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English, Religious, 4 seasons, 115 episodes, 2 days, 15 hours, 24 minutes
Safe spaces to talk about sexuality within the church building and in the community have been scarce for a long time. In this show we will speak about a wide range of topics having to do with Christian Sexuality, from a biblical perspective, that does not condemn you but inspires you to want to love Jesus well with the way you live out your sexuality.
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104: Sappy Holidays

Here come the questions and here comes cuffing season. Lets' talk about how to enter this season with a helpful mindset!
11/21/202319 minutes, 21 seconds
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103: I Want A Godly Man

How does a Godly man act? Who should I be to attract a Godly Man?Both good questions that Tamika answers in this episode!All socials: @ tamikathomas Website:
11/7/202345 minutes, 17 seconds
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102: Let Me Down Gently

Ghosting is not the move. In this episode Sonata talks about how and why to let people down gently.
10/24/202320 minutes, 15 seconds
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Unwanted | Jay Stringer

Jay speaks about his book called Unwanted that is informed by his understanding of the gospel and his own clinical work addressing unwanted sexual behavior from a very loving and gracious approach. Jay's Info: Social Media: @Jay_stringer_ The Parallel: @theparallelpod DM "God's Plan"Godly Pleasure Event Pre-Event Call:
10/10/202353 minutes, 3 seconds
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100 Don't Let Insecurity Decide

When we allow our insecurities to choose our romantic partners it will always leave us disappointed and unsatisfied. Link for Pre-Event Call: Socials: @theparallelpod Hope to chat soon!
9/26/202320 minutes, 8 seconds
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99: A Single Mother's Story | Shelly

Shelly shared her woe to woman having premarital sex as well as her testimony of how turning back to God can turn a hard situation into a story of God being ever-present and his provision.
9/12/202350 minutes, 53 seconds
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98: Masturbation & Self Soothing

Have you ever thought that you might be using masturbation as a coping skill? 🤯 When we understand the root of our sexual behavior it is easier to respond in healthy ways.
8/29/202325 minutes, 33 seconds
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97: Does Money Make Dating Hard?

We've all heard to words "six figures" thrown around a lot. Might there be a better goal in mind to achieve what you are really asking for? In this episode:- We talk about what you might really be saying when you say "He has to make six figures". - What might actually be more of your hearts desire-Having money doesn't always equate to financially wiseSocials:@laurenmatheus
8/15/202345 minutes, 6 seconds
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96: Don't Forsake Your Influence

You NEED to be here. There are many reasons the Lord put you on this earth and when you dont beleive this truth, you miss opportunities to love God, love others, and love yourself.
8/1/202324 minutes, 43 seconds
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95: There's Life After An Abortion

Destanee speaks about her abortion story and the role the Lord played in her life after she made that decision. Destanee's Socials : @powerintheprosepodcast@zestofdes
7/18/20231 hour, 2 minutes, 16 seconds
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94: Jesus Is Better

Than what? Than everything....yes, even sex! When the Holy Spirit reminded me of this one thing, my life became so much more peaceful.
7/4/202323 minutes, 43 seconds
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92: Abuse in Christian Relationships

In this episode Sonata speaks with Ngina Otiende about what abuse is, red flags to look for, and Ngina shares a lot of helpful resources as well. Resources below:Helpful communities and resources for those in chronically problematic marriages1. (free) Find out if you’re in an emotionally abusive Christian marriage by taking the free emotional abuse quiz. By Natalie Hoffman, Flying Free www.emotionalabusequiz.com2. (free) Explore the different categories of mistreatment and danger that are all part of abuse and Domestic Violence. Free resource by Sarah McDugal (For pastors and leaders) Is your church as safe as you think it is? Safer Churches seminar (free) “Is this Abuse?” The 6 Step Guide to Uncovering Hidden/Covert Abuse by websites/pages for learning about abuse and trauma (or just how a healthy marriage ought not to look like(- Patrick Weaver Ministries Bare Marriage Marg Mowczko (theology website) Psalm 82 Initiative training churches to recognize abuse and care for the abused I mentionedThe Great Sex Rescue (Amazon)She Deserves Better (Amazon)Systems of Abuse: A Guide to Recognizing Toxic Behavior Patterns
6/20/20231 hour, 13 minutes, 31 seconds
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92: Godly Confidence

Your confidence can be rooted in things that will never change and truths about yourself that you may struggle to believe but will never cease to be true.
6/6/202329 minutes, 52 seconds
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91: How To Love | Chat w. Nico

