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Welcome to The PCOS Repair Podcast! I'm Ashlene Korcek, and each week I'll be sharing the latest findings on PCOS and how to make practical health changes to your lifestyle to repair your PCOS at the root cause.If you're struggling with PCOS, know that you're not alone. In fact, it's estimated that one in ten women have PCOS. But the good news is that there is a lot we can do to manage our symptoms and live healthy, happy lives.So whether you're looking for tips on nutrition, exercise, supplements, or mental health, you'll find it all here on The PCOS Repair Podcast. Ready to get started? Hit subscribe now
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Healing Your Relationship with Food and PCOS

Ready for a deep dive into the world of cultivating a healthier relationship with food, while navigating the challenges of PCOS? In this episode, we’ll explore how to create a positive no bad foods approach to what you eat while still eating to nourish your hormones. If you've ever felt overwhelmed by the dos and don'ts of PCOS nutrition, this episode is for you. So, grab your earbuds and hit play!A Positive Relationship with PCOS NutritionFrom genetics to lifestyle every woman has a unique PCOS journey, every factor plays a role in your health goals. It's time to let go of the rigid rules and embrace the idea that there are no inherently "bad" foods. Instead, we'll focus on understanding what your body needs and how to nourish it for your well-being.Throughout the episode, we'll uncover the impact of restrictive mindsets and how they can create a negative cycle around food. No more feeling like you're constantly doi
27/11/202327 minutes 19 seconds
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PCOS Holiday Wellness

Fostering hormone health and wellness during the holidays is possible and can even be fun! As you navigate this festive season, I have some fantastic insights to share so that you can feel great in your body, make confident health choices, and enjoy the holiday season. Whether you're gearing up for holiday parties, or family gatherings, or just want to make the most of this special time, this episode is packed with tips to keep you feeling fantastic. So, grab your earbuds, and let's jump into the holiday spirit together!Navigating the Holiday Health HurdlesPerhaps you can relate, no matter how "simple" I try to keep the holidays, my calendar always overflows with festive gatherings and events. I love the holiday season and enjoy the festivities even in the obligatory events. While I'm not suggesting overwhelming your schedule to the point of stress and burnout, I don't want you to skip embracing the holidays out of fear for your ho
20/11/202314 minutes 25 seconds
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Bridging PCOS and Body Positivity

PCOS has a nasty ability to degrade our body positivity. But it also doesn’t work to hate ourselves healthy. This is why body acceptance and positivity are crucial on the journey to PCOS health. If you've been dealing with the challenges of irregular periods, fertility concerns, weight fluctuations, and low energy, it’s normal to become frustrated and negative about your body. That’s why in this episode we're going to explore how body positivity can be your guiding light on this path to better health.Embracing Body Positivity on the PCOS JourneyPolycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) often leaves us grappling not only with its physical challenges but also with a negative internal dialogue about our bodies.PCOS is often accompanied by harmful stereotypes and misconceptions that affect body image. I address these beliefs during this episode, providing insights on how to break free from their influence. We'll challenge these harmful beliefs and show
13/11/202325 minutes 40 seconds
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PCOS Success Mindset: Turning Reasons into Results

In this episode, we'll explore how recognizing and reframing the reasons that often disguise themselves as excuses in our lives can have an incredible impact on our PCOS health. Join me as we dive into the vital skill and shed light on the psychology behind our excuses. By understanding how they can impact our personal development and progress we can break free from the limitations we've placed on ourselves and create better health.Understanding Excuses vs. ReasonsThere is a subtle but fundamental difference between excuses and reasons and how effortlessly we can unconsciously turn our excuses into reasons for why we're not taking the positive actions we know we need to. In this episode, you'll discover how these excuses often manifest in different areas of your life, including health, fitness, and personal growth, and learn why it's essential to identify and then transform them.Identifying Excuses Interfering With PCOS Hea
06/11/202315 minutes 25 seconds
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Redefining Stress and Success: Stress Management for PCOS

Stress is an inevitable part of life which is why I will not be telling you to reduce your stress in this episode. Instead, we will look at how stress impacts our hormones at a primal level and how to approach stress management in a way that helps our bodies find calm in the midst of real life. PCOS and the Impact of Stress Stress isn't just about emotional strain; it has a direct impact on our hormones and our overall health. In this episode, we'll unravel the intricate relationship between stress and PCOS. You'll discover how stress can be a silent saboteur, affecting your hormonal balance and making your PCOS journey more challenging.In this episode you will learn the science behind stress, breaking down how stress triggers hormonal imbalances, disrupts your menstrual cycle, and even exacerbates common PCOS symptoms like weight gain and fatigue. So, if you've ever questioned the connection between your stress levels and your PCOS, ge
30/10/202334 minutes 54 seconds
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Reclaiming Joy in Your PCOS Journey

If you've ever felt that PCOS is robbing your joy and keeping you from living life to the fullest, then this episode is a must listen. So, grab your favorite drink, settle into your comfy spot, and let's embark on this transformative journey together!Discovering How PCOS Impacts JoyPCOS can impact your day-to-day life and steal your enjoyment. brings a bunch of problems that can throw off your daily routine, like trouble with your periods, more anxiety, feeling tired all the time, and struggling with your weight. You might find yourself stuck in a never-ending cycle of dieting and dealing with a closet full of clothes that don't fit or make you feel good. And on top of that, there's the emotional rollercoaster of infertility, which can be incredibly overwhelming. It's important to talk about how these challenges affect your energy, focus, and feeling good in your own skin, making it hard to enjoy life to the fullest.The Pow
23/10/202322 minutes 4 seconds
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Self-Belief: The Foundation of PCOS Wellness

The topic of this episode holds the key to transforming your life: nurturing your best self and boosting self-belief. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome eats away at our belief that we can have a positive impact on our health, fertility, and how we feel in our body. But self-belief is the cornerstone of positive change, especially if you're dealing with PCOS. So, grab your favorite drink, get comfy, and let's explore how to regain your belief in yourself for a happier, healthier life.Unlocking Self-BeliefSelf-belief is not just a positive affirmation; it's the driving force behind every choice you make. When you choose to embrace the challenges that PCOS presents with determination and resilience, you're actively strengthening your self-belief. On the other hand, allowing negativity to become a habit can erode your confidence and hinder your ability to make empowered choices.We explore how the power of your choices, especially in response to a
16/10/202322 minutes 42 seconds
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Marketing Hype vs. Real PCOS Health Solutions

Deciphering truly healthy foods from those cleverly marketed as such can be a real challenge. We live in a time when “health” information is at our fingertips, but it's easy to get lost in the overwhelming abundance of dietary advice and food products competing for our attention and their contradicting claims. Let’s explore the pitfalls in food marketing and discover how to make informed choices that align with your PCOS goals. The Influence of Food MarketingThere are food marketing tactics that make products seem healthier than they truly are. I’m this episode you will learn how to recognize the buzzwords and trends that often lead us astray and understand the importance of going beyond the surface when evaluating food products. By the end of this segment, you'll have a clearer perspective on how to navigate the grocery aisles and make choices that genuinely support your health.Deciphering Nutrition LabelsNutrition labels are yo
09/10/202326 minutes 19 seconds
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Mastering Your PCOS Routine: Daily Success Strategies

This episode explores the critical role of planning in achieving success on your PCOS journey. Discover how intentional planning can be your secret weapon, helping you combat chaos, create a comprehensive health plan, and ultimately make it happen. Learn how intentional planning can eliminate resistance, making it easier to stick to your health goals. By intentionally creating habits and routines, you'll pave the way for a smoother and more successful PCOS journey.Combating ChaosLife can get hectic, but we've got you covered. Explore strategies to combat chaos and regain control over your daily routines. Discover how planning can help you stay on track, even when life throws curveballs. Say goodbye to overwhelming chaos and hello to a more balanced life.Overwhelm can be a roadblock on your PCOS health path. We'll discuss practical strategies to avoid feeling overwhelmed by the complexity of managing PCOS. By breaking down your plan into
02/10/202320 minutes 42 seconds
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The PCOS Lifestyle Equation

