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English, Finance, 1 season, 21 episodes, 8 hours, 23 minutes
The Peony Podcast is a place where we share the raw, the real, and the relevant of being a woman in business. Founder Natalie Bloom speaks openly about her relationships, business, mistakes, and life experiences as a 20-something-year-old woman trying to conquer the social + business world. This podcast is a must-listen for all goal-getting women who are ready to take action and live a more purposeful life.
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Everything You Don’t Know About Me

In the 20th and final episode of season 1, The Peony Podcast dives deep into its founder, Natalie. Natalie sits down with her best friend Jenn to be interviewed on all things life, business, and love. With questions curated from her Instagram audience, this episode hits deep and gives you an inside look into her life like never before. We'll see you in season 2!  Connect with us | call me! Our Instagram
10/20/202159 minutes, 11 seconds
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When Your Creativity Has a Burnout

When creating consumes your life and your creativity burns out, it feels like the world will come crashing down upon you. I took a three-day trip to New York City to refuel my vision, and surrounding myself with new fashion, good food, and even better people did the trick. Listen up if you're feeling burnt-out and want to get inspired.  Let's fix your burnout - call me! Follow us
10/13/202115 minutes, 43 seconds
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In this short but sweet episode, Natalie talks about why you should NEVER settle for less. As simple as that.
10/6/20214 minutes, 38 seconds
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Priorities & Friendship in Your 20’s

Our 20's bring change and with change comes losing and gaining friends. How do we keep our priorities in check if our besties don't have the same goals? How do we grow with our friends if they want to stay stagnant? Natalie's spilling the tea on her experiences growing apart from friends and how she's set boundaries with her loved ones.  Connect with us - @thepeonycollective Book a call - here
9/29/202115 minutes, 39 seconds
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How Teen Pregnancy Led to Creating a Million $ Business - My Mom

Natalie here, and in this episode, I'm joined by the guest who gave me mom. We're getting deep, starting with a pregnancy at 15 and wrapping up with a $2 million dollar business. Amanda (my mama) shares her POV as a mother watching her kids grow and what it's like coming from nothing to building an empire for her family.  p.s. some parts of this episode might be sensitive to listeners.  Connect with us - @thepeonycollective
9/22/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 28 seconds
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I'm in Love...With Myself!

Self-love doesn't always come from a fresh mani/pedi and a bubble bath. Sometimes we need to put our foot down, let go of the past, and reprogram our thoughts in order to feel the love. In this episode, Natalie speaks on how she's grown to love herself and how you can do the same. If you're tired of self-love being compared to self-obsession, this is for you.  Our Instagram - @thepeonycollective Connect with us - here 
9/15/202115 minutes, 52 seconds
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Getting Rich on Social in 2021

Making money on Instagram doesn't require a mega amount of followers, especially in 2021. 99.9% of brands care way more about your engagement than follower count anyways, but is it too late to make it? Sit down with Natalie to figure out if you have a chance of scoring the big bucks on social and the different types of ways to make money on Instagram. Grab your notepad and get comfy - this one is packed with advice! Our Instagram - @thepeonycollective Need a customized growth strategy? Click here! 
9/8/202112 minutes, 27 seconds
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A Letter To My Haters

HATERS GONNA HATE...but how do we not let it affect our feelings? Natalie sits down to dissect the three different types of haters she's come across - "friends", family, and of course the internet trolls. Negativity will take its toll but a simple conversation can fix it all. Learn how to dodge the bad vibes and overcome your worry of people talking $hit, in this week's episode.  Follow us - @thepeonycollective 30 Days of FREE Reel Ideas -
9/1/202115 minutes, 39 seconds
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"You're a Bit Overconfident" - My Mom

In this week's episode, Natalie shares how she gained her confidence and why knowing what you deserve will propel you in life. Sitting back on the sidelines won't get you very far, but breaking free from society's expectations so that you can live confidently, will. Listen up people, it's your time to shine! Follow us - @thepeonycollective 30 Days of FREE Reel Ideas -
8/25/202114 minutes, 25 seconds
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The Grass is Always Greener, Girl