Sonata spoke about different skills that go into loving others romantically and platonically.
5/23/202346 minutes, 13 seconds
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90: Marriage & Mental Health

Spoke with Sarah Sorenson about how she handled sharing her mental health while dating , how her now husband responded to it and how it's effected her marriage.
5/9/20231 hour, 7 minutes, 55 seconds
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89: Honor The Promise

Has God promised you something and its taking so long that you have started to question God or if you even interpreted it correctly in the first place? You're not alone. There are so many people in the bible that have experienced something similar to that and can understand the struggle in the waiting.
4/25/202324 minutes, 57 seconds
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88: Dancing, Dating, and Marriage | Lauren Matheus

Can Christians dance with each other...? Is Dancing a sin? For whatever reason some churches have different views on dancing. In this episode, we talk about dancing in scripture and how dancing can reflect communication and relationships. Lauren's Socials: @laurenmatthuesWebsite:
4/11/202339 minutes, 58 seconds
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87: Wait...

If you are a human you know how hard it is to wait. This episode is somewhat of a lament but hopefully an encouragement in the wait.
3/28/202320 minutes, 27 seconds
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86: Girl, Read Your Word | Wiggy

A chat about the evolution of woman reading their word, where to start if you haven't, and different resources to help.Wiggy's Socials : @thewordwithwiggyYoutube: WiggyTV
3/14/20231 hour
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85: No Glory Without The Cross

When we have a better understanding of what to expect from life and from the world it can make things more bearable and id even say easier. One of those things we have to understand is suffering. Socials: @theparallelpod
2/28/202319 minutes, 13 seconds
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84: NewlyWeds | Corey and Keekz - 4 months

In this episode Corey & Kiana speak about the transition to abstinence, how they prepared for marriage, and newlywed adjustments. Socials: Instagram & Tiktok : @clhgreene & Keekz.coBooks to Prepare for Relationships:
2/14/20231 hour, 5 minutes, 45 seconds
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83: Send Nudes?

The answer should be no...but why? Knowing the "why" behind things helps with follow through so thats what we'll be talking about today. Socials: @theparallelpod
1/31/202318 minutes, 54 seconds
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82: Saved From Sexual Sin | Michaela Nikolaenko - Raised & Redeemed Podcast

Michaela shares her story of how her sexualized childhood shaped her worldview and how the Lord redeemed it all. Michaela's Social Media: @michaelanikolaenkoParallel : @theparallelpod
1/17/202352 minutes, 8 seconds
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81: Seek Wisdom

Wisdom is always looking to be found and with wisdom comes wise decisions and less opportunity for unnecessary heartbreak.Socials: @theparallelpod
1/3/202321 minutes, 45 seconds
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80: Beauty Is A Gift

Your beauty is not for your gain alone but an opportunity to attract people to Christ.PARALLEL MERCH - Follow - @theparallelpod
11/29/202215 minutes, 53 seconds
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79: Go Have Good Sex | Angela The Christian Sexpert

Christians should be having the best sex because it was literally made for us. In this episode, Angela speaks about how to cultivate a healthy sex life for all stages of marriage and even conversations before. Angela's social : The Christian Sexpert Tiktok: @thechristians_xpert
11/22/202246 minutes
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Quick Merch Announcement

Merch info for the giveaway and PRE ORDERS
11/21/20223 minutes, 1 second
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78: Christians Who Sin Together

Indulging in the same sin struggles is not an activity to do with your Christian friends. It's a wasted opportunity to be the church to each other. To love well, to hold each other accountable.
11/15/202218 minutes, 38 seconds
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77: FTL -Shama Mrema | Creator (Comedian, Host, Seasonal Rapper)

In this episode myself and the HILARIOUS Shama Mrema speak about his success, discipleship in dating, kite flying and more Shama Mrema's Socials : @shama4realz
11/8/20221 hour, 10 minutes, 9 seconds
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76: Nonsexual Ways To Be Intimate

Christian can be so scared of sinning that we miss out on appropriate ways of being intimate without having sex. In todays episode I speak about a few ways to cultivate non sexual intimacy.@theparallelpod
11/1/202214 minutes, 54 seconds
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75: Our Shepherd

Yes, the wait for anything is hard but could it be more bearable if we keep our eyes on the one who is shepherding us through it all?
10/25/202220 minutes, 9 seconds
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74: FTL: Beyond Organic - Gardening