PCOS is a health condition that requires healing, but what about after healing has occurred how do you continue to maintain the health you have created? This episode is about the transition from healing to maintaining and doing it by creating a lifestyle that works for you and your body. The PCOS Lifestyle EquationPCOS is a metabolic and endocrine-based disorder influenced by both genetics and our environment. The fascinating aspect is that we can reverse PCOS by tailoring our lifestyle to work harmoniously with our bodies. Understanding this foundation sets the stage for our journey toward optimal well-being and symptom relief.Root Cause Health If you've been diagnosed with PCOS or suspect you might have it, the first crucial step is to uncover the root cause behind your symptoms and we discussed this earlier in this 4-part series. Next comes the healing phase, which we discussed in part 3 of this series. But what happens after you h
25/09/202321 minutes 27 seconds
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Nurturing Your PCOS Health Bubble

This episode continues the four-part series about discovering, understanding and healing PCOS at the root cause. The healing starts by nurturing your PCOS health bubble, which is exactly what this episode will dive into. The best way to manage your PCOS symptoms is by healing your root cause(s), you won't want to miss this valuable discussion!The PCOS Health BubbleLet's start by exploring the concept of the PCOS Health Bubble, which encompasses the environment surrounding us daily. From nutrition and exercise to sleep, relationships, work, stress, hobbies, and more – all these elements contribute to our well-being and hormonal balance. Just like PCOS is a combination of our genetics and environment, nurturing a healthy bubble becomes essential for our overall health and PCOS management.Balancing Your HabitsUnderstanding that PCOS is not a one-size-fits-all condition, I'll guide you through the significance of balanced h
18/09/202325 minutes 20 seconds
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The Road to PCOS Health: Why Uncovering Your PCOS Root Cause is Essential

The best way to reverse your PCOS symptoms is by creating a lifestyle environment that works with your hormones allowing your body to thrive.In order to create that environment that works with your body the first step is to discover your PCOS root cause by learning to listen to your body. Your body’s language is your symptoms. Symptoms of health show what’s working and the bothersome symptoms show where your body is struggling.Understanding Your Unique PCOS Root CauseYou’ll learn the significance of uncovering your individual PCOS root cause. We'll explore how healing PCOS is about creating an environment that aligns with your genetics, allowing your body to function optimally and making you feel amazing within. By avoiding the common mistake of basing your PCOS management solely on others' experiences single symptoms, you can embark on a more personalized a
11/09/202319 minutes 8 seconds
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Cracking the PCOS Code: Understanding the Why Behind Your Symptoms

This episode explores the seemingly mysterious causes of PCOS symptoms. Whether you know you have PCOS or just suspect it, this episode is packed with valuable insights to help you feel better in your body, improve fertility, boost energy, and take charge of your health journey. So, let's jump right in!The Collection of Symptoms of PCOSWe'll start by exploring what makes PCOS a syndrome – a collection of symptoms with various underlying causes. Together, we'll work our way backward from the various PCOS symptoms that you may have, the androgenetic hormones responsible, and then all the way to the root causes of these hormone imbalances. Understanding these root causes will empower you to gain a clearer picture of what's going on in your body and how to address it effectively.Discovering Your Personal Root CauseLearn how to identify your specific root cause and why symptoms play a pivotal role in this process. Forget abo
04/09/202322 minutes 35 seconds
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Decoding Labels: Navigating the Confusion of Healthy Choices for PCOS

In this episode, we’ll be diving into the often confusing job of understanding nutrition labels. If you've ever felt confused by food labels when trying to make healthy choices, this episode will help. I'll guide you through the ins and outs of decoding labels and making choices that can work wonders for your hormone health.It doesn’t have to be hard or complicated. Understanding what to look for when scanning food labels can be quick and easy as you compare options at the store. We'll explore the key elements to consider on food labels, including calories, macros, and ingredients. And how to use these to find foods that will nourish your body and promote hormonal balance.We'll talk about the sneaky culprits lurking in our foods. You'll learn to spot them on ingredient lists, and I'll explain why they can affect your insulin levels, a vital factor in managing PCOS. Armed with this knowledge, you'll be better equipped to make hea
28/08/202320 minutes 33 seconds
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Snack Hacks: Making Nutritious Choices for PCOS While on the Move

Making nutritious choices in between meals and while on the move can make or break a PCOS healthy lifestyle endeavor. That’s why in this episode we will go through not only how to use snacks for better hormonal health but also what are great snack options as well as which ones you’ll want to skip.If you're looking to heal your PCOS root cause(s) in order to feel better in your body, manage your weight, boost fertility, and increase energy levels, this episode is for you! Let’s explore some essential insights and practical snack hacks that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even with a busy schedule. By tuning in to this episode, you'll learn the role of meals and snacks, how to not be caught unprepared when the need for a healthy snack arises. Click play now and let’s get started!You can take the quiz to discover your root cause hereThe full list of Resources
21/08/202319 minutes 15 seconds
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Leveraging Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Improved PCOS Wellness

Ever wonder if you are eating too much or too little carbohydrates, and how they are affecting your glucose? In this episode, I am excited to share about one of my more recent favorite tools for PCOS hormone health. This essential topic that can provide personalized answers to feel better in your body, improve fertility, manage weight, and boost energy levels. Join me as we dive into the world of Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Improved PCOS Wellness.It’s always important to consider the uniqueness of each individual when healing PCOS. PCOS is a complex condition, and understanding its root cause, which varies for each woman based on genetics and environment, is crucial for personalized paths to health.Glucose and insulin play a big role in root cause metabolic health, even for women with stress response or inflammation as their primary root cause. What foods and lifestyle factors are having a positive or negative impact on our health? This is somethi
11/08/202322 minutes 24 seconds
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Sweet Truth: Identifying PCOS-Friendly Sweeteners and Avoiding the Harmful Ones

This episode is about unraveling the sweet truth about identifying PCOS-friendly sweeteners and avoiding harmful ones. If you've ever wondered how your sweet tooth affects your hormonal balance, this episode is tailor-made for you. So, let's jump right in and explore the vast world of sweeteners and their impact on PCOS!There are many types of sweeteners, processed ones, natural ones, ones that will spike your blood sugar like crazy, and other non-caloric ones, some inflammatory while others seem to be better options to indulge your sweet tooth while nourishing your hormonesYou can see the full list of sweeteners that are often hidden on nutrition labels to be on the lookout for on the episode page hereBy the end of this episode, you'll be equipped with valuable insights and practical tips to make better sweetener choices, leading to improved well-being, weight management, and enha
04/08/202328 minutes 37 seconds
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Fasting for PCOS: Is it For You and How to Get Started with Deena Thompson

In this episode, special guest Deena Thompson and I discuss the benefits of fasting for metabolic and hormone health. There is a lot of information today about fasting and a lot of it contradicts each other making it confusing if fasting would be beneficial for PCOS and more specifically for you. With the abundance of information available today, it's no wonder that the concept of fasting can be quite confusing. We’ll discuss what fasting actually entails, shedding light on its various forms and practices. Join us as we simplify the protocols in our discussion of the many benefits of fasting.Deena ThompsonDeena's passion for nutrition and functional medicine comes from her own personal struggle with chronic digestive issues, mysterious autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue, and other perplexing illnesses. After years of stumping all her doctors and getting no answers, Deena spent years studying books, listening to podcasts, attending workshops, an
29/07/202355 minutes 26 seconds
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Nourishing Affordably: Budget-Friendly Nutrition Tips

Hey friend! I have been getting so many messages and questions about eating healthy within a budget! And I totally get it! This past year my grocery trips, of the same items that I’ve always bought, have doubled in cost. Starting a new way of eating feels daunting enough without concern for affordability. That is why in this episode I will share how I approach eating healthy while minding the budget. What to BuySay goodbye to expensive "health" foods, my friend, because I’m about to unlock the secrets of keeping it simple and delicious. I'll guide you through prioritizing your purchases, understanding how certain foods were produced, and making informed choices. I'll debunk the myth that you need to splurge on pricey health foods to nourish your PCOS. I'll show you how to keep it simple by focusing on more healthy and less expensive options to create balanced meals that satisfy both your body and your budget. Where to
21/07/202324 minutes 43 seconds
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Combatting PCOS Fatigue: Secrets for Thriving with Energy

