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Are you the owner of a Plumbing, Electrical, or similar service business and looking to increase your profits and regain your freedom? If you answered yes to any of the above then follow/subscribe now, this is the podcast for you! Presented by Tony Fraser-Jones and Phil smith from Profitable Tradie. We dive into what it takes to build a profitable trades business that gives you the time and freedom you deserve. We touch on topics like... - How to hire decent tradespeople. - What to do when clients don't pay their invoice. - How to get around people beating me down on what I charge. - Should I buy or lease my next van/truck? - How to get my team to get off their phones and be motivated for work. - The second easiest way to increase your profitability. Along with sharing a ton of free resources so you can get started on what we're discussing right away! We also talk with some of the world's most successful trades business owners and learn how they took their businesses from mediocre to multimillion. In short. We don't know what we don't know. Subscribe/follow now and join the global community of Profitable Tradie This podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -
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How To Stop Stupid Employee Mistakes

It can be frustrating when employees make simple mistakes that eat into your profit margins.&nbsp;&nbsp;You’ve likely wanted to scream at them, but at the back of your mind you’re worried they will leave.&nbsp;So the boys sat down to record a training on what you can do to minimize team mistakes.&nbsp;(Without them getting upset and quitting)&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;Learn the skills to prevent employee mistakes&nbsp;Confidence that your business can produce quality work when you’re off the tools&nbsp;Understanding about why mistakes happen and how to stop them&nbsp;LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href=";utm_source=Podcast&amp;utm_medium=Captivate&amp;utm_term=Ep%20110&amp;utm_content=Employee%20mistakes" rel="noopener noreferrer" target="_b
27/02/202429 minutes 3 seconds
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How To Make Slow Payers Pay On Time (Everytime)

Do you enjoy paying your bills late?&nbsp;I’m guessing probably not.&nbsp;&nbsp;In fact, I'm willing to bet you value your reputation as somebody who pays their bills on time.&nbsp;&nbsp;So why is it that others seem to do everything they can to avoid them?&nbsp;And after all, it’s these slow payers that stop you from getting money to suppliers.&nbsp;Knowing how to deal with slow payers is crucial in business.&nbsp;So, Phil &amp; Tony sat down and recorded an episode on it.&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;Understand how to speed up slow payers on on-timers&nbsp;Learn how to prevent slow payers in the first place&nbsp;Have the ability to improve cashflow&nbsp;LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href=";utm_source=Podcast&amp;ut
20/02/202429 minutes 53 seconds
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The Dark Side of Pricing and How You Can Avoid it

“Maybe I should lower my prices to get more work”&nbsp;“If prices were lower, vendors would accept more of my bids and I’d be making more money.”&nbsp;It’s a&nbsp;natural thought.&nbsp;&nbsp;The problem is you’d be slashing your profit margins.&nbsp;&nbsp;And&nbsp;asking to go broke.&nbsp;There are plenty of other things you can do to book out jobs which don’t involve cutting your pay.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;The Hidden Downside Everyone Misses when dropping their prices.&nbsp;what to do when thinking about dropping your prices&nbsp;Learn what profit margin to aim for when pricing&nbsp;LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href=";utm_source=email&amp;utm_medium=Email&amp;utm_term=SS&amp;utm_content=Super%20Signature&amp;utm_campaign=Podcast
13/02/202436 minutes 46 seconds
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How To Take An Unprofitable Business And Make It Worth Millions

“The stress of facing financial disaster is crippling”&nbsp;The man who told me this had a good business from the outside.&nbsp;1.5 million in revenue and 8 staff members.&nbsp;But behind closed doors the business was losing money hand over fist.&nbsp;&nbsp;And the owner, Luke, didn’t know what to do.&nbsp;But he was different.&nbsp;18 months on, his business has doubled its revenue and now has a net profit of 25%.&nbsp;I sat down with Luke to uncover the secrets of how he turned everything around with no experience.&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;Learn how getting ontop of systems makes more business more profitable&nbsp;An understanding of how working off the tools can take your business to the next level&nbsp;&nbsp;Recognize the power of managing others&nbsp;&nbsp;LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<
06/02/202453 minutes 56 seconds
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Take Your Marketing To The Next Level With These Tools

Have you ever had a crack at marketing and not seen a penny back?&nbsp;&nbsp;Maybe you’ve tried and given up?&nbsp;Preferring to focus on word of mouth, the quality of work and relationships with other contractors.&nbsp;Now these are crucial, don’t get me wrong.&nbsp;But the downside is, if you’re short of work you can’t ‘increase’ your word of mouth.&nbsp;Which can leave you in a tight spot.&nbsp;That’s when it’s important to have a bunch of marketing tools in your back pocket you can use when you’re short on work.&nbsp;I’ve recorded a session on what’s the best type of marketing for a trades business in 2024.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;The Mistake Most people Overlook when it comes to word of mouth&nbsp;The tried and tested marketing tactics used by the best&nbsp;The ability to attract more high profit work&nbsp;<stron
30/01/202424 minutes 54 seconds
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Marketing Agencies: How To Get A Flood Of Jobs From Them

There are so many marketing agencies around that it feels natural to hand control off control to them and forget about it.&nbsp;&nbsp;But that is a huge mistake.&nbsp;Marketing is the heartbeat of your business.&nbsp;And if you put the wrong person in charge, your cash flow will suffer.&nbsp;Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic agencies out there.&nbsp;&nbsp;But too often you’ll get stung.&nbsp;So if you want to get the marketing off your plate but make sure the quality is still there&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;Learn What Marketing Agencies are and what they can do for you&nbsp;Understand Which ones are the best and which ones you should avoid&nbsp;Teach you that even though you’re paying these people to do it, you MUST keep control of the marketing direction&nbsp;LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a h
23/01/202428 minutes 5 seconds
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Taking Your Business To The Next Level With A Business Partner

Only you can destroy your business.&nbsp;Until you take on a business partner.&nbsp;Now the fact you read my emails leads me to suggest that you’re pretty good at NOT destroying your business.&nbsp;So, let’s focus on how you can make sure somebody else doesn’t ruin it fopr you.&nbsp;Now there are a bunch of reasons why you might bring on a business partner.&nbsp;But all of them have one thing in common.&nbsp;You NEED TO KNOW what you’re getting yourself into.&nbsp;I’m not saying things will go south.&nbsp;Especially not if you both do your due diligence.&nbsp;But I see too many successful businesses fall apart because the business owner and partner are on different planets.&nbsp;Transferring ownership is one of the things that you need to know.&nbsp;Even if you’re not looking into it right now.&nbsp;But the reason so many mergers end up going south is because few people know the risk
16/01/202442 minutes 16 seconds
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I Will Die With $0 (Here’s Why You Should Too)

I want to die with $0 to my name.&nbsp;And so should you.&nbsp;Think about your bank account and imagine how difficult your life would be if that was all you had until the day you died.&nbsp;You’d probably be very shrewd with your spending.&nbsp;&nbsp;So why don’t we do that with our time?&nbsp;Right now, we have a bank account with a limited amount of time.&nbsp;&nbsp;It’s great that we use some of that time to get more money.&nbsp;But what is the point of using our valuable time to earn money that we’ll never live to use.&nbsp;&nbsp;Now why am I telling you this?&nbsp;After all, business is about making money.&nbsp;&nbsp;But it’s also about freedom and living a better life.&nbsp;And you can’t do that if your life is consumed by your business.&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;Understand why freedom is just as important as money&n
09/01/202428 minutes 24 seconds
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Building A Business That Runs On Autopilot With Duncan Leask

He did in 3 years what some business owners never do...&nbsp;Built a sizeable business which can run on autopilot.&nbsp;Now, it might not be your goal right now.&nbsp;But it’s definitely a good goal to have because having a business that doesn’t rely on you is a top feeling.&nbsp;Gaining freedom and a stress-free business was key for Duncan.&nbsp;And the impressive part is that he started his business from scratch in 2021.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;When Duncan joined our program, growth felt like an uphill battle.&nbsp;Margins were tight, and the work was exhausting.&nbsp;&nbsp;Duncan was nearly burned out and he had only been in business for 8 months.&nbsp;&nbsp;His drive for success has paid off in no time and now he owns a business that rakes in $200k per month with a minimum profit margin of 40%.&nbsp;He hasn’t just grown quickly but sustainably.&nbsp;And because of that he doesn’t have that fear the business wi
02/01/202436 minutes 7 seconds
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The Secret Behind Getting Paid What You’re Worth

Most business owners undervalue their work and many do it chronically.&nbsp;&nbsp;When you don’t value the work you do, it leads to charging less than you could and should for the services you provide.&nbsp;And not charging enough creates profitability and cash flow issues for your business.&nbsp;Well, here’s the issue that too many trades buisness owners make.&nbsp;They feel awkward about charging enough or even asking for money.&nbsp;As a result, they get pinched for profit and cash flow gets tight.&nbsp;And there’s not enough money going around to invest back into your business – systems and team.&nbsp;Let alone enough profit to enjoy.&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;You feel more confident about your prices&nbsp;Each job you service returns solid profit&nbsp;You have money to invest back into the business&nbsp;Money to invest
26/12/202337 minutes 43 seconds
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Most Valuable Training of 2023

Want to know how to price so you win the job AND make profit?&nbsp;It’s a very fine line.&nbsp;It feels impossible to win jobs unless you eat into your margins.&nbsp;&nbsp;Which is a deadly cash flow sin.&nbsp;&nbsp;As we come to the end of the year, it’s obvious that pricing has been a big issue of 2023.&nbsp;And it’s looking like it’ll be a business killer in 2024 as well.&nbsp;&nbsp;Phil and I shot a training on how much you should charge earlier this year and it went off!&nbsp;So, because it’s so important that trades business owners know this information.&nbsp;We’re bringing it back!&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM LISTENING TO TODAY’S PODCAST:&nbsp;Ability to create strong cash flow and have money for bills, wages and profit for yourself.&nbsp;Continually invest money back into the business to improve your systems and hire the best people.&nbsp;Win more j
19/12/202337 minutes 43 seconds
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How To Book Work Forever: Lessons From A Marketing Expert

The more you grow the more you need this!At some stage most business owners have to think about how to market their business.One marketing activity that gets talked about a lot is Google Ads.But most business owners don’t fully understand how Google Ads work. As a result, they spend too much money for not enough results. Either through an agency or by spending hours trying to master it themselves.Well I’m sick of seeing trades business make these marketing mistakes.So I sat down with an expert in the digital marketing field to talk about how businessowners can crack the perfect online marketing strategy.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn what Google Ads are and how they affect your business. Understand what type of marketing is best to suit your business specifically.Learn how to implement google ads and other digital marketing into your marketing<
12/12/202342 minutes 47 seconds
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How A Holiday Shutdown Can Ruin A Business