The garden on Eden is where it all started and the bible uses metaphors that relate to our lives and how we should live to gardening. We speak about how Jerrold came to have this talent and how it's impacted his relationship with the Lord.@beyondorganicgardening
10/18/20221 hour, 14 minutes, 39 seconds
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73: Christian Dating Questions

There are questions that need answers and I speak about the most important questions to be asking early on in Christian dating. Tik Tok Dating Questions - to @girldefined questions -
10/11/202222 minutes, 9 seconds
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72: Detox Christian Dating | Landen Swain

"God told me we shouldn't date" The Christian dating space can help filter out some of the unfit bachelors...but it can also be as toxic as any other dating space.Detox Christian Dating -
10/4/202257 minutes, 27 seconds
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71: Rest

Even in the striving to be more like Christ in every way, in a world that derives worth from work, we are still called to rest...Song List: Communion - Maverick and Steffany Gretzinger , Finally Found It - Austin David, “A God Who Sees” by Jason Upton , Closer - sang by Amanda Cook, My Soul Sings - Dante Bowe, Safe Retreat by Kings Kaleidoscope Spotify Playlist -
9/27/202217 minutes, 25 seconds
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70: Be Fruitful & Multiply | Meghan Joy Yancy

This episode addresses Meghans mindset behind having an abnormal number of kids in this day and age and different things that come with the territory...and we get a cute interruption at the end of the episode haha Socials - @meghanjoytoday Blog - Meghanjoyyancy.comVisual episode
9/20/202234 minutes, 2 seconds
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69: Protect Your Heart

Might there me more to "waiting" than just saving yourself sexually? The bible speak about guarding your heart and I think saving yourself emotionally is just as saving yourself sexually.Socials: @theparallelpod
9/13/202215 minutes, 52 seconds
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68: FTL- Childlike Manny - Digital Design

In this episode I speak to childlikemanny about his talent and how he uses it to honor the Lord but also about what he wished he knew sooner about christian sexuality.Follow HIM @childlikemanny
9/6/202237 minutes
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67: Designed For Pleasure

Pleasure was God's intended design for his children, and the world we live in, but the devil delights in the confusion and warped understanding of that. Socials: @theparallelpod
8/30/202214 minutes, 52 seconds
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66: Money Talk w. The Little CPA | Cherie

Money issues are in the top 5 reasons that people get divorced and if you're wondering what this has to do with sexuality, when couples start to have conflicts, sex is one of the first things to go. Your relationship with money is an important topic to speak about before marriage, so let's talk about it.Video episode:'s socials: @thelittlecpa@theparallelpod
8/23/202231 minutes, 14 seconds
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65: Playing Devil's Advocate

Could you be playing a part in the role that temptation plays in your life? In today's episode, I speak about different areas to assess and some food for thought. Socials: @theparallelpod
8/16/202222 minutes, 55 seconds
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64: Is Vulnerability Worth It?

Is Vulnerability supposed to be scary? Does Every relationship have some level of hurt? Lets talk about it.Visual Episode:'s social: @theetherapistbae
8/9/202236 minutes, 59 seconds
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63: Safe People

I think naivety has caused a lot of Christians to enter into long term relationships prematurely but if you are mindful of these 5 standard you'll be better off. Also side note, I HIGHLY recommend pre-marital therapy.Socials: @theparallelpod
8/2/202219 minutes, 34 seconds
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62: We Met IRL Speed Dating | Owner: Maxine

Got to chat with Maxine who created "We Met IRL" a singles mixer made with POC in mind. We speak about the development of the idea, the christian mixer, and what to expect from @wemetirl Visual Episode:
7/26/202230 minutes, 55 seconds
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61: More Than A Man's Wife

Are you forfeiting opportunities because you're fearful it will hinder you from finding your husband or just simply been too focused on finding a man that its become your main priority in life? Let's chat about it. Anonymous Question link - -
7/19/202215 minutes, 43 seconds
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60: Single Fatherhood & Dating

Dating can be hard in general so I imagine that being a single parent on top of that might add some difficulty. We speak about young fatherhood, premarital sex, and baby mothers.Visual:
7/12/202249 minutes, 8 seconds
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59: Worship In The Bedroom

I think if your view of worship is skewed it is way easier to compartmentalize your life and to misunderstand the blessing of sex in the correct context.Socials: Theparallelpod Visual epidodes :
7/5/202216 minutes, 5 seconds
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58: Sex & 12 Years Of Marriage | Beleaf + Yvette

We spoke about how lack of sex education can effect marriage and also how there is always opportunity for growth. We discussed what a marriage needs to well as a birthday massagevideo link: Socials: Beleaf in Fatherhood How Married Are YouEmail Blasts : Honor Self Beauty
6/28/202257 minutes, 2 seconds
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57: God Is Still Good

I think a lot of the time we get caught up in our lack that we forget that we still serve a God who provides for us in other ways and is always working everything for our good.Socials: @Theparallelpod
6/21/202224 minutes, 18 seconds
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56: Does Abstaining Guarantee Marital Success?

