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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 49 episodes, 1 day 1 hour 33 minutes
The Product-Led Sales Podcast brings together the world's best leaders in sales, GTM ops, customer success, and revenue, to share their insights around closing deals and growing revenue at product-led companies! ?
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How Framer found success after a massive pivot | Oscar Carlsson, Head of Growth, Framer

A pivot after Series B. Sounds crazy right?When Framer raised its $24M Series B in 2018, it was a design and prototyping tool.Think Sketch or Figma.Despite building up a good base of users, the team felt that traction was slowing.After what must have been many agonizing meetings, the founders and leadership made a bold call. They weren't going to try to iterate the product.They were pivoting completely.In SaaS it's not common to see a 4-year company pivot. Especially one that raised $33M in total, with dozens of employees. It's even less common to see one do it successfully.Yet, today Framer has gone from 0-to-1 once again. They are now a website builder with thousands of customers, including Zapier and Superhuman.In this interview with Framer's Head of Growth Oscar Carlsson, he broke down the methodical approach the company took to the pivot:- What they did to acquire the first 100 customers, the nex
24/03/202335 minutes 38 seconds
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3 steps 7shifts took to improve activation | Priya Bhatia, Senior Product Manager, Growth at 7shifts

There&apos;s a Chinese saying - the journey of a 1000 miles begins with a single step. For most products, that first step is activation.Many PLG companies onboard 10s of thousands of users a month, but only activate 10% or fewer of them.In this economic climate - efficiency is more important than ever.Failing to activate = wasting money acquiring users.Priya Bhatia worked on a project that lifted 7shifts&apos; activation significantly.So how did she do it? It comes down to:Getting alignment and clarity on the definition of activationSimplifying the onboarding experience by running experiments to remove low-value flowsSurfacing the value that the user has yet to discover, while not overwhelming them with notificationsListen to the episode to find out the details of how she did it, as well as pitfalls she faced along the way!Connect with <a href='
13/12/202235 minutes 12 seconds
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3 growth experiments that improved Github’s conversion by 20+% | Thibault Imbert, VP of Marketing and Growth, Github

In 2020, Github ran a simple 2 week experiment.The result? Dramatically more free AND paid signups.Sounds too good to be true? Here’s how 👇Thibault Imbert leads Growth at Github.When he first took over, he looked for somewhere where his team could get a quick win. Something simple but impactful.He landed on the pricing page.Here are the 3 changes the team made to the pricing page that produced MASSIVE results on conversion:1. Visual contrast between tiers. The old pricing page showed the features offered by free and paid tiers. But the number of features looked similar. The growth team changed it so that visually the higher tiers had many more features displayed than the lower tiers.2. Emphasizing features that customers cared about. After interviewing customers, the team realized a lot of the features that drove them to upgrade weren’t the emphasized by the pricing page. This was a simple fix.3. Making the page prettie
18/09/202236 minutes 51 seconds
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How Snyk fashioned a bespoke journey for each of its users | Ethan Schechter, VP of Sales at Snyk

Ethan Schecter joined Snyk when it was just 20-odd employees.Today the company employs 1000+ people.What’s the secret to the growth? ‘Not treating your PLG funnel as just a lead gen’, says Ethan.It is really important that PLG sales teams know which users want to be engaged by what type of outreach.Snyk has expertly split its user base into ‘personas’ and each type of user gets a different in-app experience, is shown different types of content, and Sales only touches some of them.Listen to this episode to find out how Snyk used this approach to grow its user base rapidly.
02/09/202226 minutes 9 seconds
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Growth strategies that took HashiCorp from open source to PLG | Caroline Guo, Head of Growth at HashiCorp

HashiCorp started as an open-source tool.It’s now a $6B public company with PLG, enterprise, and open-source products.Caroline Guo, HashiCorp’s Head of Growth, shared with us how HashiCorp built a cutting-edge internal engine for its PLG motion.Here are some of the learnings we discussed on the latest episode of the Product Led Sales podcast:The data available from open-source products differs from sales-led and product-led products. HashiCorp had to retool it’s approach to data as it moved into PLG.Product and GTM teams in PLG should be goaled against a standardized set of metrics. Listen to the episode to hear Caroline deep dive into the exact metrics HashiCorp cares about at each step of the user journey.How HashiCorp enriches its Salesforce to arm its sellers with product usage data and PQL scores…and much much more in the full episode!
24/08/202233 minutes 52 seconds
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How Netlify built its PQL engine with data | Drew Teller & Visakan Jayakumar, Growth at Netlify

When it comes to PLG, Drew and Visakan are pros.And they work on a product used by 2 million developers. 2 million. We spoke to them about Netlify&apos;s open source beginnings, how they think about Product Qualified Leads, and more in this episode of the podcast. One MUST LISTEN part of the podcast is when Drew and Visakan went really deep into how they kickstarted their system for identifying PQLs.From building out the initial list of product signals to look out for, to deciding how to work together across growth, sales, marketing, and data teams. There are a lot of articles about PQLs out there.There aren&apos;t very many operators going really step by step into how they did it. Listen to this episode and you can actually bring Drew and Visakan&apos;s learnings to your own product tomorrow.
11/08/202233 minutes 37 seconds
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How Evernote worked with its data team to boost conversions | Senior Director of Product, Growth at Evernote

Evernote has hundreds of millions of users.So how does this OG PLG juggernaut keep on growing?Data, data, data. At this scale the company is more like a B2C than B2B company. No wonder Rick Sawyer, Evernote&apos;s Senior Director of Product, Growth used to work at DraftKings, a sports betting company. From the backend, to the human resources, Evernote has built up a sophisticated set of data operations.Personalization along the funnel. Having been around for 15 years, Evernote has accumulated tons of features. Not every user is interested in all of them, so the Product team works hard to funnel users towards the right set of experiences. No one should feel overwhelmed by the features. A large analytics function to support GTM and growth teams. Oftentimes, Growth teams notice user needs through the data, not just from talking to customers. When your users number in the millions, sometimes the data tells a more complete story than tryi
28/07/202238 minutes 6 seconds
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Why CircleCI made its free plan even more generous | Sammy Shreibati, VP of Product, Growth at CircleCI

How do you design the perfect SaaS free plan?CircleCI re-designed it&apos;s free plan recently, giving users up to 3x more credits and unlocking features that were previously only for paid users.While a ceiling on a free plan is better for conversion, sometimes optimizing for that one metric is too short-term.CircleCI made the decision to enhance their free plan after speaking to users.They realized that a better experience for these users would: - increase engagement- allow users to get a deeper experience of the product- help with users who are choosing between competing solutionsWe spoke to Sammy Shreibati, CircleCI&apos;s VP of Product, Growth about this decision. We discussed how to think about structuring your free plan based on your objectives and the nature of your product. Connect with Sammy on Linkedin for more information.Visit our Pr
26/07/202228 minutes 14 seconds
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Remaining focused on SMBs as an IPO company | Grant Freeman, Chief Customer Officer of Thryv

It&apos;s almost a truism that companies move upmarket as they scale.Must that always be the case?In this episode of the podcast, we spoke to Grant Freeman, the Chief Customer Officer of Thryv. Thryv is an end-to-end business management software for small businesses that has scaled to $1b in revenue while staying laser focused on SMBs.Grant shares with us why Thryv has decided to stay focused, and how it has been able to create a culture of customer-orientation despite Thryv growing into a pretty large company itself. He also challenges some myths, such as serving SMBs is not scalable, and SMBs are not &apos;worth it&apos; because of the low ACVs. 
20/07/202222 minutes 49 seconds