I’m not implying you keep slaving away through the Christmas break.But holidays and vacations are coming up for the trades businesses.Most owners are thinking about shutting down for a few weeks to give themselves (and theirteam) a break. It’s a noble idea but most business owners haven’t thought through the consequences ofa holiday shutdown.I see too many trades business owners who navigate the holiday period wrong and pay for it with their businesses. And the last thing our supportive families deserve is to have Christmas ruined becausethe business is on its knees. So how do you navigate this period?That question is crucial because we know what can happen if it gets stuffed up.But having a solid end of year plan sets you up for a successful start of next year.With no hiccups.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:A plan to help navigate the Christmas perio
05/12/202329 minutes 59 seconds
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Why Your Employees Are Leaving (And How To Stop It)

Is there anything more disheartening than this…You’ve booked out work and things are looking busy.But then just to throw a spanner in the works, one of your guys quits.If you have a bigger company, you might even have a few resignations within a short period.It can be easy to look down on these guys.Almost like they abandoned you.But here’s the thing.The sad reality is that employees don’t leave their job, they leave their boss or leader. And the costs of losing good employees are much larger than most realize. In financial terms, opportunities and THE stress involved. Yet many business owners are doing (or not doing) things that are actively causing theiremployees to start thinking about that dreaded R word.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Understand how to structure your work culture so that employees enjoy working for youLearn to charge your employe
28/11/202339 minutes 36 seconds
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How To Double Your Business And Take Back Control

He doubled his revenue.He drastically increased his margins.And he hired a GM so he could get off the tools for good.That sounds like a pipe dream for most trades business owners.But for Kieran Conroy it’s his reality.Before Kieran joined us he was working 60 hours, his gross profit was only 20% and his home life was quickly deteriorating. But very quickly he turned things around. &nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Gain a real-life example how you can turn your business aroundLearn how to rejuvenate your private lifeUnderstand what a coaching program can do for youThis podcast uses the following third-party services for analysis: Chartable -
21/11/202329 minutes 59 seconds
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Member Interview: We Were Stuck And Didn't Know What To Do...

MEMBER INTERVIEW EXCLUSIVE: In this episode, we share a recent interview with our members, Josh and Sarah. They share their journey going from being stuck and not knowing what to do to now having a systemized business that doesn't rely on them.LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Book a FREE 15-minute call to learn what coaching could do for you businessJoin our FREE private community of trades business owners in our Facebook group<a href="
16/11/202320 minutes 23 seconds
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How To Get Over The Guilt Of Getting Off The Tools

How do I get over the guilt of getting off the tools?It’s a tricky one.As Tradesmen we work hard!&nbsp;Some might even say we work too hard.&nbsp;And sometimes they're right.&nbsp;Think about this. &nbsp;The business owner who's in the trenches, making no profit and working 80 hours a week is praised more than the one who takes Fridays off because he's built a successful&nbsp;business. &nbsp;The first owner is seen as a true hard worker.&nbsp;The second is 'lazy'.(Which is bullsh#t by the way!)If you want to grow a successful business, there’s a point when you’re going to need to step off the tools.And this is where the problems could come. WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Enjoy and feel proud of your successEnjoy the time and space you create in your lifeBuild trust and empowerment with your teamGrow your business with more ti
14/11/202326 minutes 16 seconds
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Do You Still Have Control Of Your Business?

It’s too easy as a business owner to get pushed around in your dealings with other people.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;And you often feel like you have to do what the other person wants.&nbsp;Maybe it's a big client you're bending over backwards for.&nbsp;A supplier who you're letting off the hook for not delivering materials on time.&nbsp;&nbsp; Or a valuable staff member that you're trying not to disgruntle.&nbsp;&nbsp;If you're guilty of anything like this, you're probably aware of how badly it is affecting your business. &nbsp;And you know you need to make changes but taking back control can seem like a really difficult thing.&nbsp;Well I've got two things to tell you. &nbsp;Not having the power in your business is just a race to bankruptcy.&nbsp;There are proven strategies out there to take that power back.&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Focus
07/11/202333 minutes 40 seconds
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How To Ruin Your Business In 5 Simple Steps

We're always focusing on how we can improve our businesses.Ad in doing so we look towards all the tips and knowledge we've received down the line.But today we're switching it up. In striving to be the best, it's easily to lose track of the fundamentals. And just like in the trades, if you ignore the fundamentals your work will be no good.But there's a catch. I find that quite often these sorts of lists are obvious. You get the classic "Step 1: Do good work". And you read it thinking, I can't believe some journalist is getting paid to write this garbage.So I've decided to base my list on things which I see trades business owners do ALL the time.And the reason they do it is because nobody is saying you shouldn't.You might even find you're guilty of a few yourselfWHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn which attitudes let down trades businessesUncover why
31/10/202334 minutes 45 seconds
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Stop Your Employees Costing You Money

Do you have staff that make mistakes, are inefficient, or have no initiative?It can be frustrating for sure and end up costing you a lot of money.Especially because these are super simple and avoidable mistakes.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM TODAY’S PODCAST:Gain skills in how to effectively delegate and make sure they work is to your standardUnderstand that there’s a difference between what you want and what you get if you don’t communicate properlyLearn how to communicate to your workers in a way that resonates with themHave a business where the workers are happy and are mistake-freeLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href=";utm_source=email&amp;utm_medium=Email&amp;utm_term=SS&amp;utm_content=Super%20Signature&amp;utm_campaign=Podcast&amp;utm_source=Podcast&amp;utm_medium=Captivate&amp;utm_term
24/10/202326 minutes 50 seconds
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Why Great Tradesmen Don't Make Good Owners

Tradesmen and technicians make the best workers.We leave school and get straight into it while everyone else is fluffing around at College.We're hard as nails so no job is too big or too tough.And because of that we always crack on with it, we've got a reputation as better workers than you'll find in any other industry.So why then do we find when we start a business that all of a sudden things become tricky.You're trying to balance all sorts of jobs and responsibilities and as you grow, you're just wearing yourself thin.The problem is that nobody teaches us how to run a business. (At least that used to be true.)WHAT YOU’LL GET FROM TODAY’S PODCAST:Understand where you *MAY* be going wrong in terms of running your businessLearn strategies you can use to get your business working more efficientlyLearn how to beat 99% of your opposition using simple mindset techniques which put you ahead</li
17/10/202321 minutes 59 seconds
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How To Become The Million Dollar Tradie

So you're making $9 Million per year.You have 70 guys in your workforce.You operate in three different states. Life is good right?Well let's peep through the cracksFrom the time you started your business you've just scaled up chaos.You're wearing all the hats in a business where you're stretched way too thin. You have no systems and as a result you have 50 guys all reporting directly to you.You're so big that on your bad months, you're losing money.And you're so desperate to provide a livelihood to your 70 workers that you turn into a yes man, accepting every job that comes your way when you know it's just making everything worse.When you start a business from scratch, it's hard to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. Or how much it will grow.But if you ask Mat Alexander from Plumbuilt, he'll tell you the sky's the limit. WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:
12/10/202343 minutes 4 seconds
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What If The Work Runs Out?

&nbsp;I can guarantee that you and all other business owners have had these thoughts.&nbsp;&nbsp;"What if I spend the money to grow my business and the work drops off?"&nbsp;"Maybe being busy is just a phase?"&nbsp;"What if I hire a new guy and I can't give him enough work."&nbsp;Look...&nbsp;It's impossible to own a business without having some level of fear and uncertainty.&nbsp;&nbsp;But you need to learn to not let these feelings consume you.&nbsp;I want you to think about it this way.&nbsp;&nbsp;Asking the question, "what if?' is powerful.&nbsp;But instead of asking yourself, "What if the work runs out?"&nbsp;&nbsp;Ask yourself...&nbsp;"What if I don't grow?"&nbsp;"What amount of money am I leaving on the table?"&nbsp;"What are the consequences of me giving into fear?"&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn how to avoid rollercoas
05/10/202325 minutes 25 seconds
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Why Your Profits Shrink When Your Business Grows

Your business revenue is growing nicely and you're adding team members.&nbsp;But when it comes to your profit margins, they seem to be falling.&nbsp;And you're left thinking "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?"&nbsp;When you grow, you think your profit margin will just keep moving.&nbsp;But you can get into real trouble if you don't understand this isn't the case, and what to do about it.&nbsp;It can make growth seem intimidating. &nbsp;And make you feel&nbsp;like you want to stay in your lane.&nbsp;But it's a huge mistake. &nbsp;and if you don't adjust, your business consumes your life and becomes a glorified hectic job.&nbsp;So Phil and Tony recorded this episode to put all the fears and inconvenience to bed.&nbsp;&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn about the systems you require for each stage in businessUnderstand where you sit in the business development
28/09/202324 minutes
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The ULTIMATE Tradesman's Blueprint to Maximizing Margins

You only get to spend each hour of your workers’ time once.But so many businesses don’t measure what work is most profitable.And most don’t even think about it.Too many trades business owners are flying blind when it comes to the money side of things.&nbsp;&nbsp;That means they’re neglecting their margins, which is the best proven method of RUINING your business.So the guys sat down and recorded a podcast about it.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn the NECESSERY money skills all business owners NEED.Understand all the financial terminology and what each term meansTake learning's which you can instantly apply to your businessGain financial skills which are the lifeblood of your businessLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href=";utm_source=email&amp;utm_medium=Ema
21/09/202323 minutes 28 seconds
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Why Saying *This Word* is DESTROYING Your Business

When you say yes to one thing, you're saying no to something else.&nbsp;In business, saying yes to a job means that you say no to another one. &nbsp;That other job might be more profitable, but you've already committed to something else.&nbsp;&nbsp;Saying yes to doing a job also means you're saying no to watching your kid play sports.&nbsp;&nbsp;Or spending some quality time with friends and family.&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;The problem is that humans are hardwired to saying yes.&nbsp;&nbsp;Saying yes to jobs (when you don't think it through) means that you're going to make money.&nbsp;&nbsp;Saying yes means that you're providing great customer service.&nbsp;&nbsp;But you NEED to stop.&nbsp;&nbsp;So the guys sat down and recorded an episode about it.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn mental tricks to out think everybody and benefit yourself.Learn exactly what to s
14/09/202331 minutes 6 seconds
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The Hidden Struggles Behind A "Successful" Business.