In this episode, we are talking about all things PCOS and fatigue—something that hits close to home for many of us. If you're looking for answers to feel better in your body, shed those unwanted pounds, boost your energy levels, and improve your fertility. Well, my friend, this episode is for you. I'll uncover the secrets for combating PCOS fatigue and thriving with energy. Get ready to reclaim your vitality, because I've got some game-changing insights coming your way.How PCOS Causes Fatigue We'll explore the different causes of fatigue that can be related to PCOS. You see, there's more to it than just feeling tired. We'll delve into the role of glucose spikes and crashes, nutrient deficiencies, cortisol dysregulation, and poor sleep. Understanding these factors will give you the foundation to tackle your fatigue head-on and reclaim your energy levels.Practical Strategies to EnergizeOnce you know the causes o
14/07/202323 minutes 19 seconds
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Protein & PCOS: The Benefits and How To Get Enough

This episode explores the numerous benefits of protein for improving PCOS. You'll learn how incorporating protein into your diet can help you control your appetite, reduce cravings, and support better body composition, including stronger muscles and easier fat burning. Understanding these benefits will empower you to make informed choices about your nutrition and overall health.What are excellent sources of protein that you can easily include in your PCOS-friendly diet. And what is the recommended amount of protein you should consume daily. By understanding the right quantity for your body, you can ensure you're meeting your nutritional requirements and supporting your PCOS management effectively.Additionally, we'll explore the importance of when to eat protein during your day for maximal impact. And how this can positively impact your blood sugar control, which is especially crucial for PCOS hormone health. I'll provide you with some pra
10/07/202321 minutes 33 seconds
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How to Navigate Stopping Birth Control For PCOS with Destiny Nolan

During the episode, special guest Destiny Nolan and I explore how to heal your hormones after stopping hormonal birth control and achieve easy, healthy, ovulatory cycles. We’ll discuss the importance of nourishing your body to support hormonal balance and facilitate a smooth transition off birth control. You'll gain insights into the specific nutrients and lifestyle practices that can enhance your fertility, improve your energy levels, and help you feel better in your own body. Destiny NolanDestiny Nolan is a registered dietitian specializing in women's hormone health. She helps women balance their hormones, fix their periods, and prepare for pregnancy using a holistic approach. As someone that struggled with hormone imbalance for 5+ years, she understands how confusing, frustrating, and defeating it can be to deal with hormone symptoms & feel like birth control is the only answer. Because this isn't true. Her goal is to help women understand
30/06/202330 minutes 37 seconds
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PCOS Ask Me Anything Volume 2

Ready for an "Ask Me Anything" session? I’ll do my best to address some of the burning questions you've been asking in my Instagram DMs. We'll cover a range of topics relevant to your journey with PCOS, shedding light on important aspects that can help you feel better in your body, lose weight, improve fertility, and boost your energy levels. So, grab a drink, settle in, and let's dive into this engaging conversation together!Do I have to give up my favorite foods forever to manage PCOS? Many of us struggle with the idea of giving up our beloved treats and routines, using it as an excuse to avoid making necessary changes. In this episode, I'll provide practical guidance on finding a balance that works for you. We'll explore strategies to reduce things that aren’t serving your hormones while finding a balance to enjoy the things you love.Are other health problems, such as thyroid issues, causing or completely
23/06/202321 minutes 13 seconds
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How I Stopped Letting PCOS Run My Life

Let's take a step back and remind ourselves that PCOS is not an isolated struggle. In this episode, we'll explore how PCOS is not a life sentence and that with lifestyle adjustments, habit changes, and some trial and error, you can significantly alleviate your symptoms and regain control over your life.Your PCOS is UniqueTo achieve a healthy balance, it's essential to dive into the unique factors influencing your PCOS journey. We'll discuss the distinct root causes and lifestyle elements that contribute to your symptoms. By understanding these individual factors, you can tailor your approach to find what works best for your body, empowering you to thrive without PCOS ruling your life.How To Discover What Your Body NeedsThe health and wellness space, particularly on social media, can be overwhelming, with conflicting messages bombarding us daily. In this episode, I invite you to quiet the noise and focus on what your bod
19/06/202322 minutes 40 seconds
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Male Fertility Health With Becca Romero

In this episode, we'll dive into the crucial topic of male fertility because, after all, starting a family is a team sport! Just because you have PCOS doesn’t mean the dad-to-be can't optimize his fertility too. Joining me to cover this important topic is special guest Becca Romero. What to expect and provide valuable insights on male reproductive health.Becca Romero Becca Romero is a Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist and Certified Nutrition Specialist and founder of the online fertility nutrition clinic, Little Life Nutrition. Becca specializes in fertility and helps couples who are experiencing fertility challenges using the power of nutrition and lifestyle changes. While practicing at her local clinic in Chicago, Becca started to notice how after making positive diet and lifestyle changes her clients who were struggling to conceive were able to get a positive pregnancy test. Working with women to improve fertility quickly became a passion of hers and
09/06/202354 minutes 26 seconds
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How to Jump Back On the PCOS Health Path

In this episode, we'll discuss the key elements of creating a sustainable and enjoyable healthy lifestyle. We'll delve into why we often get off track with our health goals and explore strategies to get back on track and stay there. The goal is to not just shed a few pounds but to focus on long-term metabolic health and create a life you want and a body you enjoy living in.One important aspect we'll explore is the power of habits over motivation. We'll discuss the importance of building healthy habits that will keep you progressing toward your goals, even when motivation is lacking. We'll also learn the value of jumping right in and not waiting for the "perfect" day to start taking action toward your health. Immediate action and a promise to yourself can make all the difference.Additionally, we'll uncover the concept of a "win day" that you can keep in your back pocket. This is a day when you prioritize your healt
02/06/202318 minutes 58 seconds
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PCOS and Stress

In this episode, I'll be delving into the fascinating world of stress management and its profound impact on your hormones. I’ll guide you through essential insights and practical skills that will help you navigate the challenges of stress, allowing you to cultivate a more enjoyable and present life. So, grab your favorite beverage, find a cozy spot, and let's dive into this transformative exploration together!Understanding the Importance of Stress ManagementDiscover the vital role stress management plays in your quest for hormone balance and improved wellness. Uncover the significance of cortisol, the root cause hormone that can disrupt your hormonal equilibrium, and learn how decreasing cortisol response can positively impact your overall health.Identifying Stressors and Cortisol ElevatorsExplore a comprehensive range of factors that elevate cortisol levels and contribute to hormonal imbalances. We'll delve into the impact
26/05/202326 minutes 30 seconds
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Eating Simple EQUALS Eating Better

In this episode, we will explore the reality of eating healthy every day and discuss the benefits of simplicity in achieving better nutrition. We'll dive into the importance of setting goals, creating a meal plan, and finding a balance that works for you. Join us as we discover how to develop a healthy eating autopilot method that seamlessly fits into your lifestyle.Embracing Simplicity:Contrary to popular belief, maintaining a varied diet isn't necessary for good health. Instead, focus on simplicity. Find a few breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options that you enjoy and that meet your nutritional needs. Keeping your meals simple and similar can help you establish a sustainable routine and simplify your grocery shopping and meal preparation.Fit Into Your Lifestyle:To create a sustainable healthy eating routine, it's essential to consider your unique circumstances and preferences. Do you work outside the home and need a packed lunch? Do
19/05/202314 minutes 18 seconds
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Yoga for Fertility With Jennifer Edmonds

