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The Practice Parlour

English, Arts, 4 seasons, 120 episodes, 3 days 8 hours 26 minutes
The Practice Parlour, hosted by Gina Morgano, is a conversation series with world-class artists about the practices that shape their lives - both onstage and off. It is for curious artists and arts lovers, alike, who are crafting aligned and meaningful lives of purpose through their daily practices. 
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Gina Morgano - Giving Your Vision a Voice

In this season one finale, Gina Morgano, host of The Practice Parlour, talks with Jenny Clift about giving your vision a voice.
01/07/202153 minutes 59 seconds
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Patti Matty Blenko and Kristen Lane - Supporting the Arts

Philanthropist Patti Matty Blenko and her daughter Kristen Lane discuss the creation of the Patti & Walter Blenko Scholarship Fund and the importance of making arts education accessible for all.
24/06/202153 minutes 28 seconds
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Billy Bustamante - Interrogate Your Practices

Performer, photographer, director, teacher and advocate Billy Bustamante shares his experience building a multifaceted, value-driven career. 
17/06/202153 minutes 35 seconds
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Chazmond Peacock - Sustaining Your Art

Actor Chazmond Peacock discusses what it takes to sustain a career in the arts and how he’s found fulfillment in life and art.
10/06/202156 minutes 53 seconds
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Kate Kayaian - Starting New

Cellist and teacher Kate Kayaian chats about starting something new and the future of online education.
03/06/202153 minutes 5 seconds
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Laura Seipert - Music Therapy

Music teacher Laura Seipert discusses music therapy and how it can help people to connect more deeply.
20/05/202156 minutes 11 seconds
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Carrie Manolakos - Open-Hearted Singing (Self-Care for Singers)

Broadway’s Carrie Manolakos shares her approach to impactful storytelling, blending technical mastery with heart-centered singing.
17/05/202154 minutes 3 seconds
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Grace Lamb - Sharing Your Practice

Violinist and social media manager Grace Lamb discusses how to get past your inner critic so that you can share your work with confidence.
13/05/202159 minutes 24 seconds
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Lynne Gackle - Finding Ophelia's Voice (Self-Care for Singers)

Dr. Lynne Gackle, author of “Finding Ophelia’s Voice, Opening Ophelia’s Heart” discusses her research on the adolescent female voice.
03/05/20211 hour 34 seconds
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Chelsea Camin - Discover Your Singing Magic (Self-Care for Singers)

Holistic voice coach and spiritual mentor Chelsea Camin shares how to discover the magic in singing.
19/04/202154 minutes 27 seconds
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Lili Torre - Do It Also!

Actor and podcast host Lilli Torre shares how she found new ways to embrace her strengths and skills, and how one dreaded question opened up a world of possibility.
15/04/202158 minutes 57 seconds
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Ivory McKay - Caring and Questioning

Actor Ivory McKay discusses the practice of listening, asking questions and speaking from the heart.
08/04/20211 hour 3 minutes
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Zachary Spiegel - Acting to Casting

Zachary Spiegel shares his journey from actor to casting director, creating spaces for underrepresented voices to shine.
01/04/202157 minutes 36 seconds
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Layne Gable - Pelvic Floor Therapy (Self-Care for Singers)

Physical therapist Layne Gable demystifies the pelvis and its relationship to singing. Medical Disclaimer: The content of this podcast is for informational purposes only and not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified physician. Please consult your doctor for your unique medical needs.
29/03/202155 minutes 43 seconds
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Jennifer Rosenfeld - Creative Business

Composer and iCadenza co-founder Jennifer Rosenfeld shares how she carves the space for creativity and writing the musical of her dreams.
25/03/20211 hour 2 minutes 33 seconds
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Crystal Sellers Battle - Gospel Meets Classical (Self-Care for Singers)

Dr. Crystal Sellers Battle shares her research on the intersection of gospel and classical music and voice training.
22/03/202156 minutes 7 seconds
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Matthew Carey - Building an Audience by Design

Musician, podcast host, and blogger Matthew Carey empowers artists to take ownership of their careers and shares his story of building an audience by design.
19/03/202158 minutes 40 seconds
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Becca Brunelle - Walking in Purpose

Actor and purpose seeker Becca Brunelle shares how to craft an intentional, aligned, and values-based life as an artist and human.
11/03/202158 minutes 41 seconds
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Erin Williams - Illuminating Beauty

Erin Williams, founder of Erin's Faces, shares her story of illuminating beauty from the inside out.
05/03/202158 minutes 43 seconds
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Tara Lynn Steele & Korra O’Neill - Optimizing Hormonal Cycles (Self-Care for Singers)

Steele Mobility’s Tara Lynn Steele and UnStuck Health’s Korra O’Neill discuss how better understanding hormonal cycles can lead to more optimal daily performance.
01/03/20211 hour 1 minute 41 seconds
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Lisa Neher - Expanding Your Toolbox

Lisa Neher discusses her multifaceted career as a singer, actor, composer and educator and shares why tying it all together is an essential practice.
25/02/202157 minutes 21 seconds
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Ian Weinberger - Not Throwin' Away His Shot

Hamilton Music Director Ian Weinberger shares his path to catching the shot of a lifetime.
11/02/20211 hour 2 minutes 12 seconds
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Randy Buescher - Finding Your True Voice (Self-Care for Singers)