Do you ever feel like you're just&nbsp;shy of unlocking the secret&nbsp;to skyrocketing your business?&nbsp;Well, the Stacey's were there not long ago.&nbsp;Once&nbsp;struggling&nbsp;business owners.&nbsp;Now the proud heads of a&nbsp;business&nbsp;which gives more profit and freedom.&nbsp;How did they turn the tables in just a year? WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Understand that if anybody can do this, why not you?Journey through a real and relatable storyBecome a force for change in your own businessLearn how important this podcast is to your development as a money makerLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href=";utm_source=email&amp;utm_medium=Email&amp;utm_term=SS&amp;utm_content=Super%20Signature&amp;utm_campaign=Podcast&amp;utm_source=Podcast&amp;ut
07/09/202339 minutes 43 seconds
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The secret to getting paid

Are you struggling to get paid?Sometimes it isn’t as easy as it should be.And God forbid your business goes into the red just because somebody else can’t cough up the funds to pay your what your fair wage.Getting paid is a fundamental in business.But exactly how you can guarantee this is often glossed over.That is why Tony &amp; Phil sat down and recorded an episode on how to get paid and on time.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Set up a structure that guarantees you get paid on time, every time.Learn basic psychological tips which help with asking for payment.Have confidence in your businesses finances and run things knowing that cash flows are coming in.Learn what could happen if you ignore this podcast and play invoices by ear. LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href="
31/08/202335 minutes 26 seconds
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The secret to handling ungrateful employees

Ungrateful employees are the worst.You may be struggling in the trenches and doing your best to stay positive..But when one of your guys starts whining about whatever it is this time, how does that NOT send you over the edge?After all. You're paying this guy serious money. Investing all your smarts into him.You might even be allowing him to get away with using a company vehicles or materials onweekends.All this for him to talk shit about you to the rest of the crew.They think that you're just some rich prick who they can mooch off even though you're fightingto stay in the green.And they don't respect you enough to see what you really do for them.Everyone has workers like this.So Tony and Phil sat down and recorded an episode on it.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Have the knowledge and skillset you think only HR firms hold.Implement an 11-step h
24/08/202329 minutes 59 seconds
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What if life was working in your favour?

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.Henry Ford said that.Now I'm guessing you wouldn't label Henry Ford as a failure?But in Henry's time he failed A LOT.So has Tony.And so have you.But we're not outright failures just because we have chequered business pasts.In fact the opposite.What sets us apart is our ability use losses and challenges to fuel us and set us on the path to success.Phil and Phil know that mindset is make or break in business.So they sat down and recorded this episode on it.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn to apprciate how life is always working in your favorAdapt on the fly and come out of a downturn better offLearn to embrace the opportunity which failure providesPick up managerial skills crucial to business ownersLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<u
17/08/202326 minutes 55 seconds
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The 5 HUGE Hiring Mistakes (And How To Avoid Them)

Did you know printing money isn’t illegal?It’s called hiring top quality workers. You might be thinking, "great workers aren’t out there". And you might feel like hiring is a bit of a lottery.If so, I'm sorry to say that you've fallen victim to one of the 5 huge hiring mistakes.You want to avoid these mistakes when building a great team, so Tony and Phil sat down and recorded an episodeThis is a touchy one because at one time or another, Phil and I are guilty of making ALL of these mistakes. WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Have the knowledge and skillset you think only HR firms hold.Implement an 11-step hiring structure so you can get it right every time.Be able to confidently hire applicants to high-ranking roles in your business.Learn what it takes to hire the top workers.LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href="
10/08/202331 minutes 29 seconds
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The Unbelievable Bad Effect of Rework on your Business

Mistakes are bound to happen from time to time.&nbsp;There are some howlers for sure.&nbsp;Like someone not installing a drain correctly in an upstairs bathroom.&nbsp; Free shower downstairs.&nbsp;And I don’t think they can ever be avoided 100%.&nbsp; But most owners don’t understand the financial implications of mistakes that require rework to be done.&nbsp; The financial mistakes are huge and they can be calculated.&nbsp; But there are a bunch of other down stream issues that result that are harder to figure out.&nbsp; If owners understood the real cost they would spend more time getting their teams working well and focusing on get it done right the first time. WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:An understanding of all the costs that you'll face from doing callbacks.How to motivate your staff to get the job done right the first time of asking.How to specialize your workload to make yo
03/08/202321 minutes 13 seconds
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Trades/Subcontracting Indsutry

By now we’re almost certain you’ve heard about AI (artificial intelligence)…But even if you haven’t, this will still be the perfect episode for you.Parts of AI are exciting, parts are scary.No, we’re not going to instruct you to head to your local store to buy foil to wrap around your head.But it is important to understand how it might affect trades, subcontracting, and construction businesses.That’s why Phil and Tony sat down and recorded this episode.Because while we don’t think AI will be building houses start to finish any time soon…There’re actually a few ways that AI can make running your business a whole lot easier.Not to mention a lot cheaper.And you might think “I don’t understand that garbage, and I don’t need to”…But we don’t want you being the one who gets left behind.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:How you could use AI to get round th
27/07/202332 minutes 40 seconds
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Interview with Tas and Sam Dunton

Revenue has doubled.They have a motivated and productive team.They’ve opened a new division.They’re working on the tasks they enjoy doing.And profits are up $60k per month.That’s Tas &amp; Sam’s story over the last 4 years.And we’ve just interviewed them to find out how they did it.A lot can be achieved in 4 years.But having said that, bugger all can change in 4 years as well.It all comes down to doing things differently.As the saying goes, “the thinking that got you to where you are now, isn’t going to take to you where you want to go”.If you want more changes in your business, then you're going to love this interview.They share their behind the scenes tips and strategies they’ve used in their business that’ll help yours as well.WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Strategies that have been used to nearly triple revenue and grow profitsHow t
20/07/202342 minutes 47 seconds
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Put the Nail in your Team's Resistance to Change

Ever struggled to get your guys to fill out their paperwork?To them it’s just an extra step on the job which they can’t be bothered doing.To you it’s crucial for making sure you can invoice the job. It’s a simple step, but sometimes it feels like pulling teeth and despite reminding them over and over again they still don’t do it.The thing is, there’s a lot more going on under the surface that we can’t see and that’s why they don’t change their bad habits. This episode covers an approach that’s been tweaked and refined with our members over the years.This will make change easier to carry out and will help it stick.Plus it will help you understand why your team can be so resistant.More often than not they don’t even know that they’re doing it.Because they're stuck in old ways, or don’t completely understand the change itself, let alone the reason for doing it.Sometimes as business owners we're not that best at expla
13/07/202324 minutes 27 seconds
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Understanding Marketing Lag: Unlock a consistent work stream

If you do any marketing or are planning too anytime soon, this is important.It’s called the marketing lag problem.Understanding this problem will help you get to grips with the time between marketing for a job.And actually getting paid for that job.You know what causes the time gap, or “lag”.Then you’ll be able to get the most out of your marketing.Giving yourself the ability to generate a consistent stream of work.No matter what your work type is.If you’re getting this wrong marketing will just feel like a useless overhead.But marketing is a really powerful tool if you get it working FOR you.However, it's like lots of things in business, it’s not ‘one size fits all’.The approach will be different depending on your type of work.In this training you’ll get a rundown on what to consider when creating your marketing system.Plus who you should turn to for some marketing capacity.Let’s get i
06/07/202322 minutes 2 seconds
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7 Deadly Cashflow Mistakes to Avoid

Do you have an accounts receivable process?If you answered no, there’s bad news for you…Because that’s the second thing on this list of cashflow mistakes to avoid.The other 6 are covered in the episode.Almost every business will encounter problems that are a result of poor cashflow at some stage.And absolutely every business could be better at managing cashflow.It’s really important because as a business, getting this wrong is basically oxygen deprivation.You can’t pay your bills and your business dies.Yes, that’s the extreme end of the scale…But the problems are just as bad at the other end.Getting this wrong could mean your margin is slipping through your fingers every time you finish a job.Without you really knowing it’s happening, or why.It’s a sickening feeling realizing there are holes where you’re literally leaking profit.Thinking about how long it’s been that way, and how much you’ve l
29/06/202332 minutes 52 seconds
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Mistakes I've made in business

Back when Tony was a kid, he was helping his dad on the family farm.He was out with his brother helping their dad move livestock.They were told to go down the hill to help move the temporary fence.Tony’s brother was just in front of him, walking confidently.Until disaster struck.His brother slipped and hit the ground harder than a roofer using socks as work boots.His back was painted head to toe in mud.Wanna know what Tony did?Once he stopped laughing his ass off...He walked off to the side of where his brother had slipped and cautiously made his way down the hill.Keeping his back clean and dry.That right there is the value of learning from other's mistakes.Tony admits he’s not perfect, he’s made mistakes, and is sure you’ve made a fair few yourself.And like him, you’ve learned from them.That way you don’t make them again in the future.So, Tony thought he’d share some of the mist
22/06/202336 minutes 30 seconds
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Is THIS The Cheapest and Easiest Way To Get More Jobs?

We actually did a training on this strategy for our members, and it booked 273 jobs in 30 minutes…You’ve got a phone, right?It’s hard to live without one.There are undoubtedly times where you wish you didn’t have one.But today your gonna be glad you do…Because it’s the only thing you need to be able to use this sales strategy.Making it a super cheap and easy way to get more jobs.It’s a simple numbers game.Phil and I will cover how to do it and share the script with you in the training.Let’s get into it…WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Cheap, Easy, and Quick way to get more jobsA strategy for plugging gaps in the schedule when they are cancellationsConfidence to grow and hire knowing you can keep your team busyScipt you can follow so you know exactly what to sayLINKS MENTIONED IN
15/06/202329 minutes 27 seconds
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How much should you charge?