Some christians treat abstaining from sex as the key to a successful marriage but is there more that is required? Stay tuned.Video link: Tik tok & Instagram : @Theparallelpod
6/14/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 54 seconds
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55: Self-Discipline

Sometimes being obedient can save you from a lot of heart ache. There is always room for grace but there is also always room for self-control. The parallel socials: @theparallelpod
6/7/202219 minutes, 6 seconds
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54: Let's Talk About Male Survivors

We spoke about sexual abuse from the male perspective and the role that advocates can play.You can join the survivors circle here : Rich Griffis: (or search Rich Griffis)De'Quon H. White - on FacebookMentor & Writer - @Robertmarshalljr on social media
5/31/20221 hour, 2 minutes, 10 seconds
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53: Should I Go To Therapy?

When is it time to go to therapy and what can you expect? We discuss that in todays episode!Socials: @theparallelpod
5/24/202223 minutes, 22 seconds
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52: Intimacy After the Baby

Have you ever wondered what the conversation about sex and relationship looks like after having a baby? Tune in to this great conversation. Sex after the baby, reassurance in marriage, and healthy conversationsvideo episode:
5/17/202246 minutes, 26 seconds
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51: Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Empathy is not the only important aspect to emotional intelligence. This episode speaks about the 4 factors to emotional intelligence.Book: Emotional Intelligence 2.0 by Travis Bradberry and Jean Greaves Socials: @theparallelpod
5/10/202237 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

50: Sexual/Relational Boundaries

Did you know you are allowed to have sexual boundaries within your marriage and committed relationships as well? A lot of church rhetoric has taught that woman just have to give themselves to their husbands every desire and we'll talk about that in todays episodeSocials: @theparallelpod
5/3/202232 minutes, 5 seconds
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49: Good Boys Don't Cry

Men are stuck between "don't cry" and "be more caring and vulnerable" and in this episode we speak about that dilemma, how we got here, and how men can navigate emotionality.Socials: @theparallelpodYoutube: The ParallelPod
4/26/202247 minutes, 41 seconds
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48: The Unspoken Love Languages

I love the 5 love languages but I think there are deeper love languages that speak to the heart of love more directly and allow for more productive conversations.Socials: @theparallelpod
4/19/202215 minutes, 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

47: Girls Watch Porn, Too?

This is for all the woman struggling to overcome porn addiction. Hopefully, this will provide some clarity and a reminder that you are still loved in the midst of it. The Parallel socials: @theparallelpod
4/12/202239 minutes, 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

46: Nice Guys Should Finish Last

Have you confused people pleasing with being "nice"? This thought process may be hindering your success in relationships. Socials: @theparallelpodPatreon:
4/6/202218 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

45: New Christian Dating Mixer|

Have you ever wished that you can meet a Christian man in person but considering the odds of him just walking up to you in public slime to none, you've kind of given up on the whole idea? Well that's why I love the idea of IYKYK.Dating. Listen for more info. Socials:
3/29/202244 minutes, 25 seconds
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44: Responding to Temptation

It's sinful to have sex before marriage but it it sinful to think about it? Listen to this weeks episode to hear more. Patreon:
3/22/202210 minutes, 20 seconds
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43: The Newly Weds | Joanna & Blaze

Listen to hear Jo and Blaze's redemptive story of how the Lord stepped into their individual lives to create a beautiful union. Patreon: The Parallelpod
3/15/20221 hour, 3 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

42: Can We Lament For a Sec?

Do you ever feel shame when you talk to God about your struggles? In this episode, I speak about how appropriate lamenting is in the life of a mature Christian.
3/8/202217 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

41: Can Masculinity Be Toxic?

