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The Productive C# Podcast

English, Technology, 1 season, 32 episodes, 5 hours, 1 minute
Master the C# language, listen to short and practical tips to become a successful and more productive agile C# developer and learn from daily real-world experiences of Andrea Angella, Microsoft C# MVP and .NET Community Lead.
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Learning and Sharing for Success

Are you prioritising learning and self development enough in your life? Spend some time to reflect how learning and sharing can improve your life and work.
5/16/20247 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ask Me Anything - Free Webinar

Join my free webinar on Saturday, May 18
5/8/20244 minutes, 18 seconds
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30. Build Amazing .NET Apps with C# and the Uno Platform

Listen to a fantastic interview with Jérôme Laban, CTO of the Uno Platform, to understand how to build complete .NET apps using C# everywhere, thanks to the new C# Markup. Master C# with Productive C# Membership at
2/1/202448 minutes, 15 seconds
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29. Leveraging async braindumping to improve the quality of your meetings

In this episode I share how async braindumping helps to make your meetings more inclusive and fair as well as improving the quality of discussions and decision making. There is a little price to pay in terms or organization but the benefits are well worth the cost.
12/26/20238 minutes, 19 seconds
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28. 15 Reasons Why You Should Learn C# in 2024

These are the 15 reasons why I consider C# the best programming language and why you should learn C# in 2024. Learn more at LinkedIn Article
12/21/202328 minutes, 55 seconds
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26. Microsoft Semantic Kernel - Integrating AI in your C# applications

Semantic Kernet project: Join the Productive C# Membership:
12/11/20237 minutes, 1 second
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25. .NET Conf 2023 - Productive C# Special Event

Watch the full video at
12/9/20231 minute, 39 seconds
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10. Visual Studio vs Rider

Learn the Pros and Cons of Visual Studio and Rider, the two main IDE for .NET developers.
9/3/20199 minutes, 39 seconds
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9. Playing with the Azure CLI

The Azure CLI is a command line tool that provide a fantastic experience to work with Azure resources. In this episode, I share my first time experience with it and how you can get started using it. It's definitely the best tool for the job!
8/19/20197 minutes, 48 seconds
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8. Top tips to secure your .NET web applications

Learn some of the most important ways to make your .NET web applications more secure. We'll talk about input validation, encoding, https, content security policies, sql injection, password hashing, secure static code analysis and so on. This a summary of my top learnings after attending a 3 days intense cyber security training called Proactive Web Defence from MWR Infosecurity. Highly recommended! 
8/14/201910 minutes, 33 seconds
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6. Free Webinar on C# 8 New Features

"How To Become A MASTER C# 8 Developer And Learn All The New Exciting Features Quickly" The next release of the Microsoft flaship programming language is fast approaching. Deep dive into the new exciting C# 8 features. Get immediate access to the webinar by registering here: 
4/16/20194 minutes, 58 seconds
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5. How to organize a UX Review Session

Learn what is a UX review session and how to organize it. 
3/28/20195 minutes, 16 seconds
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4. ContextMenu Challenge in WPF

Learn how to use ContextMenu in WPF and how to bind a MenuItem to a command in your ViewModel using XAML. <ParentControl Tag="{Binding Path=DataContext">  <ParentControl.ContextMenu>    <ContextMenu>      <MenuItem Header="MyMenuItem" Command="{Binding Path=PlacementTarget.Tag.MyMenuItemHandler, RelativeSource={RelativeSource AncestorType={x:Type ContextMenu}}}" />    </ContextMenu>  </ParentControl.ContextMenu> </ParentControl>
3/7/20195 minutes, 36 seconds
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3. File System Integration Tests and Copy Directory

Learn how you can write integration tests on the file system, how to create a temporary directory and copy directories in C#.
3/5/20196 minutes, 46 seconds
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2. Refactor Interface to Abstract Base Class

Andrea Angella share the experience of refactoring an interface to an abstract base class to remove duplication and make some code easier to extend. Learn a specific example when using inheritance is probably a better decision then using an interface.
3/4/20194 minutes, 28 seconds
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1. Introducing The Productive C# Podcast

The Productive C# Podcast is a new podcast that cover everything that matters in the life of a C# Software Developer. Meet the host Andrea Angella and learn what you should expect from this new podcast on C# software development.
3/4/20193 minutes, 3 seconds