During this episode, we’ll explore the benefits of yoga for fertility and hormonal balance. Our special guest, Jennifer Edmonds, shares her expertise and how yoga played an important role in her fertility journey. She also provides tips on how to get started with yoga and how to make the most of your yoga sessions. Don't miss out on this empowering and informative episode! Jennifer EdmondsJennifer is a Yoga, Pilates + Meditation teacher who specializes in fertility & women’s health. During a long & difficult fertility journey of her own, Jennifer eventually found the practice of Fertility Yoga. This practice was able to ease her anxiety while TTC, relieve chronic insomnia, re-balance a thyroid condition…and eventually it helped her to fall pregnant naturally. She now runs an online business helping women all over the world to overcome fertility challenges & find their way to motherhood.The Connection Between Yoga and Fertility
12/05/202335 minutes 57 seconds
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The Power of Choice

While we don’t have a choice in many of life’s circumstances, such as having PCOS. We do have choices in how we respond to every situation. For me, the magic happened when I realized I had a choice! That my “reasons” are just excuses and that I can redesign how I approach everything in order to achieve and become who I want to be. In this episode, we will explore how to recognize the reasons that are holding you back and how to explore new ways of approaching these roadblocks.My friend, I want you to live your best life and I want you to achieve the goals and dreams that you have for your life.We all have limited time, energy, and money but when we look at our priorities, goals, and dreams, we don’t have to let our reasons stand in our way anymore.We can create a new reality for ourselves and think outside the box about how we can overcome these hurdles because we all have them.Go ahead and listen now <a href='htt
05/05/202325 minutes 8 seconds
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Creating a Positive Fertility Mindset with Rosanna Milsom

When you&apos;re going through infertility therapy, the emotional rollercoaster can take a serious toll on your mental health. If you are trying to get pregnant with polycystic ovarian syndrome or PCOS, this episode is here to support you. Guest Rosie Milsom shares how she shifted her mindset and found contentment and peace while still living a full life on her journey to motherhood.This shift has taken her from all encompassed in all things infertility and IVF to a place of contentment, happiness, and peace while still living a full life where infertility doesn&apos;t define her. BioRosie Milsom is a certified life and self-love coach from Staffordshire. Her main focus is supporting women to help increase their sense of self-worth so that they can heal their relationship with themselves, understand their true purpose, and create a life that excites and fulfills them.As someone who has experienced a long journey with infertility, Rosie knows how
28/04/202343 minutes 32 seconds
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Hormone Functional Lab Testing with Rachel Hoeppner

Laboratory tests allow medical practitioners to evaluate what might be the cause of symptoms or health problems that you are experiencing. But knowing when and what to test matters or you won’t get an accurate answer. This episode discusses functional lab testing for hormones and helping women better understand what&apos;s going on in their bodies! While doctors use lab tests to determine if your body has something wrong with it. But what if all your labs return normal but you still have symptoms? This is where functional lab testing comes in, so go ahead and listen now. Special Guest Rachel HoeppnerRachel Hoeppner is a Holistic Nutritionist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Women’s Health, Hormone, and Fertility Specialist. She became passionate about and dedicated herself to holistic health as a result of her own journey to healing chronic hormone, gut, and thyroid dysfunction naturally. Her mission is to help women heal their hormo
21/04/202357 minutes 36 seconds
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Healthy Hormones and The Benefits of Running with Angie Brown

Running yields so many benefits for PCOS and healthy hormones! Actually getting out there and doing it, though, can feel a bit daunting. I love this episode with Guest Angie Brown because she makes getting started so easy and doable that it can actually be fun! Meet Special Guest Dr. Angie Brown DPTDr. Angie Brown, DPT is a mom, wife, entrepreneur, coach, and physical therapist that is the founder of the Real Life Runners Training Academy and Real Life Runners podcast that she hosts alongside her husband, Kevin Brown. She loves helping runners to run faster and longer without injury so they can have more energy, be strong, healthy, and fit, and have more freedom in their lives. She holds her doctorate in physical therapy, specializing in runner-specific strength and conditioning, mobility, and injury prevention for runners, and also holds a certification in nutrition to help her clients integrate healthy eating to complement their training and overall health go
14/04/202341 minutes 55 seconds
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PCOS Period Repair

If you are experiencing irregular or absent periods, or are struggling to pinpoint ovulation (your fertile window) each month. Then this episode is a perfect place for you to get started. You will finally have a clear picture of how a normal cycle should function as well as the different ways that it can go wrong. Understanding the different ways your cycle might be dysfunctional is the first step in starting the repair process. In this episode, I walk you through the steps needed to repair your cycle in the unique way your body needs. During this episode, you will learn exactly how a healthy cycle works and the different types of dysfunctional cycles in need of repair. Common problems associated with PCOS cycles include:ANOVULATORY CYCLEAn anovulatory cycle is when a woman skips ovulation during that cycle. During ovulation, the ovary releases an egg, and without ovulation, it isn’t possible to get pregnant.LONG FOLLICULAR PHASEThe
07/04/202329 minutes 30 seconds
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Creating Healthy Habits With Gaylene Gomez

It’s not a secret that eating better and exercising along with many other lifestyle adjustments provide amazing benefits for your PCOS but how do you actually go about creating these habits so that they become your new effortless normal? I am excited to have Gaylene Gomez here with me today to talk all about creating habits so that your PCOS health journey can be easier and more enjoyable.Gaylene GomezMy name is Gaylene Gomez, and with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness industry, I’ve worked with hundreds of women to help them create a strong foundation for their health.I started out thinking I could survive on popcorn and iced tea, but after many health struggles like low energy, headaches, and serious tummy troubles I realized things needed to change. It wasn’t until I started working on my own four pillars like nourishing my body did things turn around for me. Now, as a Holistic Nutrition and Health Coach, I won’t make you depri
31/03/202334 minutes 20 seconds
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PCOS Ask Me Anything Volume 1

In this episode, I am answering recent PCOS questions I’ve been asked repeatedly. Chances are if these are questions you may have too! We have some great topics to dive into todayMiscarriages and PCOS PCOS does have a small increased risk of miscarriage during the first trimester but during this episode, you learn what you can do to reduce that risk Is Metformin Worth ItThere appear to be both short-term and long-term benefits of taking metformin. During this episode, we’ll explore the benefits and how to handle the side effects.How Strict With Lifestyle is Necessary to Heal Hormone Imbalances?Everyone is different but in this episode, I share the degree that I ramp up my health focus when ready to conceive as well as how to find your sweet spot for how strict you need to be to get over the hump to improve hormone balance How is a PCOS Diagnosis Different From a Root CauseThis is such a
24/03/202317 minutes 5 seconds
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A PCOS Hormone Storm

If you have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or PCOS, you can probably relate to your symptoms taking a dive for the worse and no matter what you do nothing seems to help. This episode will discuss what is going on and how to break that downward spiral when chaos hits your hormones.PCOS is a complex syndrome with many contributing hormone systems at play. These include your reproductive hormones, stress hormones, nutrition hormones, thyroid hormones as well as others. All of these are affected by your lifestyle but they also impact your lifestyle. For example, what you eat affects your insulin system which in turn might be turning on the overproduction of certain androgens. But in reverse, these disturbances can lead to energy slumps, poor sleep, anxiety, and increased stress which will make it even more difficult to manage your PCOS. This is what I call a hormone storm and it can literally feel like your hormones are in tornado mode. The
17/03/202320 minutes 29 seconds
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How Smart Women Self-Sabotage PCOS Health

Do you know what you need to be doing for your health, but as you get started, you keep having to start over again and again? You&apos;re getting tripped up, not because you don&apos;t know enough, but because you&apos;re getting in your own way somehow.? In this episode, we are going to explore all the ways that we, as smart women, who know enough to get started are sabotaging ourselves and getting in our own way on our journey to PCOS Health.If you keep having false starts and want to know why it can feel so hard you will love this episode. What is going on there? What are you doing so that you can&apos;t gain traction and momentum? Have you ever felt that way? I know I did when I was early on in my PCOS journey. I felt that if I could just get a boost, if I could just take a break and only focus on my health, maybe then I could gain some momentum and it wouldn’t be so hard. Can you relate? Then listen to this episode now. <a href='https://nourishedto
10/03/202314 minutes 23 seconds
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Get Healthy Today, Not Discouraged!