In recent years feminism has taken a front seat in a lot of conversations. But I think it leaves the question, what effects has it had on masculinity? I speak with George Hines about it in this weeks episode.Video audio is more clear than this episode and tik tok @theparallelpod
3/1/202259 minutes, 25 seconds
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40: Modest is the Hottest

Providing a different perspective on modesty than the familiar don't cause your brother to stumble reasoningPatreon:
2/22/202216 minutes, 1 second
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39: Galentine's Day | w. Friend Guests

Young, Black, Christians Facebook Group : Episode:
2/15/202243 minutes, 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

38: Red Flags While Dating

In this episode we speak about important things you can't overlook in the dating process. Patreon: @theparallelpod
2/8/202231 minutes, 4 seconds
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37: How To Be a Gentleman | Chef_Joely

Is chivalry dead? In this episode we address some practical ways that men can exhibit desired characteristic that would make a man a gentleman. Patreon:
2/1/202223 minutes, 11 seconds
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36: Letting Go of Shame

Do you know the difference between shame and guilt? Knowing the difference may change your relationship with sin. Patreon: Media: Theparallelpod
1/25/202223 minutes, 18 seconds
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35: The Penny Story | Kendall Phillips

The penny story highlights the issue of human sex trafficking in a way that is understandable and Kendall speaks about practical ways we can help. Patreon: Phillips Socials: @thepennystory & @kendallaphillipsThe Parallel Socials: Insta & Tik Tok @theparallelpod
1/18/202233 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

34: Are Your Expectations Healthy?

How can you know you are asking for too much or too little from your significant other? Let's talk about it. Patreon -
1/11/202221 minutes, 12 seconds
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33: Dating Questions For Depth | Rob Howard

Do you want to have deep conversations that develop organically? These questions will help cultivate good conversation and understanding of the story behind the person. Patreon: Howard socials: @mrhoward365
1/4/202239 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

32: Discussing Sexual Attraction While Dating

Can conversation about sexual attraction be common amongst dating Christians? I think so, and this episode explains why. Patreon -
11/30/202117 minutes, 20 seconds
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31: Balancing Desire and Contentment

Are you tried of the advise from people in relationship? Let's talk about the proper response to the single struggle. Patreon - Reminder! The Parallel will be taking a break for the month of December and will be returning January 4th!
11/23/202120 minutes, 59 seconds
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30: Body Talk w. a Sexologist

Do you know your genitalia? I speak with Christian Sexologist Brittany Broddus-Smith about the importance of Christians getting to know their bodies and more...Where you can find Brittany:Social Media: @Theintimacyfirmhttps://www.theintimacyfirm.comPatreon:
11/16/202144 minutes, 3 seconds
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29: Selfish Singles

Are you spending most of your singleness waiting or serving the kingdom?Patreon :
11/9/202121 minutes, 3 seconds
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28: Same-Sex Attracted Christians |Guest: Magdala

In this episode, Sonata speaks to Magdala about her experience of same sex attraction, how she feels all Christians should have a "coming out" moment, and how the church should handle such topics. Patreon:
11/2/202157 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

27: Cohabiting Christian

In today's episode Sonata speaks about different things to consider before cohabitation with your significant other. Patreon link:
10/26/202124 minutes, 12 seconds
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26: Seek Accountability/Patreon Announcement

In this episode Sonata speaks about the different types of accountability and the benefits. Sonata also announced The Parallel's Patreon 🎉 Click the link below to join!
10/19/202130 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

25: The Honor of Being a HelpMate

In this episode, Sonata speaks about the negative stigma on being a helpmate and the honor of being a true helpmate.
10/12/202123 minutes, 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

24: Are You Willing To Compromise?

Relationships are more than hot dates and words of affirmation, sometimes you have to give to receive.The Meaning of Marriage by Timothy Keller
10/5/202119 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

23: Opposite Sex Friendships | Male Perspective

In this episode, Sonata has a conversation about opposite sex relationships with male guests as a remake to the original conversion on episode 14.
9/28/202147 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

22: Proverbs 31 Relationship Goals

In this episode, Sonata speaks about Proverbs 31 from a different perspective of proverbs 31 not only being about the kind of woman that is sought after but the kind of man as well. New Morning Mercies Devotional:Hardcover: Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul
9/21/202127 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

21: Codependent Christians

In todays episode, Sonata speaks about codependence from a Christian perspective and how it effects how we relate to others as well as to Jesus. Attachment styles are discussed and how securely attach to others.
9/14/202119 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

20: What A Man Should Be

In this episode, Sonata speaks with George Hines, the author of Strong Boys, Fragile Men, about passive men, how to be a confident man, and how to build a confident man.
9/7/20211 hour, 1 minute, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

19: Are We Just Touch Starved?