Natalie here, back for another solo episode where I'm bringing you right into my subconscious! Are our 20's meant to be exhausting and leave us feeling deeply confused about our path? Why can't I say no? Is entrepreneurship really this lonely? I'm breaking it all down in this episode.  Follow us @thepeonycollective Get even more -
8/18/202111 minutes, 55 seconds
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The Creative Director Behind a $10M Natural Cosmetics Company - Liz Strupat

The creative director behind a $10M natural cosmetics company, Liz Strupat, is sharing the raw, the real, and the relevant on what it takes to be a successful freelancer, how men take to a powerful woman, building connections as a photographer, and having hard conversations with yourself and your clients.  Being featured in Vogue, Allure, and Marie Claire, on top of working with iconic brands like Ralph Lauren and Kitsch, Liz knows how to make a name for herself and in today's episode, she's spilling the tea on how you can do the same.  Follow Liz: @strupat Follow us: @thepeonycollective Let's chat:
8/11/20211 hour, 9 minutes, 13 seconds
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How to Break Barriers as a Freelancer

Natalie sits down with social strategist and creative director of the app, Hashtag Expert - Simona Lisa, to chat about breaking barriers as a freelancer, how to ask for more pay, and when it's time to take an entrepreneurial leap. Follow Simona Follow Us Perfect your Instagram
8/4/20211 hour, 2 minutes, 34 seconds
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The Voices of the 3 Generation, Women Owned Business, Bright Bread Co.

Natalie sit's down to chat with sisters, Chloe and Kayla, to speak about their journey running a 3 generation bakery business with their mama and grandmother. An idea stemming from a kitchen table convo turned these women into self-taught entrepreneurs overnight. Listen as Bright Bread Cos'. founders detail how they sold over 10,000 loaves during Christmas time to what it's REALLY like working with family.  Connect with Bright Bread Co. | |  Connect with us | |
7/28/202135 minutes, 14 seconds
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BREAKING NEWS - Instagram IS Changing

Today, I'm excited to share this BONUS episode with you to announce the breaking news that "Instagram is no longer a photo-sharing app". With big changes coming to the platform I'm sharing my opinion on the topic, what those changes actually mean for YOU, and of course - how to make MONEY.  Connect with us:  our website + our Instagram Want to dive in even more? Download our FREE resources, here
7/23/202114 minutes, 49 seconds
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5 Steps to a Happier Life

You asked and I listened. I'm sharing my top 5 tips for a happier life starting with how to take criticism better and ending with more fuc*ing self-love. Grab a pen and listen up if you're struggling to live the life you know you deserve.  connect with us: @thepeonycollective |
7/21/20216 minutes, 14 seconds
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21 Questions with Natalie

Natalie answers her Instagram followers' most frequently asked questions. From how to enjoy alone time, to gaining motivation, rule-breaking (safely), and her special tips for Instagram growth, she's sharing all. 
7/14/202117 minutes, 59 seconds
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Finding your way Through Redirection and Conflicting Passions

Natalie sits down with her long-time friend Jessica, to chat about redirection and conflicting passions. Yoga teacher - artist - creative - and future doctor - Jess, shares her morning routine, gives Natalie advice, and shares her story.  Find Jessica online - @jessicabebawi
7/7/202130 minutes, 7 seconds
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Working with Friends - Love it or Lethal?

Natalie details her experiencing working with friends dating back to her very first project when she was just 16. Is working with friends a loveable experience needed to grow or a setback that could end your relationship? The choice is yours!
6/30/20218 minutes, 10 seconds
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22 Things I Learned While 22

Natalie here, for a special episode where I share one of my longest traditions. My birthday is right around the corner and every year I like to write down the lessons I've learned that year. From finally realizing some people won't like you no matter what to understanding the true importance of listening - this year was a transformative one. 
6/21/202116 minutes, 54 seconds
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Becoming a CEO at 20

In the first episode of The Peony Podcast, Natalie spills the tea on how she got to where she is today. Sharing her breakups, career changes, doubters, and journey from day 1 - there's no holding back. 
6/16/202114 minutes, 6 seconds
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Coming Soon - The Peony Podcast

Natalie is the no B.S. brains behind a rapidly growing online community for goal-getting women. After blogging and influencing for almost a decade, creating countless social media marketing strategies, launching an online master class, and creating multiple digital products, she thought it was time to share her expertise, struggles, and inside life, with you. Buckle up for laughs, game-changing business advice, and a new BFF. 
6/11/202124 seconds