Have you ever gotten tired of all of the don&apos;ts when it comes to creating Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) health?I know I have and it&apos;s something that comes up still on occasion when the convenient option is not ideal for my hormone health. It’s also easy and normal to get angry at yourself when you don’t follow your plan perfectly.This is why in this episode, we&apos;re going to talk about a minus that shifts. That&apos;s going to make creating your PCOS-healthy lifestyle so much more fun and easy as you learn what works for you. Do You Want To Feel Frustrated And Angry?I didn’t think so! This is why in this episode, I go through the mindset shifts to have fun learning what works for you. No more trying to fit a square peg in a round hole approaches to PCOS health. We also cover how to stick with it without needing to be perfect. This means you don’t have to be angry when life happens and things don’t go quite as planned.<
03/03/202316 minutes 42 seconds
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How to Build a Strong PCOS Support Team

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a complex disorder that requires a multifaceted approach to care. Navigating how to get answers and assistance with your symptoms and what to do about them isn’t straightforward. Who understands what is going on with your body and can answer your questionsIn this episode, we&apos;ll discuss how to find and work with your ideal support team. We&apos;ll also talk about what your body needs to stay healthy and vibrant with PCOS.So if you are ready to stop guessing and get the help you need go ahead and listen to this episode now. You can take the quiz to discover your root cause hereLet’s continue the conversation on Instagram! What did you find helpful in this episode and what follow-up questions do you have</b
24/02/202326 minutes 43 seconds
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Finding Your Path to PCOS Health

PCOS is a unique conditionPCOS is not a black-and-white condition. It arises from certain genes leaving us more sensitive to our environment. Not every woman that has PCOS symptoms has the same gene involvement or the same sensitivities to her environment. This creates a unique situation for each woman.  A Unique Path to PCOS HealthThe path to health can’t be a cookie-cutter approach because everyone has a unique situation and they desire various outcomes. Plus we are all at different places of understanding and implementing what our bodies need. Then add to all these individual situations that we all have a different environments. Our schedule, our support system, our other health conditions, our tastes, fitness, hobbies, and things that we enjoy are all unique to us. How to Discover your path to PCOS HealingIt all starts by discovering your root cause. And perhaps even the root of your root cause. Then learning to a
17/02/202323 minutes 33 seconds
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How to Avoid the PCOS Supplement Trap

How to choose a supplement for PCOS that will help YOU with your current root cause. There are hundreds of options which is why this episode discusses the important topic of choosing supplements and avoiding the supplement trap.The PCOS Supplement TrapHow do supplements fit into natural healing for PCOS health? Supplements aren’t a magic bullet but that doesn’t mean that can’t help. So here is how to approach supplements:Steps to Select the Best Supplements For You First, we need to look at your current health struggles and desires. Then what the root causes of those struggles are. Finally, we can determine how to create an environment that cares for your body.  Only then can we determine what supplement (s) you might find beneficial.This process is discussed in great detail during this episode.Important Supplements to Include If you do an internet search for the best PCOS supplement you will get answer
10/02/202320 minutes 34 seconds
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Do You Have a PCOS Type?

On the surface, the difference between a root cause or a type might seem trivial.But when it comes to the practical application of addressing a PCOS type or a PCOS root cause there is a big difference. That is what we will be discussing in this episode so go ahead and listen now. Mistakes Of The PCOS Type ModelPCOS types lead to focusing on bigger more advanced symptoms rather than being more fluid and responsive to your body’s needs before it is severely affected. Thinking you have one type can lead to hitting your head against the same wall when your body’s needs have changed. We are living and therefore constantly changing. As our bodies change and our environments change, so do our primary root causes of symptoms.Understanding the root causes of PCOS allows you to listen to your body and address each need. After all, you are unique and don’t fit into a perfect type kind of box So if you are ready to go past just a PCOS typ
03/02/202324 minutes 12 seconds
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Everything You Need To Know About Dairy And PCOS

A common recommendation for better PCOS health is to stop eating dairy. Many PCOS “experts” recommend against consuming dairy products. But is it realistic, necessary, or even beneficial for most women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome? In this episode, we will explore some of the most up-to-date research and practical real-life strategies when it comes to dairy and PCOS. Hit play to listen now. Dairy and PCOS Root Causes Perhaps you’ve heard that you should avoid dairy if you have PCOS. But is this true? And why? That is what we will be discussing in this episode. There are two main concerns regarding dairy First, the inflammatory effects of dairy and this is key, FOR SOME WOMEN. Not all women find dairy to be inflammatory  Dairy can be broken down into various components that we will discuss in this episode. Which are potentially problematic, how to avoid them and how to know what works for you. Getting Enough Pr
27/01/202331 minutes 12 seconds
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How to Stop the PCOS Infertility Cycle of Insanity

While infertility treatments can be just the modern medical miracle a couple needs to grow their family they can also take an enormous emotional, physical and financial toll as well. This episode is all about some considerations of when and what infertility treatments for PCOS and how to avoid the PCOS infertility cycle of insanityPCOS InfertilityPolycystic Ovarian Syndrome is the number one cause of infertility among women. But the good news is that it can be reversed and better fertility can be achieved. PCOS is a hormone imbalance rooted in a combination of genetics and environment. Basically, if your hormones aren’t balanced then your genetics aren’t thriving in their current environment. Learning to care for your body the way it needs not only will boost fertility, making infertility treatments unnecessary for many, but it will also lead to easier weight management, less long-term health risks, and feeling so much better day to day. <br
20/01/202315 minutes 25 seconds
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Finding Your PCOS Power

PCOS has a way of making women feel stuck and powerless against the health struggles of fertility, weight, energy, and just good in their bodies. I’ve felt this way too, which is why in today&apos;s episode let’s explore my 7-step process to take my power back and create the health I desire! The PCOS Reality The genetics of PCOS leave us sensitive to our environment. I talk about how to understand your root cause a lot here on the podcast and how to start listening to and caring for your body BUT it all starts with this 7-step mindset shift in how we think about and approach our PCOS healing and long-term health. Finding Your PCOS PowerThe thoughts we think give or take away our power. PCOS is a real bugger because it really does make everything feel impossible. I want to take a moment to acknowledge that. I’ve felt that way and definitely still have my moments where I feel like PCOS is limiting me which is why I know this episode is
13/01/202316 minutes 33 seconds
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PCOS and Acne

Welcome back to the PCOS repair podcast! In this episode, I’m talking about PCOS and acne. I will cover questions such as how you can balance your hormones for clearer skin as well as what products and medication I recommend to assist you in treating acne.Why do women with PCOS break out with acne like teenagers ….  let me rephrase that worse than teenagers! The deep cystic acne that we see with PCOS is just horrendous it’s painful it’s unsightly and it’s not quick to heal. These lesions can last weeks leaving scars and pigmentation behind that are very difficult to cover with makeup. All in all, it is very very very frustrating!If you want clearer skin or even if you just wish to a regimen for more glowing skin go ahead and hit play now!A full list of Resources &amp; References Mentioned can be found on the Episode webpage<a href='
06/01/202317 minutes 7 seconds
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Restrictive Diets and Hormone Health

“What diet is the best for PCOS?”, this is a question that I get asked all the time and it is an important question to be asking.In this episode we are going to go through the pros and cons of different diets dietary recommendations and what to watch out for that can make your PCOS significantly worse.What Are Restrictive DietsSo first let’s lay a little groundwork about what is a restrictive diet? You may have heard recommendations to reduce or eliminate dairy, sugar, gluten or carbs if you have PCOS. These are examples of restrictive diets Then there are fad diets such as the keto diet, the Atkins diet, Weight Watchers, Slim fast or any of those types of protocols where you order some meal replacement and follow exactly what they’re having you eat. These could also include the South Beach diet And then a new one I’ve been hearing a lot about and seeing a lot about in certain health circles is Octavia. Then there is calorie restriction and macro coun
30/12/202227 minutes 24 seconds
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Reset Your PCOS Hormones

