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The PAWsitive Choices Podcast

English, Parenting, 3 seasons, 31 episodes, 13 hours, 23 minutes
Are you looking for ways to help children make positive choices, solve problems, learn from mistakes, and regulate strong feelings? Whether you're a parent, educator, or someone who loves to learn about relationships, this podcast is for you! In each episode, we explore the latest neuroscience and discuss what it means for how we live, parent, and teach. We give you practical and effective ways to use brain-based strategies to promote resilience in children and strengthen your own relationships with others. Your host, Lindsey Kealey, is a family coach, educational consultant, keynote speaker, university instructor of education, and the creator of PAWsitive Choices Social and Emotional Learning. Join us every Tuesday for new episodes of The PAWsitive Choices Podcast.
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Tune in every Tuesday for new episodes of The PAWsitive Choices Podcast! 
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