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The Plant Powered Gut Show

English, Health / Medicine, 1 season, 49 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 30 minutes
45 minutes or less of evidence based nutrition strategy to repair your microbiome, fibre fuel your gut, and help you thrive on a plant based diet.
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Overcoming Acid Reflux and Aches & Pains through a Plant Based Diet with Michelle Bresson

There are many known benefits that accompany the switch to a plant based diet, but what about the changes that come unexpectedly?For my former client, Michelle, this was the trajectory of her time working with me.There were the aspects of her health she knew she wanted to work on and indeed saw positive changes in: gut health, reflux, and weight loss.But there were also the many changes that came unexpectedly in the process: improved PMS symptoms, less joint pain, fewer aches and body stiffness.In this episode of the podcast, Michelle and I chat about her journey from meat focused meal prepping to whole food plant based living and all of the baby steps that she took to get to where she is now: thriving, happy, healthy and plant powered.If you're looking for inspiration for your own gut health journey, look no further!___________________________Join the Healthy Gut Solution Facebook Group: Roslyn on Instagram:
5/18/202232 minutes, 12 seconds