Have you ever just wanted to hit the reset button on your hormones? I know I have! I have had times when I wanted to do all the right things but the cravings and feeling like crap always tripped me up.In today&apos;s episode, I will walk you through the reset I use to get past the cravings, and jumpstart or give a boost to my health. Setting Your Intentions for Your ResetDetoxing your PCOS with a 7-day reset isn’t meant to be just another quick-fix crash diet. It is meant to do some rapid repair at the root cause level by reducing inflammation and improving blood sugar balance. But what happens after 7 days? This is why setting your intentions is so important! Are you trying to repair your cycle so that you have regular periods, want to lose a few pounds, or optimize your fertility? How will you continue creating a lifestyle of health that works for you? Listen to this episode because I walk you through how you can create this vision without
23/12/202221 minutes 34 seconds
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Type Two Diabetes and PCOS

Type two diabetes has become such a common disease. Earlier this year in January 2022 statistics indicated that 37.3 million Americans—about 1 in 10—have diabetes. While this disease is common in what often appear to be otherwise healthy individuals I want to take a closer look at what diabetes is in this episode. PCOS puts women at high risk of type two diabetes in fact many women that I meet have already been diagnosed with pre-diabetic or diabetes even in their 20s and 30s.So what is diabetes and how does it impact the body? Well my friend that is exactly what this episode is about Welcome back to the PCOS repair podcast where today we’re going to dive a little deeper into the insulin effect root cause of PCOS and type two diabetes as well as how you can decrease your risk of developing it. PCOS, Insulin, and DiabetesInsulin can be confusing, so let’s start with insulin and the spectrum of healthy to the diseased state of type two diab
31/10/202221 minutes 10 seconds
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Self-Care For PCOS

I always thought that self-care was a bubble bath, a massage, or a pedicure. You know the things that everyone lists as self-care. But over the last several years of my PCOS healing journey, I have discovered an entirely new meaning and list of self-care and some incredible benefits of it for my PCOS root cause. Listen now so you can start weaving self-care into your day to improve your PCOS hormones too.  How Self-Care Benefits PCOS Root Cause Healing It’s easy to neglect taking care of ourselves because we’re busy and overwhelmed by everything we need to get done. Even a small rest feels like a luxury. Taking time to eat lunch, exercise, and hang out with friends just feels like slacking.This mindset backfires so BIG! Because self-care actually helps you make progress faster for a few reasons:Self-care prevents “overload burnout”: We’ve all been there: you push yourself to the point that you can’t take anymore so you just give up. Selfcare
21/10/202220 minutes 10 seconds
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PCOS and Laser Hair Removal

PCOS is known for causing elevated androgens in particular testosterone. This can frequently lead to something called hirsutism, which is where you have excess hair growth primarily on the face, neck, upper lip, and chin. But it can include the full body. Women with PCOS often find that they have thick long coarse hairs on their chest, tummy, and toes as well as hairier legs and underarms. It can be very frustrating to keep these areas trimmed, waxed, shaved or otherwise manicured. In this episode, we’re gonna talk all about laser hair removal but I will also touch on the other options for removing unwanted hair from the body. So that you can have smooth, stubble-free skin wherever you want it. Considering Laser hair removalThere are so many ways to remove hair from the body and we discuss this as well during this episode. Each body area that you want to remove hair from doesn’t necessarily need laser treatment so I outline the options as well as the
14/10/202233 minutes 20 seconds
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PCOS and Period Problems

Welcome back to the PCOS Repair Podcast to discuss all things period problems!Period problems might have been one of the very first things you noticed leading to your diagnosis of PCOS. Your period is also an amazing indicator of your PCOS health, which is why in this episode I am discussing all the period problems and how to begin repairing them naturally.So go ahead and have a listen!A Normal Cycle A normal cycle starts with a period. The first day of your period is considered day one of your cycle. Then at approximately the middle of your cycle, halfway before your next period, comes ovulation. This is when you can get pregnant as you body releases an egg. Ovulation Usually occurs around the 14th of your cycle with an average cycle lasting anywhere from 21 to 35 days.Now let’s look at various period problems, what’s going on and how to fix it.  Just as with any symptom we talk about here on the PCOS Repair Po
07/10/202213 minutes 26 seconds
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PCOS and Depression

Women with polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) are more likely to experience depression. Studies say that anywhere from 27 percent to around 50 percent of women with PCOS report being depressed, compared to around 19 percent of women without PCOS. That is more than double…. But does depression have to your reality and how can you break past these statistics so that you can live a life that you are excited to engage in? That is what today&apos;s episode is all about. Disclaimer Before we dive into this topic I want to give a disclaimer! Depression is a serious situation and one that I encourage you to seek help from your medical doctor as well as the therapist. And if you feel like your depression is at all putting you at risk call a crisis line and ask for assistance. I will add some resources in the show notes to offer a starting point for further support. This episode is meant to offer encouragement that it can get better and a holistic approach to health that y
30/09/202210 minutes 21 seconds
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Enjoying Being Active

Welcome back to the PCOS Repair Podcast where in this episode I will be covering not only how to get all the benefits of exercise but how to actually enjoy adding exercise to your daily routine. There Are So Many Benefits of Exercise For PCOS Less insulin resistant Lowers inflammation Improves moodReduces long term risks factors of heart disease and diabetes Helps manage stress StrongerBoosts confidence More energy And so much morewe know exercise is something that is good for us and we need to do ….. But all the enjoyment gets sucked out when it becomes a SHOULD Enjoying Exercise for PCOS HealthDuring this episode I’ll cover exactly what types of workouts and how to create a good program for yourself. But it all starts by not trying to be where someone else is at and doing the level of workout they are doing. Exercise is such an individual thing, and you will get so much more benefit by pr
23/09/202212 minutes 24 seconds
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PCOS & Hair loss

Why Does PCOS Cause Hair LossElevated m androgens are responsible for hair loss, primarily testosterone. Think of it kind of like male pattern hair loss where men will have a receding hairline and where they will have overall thinning and then maybe a little bit of hair loss around the temples or the crown of the head.When women have consistently elevated levels of testosterone it basically leads to a male pattern of hair loss.What causes high testosterone with PCOSSo of course that begs the question, what causes elevated androgens such as testosterone? Well, there are a couple of things. First, if you have high levels of insulin consistent consistently in your body it tells the ovaries to produce more testosteroneThis does not only occur with insulin resistance so even if your doctor has said that your insulin levels are fine this can just be because you are eating foods that spike insulin. Another way is that you have a high le
16/09/202220 minutes 25 seconds
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PCOS and Eating Healthy On The Go

Planning to eat healthy is great but life gets busy and if you don’t have good on-the-go options it becomes difficult to reach your health goals and keep up with how you want to be eating to nourish your PCOS. In this episode, I talk about all of the ways to eat healthy on the go whether it’s something that you prep and take with you or something that you can buy out and about at restaurants or even a convenience store.On The Go Where?The first step that we discuss in the episode is having a realistic plan. During the episode, I walk you through what I do and it seriously only takes 5 minutes or less. When you know when you will be eating on the go and when you will be cooking you will also save a lot of money by not wasting food you don’t eat. What To Eat On The Go?So once you know what your week ahead or even just the next day looks like, how do you pick the best options to nourish your body even when you have a busy
09/09/202216 minutes 1 second
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PCOS & Anxiety

Whether mild anxiety is making it hard to find peace or extreme anxiety and panic episodes associated with PCOS are debilitating to regular life this episode will help give you tools to create more peace and calm in your day today.During today&apos;s episode, I will share natural and lifestyle approaches that you can include with any recommendations from your doctor. Go have a listen. How are PCOS and anxiety linked Anxiety is a complex problem and some of the recommendations today can feel like over-simplifying it but they are meant to be a tool to use as a portion of anxiety management Anxiety has emotional, physical, and chemical components that can feed off each other and worsen the condition.During this episode, I discuss how to naturally lessen the impact of the emotional, physical as well as chemical contributing factors to increase the calm in your day-to-day. Lifestyle Practices to Promote Peace Anxie
02/09/202225 minutes 19 seconds
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The PCOS Diagnosis Dilemma