Do you ever talk yourself up and down when pricing work?Thinking “will they accept this if I charge this much?"This leads to undercharging what you’re worth (or charging from your own pocket).It’s tricky though because if you need the work, risking charging what your worth can feel scary.The thing is, there's a 4 step system that means you can not only increase the amount of quotes you win, but you can do it at a higher price.It’ll require you to adjust your sales process, but you’ll wish you did this years ago.Let's get into it...WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Stop yourself from pricing out of your own pocket4 step system to increase the number of bids/quotes you winConfidence to charge what you're worthIncrease your pricesLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href="
08/06/202333 minutes 51 seconds
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Interview with Tim & Dylan

Remember when you were an apprentice…Trying to learn how to do something.You sat there staring at the workbook for an hour and a half.And after that you still felt like you had no idea how to do it.Then you’d go to site and the boss would have you shadow one of the older guys.They’d talk you through how they did that job as they carried it out in front of you.After 30 minutes you felt so much more confident that you could do that job.Seeing how someone else does it, is a far easier way to learn for most trades people…That’s why we’ve been interviewing some of our most successful members.So you can hear from them how they’ve done it.This chat is with Tim and Dylan.What is it you’ll be learning from them…Building a 7 figure businessTripling monthly revenueHiring to offload tasksStructuring a successful partnershipUsing culture to create a team that is engaged an
01/06/202344 minutes 40 seconds
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The Four Killer Sales Questions

Sales isn’t just something you do, it’s a whole profession.There’s lots of techniques and tricks you can use to fine tune your selling.Here’s one you can use straight away.It’s called the Four Sales Questions.They’ll help you...Spend less time pricing work just for someone to say noWin you more jobsHave more control when sellingSpend less time on the phone with tire kickersThere will always be people who waste your time, but these questions will help you weed them out quicker.Question 3, ‘What’s important for you with this project’ helps you understand what they’re looking for.You can use it to line up what's important to them with how your business can solve their exact problem, showing you’re the right team for the job.If they say, “to get the job done fast”, you know you’ll need to be organized, and they’ll be sensitive to delays.Then you can explain how your job check
25/05/202325 minutes 34 seconds
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Create Accountability, Stop Spoon Feeding

How many of your days are full of disruptions?With you getting pulled in each and every direction by everyone needing something different.Your time is chewed up by your team not dealing with things on their own.It seems like they won’t even wipe their own rearend without asking you how to do it…And getting your express permission to do.Sure, some of your guys might not be that confident or switched on.But that shouldn’t just let them off the hook when you can still avoid those muck arounds.All you need to do is create accountability.It sounds like hard work, but if you’ve got a plan to follow it’s a lot simpler.We can’t come in and get your guys to take some accountability in their work.But we can give you a system to do it yourself.Let’s get into it.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:The 4 key parts to creating accountability in your team</li
18/05/202330 minutes 59 seconds
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Prosper or Peril, The Guide to Partnerships in Business

WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:The 5 reasons you should go into a partnership3 parternship situations that will end in disasterHow to set up a partnership in your business so it doesn't go wrongHow to keep your power and control when working with a partnerPartnerships are a slippery slope.But there doesn’t seem to be much of a middle ground.When done right they make business so much easier.But when you get them wrong it’s a total nightmare.And they don't teach you how to get it right when you're learning a trade or on the job.The secret?It's all about knowing how to navigate the ups and downs of partnerships.And mastering the do's and don’ts that determine whether your partnership succeeds or not.As business coaches we’ve seen plenty of partnership prosper, and plenty end in tears.So we put all the learnings together into this t
11/05/202336 minutes 57 seconds
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Building a Multi-Million Dollar Trades Business Empire with Adam and Lisa

For trades business owners it’s easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel.You end up just going through the motions instead of working toward something.It could be that you’ve always found it difficult to set goals for your business.If you don’t know what is possible, it’s hard to know where to put the goal posts.That makes it difficult to get motivated and get yourself on track, especially when you go it alone.The saying goes “seeing is believing”.So a good strategy is seeing success.It helps put things in perspective, give you a fresh shot of motivation, and show what’s possible when you set goals.And if you’re looking for success from trades business owners, Adam and Lisa are it.They have been absolutely smashing it for the last few years.Generating millions in revenue and buying up more businesses to grow their own empire.It hasn’t been all smooth sailing, like any other business they’ve had their fair sha
04/05/202334 minutes 49 seconds
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Ending the Stress, Mistake Cycle

In business and in life, controlling your thoughts is super important if you want to win...&nbsp;That’s not just some psycho babble…Because how you think about something, determines how you respond to it.&nbsp;Being able to think about things in the right way will help reduce the stress that comes with running a business.And let you get the most out of your team.As well as helping you enjoy a happy life outside of work.But, if you don’t get a grip on your thoughts you’ll constantly feel stressed and frustrated.You’ll tend to create situations where you’re not happy.And you can damage the relationships with your team and family.Put simply, if you don’t control your thoughts then life and business just aren’t much fun.That’s why in this episode Phil &amp; Tony are going to walk you through how to take control of your thoughts.&nbsp;In it they’ll show you how to dramatically shift your thoughts…And impr
27/04/202322 minutes 15 seconds
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B2B Marketing: A Different Type of Work

Dive into the world of marketing and why it's essential for business owners to get it right.With a focus on B2B marketing, Tony and Phil explore the "3 M's" of marketing and why starting with the "who" is key.Tony talks duck shooting season and how it relates to choosing the right approach in marketing.Learn how B2B marketing can lead to fast and sustainable revenue growth, a busy team, and a high return on investment.Phil breaks down the economics of B2B marketing and why targeting businesses can lead to higher lifetime value and repeat purchases.He also explains the ease of marketing to B2B clients, as you can create a list and directly target decision-makers.While some business owners may have a limiting belief that they'll only work with people they know, Phil offers tips on how to get to know potential B2B clients in a structured way.Let’s get into it…&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:
20/04/202329 minutes 55 seconds
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The Biggest Business Hack Saving you from Mistakes

There’s one key characteristic that shows up time and time again in trades business owners that build really successful businesses…They learn.&nbsp;Not only do they like to learn but they prioritize making learning part of their routine.They understand that if you’re not continually learning then you’re standing still.Or worse.Going backwards.This is an especially important characteristic for owners who came up through the trades.&nbsp;Because ‘how to run a business’ isn’t something you’re ever taught in your classes, apprenticeship, or working on the job.&nbsp;So when you make that leap to running your own business you need to learn how to do it properly…Or you might not have a business for long!This even applies to business owners who’ve been at it a long time.&nbsp;Because when you keep learning you realize you’re never doing everything as well as you could. That’s why today Tony and Phil are goin
13/04/202335 minutes 54 seconds
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Your Team's Full Potential is a Simple Leadership Style Change Away

I’m sure you’ve noticed how different tradespeople are these days.Whether it’s through hiring or just meeting different people onsite, there’s such a wide range of personalities out there.Gen Z’s who don’t even want to pick up a tool, lazy people who will do anything to get out of work, stubborn traditionalists who won’t be told what to do.The ‘one size fits all’ leadership approach doesn’t work anymore.In fact, it will get you in some pretty hot water, and could be eating away at your culture.You don’t want an unhappy team because an unhappy team is less productive, unengaged, and inaccurate.You need to be adjusting your management style depending on the circumstance, the person, and outcome you want.That’s the best way to maintain control and avoid headaches.Situational Leadership is the key. Don’t worry if you’re not familiar with the concept, just listen to the episode.Let’s get into it…&nbsp;WH
06/04/202325 minutes 43 seconds
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Speed Up Your Estimating & Pricing Process With Groundplan Software

This week we are doing things a little different…Subbing in for heavy knowledge hitter, and well, a heavy hitter himself, Phil, is a World Champion Kick Boxer and Co-Founder of Groundplan, Rex Redden.We talk about taking hits and the journey to becoming a World Champion Muay Thai Kick Boxer.We dive into his complete change in direction to business and building a 3 million dollar revenue company.We bring it home by talking about his software Groundplan and how it can help you tackle issues around the lack of predictability surrounding labor and materials.There's also some helpful tips on getting paid, and not eating into your own margin.Rex is no stranger to building something world class and shares his tips on assembling a team that works.Let’s get into it…&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Tips from a World ChampionA new tool to add to your business toolbelt</l
30/03/202329 minutes 17 seconds
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How Much Should I Spend On Marketing? Is It A Waste Of Money Or A Good Investment?

This week we’re going to uncover the secret to understanding the bits of marketing that count…Because we know that for small, medium or even large business owners who’ve come up through the ranks in the trades, marketing can seem like a foreign language!&nbsp;After watching this episode, when you’re talking to marketing agencies, or trying to do it yourself, you won’t need to get bogged down in ALL the jargon and numbers.You can just look at the things that really count.&nbsp;Because the success of your business can come down to making the right decisions about where your marketing spend goes.&nbsp;The key is consistently generating profitable customers.&nbsp;Plus minimizing the money you spend on marketing that are purely a cost&nbsp;That’s why in this week’s podcast Tony and Phil finally reveal their ‘SECRET CALCULATION’ that turns your marketing from a cost into a profit!&nbsp;There’s no time to waste…Let’s get into
23/03/202325 minutes 23 seconds
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Sales Growth Unlocked: Harness the Power of Data

How would you rate your sales game?It's time we unveil the harsh realities of NOT measuring your sales performance.We'll dive into what over estimating the effectiveness of your sales process might be costing your business.Not just in terms of cash but also time!Tony and Phill will help you discover how you could be unknowingly chasing lost causes, repeating the same mistakes, and missing out on golden opportunities for growth…Just because you’re not using your sales data to its full potential.Let’s get into it…WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:You’ll get clear on where you’re at with sales in your businessYou’ll get the best bang for buck from your marketing and time AS WELL AS your pricing and quoting processYou can improve your sales conversions by changing your systemsLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:<a href="
16/03/202330 minutes 36 seconds
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Become More Productive With This Different Approach To Time Managment

Do you have a To-Do list?After watching this week's episode you’ll be scrunching it up and tossing it in the bin!Why?Well, Tony and Phil are going to break down why the key to ‘time management’ is definitely not having a To-Do list.In fact they’ll explain why you can never really ‘manage time’. And why your To-Do list is actually something that creates more stress for you rather than less.Instead of the list,&nbsp; they’re going to introduce you to a far better method of ensuring you get the most important things done.All with less stress, and more control over how you spend your time.Let’s get into it…&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Be realistic about what you can achieve and not achieveMake better decisions about what to focus you time onFeel much calmer as the calendar allows you to schedule what you will do, and whenYou’ll achieve more w
09/03/202327 minutes 11 seconds
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This Type of Profit is KEY to Your Business's Success

Your ‘on the job profit’ is something that’s more important than almost anything else in your business.But many business owners just wing it on their pricing.And they do very little to check on the profitability of the jobs once they’ve finished them.This leads to serious problems…People running their business like this end up with cash flow issues and not enough money to pay bills and wages.If you’re not making any profit you’ll struggle to provide a great service to your clients in the long run because you’ll be in the penny-pinching mindset. This stops you investing money back into your systems and team.Plus you’ll be overworked, tired and eventually broken because you try to do everything yourself to keep costs down.That’s why in today’s podcast Phil and I are going to give you some real practical skills to ensure you’re making enough ‘on the job profit’, on every job.Let’s get into it…&nbsp;WHA
02/03/202336 minutes 17 seconds
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8 Secrets to Level up as a Leader

Like it or not, when you’re the owner of a Trades Business you are a leader. And leading your team is actually your most important role in the company.The problem most people find when they get to be in this position is that nobody ever taught them how to be a good leader, let alone a great one. That means they have to make it up on the job.Some people manage to do it well. But most do a really bad job of it. And a lot of the time they might not even know it…The downstream effects of bad leadership can turn a good business into a bad one.And vice versa with good leadership.That’s why in today’s podcast Tony and Phil are going to help you take the guesswork out of how to be a good leader.Having worked with thousands of leaders in the trades over the years, they’ve come up with “8 Secrets to Being a Successful Business Leader”.When you master these 8 things you’ll find that you’re not so busy and overwhelmed, because everything d
23/02/202332 minutes 29 seconds
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Build Systems or Hire? What to do first.

