary it can be to be at retreat with your spouse.&nbsp;
20/06/202232 minutes 35 seconds
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Attorney to Psychonaut

Jay is the co-founder of Eleusinia retreat. In this episode we get his side of the story. Why he finally decided to be open to a psychedelic experience, as a person who had never previously tried any substances. &nbsp;We dive into the ineffability of a psychedelic experience and how it can change you, described by the unique perspective of an Indian attorney. &nbsp;Jay also describes how bringing his wife back to life from her chronic pain condition sparked a passion to bring chronic pain relief with psychedelics to others still suffering. Jay describes what it was like to embrace this adventure and how incredible it is to this day.
11/06/202228 minutes 24 seconds
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A Firefighter's Story of Meditation and Psilocybin

This episode is a deep dive into the benefits of meditation with psilocybin. Steve is a retired US Forest Service Chief Branch for Risk Management. During his career there was a tragedy that lost 14 firefighters, because of that event new practices were taught to firefighters, one of those was meditation. &nbsp;Steve took to meditation and has made this wonderful practice a huge part of his own life. He was inspired to take the leap and attended his first retreat with Eleusinia to see if the hype was true about psychedelics and meditation.&nbsp;
07/06/202232 minutes 54 seconds
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Nursing and Psychedelics

Tawnya tells her own story of how her career as an RN shifted into a specialty of psychedelic therapy. Her journey as a young mother to having &nbsp;a successful career in health care that led to reaching for that glass of wine every evening. In sobriety she found depression and it was in her search for transformation that her to psychedelics as a catalyst for chnage.
29/05/202233 minutes 30 seconds
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Grief and Psilocybin

This is a personal story coming from a Eleusinia retreat guest. Nina dives into what brought her to the retreat and how her experience unfolded. Her story is a unique one. &nbsp;Grief and loss show up for at unexpected times and in a wide spectrum of emotions. This episode gives a window into how the psychedelic experience can shift our perspective in a way that keeps us resilient and growing and whole.
29/05/202215 minutes 43 seconds
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Body Dysmorphia and Psilocybin

Andrew the Mind Body coordinator of Eleusinia retreat shares his personal story of navigating the challenges of body dysmorphia. He details how psilocybin and meditation helped him find joy, and purpose in being in his body again. Today he spends his time helping others to do the same.
26/05/202234 minutes 35 seconds
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&nbsp;Eleusinia is a science based retreat. However, we would not be complete without embracing the traditional culture around mushrooms in Mexico, and completing the balance of the mind, body and soul. &nbsp;Our Curandera Josefina tells her own life story and that of her heritage. Josefina shares how she moved through challenging times after her mother passed away and how her own healing process returned her to her roots of healing with mushrooms.
19/05/202223 minutes 42 seconds
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What is a Science Based Psychedelic Retreat?

Episode 3&nbsp; Jessica and Tawnya go in to the details of what a Science based Psychedelic retreat is and how it differs from traditional retreats. Tawnya details her experience in an Ayahuasca ceremony and Jessica describes how important it is to meet the guest where they are at.
05/05/202222 minutes 53 seconds
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Negotiating The Terms: How psilocybin helped one guest with a terminal illness find acceptance and surrender.

Episode 2 was recorded with A very special guest after the close of a retreat it was recorded in San Pancho in the evening so you can hear some birds,&nbsp;crickets, and wildlife&nbsp;&nbsp;Scott&nbsp;was given 90 days to live in December from a terminal cancer diagnosis this retreat ended in April. While there is currently no evidence to suggest that psilocybin has any curative properties related to cancer several studies do indicate that the experience it offers can help with the existential distress related to a serious diagnosis like this one. It is also our policy to never record anyone on a day where they have had mind altering substances. The purpose of this episode is to share the significant humanity in the depth of this story. Scott shares how psilocybin brought him to a realization that we cannot negotiate the terms of our lives. In his unique, inspiring style, he tells us about his retreat experience, and how ultima
28/04/202235 minutes 5 seconds
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The Creation of Eleusinia

Tawnya the Medical Director of Eleusinia and the Retreat Founder share their stories of how they found each other and how Eleusinia was born. &nbsp;Tawnya and Jessica are a dynamic duo who break down the latest research in an easy to digest educational way. Jessica shares bits of her story how her life changed with a debilitating illness that left her in constant pain for a year. No available medication would relieve her constant suffering. Today she shares her story of how she fumbled into Psilocybin the psychoactive component in magic mushrooms, with no previous experience in psychedelics, and as a huge skeptic. Jessica Progressively Regained her quality of life. Then taught herself how to cultivate mushrooms. Jessica's experience in transformation led her to create Eleusinia Psilo Retreat a science based retreat designed for people like her that would have failed in treating their own debilitating illnesses. Eleusinia promotes a practice of autonomy and agency so you can learn ho
26/04/202244 minutes 28 seconds