Did anyone ever ask WHY your body was struggling when they gave you the PCOS Diagnosis?To discover your PCOS root cause we need to start by asking why! Why are you having period problems, infertility, and weight gain? Why?Doctors seek to label your collection of symptoms with a diagnosis. This leads them to medications and procedural options to address unwanted symptoms. The problem is those medications don&apos;t treat the root of the issue.Well, in this episode I discuss the difference between being labeled with a diagnosis and getting a full PCOS workup. Let&apos;s dive in so you can start discovering the root cause of your PCOS. The PCOS Diagnosis The first place to start with anything is to get clear what you are up against, then you can move on to the changing, improving, and healing. This is where getting diagnosed comes in. It also includes ruling out other possible causes of your symptoms. Then the next step, a v
26/08/202215 minutes 19 seconds
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Thin type PCOS

Thin type PCOS has created a great deal of confusion for women trying to discover their PCOS root cause. So in today&apos;s episode, I’m going to set the record straight and lay out how to go about determining your PCOS root cause when you do not have extra weight to lose. And a little tip….treating PCOS has very little to do with weight anyway. So click below to listen.PCOS AND WEIGHT Because medical research and doctors have kept weight at the center of PCOS cause and management there is a lot of misunderstanding about how PCOS and weight are related. Inflammation and insulin resistance can both be present even if we are at a healthy body weight. So when it comes to thin type PCOS, there&apos;s not really a lot of difference in how we go about determining our PCOS root cause. THE ROOT CAUSES OF THIN TYPE PCOSFirst, don’t get hung up on one previously preconceived notion of a PCOS type. It’s about discovering, listening, and int
19/08/20228 minutes 40 seconds
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PCOS & Birth Control

Hormonal birth control is the primary option offered by health care providers to assist women with PCOS symptoms. But there is a lot to consider when deciding whether to start or stop taking hormonal birth control. How to manage the symptoms. How to prevent pregnancy without having to use hormones and so much more. That my friend is why this episode will cover all things hormonal birth control and PCOS and how to ultimately create the lifestyle that works for you!  Hormonal Birth Control So there are many types and formulations of hormonal birth control that we will go over as well as how they may be helpful or detrimental for managing PCOS symptoms The PillThe Implant The RingThe IUD The PatchThe ShotRemember that the hormones these options attempt to replicate are only the tip of the iceberg for hormone balancing. This means they are Recovering from Hormon
12/08/202228 minutes 10 seconds
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My daughter has PCOS, Help me help her

The topic of this episode is how to support  a family member that may have PCOS or has been diagnosed with PCOSThis is a topic that I get asked about not infrequently and it falls into three categories of how we can help our daughters who are struggling with PCOS. As age creates a wide difference in approach to PCOS I’m including the timestamps for each category so that you can easily jump to the section that suits you. Young Daughter 3:11Teen 7:36Adult Daughter 18:00As a mom, we want to jump in and fix things for our kids and there are many resources that I can assist you in providing your daughter should she want them. But more than providing her with a list of resources I recommend creating a safe space for her to talk, feel what she is feeling, and not need to always be taking action to “improve”.I will link to those in the show notes below; a list of resources to share with your daughter so that she can learn how sh
05/08/202225 minutes 20 seconds
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PCOS During Pregnancy

For some women with PCOS pregnancy improves their symptoms and hormone balance and they find staying healthy easier than normal for them. I hope this is you!!!! This wasn’t the case for me but I still loved being pregnant with each of my pregnancies The interesting thing about infertility, the inability to get pregnant, and the desire to be pregnant consume us in a way that we forget to think about then what! Once you finally get your positive pregnancy test, or several tests just to make sure you aren’t dreaming a new wave of emotions will begin! Excitement, a surreal feeling, and some nervous anxiety and concern that everything will go smoothly and that your baby will be born healthy! The good news is that most of the same recommendations I make for getting pregnant hold true for during pregnancy but in this episode, I will walk you through some considerations for each trimester to optimize your PCOS pregnancy health.Preconcepti
29/07/202232 minutes 33 seconds
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PCOS & Ovulation

PCOS is the most common reason for women of reproductive age to not ovulate. The hormone imbalance of PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, leads to irregular cycles and not ovulating (anovulation). This makes it hard for women with PCOS to get pregnant. Ovulation problems and PCOS is what today’s episode is all about! So let’s get started Let’s start with…..What is Ovulation?Ovulation is the main event of your cycle. I know, maybe you are like me and thought the period was the main event of your monthly cycle but NOPE it’s ovulation.During the first part of your cycle FSH, Follicular Stimulating Hormone, rises to prepare a follicle into an egg, then LH, luteinizing hormone, spikes causing your body to ovulate….which  is when you release a mature egg that is ready for fertilization with sperm.  Signs and Symptoms of AnovulationCycles lasting longer than 35 days might be a sign that you are not ovulating.An irregular cy
22/07/202217 minutes 8 seconds
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Your PCOS Pantry

It’s one thing to know that eating better would improve your PCOS health. Most of us know more or less what to eat….the hard part is actually doing it and sticking with it! If that is as true for you as it is for me then you are going to love this episode as we talk about setting yourself up for success so that healthier eating happens without even thinking about it! Let’s start with How to grow a PCOS-friendly pantryAlong with this episode, I’m including a free download with all the pantry staples and weekly shopping considerations to make sure your house is filled with PCOS-friendly foods to help you when meal time rolls around. However, I do not suggest going out and buying all of those things all at onceWhat I do recommend is getting your meal plan for the week ready. If you would like some of my meal plans be sure to check out the PCOS detox, which I wil
17/07/202215 minutes 37 seconds
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PCOS & Risk Factors

PCOS is not just a fertility issue. It is a medical condition that comes with some long-term health risks. Yet healthcare providers only address it if a certain symptom is bothering you. Most women including me have been diagnosed, offered birth control, and told to return if and when they want help with fertility. What about monitoring for longer-term problems, what about reducing the risk of factors. Well that is exactly what this episode is about What are the risk factors that come with having PCOS? While PCOS often is thought of as a fertility or reproductive hormone disorder, those are only the tip of the iceberg. The real hormones that we can rebalance to reverse PCOS symptoms AND risk factors go deeper than that into our metabolic system. These deeper, root cause hormones can lead to all the common symptoms of PCOS but if not addressed and allowed to stay out of balance can lead to more problems as well. These other problems may take
10/07/202217 minutes 51 seconds
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The Best Supplements for PCOS

Supplements are often one of the first places women turn when they find out they have PCOS. You’ve searched google and read all about the nasty side effects of medications. The reports of taking supplements seem to be more pleasant. I get asked all the time…. are supplements really helpful, are the success stories real, and if they are helpful which ones should I take? In today’s episode, I am going to break down what supplements, when supplements might be helpful, and how to choose one.Do you need a PCOS Supplement?The short answer is no you do not. You cannot supplement your way past poor nourishment anyway. That said, a well-chosen supplement can support hormone balance and fertility repair. But there are a few important things to consider before starting a supplement. A supplement is still medicine and can have harmful side effects. Supplements can be a waste of money. The right supplements ca
01/07/202210 minutes 1 second
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How to Lose Weight With PCOS

Let me guess, your doctor probably recommended weight loss, but didn’t offer any help on how to actually lose and keep off the weight? Your doctor is correct that women who lose weight see amazing improvements in their PCOS symptoms but there is a missing link that often keeps women with PCOS from being able to lose the weight. There is a secret and missing link between struggling to lose weight and long-term success which is exactly what we will be talking about in this episode!You shouldn’t need a medical degree to understand how your body works!  I have my master’s in Physician Assistant Sciences. I am licensed to diagnose and treat patients and I have treated many patients with PCOS and I also used to think weight loss was a mystery.  Since then I discovered the missing link and have assisted hundreds of women in following a lifestyle that helps them lose weight and reverse their PCOS. This is why I am so excited about this episode so le
24/06/202214 minutes 35 seconds
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Exercise for PCOS Hormone Balance