It’s a question as old as business itself…‘What comes first, the system or the new hire?’Often business owners get torn between the two. So much so that they can’t make a decision. Which means they carry on with no systems and no new employees.In the meantime they get more and more busy. And even more stressed.That’s why in today’s podcast Tony and Phil dive head first into this problem.But unlike the question as old as time itself “What came first, the chicken or the egg?”...There is a correct answer to our business problem.Join them and settle the question once and for all.&nbsp;‘What comes first, the system or the new hire?’After listening in you can stop getting torn between the two choices. And start making strides forward with your business.Let’s get into it!WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Know when you should hireLearn how to get your team to b
16/02/202322 minutes 31 seconds
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How to step out of the shadows & into your own unique abilities - With Rachael Evans

There’s one amazing part of being part of a coaching group that isn’t obvious, but it’s actually one of the best ways to expand your network, mind and business…That’s the fact that you get to meet and learn from all sorts of other people and experts who are doing similar things to you.It’s like having your own supergroup of fresh eyes who can help you overcome your issues. And give you great ideas to implement in your own business.Today Tony’s going to introduce you to someone he’s met in the coaching group he’s part of…Her name’s Rachael Evans who’s also an amazing business owner.She’s an advocate for women who want to step out of the shadows and into their unique abilities.She’s set up an extremely successful business coaching business of her own, for Auto Repair shop owners, called the Workshop Whisperer.She’s also launched an amazing new venture called The Real Rachael which is dedicated to helping women step into their bravery an
09/02/202338 minutes 11 seconds
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Fill Your Schedule Quickly & Cheaply With Email Marketing.

Grab a free copy of the Profitable Tradie Email Marketing Template here: DOWNLOAD A COPYLet's talk about the easiest, most cost effective way to fill your schedule.It’s such a powerful tool for a Trades Business Owner.And it’s so fast and easy to set up, even if you have very few ‘tech’ skills, and don’t want to spend a fortune.So, how do we know email marketing is working better than ever for Trades Businesses?Well, this past January we’ve talked to heaps of our members who had gaps to fill in their schedule.Either because jobs got cancelled at the last minute, clients had to delay projects due to circumstances changing, or they had been a little laid back in December and hadn’t gotten around
02/02/202323 minutes 50 seconds
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Feeling Unfulfilled & Overwhelmed? This ONE Habit Will Change Everything.

Celebrating your wins can bring huge benefits to your business and personal life.By simply taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate you and your team’s successes, you’ll be able to stay positive, and get better results than if you don’t.But how do you do that?Never fear, in this week's episode we are going to show you exactly how they do it, and how you can too…You’ll see how by reflecting on your wins, you can learn from your past actions and get the drive to do even better in the future.Join us as we explore the benefits of celebrating your wins and how it can make you a happier, more successful business owner…Let’s get into it!WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Be positive and hopefulStat taking action because you believe you can drive changeGenerate positive results and learn from the actions to come back better next timeLINKS MENTIONED IN
26/01/202323 minutes 33 seconds
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How a coach can explode your profits - Featuring world leading coach Taki Moore

Are you confused about what business coaching is?&nbsp;Or what a business coach actually does?In this week’s podcast we’re going to show you exactly what a Business Coach is. And why they can be such a game changer if you own your own Trades Business.What better way to do it than by getting Tony to interview his own business Coach!Today we’ve got the famous ‘coach to the coaches’ Taki Moore in the house.&nbsp;He’s known to be one of the most influential trainers working anywhere in the world. And the author of the #1 best seller coaching book “Million Dollar Coach”.&nbsp;Who better to run you through the reasons business owners get business coaching…What a business coach does.How a business coach can help you.And what you should look for in your Business Coach.Let’s get into it!&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY’S PODCAST:Learn why having a business coach is such a g
19/01/202340 minutes 45 seconds
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Planning: Spend Less Time Thinking & More Time On Holiday With The Preloaded Year Planner.

The BIG idea we want to introduce you to this week is called the Preloaded Year.Why is it such a powerful tool you should definitely be using?Well, when you preload your year you ensure you don’t miss out on any of the really important stuff. Things like vacations, family events, sporting fixtures, concerts…Or important business events like training courses, team days or strategy meetings.In this week’s episode Tony and Phil are going to show how to use a process called ‘Block it and book it’ so you can preload your year with this important stuff.Because when you book out time in advance you don’t have the chance to let last minute jobs and bookings push them aside (to never return).It’s simple, but really powerful. And when you nail it, you put yourself in the driver’s seat instead of getting caught up in&nbsp;the whirlwind of everyday life.And you can create a direct pathway for progress which is like a&nbsp; roadmap for succ
12/01/202321 minutes 14 seconds
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The Truth About Setting Goals: How to Do It Right

This priceless skill isn’t something you get taught when learning a trade or while you’re on the job.And it’s pretty awkward the first time you do it, which is probably why they don’t teach it…But if you learn how to do it right then you’re guaranteed to reap the rewards you deserve in your business and personal life.But if you don’t learn this skill you’re more than likely going to end up repeating the same menial tasks, for the same menial rewards, day after day…Week after week…Month after month…And year after year.Because in the absence of well formed goals, we become strangely loyal to performing the daily trivia, until ultimately we become enslaved by it.Life just happens to you, instead of you directing your life where you want it to go.This time of year is the best time to add this priceless skill to your arsenal.It means you can start the year fresh, with well formed goals to help guide you in the right di
05/01/202331 minutes 54 seconds
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The Second Most Downloaded Podcast Episode this year

Nothing kills a good employee faster than them watching you tolerate a bad one.So maybe it’s time to stop procrastinating… and start making time to have those tough conversations with your bad employees.I’m going to show you how you can do it in a pain-free way, because I know it’s not a pleasant thing to do, and I think it’s the reason why this is the second most downloaded podcast episode this year…Nobody really likes confrontation but calling out bad behavior and work practices is essential if you’re going to keep your best employees and also help your bad ones improve, or exit them from your business.There’s a skill to having these conversations and making sure you don’t make the situation worse, but normally the worst case scenarios you’re playing out in your head…The scenarios causing you to put off having the convo in the first place, don’t play out.The key is having a plan before you talk with your problem team member, because when y
29/12/202230 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

3 Keys to Solid Business Foundation in 2023

“Inflation”, “Pandemic”, “Rising costs”, “Labor shortages”…The themes that dominated 2022.And the best things to happen to your business.If you’re here, you’re committed to improving both yourself and your business.You’re ahead of those who’d rather play the victim.And you’ve turned those nightmares into opportunities to level up.You’ve learnt how to;Protect your marginsPlan so staff sicknesses don’t bring things to a screeching haltPrice for profit, and to negotiateTo attract the RIGHT people and bring them onboardWhen the hard times pass, those learnings and systems will not only be the things that have kept you breathing.But will have your business striding ahead of the pack.We’re looking back at the podcast in 2022, pulling out the best bits.Phil talks about lobsters and how to boost your serotonin.Tony tackles uncertainty and how to use pricing as a shi
22/12/202231 minutes 16 seconds
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An International Athletes Guide to Mental Toughness

We’ve got some guarantees for you as a trades business owner.We guarantee the one day you forget your work boots the worksite safety officer will show up.And we guarantee you would’ve had one of those moments when your mental toughness slipped, and you did something you wish you could take back.You’re not alone it’s happened to everyone.But when the pressures on.You’ve got clients calling to give you a hurry up.The accountant is on your case about cutting costs.One of the work trucks needs to be picked up from the mechanics.And your partner is asking you to pick up the kids.Those moments of mental slippage seem to happen a bit more.How would anyone keep it together when the pressure is on, people are shouting, there are expectations to meet, and directions to follow.Sounds like you need the mental toughness of an international sportsperson.But the bad shoulder, back pain, and beer gut suggests it mig
15/12/202234 minutes 7 seconds
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Get More From Your Team Using These Two Rules.

Have you ever been crystal clear with your team only to find they still end up getting it wrong?It’s unbelievably frustrating.Because now you have to stop what you were doing, explain to them what they did wrong, and fix the mistake.Then there’s the salt in the wound… the cost of the mistake, not just cash, but time… and that’s probably worse.Well the bad news doesn’t stop there unfortunately, here’s the real slap in the face…You were not crystal clear.It might have been clear to you, but it was not clear to your team.Why?Because you have a set of standards, or expectations that you hold yourself to.Meaning you do certain things subconsciously when carrying out tasks.You measure twice, you test, you know the best tool to use, you know what material should be used, you clean up after yourself.Was any of that in your “crystal clear” instructions?Probably not.And when almost all difficulties in b
08/12/202221 minutes 29 seconds
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How Profitable Businesses Go Broke And How to Avoid It Happening to You.

To download your Profitable Tradie Cashflow Forecast template, CLICK HERE. Cash is oxygen for your business. Without it you can’t pay your bills and you go broke.Not knowing how much you’ve got coming in and going out is really risky.That’s why this week Phil and I are going to show how to create a forecast that’ll help you smooth out your cash flow headaches.It only takes 60 minutes to fill out. And will save you a lot of stress.&nbsp;Because when you know your cash flow, you’ll not get nasty surprises when your account hits $0.And you’ll avoid the roller coaster that happens when your emotions are tied to your bank balance.Plus you won’t find yourself making
01/12/202228 minutes 55 seconds
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STOP trading your time for money

Trading your time for money is the last thing you should be doing when you’re a business owner.In this episode we want to help you STOP trading your time for money.&nbsp;For a lot of us it’s a hard switch to flick. But with a little help you can do it by moving your mindset from a ‘time-based economy’ to a much more profitable ‘value-based economy’.You’ve probably worked your way through the ranks by being a hard worker. Where the more hours you put in the more money you make, and the more respect you gain from colleagues and bosses.This mindset has to change if you want to be a successful business owner and reap the rewards you deserve.&nbsp;In this week’s podcast episode Tony and Phil are going to show why it’s so important to make this change.&nbsp;And how you can do it.You’ll be surprised to see how changing your outlook will save you from the exhaustion owners stuck in a time-based economy suffer from.And you’ll see how mu
24/11/202226 minutes 34 seconds
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Is FEAR holding back your success?