In this episode Sonata speaks about the possibility that your real desire is to be touched and the root is not sex.
8/31/202131 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

18: Christians & Dating Apps | Guest: Genesis

In this episode we speak about navigating dating apps as Christians, normalizing some experiences and talking about funny/weird ones.
8/24/202143 minutes, 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

17: The Church, Abuse, and Redemption

In this episode Sonata speaks to guest Sarah about her unique experience with abuse, the church, and how the Lord allowed her to see her experience in a new light.
8/18/202125 minutes, 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

16: A Shaken Marriage for God's Glory | Guests: Amy and Josh

In this episode Sonata speaks to Amy and Josh about something that unexpectedly shook their marriage but created perseverance and growth in their relationship.
8/10/202136 minutes, 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

15: Forgiving Is Not Forgetting

Sonata speaks about what it means to forgive and shares a perspective that will help you navigate forgiveness in a healthy manner. Forgiveness is a Choice: A Step-by-Step Process For Resolving Anger and Restoring Hope Parallel Hub Morning Mercies Devotional:Hardcover:
8/3/202125 minutes, 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

14: Opposite Sex Friendships | Guest: Elisa

In this episode Sonata speaks about how to navigate opposite sex friendships as Christians.The Parallel Hub Morning Mercies Devotional:Hardcover:
7/27/202127 minutes, 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

13: 7 Myths About Singleness

In this episode, Sonata reviews a book called 7 Myths about singleness by Sam Allberry that gives a different perspective that will be helpful to the Chrisitan single person from any walk of life.7 Myths About Singleness The Parallel Hub
7/20/202129 minutes, 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

12: The Effects of Pornography | Guests: Aaron and Bradford

In this episode Sonata discusses the effects of pornography on your relationship with yourself, others, and your relationship with Jesus.Resource for Fighting pornography Other resources will be shared on instagram @theparallelpodBradford's instagram: @Gotthememo407New Morning Mercies Devotional:Hardcover:
7/13/202156 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

11: Daddy Issues

In this episode Sonata speaks about the parallel between earthly parental relationships and how they effect our relationship with our heavenly father.New Morning Mercies Devotional:Hardcover: Holiness of God by R.C. Sproul Parallel Social Media - Instagram & Facebook: @theparallelpod
7/7/202125 minutes, 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

10: Self-Love

In this episode Sonata speaks about how to gain stable confidence and the importance of self love for the Christian individual.
6/29/202115 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

9: Who Actually Waits? Guests: John & Rebecca

This week sonata is speaking with John & Rebecca about their ability to save sexual intimacy until marriage and how you can do it too. Link to Detangling Brush: Follow The Parallel on instagram & Facebook : @theparallelpod
6/22/202133 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

8: Healthy Confrontation

In this episode Sonata speaks about healthy confrontation and provides tools to help you improve your communication styles in relationships.
6/15/202125 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

7: What The Christian Body Doesn't Know

Sonata speaks about the relationship we can have with our bodies and the necessity of being comfortable speaking about sexuality.
6/8/202121 minutes, 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

6: Why Should We Be "Equally Yoked"?

Sonata speaks about the importance of being equally yoked from a unique angle. Being equally yoked to the people in your life is important but most importantly, are you equally yoked to Jesus? Instagram: @theparallelpod
6/1/202115 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

5: Lust or Libido?

In this episode Sonata normalizes sexual desire and addresses the complicated topic of masturbation.Follow The Parallel on instagram & Facebook- @theparallelpod Thank you for listening, I pray this episode blesses you.
5/25/202117 minutes, 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

4: A Virginity Tutorial | Guest: Shelby F.

Sonata and Shelby speak about different aspects of being a virgin including temptation, legalism, and the idea of being "hidden".The Parallel Podcast Instagram: @theparallelpod
5/18/202139 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

3: Platonic Intimacy

Sonata speaks about the importance of being intentional with platonic relationships and how maintaining platonic relationships can lend to the health of romantic relationships. The Parallel Podcast Instagram: @theparallelpod
5/11/202115 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

1: The Custom of Consummation | Guest: Kim Moore

Kim Moore is a public speaker and author. She recently released her book called Unlock the Secret to Lasting Intimacy that does a deep dive on the Song of Solomon. She shares about her research on the marriage bed and the celebration of sex in this episode. You can order Unlock the Secret to Lasting Intimacy on the website below:Website:  Kim Moore's socials:Facebook: Twitter:  LinkedIn:
5/4/202131 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

2: Sexual Purity

In this episode Sonata speaks about the true meaning of purity and the concept of chastity.
5/4/202116 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Welcome to The Parallel

Sonata speaks about what you can expect from the podcast and the "why" behind it.
4/28/20211 minute, 43 seconds