Your True Voice Studio Founder Randy Buescher discusses healthy singing in non-classical, popular music styles.
08/02/202151 minutes 5 seconds
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Shereen Ahmed - Dream Big

Shereen Ahmed, the first woman of color to play Eliza Doolittle on Broadway, shares how she unexpectedly found her purpose.
04/02/202157 minutes
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Keisha Gilles - Creative Confidence

Broadway’s Keisha Gilles discusses the link between creativity, wellness, and confidence.
28/01/202150 minutes 50 seconds
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Gilad Paz - Fearless Freedom (Self-Care for Singers)

Tenor and business coach Gilad Paz chats about finding your niche, marketing your skills, and cultivating a spirit of resilience.
25/01/20211 hour 3 minutes 23 seconds
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Brad Gardner - Creatively Planted

Music director and vegan Brad Gardner talks about how to have fun and get creative in the kitchen.
21/01/202157 minutes 37 seconds
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Christina Peña - Share Your Story

Actor and inclusion consultant Christina Peña discusses how sharing your story is a positive step toward change.
14/01/202156 minutes 8 seconds
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Alec Stephens III - Be Your Own Superhero (Self-Care for Singers)

Actor and podcast host Alec Stephens III encourages you to be your own superhero.
11/01/20211 hour 1 minute 13 seconds
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Suzanne Vinnik - Channeling Your Inner Diva

Opera singer and fashion designer Suzanne Vinnik, founder of By Vinnik, shares how women can support women by channeling their inner diva.
07/01/202146 minutes 9 seconds
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Lizzie Markson - Practicing Presence

Lizzie Markson talks about the gift of practicing presence this holiday season.
22/12/202057 minutes 52 seconds
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Ari Axelrod - Jewish Broadway

Ari Axelrod bridges the gap between Judaism, Broadway and Christmas.
15/12/202057 minutes 42 seconds
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Melanie Rivera Waldman - Disability Inclusion

Actor and yoga instructor Melanie Rivera Waldman discusses disability rights, representation and inclusion.
08/12/202050 minutes 56 seconds
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Jen Waldman - Building Character

Acting and business coach Jen Waldman shares best practices for building character - onstage and off.
01/12/202056 minutes 54 seconds
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Dana Ray - The Power of Language

Communications consultant Dana Ray discusses the power of language, challenging the commonly held belief that actions speak louder than words.
24/11/202058 minutes 46 seconds
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Jenny Clift - Tapping into Gratitude

Violinist and EFT Coach Jenny Clift discusses cultivating a resilient spirit of gratitude.
17/11/202050 minutes 34 seconds
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Carly Kincannon - Connecting Through History and Harmony

America's Sweethearts founder Carly Kincannon shares her sentimental journey toward meaningful connection through history and harmony.
10/11/202049 minutes 31 seconds
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Maya Kherani - Science to Singing (Self-Care for Singers)

From an engineering degree to a thriving opera career, soprano Maya Kherani shares the practices that keep her organized, healthy and inspired.
30/10/202048 minutes 33 seconds
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Mark Grisez - The Art of Curiosity

Trumpeter Mark Grisez discusses the importance of staying curious and the art of jumping down the rabbit hole.
27/10/202053 minutes 41 seconds
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Rich Richards - Music that Matters

Worship and music consultant Richard Richards chats about his passion for playing music that matters - from folk to classical and everything in between.
20/10/202057 minutes 51 seconds
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Rebecca L. Hargrove: Outside the Box (Self-Care for Singers)

Metropolitan Opera singer, actress, and model Rebecca Hargrove talks about broadening your scope as an artist and resisting the pressure to put yourself into a box.
16/10/202043 minutes 15 seconds
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Rebbekah Vega-Romero - Tuning into Intuition

Actress Rebbekah Vega-Romero shares how to set your intentions with the moon and tap into your intuition.
13/10/202055 minutes 12 seconds
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Carly Valancy - The Art of the Reach Out

Carly Valancy discusses the art of the reach out - giving generously, expressing gratitude, asking with confidence, expanding your community, and more.
06/10/202048 minutes 9 seconds
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Analisa Leaming - A New Balancing Act (Self-Care for Singers)

Broadway leading lady and podcast host Analisa Leaming discusses her greatest balancing act - from touring to new motherhood.
02/10/202052 minutes 3 seconds
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Roberta Negri-Albert - Cultivating a Life-Long Love of Music

Piano teacher Roberta Negri-Albert talks about music lessons for children and how to cultivate a life-long love of music.
29/09/202059 minutes 54 seconds
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Tracy Friedlander - Audience Building

French horn player, podcast host, and audience building expert Tracy Friedlander discusses growing a community and strengthening personal wellbeing during these uncertain times.
21/09/202055 minutes 17 seconds
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Julia Radosz - Technical Foundations (Self-Care for Singers)

Performer and voice teacher Julia Radosz of Voice with Julia and Technique Talks for Singers talks about setting, building, and strengthening your foundation.
18/09/20201 hour 25 seconds
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Alyssa Danielle Jones - Planning Amidst Uncertainty (Self-Care for Singers)

In this back-to-school episode, Alyssa Danielle Jones of Creative Productivity Connection answers questions about goal setting, organization, and time management during these uncertain times.
04/09/202058 minutes 38 seconds
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David John Madore - Freeing Your Art by Unraveling Your Fear

Music director, pianist, coach, and composer David John Madore discusses freeing your art by unraveling your fear.
01/09/20201 hour 9 minutes 16 seconds