The #1 challenge that we see Trades Business Owners struggling with is not something that’s obvious. It’s that sneaky human emotion that stops us succeeding. It’s FEAR!In this week’s podcast episode we’re going to show you how you can beat fear and starttaking actions that will push your business to the next level.There’s a weird thing about fear. Often you don’t know that you’re experiencing it.That’s because fear only lives in your head. It’s not real. But, it is often the reason why you “Feel a bit off” or think to yourself “I’m not feeling my best”.When that happens there’s a good chance you’re simply afraid of doing something. The good news is when you learn to identify that you’re experiencing fear, you can do something about it. You can take action. Which will lead to huge improvements in your business and life.Today Tony and Phil will give you the tools to ID when fear is your problem, and how to deal with it.</p
17/11/202233 minutes 44 seconds
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How Core Values make your business stand out from the crowd

Making your trade business STAND OUT from the crowd is essential.In today’s podcast episode Tony and Phil are going to show you how you can stand out from the crowd by having core values that actually mean something.&nbsp;And if your biz doesn’t already have core values?The boys will show you how to identify, and then implement core values that aren’t a joke.Because the businesses that we see crushing it do their core values very well.&nbsp;These businesses not only use their core values to consistently win and impress new clients.&nbsp;But they also ensure their teams perform better, and enjoy their work more.PLUS, and this is a real huge benefit when recruiting in a tight labor market, you’ll see how having strong core values will help you attract new employees who are a great fit with your team culture.If you’re not getting your core values right then your team doesn't really understand what is acceptable behavior.You
10/11/202235 minutes 6 seconds
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Why You Need to Keep Score In Your Business to Succeed

Today we’re going to show you how mastering ‘scorekeeping’ is the key to a trades business owner’s success.Tony and Phil will also share how our members normally increase their gross profit by 5-10% when they implement good ‘scorekeeping’.Because if you’re not keeping score.&nbsp;And you’re not measuring how well you’re performing.Well, you’ll never know if you’re winning or losing. And you’ll never figure out where you’re going wrong. Or where you’re going right.This makes it really difficult to improve your business. Because you can’t pinpoint your mistakes. There’s no way to see those red flags that help you identify the root of your problems.For example, if you don’t know what your gross profit is, how are you going to know if a job is profitable or not?How are you even going to price a job to ensure every piece of work you and your team complete is helping you succeed?In today’s podcast we’ll show you why keeping score, an
03/11/202234 minutes 2 seconds
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The stress saving strategy for invoicing complaints

Dealing with invoice complaints can be one of the most painful parts of running a trades business.&nbsp;In this episode we will help you make those complaints far less painful!During the episode Tony and Phil are going to share with you different strategies and tactics to deal with customers who aren’t happy when it comes time to paying.Which will help you a lot if you:Find yourself discounting just to settle a disagreementFeel undervalued and unappreciated dealing with complaints when you know you've done a good jobGet frustrated wasting time resolving outstanding invoicesAfter listening you’ll understand how you can avoid difficult situations.&nbsp;And for the complaints you can’t avoid, you’ll learn to ask the right questions.&nbsp;This helps your client understand where you’re coming from, and why their invoice is fair and needs to be paid.Getting you back the control and power, so the outc
27/10/202227 minutes 33 seconds
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The ONE thing more important than your to do list

You might think your To Do List is the list that’s most important for your success. It’s not.&nbsp;In this episode we’re going to uncover why your Stop Doing List is much more important. And why it’s the key to unlocking the most precious resource we all have. A resource most of us waste.&nbsp;Once you learn how to master this valuable resource, and master your Stop Doing List, you’ll be shocked how much more you’ll be getting done.In this podcast we’ll show you how to get more done. And how much easier life and business is when you focus on doing things that have the most impact.You’ll also see why the process of not doing things has helped turn mediocre companies into great companies. And how you can replicate their success too.So stop what you’re doing now!Let's dive into episode #39 Why Your Stop Doing List Is Your Most Important List…WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAY'S PODCAST:Focus on the stuf
20/10/202227 minutes 47 seconds
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The meeting matrix

Do you feel like your meetings are a waste of time? Like you’re the only one talking and coming up with ideas. Like you’re the only one who cares about what’s going on. Like everyone would rather be somewhere else. Like even though you all sit there and talk, you still don’t get any closer to making any decisions. Then your meetings have probably lost their spark.Losing your meeting rhythm happens all the time in business, but it’s important you get them back on track so you can reap the rewards that come with good meetings. The say "involvement drives engagement” getting meetings right means they become a useful tool for getting your team onboard with the goals of the business, while also removing a lot of the pressure on you as the owner to come up with all the ideas and solutions.In this episode you’ll learn about the importance of good meetings in your team, and how they can actually save time rather than waste it, through the concept of proactive communication. Yo
14/10/202231 minutes 46 seconds
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The number one killer of cultures

Culture is more than just beers and BBQ’s. It is very easy for business owners to mistake fun for culture, they are NOT the same. It’s time that business owners learnt what real culture is, because it’s the reason some businesses are constantly growing, and winning, while other businesses remain stuck in the same place dealing with the same problems.It’s time you added this secret sauce to your recipe, and get it right. Not just any old culture, but the culture that is best for your team. A bad culture causes issues like low productivity, more mistakes, an unhappy team, difficulty hiring, along with a raft of other problems, so it’s extremely important this is done right. In this episode you’ll learn about culture in business and the rewards it brings when you get it right. You’ll also learn about the building blocks that are required for a high performance culture to be constructed and maintained. There are also some tips for spreading the load of creating a winning c
07/10/202229 minutes 50 seconds
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Handling pay discussions

This is one of those things that every business owner will have to deal with at one stage or another, so it is definitely best to be prepared. At the end of the day, it’s basic human nature, one of the most prominent human desires is to feel important. Most people feel important when they are appreciated, and most people associate appreciation with pay. The good news is there’s more ways to make someone feel appreciated than money. The labor market is extremely competitive, so your guys are always going to hear about others being paid more, they are probably being approached by other businesses to work for them on a higher wage. But there are things you can do that will stop your team members from taking those offers and put you on the front foot when it comes to that unavoidable pay discussion. The best part is these tips and tricks won’t cost you anything.In this episode you’ll learn about brightness of future and how it can dramatically increase staff engagement and
30/09/202232 minutes 6 seconds
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Special guest: Adrian Laing - Nelson Alarms

Adrian Laing is the owner of Nelson Alarms in New Zealand, he is a long-term member of the Profitable Tradie program, having joined back in 2016. In his time with PT Adrian has put together a very impressive list of accomplishments, including his promotion from the Million Dollar Tradie program into our top-level Boardroom program, where he is considered a well-regarded and highly respected member amongst his peers. Just hearing about improving your business, or growing, or scaling, or getting more time back might not hit home, sometimes seeing is believing. So take it from someone who has done all that and is living proof that it is possible, that someone is Adrian. This recording is from a hotseat which are hosted for Profitable Tradie members so they can pick up tips and tricks from other successful members. Normally these recordings are reserved for members, but this one is too good not to share. In this episode Adrian shares how he’s more than doubled his monthly
23/09/202257 minutes 57 seconds
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The psychological pricing hack

It’s time to dive into all the myths around fixed pricing (price lists, price books) because the idea in your head is costing you thousands of dollars and causing you unnecessary stress. “I do too many different types of work”, “I don’t have time to create a fixed price list”, “I don’t want to price myself too short”… whatever your worry is, it’ll be tackled in the episode. Don’t get in your own way.Fixed pricing can help you get paid on time, save you time on pricing or travelling to site to quote a job. It can also help you create a better customer experience as you will be able to give your clients certainty and get the job done faster, something that not all your competitors will be able to offer. You just need the right guide to creating a fixed price list which is what you’ll get from the episode.In this episode you’ll learn how fixed pricing actually leverages human psychology to leave your client feeling happy about the work you’ve done and not bitter
16/09/202229 minutes 57 seconds
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Benefiting from staff absences

This is something that even the legendary Tom Brady can appreciate and that he has actually used over the course of his career. If you want to know a little bit more about what it is, make sure you listen to this episode. The man was willing to sacrifice half of his salary over this thing so it’s obviously a big money hack.Sick leave, annual leave, holiday pay, leave without pay, injury, training, maternity leave, bereavement leave, vacation, public service, are all reasons that a staff member might be away from work. The more you grow your team, the more you’re going to find staff taking time away from your business. You need to be proactive with how you manage staff being away from your business and make sure it’s not just you stepping in trying to do everyone’s job, because your job isn’t going anywhere.In this episode you’ll learn about having employees away from your business and how to handle it. You’ll also learn about the brightness of future concept and how it
09/09/202225 minutes 31 seconds
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Stress coping 101

What are you built for? The human body is a very complicated machine, with lots of moving parts, and pretty much everything serves a purpose, even stress. Stress is part of the ‘fight or flight’ response, basically your heart races, your breath quickens and muscles get ready for action. So in prehistoric times stress is what would get you away from a sabretooth tiger, but it was short term, either you escaped the savage animal, or you became its breakfast.You’re not built to be stressed for hours, days, weeks or months. Being stressed long term can cause headaches, depression, heartburn, insomnia, weak immunity, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, stomachache, heart palpitations, heart attacks, the list goes on. You need to be able to get on top of stress whenever it should arise… because eliminating it isn’t really an option, unfortunately its just part of being a business owner.In this episode you’ll learn about dealing with the stresses of being a business owner,
02/09/202237 minutes 44 seconds
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Get it out of your head