Myths of Exercise for PCOSHave you heard any of the following?You should only do gentle workouts if you have PCOS Cardio isn’t a good idea if you have PCOS Walking and yoga are best for PCOS HIIT is ok for short workouts but don’t over do it The reason you aren’t losing weight is because you are working out too hard The reason you aren’t having regular ovulatory periods is because of your exercise program Sound familiar? Have you heard of any of these? These partial truths have been repeated and taken out of context until many people and even so-called experts believe them.So what is the truth about exercise and PCOS?There is certainly NOT one right way to reverse PCOS exercise is no exception to the ONE SIZE DOESN’T FIT ALL! That is why this episode is so important as I share how to approach exercise for PCOS whether you are just getting started or are an at
17/06/202222 minutes 21 seconds
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PCOS and the Insulin Effect

Medical research has shown that Insulin resistance is a primary factor for over 70% of women with PCOS and yet most women I work with and talk to have been told by their doctor that their blood sugar is fine and that they are not insulin resistant. So what’s the deal with insulin and PCOS and is it something that you should be addressing in order to reverse your PCOS? Well, my friend that is what this episode is all about so hit play to listen now!The insulin effect Notice how I didn’t say insulin resistance. There is a big difference and it is really important to understand the importance of the insulin effect if you want to reverse your PCOS naturally. that I want you to understand. So what is insulin and how does it affect your PCOS hormones?When you eat something it is broken down and released into your body as glucose (that’s another name for blood sugar). So by choosing the foods you eat smartly and combining certain foods
10/06/202211 minutes 37 seconds
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Getting Pregnant with PCOS

“How can I get pregnant with PCOS?” It’s the number one question I get asked and it’s exactly what we are talking about in this episode of the PCOS Repair Podcast!PCOS Fertility PCOS is the top cause of female infertility but the good news is that it is one of the most treatable causes of infertility. First How Does PCOS affect fertility?Hormone imbalance disturbs your cycles and ovulationLow progesterone can increase the risk of first-trimester miscarriageIncreases risk factors for a healthy pregnancy How to treat PCOS Infertility The perception is that infertility treatments with medications, IUI, or IVF are the solution to infertility. And while they can be the answer for some couples there are many considerations on when and how to proceed down the path towards these medical options. A Natural Approach to Getting Pregnant with PCOSCreating a healthy environment for your b
03/06/202222 minutes 53 seconds
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PCOS Symptoms vs Labs

The goal is to remove the symptoms and hurdles that PCOS is causing in your life. But it’s easy to get caught up in searching for why, and when nothing seems to be helping to run all the same tests again because something must have been missed! In this episode we are talking about when lab tests are helpful and when we need to go beyond labs to get the answers we need to take the actions necessary to reverse PCOS.PCOS Labs So how does lab work assist with the management and healing of PCOS? What does lab work actually tell us? Back in episode #5 we discussed how medical treatment and your doctor can assist you on your PCOS journey even if you are taking a natural approach. This episode will help you take the next step to understanding how to collect and use the information that both your blood tests and your symptoms are giving you.To assist you in navigati
27/05/202212 minutes 18 seconds
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My PCOS Story

My PCOS Story PCOS is a subject that&apos;s very near and dear to my heart. It&apos;s something I&apos;ve struggled with for over 10 years, and it&apos;s taken me time, and trial and error to get to a place where I feel like I have it under control. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can cause irregular menstrual cycles, infertility, insulin resistance, and weight gain. For many women, PCOS is a lifelong battle. For me, it was definitely a journey. My journey started in my late 20s when I was trying to get pregnant and struggling with irregular cycles. It&apos;s been a long road, but now I am a mama to 3 and live in a body that is strong, healthy, and functions the way I want. PCOS is something that I will always have, but knowing that there is hope and that natural healing is possible has made all the difference. If you&apos;re struggling with PCOS, know that you&apos;re not alone and that there is hope.The Impact of PCOSToday&apos;s episo
20/05/202213 minutes 21 seconds
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How Your Doctor Fits into Healing Your PCOS Naturally

Why Healing Your PCOS Naturally is importantLifestyle is the only way to treat PCOS in its entirety! It gets to the root cause. It balances all the hormones. It alleviates and lessens all of the symptoms. It&apos;s not picking and choosing one thing and not addressing other things. This is really important because when we start looking at medical approaches, this is not the case. When we look at creating an environment that is healing to your PCOS, that nourishes your body, allows your hormones to move back towards balance, boosts your fertility, helps you to manage your weight, and alleviate all the other symptoms. We aren&apos;t just covering up a symptom with a bandaid. You are setting yourselves up for less risk going forward. How Your Doctor Fits into a Natural ApproachThis is why I love the natural approach to PCOS, but it does not exclude medical assistance. My background as a medical provider has given me the
13/05/202237 minutes 35 seconds
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PCOS Lifestyle Medicine

If you&apos;re like most women with PCOS, you&apos;ve probably tried a lot of different treatments, without much success. You might be taking medication to help with your symptoms, but it&apos;s not really addressing the root cause of the problem. That&apos;s where PCOS Lifestyle Medicine comes in.This episode of The Root Cause podcast focuses on addressing the underlying causes behind the hormone imbalance. It&apos;s a comprehensive, multifaceted approach that incorporates:Physical Mental Emotional Environmental factorsPCOS Lifestyle Medicine is all about finding the right balance for YOU. In this episode, I will help you to identify the lifestyle and dietary changes that will help you feel your best. ResourcesMeal guideRoot cause quiz<a href='https://nourishedtohealt
06/05/202214 minutes 27 seconds
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Why Do I Have PCOS?

What Causes PCOSIf you&apos;re like most women with Polycystic ovarian syndrome, you may be wondering why you have it. What caused your body to go off the balance in this way? A few years ago the answer was we don’t know what causes PCOS.Fortunately today we have more information about the genetics of PCOS. And more importantly how to manage your symptoms and reclaim your health. And it all starts by understanding the genetics of PCOS and that is exactly what this episode is all about To view all the episode content and resources go to Epigenetics is the study of how our environment can influence the expression of our genes. For example, epigenetic changes have been linked to various diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Interestingly, recent research has shown that epigenetic changes m
06/05/202215 minutes 1 second
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PCOS Root Causes

The symptoms of PCOS are only the tip of the iceberg, the part we see and experience but they arise from various root causes found in your metabolic and endocrine hormones Be sure to listen to this episode where I will be outlining the root causes of PCOS and how to finally narrow in on what your body needs to make progress with your symptomsPCOS Root CausesThere are four primary root cause categories. As you listen you will see that we break some of these down further into subcategories but are the primary four: The insulin effectInflammationHormone and nutrition disturbancesStress response Once you get clear on which one is your current primary root cause then you can follow the care plan for each root cause. An Environment of HealthDon’t forget that as our environment changes so does how our genetics respond, allowing our PCOS root causes to heal leading to improvement of our symptoms. L
06/05/202218 minutes 46 seconds
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What is PCOS

Finally understand PCOS so you can start reversing it With all the PCOS confusion out there, I started this podcast to help you understand what PCOS is and how to get your life back. In this first episode of “PCOS Repair” I am going to break down everything that has been confusing about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). By listening closely during these next few minutes you will learn where PCOS comes from. Who gets it? What are common symptoms? And most importantly what is the best way to manage it. PCOS is a syndrome. A syndrome is not a black and white diagnosis which is unfortunately why the process of getting diagnosed can be long and frustrating. So in this episode I will help you get past that to what is important to focus o  in order to relieve the frustration that so frequently accompanies the diagnosis of PCOS.By understanding What PCOS is AND is not you will finally be able to spend your energy on what does mater so that you can finally
10/04/202213 minutes 54 seconds