Get it out of your head! Take building a house… imagine if the first person to build a house was the only one who knew how to do it, and every time someone else wanted to build a house they would have to get that person to come and show them how to do it. Tell ya what… there wouldn’t be a hell of a lot of houses built, and the poor bugger would be so stressed-out racing around to show it to everyone and burnt out from repeating themselves. Instead, the process was documented and now anyone can follow it.Same goes for your business, if you’re the only one who knows how to do something then you’re gonna be racing around trying to show everyone how to do it. There’s so many things that could go pear shaped, like if you forget to mention something in the process then the job gets done wrong, if someone isn’t listening at one point then the job gets done wrong, if you’re not available then the job gets done wrong… the list goes on.In this episode you’ll learn about the powe
26/08/202225 minutes
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The power of price

Double your profit with a 10% change in price. Doesn’t sound right? Listen and be pleasantly proven wrong. It’s natural to think that putting your prices up will result in you losing clients but that’s not the case, and in the episode you will learn why. Other than having a top tier team pricing is arguably the most important thing to get right in your business.Think about it like this… when was the last time you bought a coffee? Or Tea? Or even a cheeky hot choccy? Was it more or less expensive than it was a year ago? More, right? But you didn’t say no, you still paid for it. Because costs are going up, so a price rise is to be expected. Why would your business be any different? Your staff are more qualified, you take more risk, your job is harder for the average person to do themselves, your materials are more expensive… so charge for it.In this episode you’ll learn about the power of price and how it can create an absolute truck load of opportunity for your business
19/08/202228 minutes 9 seconds
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The 'under the pump' guide

You’re not the best version of yourself when you’re under the pump, it’s scientific, your body goes into ‘fight or flight’ mode and starts sending blood to your major muscles to help you ‘survive’. You essentially turn into a stupider version of yourself and will start making suboptimal decisions. That’s not even the worst part… because your brain often isn’t operating properly you won’t even realize that you’re stressed out causing you to get stuck in a vicious ‘overwhelmed’ cycle.Imagine you’re flying a plane and all of a sudden, the engines lose power, what are you doing? Probably panicking, flicking every damn switch in sight hoping something will make the engines roar back into life. What does a pilot do? They remain calm and instantly reach for the emergency manual so they can identify what the issue is then find the correct procedure to follow to solve it or get the plane on the ground safely. When it comes to you in your business you need to be like a pilot.In
12/08/202229 minutes 22 seconds
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Making more time

Does this sound familiar… things are a bit all over the place, you’re being pulled in 15 different directions, you know you need some systems in place to conquer the chaos, but are too busy dealing with the problems that the systems would fix. You’re not alone, it’s easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel, but just like that stick you stuck in the front wheel on your little brothers bike to send him flying over the handlebars, you need to do something to put a stop to the cycle.Every single person from Elon Musk, to a fresh born baby has the exact same asset… we all have 24 hours in the day, no one has more, no one has less. So when it comes to getting things done you just have to make the time. Saying “I don’t have time” is a weak excuse, you do have time, but you’re choosing to prioritize other things, which isn’t wrong or even your fault for that matter, but you have to understand that when you’re saying “yes” to things, you’re saying “no” to something else.In this e
05/08/202229 minutes 30 seconds
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The Enquiry Script

Everyone has had the saying “You only get one chance at a first impression”. So most business owners make sure to make eye contact, give a solid handshake, listen, all that good stuff, but what if the first impression is on the phone? It’s still a first impression, and if it’s the work phone, it’s a very important first interaction with your business. Being polite, energetic, and knowledgeable is a good start but that’s only scratching the surface.What if you could increase the chances of you getting paid, increase the value of each job, close more jobs, create more opportunities for work, and grow your database all from the one call. You probably just never thought to do it, you never saw your boss do it back before you had your business. But that’s why you went out on your own, to be better than your old boss. It’s one of the many reason you should have an enquiry script.In this episode you’ll learn about the Enquiry Script and how you can use it to do all the things
29/07/202225 minutes 7 seconds
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Winners vs losers

“Luck”. It’s a term that gets thrown around pretty loosely. Someone grows their business, signs a big client, hires a top shelf tradesperson, and people say “man… they got lucky”. It’s easy to think that way when you didn’t see all the work that person put into systemization that allowed the business to grow, you didn’t see the world class service shown to the big clients before they signed, you didn’t see the hard work put into developing a culture that made the top shelf tradesperson apply.While a lot of terms are thrown around and quotes get used that are pretty questionable, there’s one saying that’s pretty damn solid. “You make your own luck”. Whether you agree with that statement or not comes down to your attitude, and never underestimate the difference a good attitude can make. Most business owners are capable of a lot more than what they think, but they get in their own way.In this episode you’ll learn the difference between the winner’s mentality and the loser
22/07/202223 minutes 14 seconds
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Overheads aren't the enemy

When the vast majority of Plumbing, Electrical, Glazing, Tiling, and other similar service based trades businesses want to increase profit, they look at the overhead costs and find things to cut. But is that really the best option? In almost all cases, trying to reduce overhead costs is the enemy of progress because when you’re running too lean you don’t have the necessary infrastructure to grow or operate at a high level.Think of it like this, when you were setting up your business you brought a vehicle, any tools you needed, materials, a laptop for admin, and you weren’t concerned with the overheads because you knew you needed to spend money to make money, you believed in yourself to make that money back. So what happened? Don’t let that mentality change. When it comes to growing your business, scaling, reducing the reliance on you as the owner, you need to have the same attitude toward those costs.In this episode you’ll learn why overheads are not the enemy and how
15/07/202223 minutes 9 seconds
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What's your business worth

For most owners of Plumbing, Electrical, Landscaping, Tiling, or similar service based trades businesses selling a business only happens once. That poses a few challenges but also some opportunities, with one of the challenges being that because you only do it once you’re not well prepared and probably don’t even know how to make a business more valuable and more profitable.You work hard anyway, so you might as well direct that hard work toward making the business more valuable, after all, it has the potential to be the most valuable asset you own, assuming it’s not already. You don’t want to work all these years, to go to cash in your chips and find out that chips aren’t worth anything. It’s not as simple as just making sales or looking at a similar sized business and assuming yours is worth the same, you need to know your stuff.In this episode you’ll learn how to value your business and equations involved with getting an estimate of what your business is worth. If yo
08/07/202228 minutes 18 seconds
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Create accountability and initiative in your team

There’s a number of reasons that a business won’t grow, sales, systems, marketing, but very rarely will a business put their own team under the microscope. A lot of responsibility lies with your team, or at least as much as you are willing to give them. But like most owners you try to do everything yourself because to be fair, you’re good at it, that’s why you got to owning a business. But what cost does that come at?It's understandable because you want to ensure a high level of quality, but if you’re trying to manage everything you’re robbing your team of the opportunity to grow and develop. It’s easy to think they can’t handle the responsibility because they always make mistakes, but as hard as it is to admit, that is often the fault of the owner. Employees don’t learn to problem solve unless you provide them with the environment to do so.In this episode you’ll learn how to create a culture that encourages accountability and initiative from your team without you actu
01/07/202226 minutes 26 seconds
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A new era of upselling

Sales has got itself a bad rap, often just mentioning sales and in particular upselling, will bring a bitter taste to the mouth. But that’s mostly because people think about the sleezy car salesman or a pushy real estate agent. Sales doesn’t need to be that way, in fact, when done right sales can actually be a win win, it’s all about the approach and how you frame it. It’s time to welcome in a new era of sales that has both the buyer and seller walking away knowing the process couldn’t have been any better.Let’s say you’re a plumber, who has done more plumbing jobs? You? Or your client? Who has more industry knowledge? You? Or your client? Who has better product knowledge? You? Or your client? Your expertise is a valuable asset, it’s what will be the difference between a good and a great experience. If your client is doing a bathroom reno and you try to get them to buy a bigger mirror when they want to keep their existing one, that’s pushy. But if you simply suggest a new mir
24/06/202228 minutes 23 seconds
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20 minutes to build a better culture

What would you give for a team that was loyal, trusting, productive, transparent, and got along great? (You might even think that team doesn’t exist). What if it only took 20 minutes to get that team? ‘The 20’ is one of the most underrated tools for building culture as it satisfies one of the most powerful human desires, that being the desire to feel important. Not only that but one on one time allows a team member to share things they wouldn’t otherwise feel they could share.It's not only good for the team member and the rest of the crew, but it’s also good for you as an owner and the business. When you really care about your team and make their life better, they will repay you with their loyalty, but you only know how to fix a team members problems when you know what they are. Word spreads when you’ve got a good culture with a happy team, hiring is a whole lot easier when people want to work for your business because they know about your reputation.In this episode yo
17/06/202224 minutes 45 seconds
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Having Difficult Conversations

It’s one of those things that no one wants to do, but has to be done, and when you started your business it became one of your responsibilities whether you like it or not. Choosing not to or putting it off can destroy your team culture, cause staff to lose respect for you, and cause issues to snowball to a point where they are out of control. Have you guessed what it is yet? It’s having difficult conversations (was your guess close?). It’s something that everyone seems to hate, but if it’s done right, it can be a game changer for your business and leave everyone smiling.It is inevitable that at some point a member of your crew will do something that isn’t quite up to scratch. When that happens it’s crucial that you are able to have a difficult conversation with that person and carry it out in a way that doesn’t leave destruction in it’s wake. A lot of owners avoid this type of conversation because it’s uncomfortable or they don’t know how to have them but procrastinating only
10/06/202230 minutes 15 seconds
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The 6 Week Break Strategy (Part 2)

Here it is, the second part of the 6 Week Break Strategy episode. If you haven’t already, make sure you go back and listen to Part 1 to get a bit of background and context. This strategy was taken from a session with the Profitable Tradie Boardroom members, it’s so valuable that it needed to be shared so that all trades business owners can work toward this goal and reap the rewards of the 6 Week Break Strategy. When carried out properly this strategy will do wonders for your business. At the end of the day, it is a ‘stress test’ but by taking the plunge once and understanding there will be some challenges, you will make life a whole lot easier. You will witness the business find ways to keep the wheels turning even when you’re not around, which is great for the development of your staff. Not to mention that a business that can run without you there is worth a hell of a lot more money, if you were ever to sell it!In this episode you’ll learn the tricks to planning, orga
03/06/202217 minutes 18 seconds
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The 6 Week Break Strategy (Part 1)

Everyone has different business goals, but no matter how long you want to run the business, no matter how much you enjoy the work you do, no matter how big or small your business is, every business owner should have the ‘6 Week Break’ on their list of goals. Not just to give yourself a break now and again but also for the benefits it brings.The 6 Week Break Strategy is seriously underrated and isn’t talked enough about, because ultimately business owners should have the goal of not needing to be in their business for the wheels to keep turning. There are so many benefits, the team become less reliant on you, your staff learn and develop faster, the business is more valuable as all the knowledge isn’t stuck in your head, all that good stuff.In this episode you’ll learn about the 6 Week Break Strategy and how it works. There is an awesome tip for when you’re away from the business but really want to talk to someone about work, along with other hacks for being able to let
27/05/202235 minutes 18 seconds
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Are you doing the RIGHT type of hard work?

Since what feels like the beginning of time business owners have been hardwired to think that working themselves to the bone is the only way to be successful but that’s not necessarily the case. Sure you have to do the hard yards to achieve big things but it doesn’t have to be all on your shoulders, and it shouldn’t come at the cost of your body, or mental health. A lot of business owners think to themselves “if I just get through this busy patch, then I will be able to relax”, but that an endless cycle as “busy patches” seem to continually pop up one after the other. When business gets like that, which it does, it can become draining and effect your mood and motivation. Because you are a leader, it is likely that it will rub off on your team, and even your family, or social groups. So it’s important to learn how to stop the busy patches.In this episode you’ll learn about Stephen Covey’s 4 quadrants and how your brain reacts to tasks. It’s about being able to recognize
20/05/202224 minutes 27 seconds
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Attract top employees with the 'eco-system'

Hiring new staff is never easy. You can put a heap of time, effort, and money into creating a job ad and trying to get it in front of as many people as possible. Maybe someone will share it with a friend, or will know the perfect person for your business, but nothings certain. It could be a timing problem, or that the right person just doesn’t happen to see your ad, but when you can’t find a good candidate it can be devastating for confidence, it could end your search and put you off hiring completely.Sometimes giving up can seem like the best option, but there is a better way. If you go out fishing to get something for dinner but don’t catch anything, what are you going to do? Just not eat? No. Find a new way to solve your problem. Go to the seafood store on the way home and buy some fish. So when it comes to hiring, have you really tried everything? Have you tried creating an ‘eco-system’ to attract the best type of tradespeople to work for your business?In this epis
13/05/202223 minutes 39 seconds
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Protect your business from inflation and recession

The early signs are starting to show, in some parts of the world it has already hit, but a recession is more than likely on the horizon, it has the potential to cripple businesses and the construction industry. It is crucial that you prepare yourself for if tough times hit so that you don’t have to worry about things like being able to pay staff or debtors. Being proactive is the best defense, waiting too long means any action taken is more likely to be affected by lag, a concept that is discussed in the episode.Safeguards protect you in hairy situations, not just recessions, so the benefits of having some extra precautions in your business will be seen on a regular basis, not just when times get difficult. In this episode some of the methods that can be used to protect your business are shared. Make sure you act fast as some of the solutions do not bring rewards instantly, meaning you need to make moves now that will pay you back in the future.It’s not all doom and gl
06/05/202231 minutes 5 seconds
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Should you always listen to accountants?

Accountants… of course they have their purpose and play a role in assisting with your business, mostly with tax. But there are a lot of trades business owners that aren’t their biggest fans, and for good reason, they don’t always have the best interests of your business at heart. It is important to know what accountants are trained to do and why you shouldn’t always take their advice.In this episode you’ll learn why advice from accountants can sometimes results in your business going backwards. Often the recommendations from accountants are to SAVE your business money, but not to MAKE your business money. The financial statements look at what you spend your money on as either a form of income or an expense, but sometimes you have to spend money to make money, and “investment” doesn’t seem to be a concept in an accountants wheel house.You still need an accountant to tell you how much tax to pay but be weary of some of the advice they share with you. It can be easy to as
29/04/202224 minutes 9 seconds
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The Control Freak

Learning to let go has to be the hardest thing to do in business. After all, we are hardwired to do the absolute opposite. We start our businesses on our own and make plenty of mistakes, learning and improving along the way, but we’ve had to do everything by ourselves so the business continues to grow and keeps moving toward where we want it to be. Plus we are responsible for everything that happens making it even tougher to let go of the reigns.But the benefits of being able to let go completely out weight those of being completely in control. So what if there was a way to stay in control without having to be hands on? That is exactly what we tackle in this episode. You will be able to identify your controlling tendencies using the 4 signs and be able to make changes to make sure they are benefitting your business. Your team will be able to make mistakes in a way that is safe, and allows them to grow as employees, which is ultimately a win for you and your business.Ma
22/04/202230 minutes 5 seconds
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Special guest: Brad Martin - Leading Edge Electrical

Brad Martin is the founder and owner of Leading Electrical in Hamilton, New Zealand. Brad has been on the program for over 9 years, starting out as a team of 2 with himself and his apprentice Jesse. In 13 years, Brad has grown the team to 20, operating 9 vehicles and owns the building the crew works out of.Like many tradespeople starting their own business, Brad set up because he thought he could run a business better than his boss. He quickly realized what he had gotten himself into, when asked Brad said, “I didn’t know what I was doing” but thought he'd take one more crack at it as he was sick of working weekends and thought being on wages would be a whole lot easier. Brad reached out to Profitable Tradie for help and got stuck in.Leading Edge is now a well systemized business, an employer of choice, and brings in over $300K in revenue each month. In this episode Brad tells his story and shares a heap of knowledge on things like the Leading Edge sales process, creati
15/04/202246 minutes 42 seconds
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Leadership is hard work

You don’t get to choose whether or not you are a leader. The day you start your business you become a leader, and you’ve probably been one for a long time before that. While leadership can be pretty hard work, it’s something that can be easily worked on.It’s definitely worth doing because the results that come with good leadership are absolutely killer. Leadership is a tricky topic because it can be quite easy to get it wrong and the ripples of how that effects the team, results and behaviors can run far and wide. With that being said, there are a heap of techniques that can be used to empower your team to be able to do a good job and make your life easier as a boss. Some of those techniques are covered in this episode, they can be put in place straight away and the results will follow swiftly after.Leadership can be used to get a level of performance out of your team that you want to see, and by the end of the episode you’ll be able to do exactly that. Using the tips
08/04/202226 minutes 22 seconds
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Separating the Rockstar employees from the duds

Your team are the most important part of your business. Culture, quality, productivity, reputation, growth, and a number of other aspects are all at the mercy of your team. That’s why hiring is so important, getting it wrong can have you stuck with a bad egg for a very long time. Getting it right can take stress away from you as the owner, raise the level of quality, and even attract more talented employees to your business.In a time where good help can be hard to find, it is vital that your hiring process can show you the great employees from the duds. You do not want to be hiring the first good looking CV to come through in the applications because you are desperate, as Tony says, “it’s better to be unhappily single, than it is to be unhappily married”. Employment laws are making it very difficult to get rid of bad staff, for that reason it’s better to stay busy for an extra couple of weeks until you find a good employee, than it is to rush in and get stuck with a bad one.<
01/04/202225 minutes 48 seconds
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When should I hire?

Growing your business can be a tough one… who do I look for? Where is the best place to look? How much will a new employee cost me? When should I hire? Well me and Phil chucked on the headphones and stepped up to microphones to shed some light on the topic.The idea of hiring someone and not being able to keep them busy or the thought of just making yourself busier than before you hired is scary. Don’t worry, we tackle that too, there’s some bits of gold in there that will give you the confidence to grow your team. Because the thought of hiring should be exciting, after all do you know how much revenue a tradesperson generates each month? You can find out in the episode.Once you know when to hire, if you want help with a hiring process, or if you get your new crew member in place and want some tips on how to keep your workflow consistent… I know a guy (it’s me). Book a free 15 minute call and lets talk about how we can take your business to the next level. Worst case sc
25/03/202221 minutes 17 seconds
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The second easiest way to increase your profit

Is your business running as efficiently as it could be running? It’s very easy to let little things slip through the cracks, it’s like when you drop an ice cube and kick it under the fridge. Doing it once isn’t a big deal but after a few more take the one-way trip, you end up with a puddle, mold growing and a wall that’s rotting away.It's the same in business, the small things add up, and while it can be costly, it can also be a huge opportunity. Tony and Phil tackle exactly that in this episode, sharing a bunch of tips on the second easiest way to increase your businesses profitability.So if more profit is what you are after, then this is a must listen! It will open your eyes to some of the hidden costs that sneak by right under your nose. You will become an expert investigator, with an ability to make changes that bring instant results in the form of cash into your business.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAYS PODCAST:More profita
19/03/202219 minutes
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Following up on your quotes

When was the last time you looked at your sales process? Have you got a process in place? You’re still getting work and that’s great, but have you ever thought about how much work you might be missing out on? It might be time to chuck a process in place.It’s amazing what something small like a process can achieve. Tony and Phil talk about how following up on quotes can totally transform your business and create opportunities that you didn’t even know were possible. In this episode there are some tips on how to change your mentality around sales which will help you win more jobs.Not everyone is taught sales through their apprenticeship, but it’s easy when you know what to say, when to say it, and who to say it to. Give the episode a listen to learn how to become the Michael Jordan of sales.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAYS PODCAST:Win more jobsConfidence in your teamPower to make decisions and grow your business<
11/03/202218 minutes 40 seconds
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Living Above the Line

As a business owner you are a leader, whether it is with your staff, suppliers, or other businesses you work with, you must make decisions on a regular basis. How much time do you spend on your own personal development?We get that time can be hard to come by when you’re running your own business, but you want to have your team invested in helping you grow, so leading from the front couldn’t be more important.In this episode we shine a light on ‘above the line’ behaviour, introducing both ‘OAR’ and ‘BED’, and how those different mentalities can change your business. WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAYS PODCAST:Using your energy for activities that are constructiveDevelop a winners mentalityGet the absolute best out of your teamLINKS MENTIONED IN THIS EPISODE:Join our FREE private community of tr
04/03/202221 minutes 2 seconds
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The pricing mistake 93% of Plumbers, Electricians etc make

Do the financials of your business sometimes seem a bit tricky to grasp? Don't worry, you're not alone. We often find that most trades business owners are not across their financials, which is understandable seeing it's not something you are taught during your apprenticeship or at trades school.Understanding your financials is very important as it really does give you full control of the business. You will start to see areas where you can make changes and create more profit, all with a couple of taps on the calculator.In this episode we look at a few basic calculations that you can do to get an understanding of the performance of your business and jobs. Get stuck in and get back in the drivers seat of your business.&nbsp;WHAT YOU’LL GAIN FROM IMPLEMENTING TODAYS PODCAST:Gain a base level understanding of gross profit and net profitBe able to calculate a few simple performance tracking numbersMake informed decisions for your
25/02/202216 minutes 5 seconds